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Ancestors of *Delores Diane Dickerson

Generation No. 11

      1088. *James Francis Edward Keith, born 1696 in Inverugie, Scotland; died October 14, 1758 in Hochkerch, Scotland. He was the son of 2176. *William Keith and 2177. *Mary Drummond. He married 1089. *Eva Merthens.

      1089. *Eva Merthens

Notes for *James Francis Edward Keith:

Reference: Bill Reque's Gedcom, last updated Fri February 25 12:37:07 2000:

JAMES KEITH: 1696-1758; Second son of William, ninth Earl Marischal; born. near Peterhead, at the Castle of Inverugie. He was commonly called Marshall Keith. He was Field Marshall in the service of Prussia under Frederick the Great, and was greatly loved by him. He had several children by his mistress, Eva Merthens.
Child of *James Keith and *Eva Merthens is:
  544 i.   *Adam Keith, born Abt. 1725 in Scotland; married (1) Unknown; married (2) *Unknown.

      1314. *Phillip Peyton He married 1315. *Mary Rush.

      1315. *Mary Rush
Child of *Phillip Peyton and *Mary Rush is:
  657 i.   *Mary Ann Peyton, born Abt. 1685 in Ireland; married *Alexander James Guffey Abt. 1704.

      1328. *John Adams, born 1645 in Church Hill, Fairfax, Northumberland, Virginia; died 1725 in Stafford, Virginia. He was the son of 2656. *Jonathon Adams and 2657. *Sarah Unknown. He married 1329. *Katherine Napier in Stafford, Virginia.

      1329. *Katherine Napier, born October 12, 1700 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia. She was the daughter of 2658. Capt. *Robert Napier and 2659. *Mary Perrin.

More About *John Adams and *Katherine Napier:
Marriage: Stafford, Virginia
Child of *John Adams and *Katherine Napier is:
  664 i.   *John Adams, born Abt. 1673 in Stafford, Virginia; died June 5, 1751 in Fairfax, Virginia; married *Elizabeth Johns Abt. 1698 in Stafford, Virginia.

      1330. *Richard Johns, born 1645 in Bristol, Wales, England; died 1703 in King Williams, Virginia. He was the son of 2660. *Rodger Johns and 2661. *Unknown. He married 1331. *Jane Fox 1676 in Stafford, Virginia.

      1331. *Jane Fox, born 1654 in Middlesex, England; died 1715 in Virginia. She was the daughter of 2662. Captain *John Fox and 2663. *Margaret Thomas.

More About *Richard Johns and *Jane Fox:
Marriage: 1676, Stafford, Virginia
Child of *Richard Johns and *Jane Fox is:
  665 i.   *Elizabeth Johns, born 1677 in Stafford, Virginia; died 1712; married *John Adams Abt. 1698 in Stafford, Virginia.

      1332. *John Powell, born 1670 in Virginia. He married 1333. *Nichall Turner 1684 in Amelia, Maryland.

      1333. *Nichall Turner, born Abt. 1675 in Rapanannock, Virginia. She was the daughter of 2666. *Hezekiah Turner and 2667. *Elizabeth Unknown.

More About *John Powell and *Nichall Turner:
Marriage: 1684, Amelia, Maryland
Children of *John Powell and *Nichall Turner are:
  666 i.   *Hezekiah Powell, born December 1, 1695 in Richmond, Virginia; died December 31, 1763 in Halifax County, Virginia; married *Bathia Unknown.
  ii.   Mary Powell
  iii.   William Powell
  iv.   Anne Powell

      1336. *Robert Esle Easley, born 1655 in London, England; died December 17, 1711 in Henrico, Virginia. He was the son of 2672. *Henry Easley. He married 1337. *Ann Parker Abt. 1681 in James City, Jamestown, Virginia.

      1337. *Ann Parker, born 1663 in Henrico, Virginia. She was the daughter of 2674. *William Parker and 2675. *Katherine Warham.

