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The PURSLEY - ENNENBACH Family Home Page

Updated September 21, 2011

Phil Pursley

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Peace! You never know what peace is until you walk on the shores or in the fields or along the winding red roads on a summer twilight when the dew is falling and the old, old stars are peeping out and the sea keeps its nightly triste with the little land it loves. You find your soul then . . . you realize that youth is not a vanished thing but something that dwells forever in your heart. And you look around on the dimming landscape of haunted hills and long, sandy beaches and murmuring ocean, on homestead lights and old fields tilled by dead and gone generations who loved them . . . you will say, 'Why . . . I have come home!'
~~ Lucy Maud Montgomery ~~

I'm sitting alone tonight, Dad
Alone in the grand old room
The sound of the rain now falling
Has darkened the gathering gloom.

I know that it falls on a grave, Dad
By the weeping willow shade.
Where they laid you away that Autumn day
When the flowers were beginning to fade

In dreams I hear you calling
My spirit, your spirit to meet
Your voice like an echo whispers
From the Heavens so vast and deep.

It will echo in my heart
Thru' corridors of Time
With all the golden memories
Of a Father's love divine
~~George Pursley~~ brother to Margaret, James, William, and John
A Man's A Man For A' That

by Robert Burns

Is there for honest Poverty
That hings his head, an' a' that;
The coward slave-we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a' that!
For a' that, an' a' that.
Our toils obscure an' a' that,
The rank is but the guinea's stamp,
The Man's the gowd for a' that.


Then let us pray that come it may,
(As come it will for a' that,)
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an' a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
It's coming yet for a' that,
That Man to Man, the world o'er,
Shall brothers be for a' that.

Our Family
PURSLEY (Fermanagh, IRL> SCT> Canada> NY> Chicago> etc) 1800 to Present
HETHERINGTON (Fermanagh, IRL> SCT) 1820 to Unknown
WILLIAMSON (Fair Isle, SHI, SCT> Stronsay, ORI, SCT> Belleville, Ontario> USA) 1750 to Present
IRVINE, LESLIE, HENRY (Fair Isle, SHI, SCT> Stronsay, ORI, SCT) 1720 to Present
COURTNEY, MALONEY, O’DEA, FOLEY (County Kerry, IRL> Chicago, IL) 1830 to Present
Poland/Belarus; Grodna/Hrodna, Belarus; Poland> Lowell, Massachusettes> New Berlin, New York) 1880 to Present

ENNENBACH , ROSGEN (Eitorf, Prussia> Mendota, IL) 1800 to Present
Ruppichteroth, Sieg, Koln, Prussia) 1781 to Present
CARR, DOUGHERTY (Killebegs, Donegal, IRL> Conneticut> California> Mendota, IL) 1780's to Present
PRENDERGAST (County Mayo, IRL> Chicago> Mendota, IL) 1840 to Present
LAVIN (Irland; Scranton, PA; US Civil War; Chicago) 1820 to Present
LOUBSKY, KLICTERA (Bohemia; Chicago) 1835 to Present
MURPHY, THRULL, MEADY/MAHADY, MURRY/MURRAY; (Ireland> New York> Ottawa, IL) 1797 to Prtesent
A special word of thanks and acknowledgement to Jim Wilson who is the
researcher/genealogist for Fair Isle. Without him many Williamsons, Leslies, Irvines and
their descendants would never have been found. Jim can be reached at Also a special thank you to Tony Gott who like Jim is
researching Shetland Island descendants and ancestors. He can be reaced via the Shetland
Shire<br>Scotland Queries Message Index at or e-mail him at

