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Ancestors of Lester Emil Fuller

Generation No. 10

      512. Thomas Fuller, born 1575 in Deal Kent, England; died 18 January 1598/99 in Deal Kent, England. He was the son of 1024. William Fuller and 1025. Alice Dixon.
Child of Thomas Fuller is:
  256 i.   William Fuller, born Abt. 1610 in England; died Bef. 10 July 1695 in St. Andrews Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina; married Sarah Martiau Abt. 1655 in Virginia.

      514. Nicholas Martiau, born Bet. 1590 - 1591 in York, Yorkshire, England; died March 1656/57 in Yorktown County, Yorktown , Virginia. He married 515. Jane Berkeley Abt. 1617 in Elizabeth City, VA.

      515. Jane Berkeley, born 1593 in VA; died Aft. 1630 in Norfolk County, Elizabeth City, VA. She was the daughter of 1030. Edward Berkeley.

Notes for Nicholas Martiau:
Information from: Z/ ml
James M Murphy

VHM: Capt Marnes??

Neilson Chart: - French Walvan

Before 1621 Arrived Virginia (Neilson)
Before 1620 Arrived Virginia (VNM)

1623,31,32,35 - Burgess for Kiskyacne & Isle of Ken t (Neilson)

1633-37 Justice of York Co (VHM)

1632 Burgess for York Co. (HSF)

Will dated Mar 1, 1656 (VHM)
Will proved Apr 20, 1657 (VHM) 1657 (Neilson)

Capt. Martiau was a French Huguenot (in church of Threadnee dle St.) and was in the service of Henry Hastings, Earl o f Huntingdon and member of the Virginia Company, and educat ed as a military engineer. He was naturalized as an English man by royal decree. He came to Jamestown aboard the "Franc is Bona Venture" in 1620, legally representing the Earl t o plan fortifications. He led a foray against the Indians a t Falling Creek after the 1622 massacre. He joined the libe ral party committed to the Virginia outlook, pleading for c ontinuance of the House of Burgesses in 1623/4.

Martiau's defense of the French king in an argument with Ca pt. Thomas Mayhew forced him to take a loyalty oath in Jame stown in 1627. He was granted 600 acres as Chiskiack, whic h became Yorktown (in 1644, the Cheskiack Indians were move d to the Pianketank, where they would be forced out by Augu stine Warner; the tribe seems to have vanished at that poin t.) He served as Burgess 1632-33, and Justice for York Co . 1633-57. "He, with George Utie and Captain Samuel Matthew s, sent the tyrant governor, Harvey, close prisoner back t o England." Harvey returned, bringing George Reade--Martiau ís future son-in-law--with him, but he was forced back to E ngland again, leaving Reade as Acting Governor. Martiau mov ed to the present Yorktown site in 1630 on 600 acres, plu s 700 for headrights, where he grew tobacco. On this land C ornwallis surrendered his troops to Martiau's great-great-g reat-grandson, General George Washington in 1781. Martiau l ater was granted 2000 acres on the south side of the Potoma c River, which he gave to Col. George Reade in 1657

Will of Nicholas Martiau, March 1656.

In the name of God Amen. I Nicholas Martiau, of the Count y and Parrish of York gent. being very sick and weak in bod y but of sound and perfect memories blessed be god Doe mak e ordained constitute and appoint this my last Will & Testa ment in manner and form following Revoaking annulling & dis claimeing all & all manner of former & other Will or Will s written or nuncupative all codicils lagacyes & bequeath s whatsoever by me At any time before the ensealing of thi s my last will made signed & sealed or otherwise by word o f mouth or made & delivered; And appoint this only to stan d & be my last Will and Testament, as followeth: First I be queath my Soule unto the hand of God my maker hoping & assu redly believing that when this life shall end I shall throu gh the meritts of Jesus Christ my Redeemer to injoy everlas ting Rest and happiness. And my body to the Earth from when ce it came to be decently buried.
Item for that Estate which almighty God hath been pleased t o lend me in this world I hereby bequeath & dispose thereo f in manner and forme following:
Item I give and bequeath to my Eldest Daughter Elizabeth wi fe of George Read Esq & the Heirs of her body begotten or t o be begotten forever all that my Divydent of land scituat e lying and being in the sd. Parrish and county of York (Ex cept as hereunder excepted) with all houses and appurtenanc es.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter, Mary Scarsbrook, w ife of John Scarsbrook soe much of my sd. Divydent of Lan d in York Parrish as is scituate and lying beyond the Swam p (vitz) on the Southward side of that Swamp called commonl y Broccas Swamp upon part of which the said John is now sea ted to be held by the sd. Mary and her heirs lawfully begot ten & to be begotten forever with appurtenances.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Read & he r heries forever my old mare wth. her whole increase male a nd female to her and her heirs Except the first mare foal s he shall bring after my decease which I hereby give & beque ath wth. the whole increase thereof to my Daughter Sarah wi fe of Capt. Fuller & her heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my loveing Daughter Mary Scarsb rook & her heirs forever the mare foal now runeing wht. m y mare wth. whole Increase male & female.

