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Descendants of John Looney

Generation No. 2

      2. Robert Sr.2 Looney (John1) was born 1692 in Ballagilley Farm, Maughold Parish, Isle of Man, Ireland, and died 14 Sep 1769 in Botetourt Co., Virginia. He married Elizabeth Lewellyn 1720 in Isle of Man, Ireland.

Notes for Robert Sr. Looney:
Robert was a Manx farmer from Ballagilley, Maughold, Isle of Man, Ireland. He immigrated to the colonies in 1731. He was a farmer, and ran Looney's ferry and Looney's mill in Augusta, Virginia. In 1735 his family entered the Quaker Colony of Virginia with Alexander Ross, Morgan Bryan of the Providence of Pennsylvania, along with seventy other families. The colony bought 100,000 acres of land near Winchester, Virginia. Among the purchasers listed is Robert Looney. He also received a patent dated November 12, 1735, from the Crown, King George the Second, for 294 acres on the south bank of the Cohongoronta, Upper Potomac River, near the Samuel Owens plantation. He received a grant of 250 acres on the James River and on "Lunie's" Mill Creek, 400 acres on "Lunie's" Mill Creek on July 30, 1742. Robert purchased a large tract of land in Botetourt Co. on the upper James River, across the river from Buchanan, Virginia, a tract of well over 1500 acres. He is presumed to be buried near Red Creek area of Augusta, Botetourt Co., Virginia.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

Robert Looney, whom family tradition states came from Ballagllley, Maughold, arrived in the new world about 1731. In 1734, he, his wife and least seven sons (they were to have 14 more) left Philadelphia with an expedition bound for the Colony of Virginia. The following year he settled on a patent of 294 acres - for which he was to pay the Crown land rent of one shilling a year - on the south bank of the Cohongoronta (Upper Potomac) River, probably near the present-day site of Hagerstown, Maryland. By 1739-40, he had moved his family through the Shenandoah Valley, settling on a grant of 250 acres on the James River in what was to become Augusta, later Botetourt County. In 1742, Robert Looney gained another 400 acres in grants, and became one of the most prosperous farmers in the area, with his own mill, orchards, nursery, cattle and horses. He even operated a ferry across what may still be found not tar from the great Natural Bridge - Looney's Mill Creek.

At least three of Robert Looney's sons served in the Augusta County Militia. One of them, Absolom, was a true frontiersman, hunting and trapping in the rugged south west of the colony. There, while living in caves to avoid the Indians, Absolom discovered a fertile valley, rich in blue grass pastures, to which he led his family and a few followers and established a settlement at least four years before the noted frontiersman, Daniel Boone, arrived in the area to build a fort. To this day, the quiet valley some seventeen miles from Bluefield, Virginia, is known as 'Abb'sValley', in honor of its discoverer, Absolom Looney.

The Indian wars had a tragic impact on the Looney family. Robert's son, Peter, was captured during the French and Indian war and held prisoner at Fort Detroit for almost a year, dying three years after his release.

Another son Samuel, was killed by the Indians in 1760, and daughter Lucy Jane's' homestead was raided and looted by the Indians. Absolom Looney alas recalled from his green valley to assist Robert Looney in building a fort, Fort Looney, to defend against French and Indian attacks. He was later to learn that the Indians had massacred those who had remained behind at the settlement, a fate that would befall him at Dunkard's Spring, Virginia, sometime between 1791-96.

The American Revolution did not by-pass the Looney family two of Roberts sons served in the American forces. David as a Major in the North Carolina Militia and Absolom in support of the forces under General George Washington, Fort Looney was reactivated once again to defend settlements against Indian attack, fomented this time by the British. Three of Absolom's sons served in the Virginia Militia, with one dying of gunshot wounds in both legs during the Battle of Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Absolom's son, Michael, homesteaded in Tennessee after the war. His log cabin there stood until 1919, and the 1,500 acre farm he acquired at half-shilling an acre is still held by his descendants. The Seven branches of the Looney family founded by the sons of Robert Looney of Ballagilley, now extend to fifteen of the United States.

