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Descendants of ADAM SIMONTON of Ohio

      387. Eli Burns5 Green (Elizabeth Ann4 Helmick, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio)1302 was born April 29, 1862 in Oronoko Township, Berrien Co, MI1303,1304, and died August 01, 19321305,1306. He married May Keptner1307 October 10, 18881308,1309. She was born January 25, 1868 in New Garden, Columbia Co, OH1310,1311.

More About Eli Burns Green:
Ref #: GC1312

More About May Keptner:
Ref #: GC s1313

More About Eli Green and May Keptner:
Marriage: October 10, 18881314,1315
Children of Eli Green and May Keptner are:
  888 i.   James Alba6 Green1316, born October 28, 18901317,1318; died February 11, 19081319,1320.
  More About James Alba Green:
Ref #: GCA *1320

  889 ii.   George Earl Green1320, born April 19, 18921321,1322; died January 07, 18931323,1324.
  More About George Earl Green:
Ref #: GCB *1324

  890 iii.   Ray Green1324, born November 16, 18941325,1326; died January 11, 18951327,1328.
  More About Ray Green:
Ref #: GCC *1328

  891 iv.   Elmer Green1328, born October 16, 18971329,1330; died February 21, 18981331,1332.
  More About Elmer Green:
Ref #: GCD *1332

  892 v.   Bennie A Green1332, born March 20, 18991333,1334.
  More About Bennie A Green:
Ref #: GCE1334

  893 vi.   Frank A Green1334, born May 26, 19031335,1336.
  More About Frank A Green:
Ref #: GCF1336

  894 vii.   Osmond Green1336, born July 30, 19051337,1338.
  More About Osmond Green:
Ref #: GCG1338

  895 viii.   Reo B Green1338, born October 13, 19071339,1340; died July 1974 in Fairmont, MN1340.
  More About Reo B Green:
Ref #: GCH1340
SS #: 473-16-9870 (MN)1340

  896 ix.   Burns E Green1340, born December 10, 19121341,1342; died May 1983 in Myrtle, MN1342.
  More About Burns E Green:
Ref #: GCI1342
SS #: 475-09-1455 (MN)1342

      388. Darius5 Green (Elizabeth Ann4 Helmick, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio)1343 was born January 09, 18651344,1345, and died January 12, 19411346,1347. He married Lula Holler1348,1349 March 28, 18891350,1351. She was born Abt. 1865 in est1352,1353.

More About Darius Green:
Ref #: GD1354

More About Lula Holler:
Ref #: GD s1355

More About Darius Green and Lula Holler:
Marriage: March 28, 18891356,1357
Children of Darius Green and Lula Holler are:
  897 i.   Robert Alba6 Green1358, born June 16, 18911359,1360; died January 1971 in Kansas City, Wyandot Co, KS1360.
  More About Robert Alba Green:
Ref #: GDA1360

  898 ii.   Floyd Green1360, born April 10, 18931361,1362. He married Myrtle Henrock1362 December 08, 1920 in Sac City, Sac Co, IA1363,1364; born Abt. 1893 in est1365,1366.
  More About Floyd Green:
Ref #: GDB1366

  More About Myrtle Henrock:
Ref #: GDB s1366

  More About Floyd Green and Myrtle Henrock:
Marriage: December 08, 1920, Sac City, Sac Co, IA1367,1368

  899 iii.   Roy Green1369, born August 02, 18951370,1371; died April 1976 in Liberal, KS1371.
  More About Roy Green:
Ref #: GDC1371
SS #: 509-18-54181371

      389. Ephraim Jay5 Green (Elizabeth Ann4 Helmick, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio)1372 was born April 23, 18671373,1374. He married Annette Miles1375,1376 March 23, 18941377,1378. She was born Abt. 1867 in est1379,1380.

More About Ephraim Jay Green:
Burial: Esterville Cemetery, Esterville, IA1381,1382
Ref #: GE1382

More About Annette Miles:
Burial: Esterville Cemetery, Esterville, IA1383,1384
Ref #: GE s1384

More About Ephraim Green and Annette Miles:
Marriage: March 23, 18941385,1386
Child of Ephraim Green and Annette Miles is:
  900 i.   Mabel6 Green1387, born March 28, 18961388,1389. She married Floyd Acburg1389 September 23, 19201390,1391; born Abt. 1896 in est1392,1393.
  More About Mabel Green:
Burial: Esterville Cemetery, Esterville, IA1394,1395
Cause of Death: Cancer1395
Ref #: GEA1395

  More About Floyd Acburg:
Ref #: GEA-s1395

  More About Floyd Acburg and Mabel Green:
Marriage: September 23, 19201396,1397

      390. Milton5 Helmick (Eli J.4, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio)1398 was born May 16, 1868 in Oronoko Township, Berrien Co, MI1399,1400, and died August 19, 1961 in Cass Co, MI1401,1402. He married Mary Christine Swygart1403 June 25, 18991404. She was born March 23, 18761405,1406, and died June 22, 1951 in South Bend, St Joseph Co, IN1407,1408.

Notes for Milton Helmick:

A marker for Milton Helmick exists in the Burk Cemetery in Oronoko Township, Berrien Co, MI, but apparently was never used.

More About Milton Helmick:
Burial: Ridgeview Cemetery, South Bend, IN1409,1410
Ref #: HA1410

More About Mary Christine Swygart:
Burial: Ridgeview Cemetery, South Bend, IN1411,1412
Ref #: HA s1412

More About Milton Helmick and Mary Swygart:
Marriage: June 25, 18991413
Children of Milton Helmick and Mary Swygart are:
  901 i.   Mildred C6 Helmick1414, born May 25, 1901 in South Bend, St Joseph Co, IN1415,1416; died April 1978 in Harlingen, Cameron Co, TX1416. She married Andrew Kovatch1416 November 29, 19231417,1418; born January 01, 1897 in Zaybeg, near Budapest, Hungary1419,1420; died February 1981 in Harlingen, Cameron Co, TX1420.
  More About Mildred C Helmick:
Fact 1: No children1421,1422
Ref #: HAA *1422
SS #: 317-22-3020 (IN)1422

  More About Andrew Kovatch:
Ref #: HAA s *1422
SS #: 307-09-2324 (IN)1422

  More About Andrew Kovatch and Mildred Helmick:
Marriage: November 29, 19231423,1424

  902 ii.   Jesse M Helmick1425, born August 27, 1903 in South Bend, St Joseph Co, IN1426,1427; died October 02, 1910 in South Bend, St Joseph Co, IN1428,1429.
  More About Jesse M Helmick:
Ref #: HAB *1429

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