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Descendants of Peter REINERT

Generation No. 2

      2. Samuel3 REINERT (Peter2, Hans Jerg "George"1)24 was born 1790 in Berks County, PA24, and died July 1839 in Berks County, PA.25. He married Hannah ROMICH26 January 31, 181526,27, daughter of John ROMICH and Magdalena SCHWARTZENBACK. She was born January 15, 1791 in Boyertown, Berks County, PA28, and died February 13, 186428.

Notes for Samuel REINERT:
Samuel Reinert, son of Peter and grandfather of Henry H., was born in 1790, and is buried in the old graveyard at Boyertown. He was a farmer and had an eighty-four acre farm in Douglass Township, Berks County. He built there on a house and barn to take the place of those destroyed by fire one Sunday afternoon while his son was shooting, a spark igniting a straw roof.

In 1811 he married Hannah Romich, born Jan. 15, 1791, died Feb. 13, 1864. Their children were: Mary married Israel Weasner, and had no children, although they reared Israel Reinert to whom was given their property; Johannes(John), born April 23, 1816, died Feb. 25, 1852, the father of Harry, and Hannah and Israel(twins who were only weeks old when their father died); David; Samuel died at Morysville, leaving Jefferson, Eton, Hannah, Harriet and Frank; Hannah married Mark Sassaman, a relative of the late Judge Augustus Sassaman of Berks County, and they had children, Irvin, Eton, Curosy, Clayton, Alice and Annie(deceased).

More About Samuel REINERT:
Burial: Old Graveyard at Boyertown, PA.28

More About Hannah ROMICH:
Burial: Boyertown Union Cemetery28

More About Samuel REINERT and Hannah ROMICH:
Marriage: January 31, 181528,29
Children of Samuel REINERT and Hannah ROMICH are:
+ 13 i.   Johannes4 REINERT, born April 23, 1816 in Berks County, PA.; died February 25, 1852 in PA.
  14 ii.   Mary Ann REINERT30, born August 20, 1818 in PA30; died April 21, 188431. She married Israel WEASNER32; born July 25, 181733; died February 18, 189233.
  More About Mary Ann REINERT:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Boyertown, Berks County, Pa.33
Christening: September 27, 1818, St. John's Lutheran Church, Boyertown, PA.34

  More About Israel WEASNER:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Boyertown, Berks County, Pa.35

  15 iii.   Sary REINERT36, born December 10, 1820 in PA36.
  More About Sary REINERT:
Christening: February 11, 1821, St. John's Lutheran Church, Boyertown, PA.36

+ 16 iv.   David REINERT, born January 30, 1823 in Douglass Township, Berks County, PA.; died April 06, 1907 in Englesville at age 83.
+ 17 v.   Henry H. REINERT, born October 04, 1824 in PA; died April 02, 1870.
+ 18 vi.   Samuel REINERT, born March 20, 1827 in PA; died March 30, 1907 in Moreysville, Berks County, PA..
+ 19 vii.   Hannah REINERT, born April 06, 1831 in PA; died April 16, 1914 in Douglass Township, Berks County, PA..

      6. Jacob3 REINERT (Peter2, Hans Jerg "George"1)37 was born January 09, 180638, and died January 09, 1879 in Longswamp Church, Berks County, PA.38. He married Sallie KLINE38 April 21, 1829 in Berks County, PA. By: Rev. Charles G. Herman38. She was born February 17, 180938.

More About Jacob REINERT:
Burial: January 13, 1879, Huff's Church, Hereford Township, Berks County, PA. Row 1838

More About Jacob REINERT and Sallie KLINE:
Marriage: April 21, 1829, Berks County, PA. By: Rev. Charles G. Herman38
Child of Jacob REINERT and Sallie KLINE is:
  20 i.   William4 REINERT38, born December 11, 1829 in District Township, Berks County, PA.38; died June 03, 1878 in Longswamp Township, Berks County, PA.38. He married Elizabeth SICKER38.
  Notes for William REINERT:
Married three times. Elizabeth Sicker (died 18 years ago) and had three daughters.
Emma Boger (died 9 years ago) no children
Sarah Frederick, March 12, 1876, age 48-5-22, funeral 6-7-1878 at Longs Church.

  More About William REINERT:
Baptism: January 28, 1830, Sponsors Daniel and Catherine Rohrbach38
Burial: June 07, 1878, Longswamp Church, Berks County, PA.38

      7. Peter3 REINERT (Peter2, Hans Jerg "George"1)39 was born 181240, and died 188941. He married (1) Mary FRY42. She was born December 18, 180842, and died December 28, 1891 in Longswamp Township, Berks County, PA.. He married (2) Sarah REPPERT43 Abt. 183144, daughter of Jacob REPPERT and Mary SHERIDAN. She was born 181344, and died August 01, 1895 in Reading, PA.45,46.

