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View Tree for Leonarde Marine LinchausenLeonarde Marine Linchausen (b. 26 Sep 1809, d. 25 Oct 1846)

Leonarde Marine Linchausen (daughter of Ditlev Anton Linchausen and Henrikke Olina Brunn) was born 26 Sep 1809 in Brettnesnes, Lofoten Islands, Norway, and died 25 Oct 1846 in Lyngvaer, Lofoten Islands, Nordland, Norway. She married Johan Peter Bordewich on 16 Dec 1827 in Vagan Parish, Kabelvag, Nordland, Norway, son of Hans Heinrich Bordewich and Anna Magdalene Johnsdtr Tiller.

 Includes NotesNotes for Leonarde Marine Linchausen:
Died six dys after giving birth to last child who lived about th
ree weeks
LDS 307117
Brettesnes which was the homestead of the Linchausen family wa ssold in the eighteen seventies and the Linchausens who at tha ttime were living there were old and childless people. (Not true per Guttorm Flygel)Ancestors of Leonharde Marine Linkhausen.Leonharde Marine Linkhausen born 26 september 1809 in Brettesnes in Vgan, died 25 oktober 1846 in Lyngvr in Vgan. She was married to Johan Peter Bordewich.Ditlev Anton Linkhausen born 10 August 1782, in Lebeck outside Gelting in Schleswig, Germany. He was born with his name writte nDetlef Anthon Linckhusen, and he was child 4 out of 10. Afte rhe came to Norway he always wrote his name Ditlev Anthon Linkhausen. He was a dealer and got married in Bod 29 june 1807 with Henricha Olina Bruun from Bergen. According to the census 1801 for Trondheim Ditlev worked as a general store boy together with his brother Christian Friederich (b. 6 september 1777) who was a clerk. They lived in the same flat in Kibmandsgaden 11, Trondheim. Christians name is in the census 1801 written Linkersen.They must have come to Trondheim around 1799. Ditlevs brother Christian Friederich took citizenry in Trondheim in 1804 as a storekeeper, and he then stated he was born in Holstein (Holstein and Schleswig belonged to Denmark from 1767-1815). He is not to be found later in Trondheim, so it is possible he has moved to another place. Christian Friederich has probably died before 1820, because Ditlev then get a son who gets the name Christian Fredrik. It is reasonable to expect that he was named after his uncle who then was dead. When Hans Geelmuyden had started Det Trondhjemske Fiskeretablissement (fishery-establishment), could the always active wholesale dealer Vogelsang get Geelmuyden a buy-journey-man who could stand for the general store. In a letter from 1. September 1804 he wrote: "The little Linkhausen I would have wanted you; he looks like a quiet youth and, what I understand, he is the very man to use in a general store, where he now have spent his time for five years" Vogelsang suggested he got a salary of 60 riksdaler and free board and wash with prospect to increase in salary if he made himself deserve it. Ditlev Anthon Linkhausen then came to Hundholmen (in Bod) the same autumn. I n1804 Geelmuyden had competed out Anders Bruun in Nyholmen (i nBod) as a receiver of stockfishcargos. When his own clerk Ditlev Linkhausen 27 september 1806 bought among other things the houses in the commersial place Nyholmen and the parts in the farm Nedre Rnvik (in Bod) on 3 vger (old measuring system) from Anders Bruun, Geelmuyden could borrow him the whole amount o n1500 daler. On the farm Ditlev himself could have stood for th ework with the land. It does not look like any of the loan wa spaid back, and he came only to be holding with the propertys for three years. I 1807 Ditlev married with Henricha Olina Bruun, and their best men was Hans Geelmuyden and Marchus Hegge. 22 .September 1809 Ditlev sold his part on 3 vger in the farm Nedre Rnvik for 150 Rdr Dansk kurant (Danish money) and the houses on Nyholmen to Hans Geelmuyden for 1500 rd. After that it was the end with the independent commercial activity on Nyholmen .Ditlev moved from Nyholmen to Brettesnes in 1809. On 27. Aug ust1811 Geelmuyden got license as a landlord on Brettesnes. H e lethis foreman Ditlev Anthon Linkhausen manage the place. I t wasnow stated that Brettesnes should be official recidense fo r thebailiff. When the property was valued in 1815, the buildin gswas valued to 527 rd. After the bailiff Prytz by exchange o freal estate with the farm Husby had become the owner of Brettesnes, he sold 25. April 1823 the farm Brettesnes who was on 2 vger, "with all buildings belonging to a farm, together with al lthe underlying rights and glorys as well as cotter`s farm Guldvig (in Brettesnes) and Fremersvig (in Brettesnes)" to Ditlev Linkhausen for 2000 Spd. In the contract of sale it was also agreed on a yearly support of the farm to bailiff Prytz: 4 barrels barley, 2 barrels rye, 2 voger (old measuring weight) butter, 4 voger fresh meat in the autumn, yearly