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A Riddle Family Home Page

Updated July 4, 2009

Robert Leroy Riddle

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I am researching the following families: RIDDLE, RHODES, COUCH, HUITT, LOONEY, BRIEDEN, PICHOT, KITCHENS, SHORT, and WATSON. I am married to Dinah Ruth KITCHENS. She is the daughter of Clyde T. "Jack" KITCHENS and Doris Geraldine SHORT. We have two daughters, Julie Anne (Riddle) CALDWELL,and Janet Kay (Riddle) SCHUPP. Julie has two sons, Ethan Scott CALDWELL, and Dylan Blake CALDWELL. Janet has a daughter, Ella Ruth SCHUPP, born August 1, 2005.

The following people have been most helpful in compiling this information: My late Aunt Azella (Riddle) and Uncle Albert Miller of Fort Worth, TX, Mary E. V. Hill of Provo, UT, cousins Aaron Miller of Fort Worth, and John B. Riddle, Jr. of Whittier, CA, my brother, Ed Riddle of Kennedale, TX, my sister, Betty Jo Blair of Fort Worth, newly discovered cousins, James I. Riddle,III, of Dallas, TX, and Pam and Lane Riddle of Waterford, CA, and numerous other cousins at Thanks to Beverly Stevens-Looney, whose research made it possible for me to tentatively connect my family to Robert Looney,Sr, who immigrated to Virginia from the Isle of Man, Ireland, about 1731. A special thanks to Anthony Looney who has helped me tie up many loose ends in my branch of the Looney family. A special thanks also to Janine Modgling of Castroville, Texas, for sharing with me her histories of the BRIEDEN, PICHOT, HALLER, GOLLY, and other families who immigrated to Henri Castro's colony in the 1840's. The Castro Colony was the area in and around what was to become Medina County, Texas, 20 - 25 miles west of downtown San Antonio. These people came mainly from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, but also from Germany, Austria and almost every other country in Europe. One other person I would like to give a big thank you to is Reba (Riddle) Harry, of Fort Worth, TX. I thought I was never going to discover any more descendants of Jospeh Pierce Riddle until she contacted me and has been generously sharing the pictures and family history of John J. Riddle with me. Thank you Reba.

Books and other publications from which I have drawn much of my information are as follows: the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 U. S. Censuses for the State of Texas, "SAGA OF A SOUTHERN LOYALIST - William Riddle of Virginia and North Carolina - His Ancestors and Descendants" by Mary E. V. Hill, Provo, Utah, 1998, "The Riddle, Riddell, Ruddle Trail" a newsletter written in the 1980's by Nettie Lee Benson of Austin, Texas, "The History of the Ancient Ryedales and Their Descendants. . ." by Gideon T. Ridlon, pub. 1884, "History of Titus County, Vol II" by Traylor Russell, "History of DeWitt County" by The DeWitt County, Texas, Historical Society, "The Draper Collection", a collection of letters compiled by Lyman C. Draper, written by Revolutionary War veterans who were participants and witnesses to the capture and hanging of Capt. William Riddle.

I have done my best to be accurate in everything on this site. However, it is inevitable that from time to time errors will be discovered by myself or visitors. Therefore, I will upload corrections now and then. I welcome corrections or suggestions from anyone. If you need to, you may borrow any of this information that you need, since I have borrowed from other web pages. All I ask is that you give credit to this page as I have given credit to others.

Be sure to read my Related Files, especially the one titled "Welcome to My Family Tree". Also the Genealogy Reports, and Links. Good luck in your search.

And by the way, May God Continue to Bless the United States of America.

