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The Troy & Carolyn Reed Family.

Updated February 26, 2003

Troy D Reed
929 Jackson Road 2
Bradford, AR 72020-9412
A-United States

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Richard Sturch b. April 10, 1791 in Oxfordshire England was the first known Sturch to arrive in the United States. Richard shows up in North Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island in the 1820 Census records. This is a word of mouth story passed down through the Mack Harrison Sturch Family: Our thanks to Frances Ruth (Sturch) Razer - As I remember the word of mouth story I was told, Richard Sturch was hired out to a man in England to herd sheep when he ran away. The Boss man had been both verbally and physically abusive before. This day the boss man was drunk and being verbally abusive and intending to be physical, so Richard ran into some brush to hide. The boss became even more angry and said he would ride his horse over Richard. He rode into the brush and tried to find him but failed. After he rode around and cursed for a while he left. That is when Richard slipped away and stowed away on board the ship.
They were out to sea two or more days, when he got so hungry that he was slipping around at night trying to find food when he was found by a crewmember. The crewmember put a lance through Richard’s thigh. He was taken to the Captain who showed mercy on him and had his wound treated. By the time his leg was well enough for him to work the Captain had taken a liking to him. He took him own as his cabin boy until he was able to become a Crewmember. Richard worked as a sailor for years. He went back to England as a book salesman and lived with his family for 2 years, supposedly under an alias name.
Richard Sturch’s daughter Amanda Caroline (Sturch) Scott, was approximately 10 yrs older than my Grandfather Richard Columbus Sturch, and William Wesley Sturch was 7 ? yrs older than him.
By Ruth (Sturch) Razer
By Jason Sturch: The story about how Richard came to be in America has been passed down to me through three generations. Richard told it to his son, Richard Columbus; he told it to his son, William Shirley; and he told it to his son, Clark McKinley, my great uncle, who told the story to me.
Richard Sturch left England as a young lad, before he was of age, with one of his brothers. They attempted to get to America as stowaways but were caught. Apparently they made it here, but became separated, and it is unknown what became of the brother.
Richard appears to have first lived in Bristol, Rhode Island and Providence County. He married there in 1820 and was listed as being of and at Bristol on his marriage papers. He was also listed in the October 25, 1820 Providence, Rhode Island census as having a wife and a male child under 10, and as being a foreigner not naturalized.
Richard made his living as a farmer. While living in Dekalb County, Georgia in 1829, he was awarded Title Patent to 202 ? acres of land in Lee County, Georgia. This was land acquired from the Creek Indians by the government, and raffled off in 1827 through a lottery system to all Georgia citizens. He left Georgia in the 1830’s for Alabama; then on to Tennessee; then to Mississippi; and finally settled in Independence County, Arkansas in 1853.
Richard homesteaded land about two miles north of Magness in Independence County. Richard said the reason he chose the hill land was because the bottoms would have been too ‘sickly’ to live in, and the cane and timber there was too dense to clear. Richard did not own any slaves. Richard and Elizabeth lived on their farm until they passed away.
Richard had three sons fight in the Civil War, three for the Confederate and later one turned to the Union side. Andrew Jackson Sturch served as a 3rd Sergeant in the 38th Arkansas Infantry, Co. I, CSA.
William Wesley Sturch enlisted in 1861 as Private in 1st Arkansas Volunteers, CSA. From 1862 - 1865 served as a Private in the 24th Missouri Infantry, USA.
Richard Columbus Sturch enlisted in 1862 as a Private first with the 32nd Arkansas Infantry and second with the 45th Arkansas Cavalry, Co. A, CSA, and served through 1865.Submitted

Family Photos

  • Dennis Baucom, Alcy Baucom, & Christopher C Tripp (66 KB)
    Picture shows Dennis Baucom b. 1837, his daughter Alcy Elizabeth Baucom & Husband Christopher Columbus (Kit) Tripp holding Thurman Ace Mannon b. October 01, 1923 d. July 10, 1944 while in France during WWII
  • George McCormick Robinson 1858 - 1938 (52 KB)
    George McCormick Robinson born in Pike Co., Ohio Married Samantha Bayse. He is the father of Henry Irvin Robinson b. Camp, Ohio November 27, 1881
  • Henry Irvin Robinson & Eliza Rebecca McCoy (146 KB)
    Henry & Eliza married June 24, 1913 in Russel, Arkansas. Paul Julian Robinson b. January 21, 1915 is the Baby.
