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Descendants of Peter Ransone

76. ELIZABETH7 RANSOM (REUBEN6, JOHN5, GEORGE4 RANSONE, JAMES3 RANSOM, PETER2 RANSONE, UNKNOWN FATHER OF PETER1) was born Bet. 1790 - June 1791 in probably Franklin County, North Carolina, and died Unknown. She married JAMES COOK September 11, 1808 in Greene County, Georgia. He was born Bet. 1770 - 1780, and died Unknown.

Notes for E
9/21/00: thoughts on her age. Since her father appears to have named his children in order of birth, she would be older than Dudley and younger than Joseph and Jane. Dudley was born 2/22/1792 and Joseph is not known (1784-1790), but Jane was born 8/17/1784. So, Elizabeth would be born at least before 2/22/1792 (less say 9 months implies before about May 1791). I had 1790-1800 here based upon the following paragraph's info but that seems to be false logic. So, today, I changed her birth to before 6/1791 (allows May to be feasible).
9/22/00: more thoughts on age. Reviewed 1790 & 1800 census data of Reuben Sr. after concluding that Isaac Knowles was indeed married to an unknown daughter of Reuben (and that Rebecca who married Brittain Knowles is probably Robert S. and mary Ransom's daughter - or maybe John Ransom Jr.'s). The Unknown daughter was older than Elizabeth but younger than Joseph. The 1800 data has 2 females less than 10 which must be the Unknown Daughter and Elizabeth. Thus, Elizabeth must have been born after the 1790 census.

Was 40-50 in 1840 Greene Co. Ga. census. see note under husband where I may be wrong and the J. Cook I based this on may actually be a Joshua Cook. This Joshua is linked to the Turners, though (not really, later info shows the Moore issue was false).

In Marriages of Georgia to 1850
Walton County
Cook, Ransom married Shaw, Sally on 27 Jan 1827 in Walton County, Georgia.
Could this be a child of James and Elizabeth? Also, a James Elias Cook married in Hancock Co. 12/24/1828. Also, a Matthew C. Cook (?b. 1820 Walton Co. Ga.) married 6/1/1851 Judith Hawk. Are these possibilities?

9/5/00: maybe nothing but:
in 1850 Morgan Co., AL on the same page and the page before Squire Leeman, are Cooks of about the right age to be Elizabeth's. There's even an Elizabeth there about the correct age? One page before Squire is a Mansfield Cook age 32 b. AL with a 50 year old Elizabeth (b. S. C.); right after that is George Cook age 48 b. Tennessee; right after Squire Leeman is William Cook age 42 Tennessee.

Notes for J
J. Cook is in 1840 Greene Co. Ga. census: males: 1<5, 1 5-10, 1 60-70; females 1 40-50. This could be a mistake on my part because I've always assumed this J. was James. However, see below, Joshua Cook, of the correct age, is in 1850 Greene Co. I've even based my age guess on Elizabeth Ransom based upon this.

See note under Archibald Turner where a Joshua Cook aged 75 born Maryland is in 1850 Greene Co. Ga. with Tabby Moore in his household (she's 1 year old and is supposedly the daughter of Jane Ransom Turner's daughter, Elizabeth). This surely is a link of Cooks to Turners and hence Ransoms!
Children of E
  i.   SON1 OF JAMES8 COOK, b. Bet. 1830 - 1835; d. Unknown.
  ii.   SON2 OF JAMES COOK, b. Bet. 1835 - 1840; d. Unknown.

77. DUDLEY7 RANSOM (REUBEN6, JOHN5, GEORGE4 RANSONE, JAMES3 RANSOM, PETER2 RANSONE, UNKNOWN FATHER OF PETER1) was born February 22, 1792 in probably Franklin County, North Carolina, and died August 14, 1852 in probably Choctaw County, Mississippi. He married ELIZABETH ROBERTS August 13, 1818 in Hancock County, Georgia, daughter of JOSEPH ROBERTS and ELIZABETH WATTS. She was born Abt. 1798 in Georgia, and died Aft. September 03, 1870 in probably Choctaw County, Mississippi.

