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Generation No. 9

      256. RICHARD HOOPER, born Abt. 1694.
  128 i.   OBEDIAH HOOPER, born 1720 in Lunenburg Co., VA; died Abt. 1790; married MASSILVA BROOKS 1744 in Hanover Co., VA.

      258. RICHARD R. BROOKS, born Abt. 1675 in Essex Co., VA; died Bef. July 05, 1734 in Hanover Co., VA. He was the son of 516. John Brookes. He married 259. MARY GIBSON WFT Est. 1693-1731.

      259. MARY GIBSON, born Abt. 1688 in VA; died Abt. 1740 in VA. She was the daughter of 518. THOMAS GIBSON, SR..
  i.   William Brookes.
  ii.   Richard Brookes.
  iii.   Robert Brookes.
  iv.   Sarah Brookes.
  129 v.   MASSILVA BROOKS, born Abt. 1723 in Hanover Co., VA; died Bef. July 1800 in Franklin Co., GA; married OBEDIAH HOOPER 1744 in Hanover Co., VA.

      320. THOMAS MCKEE, born Abt. 1693 in IRELAND; died 1769 in Paxtang, Lancaster Co., Penn. He was the son of 640. ALEXANDER "MacKey" MCKEE. He married 321. SHAWNEE INDIAN TECUMSAPAH Abt. 1715 in probably Penn.

Child of THOMAS MCKEE and Irish girl is:
  i.   Alexander McKee, born Abt. 1720; died 1799 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada; married Indian Maiden.
  i.   Nancy McKee.
  ii.   Elizabeth McKee.
  iii.   Catherine McKee, married ? Greydon.
  iv.   James McKee, born Abt. 1725; died 1782 in CUMBERLAND CO., PA; married (1) Maiden Indian; married (2) Elizabeth Verner.
  160 v.   HUGH MCKEE, born Abt. 1730 in Penn; died May 1795 in Peters, Franklin Co., Penn; married MARY NESBIT Abt. 1750.

      322. THOMAS NESBIT, born May 30, 1707 in Ballyaghlis, N. Ireland; died in Antrim, Franklin Co., Pa.. He was the son of 644. ALLEN NISBET and 645. MARGARET //. He married 323. JEAN FINN(EY).

      323. JEAN FINN(EY).
Children of THOMAS NESBIT and JEAN FINN(EY) are:
  i.   Francis Nesbit, married William Sloan.
  ii.   Jean Nesbit.
  iii.   Susanna Nesbit, died Abt. 1815 in Zanesville, OH; married James McKee Abt. 1757.
  iv.   Martha Nesbit, married James Dickson 1783.
  161 v.   MARY NESBIT, born 1732; married HUGH MCKEE Abt. 1750.
  vi.   William Nesbit, born 1736 in PA.; died June 07, 1804 in PREBLE CO., OHIO; married Mary Elizabeth Erwin.
  vii.   Alexander Nesbit, born 1745; died January 09, 1777 in BEDFORD CO., Pa.; married Jean.

      324. GEORGE "Dixon" DICKSON, born Abt. 1690. He was the son of 648. JOHN DICKSON and 649. MARY MONTGOMERY.
Children of GEORGE "Dixon" DICKSON are:
  i.   Alexander Dickson.
  ii.   Archibald Dickson.
  162 iii.   ANDREW DICKSON, born Abt. 1720 in Armagh,IRELAND; died June 11, 1783 in ANTRIM, FRANKLIN CO., PENN; married AGNES HILL 1733 in Armagh, Ireland.

      328. HENRY "Friggs" FRAKES, born Abt. 1695 in Somerset Co., MD; died 1784 in PA?. He was the son of 656. HENRY "Frakes" FRIGGS and 657. MARY AUGUST.
Children of HENRY "Friggs" FRAKES are:
  i.   John Frakes, born 1725 in Potomac River Valley, MD/VA; died Aft. 1808 in Hardin Co., KY; married Catherine //.
  ii.   Nathan Frakes, born 1725; died 1807.
  164 iii.   HENRY FRAKES, born Abt. 1727 in Potomac River Valley, MD/VA; died in Green Co., PA; married ELEANOR WATKINS.
  iv.   Joseph Frakes, born 1734.
  v.   Robert Frakes, born 1736; died 1830.
  vi.   Peter Frakes, born 1748.

      330. EVAN WATKINS I, born Abt. 1680; died July 1764 in Fredrick Co., VA. He was the son of 660. PETER WATKINS and 661. MARY GRIFFITH. He married 331. MARY // Abt. 1725.

      331. MARY //, born Abt. 1717.
Children of EVAN WATKINS and MARY // are:
  i.   Thomas Watkins, born Abt. 1729; married Mary //.
  ii.   David Watkins, born Abt. 1731; married Sarah // Abt. 1755.
  iii.   Peter Watkins, born 1733; died October 1801 in Rutherford Co. NC; married Hannah Renuls Abt. 1754.
  iv.   Jean Watkins, born Abt. 1736.
  v.   Ann Watkins, born Abt. 1738.
  165 vi.   ELEANOR WATKINS, born Abt. 1740 in Watkins Ferry, Frederick Co., VA; married HENRY FRAKES.
  vii.   Evan Watkins, born April 18, 1744 in Watkins Ferry, Frederick Co., VA; died January 07, 1831 in Smithfield, Henry, KY; married Prudence // Abt. 1765 in Frederick Co., VA (prob).

      352. FRANCIS DORSETT, born 1704 in Dorsett Co., ENG; died Abt. 1813 in Chatham Co., NC. He married 353. REBECCA McSWAIN 1724.

      353. REBECCA McSWAIN.
  176 i.   JOHN DORSETT, born 1760 in Chatham Co., NC; died 1851 in Chatham Co., NC; married (1) JEMIMA ANN WEBSTER; married (2) Polly Mobley.
  ii.   Solomon Dorsett, born Abt. 1763; died 1849.
  iii.   Rebecca Dorsett, born 1772.
  iv.   Henry Dorsett, born 1777; died 1859.
  v.   Nancy Dorsett, born 1780.

      356. AMOS BECKERDITE, born 1713 in ANNAPOLIS, ANN ARUNDEL CO., MD. He was the son of 712. RICHARD BECKERDITE and 713. ANN SMITH. He married 357. REBECCA //.

      357. REBECCA //.
Children of AMOS BECKERDITE and REBECCA // are:
  i.   Jane Beckerdite, married Paul Watington October 20, 1759 in VA.
  178 ii.   RICHARD BECKERDITE, born Abt. 1754 in Middletown, Fredrick, Md.; died Aft. 1830 in Randolph County, NC; married MARY WRIGHT August 27, 1776 in Fredrich, Maryland Evangelical Lutheran Church.

      358. JOHN WRIGHT. He married 359. ELLENDER //.

      359. ELLENDER //.
Child of JOHN WRIGHT and ELLENDER // is:
  179 i.   MARY WRIGHT, born Abt. 1758 in Middletown, Fredrick, Md.; died Bef. 1830 in Randolph County, NC; married RICHARD BECKERDITE August 27, 1776 in Fredrich, Maryland Evangelical Lutheran Church.

      364. DAVID SMITH. He married 365. ANN //.

      365. ANN //.
Child of DAVID SMITH and ANN // is:
  182 i.   ALEXANDER SMITH, born May 30, 1747 in Randolph Co., NC; died September 08, 1828 in Randolph Co., NC; married KEZIAH LAMAR March 17, 1772 in Randolph Co., NC.

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