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William Ridgell, also found as Ridgdell, landed in Virginia in 1634. He was originally from Yorkshire, where Ridgells flourished in the 1600's. Many variations of this name are found in both Great Britain and the United States today. I believe that William who landed in Virginia in 1634 is progenitor of most Ridgell, Ridgill, Ridgel,Ridgedell, Ridgedill, Ridgdell, Ridgdill, Rigsdell, and some of the Rigell and Ridgle familes, and possibly others. In my search I have found some information on all of these family lines, and we seem to be connected. I need any help on these family lines that can be provided, and any additions or corrections are appreciated. I thank all the wonderful contributors who have provided many missing links to join these family trees. Some information is speculative and conjecture, and is only likely links from one family to another. Please e-mail if you find errors that need correcting. Many living families are difficult to trace back to their ancestors, and I have many family lines in my files that are living today that I have yet to trace back to their ancestors. If you send me information on your families in the U.S., I may be able to link you back to your ancestors. Most information is well documented. Be sure and check out Mike Ridgdill's "Ridgdill Family History Research" site, http://www.ridgdill.org/ Mike has great Ridgdill history and photos. I am in the slow process of organizing photos from this site to links below, so far I have gravestones and land patents moved to pages where some of these items can be enlarged.
UPDATES most 1940 censuses have been added for these Ridgels/Ridgells/Ridgdells/Ridgedells/Ridgdills/Ridgills/Rigells/Ridgles and Rigsdells.



Family Photos

  • Raymond Clarence Ridgell (20 KB)
    Photo of Clarence during his service in World War I. Son of Gossett Adrian Ridgell.
  • Herbert M. & Tennie Martha House Ridgell (40 KB)
    Herbert Malachi Ridgell and wife Tennie Martha House of Arkansas. Provided by Ijuana Joy Brown.
  • Una Jane Freeman Ridgell (86 KB)
    Una Jane Freeman Ridgell, wife of George Verna Ridgell of Tennessee. -photo provided by Dianne Wray Dance
  • Helen Ridgell, born 1916 Missouri (68 KB)
    Helen Ridgell, daughter of Louie Everett & Margaret Murphy Ridgell of Missouri, descendant of John Cottingham Ridgell, Joel Ridgell Sr.
  • Susannah Caroline Jones Ursery Ridgell (40 KB)
    Top :Alvin Waller Adams, Susannah Caroline Jones Ursery Ridgell, Fannie Lee Evelyn Ridgell. Provided by Ijuana Joy Brown. bottom : Katie Marie Ridgell; Bertie Aline Ridgell; Elsie Mae Ridgell.
  • Anna Lee Ridgell of Missouri (66 KB)
    Anna Lee Ridgell, daughter of Louie Everett & Margaret Murphy Ridgell of Missouri, descendant of John Cottingham Ridgell, Joel Ridgell Sr.
  • Raymond Penn "Penny" Ridgell at age 5 (63 KB)
    Raymond Penn Ridgell, age 5, son of Raymond Clarence Ridgell and Lessie Logenia Garraway Ridgell.
  • Amanda Blanche Ridgell Nichols (111 KB)
    Amanda Blanche Ridgell Nichols and child, wife of Sam Houston Nichols, daughter of Gossett Adrian and Mary Frances Cotton Ridgell.
  • Richard Richmond Ridgell (91 KB)
    Richard Richmond Ridgell & wife 3rd wife Bonnie Bell Shippee. (Son of Gossett Adrian Ridgell) 1954
  • Mary Margaret Ridgell of Missouri (64 KB)
    Mary Margaret Ridgell, daughter of Louie Everett & Margaret Murphy Ridgell of Missouri, descendant of John Cottingham Ridgell, Joel Ridgell Sr.