Bob Riddle

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Family Photos

  • William N. Riddle's Farmhouse - about 1895 (428 KB)
    The old homestead. Five miles west of Crowley, just south of the Tarrant County, Texas line in Johnson County, on Rock Creek. William N. Riddle is standing at far left, nearest the chimney. Taken about 1895. Burned and rebuilt, burned again, the chimney and part of the foundation are all that is left standing today.
  • My Paternal Great Grandparents (56 KB)
    Tennessee Ellen Couch and William Nelson Riddle. Probably taken on or about their wedding day, September 6, 1866, near Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas. William was the son of Joseph Pierce Riddle and brother of Dr. Thomas Elam Riddle and John J. Riddle.
  • Jabe Albert and Arrenva Josephine "Josie" Riddle (36 KB)
    Our grandfather and grandmother, "Indaddy and Inday Riddle". Taken Spring 1937.
  • My Paternal Great Grandparents (60 KB)
    Martha "Mattie" Azella Brown and Jeremiah "Jerry" Willis Rhodes. Picture taken about 1890.
  • 1880 Census page showing F. B. Looney household (119 KB)
    This is a section of the page of the 1880 U. S. Census for Freestone Co., Texas, showing my maternal grandfather, Edward Hardin "Eli" Looney and sister Frances "Fannie" Mae Looney living in the household of half-brother Fredrick B. Looney. Note that F. B. Looney was 44, Eli was 6. Here are "Bud Doc", "Sis Annie", "Bud Will", and "Sis Sue(Sou)".
  • My maternal grandmother, Lilly (Brieden) Looney (65 KB)
    We called her "Inday" Looney. This picture was taken by a street photographer probably about 1946. She would have been about 67 years old.
  • My brother, Eddie J. Riddle (71 KB)
    Lieutenant Commander Riddle standing next to his plane. He flew for the Military Air Transport Service (MATS).
  • Betty Jo (Riddle) and Harry A. Blair (75 KB)
    This is my sister and her husband, taken the year they were married, 1953.
  • My maternal grandfather, Edward Hardin Looney (81 KB)
    We called him "Indaddy" Looney. He was a Railroad Locomotive Engineer for many years on the Trinity and Brazos Valley Railroad which became part of the Great Burlington Route. He was part of a group sent to assist the Mexican government in setting up their railroad system early in the 20th Century.
  • Ensign Robert L. Riddle, USNR - Abt 1963 (113 KB)
    In the Engineering Dept. we were always cleaning up oil spills. Was I really that skinny?
  • The Great Treasure Hunt - W. N. Riddle's Place (293 KB)
    Taking a break from looking for loot from the stagecoach holdup, 1939. All are Riddles except the unknowns and where noted. L-R back:Leonard, Joe, Nishie (Rhodes) Parker, Dora Mae (Riddle) Mize, Benny Lee Rhodes(?), Opal (White) Riddle, Lawrence, Maggie (Riddle) Williamson(?), Arrenva (Rhodes) Riddle(?), Mattline (Baldwin) Riddle, Burton, Zelie, Odis Colvin "Odie" Riddle. Front: Lawrence Jr., J.B., Harold, __?__.
  • My Uncle, Howard Thornton Looney (62 KB)
    My mother's brother, Howard T. Looney served during World War 2 as a U. S. Army Railroad Locomotive Engineer in Iran. He had the rank of Technical Sergeant. This picture was probably taken in 1945.
  • The Brieden Brothers - Abt. 1882 (243 KB)
    The sons of Andre (Andreas/Andrew) and Elizabeth (Zuercher) Brieden. They immigrated to Texas as youngsters ranging in age from 1 to 8 years old in 1846. They came from the Alsace region of France. Their father had bought land in the Henri Castro colony in Medina County, Texas, 20 - 25 miles west of San Antonio. My maternal great grandfather, Leopold, is standing at right. He is about 39-40. Picture provided by Janine Modgling of Castroville, Texas.
  • The Great Treasure Hunt (2) - W. N. Riddle's Place (367 KB)
    After digging and digging for the stagecoach holdup loot, 1939. All are Riddles except the unknowns and where noted. Back: Simm(?) or Roce(?). Sitting l-r: Joe, Leonard, Lawrence, Opal (White) Riddle, Maggie (Riddle) Williamson(?), Benny Lee Rhodes(?), __?__. Front: Lawrence Jr.
  • My Grandson, Ethan Caldwell (96 KB)
    Ethan is 11 years old in this picture. It was taken in 2005.
  • My Father, Riley Newton Riddle, Sr. (69 KB)
    Eldest child of Jabe Albert and Arrenva Josephine "Josie" (Rhodes) Riddle. Photo taken about 1939, he was about 46.
  • Thomas Elam Riddle, brother of William N. Riddle (95 KB)
    Taken when he was in his early 20's, probably about 1860. (picture provided by Pam Riddle)
  • My Grandson, Dylan Caldwell (92 KB)
    This picture was taken in 2005. Dylan is 9 years old.
  • My Mother, Hylma Yetive (Looney) Riddle (65 KB)
    Second child of Lilly Brieden and Edward H. Looney. Photo taken about 1939, she was about 33.
  • Dr. Thomas Elam Riddle, brother of W. N. Riddle (182 KB)
    Dr. T. E. Riddle on his horse with his medical bags. Probably on his way to visit a patient in or near Rockdale, Milam Co., Texas. (picture provided by Pam Riddle)
  • John J. Riddle, about 1905 (86 KB)
    John J. Riddle, oldest son of Joseph Pierce Riddle and Nancy Smith. Brother of Dr. Thomas Elam Riddle and William Nelson Riddle. Picture taken by I. N. Hall, a well known photographer of the period. Picture provided by Reba Harry.
  • My mother, Hylma Yetive (Looney) Riddle (89 KB)
    Photo taken about 1980, she was about 74.
  • Elizabeth A. (Petty) Riddle with grandson James (86 KB)
    Elizabeth A. Riddle with her grandson, James Riddle, about 1905. She was the wife of John J. Riddle. James is the child of their son, Joseph Picket Riddle. Picture taken by I. N. Hall, a well known photographer at the time. Picture provided by Reba Harry.
  • Catherine and Theresa Pichot - about 1910-1915 (218 KB)
    My maternal great grandmother, Catherine (Pichot) Brieden is at far right. Her sister, Theresa (Pichot) Brieden, is standing next to her. The other women are unknown, but are probably the wives of the other three Brieden brothers. If they are, their names are Josephine Ludwig, Mary Walz, Anna Marie Fillemon, but not necessarily in that order in the picture. (Picture provided by Janine Modgling)
  • Dr. Thomas E. Riddle and Wife, California (70 KB)
    Dr. Thomas Elam Riddle and his wife, California (Perryman) Riddle. Thomas is 85 and California is 68. Picture taken about 1923. Dr. Riddle practiced medicine for many years in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas. Picture provided by Reba Harry.
