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Ancestors of Ethan Mack Richardson

      80. Martin Heeb, born 1807 in Sax, St Gallen, SWIZ; died Jun 28, 1859 in Scott Co, MO. He was the son of 160. Jakob Heeb and 161. Magdalena Rudisuhle. He married 81. Elsbeth Tusel Sep 16, 1828 in Sax, St Gallen, SWIZ.

      81. Elsbeth Tusel, born Jul 07, 1799 in Sax, St Gallen, SWIZ; died Oct 29, 1834 in Sax, St Gallen, SWIZ. She was the daughter of 162. Thomas Tusel and 163. Dorothea Gotti.

More About Martin Heeb:
: Came to Amerika at age 38
Buried: Barbara died 3 yrs after coming to America
Baptized: No record of Barbara's two daughters
: Nov 1850, Naturlalized in Cape Giradeau Co, Mo

More About Elsbeth Tusel:
: Martin's first wife

  Notes for Barbara Tusel:
Niece of first wife Elsbeth.

More About Barbara Tusel:
: Niece of Elsbeth, Martin's first wife
Buried: Came with Martin to America
Baptized: Not directly related to us
: Had a child when she married Martin
: Child named Barbara Heeb on Immigration records
: Daughterwas born December 3 1834
: Elsbeth died October29 1834
Fact 8: Other records say she had Illegitimate daughter Barbara Tusel
Fact 9: Dec 02, 1834, dtr.Born , conf.1856 with Friedrich Hartmann
Fact 10: Apr 17, 1840, Daughter born to Martin & Barb. Hannah (Anna)
Fact 11: 1845, "went to Amerika 1824"
Child of Martin Heeb and Elsbeth Tusel is:
  40 i.   Johannes Martin Heeb, born Feb 02, 1829 in Sax, SWIZ; died Feb 02, 1915 in Cape Co, MO; married Maria Agatha Scherrer Feb 02, 1854.
Children of Martin Heeb and Barbara Tusel are:
  i.   Barbara II Heeb, born Dec 03, 1834.
  More About Barbara II Heeb:
: Father of record Friedrich Hartmann, conf. 1856

  ii.   Hannah Heeb, born Apr 17, 1840 in Sax, St Gallen, SWIZ.
  More About Hannah Heeb:
: Apr 19, 1840, Christened in Sax, Switzerland

      82. John Scherrer, born 1809 in SWIZ; died Unknown in SWIZ. He married 83. Mary Unknown Unknown.

      83. Mary Unknown, born 1809 in Sax, SWIZ; died Unknown.

More About John Scherrer:
: 1842, Came to US with 3 children, Maria would later marry Martin Heeb's son John.
Buried: John came with the Sherrer Family
Baptized: 1850, Census of Cape Girardeau Co. lists family

  Notes for Mary Unknown:
Came to US in 1842.

3 children born in Switzerland, 5 more born in US.
Children of John Scherrer and Mary Unknown are:
  41 i.   Maria Agatha Scherrer, born Oct 09, 1834 in Sax, SWIZ; died Aug 11, 1910 in Chaffee, ,MO; married Johannes Martin Heeb Feb 02, 1854.
  ii.   John II Scherrer, born 1832.
  iii.   Henry Scherrer, born 1836.
  iv.   John III Scherrer, born 1839.
  v.   Fritz Scherrer, born 1842.
  vi.   Elizabeth Scherrer, born 1844.
  vii.   William Scherrer, born 1847.
  viii.   Jacob Scherrer, born 1850.

      84. Joseph Pobst44, born Apr 10, 1796 in Schirrhein, Alsace France45; died in Kentucky. He was the son of 168. Michel Bapst Pobst and 169. Francoise Willmann. He married 85. Magdalena Pfefferkorn Nov 20, 1824 in St. Nicholas Church, Schirrhein, Alsace France46.

      85. Magdalena Pfefferkorn46, born Aug 03, 1802 in Germany47; died Mar 01, 1865 in St. Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo. She was the daughter of 170. Joseph Pfefferkorn and 171. Barbe Lehmann.

More About Magdalena Pfefferkorn:
: William's death certificate show his mother born in Germany, perhaps didnt know
Children of Joseph Pobst and Magdalena Pfefferkorn are:
  i.   Michel Bapst Pobst, born Oct 24, 1825 in Alsace, France48.
  ii.   Martin Bapst Pobst, born Nov 09, 182648.
  iii.   Catherine Bapst Pobst, born Nov 15, 182748.
  iv.   Joseph Bapst Pobst, born Jan 18, 182948.
  v.   Regina Bapst Pobst, born Jun 18, 183048.
  vi.   Magdalena Pobst, born Sep 11, 1831 in Alsace, France48; married (1) Daniel Klein; married (2) John George Metz Jul 01, 1862.
  vii.   Nicholas Pobst, born 183448.
  viii.   John Pobst, born 1838 in Ohio48; died Apr 29, 1899; married Katharina Katie Schoen Nov 22, 1859 in St Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo.
  ix.   Joseph Pobst48, born May 10, 1842 in Ohio48; died Apr 26, 1900 in Oran, Scott County, Mo48; married Clara Gerst May 28, 1866 in St Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo48.
  x.   Maria Pobst48, born Dec 09, 1843 in Stark Co, Ohio48; married John Christine Witt Jul 23, 1860 in St Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo48.
  xi.   Katharine Pobst, born 184548; died Aug 11, 1894.
  More About Katharine Pobst:
: Katharine was blind

