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Descendants of John Tripp

      576. Samuel7 Tripp (Isaac6, Job5, Peleg4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1) was born April 19, 1735, and died June 10, 1798 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. He married (1) Desire Tallman. She was born July 01, 1756, and died August 08, 1809. He married (2) Catherine Jenks May 14, 1760 in Tiverton, Rhode Island. She was born September 06, 1741, and died July 30, 1793 in East Greenwich.

Notes for Samuel Tripp:

Bock: He was of Pomfret Connecticutt at time of 1/m. he m/2 Desire Tallman, b.
9-1-1756; died 10-8-1809; buried Friends' Yard, East Greenwich (Arnold 7:158).
In 1782 Rhode Island Census, Samuel of East Greenwich had family of 5, 2
females 0-15, 1 female 16-21, 1 male and 1 female 22-49.
(Arnold 7:158, 4:53 [m]; Randall, Peleg Tripp 5, Month of death as June;
Tiverton VR 2:42 [m]; Michael Shoemaker book, DOB as March 19, 1734/5; Dean 10,
112, DOD as June).
Herman William Tripp--Remembering Great Uncle Samuel

Children of Samuel Tripp and Catherine Jenks are:
+ 1414 i.   Sarah8 Tripp, born August 08, 1760 in Tiverton, Rhode Island.
  1415 ii.   Abigail Tripp, born July 10, 1762 in Warwick, Rhode Island.
  1416 iii.   Ruth Tripp, born April 16, 1764.
  1417 iv.   Martha Tripp, born March 21, 1766 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died April 01, 1766.
  1418 v.   Benjamin Jenks Tripp, born June 19, 1768; died February 27, 1769.
+ 1419 vi.   Catherine Tripp, born August 25, 1772 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died January 08, 1803.

      577. Ruth7 Tripp (Isaac6, Job5, Peleg4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1) was born March 21, 1735/36 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island, and died May 06, 1807 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. She married Jonathan Slocum February 23, 1757 in Warwick, Kent County. He was born May 01, 1733 in East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island, and died December 16, 1778 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Ruth Tripp:

Ruth Tripp married Jonathan Slocum, had, and raised 10 children. After moving to
Wilkes Barre in 1777 carrying with her an 18 month old son, Ruth Tripp Slocum
gave birth to her last child on September 12, 1778, 2 months and 9 days after
the massacre of 226 friends and neighbors in the Wyoming Valley.
When her last son was seven weeks old, on Monday November 2, 1778, a
shot shocked her into opening the door to see, dead at her feet, the neighbor
boy, Kingsley, aged 15, being scalped by his own knife! The Indian being joined
by two others, entered the house as she grabbed up son Jonathan, ran with all
who could follow, out the back door, over the log fence, into the swamp for
temporary saftey.
She watched in horror as 10 year old Mary came running to join her,
carrying in her arms little brother Joseph and the Indians Laughing at her as
they ransacked the house for anything they could carry off. Ebenezer Slocum,
then thirteen years old, crippled from an injury, unable to run with the
others, was caught inside with little 5 year old Frances who had hid under the
staircase with another neighbor boy, Kingsley. When the three Indians began to
drag off Frances, Ebenezer, and the Kingsley boy, it was too much for Ruth Tripp
Slocum. She rushed from her hiding place, with tears streaming down her face
implored the savages to release the children. They did release the crippled
Ebenezer, but laughing, one of the Indians slung little Frances over his
shoulder; the second Indian did the same to the Kingsley boy, while the
third Indian gathered up plunder from the house. The three dashed across the
road to the woods. The last time Ruth was to ever see her daughter Frances, she
was screaming for her mother to save her, as she brushed her long red hair back
from her face with one hand, reaching out for her mother with the other!!
On May 6, 1807, Ruth Tripp died with that last picture in her mind....
Still in her mind, after 28 years, 6 months and 4 days!!
Herman William Tripp--Remembering----Aunt Ruth

Notes for Jonathan Slocum:

Jonathan Slocum was shot through the head, on his own property by Indians on
December 16, 1778. His son William Slocum was shot in the leg while escaping
from the same Indians. He carried the shot in his leg with him the rest of his
life. Jonathan's lot was bordered by the present Main, Union, Canal,
(Pennsylvania Avenue) and North Streets. Jonathan was originally buried in the
old grave yard on East Market Street, but was later moved to Hollenback
Jonathan, raised a Quaker, never carried a gun and stayed with his
family, in his home, during the massacre of July 3, 1778. Two hundred twenty
six fellow compatriots were slaughtered and scalped for 10 dollars each.
Herman William Tripp--Remembering----