support who should be pai dto bailiff Prytz and that should be a mortgage in the farm whomever it may be owned by as long as he lived. The support and the yearly tax was valued to 800 spd. When Det Trondhjemske Fiskerietablissement should be dissolved, it showed when Linkhausen wanted to take over the place in 1823, that the formal and real owner was not the same person. Then Geelmuyden declared, who no wwas a storekeeper in Trondheim, that if the fishery-establishment not wanted to continue on the place, then it was him that had the license, and that he would not give away. It was not taken regard to that, and Linkhausen could take over Brettesnes. He got deed on Brettesnes with houses, furniture and livestock for a purchase price of 7500 spd. He was to take over as a owne r1. Januar 1824. On 5. Juni 1826 he made a contract with the local fishermen (Store and Lille Molla and also in Austnesfjorden). Linkhausen tempted a miserable existence as a businessman an dwent bankrupt in 1831. His son Edvard took over in 1835. Th eadministration of the estate of bankrupt started 23. Juli 183 1and ended 7. Oktober 1835. First time registration and valuation of furniture, movables and propertys showed a value on 7661 spd. 4 ort 18 skilling. The debt was at the same time in all on 9792 spd. 9 skilling. The registration shows among other thing sa number of objects of silver, copper, tin and brass. It show salso a lot of furniture, movables, houses and buildings on th eproperty. Ditlev have also had a big farm, when the registration shows that he had 9 cows, 1 bull, 1 heifer, 3 calfs, 20 milking goats, 1 he-goat, 12 young goats, 4 sheeps, 2 lambs, 1 grey horse 14 years old, 1 black cut horse, 2 sows and 1 hog. Ditle vAnthon several times got the final realisation of the propert ydelayed because he had hope to get an agreement with the mai ncreditors. It should show he did not manage that. His ship "Den Gode Hensikt" ( the good intention) was estimated to 2200 spd. It was decided that it should be a auction sale. First time auction the offer was 1200 spd which was not accepted and because of that it was a second auction and then the offer was 1800 spd who was accepted. Among the many claims, was a claim from Ditlevs two sons who claimed outstanding debt of salary " as soon as possible paid out in money". Their claim was in all 268 sp d 2ort 16 skilling. When it finally was claryfied that Ditlev d idnot manage to get an agreement with the main creditors, it wa salso decided that it was to be held an auction over furniture ,movables and propertys. First time auction was not accepted and last time auction over furniture, movables and propertys wa sheld in Brettesnes 29. November 1834. It was then sold for 251 8spd. 93 skilling. Since the start of the administration of estate of bankrupt 23. Juli 1831 there had come in more bills and claims to the property, and it now showed an outlay of in all 11175 spd. 2 ort 23 skilling. At the same time the income of the sale of the furnitures, movables, properys and the ship showed i nall 5727 spd. 4 ort 12 skilling. With that the property was bankrupt with 5448 spd. 2 ort 11 skilling. Among the many who go toutlayd their claims was Edvard Linchausen with 30 spd and Ditlev Henrik Linchausen with 60 spd. Biggest outlayd claim was Det Trondhjemske Handels og Firkerietablissement with 3946 spd 4 ort 15 skilling. The administration of the estate was finally finished and signed 7. Oktober 1835. The decedent estate after Ditlev Anthon was held in Lofoten circuit judge office 12. November 1844. The estate showed an income in all on 138 spd. 1 ort 1 6skilling. The outlay was in all on 162 spd. 1 ort 21 skilling.The property was bankrupt with 24 spd. 5 skilling. Of the income got among others Edvard Linchausen 30 spd to cover the funeral expenses. Ditlev Anthon Linkhausen died 2. Juni 1843. Henricha Olina Bruun born 2. August 1789 in Bergen. Died 6. Desember 1861 in Brettesnes. Children: Ditlev Henrik, Magdalene Margrethe ,Leonharde Marine, Edvard, Anne Margrethe and Christian Fredrik .Henricha lived on Svellingen in Ldingen at her son Ditlev Henrik in 1848.Detlef Anton Linckhusen baptised 23 january 1739 in Niesgrau, Schleswig in Germany, died 10. June 1809 in Gelting, Schleswig i nGermany. Detlef was a tailor in Lebeck just outside of Gelting .Anna Margret Srensen born 23 november 1754 in Gelting, Schleswig in Germany, Died ? Germany. Children: Hans Hinrich, Christia nFriederich, Johan Bernd, Detlef (Ditlev) Anthon, Thomas Diedrich, Anna Margaretha, Hinrich Anthon, Cay Adolph, Peter Friederich and Magdalene Margaretha.Anders Olsen Brue born in Sunnfjord in Sogn og Fjordane abt. 1759. Anders was a skipper and got married to Anne Maria Andersdatter Bruun. Anders died 