More About *Robert Easley and *Ann Parker:
Marriage: Abt. 1681, James City, Jamestown, Virginia
Children of *Robert Easley and *Ann Parker are:
  668 i.   *William Easley, born Abt. 1690 in Henrico, Virginia; died Bef. May 1753 in Goochland County, Virginia; married *Mary Pyrant April 4, 1720 in Virginia.
  ii.   John Easley, born 1680 in Henrico, Virginia; died April 4, 1742 in Henrico, Virginia; married Mary Beskin August 20, 1711 in Henrico, Virginia; born April 1690 in Henrico, Virginia; died 1742 in Henrico, Virginia.
  More About John Easley and Mary Beskin:
Marriage: August 20, 1711, Henrico, Virginia

  iii.   Warham Easley, born 1685 in Henrico, Virginia; died September 24, 1747 in Henrico, Virginia; married (1) Sarah Barnes; born 1680; married (2) Sarah Raibon 1720 in Henrico, Virginia; born 1700 in Henrico, Virginia.
  iv.   Margaret Easley, born 1686 in Henrico, Virginia; died in Henrico, Virginia; married (1) Thomas D. Dupray December 7, 1710 in Henrico, Virginia; born 1675 in Abbeville, France; died September 1725 in Henrico, Virginia; married (2) James Watson October 25, 1725; born 1686 in Virginia.
  More About Thomas Dupray and Margaret Easley:
Marriage: December 7, 1710, Henrico, Virginia

  v.   Elizabeth Easley, born 1690; died 1741 in H3; married (1) Philip Martin; born 1686; married (2) Alexander Kilpatrick October 5, 1726 in Henrico, Virginia; born 1690 in Henrico, Virginia; died 1752 in Craven, North Carolina.
  vi.   Robert Easley, born 1702 in Henrico, Virginia; died 1736 in Amalia County, Virginia.

      1338. *John Pyrant
Child of *John Pyrant is:
  669 i.   *Mary Pyrant, born Abt. 1697 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia; died in Virginia; married *William Easley April 4, 1720 in Virginia.

      1340. *Pierre David, born Abt. 1660 in Bolbec, Normandy, France. He married 1341. *Rachel DeBray Abt. 1685.

      1341. *Rachel DeBray, born Abt. 1660 in Belbec, Normandy, France. She was the daughter of 2682. *Unknown DeBray and 2683. *Unknown.

More About *Pierre David and *Rachel DeBray:
Marriage: Abt. 1685
Children of *Pierre David and *Rachel DeBray are:
  i.   Abraham David, born Abt. 1687 in Bolbec, Normandy, France.
  670 ii.   *Pierre David, born 1690 in Bolbec, Normandy, France; died August 16, 1730 in Powhatan Co., Virginia; married *Anne Unknown 1713 in Manakintown, Henrico, Virginia.

      1344. *John Rogers, born 1609 in Scotland; died 1680 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachuetts. He was the son of 2688. *Thomas Matthew Fitz Rogers and 2689. *Mary Ann McMurdocke. He married 1345. *Lucy Iverson Bet. 1640 - 1641 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

      1345. *Lucy Iverson, born 1612 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died 1675.

Notes for *John Rogers:
12-15 Children

Settled in Edinburgh, England

More About *John Rogers and *Lucy Iverson:
Marriage: Bet. 1640 - 1641, Edinburgh, Scotland
Children of *John Rogers and *Lucy Iverson are:
  672 i.   *Giles Rogers,Sr., born 1643 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died 1730 in Virginia; married *Rachael Eastham 1672 in Worcestershire, England.
  ii.   Abigail Rogers, married John Richmond; born 1629 in Massacheutt, England; died October 7, 1715 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

      1348. *John Byrd, born 1620 in Brexton, Cheshire, England; died 1677 in London England. He was the son of 2696. *Thomas Byrd (Bird) and 2697. *Elizabeth Bird. He married 1349. *Grace Stegge 1651 in London, England.

      1349. *Grace Stegge, born 1625 in London England; died Abt. 1690 in London England. She was the daughter of 2698. Captain *Thomas Stegge and 2699. *Elizabeth Unknown.

More About *John Byrd and *Grace Stegge:
Marriage: 1651, London, England
Children of *John Byrd and *Grace Stegge are:
  674 i.   Col. *William Byrd, born 1652 in London England; died December 4, 1704 in Charles City County, Virginia; married (1) Unknown; married (2) *Mary Horsmanden 1673 in Charles City County, Virginia.
  ii.   Thomas Byrd, born 1653; died March 12, 1709/10 in London England; married Mary Howlet 1687.
  More About Thomas Byrd and Mary Howlet:
Marriage: 1687

  iii.   Elizabeth Byrd, born Abt. 1657.
  iv.   Mary Byrd, born February 26, 1682/83; married James Duke in Charles City, Virginia; born 1677 in James City, Virginia; died Abt. 1751 in Charles City, Virginia.
  More About James Duke and Mary Byrd:
Marriage: Charles City, Virginia

  v.   Sarah Byrd, born Abt. 1659.
  vi.   Grace Byrd, born Abt. 1660; died 1678.

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