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Descendants of ADAM SIMONTON of Ohio

      391. Wilma5 Helmick (Eli J.4, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio)1430 was born March 20, 1870 in Oronoko Township, Berrien Co, MI1431,1432, and died May 08, 1954 in Buchanan, Berrien Co, MI1433,1434. She married Frederick Clinton Hathaway1435 October 24, 1895 in Bchanan, Berrien Co, MI1436,1437. He was born April 05, 18731438,1439, and died February 22, 1948 in Buchanan, Berrien Co, MI1440,1441.

Notes for Wilma Helmick:

A marker for Wilma Helmick exists in the Burk Cemetery in Oronoko Township, Berrien Co, MI, but apparently was never used.

More About Wilma Helmick:
Burial: Ridgeview Cemetery, South Bend, IN (Masoleum)1442,1443
Ref #: HB1443

More About Frederick Clinton Hathaway:
Burial: Riverview Cemetery, South Bend, IN (Masoleum)1444,1445
Ref #: HB s1445

More About Frederick Hathaway and Wilma Helmick:
Marriage: October 24, 1895, Bchanan, Berrien Co, MI1446,1447
Child of Wilma Helmick and Frederick Hathaway is:
  903 i.   George6 Paulson1448, born Abt. 1903 in est1449,1450; died December 19551450; Foster child. He married Janet Jackson1450; born Abt. 1903 in est1451,1452.
  More About George Paulson:
Ref #: HBA1452

  More About Janet Jackson:
Ref #: HBA s1452

      396. Harry E.5 Helmick (Nathan Burns4, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio) was born October 19, 1868 in Berrien Springs, Berrien County, Michigan, and died March 14, 1923 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. He married (1) Nellie Louise Anderson1452 January 01, 1894 in Whitewater, WI1453,1454. She was born Abt. 1868 in est1455,1456, and died March 11, 19061457,1458. He married (2) Mina Helmick..(m)1459,1460 Aft. 19061461,1462. She was born Abt. 1868 in est1463,1464.

More About Harry E. Helmick:
Burial: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Chicago, Ill1465,1466
Fact 1: Died in Chicago General Hospital1467,1468
Ref #: JA1468

More About Harry Helmick and Nellie Anderson:
Marriage: January 01, 1894, Whitewater, WI1469,1470
Marriage Fact: by Rev E C Barnard1471,1472

More About Mina Helmick..(m):
Ref #: JA s21473

More About Harry Helmick and Mina Helmick..(m):
Marriage: Aft. 19061474,1475
Children of Harry Helmick and Nellie Anderson are:
  904 i.   Frederick Hastings6 Helmick1476, born July 16, 1895 in Whitewater, WI1477,1478; died August 1967 in Ft Myers, FL1479,1480. He married (1) Christie Evansen1480 June 22, 19181481,1482; born June 22, 1891 in Sister Bay, Kewaunee Co, WI1483,1484; died April 16, 19241485,1486. He married (2) Elsie M Evansen1486 January 21, 19251487; born November 16, 1889 in Sister Bay, Kewaunee Co, WI1488. He married (3) Helene Helmick..(m)1489,1490 Aft. 19261491; born Abt. 1895 in est1492,1493.
  More About Frederick Hastings Helmick:
Ref #: JAA1494
SS #: 328-05-5295 (IL)1494

  More About Christie Evansen:
Ref #: JAA s11494

  More About Frederick Helmick and Christie Evansen:
Marriage: June 22, 19181495,1496

  More About Elsie M Evansen:
Ref #: JAA s21497

  More About Frederick Helmick and Elsie Evansen:
Marriage: January 21, 19251498

  More About Helene Helmick..(m):
Ref #: JAA s31499

  More About Frederick Helmick and Helene Helmick..(m):
Marriage: Aft. 19261500

  905 ii.   Harry Mortimer Helmick1501, born June 14, 1897 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1502,1503; died January 10, 1919 in Verdun, France (WWI)1504,1505.
  Notes for Harry Mortimer Helmick:

Mortimer Helmick enlisted and volunteered for service in Co D, 6th Illinois Infantry and his regiment was mustered into service of U.S. as the 123rd field artillery and trained in Texas. And after service on the Mexican border, went oversaes for service in France. He went through the war with his regiment. In headquarters Co, he was taken sick at Stenay, France.