Children of Ruth Tripp and Jonathan Slocum are:
+ 1420 i.   Giles8 Slocum, born January 05, 1759 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died November 14, 1826.
  1421 ii.   Judith Slocum, born October 1760 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died March 11, 1814. She married Hugh Forseman February 24, 1782 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
+ 1422 iii.   William Slocum, born January 06, 1762 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died October 20, 1810.
+ 1423 iv.   Ebenezer Slocum, born June 10, 1766 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died July 25, 1832 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
  1424 v.   Mary Slocum, born December 22, 1768 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died April 05, 1844. She married Joseph C. TOWNE 1790 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
+ 1425 vi.   Benjamin Slocum, born December 07, 1770 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died July 05, 1832.
+ 1426 vii.   Frances Mac-on-a-quah Slocum, born March 1773 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died March 09, 1847 in Peru, Indiana.
+ 1427 viii.   Isaac Slocum, born March 04, 1775 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died 1858.
+ 1428 ix.   Joseph Slocum, born April 09, 1777 in Warwick, Rhode Island; died September 27, 1855 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
+ 1429 x.   Jonathan Slocum, born September 12, 1778 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; died September 1842.

      578. Isaac D.7 Tripp (Isaac6, Job5, Peleg4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1) was born July 02, 1743 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, and died May 22, 1807. He married Martha Wall 1762. She was born January 29, 1744/45 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, and died January 27, 1809.

Notes for Isaac D. Tripp:

Isaac Dow Tripp, son of Isaac Tripp and Sarah Dow Tripp, son of Job Tripp, son
of Peleg Tripp, son of John Tripp the Founder. Isaac Dow Tripp, eldest son of
Isaac Tripp, married Martha Wall, who was born at the same place. He and his
son Stephen built the first grist mill on Leggett's creek, and Isaac Dow Tripp
was one of the wealthiest men in the valley. He was a large land owner in the
early settlement of Providence, Pennsylvania, and was active in its material
Isaac Dow Tripp, son of Isaac Tripp, the Immigrant, settled in the
Lackawanna Valley about 1774 and took up a tract of land of about a thousand
acres, upon a part of which the central portion of the city of Scranton now
stands. He reared numerous children, all of whom reared families.
      The will of Isaac Tripp dated April 11, 1804 with a codicil dated August 23, 1806
is on record at Wilkes-Barre in Will Book A, Page 84. Letters were granted to his widow,
Martha Tripp August 18, 1807. The will declares that he has disposed of his real estate
principally by deed of gifts to his five sons: William, Stephen, Amasa, Isaac, and Holden.
He accordingly gives his personal extate to his daughters.
Herman William Tripp--Remembering......4th GreatGrandUncle Isaac D.

Children of Isaac Tripp and Martha Wall are:
+ 1430 i.   Elizabeth8 Tripp, born March 06, 1763 in Pomfret, Connecticut; died March 21, 1843.
+ 1431 ii.   Mary Polly Tripp, born May 05, 1765 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died April 01, 1858 in Bergen, New York.
+ 1432 iii.   William Tripp, born July 11, 1767 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died 1836 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  1433 iv.   Isaac Tripp, born November 10, 1769 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died May 18, 1776.
+ 1434 v.   Susannah Tripp, born February 29, 1772 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died December 22, 1848 in Newfield, New York.
+ 1435 vi.   Amasa Tripp, born April 08, 1774 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died July 1819 in Leroy, Genesee County, New York.
+ 1436 vii.   Stephen Tripp, born July 19, 1776 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died September 10, 1841.
+ 1437 viii.   Isaac Tripp, born January 27, 1779 in Rhinebeck, New York; died May 27, 1830.
+ 1438 ix.   Martha Tripp, born September 06, 1781 in Rhinebeck, New York; died December 21, 1855.
+ 1439 x.   Catherine Tripp, born April 22, 1784 in Rhinebeck, New York; died April 25, 1861 in Abington, Pennsylvania.
+ 1440 xi.   Holden Tripp, born November 22, 1787 in Providence, Pennslyvania; died June 21, 1824 in Providence, Pennsylvania.
+ 1441 xii.   Nancy Tripp, born January 21, 1792 in Providence, Rhode Island; died November 24, 1879.

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