  • James Jefferson Sturch & Grandchildren (183 KB)
    This was my Grandfather Sturch and some of his grandchildren. I made the notes on it with my Mother's help, Maggie Sturch Bartley, before she passed on. We estimated Loy to be 1-2 years old, which would make the photo about 1935 or within a few years of James' death. These are children of William Oscar Sturch, James' first-born. If you look in Dorothy's hand you can see they were enjoying some watermelon. Note the homemade rocking-horse James is seated on. Thanks to Jerry Bartley for the Photo.
  • John T. Reed & Fannie M. Reece (14 KB)
    R1 Marion Willard Reed b. 3/13/1917 Jettie Leona Reed b. 7/19/1913. R2 Fannie M Reese b. 12/18/1862 John Thomas Jr. Reed b. July 12, 1860. R3 Altie Elizabeth Jane Tripp b. 2/21/1897 William Pinkney Reed b. 11/14/1890
  • Adrin Delmore Sturch (64 KB)
    Adrin born July 06, 1902 in Augusta, Woodruff Co., Arkansas. Father Hilburn Sturch, and grandparents was Silas Huston Sturch and Mary H. Jones. Thanks to Adrin's grandaughter Peggy Frances (Sturch) Barmeyer for the photo.
  • Minnie Belle Sturch & Maggie Elizabeth Sturch @25 (76 KB)
    Daughters of James Jefferson Sturch and Martha Ellen Sutherland.This is my Aunt Minnie and Mother when they were about 25. They were born as triplets, weighing 3 lbs each. One was stillborn. Jerry Lynn Bartley.
  • Adrin Sturch with Children (46 KB)
    Billy Joel, Mavis Sophronia, Adrin Delmore, and Calvin Wayne Sturch.
  • James Jefferson Sturch & Martha's 8 Children (123 KB)
    Troy, this was a small (2.5x2.5) snapshot that appears to be taken in the late 40's as I judge my Mother's appearance. Marvin Sutherland was my GGF Francis Sutherland's son by his second wife, Donney Cain. This was a reunion with all eight of James' children present. Jerry Lynn Bartley
  • Mack Harrison Sturch (53 KB)
    This picture taken when Mack Sturch was 12 or 13 years old. Given to Mabel (Sturch) Robinson in 1950 by Rev Ray C. Sturch.
  • Adrin's three Son's (61 KB)
    Billy Joel, Hughlon Leon Sturch, and Calvin Wayne Sturch. Thanks Peggy
  • Amanda Caroline Sturch & Henry Scott (245 KB)
    Amanda Caroline Sturch, daughter of Richard Sturch and Sarah Elizabeth Dean, and Henry Scott son of James Scott and Mary Etter. Was married August 18, 1859 at Batesville, Independence Co., Ark- in the home of Richard Sturch
  • Mary Elizabeth (Taylor) Stuart (31 KB)
    This is Minnie Amelia Stuart's mom, and daughter of Lewis James Taylor and Ann Yarrow.
  • Henry Hodges Sturch (71 KB)
    Henry Hodges Sturch born April 1900 in Magness, Independence Co., Ark. Son of Gifton Weber Sturch, Henry became Became a Baptist Minister in Kennet, Missouri.
  • Amanda Caroline (Sturch) Scott taken @ 1900-1918 (148 KB)
    Amanda Caroline b.12 Dec 1836 in Madison Co., Alabama. M.18 August 1859 Henry Scott in Batesville, Independence Co., Arkansas. Amanda and Henry Scott both burried at Egner Cemetery, Salado, Ind co., AR. Thanks to Brenda Joyce Bowers and Husband John Harold Tengelin for the Photo's.
