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The Tena & Goyeneche Family of Sonora

Updated May 25, 2014

Deborah Adams Tena de Rogers

Tucson, Arizona

I am no longer able to upload reports, but descendant outlines can be found under "Files" near the bottom of the page. (2/12/2011)

Thank you for visiting my webpage. I am searching for members of the Tena or Goyeneche Family from Alamos, Sonora Mexico. Please scroll down to view family portraits, reports, and links.

ADDITIONAL RELATED SURNAMES: Miranda, Montiel, Murrieta, Gil Lamadrid (Gil de Lamadrid or Gil de la Madrid), Gamez (Games), Gaxiola, Perez de Tagle (Peres de Tagle), Robinson Bours, Ruy Sanchez, Almada, Acosta, Valensuela, Quiros, Padilla y Arnao, Fox, Figueroa, De Gongora, De Astorga, Corral, Esquer, De Reyes, Dias.

TENA: It has been noted that our earliest known Tena ancestor is Jose Ignacio Tena (married in 1789)and was a native of Celaya. This information was found in the family book written by Ernest Koch in 1901; "A Short History of the Families of Ernest J. Koch and Rafaela Robinson Bours" and is also referenced in Ignacio's wedding record. We are currently searching for the missing piece of information that would connect Ignacio Tena with the other Tena family originating from Celaya. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

THANK YOU to the following who have made our family tree research possible; Luz Beatriz Tena Goyeneche de Gordon (U.S.), Joseph Tena Goyeneche+(U.S), Enrique Robinson Bours Almada(Mx), Miguel Echenique (PuertoRico/Spain), John Dumas (U.S.), Raymond Goyeneche (U.S.), Anthony Goyeneche+ (U.S.), Josï¿S Sanchez (Spanish Heraldry) (U.S.), Juan Mariano Goyeneche (Spain), Maira de Goyeneche (Spain), Ernesto Ruy Sanchez (Mx), Guadalupe Almada Tena de Rivas (Mx), Federico Robinson Bours Gonzalez (Mx), Carlos Guillermo Tena Figueroa (Mx), Gustavo Tena Hinojosa (Mx), Monica Acosta de Rich (U.S), Maria Alicia Durazo de Teran (U.S.), Enrique Mendoza Cevallos+ (Mx), Maria Del Carmen R. Bours(Mx). Alejandro R. Bours (Mx.), Alfredo Almada Almada (Mx.), Teresa Goycoolea de Aviles (U.S.)

If any family member discovers a discrepancy in my reports, please do not hesitate in letting me know.