Item I give and bequeath to my loveing Daughter Elizabeth R ead my Watch.

Item I give to my said Daughter Elizabeth Read her heirs m y Grey Gelding but my son John Scarsbrook to make use of hi m for his occasions. Two years after my decease when he sha ll desyre the same.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Fuler wife o f Capt. William Fuller above named and for her heirs foreve r all that my Divydent of land lying in Potomack and contyi ng two Thousand Acres But in case it shall not be seated b y some of them (vitz.) Capt. Fuller or his said wife or hei rs At least one month before expiration of time limited b y the Patent for seating then the same to be made Sale of E xecutrix as hereunder named & the produce thereof to be equ ally dyvyded between my said three loveing Daughters for th e good of them and their children.

Item My Will is that within one yeare after my decease al l cattle now in my possession marked wth. my Daughter Fulle rs mark shall be delivered for the good of her and her chil dren & I doe also give and bequeath to her and her heirs fo rever Tenn cowes more out of my Stock or to be gought out o f my Estate with their whole increase male and female and a lso a bull to be delivered within a yeare as above said.

Item I give to my loveing son, George Read, Esq. all my wea reing apparel except my stuff suite and coate and new Dimit y caster which I hereby bequeath to my Sonn John Scarsbroo k and also will that five pounds ready money now lying by m e to be equally divyded between my said Two son in lawes.

Item my will that at finishing the next crop after my Debt s are satisfied my Two Negroes Phill & Nicholas shall be fr ee and that each of them have them delivered by my Executxe s, one Cow and Three Barrells of Corne, cloathes, & also na yles to build them a house but they or either of them shal l hire themselves after their said Freedom or before or sha ll remove from the land hereunder appointed them then the y or he soe doeing to returne to my executrixes for the goo d of them and their Children And my Will is that they hav e land sufficent for themselves to plant in the ffeild wher e William Leigh lived for their lives of the life of the lo nger Liver of them.

Item I give and bequeath to my above named Two loveing Daug hters Elizabeth Read and Mary Scarsbrook for the good of th emselves & their Children All the rest of my Estate whatsoe ver in Virginia or elsewhere to be equally divyded between e thembut this divysyon not to be made untill all my Debt s & Legacyes be satisfied which said severall Debts are t o be paid out of the part of my Estate as is given to my sa id Two daughters & their Children without any Charges to m y Daughter Sarah or her heires.

Item lastly I doe by these presents, nominated & appointe d & confirmed my two beloved Daughters Elizabeth and Mary j oynt Executrixes of this my last Will & testament to see th e same performed and kept And in confirmacon of this my las t Will & Testament & of every matter course & thing therei n conteyned I have hereto sett my hand and Seale this firs t day of March One Thousand Six hundred and fifty Six.
Nicholas Martiau (SEAL)
Seal and Signed in the presence of us
"Nicholas Trott Tho. Ballard
"Proved in Court April 24, 1657 p sacramentum
"Nicholas Trott & Th. Ballard
"Cl Curia & Recor codem die & ano."