Notes for D
5/26/99: obtained his middle name of Joseph from Paulette Parker Sims; also his burial in Webster Co. MS. His birth and death also. I had b. 11/13/1792 to 11/12/1793 and death 11/12/1850-9/3/1870 all based upon census data. Paulette provided the tombstone info as b. 2/22/1792 d. 8/14/1852. Regarding the Joseph middle name, I'm holding off inputting it, as no one has provided the evidence source.

Josie Ried sent me the details on a deed by Dudley in Cherokee Co. Ga. - I can't find the info now. I think it was in the 1840's

Thought: The name Dudley here is a real clue. It certainly hints at connections to the Dudleys. Perhaps, even, his father's mother's maiden name?

1820 Census Greene Co. Ga.: males: 1 16-26; females: 1 <10, 16-26; 2 people engaged in agriculture. That's Dudley and his wife, Elizabeth
1830 Census Walton Co. Ga.: males: 1 <5, 1 30-40; females: 4 <5, 2 5-10, 1 30-40; slaves: 3 m 10-24, 3 f 0-10, 1 f 10-24
On 1/23/2000 on the USGenWeb, the 1830 Walton census is a "bit" different and also provided slave data with a household total of 15. The "difference" was in that it said there were 3 (not 4) white females 0-5.
So, the m <5 is Joseph, m 30-40 is Dudley, f 3 or 4 <5 is totally unknown, 2 f 5-10 is Mary J. & Elizabeth, 1f 30-40 is Elizabeth the wife

1840 Census Walton Co. Ga.: males: 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50; females: 1 <5, 3 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 2 20-30, 1 40-50
m 5-10 is Reuben D., m 10-15 is Joseph (or unknown), m 15-20 is unknown (or Joseph), m 40-50 is Dudley, f <5 is unknown (or Teriyan), 3f 5-10 is Margaret, Teriyan (or unknown) and an unknown, f 10-15 is Mary J., f 15-20 is Elizabeth, 2f 20-30 are unknown and unknown, f 40-50 is Elizabeth.

11/12/1850 Census of Choctaw Co. Mississippi -
Dudley Ransom 57 M, Farmer, $370, born N.C.
Elizabeth 52 F Ga.,
Mary 22(?)F Ga., <=could be 25, 22 or even 23?
Joseph 23M Ga. Farmer,
Rubin 16 M farmer Ga.,
Teriyan 15 F Ga.,
Margret 17 F Ga.

7/25/1821 to 2/23/1822: Dudley Ransom was Captain of the 454th Mountain (District?) in Walton Co. Ga. - source was Wayfarers In Walton

7/28/1827 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom deed from John Oliver Bk. H Pg. 33; recorded 7/29/1828

1/25/1828 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom deed from Reubin Ransom Bk. H Pg. 32; recorded 7/28/1828

4/24/1828 Walton Co. Ga Dudley Ransom deed to Joseph Harris Bk. H Pg. 65 recorded 11/8/1828

12/28/1829 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom deed from James Shepard Bk. J Pg. 177 recorded 7/6/1831

1831 Dudley Ransom listed as slave owner (6) in Green's Militia District, Walton Co. Ga. - source Wayfarers In Walton

1832 Gold Lottery: Dudley Ransom in 454th District

1/4/1833 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransome deed to John Hail Bk. K Pg. 139 recorded 4/8/1833

11/11/1833 Dudley purchased 1 Bible for $3.00 at the Reuben Ransom Sr. estate sale. Also shovel and tongs for $ 1.??; one lot plaugh (sic) hoes for $ ?.??; 1 something else (unreadable) for $ 0.375

122/1/1833 Clarke Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom of Walton Co. deed from Jennings and Mayne, executors of Reuben Ransom Sr.

12/21/1833 Clarke Co. Ga.Dudley Ransom deed to James Jennings, west half of Reuben Ransom Sr.'s land

11/14/1835 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransome/Ranson deed to Steven Hearn Bk. L Pg. 115 recorded 12/28/1835

1/4/1836 Walton Co. ga. Dudley Ranson deed to Charles W. Boyce Bk. L Pg. 132 recorded 1/9/1836

3/28/1836 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom deed from Anna Barnett Bk. L Pg. 537 recorded 6/26/1837

1/1/1837 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ranson deed to Goodwin Miller Bk. M Pg. 81 recorded 1/9/1838

2/23/1837 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom deed from James Barnett Bk. M Pg. 81 recorded 1/9/1838

