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Descendants of John Howland

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN3 HOWLAND (HENRY 2, JOHN 1) was born 16 January 1600/01 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, Eng., and died 23 February 1673/74 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, USA. He married ELIZABETH TILLEY Abt 1626 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, USA, daughter of John Tilley and Joan Hurst.

IMPORTED 12/31/96
John Howland, born prob. 1592 Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England; died
March 5 - 1673 Plymouth, Mass.; Married before 1624 at Plymouth, Mass. to
Elizabeth Tilley, daughter of John and Elizabeth Tilley who also came on
the ship "Mayflower", but her parents died between Jan 11 and April 10
1621; Elizabeth was born probably in England about 1608, she died Dec 31,
1687 at Swansea, Mass.

John Howland came aboard the Mayflower listed as a servant to John
Carver. In mid-Atlantic, during a violent storm, John Howland was swept
overboard. Bradford describes the incident thusly; "a lustie young man
(called John Howland) .... was..... throwne into (the) sea; but it
pleased God that he caught hould of the top-saile halliards, which hunge
over board, and ran out at length; yet he held his hould (though he was
sundrie fadomes underwater) till he was hald up by the same rope to the
brime of the water and then with boat hooke and other means got into the
shio againe.

In the cabin of the Matflower on 21 November 1620, the Compact was
signed, John Howland's name is thirteenth on the list, John was a member
of the third esoedition which left the Mayflower in the shallop on 16
December 1620; this is the party that had the First Encounter with the
Indians at Cape Cod, and later selected the Plymouth site for the first
settlement. At the allotment of land in the spring of 1624, John Howland,
as head of John Carver's family group, was assigned four acres. Those in
the group were probably John Howland, wife Elizabeth, Desire Minter, and
William latham. Listed in the Howland family on 1 June 1627 were: John,
wife Elizabeth, and two children, John and Desire.

He was one of the eight "Undertakers" who, in 1627, assumed the Colony's
debt to the Merehant Adventurers. John Howland was a Governor's Assistant
for the years 1633-1635; in 1634 he commanded the Pilgrims' Trading Post
at Kennebee (Maine); he was deputy to the General Court for the years
1611-1659 and also 1661-1670. he left a will and there is an inventory of
his estate on record. He left a large estate, worth about one-hundred and
twenty eight pounds clear. His grave with marker may be seen today atop
Burial Hill at Plymouth.

From the "Howlands in England"

When Franklyn Howland published his Howland Genealogy in 1885 it was
known that a Humphrey Howland of London, draper, left a will in 1640
which mentioned his three brothers, Arthur, John, and Henry of New
England. Further research did not identify their parents until 1937 when
McClure Meredith Howland of New York discovered in the Draper's Records
of London, mention that Humphrey Howland was the son of Henry Howland of
Fen Station, Huntingdonshire, England. Thus we know that John Howland's
father was Henry Howland. From more recent research by Sir Anthony Wagner
of theCollege of Arms what follows is all we have found out about this
family. We do not know the line back any further than John Howland's
father. In Colonel Francis R. Stoddard's book Truth About the Pilgrims
(1952) he mentions Leon C. Hill's discovery of a marriage at Holy Trinity
in Ely, Cambridgeshire of a Henry Howland to Alice Aires on 20 April
1600. Among their children was a John, bapt, 16 Jan 1602, buried as John
Howlett, 29 July 1603 and a Henry, born 7 Nov 1612. Sir Anthony is of the
opinion that this is actually a Howlett family and not connected with the
Henry Howland family of Fen Station.
John Howland was one of the passengers in the Mayflower. He married Elizabeth Tilley, a daughter of John Tilley, of the Mayflower. The Plymouth Colony Records speak of him as a "godly man, an ancient professor in the ways of Christ, and an instrument of good in his place." He was the last male survivor of those who came in the Mayflower, who remained in Plymouth. He died March 5, 1673, at the age of eighty. He was one of the persons for whose benefit the Sixteen Shilling and the Purchade Purchases were made. He probably sold that portion of his land included in the Twenty-six Men's Purchase before the breaking out of King Philip's War. He left four sons; Isaac lived in Middleboro.

1672--Elizabeth Howland, the wife of Mr. John Howland, Sr., deceased, came into the court of Plymouth and acknowledged that she freely gave and surrendered all her rights in the lands of her late husband lying at Namasket in the township of Middleboro to Mr. John Gorum of Barnstable.

