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Pumarejo Family Tree:
Index of Individuals

Alan S.

Alan S., Colnick


Alcover, Damian


Andrea, Pumarejo y Medina(d. date unknown)


Andres, Roldan Montalvo(d. date unknown)

Arroyo Lopez

Arroyo Lopez, Genara(d. date unknown)

Barreto Sierra

Barreto Sierra, Donato(b. 1884, d. date unknown)

Barreto Torres

Barreto Torres, Crispina
Barreto Torres, Marcelina(b. 29 June 1906, d. 3 March 1993)


Bejarano, Jose Luis


Buenaventura, Esteves Menodich(b. 1888, d. date unknown)

Bustelo Olavarieta

Bustelo Olavarieta, Severo(b. 19 August 1903, d. September 1975)


Castellon, Noelia
Castellon, Ramona(b. 31 August 1892, d. 24 February 1993)

Cedeño Ferrer

Cedeño Ferrer, Miguel(b. 4 December 1911, d. 6 September 1985)

Cedeño Pumarejo

Cedeño Pumarejo, Maria de los Angeles
Cedeño Pumarejo, Zommy

Cruz Milan

Cruz Milan, Carmelo(b. 1898, d. date unknown)

Cruz Pumarejo

Cruz Pumarejo, Doris
Cruz Pumarejo, Dr. William (Dr.)
Cruz Pumarejo, Maria(b. 1879, d. date unknown)
Cruz Pumarejo, Pablo(b. 1869, d. date unknown)
Cruz Pumarejo, Rosa Amelia


Cruz, Juan(d. date unknown)

De Cabo

De Cabo, José(b. 15 November 1925, d. 8 March 1991)

De la Rosa Loperena

De la Rosa Loperena, Maria(d. date unknown)

Diaz y Soto

Diaz y Soto, Enrique


Diaz, Enrique

Dickson Pumarejo

Dickson Pumarejo, David
Dickson Pumarejo, Karen
Dickson Pumarejo, Mary Ann
Dickson Pumarejo, Tat


Dickson, Henry

Donah Mayo

Donah Mayo, Margaret


Estrella, Zilma

Franquiz Morales

Franquiz Morales, Benjamin
Franquiz Morales, Carolines
Franquiz Morales, Kenneth(b. 21 October 1954, d. 30 March 1996)


Franquiz, Benjamin(d. date unknown)

Fuentes Roldan

Fuentes Roldan, James
Fuentes Roldan, Juan(b. 14 February 1898, d. September 1981)
Fuentes Roldan, Maria(d. date unknown)
Fuentes Roldan, Mary

Fuentes y Lopez

Fuentes y Lopez, Salvador(b. 1865, d. date unknown)

Fuschi Morales

Fuschi Morales, Ssusa


Fuschi, Michael(b. 1 February 1925, d. 31 December 2001)

Galvan Nieves

Galvan Nieves, Trinidad(b. 1880, d. date unknown)


Garcia, Mundo
Garcia, Omega


Gonzalez, Alicia
Gonzalez, Amarillys

Grafals Hernandez

Grafals Hernandez, Herby
Grafals Hernandez, Rene


Grafals, Isidoro(b. 18 March 1914, d. 25 May 1972)

Guerrero Merino

Guerrero Merino, Manuel(d. 3 March 1962)

Guerrero Oliva

Guerrero Oliva, Dr. Maria Manuela
Guerrero Oliva, Maria Antonia
Guerrero Oliva, Mercedes


Guerrero, Jose FranciscoPumarejo
Guerrero, Maria Mercedes Pumarejo


Gutierrez, Matilde(b. 16 May 1904, d. 20 March 1997)


Haversting, Fega

Hernandez Guevarra

Hernandez Guevarra, Miguel(d. 1922)

Hernandez Pumarejo

Hernandez Pumarejo, Irma
Hernandez Pumarejo, Judith(b. 29 March 1919, d. date unknown)
Hernandez Pumarejo, Miguel Angel(b. 3 December 1912, d. 11 July 2000) Includes Notes
Hernandez Pumarejo, Rene(b. 10 March 1914, d. 14 August 1992)

Herting Pumarejo

Herting Pumarejo, Gary


Herting, Philip


Huertas, Jose(b. 24 July 1904, d. November 1960)