1/5/1838 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ranson deed to Charles D. Davis Bk. M Pg. 79 recorded 1/9/1838

12/6/1840 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom deed to Micajah Whitley Bk. N Pg. 34 recorded 1/9/1840

3/20/1843 Walton Co. Ga. Dudley Ransom deed to Augustus H. Palmer Bk. N Pg. 520 recorded 7/25/1843

12/17/1843 Walton Co. Ga Dudley Ransom deed to Alexander Norris Bk. P Pg. 249 recorded 7/30/1849

1/15/1848 Walton Co. ga. Dudley Ransom deed to Joseph Winn Bk. P Pg. 33 recorded 1/17/1848

Following was from a search on FamilyTreeMaker.Com (for Dudley): note the Coleman connection i.e. Dudley's son, Joseph, had a son named Coleman (NOTE later, discovered that Dudley's wife's relation was named Coleman Roberts):

JOHN H. 3 SORRELLS (William 2 Richard ) born ca. 1816, Georgia; married HARRIET (b. ca. 1822, Ga.), but marriage record was not found. Her maiden name is said to have been COLEMAN. The family was in the 1850 Walton County census and the 1860 Chambers County, Alabama census. John appears to have left Georgia after 1858 and before 1860 for Chambers Co. AL.

John H. Sorrells received from the estate of William Alexander Sorrells, deceased 1841, Walton County. John was one of the securities for the administrators bond on William's estate in the amount of $16,000. The other security, Dudley Ransom, has not been identified.

On 1/26/99, found a site on the Internet with listings of War of 1812 soldiers: Dudley Ransom is shown as being in Alexander's Batt'n Riflemen, Georgia Militia.
Also note that on Pg. 617 of Wafarers In Walton, Military Commissions 1819-1860, Dudley is shown as Capt. 454th (Mountain Area) 7/25/1821-2/23/1822.

On 4/16/1999, Paulette Parker Sims posted a Ransom GenForum statement that said she was a descendant of Dudley and she had found his gravesite in Webster Co. MS.
On 5/26/99 established contact. She provides much new info including her ancestor, Elizabeth Ransom, daughter of Dudley, which I didn't have.

Directions to his gravesite (from Paulette):
Dudley Ransom's grave is: from Duck Hill MS, Hwy 51, take Hwy. 404 east to blacktop road named Webster 8". Webster County numbers their roads. Take Webster 8 approximately 1 mile, at a 90 degree turn, turn right on a gravel road. Go 1/2 mile to a "T" forks, turn left. Follow road to an old house covered with hedge. Behind house in a grove of large oaks about 100 yards from old house.
I went there in April 2000: additional directions - 404 from Duck Hill is 20 miles to Webster 8. Turn right onto 8. Meander until Webster 8 dead ends into Webster 18, then turn right. Go perhaps 2 or 300 yards and turn left onto dirt road. It will fork again shortly and take the left fork and you'll immediately see the house. See notes under the wife, Elizabeth Roberts, for the cemetery details.

Marker says: "Dudley Ransom" 2-22-1792 / 8-14-1852
Farewell my wife and children all
From you a father Christ doth call
Mourn not for me, It is in vain
To call me to your sight again
NOTE: This marker has fallen over

Duck Hill MS is located on Hwy 51 approximately 1/2 way between Memphis and Jackson. Hwy. 404 is a little state maintained blacktop road which goes to Hwy 9 into Eupora. I don't know exactly how far I went out 404 but it was a long way; guessing I'd say 13 miles. You are in Webster County which should help locate it on topo. I think it is the first road in Webster County. There is no left turn so you have to turn right (coming from Duck Hill). The direction would be south. The direction you are traveling on Hwy 404 would be about East. When you turn onto the gravel road, it is only about 100-150 yards to the T and then only another 100 yards or so to the old house. I don't know if it is still standing. If you will ontact me when you are in the area, I'll love to take you out there.
See note under Paulette for her phone #'s.