  • David Martin Smith & Artie Arizona (Baucom) Smith (75 KB)
    David b. May 2, 1890 Vendor Newton Co., AR d. May 20, 1948 Kiowa, Pittsburg, Co., OK - Artie b. Feb 28, 1898 Parthenon, Newton Co., AR d. Feb 12, 1970 Savanna, Pittsburg Co., OK They were married July 12, 1911 in Newton Co., Arkansas
  • Richard Sturch and Sarah Elizabeth Dean (87 KB)
    Richard Sturch b. 4/11/1791 in Shutford Parish, Oxford Shire England and Sarah Elizabeth Dean b. 7/8/1809 in York District, SC were married 8/31/1826 in Newton Co., GA They moved to Independence Co., Batesville Arkansas about 1850
  • David Martin Smith with two Son's (70 KB)
    Son John Dee b.April 06, 1935 David Smith and Son Dave Smith b.October 23, 1928 My personal thanks to Rhydona (Smith) Baucom for the above two photo's
  • More pictures of Minnie Amelia and Children (59 KB)
    R1 Frances Ruth Sturch, Minnie Amelia Stuart, Mary Mabel Sturch R2 Rev. Ray C. Sturch, Thelma Zola Sturch, Wilson Pershing Sturch, Robert Lee Sturch, and Kenneth Harrison Sturch Taken Thanksgiving Day 1982
  • Richard Sturch Baptismal Record (1 KB)
    I have recently come into copies of more info on Richard Sturch, and was wondering if you had a copy of the original baptismal record for Richard Sturch, dated 1818.Family oral tradition tells us that Richard Sturch ran away from England when he was 11 years old because he got a spanking for letting the sheep stray. He stowed away on a boat not knowing where it was going and would up in America (probably Charleston). He was pressed into naval service in the American navy and fought against England in the war of 1812. After the war he went to England to visit his family whom he had never contacted since running away. While he was traveling from the port to his home, he said that he encountered a fortune teller who told him that he had fought against his country and would be considered a spy. Richard said he felt like killing the man but didn't. I don't know if he said how long he visited with his family but before he was to leave, he was indeed arrested as an American spy and was in danger of being hanged. His family went to the church where he was baptized and got the statement of baptism from the then blind parish clerk, Richard Hall. This affidavit of the fact that he was a natural born citizen of England got him free long enough for him to board a ship back to the U.S. Richard was reported to have a heavy Cockney accent and to be a very witty fellow. In fact, it is rumored that a Baptist preacher in Independence County had written a book about him and his wit but that it was never published. As an example of his accent, it is told that the men would pester him to get him to spell saloon. His response would be a disgusted "...Anybody knows how to spell saloon! You spell it with a h'ess, a h'ay, a h'ell, a double-h'oe an a h'en!" Another tale of fishing: "I placed my 'ell firmly into the bank of the crick and cast my 'ook into the water. I caught a h'ell, but my 'ell slipped and I lost my h'ell." * * * *
  • Moses Jr. Baucom and Lucie Jane Baucom (62 KB)
    Moses Jr. Baucom b. March 25, 1832 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN d. at Chillicothe, Hardeman Co., TX and Lucy Jane Baucom b. in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN d. at Chillicothe, Hardeman Co., TX. Both were buried at Big Valley Cem., Medicine Mounds, Hardeman Co., TX. My Thanks to Sandra Vossler who provided these Baucom pictures.
  • William Dennis Baucom and Julia Sarah Caves (70 KB)
    William Dennis Baucom b. May 08, 1869 in Perry Co., TN and Julia Sarah Caves b. November 09, 1873 at Linden, Cass Co., TX Holding Eugenia Lou Baucom b. January 11, 1900 and Samuel John Baucom b. August 19, 1897
  • Bible Page more Birth Records (471 KB)
    Taken from Scott Family Bible. By Brenda (Bowers) Tengelin
  • More of Dennis Baucom and Sarah Julia Caves (54 KB)
    William Dennis Baucom and Sarah Julia Caves are laid to rest in Hale Center, Hale Co., TX. My sincere thanks again to Sandra Vossler for the photos.
  • Bible Page Marriages (511 KB)
    Taken from Scott Family Bible. By Brenda (Bowers) Tengelin
  • Another Picture of Moses Jr. Baucom (63 KB)
    Moses Jr. Baucom with the SmallPox
  • Bible Page Deaths (509 KB)
    Taken from Scott Family Bible. By Brenda (Bowers) Tengelin
  • Mack Harrison Sturch and Minnie Amelia Stuart (77 KB)
    Mack Harrison Sturch b. 5/16/1882 and Minnie Amelia Stuart b. 2/27/1885 Married March 24, 1909 In Her parents home, Oakland Community near Bradford, Arkansas
  • Bible Page Birth Records (661 KB)
    Taken from Scott Family Bible. By Brenda (Bowers) Tengelin
  • Lucy Jane Baucom & Moses with GrandChildren (146 KB)
    Holding Holland Moses Caves b. 2/18/1900 and Albert Thaggard ("Bert") Caves b. 5/2/1903. Children of John Wright Caves and Maggie Sarah Lee Baucom Daughter of Moses & Lucy. My sincere thanks to Sandra Vossler for this picture
  • St. Martin's Church, Shutford, Oxfordshire, Eng. (34 KB)
    Richard Sturch b. 10 Apr 1791 at Warwickshire, England was Baptized here at this Church on 10 Apr 1796. This is where his parents returned in 1818 to get a copy of his Baptizimal Record - shown in another photo. Jason Sturch submitted this photo, he was there in 1998 on a personal visit. Thanks Jason for sharing.