  • Joseph Picket Riddle, about 1897 (88 KB)
    Joseph Picket Riddle was the son of John J. Riddle. In this picture he is about 20. Picture probably taken about 1897. Picture provided by Reba Harry
  • Alice Riddle, daughter of Dr. Thomas Elam Riddle (77 KB)
    Taken probably when she was in her early 20's, about 1885. (picture provided by Pam Riddle)
  • Part of Dr. Thomas Elam Riddle's Family (156 KB)
    L-R:Snively, Alice, Margarete, California (Perryman) Riddle, Dr. Thomas Elam Riddle. Dr. Riddle was my great great uncle.(picture provided by Pam Riddle)
  • My Father with his Brothers and Sisters - abt 1909 (117 KB)
    l - r back: Riley Newton Riddle (my father, age about 16), Leonard Rhodes Riddle. l - r front: Ellen Azella Riddle, Lawrence Jerry Riddle, Joseph Howard Riddle, John Burton Riddle, Dora Mae Riddle. Not born yet: Harold Jessie Riddle and Mamie Ruth Riddle.
  • Lilly Brieden and Edward H. Looney - About 1902 (132 KB)
    My maternal grandmother and grandfather, Lilly Brieden and Edward Hardin Looney, "Inday and Indaddy Looney". I think this was originally a photograph, but was heavily retouched. Probably taken on or about their wedding day, July 22, 1902.
  • Jabe and Josie Riddle's Family, Spring, 1937 (59 KB)
    L to R standing: Joe, Leonard, Burton, Harold, Lawrence. Sitting: Mamie Ruth, Azella, Jabe, Josie, Riley, Dora.
  • Joseph Picket Riddle Family, 1909 (115 KB)
    The family of Joseph Picket Riddle, son of John J. Riddle. Joseph's wife, Della Kay (Cook) Riddle is holding their youngest son, Dale. Standing in back is their firstborn, Jim Riddle. Joseph is holding Joseph Bailey Weldon "Bee" Riddle. The girl standing in front is Ruth Riddle. Picture provided by Reba Harry.
  • Lilly (Brieden) Looney and son, Howard T. Looney (64 KB)
    My maternal grandmother, Lilly (Brieden) Looney, "Inday Looney", and her son Howard, my uncle. She is holding Margaret, Howard's youngest. In front is Howard's son, Edward H. Looney II. Taken May, 1954, in El Paso, Texas. Inday is 75.
  • Joseph Bailey Weldon Riddle Family, abt 1937 (91 KB)
    The family of Joseph Bailey Weldon "Bee" Riddle. Joseph was the son of Joseph Picket Riddle, grandson of John J. Riddle and great grandson of Joseph Pierce Riddle. Left to right are: Reuben Hill, Carolyn Hill, Della Kay (Cook) Riddle, Joseph Picket Riddle (standing on hood of car), Joseph Bailey Weldon "Bee" Riddle holding his daughter, Shirley Jo Riddle, Mozelle Allene (Jackson) Riddle, Latha (Riddle) Hill. Della Kay was the wife of Joseph Picket Riddle, Mozelle Allene was the wife of "Bee" Riddle, and Latha was the wife of Reuben Hill. This picture was taken in 1937. Not born yet: Reba Joyce Riddle. Picture provided by Reba Harry.
  • My Maternal Grandmother - 1925 (49 KB)
    My grandmother, Lilly (Brieden) Looney, "Inday Looney", looking on as her son, Howard, feeds his one year old nephew, Riley N. Riddle, Jr. Inday was about 46.
  • Our New Granddaughter - Ella Ruth Schupp (73 KB)
    Opening presents on Christmas morning, 2005. This is Ella's first Christmas. Born August 1, 2005, she is almost 5 months old in this picture.
  • Jabe Albert Riddle (60 KB)
    My grandfather. Eldest child of William Nelson Riddle, taken about 1900, age about 33
  • 1.Tombstone Rubbing of Isaac W. Riddle 1777-1861 (98 KB)
    This is a rubbing of the tombstone inscription for Isaac William Riddle, born April 1777, died November 30, 1861. Rubbing done June 4, 2000 at the Blevins Cemetery, Cason, Morris County, Texas.
  • Robert L. Riddle - August 1, 2001 - age 64 (145 KB)
    Yours truly after sweet-talking Dinah into taking my picture with my new digital camera.
  • Ella Ruth Schupp at the age of 2 (51 KB)
    This picture was taken in December, 2007. She is now 2 and a half years old.
  • Jabe and Josie Riddle's Whole Family, Spring, 1937 (95 KB)
    L-R Standing: Azella (Riddle)Miller, Joe, Leonard, Mamie Ruth, Harold, Burton, J.B.(age 2), Mattline (Baldwin) Riddle, Lawrence, Dora, Riley, Hylma (Looney) Riddle. Sitting and Standing Front: Beryl Marie Miller, Albert Miller, Joe H. Miller(age 4), Aaron Miller, Jabe, Joann, Josie, Betty Jo, Riley, Jr., Eddie J. - Lawrence, Jr. is missing.(Not born yet: Robert L. Riddle, Leah J. Miller, Teresa Ann Carter, B. Tom Carter, Jr., Benjamin Lee Riddle, and Janice Elizabeth Carter)
  • 2.Tombstone Rubbing of Annie Riddle 1784-1856 (96 KB)
    This is a rubbing of the tombstone inscription for Anna "Annie" (Grizzle/Grizzell) Riddle, wife of Isaac W. Riddle. She was born July 18, 1784, died December 29, 1856. Rubbing done June 4, 2000 at the Blevins Cemetery, Cason, Morris County, Texas.
  • My mother holding my brother, Riley, Jr, 1925 (133 KB)
    My mother married at 17 and had her first child, my brother, Riley N. Riddle Jr. at the age of 18!
  • Finchers, Riddles and Grandkids - September 1955 (186 KB)
    The adults seated are, l-r: Alice Marie (Laverty) Fincher, James Clayton Fincher, Riley Newton Riddle, Sr, and Hylma Yetive (Looney) Riddle. On their laps are, l-r: Riley Newton Riddle, III, Riley Clayton Riddle, Dixie Anne "Dede" Blair, and Phyllis Patricia Riddle. The Finchers were the parents of Winifred Marie "Pat" (Fincher) Riddle and Dr. Riley Newton Riddle, Jr. Pat and Riley are the parents of Riley, III, Riley Clayton, and Phyllis Patricia. Dede's parents are Betty Jo (Riddle) Blair and Harry A. Blair.
  • My brother, R. N. Riddle Jr. - About January, 1945 (148 KB)
    Riley, Jr, is in the back, in a picture taken just after the Battle of the Bulge. He went into combat for the first time around January 8, 1945, with the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment of the 17th Airborne Division. His regiment suffered such heavy casualties it was later disbanded and the survivors were assigned to other units. He was only 20 years and 4 months old on his initiation to combat in the Battle of the Bulge, which began December 16, 1944, and lasted through the month of January, 1945.
  • Riley, Jr., Betty Jo, Eddie J. Riddle (114 KB)
    Riley, Jr., 8, Betty Jo, 2, Eddie J., 6, at the Grande Courts, McAllen, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. I think this picture was taken in the summer of 1932.