History of the Town of Middleboro Massachusetts, Thomas Weston, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and New York, 1906.
IMPORTED 12/31/96......
John Howland of the Mayflower was born in 1592, the son of Henry Howland, of Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire (near Newport, County Essex). He had at least four brothers, Arthur, George, Henry, and Humphrey. His brothers Arthur and Henry came to America about 1623/4 and later joined the Society of Friends. Early records reveal that Arthur, whose home was in Marshfield, was fined many times for "pmitting of a Quaker's meeting in his house." When he refused to pay the fines, he was sent to jail. Henry was fined for entertaining Quakers, at the Court of March, 1658.
In mid-Atlantic, during a violent storm, John Howland was almost drowned when a mountainous wave swept him overboard. Grasping a halyard which was trailing astern of the Mayflower, although at first he was several fathoms under water, he finally managed to haul himself to the surface. He was then rescued, by means of a boathook along with the rope, etc.
By Novmeber 11, 1620, he had sufficiently recuperated from his oceanic adventure to be the thirteenth signer of the Mayflower Compact. And a few days later, December 6, he was one of the ten chosen to make the third exploration along the shore. On this occasion, they were attacked by the Indians at Eastham, Cape Cod. In Bradford's History, we learn that the mast of the shallop broke during a sudden squall, and the sail was lost overboard. "The weather was very cold, and it froze so hard . . . the spray of the sea lighting on their coats, they were as if they had been glazed."
John Howland was one of Governor Carver's family. Both Governor Carver and his wife were among the fifty Pilgrims who died during the first few months of the struggle for survival at Plymouth. It is believed that John Howland inherited John Carver's estate, as the Carvers had no children of their own.
About 1626 John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley, a girl of eighteen. She had come on the Mayflower with her parents, who, like the Carvers, were victims of "the sickness" during the first winter. She died 21 Dec. 1687, at Swansea.
In 1626, John Howland was one of those (including Bradford, Brewster, Standish, etc.) who assumed the Colony's debt to the Merchant Adventurers, 1800 pounds. At least as early as 1633-35, he was an Assistant or member of the Governor's Council, and from 1641 to 1670 was frequently a deputy or representative to the General Court. In 1634, he commanded the Pilgrims' Trading Post at Kennebec (Maine).
"The 23th of February 1672 Mr. John Howland senir of the Towne of Plymouth Deceased; hee was a Godly man and an ancient professor in the wayes of Christ hee lived untill he attained above eighty yeares in the world, hee was one of the first Comers into this land and proved a usefull Instrument of Good in his place & was the last man that was left of those that Came over in the shipp Called the May Flower, that lived in Plymouth hee was with honor Intered att the Towne of Plymouth on the 25 of February 1672." [Plymouth Colony Vital Records, The Mayflower Descendant, 18:69]

Families of the Pilgrims, Hubert Kinney Shaw, Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, Boston, 1956.

       Children of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley are:
  i.   DESIRE4 HOWLAND, b. 13 October 1623, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 13 October 1683, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA; m. CAPT. JOHN GORHAM, 06 November 1644, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
ii.   JOHN HOWLAND, b. 24 February 1625/26, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 1702, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. MARY LEE, 26 October 1651, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
iii.   HOPE HOWLAND, b. 30 August 1629, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 08 January 1682/83, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA; m. JOHN CHYIPSMAN, Abt 1644.
iv.   ELIZABETH HOWLAND, b. Abt 1634, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 26 January 1681/82, Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY; m. EPHRAIM HICKS, 13 September 1649, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
4. v.   LYDIA HOWLAND, b. February 1634/35, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 11 January 1708/09, MA.
vi.   JOSEPH HOWLAND, b. Abt 1637, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 01 January 1702/03; m. ELIZABETH REYNER, 01 September 1641, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
vii.   RUTH HOWLAND, b. 16 September 1637, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 23 August 1726, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. THOMAS CUSHMAN, November 1664.
5. viii.   HANNAH HOWLAND, b. Abt 1640, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 1687, Swansea, Bristol, MA.
ix.   JABEZ HOWLAND, b. Abt 1644, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 07 April 1708, Bristol, RI; m. BETHIA THACHER, 1660, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
x.   ISAAC HOWLAND, b. 16 November 1649, Kingston, MA; d. 29 October 1727, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA; m. ELIZABETH VAUGHN.

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