  • Mabel Mary Sturch's Family (192 KB)
    Carolyn Paul Mabel Frances. back row Levon Cathy Donald Pete
  • William Wesley Sturch & Nancy J. Meacham Rosenbaum (48 KB)
    William enlisted in 24th Missouri Company "H" at Jacksonport, Jackson County Arkansas. Born March 01, 1839 in Hardeman Co., Tennessee. Married Nancy Jane Mitchum Rosenbaum November 02, 1884 in Independence CO, Arkansas. Thanks to Brenda Joyce Bowers and Husband John Harold Tengelin for the Photo.
  • Dennis Baucom in Boston Mountians of Arkansas (130 KB)
    Dennis Baucom, son of Moses and Sarah Baucom was said to have married Isabellea Jane Barber. Anthony Henry Baucom married Martha Patricia Barber and William Baucom married Sarah Barber. The Barber girls were sisters and the Baucom boys were brothers. But I have not found any proof on the surname of Isabellea other than Martha and Sarah did have a sister by that name. All three families were in Newton Co., Ark by the 1870 census and so was the mother of the wives. 1880 Census shows living in Pleasant Twsp, Newton Co., Arkansas. Dennis Fought in Civil War Confederate State of America, company A, Calvery, Tennessee Volunteers. August 14, 1915 Application for Confederate Veterans Pension Johnson County, Arkansas #23757 63-65 TN. Died Per Pension Information March 3, 1933. Dennis Homesteaded land: Newton Co., AR Sec 5 Twp 13N Rng 21W Acres 120.32 Date 1890/07/01
  • William Wesley Sturch Pension File (^# KB)
    William Wesley Sturch served in the civil War. 24th Missouri Volunteer Infantry (U.S.A.) Company "H" - Enlisted at Jacksonport, Jackson Co., AR Dear Troy, I finally got through William Wesley Sturch's pension file 2/17/98, and got it down to a more manageable size. I tried to put most pertinent information in the file. Left out many physician's affidavits, (quite a few over the period of time it covers) since they said mostly the same thing. There is an affidavit from Richard Columbus Sturch in there. I guess my grandfather, James Wesley Scott, handled a lot of the stuff for Nancy Jane Meacham Sturch, the widow of Wm. Wesley. Found it quite interesting. Seems he had the same illness my son, Scott, has. Scott has to take medication daily, and has bouts with his Crone’s Disease. (Colitis). William Wesley must have had a terrible time!!! Cousin Brenda Tengelins. James Wesley Scott of Salado, Arkansas wrote the following account on October 3, 1917. (James Wesley is the son of Amanda Caroline Sturch and Henry Scott}. "Requested to write a short account of the life and ancestry of William W. Sturch, I pen the following: "William W. Sturch was the son of Richard and Elizabeth Sturch. Richard Sturch was born in Oxfordshire, England, April 10, 1791. When 11 years old he ran away from home and shipped for America. He followed the seafaring life until the war of 1812, between the United States and England, when he enlisted for the cause of his adopted land and served till the end of that war. In 1818 he visited his old home in Oxfordshire for the first time since his departure, his parents all these years thinking him dead. Here he remained for two years, returning then to the United States. He located in Rhode Island, where he drove stage seven years, then drifted along down the Atlantic Coast to South Carolina, where he married to Elizabeth, Dean, in 1827. Here the family lived until 1838, when they removed to the northe
  • Henry Irvin Robinson and Eliza Rebecca (ER) McCoy (252 KB)
    Later photo than the one above. They were married in June 24, 1913 at Russel, Arkansas
  • The Richard Columbus Sturch Family @ Dec 1908 (579 KB)
    Left side, top to bottom: William Shirley Sturch, Ida Leona Pennington, John Wesley Sturch, Ada Estel Sturch: Mack Harrison Sturch, Luther Allen Sturch, Margaret Susan Reaves Shook, Essie Morgan Sturch: Bessie Eula Sturch, Richard Colburn Sturch: Blufford Clifton Sturch, Richard Wesley Sturch, Richard Columbus Sturch, Amanda E. (Allen) Sturch: Gifton Weber Sturch, Nathan Leonard Sturch, Margaret Ann Riddle, Henry Hodges Sturch.
  • Amanda (Sturch) Scott @ 1890-1900 (471 KB)
    This Photo provided by Dale & Maedean Rainbow, taken sometime before 1900.
  • Another Picture of Amanda Caroline (Sturch) Scott (297 KB)
    Provided by Dale & Maedean Rainbow, Made in 1900

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