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Ancestors of Lois Jean Gilbert

Generation No. 8

      160. Thomas Ward, born July 23, 1715; died December 31, 1799. He was the son of 320. Thomas Ward and 321. Rebecca Burnham. He married 161. Elizabeth Lathlee.

      161. Elizabeth Lathlee, born 1725; died August 03, 1796.

Notes for Thomas Ward:
Thomas will dated May 28, 1798, porbated Jan. 27, 1800, named his five sons in order of birth and his four daughters by their married surnames. Sons Joshua and Asael Ward were to be executors with witnesses Ebenezer Gilbert, Jeremiah Bacon and John Cane Middletown probate 7:1.\\

Three of Thomas's sons and at least one daughter moved to Oneida County, New York, and settled in the vicinity of Floyd, Utica and Holland Patent, as evidenced by county land records and inscriptions in the Holland Patent Cemetery.
Children of Thomas Ward and Elizabeth Lathlee are:
  80 i.   Amos Ward, born December 11, 1763 in Middletown, Connecticut; died January 18, 1825; married Abigail Shepherd August 31, 1797 in Stratford, Connecticut.
  ii.   Elisha Ward, born April 16, 1751.
  iii.   Rebecca Ward, born May 06, 1753; died April 12, 1825; married James McKain October 05, 1788.
  Notes for Rebecca Ward:
She was called Rebecca Cane in her father's will. The records show that before her marriage bore a daughter, Hannah Jubbard, who m. Aug. 20 1797 John Ward, a native of near Portland, Me. By 1810 Hannah had changed her name to Roseanna Middletown Deeds 40:485 where Rebecca Mckwin deed her daughter Roseanna Ward. Roseanna Ward's estate was distributed Dec. 4, 1847 to T.W., Frances E., Lucinda E., E.S., and S.P. Ward Middletown Probate 17:439\\\

  iv.   Ruth Ward, born May 02, 1756; married Daniel Hamlin; born July 22, 1755.
  Notes for Daniel Hamlin:
Daniel was a Revolutionary soldier and removed with his family to Oneida County, N.Y.

  v.   Thomas Ward, born April 16, 1758.
  Notes for Thomas Ward:
Was mention in his father's will, but no other records were found on him.

  vi.   Elisha Ward, born April 16, 1758; died June 06, 1813; married Abigail Churchill.
  Notes for Elisha Ward:
In 1786 Elisha sold some land to his father "adjoining Hornet's Bay" Middletown Deeds 27:303. Elisha bought land in Oneida Co., N.Y. Dec. 21, 1812 Oneida Co. Deeds 21:720 and probably is the one listed in Middleburg, Schoharie Co., N.Y. in the U.S. Census of 1800.\\\\

  vii.   Joshua Ward, born 1759; married Mary Stow October 24, 1782.
  Notes for Joshua Ward:
Purchased land in Oneida Co., N.Y. , 21:357\

  viii.   Elizabeth Ward, born May 25, 1760.
  Notes for Elizabeth Ward:
In father will she is called Elizabeth Foster.

  ix.   Bethia Ward, born August 08, 1762; died August 20, 1762.
  x.   Thomas Ward, born October 10, 1769; died April 1770.
  xi.   Sarah Ward, born September 01, 1771; married Eber Blakesly January 31, 1788.
  xii.   Asanel Ward, born January 02, 1774; died 1858; married Patience Hamlin August 28, 1796.

      240. David Sr. Beebe, born Abt. 1763 in New London Co., CT; died April 02, 1831 in Brookfield, Madison County, New York. He was the son of 480. Ezekial Jr. Beebe and 481. Mary McMullen. He married 241. Esther Langdon March 17, 1784 in Wilbraham, Hampden Co., MA.

      241. Esther Langdon, born April 17, 1763 in Wilbraham, Hampden Co., MA; died Bef. 1810.

Notes for David Sr. Beebe:
Following info. from Billie C. Reynold's "The BEEBE Family....."
David Beebe served in the Revolutionary War from Wilbraham, enlisting 30 June 1781 for 3 years. At that time he is described as 17 years of age, 6 feet tall, light complexion and hair. His occupation was farmer. David applied for a pension in 1818 (signed name). In 1820, he also signs and states that he is 56 years old and has young children living with him (Esther, Harry, Orin, John Lewis).
Esther Peet applies for a widow's pension, stating they were married 28 Sept. 1810 in DeRuyter (Madison Co., New York).
Land records for our David Beebe are nonexistent in Madison County. Jan Beebe states, "Much more work needs to be done in Madison and Oneida Counties."

Children of David Beebe and Esther Langdon are:
  120 i.   Philo Beebe, born Bet. 1795 - 1798 in New York or Massachusetts; died July 21, 1869 in Washington County, Oregon; married Laura Melinda Franklin Abt. 1819 in Brookfield, Madison County, New York.
  ii.   Ruth Beebe, born December 06, 1784.
  iii.   Lydia Beebe, born December 02, 1786.
  iv.   Pliney Beebe, born June 15, 1789.
  v.   Cyphrenia Beebe, born July 25, 1791.
  vi.   Vashty Beebe, born May 08, 1794.
  vii.   David Jr. Beebe, born 1803; married Amy Franklin.
  viii.   Jonathan Beebe, born 1804.
  ix.   Alexander Beebe, born 1806.
  x.   Henry L. Beebe, born 1808.
  xi.   Erastus M. Beebe, born 1809.
  xii.   Esther Beebe, born 1809.

      242. William Franklin, born Abt. 1766 in Cicero, New York; died July 08, 1840 in Brookfield, New York. He was the son of 484. Benjamin Franklin. He married 243. Sarah Spencer.

      243. Sarah Spencer, born April 16, 1773 in West Greenwich, R.I.; died December 01, 1823 in Brookfield, New York. She was the daughter of 486. Col. Randall Spencer and 487. Rhonda Greene.
Children of William Franklin and Sarah Spencer are:
  121 i.   Laura Melinda Franklin, born February 1801 in Brookfield, Madison County, New York; died September 05, 1854 in Berlin, St. Clair County, Michigan, probably; married Philo Beebe Abt. 1819 in Brookfield, Madison County, New York.
  ii.   Syble Franklin, born 1783.
  iii.   John Franklin, born 1783.
  iv.   Thankful Franklin, born 1795.
  v.   Benjamin Franklin, born 1798.
  vi.   Spencer Franklin, born 1804.
  vii.   Amy Franklin, born 1806.
  viii.   Sallie Franklin, born 1808.
  ix.   William Franklin, born 1811; died 1895; married (1) Laura Wilson October 07, 1834; married (2) Nancy Peavy 1876.
  x.   Rhoda Franklin, born 1813.
  xi.   Polly Franklin, born 1815.

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