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  • Descendants of Andre Briden/Brieden and others. (451 KB)
    This file contains descendants of Andre BRIDEN/BRIEDEN, and Nicolas HALLER. The European beginnings of these families were mainly in the towns of Oberentzen, Felleringen, and Oderen, in the Department of Haut Rhin, in the Alsace region of France. (Provided by Janine Modgling of Castroville, Medina County, Texas)
  • Welcome to My Family Tree (11 KB)
    Why I Got into Genealogy in the First Place
  • Knotholes in my family tree (7 KB)
    Strange people and strange doings in my family tree
  • Descendants of Petrus Golly and others. (333 KB)
    The people in this report came mainly from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France including the towns of Oderen, Fellering, and Oberentzen in the Department of Haut Rhin, France, and Milly-sur-Bradon in the Department of Meuse, France. This file includes descendants of Petrus GOLLY, Paul KOLLIN/KOELL/KOELIN, Balthasar FLIER/FLUELER, Joannes GRUENWALD, Joannes Jacobi FUCHS, Joannes Adamus LUTENBACHER, and Leonardus Thiebau HANS.(Provided by Janine Modgling of Castroville, Medina County, Texas)
  • Descendants of Andre Pichot (458 KB)
    The European beginnings of the people in this report were mainly in Nantillois, and Milly-sur-Bradon, Department of Meuse, France. (Provided by Janine Modgling of Castroville, Medina County, Texas)

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