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My Whiting Family

Generation No. 4

      16. Nathaniel4 Whiting (Timothie3, Giles2, Giles1) was born 01 Aug 1609 in Grange, Desford Co. Leicester,England, and died 15 Jan 1681/82 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He married Hannah Dwight 04 Nov 1643 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, daughter of John Dwight and Hannah Close. She was born Abt. 1625 in Dedham, Essex, England, and died 04 Nov 1714 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Notes for Nathaniel Whiting:
According to the Desford, England Parish Register, Nathaniel was the son of Timothie and Anne Bunning(e) Whiting, who were married 20 Oct 1606.

Nathaniel is first mentioned in this country as a landholder in Lynn, Mass., in 1638. He is next mentioned in the records of the First Church at Dedham, Mass. He was admitted into the church at Dedham on 30 Jul 1641.

He was granted the privileges of a freeman on 18 May 1642.

Nathaniel was married in Dedham, Mass, on 4 Nov 1643, to Hannah Dwight, daughter of John and Hannah Dwight of Dedham. She died in Dedham on 4 Nov 1714, aged 89 years (born about 1625). Eleven of their 14 children survived to adulthood.

From other records, Nathaniel was born about 1609. He was therefor about 29 when he came to this country, 34 when he married, 63 or 64 when his 14th and youngest child was born, and 73 or 74 when he died. He was about 16 years older than his wife Hannah.

Nathaniel was by occupation a miller, and the first to operate a corn mill at Dedham.

At their 8th town meeting, 21 Feb 1636-7, the townsmen of Dedham voted to grant Abraham Shaw the right to build a corn mill. He died in 1638 before the mill was Commenced. Therefor, the right was granted to Nathaniel Whiting and John Elderkin. Water was diverted from the Charles River into the Neponset River and sufficient fall and supply of water obtained for a mill.

The records do not give the date of completion of the dam and mill, but a committee was appointed on 14 Jul 1641 to "lay out a cartway to our mill". A grant of 8 acres was made to John Elderkin and Nathaniel Whiting on the south side of the millpond for a house lot. There is no date to this grant. John Elderkin sold his half of the property to Nathan Aldus, John Dwight and John Allin (Dwight was Nathaniel's father-in-law) on 8 Aug 1642. They in turn sold their interest to Nathaniel on 29 Sep 1649, making him sole owner. The mill privilege was retained in the hands of the Whiting family until 1823, when the heirs of Hezekiah Whiting sold it to Jabez Chickering.

On 15 Jan 1682-3, the day of his death in Dedham, Nathaniel Whiting and John Draper, Sr. were granted the right to erect a fulling mill on the stream below the corn mill.

By his will, dated 15 May 1677, he gave all of his possessions to his wife Hannah, who was his executrix. An inventory of his estate on 15 Feb 1682-3 assessed his worth at 489 Pounds. His wife Hannah survived him over 30 years and appears to have managed his business interests and brought up their large family with rare discretion.

The largest street in Dedham today is Whiting Avenue. The two schools in town are located on Whiting Avenue.

Nathaniel is mentioned in the will of his father-in-law John Dwight, written in 1658: "I giue vnto my sonne, Nathaniell Whiteing, 20s. ... My will is, that my dwelling house, land, and moveables in ye Towne of Dedham, or elsewhere, which shall be founde to my estate, at my decease, be equally devided into fiue pts, two pts whereof I giue vnto my sonne, Timothy Dwight, and one part vnto ye Children of my son, Nathaniell Whiteing, and of Hannah, his wife, or soe many of them as shall be surviueing at my decease, to be payde by my Executor, as in his discretion will best conduce for their benefitt. Alsoe, that my sonne, Nathaniell Whiteing, shall enjoy all that 6 Acres of land, be it more or lesse, which lyeth in ye low playne; and ye 2 Acres of meadow lyeing In foule meadow, which I bought of Lieut. Joshua Fisher. "

More About Nathaniel Whiting:
Baptism: 19 Jan 1616/17
Immigration: Bet. 1636 - 1638, Lynn, Massachusetts
Probate: 15 Mar 1666/67, Suffolk Probate Records, VI:408, and IX:117

Notes for Hannah Dwight:
Hannah Dwight came to America with her nonconformist parents and others with the "celebrated" preacher, John Rogers, of Dedham, England.

They were given permission to settle in what became Dedham, Massachusetts (they wanted to call the place 'Contentment' but the General Court of Massachusetts chose to call these commons Dedham).

Nathaniel and Hannah owned a grist mill (which apparently had been capitalized at least in part by her father, John Dwight, a prosperous townsman and selectman.

Children of Nathaniel Whiting and Hannah Dwight are:
+ 33 i.   Nathaniel5 Whiting, born 26 Sep 1644 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 31 Oct 1676 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
  34 ii.   John Whiting, born 28 Sep 1646 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died Aft. 28 Sep 1646 in infancy.
  35 iii.   John Whiting, born 03 Nov 1647 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 25 Sep 1656.
+ 36 iv.   Samuel Whiting, born 20 Dec 1649 in Dedham, Norfolk, Ma; died 04 Dec 1727 in Dedham, Norfolk, Ma.
+ 37 v.   Hannah Whiting, born 17 Feb 1650/51 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 14 Jun 1740 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
+ 38 vi.   Timothy Whiting, born 05 Jan 1652/53 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 26 Dec 1728 in Dedham, Massachusetts.
  39 vii.   Mary Whiting, born 08 Jul 1656 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 29 Oct 1656.
  40 viii.   Mary Whiting, born 12 Apr 1658 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died in prob. died young.
+ 41 ix.   Sarah Whiting, born 03 Oct 1660 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died 22 Mar 1731/32 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
+ 42 x.   Abigail Whiting, born 07 Jun 1663 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died 25 Oct 1721 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
+ 43 xi.   John Whiting, born 19 Jul 1665 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 15 Aug 1732 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
+ 44 xii.   Jonathan Whiting, born 09 Oct 1667 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 04 Sep 1729 in Roxbury, Mass..
+ 45 xiii.   Judah Whiting, born 30 Mar 1670 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 19 Feb 1745/46 in Dedham, Massachusetts.
+ 46 xiv.   Anna Whiting, born 25 Jan 1671/72 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died 09 Mar 1748/49 in Dedham, Massachusetts.

      17. Rev. John4 Whiting (Timothie3, Giles2, Giles1) was born Aug 1610 in Etton, Northampton, England, and died Aug 1657. He married Cornella Unknown Abt. 1635. She was born Abt. 1610, and died Sep 1657.
Child of John Whiting and Cornella Unknown is:
  47 i.   Edward5 Whiting, born Abt. 1636.

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