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Ancestors of Anna Ruth Conyers

Generation No. 7

      64. Thomas Conyers52, born 1757 in PA; died January 01, 1847 in Haywood Co., now Crockett Co., TN. He married 65. Jane Wills September 10, 1787 in Sumner Co., TN53.

      65. Jane Wills She was the daughter of 130. George Wills and 131. Juda wife of George Wills.

Notes for Thomas Conyers:
Thomas Conyers was in the Revolutionary War from August, 1775 until October, 1779. He served with George Washington at Valley Forge in the Winter of 1777. Born in Pennsylvania, he moved to Wilson Co., TN in 1784. On April 4, 1832, Thomas Conyers gave to the trustees three acres of of land on a small branch that runs into Barton's Creek for a Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He also built the first crater mill on Barton's Creek, Wilson Co., TN in 1789. In 1845 Thomas moved to Haywood Co., TN to live with his daughters.

Wilson Co., TN was earlier known as Sumner Co. Note the following listing:

CONYERS (variously, CONGER), Thomas - listed on 1787 Sumner Co. tax roll with 1 poll & 100 acres: (ref. 27a). Overseer of road built from Kasper's Creek to dividing ridge between Drake's Creek & Station Camp Creek, 1790: (ref. 27b). Married Jane Wills in Sumner Co., Sept. 16, 1787. James Frazier was bondsman: (ref. 27c).
1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements, Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties (In What is Now Tennessee), Compiled by Richard Carlton Fulcher, Sumner County Archives, 155 East Main St., Gallatin, TN 37066, 615-452-0037, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1987
Children of Thomas Conyers and Jane Wills are:
  32 i.   Samuel Conyers, born 1793 in Sumner Co., TN; died 1857 in Crockett Co., TN; married Elizabeth Kennedy April 24, 1822 in Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN.
  ii.   Thomas Conyers, Jr., born in Sumner Co. TN; died 1844 in Missiouri; married Sally Aust May 05, 1823.
  iii.   John Anderson Conyers, born March 1788 in Sumner Co., TN; died March 1874; married Susannah Spradlin October 30, 1819 in Wilson Co., TN54
  iv.   William Conyers, born 1789 in Sunmer Co., TN; died 1844 in Wilson Co., TN; married Agnes Arrington
  v.   Margaret Conyers, born 1798 in Sumner Co., TN; died 1872 in Hot Springs Co., AR; married Aford Bettis March 03, 1822.
  vi.   Polly Conyers, born 1800 in Wilson Co., TN; died Unknown; married Aaron Romine October 08, 1817; born Unknown; died Unknown.

      66. Alfred Kennedy He married 67. Mary Ann Cherry.

      67. Mary Ann Cherry56, born 1772 in Halifax County, North Carolina; died 1836 in TN. She was the daughter of 134. Jesse Cherry and 135. Elizabeth Gainer.

Notes for Alfred Kennedy:
Lottie Hamilton reports that Mary Ann's husband was Isaac Kennedy. Lottie also thinks that Mary Ann had another husband named Charles Coppage.
Children of Alfred Kennedy and Mary Cherry are:
  33 i.   Elizabeth Kennedy, born 1802 in Wilson Co., TN; died 1880 in Crockett Co., TN; married Samuel Conyers April 24, 1822 in Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN.
  ii.   Enoch Kennedy, born Unknown.
  iii.   Alfred Kennedy, Jr., born Unknown.
  iv.   Minerva Kennedy, born Unknown.
  v.   Eliza Ann Kennedy, born Unknown.
  vi.   James Kennedy, born Unknown.
  vii.   Lucinda Kennedy, born Unknown.

      68. Jesse Dean, born January 05, 1786 in North Carolina; died April 17, 1860 in Haywood Co., now Crockett Co., TN. He married 69. Elizabeth Hodges April 18, 1805 in North Carolina.