Hutt, Darwin



Leandro Pumarejo

Leandro Pumarejo, Elena
Leandro Pumarejo, Manuel
Leandro Pumarejo, Mario

Leandro Wbanet

Leandro Wbanet, Juan Manuel

Lopez Bou

Lopez Bou, Carlos

Lopez Estrella

Lopez Estrella, Frances
Lopez Estrella, Ivy
Lopez Estrella, Sandra
Lopez Estrella, Vanesa
Lopez Estrella, Wanda

Lopez Pumarejo

Lopez Pumarejo, Carlos
Lopez Pumarejo, David
Lopez Pumarejo, Hector
Lopez Pumarejo, Noga
Lopez Pumarejo, Tomas Alberto


Lopez, Hector
Lopez, Zulma

Marsh Stulb

Marsh Stulb, Abbie


Marsh, Dewey B.


McCafee, Mike


Medina, Juana(d. date unknown)

Mendez del Valle

Mendez del Valle, Ramon(b. 1864, d. date unknown)

Mendez Mendez

Mendez Mendez, Adalberto
Mendez Mendez, Ida
Mendez Mendez, Tite

Mendez Pumarejo

Mendez Pumarejo, Boabdil(b. 13 February 1911, d. 17 July 1974) Includes Notes
Mendez Pumarejo, Luis Edgar(b. 17 August 1922, d. 30 August 1986)
Mendez Pumarejo, Moraima(b. 8 March 1907, d. 12 November 1991)
Mendez Pumarejo, Nydia(b. 7 January 1921, d. 11 February 2002) Includes Notes
Mendez Pumarejo, Rafael(b. 1908, d. date unknown)
Mendez Pumarejo, Zaida
Mendez Pumarejo, Zoraida(b. 20 November 1905, d. 20 September 1991)

Mendez Rosado

Mendez Rosado, Edgar
Mendez Rosado, Evelyn


Mendez, Mercedes

Mercado Pumarejo

Mercado Pumarejo, Blanca
Mercado Pumarejo, Dr. Miguel
Mercado Pumarejo, Dra. Ivelisse
Mercado Pumarejo, Lourdes


Mercado, Miguel

Meyers Mendez

Meyers Mendez, Allan
Meyers Mendez, Yvonne


Meyers, Allan E(b. 16 December 1908, d. 1 May 1998)

Molina Pumarejo

Molina Pumarejo, Doris


Molina, Eduardo(d. date unknown)

Morales Noah

Morales Noah, Audrey
Morales Noah, Bearle
Morales Noah, Dawn
Morales Noah, Hope

Morales Pumarejo

Morales Pumarejo, Aida(b. 8 June 1915, d. 29 April 1984)
Morales Pumarejo, Alberto
Morales Pumarejo, Eva(d. date unknown)
Morales Pumarejo, Louis(b. 6 January 1911, d. 13 November 1996) Includes Notes
Morales Pumarejo, Miguel Angel(b. 9 December 1912, d. November 1978)

Morales y Lopez

Morales y Lopez, Mario(b. 1888, d. 1961)


Murphy, Michael

Negron Marrero

Negron Marrero, Ramona(b. 8 April 1888, d. 9 September 1992)


Negron, Rosa Torres(d. date unknown)


Nuria, Otero

Oliva Iglesias

Oliva Iglesias, Mercedes(b. 26 April 1909, d. 1 May 1994)

Pumarejo Alarcon

Pumarejo Alarcon, Luis Alberto

Pumarejo Almendariz

Pumarejo Almendariz, Laura
Pumarejo Almendariz, Maribel

Pumarejo Arroyo

Pumarejo Arroyo, Amalia(b. 1849, d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Arroyo, Claudia(d. April 1948)
Pumarejo Arroyo, Heraclia(b. 1844, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Pumarejo Arroyo, Luis(d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Arroyo, Pablo(b. 1862, d. 1934)

Pumarejo Barreto

Pumarejo Barreto, Dr. Ramon (Dr.)