9. April 1824 in Bergen. He had first served in the military, but he got dismissed because of rupture i n1780. He is written to Sunnfjord and is called Brue when he bought house and took citizenship as a small grocer in Bergen in 1787.He must have taken name after a farm or place, Brua is among other an old name on Svan in Kinn. Later Anders must have got citizenship as a skipper in Bergen. He later called himself Andrea sBruun ( surname after his wife), and he got hold of a sloop "Chatarina" and started traffic on Nordland in the 1790`s. In th eSalten district it was at that time frequent supply of herring .But this supply of herring was not exploited. In the shining nights the herring did not go into the fishing nets, and that was the only tool that was used. Nobody owned or understood how to use closing nets. Here had Anders Bruun, after what the regional commissioner could tell, done a good job. He had for severa lyears carried on a considerable fishing in great scale outsid eBod and sold the profit with good earning in Bergen. In 179 7he paid, in accordance with a general witness for Bod fjerding, tax of 300 barrels with herring. Two years later we can see that two of his sailors on his ship "Chatarina" - "belonging to Bergen and decided for the fisherys here in the Northlands" - had made mutiny, and this did not happen without any fuss. Same year (1799) he applied for landlord license in Rnvikberget (in Bod)- the old Trondheims citizen place who now had been lying wasted for over 40 years. He had got permission to set up houses there, and 31. Oktober 1801 he got license as a landlord and on farmer trading on Rnvikberget. It was the following years he go thold of 3 vger lands in Ner-Rnvika. If the local people wa svery enthusiastic that Anders Bruun settled down in the neighbourhood, is rather questionable. 20. Mai 1803 Anders got the bailiff to forbid intruders to fish in Rnvikbukta and the bay at Rnvikberget. Anders thought that out of the privilege as a landlord it was he who should have the monopoly here. But he had found out that is was more comfortable to do trading elsewhere, so he settled down on Nyholmen (in Bod). Madam Sverdrup, who had monopoly on trading on Hundholmen (in Bod), made a complain to the regional commissioner that Anders Bruun had "taken harbor just outside her door with all kinds of trading both with purchas eand sale". The regional commissioner commanded him to stay t oRnvikberget, without Anders to follow this command. Still h ewas living in Bergen in the wintertime, but was trading from Nyholmen. The active Anders Bruun seems to long have succeeded rather well in his financial enterprises. And the regional commissioner Hegge showed him great goodwill. After the crop failure in 1802 there was lack of food in Lofoten, and 25. Mars 1803 th eregional commissioner gave permission to Anders Bruun so tha the could sell grain and other food out in the fishing villages .He recommended beyond that the interest chamber to give such permission to more of the ships. Anders did not start up so little in Nyholmen. He got build up farmhouse, cottage, pier and boat-house on the place, and an important reason that he could start up with so much, was that he had the vicar Arnoldus Schytte at his back. The summer 1804 the Nyholm-mercenary draw a bond o n499 rd to Arnoldus with guarantee in both the land in Ner-grden and the houses on Nyholmen. But the competition from the ne wpartnership on Hundholmen have surely as time went, taken th ewind out of the sails from Anders Bruun. In 1804 the foreman there had to follow him when it came to purchase prices on roun dfish,- 10 mark, later 9 mark 8 skilling a vg- but it was to Hundholmen the fishermen was seeking, and this development can have to do with Anders Bruun himself. Around 10. Juli 1804 the foreman had got hold of 1000 vger, while Anders Bruun had not bought more than 50. On 27. September 1806 Anders sold the commercial place in Nyholmen and the parts in the farm Nedre Rnvik o n3 vger in an amount in all for 1500 rd to his coming son-in-law Ditlev Anthon Linkhausen. In his private he fail in life. His wife had left the home, and in 1804 Anders had moved together with Marta Kjellsdatter, and the couple first lived on Nyholmen. In 1804 Kjell Ingebrigtsen from Eide came to take his daughter home. He had heard that she was pregnant. But Marta had become very noble and would not admit that an ordinary fisherman wa sher father. The man knew her, she said, but she did not know the man. Then he put his sea-mitten up in her face and said: "D oyou now know your father?!". In 1806 Anders and his wife; Ann eMaria, agreed to divorce. He complaid that she was addicted t odrinking and disorderly, and she had already been away from their home almost two years. In November 1808 Marta and Anders moved out to Vokkya (island outside Bod), where they rented a house with room, chamber and kitchen from Hans Jakobsen. But thi sshould come a high price to the Vokkya-farmer. 