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Descendants of Peter Ransone

52. ROBERT S.7 RANSOM (AMBROSE6, AMBROSE (UNPROVEN CONNECTION)5, ROBERT4 RANSONE, JAMES3 RANSOM, PETER2 RANSONE, UNKNOWN FATHER OF PETER1) was born Bet. September 20, 1769 - September 19, 1770 in Virginia, and died October 08, 1855 in probably Walton or Henry County, Georgia. He married (1) ANN HARDWICK February 25, 1793 in Cumberland County, Virginia. She died Unknown. He married (2) MARY RANSOM July 26, 1807 in Greene County, Georgia, daughter of REUBEN RANSOM and SALLY LEEMAN. She was born Bet. March 17 - September 19, 1785 in probably Franklin County, North Carolina, and died Aft. September 19, 1850 in probably Walton or Henry County, Georgia.

Notes for R
Note that a Robert S. Ransome, in a Power of Attorney dated 3/2/1824 in Halifax Co. Va. gives PofA to John W. Ransome, Atty. - it gets confusing from there! The Halifax records are littered with clues!
Note that Halifax strongly links him to the family of Ambrose Ransom.

1801 in Hancock Co. Ga. - see below where he was appraiser of Worsham estate.

My notes incomplete and don't explain the codes:
1805 Ga. Land Lottery - 1st land lottery authorized by act of 5/11/1803:
Ambrose 439 B B Chatham
Henry 440 B Hancock
S. Robert 441 P B Hancock
To draw, they had to be residents or taxpayers between 5/1802 and 5/1803. This Lottery's available land was in Baldwin, Wayne and Wilkinson Co., Ga.

Hancock Co. Ga. 1812 List of Taxable Property in Capt. Hart's District
Robert Ransom slaves: 9, Land 2nd Qul.: 165, 3rd Qul: 165, County: Han., Watercourse: P.C., Adjoiners: Gilbert, Grantee: --, Dollars: 3, Cents: 75
Ambrose Ransom slaves: --, Land 2nd Qul.: 101 1/4, 3rd Qul: 101 1/4, County: Jones, Watercourse: No. 18, Adjoiners: Dist. 8, Grantee: self, Dollars: -, Cents: 69 1/4
Samuel Ransom is there also but in a different district.
NOTE Ambrose's 101 1/4 acres is exactly 1/2 of the 202 1/2 acre lots drawn in the 1806 land lottery.

A Robt. Ransome is in 1820 Hancock Co., Ga.: males 2<10, 1 10-15, 2 18-25, 1 26-45, 2 over 45; females 2<10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45, 1 over 45; 11 persons engaged in agriculture.
The 10-16 girl may be Nancy who married Asa Durden (No, is Rebecca). The 2nd male over 45 and the female over 45 might be Robert S.'s parents? Note the older male and female are gone in 1830. I WONDER, could the Robert L. who is also involved in the PofA be the father of Robert S? The Robt. L. is a mystery - I can't find info on him.
2 males <10 would be Beverley B. (b. abt. 1811) and ? (Reuben R. was b. abt. 1821)
male 10-15 is unknown
2 males 18-25 would be James B. (b. abt. 1798) and John W. (b. abt. 1798) Or Armistead Robert (b. abt. 1802)
male 26-45 would be Jeremiah P.
2 males >45 would be Robert and an unknown (perhaps his father?)
One of the 2 females 0-10 could be the Elizabeth that married William McGiboney. The other might be Rebecca who married Brittain Knowles or the other female 0-10 is unknown (perhaps Minerva - see below). Recent interpretation by me would say that Elizabeth is John Ransom Jr.'s daughter and thus, these two would be Rebecca and Minerva. Wm. Miles is on same pg. as Robert in 1840 so Minerva must be one of these two. 9/23/00 found Nancy in 1840 Muscogee and she was b. 1811-1820 so these two <10 are Nancy and Minerva and that makes Rebecca the one 10-16 (she was exactly 10)
Female 10-16 could be Nancy (m. Asa Durden). Nope - is Rebecca (exactly 10).
Geez! A thought-if Minerva was b. after the 1820 census date, say something like December 1820, then she would would not be any of these. Then, the Elizabeth that m. McGiboney (was b. 1808) would fit perfectly with the 1807 marriage date of Robert and Mary and these girls then would shift to being Rebecca and Nancy as the 2<10, Minerva is non-existent and the 10-16 would be Elizabeth. HMMM!
Female 26-45 would be Mary (b. abt. 1785 hence abt. 35 years old)
female >45 is unknown (perhaps his mother?)