Notes for Elizabeth Lewellyn:
Presumed to be buried near Red Creek area of Augusta, Botetourt Co., Virginia. (information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

More About Robert Looney and Elizabeth Lewellyn:
Marriage: 1720, Isle of Man, Ireland
Children of Robert Looney and Elizabeth Lewellyn are:
  15 i.   Michael3 Looney, born Bet. 1715 - 1742.
  16 ii.   William Looney, born Bet. 1715 - 1742.
  17 iii.   Thomas Looney, born 1718.
  Notes for Thomas Looney:

Thomas Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1718 in Isle of Man, and died April 15, 1746 in Augusta Co.(Now Rockbridge), VA. He married Margaret Jane Harmon, daughter of Adam Harmon.

Fact 1: Died in an Indian raid.
Fact 2: Died age 28
Fact 3: Was the first Looney named on the muster roll of Augusta Co., VA
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

+ 18 iv.   Robert Jr. Looney, born Abt. 1722 in Isle of Man, Ireland; died 15 Feb 1756 in Reed Creek, Augusta Co., VA.
  19 v.   Daniel Looney, born Abt. 1723.
  Notes for Daniel Looney:
Daniel Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born Abt. 1723 in Isle of Man, and died November 18, 1769. He married Margaret Jane Evans Abt. 1743.

Fact 1: 1754, Lived on the Draper place of 180 acres.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  20 vi.   Adam Looney, born 1725.
  Notes for Adam Looney:
Adam Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1725 in Ireland, and died July 04, 1770 in Tyron, Craven Co., NC. He married Hannah Wright 1746.

1742: Appeared on Muster Roll of Augusta CO., VA along with brothers Thomas, Robert, Jr., and Daniel.

Fact 1: 1742, Listed in Muster roll of Augusta co., VA in Capt. Geo. Robinson's list.
Fact 2: Moved to Mecklenburg Co., NC. Then on to Craven Co., S.C.
Fact 3: September 09, 1776, Enlisted in the 5th S.C. Regiment (Adjutant General's Office in Washington)
Fact 4: 1752, Purchased 221 acres at head of Meadow Run on Bryan's Crk. from Col. James Patton
Fact 5: 1756, Patented a 140 acre tract on a branch of Looney's Creek.
Fact 6: October 02, 1765, Adam and his wife sold the tract on Looney's Creek to Alexander Evans from N.C.
Fact 7: May 1763, Had a grant for 100 acres on Bever's Crk., Granville Co., SC
Fact 8: 1767, Was in Craven Co., SC
Fact 9: July 04, 1770, Eldest son Robt. appointed administrator of Adam's estate.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  21 vii.   Samuel Looney, born 1727.
  Notes for Samuel Looney:
Samuel Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1727 in Isle of Man, and died 1760. He married Unknown.

He was killed by Indians.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  22 viii.   Absalom Sr. Looney, born 1729.
  Notes for Absalom Sr. Looney:
Absalom Sr. Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1729 in Isle of Man, and died September 28, 1791 in Bluefield, Botetourt Co., VA. He married Margaret 'Peggy' Eleanor Moore 1750 in Augusta Co., (Now Rockbridge) VA.

Absalom discovered Abb's Valley in the Blue stone area of Virginia., and settled there in the Valley between 1751-1753.

Killed by arrow near New Castle, VA
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  23 ix.   Lucy Jane Looney, born 1730.
  Notes for Lucy Jane Looney:
Lucy Jane Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1730, and died WFT Est. 1759-1824. She married Stephen Holstein 1753 in Botetourt Co., Virginia, son of Henry Sr. Holstein.

Notes for Stephen Holstein:
DAR Vol       114, ID# 113261
Stephen Holston (1729-76) served as private in Capt. Thomas Rowland's company, Colonel Christian's Virginia regiment, which was dispatched to the frontiers of Fincastle. He was born in Botetourt County, VA; died in east Tennessee. (Also. No. 12178)
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  24 x.   Louisa Looney, born Aft. 1731.
  Notes for Louisa Looney:
Louisa Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born in Augusta Co., (Now Rockbridge), VA, and died 1820. She married John 'Captn.' Shelby , Sr. 1751 in North Carolina.