A commemorative granite shaft and plaque stands at the sit e of the old Martiau home-place on Ballard Street at Yorkto wn. dley/GENE5-0083 .html
Terry Bradley
9790 S Prairie Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141
United States

Nicholas -1 Martiau, Capt:
Nicholas was a Walloon*, born in southeastern Belgium. He w as a protestant who moved to England for religious liberty . He found sympathy with the Earl of Huntingdon who guide d his education in military engineering. The Earl was a mem ber of the Virginia Company, a private corporation, entirel y responsible for the initial development of Virginia. In 1 619 the colonists petitioned the Company for an expert to c onstruct fortifications against the Indians. The Earl of Hu ntingdon recommended Nicholas, who had been admitted for En glish citizenship; therefore, able to hold office in Virgin ia. On 11 May 1620 Nicholas set sail aboard the "Francis Bo naventure" as personal representative of the 5th Earl of Hu ntington. Nicholas appears in the 1624 census as "Capt Nicc olas Martue." His plantation comprised 1,300 acres and incl uded the site of the battle of Yorktown. He was Burgess fo r Kis Kyaske Co. 1623-1633 and for Isle of Kent Co. in 1631 . He was the first land owner of land lying on the York Riv er, later called Yorktown. [Register of Maryland's Heraldi c Families Vol 1, p. 127.] dley/GENE5-0083 .html
Terry Bradley
9790 S Prairie Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141
United States

* A Walloon is a member of a chiefly Celtic people of south ern and southeastern Belgium and adjacent parts of France . Some have tried to link him the the French Huguenots wh o fled France following the repeal of the Edict of Nants i n 1685, which is incorrect because Nicholas was born abou t 90 years before that time frame.

His will, dated 1 Mar 1656/7 proved in 24 Apr 1657, divide s his estate between his three daughters, Elizabeth, wife o f Colonel George Reade, Mary, wife of Colonel Scarbrook, an d Sarah, wife of Captain William Fuller, at one time govern or of Maryland. As appears from the will of Nicholas Martia u, he left no son (his only son, Richard, having died young ), and so far as is known the name has become extinct or fa llen into obscurity.

Note: the original will of Micholas Martiau was destroyed , but a copy is recorded at the court house in Yorktown. (V ol. 1, Deeds, Orders, and Wills) a reproduction of which fo llows:

See Will ABOVE

More About Nicholas Martiau:
Burial: Yorktown County, Yorktown, Virginia

  Notes for Jane Berkeley:
Information From: Z/ ml
James M Murphy

Jane was the widow of Lt. Edward Berkeley. She arrived on t he Seaflower in 1621. They were married in 1625. After he r death, Nicholas married Isabella, widow of Robert Felget e & George Beech, in 1646 dley/GENE5-0083 .html
Terry Bradley
9790 S Prairie Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141
United States

Notes for Jane Isabella * Beach, Berkeley-Martiau:
Little is known of Jane's history. Her maiden name of Beac h is not proved.

She is believed to have arrived in Virginia aboard the "Sea flower" as shown by the Muster of 1624, arriving in Februar y 1621/22; therefore, her marriage to Edward Berkeley occur ing between her arrival and 1624. Edward died some time bet ween 1624 and 1627. The minutes of the Council and Genera l Court of Virginia for 5 July 1627 relate that "At this co urt Mrs Jane Martiau delivered in an Inventory of the Estat e of Left. Eduard Bartley, deceased, upon her oath."

Marriage Notes for Nicholas Martiau and Jane Berkeley:
Reference Number:7187
Children of Nicholas Martiau and Jane Berkeley are:
  257 i.   Sarah Martiau, born Bet. 1622 - 1629; died 14 March 1694/95 in St. Andrews Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina; married William Fuller Abt. 1655 in Virginia.
  ii.   Nicolas Martiau, born 1623 in VA; died Bef. 1657.
  iii.   Elizabeth Martiau, born 12 December 1625 in Elizabeth City, VA; died Bef. January 1685/86 in York County, Yorktown, VA; married 1641 in York County, Yorktown, VA.
  Notes for Elizabeth Martiau:
Information from:
Eleanor H Colson
22806 Merrymount Dr.
Katy, TX 77450
United States /GENE6-0068.htm l

Buried at same cemetery as husband. Tombstones are now at Y orktown Grace Church, about 100 yds. from the original loca tion. She is gg grandmother of George Washington

  Marriage Notes for Elizabeth Martiau:
Reference Number:11826

  iv.   Mary Martiau, born 1627 in Elizabeth City, VA; died 1657 in VA; married Abt. 1645 in VA.
  Marriage Notes for Mary Martiau:
Reference Number:12017

  v.   Richard Martiau, born 1630 in Norfolk, Elizabeth City, VA; died in Y.

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