Family Photos

  • Margaret Williamson Pursley - 1922 (44 KB)
    Phil's great-grandmother Margaret Williamson Pursley (parents: George Williamson and Margaret Irvine)born 1840, Whitehall, Stronsay, Orkney, SCT. She married William Pursley 1869 in New Cathcart, SCT and after his death in 1879 emigrated with her 5 children to Canada. She died 1923 in Florida. Photo taken about 1922 in Florida.
  • Seaman Douglas E. Pursley - WW2 - 1943 (113 KB)
    Photo of Douglas E. Pursley, son of Douglas M. Pursley, in his Navy Uniform standing beside his grandfather George Pursley.
  • Margaret Irvine Williamson & family - 1872 (206 KB)
    Photo of Phil's great-great-grandmother Margaret Irvine Williamson (b. 1818 Fair Isle, SHI) with her daughter Margaret Williamson Pursley and her two grandchildren George and Margaret Pursley. This photo taken in Glasgow about 1872.
  • Pvt. Kenneth Pursley & WW1 motorcycle (65 KB)
    Kenneth Pursley shown on a motorcycle with sidecar. Photo taken in Hawaii about 1920.
  • Alexander Williamson & fam. -- 1894?, Leith, SCT (104 KB)
    Phil's great-great-uncle Alexander MacRae Williamson -- born Oct 20, 1852 Stronsay, OKI -- sitting with his wife Margaret Eunson and five children taken in Leith, SCT abt 1894. The five children are belived to be Margaret, Alex(?), Grace, Jacobina and Dorothea. A later child came in 1896 -- Mary Eunson Williamson.
  • George Pursley & Son Fall 1908 (329 KB)
    Photo of George Pursley and Douglas Malcolm Pursley taken Fall 1908 in Cattaraugus, New York.
  • Mary C. Courtney -- Chicago 1895 (137 KB)
    Phil's grandmother Helen Courtney Pursley's older sister died at 18. She "came to her death on the 12' day of May AD 1895 at 2818 Hickory St from shock and a fracture of the skull resulting from being struck by engine 54 pulling a passenger train on the tracks of the Chicago, Alton and St Louis R.R. on May 12' 1895 near Pauline St..." from official Coroner's Report.
  • Margaret Pursley Johnson - 1898 (233 KB)
    Phil's great-aunt Margaret Pursley who is the eldest child of Margaret Williamson and William Pursley -- born 1869 New Cathcart, Parish of Cathcart, County of Renfrew, SCT and died 1940 in Chicago -- married Harry Johnson in 1903.
  • Marcella Loubsky (Murphy) Ennenbach (34 KB)
    Karen's Mom -- 1917-1996 Photo taken about 1942 in Chicago.
  • Helen & Joseph Courtney 1st Communion 1910 Chicago (299 KB)
    Photo of two of Phil's great-uncle Tim Courtney's children dressed in their First Communion outfits. Taken in Chicago about 1910.
  • George Pursley - 1908 (25 KB)
    Phil's great-uncle -- son of Margaret Williamson and William Pursley -- born 1871 New Cathcart, Parish of Cathcart, County of Renfrew, SCT and died 1958 in Florida.
  • Maria Anna WeiandEnnenbach (75 KB)
    Karen's great-grandmother and wife of Anton Ennenbach. She was born 8 Aug 1855 in Kuchem, Ruppichteroth, Sieg, Koln, Prussia and died 19 Jul 1939 in Mendota, IL.
  • Inspection of 8th Field Artillery -- 1920 Hawaii (42 KB)
    Photo of my father E. Kenneth Pursley's unit being inspected by Officers and wives.
  • James Pursley - 1901 (136 KB)
    Phil's grandfather-- son of Margaret Williamson and William Pursley -- born 1872 New Cathcart, Parish of Cathcart, County of Renfrew, SCT and died 1953 Chicago, IL. He married Helen Courtney 1901 in Chicago.
  • Anton Francis Ennenbach -- WWI (300 KB)
    Photo of Karen's great-uncle Anton in his WWI uniform. Anton (3 Jun 1889, Mendota - 30 Aug 1934, Mendota, IL) is the son of Anton Ennenbach and Maria Anna Weiand.
  • Pvt. E. Kenneth Pursley in training WW1 (89 KB)
    Photo of my father and friends during a training exercise.
  • Helen Courtney Pursley - 1901 (132 KB)
    Phil's grandmother -- born in Chicago 1878 and died Chicago 1954. Her parents were Eugene Owen Courtney (b. abt 1843 Parish Drumid, Co. Kerry, Ireland -- died 1886 Chicago) and Ellen Maloney (b County Kerry, Ireland and died 1887 Chicago)
  • Frank H Ennenbach, abt 1906 (38 KB)
    Photo of Karen's great-uncle taken about 1908 when he was perhaps 5 years old. Frank (1903 - 1970) is the son of Anton Ennenbach and Maria Anna Weiand.
  • "At Ease" - Inspection of WW1 Soldiers (75 KB)
    My father E. Kenneth Pursley standing "at ease" with friends during an inspection.