Notes for John 'Captn.' Shelby , Sr.:
DAR Vol 66 ID# 65739     
John Shelby (1724-94) was captain of militia, 1777, and Commissioner for Washington County, VA, where he died.

DAR Vol 72, PG 228, ID#71636     
John Shelby (1725-1794, served as a captain, 1777, in Col. Evan Shelby's Virginia regiment, and was promoted to 2nd major. He was born in Hagerstown, MD.; died in Washington County, VA
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  25 xi.   Moses Looney, born Aft. 1731.
  Notes for Moses Looney:
Moses Looney, born WFT Est. 1715-1742 in Looney's Mill Creek, Augusta Co, VA; died July 12, 1824. He married Sarah Holstein.

Fact 1: June 1776, Lived in the western part of Fincastle County
Fact 2: November 20, 1778, Recommended for Lt. of Militia, Washington Co., VA
Fact 3: February 07, 1780, At Moses Loney's house, Sullivan Co., N.C. organized and court was held there.
Fact 4: 1780, Captain in the Militia Company of Mounted Gunmen.
Fact 5: 1784, Tax Collector of Sullivan Co., TN
Fact 6: 1805, Captain of the Guard to the commissioners.
Fact 7: 1790, Moved to Knox Co., TN.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  26 xii.   John Sr. Looney, born 1732.
  Notes for John Sr. Looney:
John Sr. Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1732 in Isle of Man, and died 1817. He married Esther Rentfro Abt. 1759, daughter of Stephen Rentfro and Unknown.

March 17, 1756: John, along with Robt. Rowland was security when his sister-in-law Margaret (Rhea) Looney, administered the estate of her deceased husband, Robert Looney Jr. On October 11, 1759 by the terms of an agreement recorded in May 1765 between Robert and some of his sons, John was to received the horses, except 2, and 1/3 of the cows, except 3.

September 27, 1767 John purchased from his brother Adam, the 271 acres known as the Meadow Run or Bryan's Creek Tract which Adam had bought from Col. James Patton in 1752

Fact 1: 1809, Justice of the Peace in Smith County, TN
Fact 2: 1749, Name on the tax roll in August Co., VA
Fact 3: 1810, Listed in census of Botetourt Co., VA as over 45 with female over 45.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

+ 27 xiii.   Peter Grancer Sr. Looney, born 1734 in Philadelphia, PA; died 13 Mar 1760 in Augusta Co. VA. / Botetourt Co. VA.
  28 xiv.   David Sr. Looney, born 1738.
  Notes for David Sr. Looney:
David Sr. Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1738 in Augusta, Virginia8, and died May 01, 1810 in Blountsville,Sullivan Co., Tennessee9. He married Margaret 'Mary' McClellan 1755 in Virginia, daughter of John McClellan.

1744: Muddy Creek, 2 miles north of the Holston River, in what was then Washington Co., VA, but which became Sullivan County, North Carolina and eventually, Tennessee.

He was a young captain in the Colonial wars, a young major in the militia in the earliest days of the Revolution, when he served in the North Carolina Militia. His service was under the command of Colonel Isaac Shelby, who later appointed David Looney to the rank of Colonel. David served the duration of the Revolution and the fight for American Independence from Great Britian. When victory was achieved, he was awarded numerous land grants for his service to the cause of freedom. At war's end, David remained active in the militia, but he also began to take an active leadership role in the growth and development of Sullivan County, NC

The General Assembly of NC had, in October 1779, passed legislation setting up a neighboring county to Washington Co., This new county was named Sullivan County, to honor Revolutionary War hero, General John Sullivan. The Justices of the Peace in the new county, were, among several others, Isaac Shelby and David Looney. The men met on Feb. 7th, 1780 at the log home/fort of Moses Looney to organize the government of the new county.

Quoting the,SULLIVAN CO. NEWS, Vol 36, #6, dated February 7, 1980, Which was the 200th birthday of Sullivan Co, state:
"John Rhea was appointed Clerk and Nathan Clark, Sheriff. Isaac Shelby exhibited a commission from Governor Caswell, of North Carolina, dated November 19th, 1779, appointing him Colonel-Commandant, of the county. Other commissions appointed were Henry Clark, Lieutenant-Colonel, David Looney, First Major and John Shelby, Second Major, according to the documents.