1. Mai 1809 there was taken up to examination on the occation of that the money box of Hans Jakobsen had been stolen and broken up. They had later found it on the beach. The box contained 1- and 5 daler notes cash, but they was not so easy to see any longer. Johanna Johannesdatter, who was 12 years old and had been at Anders Bruun as a foster child since she was 6, told that Anders in the afternoon 3. April 1809 had come carrying with some papers that he throw into the stove. He had the same day carried an old box in t othe chamber, and later Johanna heard that he was breaking on something. But Anders refused everything, and Hans in Vokkya never saw his daler notes again. After this Vokkaya was no plac eto stay for skipper Bruun. While Marta and he had lived on Nyholmen, she had born two sons, and in Vokkya a girl came to world. Then Anders probably had already gone away, and while the two oldest sons is written in the churchbook with false fathers- sailors who probably was sailing with Anders Bruun- this time i twas no doubt. Anders was written as the father. Their three childrens name was: Kasper, Anton and Lydia. 26. november 1811 Anders quit his citizenship as a small grocer, but took new citizenship as a skipper. During the war years he sailed with his sloop in carrying trade beetween Arkhangelsk-Finnmark-Bod and Bergen with grain. 6. Desember 1813 in Bergen he got married to the widow Sophie Giertsen, born Dikke. In the census 1815 for Berge nwe find Anders marked as a citizen/skipper and houseowner. 7 .Anne Maria Andersdatter Bruun born 18. November 1757 in Berg endied 1813 in Bergen. She got married to Anders Olsen Bru e 3november 1785 in Bergen. Anne Maria and Anders had these children: Inger Olina, Henricha Olina and Ole Andreas. Christian Friederich Linckhusen born ? died ? Pommerby?, Schleswig in Germany. He was a schoolmaster in Dttebull. Anna Johansen Grot born abt. 1697 in Niesgrau, Schleswig in Germany died 8 april 176 5in Gelting, Schleswig in Germany. Thomas Srensen born ? Die d? He was a carpenter in Pommerby. Anna Christina Harms bor n ?died? Anders Otthesen Bruun Born ? died ? Married in Berge n29. Juni 1755 with Henriche Larsdatter Sebech. He was a sailor .Henriche Larsdatter Sebech born? died? Johan Grot born ? die d? He was a hoofbeater in Niesgrau. 19. Margret NN born ? died?Courtesy of: Guttorm Flygel Hergott E-6, 224 8517 Narvik Norway.

More About Leonarde Marine Linchausen:
Burial: 05 Nov 1846, Vgan Church, Kabelvag, Lofoten Islands, Norway.
Education: Common School.
Occupation: @N230@.
Record Change: 29 Aug 2003

More About Leonarde Marine Linchausen and Johan Peter Bordewich:
Marriage: 16 Dec 1827, Vagan Parish, Kabelvag, Nordland, Norway.

 Includes NotesMarriage Notes for Leonarde Marine Linchausen and Johan Peter Bordewich:

Children of Leonarde Marine Linchausen and Johan Peter Bordewich are:
  1. Johan Petter Bordewich, b. 08 Sep 1828, Lyngvaer, Lofoten Island, NO, d. 03 Jun 1913, Offerso, Lodingen Parish, Nordland, Norway.
  2. Antoinette Henrikke Bordewich, b. 10 Dec 1829, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway, d. 08 Apr 1930, Nottero, Norway.
  3. Anna Magdalena Bordewich, b. 30 Aug 1832, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway, d. 26 Dec 1854, Bergen, Bergen, Norway.
  4. Hans Henrik Bordewich, b. 17 Dec 1834, Vgan, Lofoten Islands, Nordland, Norway, d. 17 Dec 1893, Lofoten Islands, Norway.
  5. Elise Sophie Bordewich, b. 19 Jan 1837, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway, d. 13 Aug 1861, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway.
  6. Hans Jorgen Bordewich, b. 04 Dec 1837, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway, d. 08 Dec 1837, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway.
  7. +Johan Henrik "Luis" Bordewich, b. 30 Mar 1839, Vgan, Lofoften Islands, Nordland, Norway, d. 19 Jan 1924, Chicago, Cook, IL.
  8. Wilhelm Julius Bordewich, b. 01 Jan 1841, Lyngvaer, Vaagan Parish, Nordland, NO, d. 03 Jul 1853, Lyngvaer, Vaagan Parish, Nordland, NO.
  9. Jorgen Christian Bordewich, b. 29 Jun 1842, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway, d. 06 Jun 1899, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway.
  10. Lars Nickolai "Henry" Bordewich, b. 19 Jan 1844, Lyngvaer, Lofoten, Nordland, Norway, d. 19 Mar 1912, Christiana (Oslo), Norway.
  11. Leonharde Marine Bordewich, b. 19 Oct 1846, Vaagan, Nordland, Norway, d. 04 Nov 1846, Lyngvaer, Vaagan Parish, Nordland, NO.
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