  • William Pursley - 1930s (12 KB)
    Phil's great-uncle born New Cathcart, Parish of Cathcart in the County of Renfrew, Scotland 1874 -- died Wayne, Michigan 1955. Married Sadie Ryan Chicago 1901 and after her death in Feb 1903 he married Julia May Irish abt 1904 perhaps in Cattaraugus, NY.
  • William Jennings Ennenbach (46 KB)
    Karen's great-uncle William (2 Jan 1897, Mendota -31 Mar 1948, Mendota, IL) who was the son of Anton Ennenbach and Maria Anna Weiand. This photo was taken sometime in the 1940s.
  • "Home On Leave" Airman Ken R. Pursley 1959 (353 KB)
    Phil's brother Kenneth R. Pursley taken with his father E. Kenneth Pursley while home on leave from the US Air Force Air Police - Fall 1959, Tinley Park, IL
  • John Pursley -- 1900 (21 KB)
    Phil's great-uncle and the youngest of five children born to Margaret Williamson and William Pursley in Govanhill, Parish of Govan,Hutchesontown, Glasgow, SCT 1877 -- died 1950 Florida -- never married.
  • Jayne Ennenbach (26 KB)
    Karen's beloved Aunt Jayne (1922 - 1998). Youngest child of Susan Carr and Theodore "Sam" Ennenbach.
  • Seaman Pursley -- British Navy, September 1940 (109 KB)
    Gordon Pursley's gr-gr-grandfather and grandfather taken while home on leave in Scotland.
  • Josef Wawiernia abt 1903 (600 KB)
    This is a tintype photo taken of Phil's grandfather either in Poland or shortly after he arrived in New York via Ellis Island,
  • Susan Carr Coleman with 2 daughters & niece 1915 (203 KB)
    Photo of Karen's grandmother Susan Carr Coleman (later Ennenbach) with her daughters Nan and Elsie and her sister Anna Carr Ahern's daughter Kathleen Patricia "Pat" Ahern. Left to right -- Pat, Nan, Susan and Elsie taken perhaps in Aurora, IL about 1915.
  • Albina & Josephine Warren/Wawiernia abt 1918 (283 KB)
    Photo of Phil's mother and her sister Josephine taken in Lowell, Mass.
  • The very latest Pursley member, Aug 2002 (76 KB)
    Photo of Karen and Phil's grandaughter
  • William Pursley and family -- 1908 (43 KB)
    Photo of Phil's great-uncle with his second wife Julia Irish, son John Melbourne (mother Sadie Ryan) and daughter Mona. Taken fall of 1908 Cattaraugus, New York.
  • 3 Female Scot Relatives - 1870s (304 KB)
    Photos of Phil's relatives that had been in possesion of his great-aunt Margaret Pursley Johnson. They were taken in Glasgow and probably related via Williamsons.
  • Susan Carr Ennenbach with her mother and son (70 KB)
    Photo of Susan Carr Coleman Ennenbach standing in back of her sitting mother Ellen Prendergast Carr who is holding Susan's son Edwin Ennenbach. Taken about 1920.
  • The James Pursley Family -- Chicago abt 1927 (267 KB)
    Photo of James, Helen and their 4 surviving children: Kenneth, Irving, Lucille and Robert
  • Gordon Pursley -- British Army, Bosnia 1998 (204 KB)
    Photo of Gordon Pursley taken as he is about to take off in a British helicopter while stationed in Bosnia.
  • Carl Sandburg Home & home of Ellen C Sullivan 1908 (297 KB)
    This is a photo of Ellen Carr Sullivan (Karen's gr-aunt) & her family at 331 Third St, Galesburg, IL. This also was the birthplace of the famous IL poet/writer Carl Sandburg. -- In the photo, The Thomas and Ellen Sullivan family: In the picture, the boys on the left are Arthur Jerome and Earl Eugene [L-R]. The girl in the back is Frances Marie, the one on the right is Genevieve Isabel [who later married Thomas O'Brien]. The woman sitting is Ellen, the girl next to her is Estella May, and the little girl is Mildred Theodotta.
  • Courtney Siblings -- 1890s Chicago (123 KB)
    Tin Type Photo of Eugene (Gene), Helen and Mary Courtney -- Phil's grandmother Helen and her sister and brother.
  • Kathryn Therese Carr Nolan (72 KB)
    Karen's great aunt (b. Aug 15, 1873 Mendota, Il and d. June 27, 1913 Galesburg, IL) who was the 5th child of Mark Carr and 3rd child of his 2nd wife Mary Ann Murray.
  • Mona and Sandy Pursley -- Detroit abt 1920 (304 KB)
    Children of William Pursley and Julia Irish -- Mona with Red Cross Nurses uniform holding boy on stretcher and her brother Sandy sitting on ground, far right.
  • Theodore "Sam" Ennenbach - abt 1908 Mendota, IL (39 KB)