  • Ridgel Fountain Citians-- Tennessee (75 KB)
    Leroy Ridgel, Ancil Ridgel, Ernest Ridgel, Orrin Ridgell--Country Band Ridgel Fountain Citians
  • Cecil Richard Ridgell (11 KB)
    Cecil R. Ridgell in photo running for County Commisioner District No. 3, 52 years of age.
  • Ada Bowling /Bowlin Ridgell, Oklahoma (346 KB)
    Wife of Levi Lee Ridgell of Texas and Oklahoma, born December 19, 1959
  • Gossett Adrian Ridgell as a child, about 1877 (48 KB)
    Gossett Adrian Ridgell, son of Dr. George W. Ridgell and Lucy Ridgell Ridgell, first cousins
  • Dr. George W. Ridgell 1859 New Orleans, (88 KB)
    Taken in New Orleans; by S.Moses & Son No.46 Camp Street, Corner of Geavier. Samuel Wolfgang Moses, and son Edward R.,had a photo studio in New Orleans on Camp street from 1851 to 1861. Geroge W. Ridgell graduated The Ohio School of Medicine in March 1859, and he buys a book of pharmacy in New Orleans in October 1859. George is next found in Ouachita County Arkansas 1860 census as a phycician This photo was owned by Raymond Clarence Ridgell, grandson of George.
  • Angie Bob Ridgell, born 1914, Oklahoma (160 KB)
    Angie Bob Ridgell Thomas, daughter of Jim Ridgell and Joanna Cooper Ridgell of Oklahoma
  • Levica Payne Craig of Kentucky (13 KB)
    Levica Payne Craig was daughter of James Payne and Harriet Ridgell of Kentucky. She was wife of William Samuel Craig, Union Veteran Civil War.
  • Daniel Carlile Ridgill in Indiana (94 KB)
    Daniel Carlile Ridgill , son of Theodore S. A. Ridgill of South Carolina,Alabama, and Indiana. Contributed from Gail Pracht.
  • Ada B., Edith,and Angie B. Ridgell, Oklahoma (308 KB)
    Ada Bernice Ridgell, Mamie Edith Ridgell, and Angie Bob Ridgell daughters of Jim Ridgell and Joanna Cooper Ridgell of Oklahoma
  • Andrew Robert Ridgell Family 1890's Arkansas (80 KB)
    Left to right: Back Row: Herbert Malachi "Herb" Ridgell, Andrew Sweeney "Freeman" Ridgell, "Haston" Thomas McCoy Ursery, "Walter" Gordon Ridgell. Bottom row: Left to right: Hilde Pearl "Hilda" Ridgell, Susanna "Carolina" Jones Ursery Ridgell, Andrea "Bertie" Ridgell Adams, Andrew Robert "A. R." Ridgell, Isiah James Alexander "Bud" Ursery. Photo from Arkansas
  • Thomas A. & Eulie Tennyson Ridgell of Maryland (49 KB)
    Thomas Abel Ridgell, born 1875, and wife Mary Eulalia "Miz Eulie" Tennyson, born 1878, of Scotland Maryland.
  • Andrea Bertie Ridgell 1881 Arkansas (32 KB)
    Andrea Bertie Ridgell, daughter of Andrew Robert Ridgell and Susanna Caroline Jones. picture from 1881-provided by Ijuana Joy Shaver.
  • Amanda Blanche Ridgell Nichols (125 KB)
    Amanda Blanche Ridgell Nichols,daughter of Gossett Adrian Ridgell.
  • Emma Jane Ridgill & Family Members (90 KB)
    Emma Jane Ridgill Sheridan and family members, Mary Jane, Bill, Emma, Sonny Reed, Effie May. Contributed by Gail Pracht.
  • Dean Ridgell & Velma Wakely Ridgell- Oklahoma (97 KB)
    Dean Ridgell and wife Velma Wakeley Ridgell, Dean is son of Levi Ridgell and Ada Bowlin
  • Ridgell Kidz about 1929 (50 KB)
    Left to Right: Raymond Penn Ridgell, Muriel Logenia Ridgell, Maurice Francis Ridgell and Stella Mae Garraway,cousin.