  More About Harry Mortimer Helmick:
Burial: U S National Cemetery, France1506,1507
Cause of Death: Appendicitis1507
Ref #: JAB *1507

  906 iii.   Helen Josephine Helmick1507, born March 01, 1903 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1508,1509. She married George E Johns1509 August 30, 19191510; born July 12, 18971511,1512.
  More About Helen Josephine Helmick:
Ref #: JAC1512

  More About George E Johns:
Ref #: JAC s1512

  More About George Johns and Helen Helmick:
Marriage: August 30, 19191513

      397. Frederick5 Helmick (Nathan Burns4, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio)1514 was born December 07, 1870 in Oronko Towship, Berrien County, Michigan, and died June 06, 1946 in Buchanan Township, Berrien County, Michigan. He married Blanche M Kreigh1515 September 1903 in Crown Point, Lake Co, IN1516,1517. She was born Abt. 1870 in est1518,1519.

More About Frederick Helmick:
Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, Berrien Springs, MI1520,1521
Ref #: JB1521

More About Blanche M Kreigh:
Burial: Calvery Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co, IL1522,1523
Ref #: JB s1523

More About Frederick Helmick and Blanche Kreigh:
Marriage: September 1903, Crown Point, Lake Co, IN1524,1525
Children of Frederick Helmick and Blanche Kreigh are:
  907 i.   Bernard Essick6 Helmick1526, born July 31, 1904 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1527,1528; died April 1978 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1528. He married Elizabeth L Heuss1528 September 23, 1922 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1529,1530; born June 16, 1904 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1531.
  More About Bernard Essick Helmick:
Ref #: JBA1531
SS #: 349-01-4045 (IL)1531

  More About Elizabeth L Heuss:
Ref #: JBA s1531

  More About Bernard Helmick and Elizabeth Heuss:
Marriage: September 23, 1922, Chicago, Cook Co, IL1532,1533

  908 ii.   Blanche Kathleen Helmick1534, born January 26, 1906 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1535,1536; died October 20, 1918 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1537,1538.
  More About Blanche Kathleen Helmick:
Burial: Calvery Cemetery, Chicago, IL1539,1540
Cause of Death: Diphtheria Epidemic1541,1542
Ref #: JBB *1542

  909 iii.   Burns Kreigh Helmick1542, born August 20, 1910 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1543,1544; died October 13, 1918 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1545,1546.
  More About Burns Kreigh Helmick:
Burial: Calvery Cemetery, Chicago, IL1547,1548
Cause of Death: Diphtheria Epidemic1548
Ref #: JBC *1548

      400. David Essick5 Helmick (Nathan Burns4, Elizabeth (Betsy)3 Simonton, THEOPHILUS2, ADAM SIMONTON of1 Ohio)1549 was born February 20, 1877 in Oronko Towship, Berrien County, Michigan, and died December 23, 1961 in East Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan. He married Hilma Charlotte Burgman1550 January 05, 1907 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL1551,1552. She was born February 24, 1878 in Riley County, KS1553,1554, and died July 27, 1959 in Dixon, Lee Co, IL1555,1556.

Notes for David Essick Helmick:

David served during the Spanish-American War with Co M, 1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry from April to November 1898 and during the Phillipino Insurrection with Co F, 30th U.S. Volunteer Infantry from May 1899 to April 1901

More About David Essick Helmick:
Burial: Oakwoods Cemetery, Dixon, IL1557,1558
Ref #: JE1558

More About Hilma Charlotte Burgman:
Burial: Oakwoods Cemetery, Dixon, IL1559,1560
Ref #: JE s1560

More About David Helmick and Hilma Burgman:
Marriage: January 05, 1907, Chicago, Cook Co, IL1561,1562
Marriage Fact: by Rev Anderson1563,1564
Child of David Helmick and Hilma Burgman is:
  910 i.   Dorothy Loretta6 Helmick1565, born December 24, 1907 in Devil's Slide, UT1566,1567. She married (1) Robert Cameron Brewster1567 June 12, 1937 in Dixon, Lee Co, IL1568,1569; born August 01, 19051570,1571; died September 11, 1964 in East Lansing, MI1572,1573. She married (2) Burt Darling1574 September 11, 1964 in East Lansing, MI1575,1576; born Abt. 1907 in est1577,1578.
  More About Dorothy Loretta Helmick:
Ref #: JEA1579

  More About Robert Cameron Brewster:
Ref #: JEA s11579

  More About Robert Brewster and Dorothy Helmick:
Marriage: June 12, 1937, Dixon, Lee Co, IL1580,1581
Marriage Fact: by Rev Burton in M E Church1582,1583

  More About Burt Darling:
Ref #: JEA s21584

  More About Burt Darling and Dorothy Helmick:
Marriage: September 11, 1964, East Lansing, MI1585,1586

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