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Descendants of Daniel Shedd

Generation No. 6

      25. Horace6 Woods (Asenath5 Shedd, Daniel4, Daniel3, Nathan2, Daniel1) was born February 18, 1799 in Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts18,19, and died April 25, 1879. He married Sarah Nowatima Bef. 1832. She was born Abt. 1815 in Mississippi20, and died April 04, 1863.

Notes for Horace Woods:
From History of Indian Territory:
"Horace Woods, a native of Massachusetts, who, while on his way from Texas to his old home in the Bay state, stopped in the Choctaw Nation in order to obtain work, for his funds had been exhausted. He was induced to remain, married a Choctaw woman and here raised his family."

Alternate birth dates are given as 1801 or 1806. The 1806 birthdate lists places as Pepperell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

From the Daniel Shed Genealogy, p. 123: "Horace Woods ran away from home when ten years old, went west, lived among the Choctaw Indians in Kansas, married a squaw and had a large family; visited Pepperell once after an absence of forty years."

From Chronicles of Oklahoma, volume ?, p. 58:
"After her [Angeline Wade] death, he [Gilbert Dukes] married Isabella, a daughter of Horace Woods, a white man who was a native of Massachusetts where he was born in 1801. He died in the old Indian Territory in April, 1878. His father, Stephen Woods, was a soldier of the Revolution. Isabella Dukes nee Woods passed away on November 1, 1922 and is buried in the Post Oak Cemetery."

More About Horace Woods:
Burial: Unknown, Woods Cemetery, LeFlore County, Oklahoma
Census: 1860, Doaksville, Towson County (61 yrs old, farmer from Mass.)21
Occupation: Farmer
Residence: Abt. 1809, Ran away from home & went west22

Notes for Sarah Nowatima:
Wife of
H. Woods
Apr. 1, 1863
48 yrs.

From the "History of Indian Territory" the maternal ancestry of Nowatima's family goes back to the early aboriginal days, but a complete record cannot be given. They were long-lived people, her grandfather having lived to the age of one hundred and twenty-five.

From "An Account of My Escape from the South in 1861" by John Edwards, published in The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. 43, p. 58-89:
Monday morning the people came again in large numbers. Some brought articles for the missionary. Among them was Mrs. Woods, a full-blood Choctaw, the wife of a white man, whose home was two or three miles from the station. She told me of threats which had been made against me. A young man, a half-breed, King Folsom by name, who had spent several years in California, and had returned the February before, had made them. She advised me to leave, going east to the Arkansas line, and take the line road Northward.

'I went to Governor Wade, with whom Folsom was stopping, and made inquiries of him in regard to the matter. The situation did not seem so threatening as it had appeared to Mrs. W. As my safe conduct was for myself and family I deemed it safe for me to do my traveling in their company. So I concluded to remain and await their coming unless matters should assume a more threatening aspect.

'.....The horses needed shoeing so with George I took them immediately over to Mr. Woods, who had a blacksmith shop, to be shod. When I got there I saw King Folsom in their back yard talking with their daughter Sophia, who had been in our family while attending school at Wheelock, and had become greatly attached to Mrs. E. generally calling her "Mother". As soon as Folsom had left, having learned that Mrs. E. had come, she mounted her pony and ran him over in hot haste to the station. As soon as she greeted Mrs. E she exclaimed, "Mother, what shall we do for Mr. Edwards?"

'"Why Sophia, what is the matter?" She then told of the threats which King Folsom had made to her in regard to me. He had just written letters and sent them over into the Arkansas District, through which we would have to pass. He was himself going over the next day. I and the other gentlemen of the party would be taken back to our own homes, and there hung.

'This gave matters a very serious look. That night after my return we held a "Council of War", over the thing. The upshot of it was that we armed a young Choctaw man, Washington Thompson, with a revolver and sent him out to inquire into the matter. He went to one of the elders of the church and told him the story. He promised to look into it. At daybreak the elder went to Gov. Wade's and charged Folsom with it. Folsom denied it and wanted to know who had told him. "Washington Thompson." Forthwith he came to the station and asked Washington who had told him. "Mrs. Edwards." Then he wanted to see Mrs. Edwards, and asked who had told her. "Sophia told me but you must not trouble Sophia on account of it." He denied it, and said that in proof of it, he would go with us as far as we went through the Choctaw country, and see that we passed without even being questioned."

More About Sarah Nowatima:
Burial: Unknown, Bohanon Cemetery, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

More About Horace Woods and Sarah Nowatima:
Marriage: Bef. 1832
Children of Horace Woods and Sarah Nowatima are:
+ 31 i.   Stephen7 Woods, born Abt. 1832 in Indian Territory; died 1889.
  32 ii.   Israel Woods, born Bet. 1833 - 1840; died Unknown.
  33 iii.   James Woods, born Bet. 1833 - 1840; died Unknown.
+ 34 iv.   Sarah Woods, born Abt. 1834; died March 12, 1900.
  35 v.   Martha Woods, born January 1837 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma; died Unknown.
  Notes for Martha Woods:
Dawes card #2204

+ 36 vi.   Sophia Woods, born Abt. 1840; died Unknown.
+ 37 vii.   Benjamin James Woods, born March 20, 1841 in Kiamichi Valley, Indian Territory; died August 26, 1907.
+ 38 viii.   Margaret Susan Woods, born May 1841 in Indian Territory; died Unknown.
+ 39 ix.   Mary Catherine Woods, born Abt. 1848; died Unknown.
+ 40 x.   Isabella Woods, born September 1854 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma; died November 01, 1922.
  41 xi.   John H. Woods, born April 29, 185823; died May 27, 191123.
  Notes for John H. Woods:
Census card #2095

  More About John H. Woods:
Burial: Unknown, Woods Cemetery, near Whitesboro, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

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