  • Emma Faye Ridgell 1928, Big Spring, Texas (114 KB)
    Emma Faye Ridgell in Big Spring, Texas, 1928, age 5. Daughter of Richard Richmond Ridgell & Bessie Lee Hughes.
  • Ridgell Kidz circa 1928 (44 KB)
    Left to right: Stella Mae Garraway, Raymond Penn Ridgell, and Maurice Francis Ridgell circa 1928.
  • James (Jim) Ridgell- Oklahoma (246 KB)
    James "Jim" Ridgell, Jim is son of Levi Ridgell and Ada Bowlin
  • Joel McFall Ridgell & Margaret Nowell Clement (83 KB)
    Joel McFall Ridgell and wife Margaret "Maggie" Nowell Clement Ridgell of Batesburg, South Carolina. Joel is son of Edgar Clifton Ridgell.
  • Texas Historical Marker with Dr. G.W. Ridgell (90 KB)
    Texas Historical Marker with mention of Dr.G.W.Ridgell, Oakland Cemetery, Terrell, Texas.
  • Hilde Pearl "Hilda" Ridgell Barham b.1875 Ark. (126 KB)
    Hilde Pearl "Hilda" Ridgell Barham b.1875 Boughton, Arkansas, daughter of Andrew Robert Ridgell and Susanna Carolina Jones Ursery Ridgell. Wife of Charles Barton Barham. Photo provided by Lavonna Hitz.
  • Edgar Clements Ridgell Drug Store Batesburg, S.C. (48 KB)
    Edgar Clement Ridgell owned and operated Ridgell Drug Company wilh his brother Nowell until his death on October 18, 1976.
  • Gossett Adrian Ridgell circa 1920 (82 KB)
    Gossett Adrian Ridgell, circa 1920, great-grandson of Joel Ridgell Sr. of South Carolina.
  • James Lee & Ada Bernice Ridgell- Oklahoma (180 KB)
    James Lee & Ada Bernice Ridgell, Jim and Ada are children of James Ridgell and Joanna Cooper Ridgell of Oklahoma
  • Sarah Velila "Lulla" Rigell Childs (55 KB)
    Sarah Velila "Lulla" Rigell, born October 31, 1874, daughter of Sion Rigell and Elizabeth Davis, wife of Manuel S. Childs. Provided by David West.
  • Rufus Wesley Ridgdill born about 1850 Georgia (31 KB)
    Rufus Wesley Ridgdill of Georgia and Florida, son of John Wesley Ridgdill and Sarah Fletcher Ridgdill
  • Richard W. Ridgell & Family from Ky. & Mo. (137 KB)
    Edward Ridgell Aubrey Ford (according to my father, a cousin of the Ford brothers who shot Jesse James) Florence Ridgell Ford (tore up the family Bible to keep Aubrey from finding out her age) Nina Ridgell James Ridgell William S. Ridgell (my grandfather) Sitting, from left to right: not sure who this lady is Richard Ridgell Mary Ballard Ridgell Will Ridgell's first wife (not my grandmother)-- from Reilly Ridgell Richard W. Ridgell was a captain in U.S. Army during CIvil War.
  • Linton L. and Lois Bishop Ridgdill of Georgia (87 KB)
    Linton Lionel Ridgdill and wife Lois Inez Bishop Ridgdill of Georgia
  • Susanna "Caroline" Jones Ursery Ridgell 1928 (58 KB)
    Susanna "Caroline" Jones Ursery Ridgell (Grandma Ridgell) is in the middle and all of these children are her grandchildren. The ones that I will not identify are Flaterys. The ones that I can identify are: Back row: Left to right: third child is "Bertie" Aline Ridgell Brown(mama), next to mama is:"Elsie" Mae Ridgell Elmore, 6th child from left is: Fannie Lee "Evelyn Ridgell Hooks. Middle row: Grandma Ridgell in the middle, Grandma is holding Joel Wesley "Joe" Ridgell and her arm is around Herbert Andrew "Dick" Ridgell and the little girl next to Grandma is "Katie" Marie Ridgell Pittman. This picture was taken at Uncle Bud Urserys home.