1824: Walton Co. Ga. deed to Robert S. Ranson from Elisha Derden dated 7/22/1824, recorded 12/22/1824, Bk. 3 Pg. 315.
Note: thus, he's probably moved from Hancock to Walton then.
Note an Asa Durden married Nancy Ransom in Walton in 1826.

A Robert S. Ransom is in 1830 Walton Co. census: males: 4<5, 1 60-70; females 1 5-10, 1 40-50; no slaves; total household: 7.
The 5-10 female might be Minerva who married Wm. C. Miles in 1838 Walton Co. Note a Harrington, Elizabeth married Miles, William C. on 05 Sep 1841 in Upson County, Georgia. Is this the same man? A William C. Miles is also in 1850 Choctaw Co. MS (that's him and Manerva) and 1870, as well.

In the General Index to Grantees L-Z Halifax Co., Va. 1752-1928 in Bk. 42 Pg. 318, recorded 6/6/1835 is a B&S from John Owen estate to Richard S. Ransome's heirs. Now, did I write this wrong and it actually be Robert S.?

1840 census Walton Co. Ga.: TWO Robert Ransones listed - looks funny as they are almost identical - perhaps a census error?
(1) Robert Ransone on pg. 121 Blassengame's District: males 2 15-20, 1 70-80; females 1 50-60
The 2 males 15-20 would be Reuben R. & ? (Augustus A. < 15 so not him?; not Beverley as he's in Walton Co. Ga and on his own)
(2) Robert Ransone on pg. 129 Mountain District: males 1 15-20, 1 70-80; females 1 50-60 (note the enumerator used the "double s" style for the single s in the name and it appears different than the one on page 121 - could it be Ranfore or Ranfone or Ranford?)
Note that William Miles who married a Minerva Ransom is on the same page 121 with Robert Ransone.

1850 (Sept. 19) census Walton Co. Ga., listed in Beverly B. Ransom's household is Robert S. 80 Farmer b. Va. and Mary 65 b. NC(?). Perhaps Polly was deceased (no, Polly is an alias for Mary)?

A Robert Ransom married Elizabeth Armistead 2/25/1793; signed Robert Ransom and Jacob S. Abraham. This makes sense in view of the possibility that Armistead R. Ransom is Ambrose Ransom's son or this Robert's (no, is this Robt's son, not Ambrose's). Both Robert and Ambrose are in Hancock Co. Ga. in 1812. WHOA! Note this could be Robert S. Ransom - he'd be about 23 years old then.
Although...the James Hardwick will of Halifax Co. Va., which Robert etal gave PofA to John W. Ransom over, indicates that a Ann Ransom might be a daughter. Could she be Robert's 1st wife? And, hence the people who assign Elizabeth Armistead to the Robert Ransom of the West Virginia bunch, might be closer to the truth. I show Ann Hardwich, presently as wife of Ambrose who I currently show as Robert S.' father.
7/20/00 I conceded that Elizabeth Armistead didn't marry this Robert. In all likelihood, this Robert's wife was Ann Hardwick. Prior to today I had her as his mother but that was just me "forcing" a place to put her (see the PofA issue), so I have moved her to here as his wife.

What is likely this Robert: Georgia Revolutionary War Soldiers Graves, Vol. 1, by Arnold & Burnheim (?), Henry County, has as # 24: Robert S. Ransome b. 1768 d. 10/8/1855 probably served in the Virginia Troops and said see (1) Deaths of Revolutionary War Soldiers who died in Georgia and their Widows, (2) Henry County, Georgia: The Mother of Counties, p. 45. I had his death as "after the 1850 census date of 9/19/1850".

A thought: there's an Elizabeth Ransom who married William Giboney in Hancock Co. Ga. on 12/14/1824. Now, correspondence with Dorothy Haizlip showed that Eunice Dunn Hester who married second, Jeremiah P. Ransom, had a daughter, Mary Ann Hester that married a Erasmus McGiboney. Could be that this Elizabeth might be a sister of Jeremiah P.? Later info suggests she's John Ransom Jr.'s daughter.