Looney's Fort is still standing. Behind the protective covering of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pope, Sr., the log fort is virtually intact and Sullivan contains have the unique privilege of standing in the exact location where their county was officially organized 200 years ago."

DAR Lineage Books: Vol 112, ID# 111637
David Looney (1730-1810- Served as major and colonel, North Carolina troops. he was born in Augusta County, VA; died Sullivan County, Tenn.

DAR Lineage Books: Vol 36, ID# 35046
David Looney (1738-1810), was appointed major 1779 and served under Col. Isaac Shelby. He was born in Augusta County, VA; died in Sullivan County, TN
Also NO's 1786,2393,3934,4082,24408, 42084

Fact 1: Occupation: Colonel in Revolutionary War, farmer
Fact 2: Farmer
Fact 3: David was appointed guardian to Margaret Looney, orphan of Daniel Looney
Fact 4: 1766, Sold the home place near his parents
Fact 5: 1770, Moved into the Holston on lands along the Indian frontier.
Fact 6: 1774, Settled into a cabin on Muddy Crk. two miles N. of the Holston River.
Fact 7: Military ranking: Capt. Major. Lt. Colonel then Colonel.
Fact 8: 1779, Served as Major under Col. Isaac Shelby.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  29 xv.   Joseph Sr. Looney, born 1740 in Looney's Creek, Botetourt Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Jean Bowen.
  Notes for Joseph Sr. Looney:
Joseph Sr. Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1740 in Looney's Creek, Botetourt Co., VA, and died November 05, 1816 in Kingston, Roane Co., TN. He married Elizabeth Jean Bowen June 25, 1767 in Botetourt, Augusta Co., Virginia, daughter of John Bowen and Lilly McIlhaney.

1781 Captain Joseph Looney, Lt. Tosh and Ensign Wm. McClenahan marched a company to Yorktown and Fiatt Wyson, one of the men, states that he was present at the Surrender. Captain Joseph Looney is listed as present at Guilford C.H.

September 14, 1784 Joseph Looney was appointed to take lists of all white persons in each family within the bounds of his company of militia, etc., on or before March 1, 1785.

November 1784, Andrew Lewis of Botetourt Co., agreed to give an acre lot in town of Point Pleasant, then being settled, to each of 18 men, including Joseph Looney, if they continued to defend the place.

September 12, 1786 Joseph was again named to take lists of thithables in his company of militia.

1782-1787 Joseph Luney appears on Botetourt Co., with 1 poll and 5 slaves.

Joseph seems to have left Botetourt Co., VA about 1790-92 and settled in Knox Co., TN

Fact 1: 1779, Commissioner of the Peace Botetourt Co., VA
Fact 2: November 06, 1816, Interred: Popular Springs Baptist Cemetary, Kingston, Roane Co., TN
Fact 3: Joseph's two wives were sisters.
Fact 4: 1782, Commissioner of the Peace Botetourt Co., VA
Fact 5: 1788, Commissioner of the Peace Botetourt Co., VA
Fact 6: Named executor of his mother's will.
Fact 7: December 08, 1772, Appointed guardian to Peter Looney, son of Peter Looney.
Fact 8: 1792, Justice of the Peace in Knox Co., TN
Fact 9: Was a Captain in the Revolutionary War
Fact 10: July 14, 1769, Joseph patented 60 acres in August Co., on south side of James River.
Fact 11: November 20, 1765, His father Robt. deeded L20 160 acres at Sinking Spr. west side of James River.
Fact 12: August 1771, Deeded 160 acres at Sinking spring to Conrad Wall
Fact 13: February 11, 1773, Deeded 60 acres on south side of the James river to James Gilmer.
(information from Beverly Stevens-Looney's web page:

  Notes for Elizabeth Jean Bowen:
Burial: Popular Springs Baptist Cem., Kingston, Roane Co., TN

  30 xvi.   Benjamin Michael Looney, born 1748.

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