  • Mrs. Mollie Gay Bailey Ridgell, Texas (79 KB)
    Mollie Gay Bailey, wife of Justice Thomas Bunyan Ridgell, Associate of the Texas Supreme Court.
  • Clarence "Buzzy" & Jean Raley Ridgell--Maryland (131 KB)
    Clarence Hugh "Buzzy" Ridgell of St. Mary's Co. Maryland, and wife Eugenia "Jean" Raley Ridgell
  • Annie Lee Ridgell circa 1896 (16 KB)
    Annie Lee Ridgell, daughter of Levi "Les" Ridgell, wife of Lewis H. Ferguson, about 15 years old. Provided by descendant Diane Gann.
  • Ellouita Rudd Ridgell circa 1943 (17 KB)
    1st wife of Raymond Penn Ridgell.
  • Zee, Vollie, & Luna Ridgell of Arkansas 1905-6 (84 KB)
    This picture was taken in Bureau Community, Hamburg, AR., around 1905 or 1906. The old house place is still there, but not the house. Volley's store was next to the house and a School. Left to Right: Zee Ridgell 7-10-1886-10-15-1908, MIDDLE: James Valentine "Volley" Ridgell. 12-22-1863-5-24-1942/ RIGHT: Luna Ridgell Locke/ 11-10-1888-10-19-1910. Luna was 6 months old when her mother died. Their mother Anna A. Beavers Ridgell died at the age of 23 with T. B. They all three are buried beside each other. provided by Ijuana Joy Shaver from Johnnie Ridgell Gardner.
  • Senator Edgar C. & Ella McFall Ridgell of S.C. (60 KB)
    Senator Edgar Clifton Ridgell and wife Ella Martha McFall Ridgell, of Batesburg, South Carolina.
  • Clarence "Buzzy" Ridgell & Children-Maryland (114 KB)
    Clarence Hugh "Buzzy" Ridgell of St. Mary's Co. Maryland, and children J.Scott Ridgell and Donna J.Ridgell
  • Effie Evelyn Ridgill born 1869 Indiana (72 KB)
    Daughter of Daniel C. Ridgill of Indiana, wife of Jesse Moore. Contributed by Gail Pracht.
  • Justice Thomas Bunyan Ridgell (11 KB)
    T. B. Ridgell, Associate Justice, Eleventh District, Texas, 1925-1927
  • Receipt for Lucinda Caroline Ridgell 1849 Ala. (77 KB)
    Receipt for supplies for Lucinda Caroline Ridgell in 1849 Camden, Wilcox Co. Alabama. Donated by George Slaton.
  • Fred Ridgell of South Carolina (122 KB)
    Fred Ridgell,descendant of Joel Ridgell Jr. of Lexington Co. South Carolina
  • Steven Clair Ridgell & Plane (45 KB)
    Steven Clair Ridgell, now of Dallas, Texas, and his military plane , 1970's
  • Emma Jane Ridgill born 1867 Indiana (110 KB)
    Daughter of Daniel C. Ridgill, and wife of Orean B. Sheridan. Top Photo with Mary Jane Sheridan and Roberta Reed, Bottom Photo with Vivian Valeara Reed b.1919. Contributed by Gail Pracht.
  • Unknown from family of Raymond Clarence Ridgell (95 KB)
    From Unknown Collection, possibly relatives of Raymond Carence Ridgell.