Following email from Lee Nelson dated 4/28/00 provides earliest reference to Robert S.:
I've found where a Robert S. Ransom appraised the estate of Edward Worsham in Hancock Co. GA in 1801. Got any idea who he was?
My thinking is that this Edward Worsham was close to White Plains, because Taylor Nelson was also an appraiser. At the estate sale, another "White Plains name" is also noted: Reubin Slaughter. The other names appearing in the sale, I don't recognize, but are probably from White Plains as well. They are: John C. Mason, Samuel Butler, Buckner Duke, William Lawson and Joseph Higinbotham

8/11/00 after reviewing the lawsuit between John Flamstead Ransone and Henry Ransone in 1797/98 Prince Edward Co., Va., it seems possible that Henry, the son of Ambrose who died in 1762, could be the father of this Robert S. - he was in Georgia by 1789. But, the Halifax Co. Va. issues still hint at Ambrose as the father. And, the 1806 Ga. Land Lottery would say Henry was single (at least in 1806) as he got 1 draw, whereas Ambrose got 2 draws, which meant he had a family.

Notes for A
Presuming James Hardwick is her father (see PofA by the Ranson boys), the following query was found on the Internet re the Halifax Co. Va. James' will of 1808:
Louis Reitzammer, 853 Skyline Dr., Jackson, TN 38301 - searching for connection between John Hardwick - England to VA 1636 - return to England to make will at Bristol 24 Oct 1668 - and James Hardwick whose 11/25/1808 will is found in Halifax Co., VA (DB3, p462). Mentions dau "Caty", w/o Wm. Wilson; mentions son Aaron who was named executor along with Wm. Wilson. James Hardwick m c1754 Mary Jett, d/o John and Gadis Jett. Louis descends from James and Mary (Jett) Hardwick's dau Cate Jett Hardwick. 4/97

I must have just made this marriage (i.e. to Ambrose, father of Robert S.) up, entirely!? I have no record of such a marriage other than my speculations based upon the Power of Attorneys filed by Robert S.'s sons.
7/20/00, I moved her from being Robert S.'s mother to being his wife. because I did "force" a spot to place her erroneously.

Notes for M
This is a strange one - no mistake - she married a Ransom. Reuben Ransom Sr's will clearly states a grandson named Reuben Ransom, as a son of Robert Ransom.

I think I based her birth year (1785) upon the age of a Mary Ransom listed in 1850 Walton Co. Ga. with Robert S. Ransom. Later: Yes, I did.

I had her birth in a range of 9/20/1784-9/19/1785 based upon 1850 census but with her sister Jane's exact birth recv'd as 8/17/1784, can assume they're not twins and about 9 months in between them, so can guess that Polly was born between about 5/17/1785 and 9/19/1785. Even allowing for prematurity of say, seven months, it'd be 3/17/1785. So, let's just go ahead and put in 3/17/1785 as earliest.
ALTHOUGH, her father named his kids (apparently) in order of age and she (Polly) was named 1st each time, and Jane 2nd, so that would indicate Polly is older? Could be that the census taker in 1850 actually asked for the ages as of June 1, 1850? That would give her a birth range of 6/2/1784-6/1/1785, but note that Jane was 66 on 9/2/1850 census and applying a June 1 logic would say she was born 6/2/1783-6/1/1784 and we "know" she was born on 8/17/1784, so it looks like (at least in Greene Co.) they used the actual date rather than June 1. ALTHOUGH, remember that Reuben named his children in order of age in his will and Mary was the 1st one listed which would say she is the oldest.
Children of R
  i.   ROBERT L.8 RANSOM, d. Unknown.
  Notes for ROBERT L. RANSOM:
Found him! In Arkansas!!
In Craighead Co. Ar. Federal Land Records before 1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents:
Ransom, Robert L. Sec. No. 11, Tract 14N, Range 3E, 80 Acres, dated 5/1/1860. 11/26/99 update: could be Robert L. who seems to be a son of John W. who would be about 27 in 1860.
Also there in Craighead Co. Ar. is Augustus Ransone (on the same Federal Land Records and in the 1860 census as well as John W. Ransone is in the 1860 census and a R. Ransone, also.

Note the "whole" group is there - Beverly B. is in Dallas Co. AR in 1873; John W. is in Craighead Co.; Augustus also.