1/17/2000 at War of 1812 Muster Rolls:
Surname: RANSOM, Given name: DUDLEY, Company: ALEXANDER'S BATT'N RIFLEMEN, GEORGIA MIL., Rank at Induction: PRIVATE, Rank at Discharge: PRIVATE, Roll Box: 171 Roll Exct.: 602

More About D
Burial: Unknown, Roberts Cemetery, Webster County, Mississippi

Notes for E
The 1870 census of Choctaw Co. Ms. dated 9/3/70, dwelling 61 and living with Embry, Brillow E. age 39, is a Elizabeth Ransom aged 7(0?), no occupation, b. Ga. - I presume this is Dudley's wife, as, at dwelling 80 (9/5/1870) is Mary J. Ransom 43 KeepingHouse b. Ga. and in dwelling 83 is Rubin D. Ransom and his family.

The mother and father of Elizabeth provided by Paulette Parker Sims in May/June 1999.

Note though that perhaps the Roberts family were more closely associated with the Ransom family as, in Granville Co. NC Reuben Ransom was a witness to will (Book 1) of Philip Roberts - source: Abstracts of Wills and Estates Granville Co. NC 1746-1808.
Details: Bk.1 Pg. 522, 523 5/17/1786 Philip Roberts gift to Philip Roberts, grandson, son of his son, William, a horse. Witness: Isaac Roberts and Reuben Ransom
5/8/00: yes, there's a FTM tree (CD#8) that indicates Coleman (see below) is descended from Phillip.

4/25/00: visited the Roberts Cemetery in Webster County, MS (formerly Choctaw Co.). Dudley Ransom has an inscribed marker and there's a field stone marked grave adjacent and in a manner which would indicate is his wife. I assume this must be Elizabeth's grave? There were 8 marked Roberts buried there, Dudley, 5 Goldings, 1 McCain and at least 7 field stone marked graves.
The cemetery (Dudley's foot stone) is at 33 degrees 39.18 minutes North latitude, 89 degrees 25.43 minutes west longitude (WGS 84 coordinate system with 5 of 8 satellites available).
Markers from the front to back and left to right:
1st row:
B. E. Roberts 11/15/1882 4/29/1937
Nannie M. Roberts 10/10/1859 8/2/1946
B. F. Roberts Beloved husband of N. M. Roberts born 6/4/1858 died 2/3/1907
2nd row:
Mary E. Roberts 4/18/1833 10/28/1911
Coleman F. Roberts born 2/3/1823 died 12/30/1883
Bythena Roberts born 1/9/1791 died 9/14/1850 in the 59 year of her age
C, M. Roberts born 6/14/1794 died 2/14/1882
A space of say 20 feet and then:
An uninscribed field stone and adjacent is:
Sgt Felix M. McCain Co. D 12 La. Inf. C.S.A.
3rd row:
E. M. Roberts born 4/30/1860 died 11/13/1890
Uninscribed head/foot stones
Uninscribed head/foot stones
A space and then a stone just even with Felix McCain's
4th row:
Uninscribed head and foot field stones - probably Elizabeth Roberts Ransom
Dudley Ransom born 2/22/1792 died 8/14/1852 (a lengthy inscription - see under Dudley)
Brick Head Marker with a stone foot (adjacent to Dudley like could be a family member)
A "pile" of bricks at what would be a foot marker, if anything?
Field stone head and foot with brick perimeter (in line with the stone in the 3rd row and Felix McCain
5th row?:
A large stone laying flat in line with the "pile" of bricks in 4th row - perhaps a gate post?
Separate area short ditsance over. All newer markers with 3 original markers laying flat:
Thomas Hill Golding 4/27/1853 died 1891
Margaret Cynthia Golding 1/4/1860 June 1889
Elder John R. Golding dec. 20 1811 Aug. 28 1869 (orig. stone laying there)
Eliza Ann Golding 12/22/1810 12/11/1884 (orig. stone laying there)
Henry L. Golding 6/26/1851 March 8 1896 (orig. stone there and seems to say 1876 rather than 1896?)