      69. Elizabeth Hodges, born January 01, 1789; died December 21, 1856.
Children of Jesse Dean and Elizabeth Hodges are:
  34 i.   Asa Dean, born February 08, 1809 in North Carolina; died in Crockett Co., TN; married Harriet Perry in North Carolina.
  ii.   Samuel Dean, born January 03, 1811 in North Carolina; married Alice Wyse January 19, 1871.
  iii.   James Dean, born January 13, 1813 in North Carolina; died Unknown in Shiloh, TN ?.
  iv.   Martha Ann Lucinda Dean, born April 10, 1815 in North Carolina; married Theophilus G. Hamil 1879.
  v.   John Dean, born January 20, 1819 in North Carolina.
  vi.   Hodges Dean, born January 01, 1821 in North Carolina.
  vii.   Alfred Dean, born January 27, 1824 in North Carolina; died Bef. 1900 in Tennessee; married Mary A. wife of Alfred Dean
  viii.   Mary Elizabeth Dean, born May 13, 1827 in North Carolina.
  ix.   Olivia Avesta Dean, born September 30, 1830 in North Carolina.
  x.   John Hodges Dean, born October 26, 1834 in North Carolina.

      77. Mary S. mother of Thomas F. Lee
Child of Mary S. mother of Thomas F. Lee is:
  38 i.   Thomas F. Lee, born 1819 in North Carolina; married Susan Williams

      80. Robert DeWees Stewart58, died May 10, 1848 in De Pere, Wisconsin. He was the son of 160. Lt. Thomas Stewart and 161. Rachel Farmer DeWees. He married 81. Sarah Carpenter October 20, 1807.

      81. Sarah Carpenter58, born April 11, 1790; died May 01, 1855 in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Notes for Robert DeWees Stewart:
From Lulu's notes:
"Robert De Wees Stewart was a farmer and storekeeper in Greenwich. May 16, 1831, he sold a 214 acre farm on the Pohatconk Creek to Peter Miller of Waston, PA., for $4,996. In 1836 he removed with his family to De Pere, Wis. For a year or two after arriving there he operated a farm owned by his brother-in-law, John Penn Arndt. He then took up land on the west side of the Fox River and was the first settler in that section. In connection with his farm he operated a ferry."
Children of Robert Stewart and Sarah Carpenter are:
  40 i.   William Maxwell Stewart, born April 22, 1810 in Greenwich, Sussex County, NJ; died September 21, 1881 in Wisconsin; married Rachel Carpenter June 1834.
  ii.   Sarah Ann Stewart58, born 1808.
  iii.   Abraham Stewart58, born 1812.
  iv.   Elizabeth Stewart58, born 1815.
  v.   Caroline Stewart58, born 1817.
  vi.   Mary Stewart58, born 1819.
  vii.   Robert Stewart58, born 1821.
  viii.   Joseph Stewart58, born 1823.
  ix.   Theodore Stewart58, born 1826.
  x.   Ellen Stewart58, born 1828.
  xi.   Harriet Stewart58, born 1830.
  xii.   Charles Stewart58, born 1833.
  xiii.   Matilda Stewart58, born 1835.

      82. Joseph A. Carpenter He married 83. Sarah A. wife of Joseph A. Carpenter.

      83. Sarah A. wife of Joseph A. Carpenter
Child of Joseph Carpenter and Sarah Carpenter is:
  41 i.   Rachel Carpenter, married William Maxwell Stewart June 1834.

      94. Wilhelm Roellig58,59, born in Germany.

Notes for Wilhelm Roellig:
From Lulu Wolford Stewart's handwritten genealogical note:
"From Germany. Wilhelm Roellig. A musician, organist in Catholic Cathedral. he was a Catholic - taught in parochial school he and his wife had."

From Helen Louise Stewart Conyers' typed genealogical notes:
"Wilhelm Roellig organist Roman Catholic Church. Emigrated from Germany. (As his wife lay dying, he called the priest who arrived too late to administer the last rites and refused consecrated burial. The family left the church."

Children of Wilhelm Roellig are:
  i.   Pauline Frey Roellig60
  ii.   Mary Hussa Roellig60
  47 iii.   Wilhemina Roellig, married Herman Freise
  iv.   Wilhelm Roellig Jr.60
  v.   Julia Laupe Roellig60

      96. James Fields Crabtree, born Abt. 1780 in Washington Co., VA; died July 03, 1860 in VA. He was the son of 192. James Crabtree and 193. Rhoda. He married 97. Docia Smith/Smyth January 20, 1803.

      97. Docia Smith/Smyth, born Bef. 1800; died 1837 in Washington Co., VA.
Child of James Crabtree and Docia Smith/Smyth is:
  48 i.   Gabriel S. Crabtree, born 1816 in Washington Co., VA; died Aft. 1879; married Sarah Joplin December 06, 1839.

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