Notes for Peter REINERT:
Sons John and Jacob both died young.

Have found a Peter Reinert of Reading, died July 5, 1889-could be him?

More About Peter REINERT:
Occupation: Farmer47

Notes for Mary FRY:
Widow of Peter Reinert who died 17 years ago. 6 Sons and 3 daughters, 1 son decd.

More About Mary FRY:
Baptism: January 20, 1809, Rev. Yeager48
Burial: January 02, 189248

Notes for Sarah REPPERT:
I have seen her last name on LDS spelled "RUPPERT".

More About Peter REINERT and Sarah REPPERT:
Marriage: Abt. 183149
Children of Peter REINERT and Sarah REPPERT are:
  21 i.   Elizabeth4 REINERT50, born 183251. She married Thomas BOWER52.
  22 ii.   John REINERT52, born 183353.
  23 iii.   Jacob REINERT54, born 183555.
  24 iv.   Aaron REINERT56, born 183757.
  Notes for Aaron REINERT:
Served in the Civil War.
One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Regiment, Company K
Recruited in Berks County

Edward F. Reed

First Lieutenant
Amos E. Seyler

Second Lieutenant
Jonathan T. Landes

First Sergeant
Augustus Wampold

W. H. Brintzighoff
James Delong
Jacob Herbst
Samuel T. Landes

David Bortz
Joel Haas
Charles Yous
Franklin Kern
Charles Rohrbach
Jonas Becker
Franklin Schmehl
Levi Schlegel
Elijah Brown

James H. Wray

Angstadt, Amos
Angstadt, Enoch
Angstadt, William
Angstadt, David M.
Angstadt, William H.
Angstadt, David
Berto, Amos
Breidegham, Levi
Botz, John
Beidler, Abraham
Becker, William
Babb, Abraham
Beiber, Reuben
Bast, Jonathan
Bachman, Joseph
Cronrath, Israel
Delong, Joshua
Dry, John K.
Eckert, John
Folk, Benjamin, 1st
Frederick, James
Folk, Benjamin, 2nd
Fritz, Peter
Fritz, Valentine
Fry, George
Frederick, Reuben
Frederick, George M.
Grim, Jacob
Grabenneck, John
Gass, Daniel
Gehret, Franklin
Good, Amos
Herbein, Reuben
Heist, Aaron
Hill, Rudolph
Hill, Benjamin
Hilbert, John
Hinkel, Jacob
Heffner, Jonathan
Hill, Franklin
Hill, Jacob
Haas, David
Hill, Augustus
Kemmerer, Peter
Keller, Jeremiah
Kelchner, John
Klein, John K.
Klein, Augustus
Landes, Joel
Landes, James
Lantenbager, Ch'n
Miller, Edwin
Miller, Joel
Miller, Nathan
Moser, John
Manmiller, Jacob
Moyer, Jacob
Manmiller, John B.
Noll, Daniel
Noll, Jonas
Oswald, James
Ohlinger, Benneville
Otto, Daniel
Price, Anthony
Parker, James
Pauly, Daniel
Reiter, Amos
Ranenzahn, Israel
Reiter, Jacob
Ritz, Daniel
Rissmiller, Henry
Reinart, Aaron ************
Rissmiller, William
Reifsnyder, Samuel
Ramich, Samuel
Rohrbach, Edward
Rubrecht, Benjamin
Scheadler, John
Smith, Jacob
Sassaman, Manassas
Schlottman, Alex
Stuffild, Jacob
Scheadler, David
Schlegel, Jeremiah
Wanshap, Henry
Weil, John

Roster Source: Samuel P. Bates History of Pennsylvania Volunteers

  25 v.   Henry REINERT58, born 183959.
  Notes for Henry REINERT:
Served in the Civil War.

  26 vi.   Charles REINERT60, born 184161.
  27 vii.   Daniel REINERT62, born 184363.
  Notes for Daniel REINERT:
Lives in Nebraska

  28 viii.   Nathan REINERT64, born 184665.
  Notes for Nathan REINERT:
Lived in Lehigh County.

+ 29 ix.   Franklin B. REINERT, born June 08, 1849 in District Township, Berks County, PA..
  30 x.   Sarah REINERT66, born 185067. She married Nicholas DETEMPLE68.

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