    Photo of Karen's grandfather Theodore "Sam" Ennenbach (1884 - 1963) who was born, raised and died in Mendota, Illinois.
  • John Aloysius Nolan (73 KB)
    Husband of Karen's great aunt Kathryn Therese Carr. They married on July 15, 1896 in Galesburg, Knox Cnty, IL. They had 5 children. Both are buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Galesburg.
  • Arthur Pursley & his Tricycle abt 1921 (169 KB)
    Son of William Pursley and Julia Irish -- born 1918 in Detroit, Michigan
  • Alexander MacRae Williamson & Daughters (400 KB)
    Phil's great-great-uncle. Photo taken in Belleville, Ontario, Canada about 1900. Alex -- born 1852 in Stronsay, Orkney, Scotland -- is the son of George Williamson and Margaret Irvine. Daughters names are unknown but suspect two of their names are Nellie and Grace.
  • Mark & Clara Carr Wedding Photo 1907 Mendota, IL (243 KB)
    Photo of Karen's great uncle Mark Joseph Carr Jr. with his new bride Clara Lucetta Riegel -- Both are buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Galesburg, Knox Cnty, IL.
  • Pvt. E. Kenneth Pursley -- WW1, Hawaii (158 KB)
    Photo of my father Kenneth Pursley in his Army uniform taken while stationed in Hawaii.
  • Josef Wawiernia & Michaelina Kowejsza - Wed Photo (352 KB)
    Phil's maternal grandparents taken July 20, 1907 on their wedding day. They were married at Holy Trinity Catholic Chuch, Lowell, Middlesex County, Mass.
  • Capt John H Murphy of Ottawa, IL Police Dept 1909 (116 KB)
    Karen's maternal gr-grandfather John Henry Murphy taken in front of the Ottawa, Illinois Police Station with his fellow officers. John is third from the left. The names of the others, including the horses, are not known.
  • Pvt. Robert Pursley -- WW2 (83 KB)
    Photo of my uncle Robert Pursley in Army uniform who was in the D-Day invasion of Europe.
  • Mark Joseph Carr & family abt 1871 Mendota, IL (80 KB)
    Photo of Karen's great grandfather Mark Joseph Carr (b. 12 May 1830 Killybegs, Donegal, IRL -- d. 17 Feb 1904 Mendota, IL) with his second wife Mary Ann Murray and their two children at the time -- left Elizabeth Frances Carr Nolan (b. 1 Dec 1870 -- d. 20 Nov 1938) and Ellen Agatha Carr Sullivan (b. 18 Mar 1868 -- d. 19 Oct 1935) with his second daughter Mary Ann CARR (b. abt 1860) from his first marriage standing in back. Taken perhaps 1871 at about the time of Mark's oldest child Jane's marriage to William Enenbach.
  • Ellen "Nellie" Meady (1855-1899) of Ottawa, IL (87 KB)
    A rather tattered photo of Karen's biological maternal great grandmother taken in Ottawa, Illinois perhaps in the late 1860s or early '70s.
  • Pvt. Douglas M. Pursley - WW1 (70 KB)
    Photo of my great-uncle George Pursley's son Douglas M. Pursley taken in his Army uniform. Note he has a Marksman award on uniform.
  • A New Pursley (79 KB)
    Photo of Karen & Phil Pursley's first grandchild at 15 hours old...
  • The Pursley Family, Cattaraugus, NY abt 1907 (727 KB)
    Photo of Phil's grandparents and their two sons (James & Helen with sons Kenneth & Irving) standing in front of their home in Cattaraugus, New York. This photo was taken perhaps about 1907. Notice the long hair and Buster Brown outfit of my Uncle Irving!
  • Susan Carr -- taken 1892 (224 KB)
    A photo of Karen's grandmother Susan Carr Coleman Ennenbach taken when she was about 13 in Mendota, Illinois. This appears to be an 8th grade graduation photograph.
  • William Pursley (perhaps) taken 1870s Glascow, SCT (1157 KB)
    from his death certificate: William Pursley, Mason's Labourer, married to Margaret Williamson died June 20th, 1879, 6 - 35m.Am at 29 GOVANHILL STREET, GOVANHILL, DISTRICT OF HUTCHESONTOWN
  • Alex Williamson & Pursley Cousins abt 1908 (68 KB)
    Photo - left to right - of Alex Williamson, his cousin George Pursley and George's adopted son Douglas Malcolm Pursley. Douglas Malcolm is the biological son of Alex and Alex, I suspect is the son of Alexander MacRae Williamson and Margaret Eunson. Taken 1908 in Cattaraugus, New York.
  • William Pursley of Glasgow, SCT -- 1870s (1157 KB)
    I believe this to be my great-grandfather, perhaps the only photo of him.
  • Coleman Family abt 1906 (98 KB)
    Frank Coleman with his wife Susie Carr Coleman and their daughters