Pumarejo Castellon

Pumarejo Castellon, Amaury
Pumarejo Castellon, Edward
Pumarejo Castellon, Frank(b. 7 July 1922, d. 20 September 1981)
Pumarejo Castellon, Kenneth
Pumarejo Castellon, Nelly

Pumarejo de la Rosa

Pumarejo de la Rosa, Laureano(d. date unknown)

Pumarejo Garcia

Pumarejo Garcia, Francisco Jose
Pumarejo Garcia, Juan Jose

Pumarejo Guerrero

Pumarejo Guerrero, Dr. Raymond Manuel
Pumarejo Guerrero, Francisco Angel
Pumarejo Guerrero, Rosa Lourdes

Pumarejo Marsh

Pumarejo Marsh, Alejandro
Pumarejo Marsh, Diego
Pumarejo Marsh, Lucas

Pumarejo Medina

Pumarejo Medina, Andrea(d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Medina, Barbara(d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Medina, Benito(b. 16 July 1825, d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Medina, Emilia(d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Medina, Ignacia(d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Medina, Juan(d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Medina, Rafael(d. date unknown)

Pumarejo Negron

Pumarejo Negron, Ana
Pumarejo Negron, Ana Angelica
Pumarejo Negron, Enrique(b. 17 November 1919, d. 13 November 1986)
Pumarejo Negron, Ester
Pumarejo Negron, Marina(b. 1923, d. 1926)
Pumarejo Negron, Oscar
Pumarejo Negron, Pablo(b. 25 April 1926, d. 3 February 1993)
Pumarejo Negron, Rosa Maria
Pumarejo Negron, Selenia
Pumarejo Negron, Victorio(b. 16 January 1928, d. 1 September 1999)
Pumarejo Negron, Virginia
Pumarejo Negron, Zoraida

Pumarejo Otero

Pumarejo Otero, Enrique
Pumarejo Otero, Maria del Carmen
Pumarejo Otero, Rosa

Pumarejo Pumarejo

Pumarejo Pumarejo, Alida

Pumarejo Ramirez

Pumarejo Ramirez, Antonio
Pumarejo Ramirez, Bianca

Pumarejo Roldan

Pumarejo Roldan, Alejandrina(b. 9 February 1888, d. 24 May 1992)
Pumarejo Roldan, Enrique(b. 13 March 1890, d. June 1968)
Pumarejo Roldan, Francisco(b. 10 October 1896, d. 16 June 1933)
Pumarejo Roldan, Joaquina(b. 18 August 1905, d. 28 October 1993)
Pumarejo Roldan, Maria(b. 1886, d. October 1952) Includes Notes
Pumarejo Roldan, Milagros(b. 1902, d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Roldan, Monserrate(b. 1892, d. 1959) Includes Notes
Pumarejo Roldan, Pablo(b. 1894, d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Roldan, Rafael(b. 1900, d. December 1967)
Pumarejo Roldan, Ramon(b. 16 March 1898, d. 26 November 1962)
Pumarejo Roldan, Rosa(b. 1886, d. January 1975)
Pumarejo Roldan, Teresa(b. 1903, d. date unknown)
Pumarejo Roldan, Victorio(b. 1897, d. date unknown)

Pumarejo Torres

Pumarejo Torres, Milagros
Pumarejo Torres, Rosa

Pumarejo y Arce

Pumarejo y Arce, Juan Gabriel(b. 1751, d. 1827)


Pumarejo, Carmen(d. date unknown)
Pumarejo, Carmen(d. date unknown)


Quiñones, Edward


Ramirez, Maribel

Rodriguez Mendez

Rodriguez Mendez, Edgar
Rodriguez Mendez, Elaine


Rodriguez, Ulpiano

Roldan Montalvo

Roldan Montalvo, Andre(d. date unknown)

Roldan Pumarejo

Roldan Pumarejo, Heraclio(d. date unknown)

Roldan y Vega

Roldan y Vega, Andres(b. 1865, d. date unknown)
Roldan y Vega, Antonia(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Roldan y Vega, Rosa(b. 1862, d. 1932)


Rosado, Paz


Stulb, Jeanne

Todaro Pumarejo

Todaro Pumarejo, Robert Rafael


Todaro, Roberto(d. 1994)



Torres Guma

Torres Guma, Dolores(b. 20 January 1910, d. January 1978)

Ubiñas Pumarejo

Ubiñas Pumarejo, Eloy(d. date unknown)


Ubiñas, Pedro(d. date unknown)

Vega Portalatin

Vega Portalatin, Antonia(d. date unknown)


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