  • Herbert & Tennie Ridgell Family 1928 Ark. (26 KB)
    Left to right: Back Row: Herbert Malachi "Herb" Ridgell, "Bertie" Aline Ridgell Brown, "Elsie" Mae Ridgell Elmore, Tennie Martha House Ridgell ( Tennie is pregnant with Joel Wesley "Joe" Ridgell. Front Row: Left to right: Fannie Lee "Evelyn" Ridgell Hooks, Herbert Andrew "Dick" Ridgell and "Katie" Marie Ridgell Pittman.
  • Mary F. Cotton Ridgell, wife of Gossett Ridgell (62 KB)
    Another picture of Mary Frances Cotton Ridgell Cure.
  • Ray & Clay Ridgel of Missouri (99 KB)
    Joseph Ray and Clay Allen Ridgel, children of Joseph Allen Ridgel & Eliza E. Salmons Ridgel of Missouri
  • Columbia Boarding House (Rigells) (125 KB)
    Margaret Angel Thurman Rigell, and seated on porch to her right, Charles Daniel Rigell. Contributed by Patricia Long.
  • George Verna Ridgell , Wife, and Daughters (98 KB)
    Left To Right : Icie Ridgell(Wray); Birdie Mae Ridgell (Harris); Unknown Girl ; Una Jane Freeman Ridgell, wife of George Verna Ridgell in Automobile Machine.
  • Billy Jean Ridgell, W.W. II, Sqaudron Engineer (78 KB)
    Last Man Standing in Photo, Left to Right, Billy Gene Ridgell, of Oklahoma, was an engineer for the Jolly Rogers 90th Bomb Group, 321st Squadron, on the B-24, the Golden Lady, in World War II.
  • Family of George Verna Ridgell of Tennessee (54 KB)
    Family of George Verna Ridgell of Tennessee. Son of Arwema J.D. Ridgell. Left to Right, Back : John Otis Ridgell; George Verna Ridgell; Una Jane Freeman Ridgell; Birdie Mae Ridgell(Harris); Vera Ridgell (Sanders); Front: Albert Verna Ridgell; Icie G. Ridgell(Wray); J.C. Ridgell. Photo about 1920's, -provided by Dianne Wray Dance.
  • Dominic Theodore Ridgell of Michigan (55 KB)
    Dominic Theodore Ridgell of Maryland and Michigan, son of Dominick Theodore Ridgell & Catherine Selena Wheatley of Maryland
  • Jug of Joel Ridgell of Lexington Co.South Carolina (196 KB)
    The Collin Rhodes Factory in the Edgefield Dist. of South Carolina was one of the more successful potteries in the South during the mid-nineteenth century. This jug was made for Joel Ridgel, a prominent farmer in Lexington County. It depicts two ladies who may represent Ridgel’s 1st wife, Rebecca Norris, and his 2nd wife,Susannah Fox.
  • Richard Ridgell Inventory CharlesTown SC 1743 (341 KB)
    Unknown Richard Ridgell in Charles Town area of South Carolina, an Inventory of Goods 1743.
  • Catharine Ridgell Craig (75 KB)
    Catharine Ridgell, daughter of John Cottingham Ridgell, wife of John T. Craig.
  • Raymond Ridgell with Singing Quartet (63 KB)
    They sang again after 50 years!,From left in '43 photo,above are Ed Mason, Clint McDougal, Ray Ridgell and Eldon Long, At right, Ray and Ed are standing; Eldon and Clint are seated.
  • Lessie Logenia Garraway Ridgell (55 KB)
    Lessie Logenia Garraway Ridgell, born in Orange, Mississippi, wife of Raymond Clarence Ridgell of Texas.
  • Etiquette of the 1880's Street (490 KB)
    NO ONE today would be considered a gentleman or a lady by these standards.
  • Senator Edgar Clifton Ridgell of S. Carolina (69 KB)
    Mr. Ridgell was born in Lexington County where the town of Batesburg is now located, November 6, 1859, a son of Joel and Susannah (Fox) Ridgell. The Ridgell family is of English origin and first settled at Charleston. Joel Ridgell spent all his life in Lexington County.

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