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Related Files

  • Pursleys in the US Military (37 KB)
    I have tried to include all miltary information on Pursleys I have found via various files (where I found them is acknowkedged). This is an ongoing search and I will try eventually to add what I have found in other parts of the world (UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc) where Pursleys have served with distinction and valor. For now what I have found includes those Pursleys found serving in the Revolutionary War to the Korean conflict -- all US Military. Any input and suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  • Pursleys in Non-USA Military (1 KB)
    An on going search for those Pursleys who fought and died for other countries throughout history.
  • Wawiernia Descendant Tree -- 3 generations (2 KB)
    A brief descendant tree of Phil's great-grandparents, Francis WAWIERNIA and Marcella JAELSKA. Francis and Marcella were born in Poland sometime in the late 1850s or early 1860s. This tree also mentions his other Belarus great-grandparents, Pauli KOWEJSZA and Antonina KOZLOWSKA.
  • Desc Tree of John J LAVIN & his Civil War Records (29 KB)
    John J Lavin is Karen's gr-grandfather who proudly served in The Civil War Navy. Included are notes on the Ships he served on and his Pension Records. Also there is a 3 generational tree of his descendants.
  • Ancestors of Mary (Mae) Murphy of Ottawa, IL (7 KB)
    This is an ancestral tree of Karen's mother's biological mother.
  • Information on Wm Pursley (b. IRL- d. SCT 1879) #1 (62 KB)
    The following gives some informatiuon on Phil's gr-grandfather Wm Pursley and his five children --Margaret, George, James, William and John. William died 1879 in Glasgow. His widow and her orphaned children were later to emigrate to Canada.
  • Information on Wm Pursley (b. IRL- d. SCT 1879) #2 (19 KB)
    More information gathered on William Pursley's children, i. e., William, John & family.
  • Edward Coleman of Mendota, IL -- Desc. Tree (3 KB)
    This is the father-in-law of Karen's grandmother's first husband Francis (Frank) Coleman. Edward was born 1833 in Ireland and died 1906 in Mendota, Illinois. He had two wives Margaret Roudney (died 1861) and Anna Neville (1832 b. Ireland-1909 d. Mendota). With these two wives he had 5 children that we know of. He also had three step-children with Anna: Descendants of Anna Neville: William, Nicholas and John Sinnott.
  • Emigration from Fair Isle to Orkney by Geo Stout (27 KB)
    This is an excellent article that appeared in the Dec. 1999 Issue of Sib Folk News, No 12. Sib Folk is a quarterly news magazine published by The Orkney Family History Society in Kirkwall. The article is a compilation of information that the late Jerry Eunson amassed over his lifetime. It deals with the emigration from Fair Isle to Stronsay and Westray in the early 19th century and the reasons why this occurred. Many Fair Isle names are mentioned. It is reprinted with the kind permission of Gavin Rendall, Editor of Sib Folk News and George Stout, the author.

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