Be Careful, John W. had a son named Robert L. and any reference to Robert L. might be him?

  ii.   JEREMIAH P. RANSOM, b. Bet. 1790 - 1800; d. Bet. 1840 - 1850, probably Walton County, Georgia; m. EUNICE DUNN, Bet. 1818 - 1821, Hancock County, Georgia; b. Bet. 1780 - 1793; d. Unknown.
Halifax Co. Va. Deed Bk. 2 Pg. 178, 1/28/1824, recorded 3/22/1824: Robert L. Ranson, Jeremiah P. Ranson, James B. Ranson and Armistead R. Ranson of Hancock Co. Ga. give power of attorney to John W. Ranson of Wilkes Co. Ga. to recover and secure from Aaron Hardwick of Halifax Co. Va., administrator of the estate of Mary Hardwick, dec'd, the legacies bequeathed to us by James Hardwick, dec'd, of Halifax Co. Va. Also, separately, Robert S. Ransom & c. power of attorney to John W. Ransome in Bk. 32, Pg. 178, recorded 3/2/1824.

In The Index to Devisees and Heirs Halifax Va. 1752-1949: In Bk. 7, Pg. 447, dated 1808, James Hardwick, as devisor, to devisees Aaron & heirs, Mrs. Mary, Patsey, Elizabeth & heirs, Mary Ann & heirs, William & heirs, daughter Mary, Nancy and Anny Ransome & heirs. Note that in the 1782 census, James Hardwick's household was 8 whites (this adds up).

1827 Georgia Land Lottery: Jeremiah P. Ransom drew in Walton Co., Pg. 93, on the 30th day's drawing, 4/10/1827, Capt.'s District: 503rd; No. 318, Dist.: 22; County: Lee Co.

Census: 1830 Walton Co. Ga.: Listed as Jeremiah P. Ransom: males: 1 30-40; females: 1 40-50; slaves: 1 female 36-55; total household: 3.
Implies he was b. 1790-1800 and she 1780-1790.
Census: 1840 Walton Co. Ga.: Listed as J.P. Ransom: males: 1 40-50; females: 1 50-60.
Census: 1850 Walton Co. Ga.: Jeremiah is gone but Unice Ransom, aged 57 b. Ga. is listed 9/17/1850 dwelling 185. Implies she was b. abt. 1793 which doesn't jibe.

There's a Jeremiah P. Ransom who married in Clermont Ohio to Emma Hawkins on 2/11/1864. It's probably not this Jeremiah but note that Ambrose Ransom (some relation to Jeremiah) also moved to Ohio (he hated slavery). Perhaps, Jeremiah "left" Eunice, went to Ohio and remarried in his older age?

2/2000: note his sister, Nancy, who married Asa Durden named a child Jeremiah P.

111. iii.   JAMES B. RANSOM, b. Abt. 1798, Virginia; d. Aft. August 15, 1850, possibly Hancock County, Georgia.
112. iv.   JOHN W. RANSOM, b. Abt. 1798, Georgia; d. Abt. 1890, probably Arkansas.
113. v.   ARMISTEAD ROBERT RANSOM, b. Abt. 1802, Hancock County, Georgia; d. Unknown, Elkton, Kentucky.
Children of ROBERT RANSOM and MARY RANSOM are:
114. vi.   ELIZABETH (UNPROVEN)8 RANSOM, b. Abt. 1808, Georgia; d. Unknown.
115. vii.   REBECCAH RANSOM, b. Abt. 1810, probably Greene County, Georgia; d. Unknown.
116. viii.   BEVERLY B. RANSOM, b. Abt. 1811, Hancock County, Georgia; d. Unknown, probably Arkansas.
117. ix.   NANCY RANSOM, b. Bet. 1812 - 1819, Georgia; d. Aft. 1888, probably Sebastian County, Arkansas.
118. x.   MINERVA RANSOM, b. Abt. 1820, Georgia; d. Unknown.
119. xi.   REUBEN R. RANSOM, b. Abt. 1821, Georgia; d. Aft. June 21, 1860, possibly Arkansas.
  xii.   UNPROVEN MALE RANSOM, b. Bet. 1820 - 1825; d. Unknown.
The are 2 males 15-20 in Robert S.'s household in 1840. One is Reuben R. but the other is unknown, so I created this "person" on 11/16/99 to cover that scenario. Have no other proof that this person exists. This person is not Beverley B. or Augustus A. (Augustus is Robert S.'s grandson by a 1st marriage anyway).

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