  42 xii.   William Pobst, born Dec 09, 1847 in Ohio; died Jan 03, 1911 in Old Guardian Angel Catholic Cem. Scott Co. Oran, Mo; married Catherine Gerst Feb 22, 1870 in St. Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo.

      86. Peter Gerst49,50, born Aug 29, 1821 in Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany51; died Feb 23, 1866 in St Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo. He was the son of 172. Joannes Gerst and 173. Elizabeth Schmir. He married 87. Barbary Volkert.

      87. Barbary Volkert52, born 1822 in Germany; died Jun 09, 1904 in Old Lorimier Cem., Cape Girardeau, Mo..

More About Peter Gerst:
: Peter is listed as a Farmer in 1859 Scott Co. Mo Census
Children of Peter Gerst and Barbary Volkert are:
  i.   Elizabeth Gerst, born 1849 in Missouri52.
  ii.   Rosina Gerst, born 1850; married Anton Ketterer.
  43 iii.   Catherine Gerst, born 1851 in Germany; died Nov 12, 1883 in Old Guardian Angel Catholic Cem. Scott Co. Oran, Mo; married William Pobst Feb 22, 1870 in St. Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo.
  iv.   George Gerst, born Apr 19, 1853; died Feb 17, 1905; married Mary Theres Heuring Nov 24, 1884 in St Lawrence Catholic Church, New Hamburg, Mo.
  v.   Andrew Gerst, born Feb 24, 1854; died Dec 09, 1917; married Aurelia Heuring.
  vi.   Francis Gerst, born 1855; married Frances Ketterer.
  vii.   Frances Gerst, born 1864; married John Bechel.

      88. Harham Rice, born 1812; died Abt. 1872 in unknown. He married 89. Betsy Cummins.

      89. Betsy Cummins, born Abt. 1812 in ALA.

Notes for Harham Rice:
Barbara was told he and two of their sons were killed at Shiloh Battle in Civil War. Lived in Alabama and were conscribed.
Children of Harham Rice and Betsy Cummins are:
  44 i.   Nathan Riley Rice, born Abt. 1861; died Unknown; married Sarah Ainsworth.
  ii.   David William Rice, born Unknown; married (1) Melinda Land; married (2) Molly Harris.
  iii.   Matilda Jane Rice, born Abt. 1850; married Unknown Minton.
  Notes for Matilda Jane Rice:

No children but raised Lee & brothers also Lade Nix and Ruth Rice] as their mothers died when they were small children.\\\

"Aunt Jane" was blind most of her life. She is buried next to Grandpa Lee Rice in Bolivar Cemetary, Harrisburg, Ark.

She, Nathan and David came in covered wagon after Civil War. Their Father Harham and two brothers were killed at Shiloh, Tn.

They raised some tobacco, were very poor. Riley [Nathan did blacksmith work and some preaching.\
Mom remembered Riley only on a Big Black Horse.

Riley died during flu epidemic. He was married twice.

A researching couple told Barbara they had another sister who married a Cooper, believed she came to Ark. before Riley and others. Nancy, Dec.5, 1849 who was married to Val Divie Cooper B. Sept 29,1849.
a twin of Sylvester]
Nancy died in Hunter in 1922. They had lived near Swan Pond in the Locust Grove community. They had three children. Wylie, Julie, John.
Nancy left here in 1917-19 to Hunter.

Couple said there was another sister Elizabeth Rice Pool near Bradford, Ar. Divie hid here-deserted in Civil War.

  iv.   Nancy Rice, born Dec 05, 1849; died 1922 in Hunter, AR; married Val Divie Cooper.
  Notes for Nancy Rice:
Philip and Vanessa Cooper Route 1 Box 653, Campbell, Missouri 63933. 573-276-2142

  Notes for Val Divie Cooper:
Had a twin named Sylvester Cooper.

  v.   Elizabeth Rice, born Unknown.
  vi.   Mattie Elizabeth Rice, born Unknown; married Thomas C Shockley.
  Notes for Mattie Elizabeth Rice:
Barb: She died when Lade Nix was eight years old. Called her Little Lady when she took over house work. shortened to Lade. Name was Gussie Nix. Berneda Heeb's mother. \\
She and Lee and their brothers and sisters were mostly raised by Aunt Jane Rice Minton.

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