5/7/00: found the Roberts in Choctaw Co.:
26/26, Western District, 10/19/1850 (the Pittman family preceded and Shaws followed):
C. F. Roberts 28M Farmer $300 Georgia
Mary E. Roberts 18F N. Carolina
76/76, Western District, 10/26/1850 (an Evans family both preceded and followed):
Coleman M. Roberts 55M Farmer $1800 Ga. NOTE: the tombstone only had C. M.
Bythenia Roberts 59F Ga NOTE: tombstone says she d. 9/14/1850 - perhaps census was as of June 1
Caroline Roberts 17F Missi
John McCain 19M Laborer Unknown NOTE: the Felix McCain in the cemetery
Martin Smith 21M Laborer Missi
Harrison ?(could be Deek) 14M Unknown - a transcription says is Harrison, Dick
ALSO NOTE that Coleman Ransom may have gotten his name from these Coleman Roberts.
ALSO: I'd guess that the Coleman M. would be Elizabeth's brother?

5/8/00 and 5/16/00: at the LDS site, a lineage provides that Felix is Felix McDonald McCain son of James Monroe McCain 10/10/1810-3/24/1862 and Martha Elizabeth Roberts b. abt. 1827 - their children included:
Felix M. McCain 3/1846-11/1886
Elender J. Ellen McCain b. 1848
Coleman Roberts McCain b. 12/24/1849
And five more children born after the 1850 census.

The Choctaw 1850 census has at HN688:
James McCain 40 M Farmer $4500 SC
Elizabeth 22 F MS
Philip 3 M MS
Elendor 2 F MS
Coleman 10/12 M MS
Thus, Philip must be the LDS tree's Felix. Could the census taker have confused the phonetics? Could he have spelled Felix as Philix - the image is clear on Phili but the last letter could be a x?

At ancestry, Felix is shown to have been captured at Nashville, TN (The Debacle of Hood's) and exchanged in Feb. 1865.

5/17/00: communications with a great grandson, James Porter, of Felix's indicates there is a conflict. His Felix is the one who served in the 12th La. and his Felix died after the turn of the century and is buried in La. We're working on the resolution. One oddity: the Louisiana Felix is said to have married Sarah Elizabeth Hicks. Well, in the 1850 Choctaw census in the family immediately preceding that of Philip's is a A. G. Hicks household with a 10/12 year old Sarah!
There's agreat mystery here!

More About E
Burial: Unknown, probably Roberts Cemetery, Webster County, Mississippi
Children of D
170. i.   ELIZABETH8 RANSOM, b. 1824, Hancock County, Georgia; d. May 22, 1888, Carroll County, Mississippi.
  ii.   MARY J. RANSOM, b. Bet. 1825 - 1828, Georgia; d. Unknown.
  Notes for MARY J. RANSOM:
Perhaps she is Mary J. Ransom who is 43 FW Keeping House $350 b. Ga. at HN80 in 1870 Choctaw Co. MS near to Elizabeth Ransom 70? at HN 61 living with Brillow E. Embry and near Rubin D. Ransom & family at HN 83. The 70? year old Elizabeth would be her mother. I guess Brillow Embry could be a son-in-law or something?

I just had Mary here based upon the 1850 census data of Dudley. Will go ahead and put Mary J. here and by doing so, we're assuming she didn't marry. That census is hard to read her age - it looks like 25 (but it could be 22), which would say she was b. abt. 1825 rather than the 1827 as indicated above.

171. iii.   JOSEPH B. RANSOM, b. Bet. 1825 - 1827, Georgia; d. Unknown.
  iv.   MARGARET RANSOM, b. Abt. 1833, Georgia; d. Unknown.
I had her birth as about 1833 (she was 17 on 11/12/1850 census) but Paulette Parker Sims has it as 1837. Also, the 1850 census has her as Margret (sic). Common sense and Paulette also say it is Margaret.

172. v.   REUBEN DUDLEY RANSOM, b. April 03, 1834, Hancock County, Georgia; d. June 10, 1921, Webster County, Mississippi.
  vi.   TERIYAN RANSOM, b. Abt. 1835, Georgia; d. Unknown.
I just had L. Ransom, female (was 15 on 11/12/1850). Paulette Parker Sims provides her name as either Lucinda or Lucyann (and no birth year). Note that I had about 1835 as L.'s birth and Paulette provides a new person, Tereyan born 1835. Could this be the same person? Perhaps they're different and twins, but why wouldn't Teryan be in the 1850 census?

8/13/99: Yes! Paulette's Tereyan is the same as my L?. I purchased the Census Microfilm Records: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi, 1850 from Broderbund and the census page shows this, albeit I still can't read it clearly - it could start with a T? The name seems to be Teriyan?

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