Thank you,

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Family Photos

  • Grandparents 1923 Wedding Portrait (41 KB)
    Portrait of Luz Beatriz de Goyeneche Miranda and Joaquin Felix Tena Murrieta on July 6, 1923. They were married in Nogales, Arizona. (Marriage recorded at Sacred Heart Parish in Nogales, AZ.)
  • Ana Maria and Joe Tena Graduation Portrait (26 KB)
    Ana Maria and Joe graduated from Nogales High School; Class of 1945.
  • 1921 Legislative Power of the State of Sonora (54 KB)
    Poderes Legislativo, Ejecutivo y Judicial del Estado de Sonora.; Hermosillo, Mayo de 1921; Joaquin F. Tena Murrieta (Middle Row, 6th from the left)
  • Picnic Gathering (Need Help Identifying Subjects) (101 KB)
    This group picture was found after the death of my grandparents, Joaquin and Luz, and is in perfect condition. No one seems to know the identities of these people. Joaquin F. Tena is seen with his arm extended holding onto a branch of the tree on the right side of the picture. If you can help identify anyone else in this picture, please notify me. Thank you.
  • Tena and Cota Sisters having Tea (40 KB)
    Left to right: Cota sister, Ana Maria Tena Murrieta, Concepcion Cota Games, Ignacia Tena Murrieta. The Tena sisters were sisters to Joaquin F. Tena
  • Ventura G. Tena Murrieta (187 KB)
    Ventura (1885-abt. 1950) was brother of my grandfather, Joaquin Tena. Ventura was an educator in Mexico.
  • Joaquin Tena with Grandchildren (52 KB)
    Joaquin is seated with his grandchildren from the Tena Salido side of the family. These are the children of Lupita Tena de Almada married to Jose Almada and Gustavo Tena Salido married to Nellie Figueroa. Picture taken about 1951.
  • Mexico Customs Officials (53 KB)
    Joaquin F. Tena with Border Officials. J. F. Tena seated without hat.
  • Juan "Miguel" de Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid(1846-1916) (25 KB)
    Miguel was my Great Grandfather born to Maria Dolores Gil Lamadrid and Santiago de Goyeneche (after his death). Miguel married Ramona Miranda Gamez and had 12 children. Miguel is buried in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.
  • Tombstone of Santiago Fco. de Goyeneche Urrutia (59 KB)
    A LA MEMORIA DE SANTIAGO GOYENECHE natural de Elizóndo Provincia de Navarra España. murio el 4 de Diciembre de 1845 a los 60 años de su edad. Santiago is buried in Alamos, Sonora Mexico. Photo courtesy of Phillip Tena Horner
  • Portrait of Miguel Celedonio Goyeneche Miranda (43 KB)
    Miguel (born; March 3, 1883) was the eldest of twelve children of Juan Miguel de Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid and Ramona Miranda Gamez. He is my grandmother's brother.
  • Maria Tena Murrieta and Angel Mendoza (45 KB)
    Maria Tena Murrieta was the sister of my grandfather, Joaquin.
  • Surprise Guests at the Tena Home (60 KB)
    Sometime around 1945, Joaquin Tena welcomed Gary Cooper and Robert Taylor into his home. Mr. Cooper and Mr. Taylor were seeking visas into Mexico for a hunting trip. Photo taken by Joe Tena.
  • Aduana Fronteriza de Agua Prieta (57 KB)
    Joaquin Tena with staff outside building.
  • Tena Goyeneche Family Photo (50 KB)
    Seated: Joe, Luz, Joaquin, Ana Maria; Standing: Beatriz; Photo courtesy of Joe Tena
  • Ramona Miranda Gamez de Goyeneche (19 KB)
    Ramona M. de Goyeneche was my Great Grandmother married to Juan Miguel de Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid.
  • Yours Truly (35 KB)
    China Poblana (1960); I am the daughter of Ana Maria Tena Goyeneche and Harold L. Adams Hause.
  • Joe Tena with Gregory Peck (43 KB)
    Joe was an extra during the filming of "David and Bathsheba". The movie was filmed near Nogales, Arizona.
  • Ramon Esteban de Goyeneche Miranda (22 KB)
    Ramon was the youngest child of Juan Miguel de Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid and Ramona Miranda. Ramon was my great uncle. Photo courtesy of Raymond Goyeneche Alduenda
  • Guadalupe Tena Salido de Almada (1910-1993) (29 KB)
    My mother's half-sister. She is the daughter of Joaquin F. Tena Murrieta and Guadalupe Salido Mariscal
  • First Communion Photo of Luz B. Tena Goyeneche (42 KB)
    My Aunt describes her First Communion Day as one of the happiest days of her life.
  • Maria Dolores Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid (51 KB)
    This photo was believed to be Manuela, sister of Maria Dolores, but from the consensus from other family members. The conclusion is that it is Maria Dolores Goyeneche Gil married to Isidor Almada. Sister of my Great Grandfather, Juan Miguel Goyeneche Gil.
  • Jesus Rafael Tena Goyeneche (Joe Tena) (32 KB)
    Joe is my uncle and son of Joaquin Tena Murrieta and Luz B. Goyeneche Miranda
  • Tomas R. Bours Goyeneche & T. R. Bours Monteverde (27 KB)
    Portrait of Tomas Robinson Bours Goyeneche and his young son, Tomas Robinson Bours Monteverde. Tomas R. Bours Goyeneche is the son of Manuela Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid and Thomas Robinson Bours. (Photo courtesy of Maria del Carmen R. Bours de Morales)
  • Luz Beatriz de Goyeneche Miranda (7 KB)
    Luz (1893-1992) is my grandmother married to Joaquin Tena. She was the daughter of Juan "Miguel" de Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid and Ramona Miranda Gamez.
  • Carlos Tena Figueroa with Family (48 KB)
    My relatives in Hermosillo, Sonora; My Aunt Nelly, my cousin Carlos with his wife and sons.
  • Wedding Portrait of Maria Acosta & Jesus Durazo (102 KB)
    Maria Acosta and Jesus Durazo were married in Douglas, Arizona in 1924. Maria is the granddaughter of Carmen Gamez. Carmen Gamez is the sister of my great great grandmother, Margarita Gamez.
  • Parish in Minas Nuevas, Sonora (41 KB)
    This is the church in which my grandfather, Joaquin Tena, married Guadalupe Salido Mariscal in April, 1906.
  • La Purisima Concepcion Parish in Alamos, Sonora (42 KB)
    Photo taken in July, 2000.
  • Ana Maria Tena Goyeneche (45 KB)
    Ana Maria (1927-1997)is my mother and daughter of Joaquin Tena Murrieta and Luz Goyeneche Miranda.
  • Maria Dolores Goyeneche Miranda (1889-1986) (44 KB)
    Dolores (1889-1986) is my grandmother's sister and daughter of Juan Miguel Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid and Ramona Miranda Gamez.
  • Juan Miguel Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid (115 KB)
    Juan Miguel (1846-1916) is the son of Don Santiago de Goyeneche Urrutia (Navarra, España) and Maria Dolores Gil Lamadrid. Miguel is my Great Grandfather. Photo Courtesy of Luz Tena Goyeneche de Gordon
  • Luz Beatriz Tena Goyeneche (24 KB)
    "Bea" is my aunt and daughter of Joaquin Tena Murrieta and Luz Goyeneche Miranda
  • Wedding Picture of My Parents (45 KB)
    Wedding Picture of my parents, Ana Maria Tena Goyeneche and Harold L. Adams on July 11, 1953 standing outside the brides' home. Flower girl is daughter of Reynaldo Ruiz Serrano of Huatabampo, Sonora.
  • 50th Anniversary In Alamos (82 KB)
    Group Photo of the family Almada-Miranda celebrating the 50th wedding Anniversary of Pedro Almada and Guadalupe Miranda Tena in Alamos, Sonora Mexico. Photo courtesy of Alfredo Almada Almada
  • Portrait of Joaquin F. Tena Murrieta (39 KB)
    Joaquin F. Tena is my grandfather (1881-1969). Mayor, Etchojoa, Sonora, 1910-11, 1911-12; He was captured by Mayo Indians, 1915, when they were rebelling against the Federal Government of Mexico; Representative, State Congress, Sonora, 1920-21; Custom House Collector, Ariz. borders, 1921-31; Head, Game & Fish Comm., San Diego, 1932-35; San Diego C. of C. representing Mexico's Dept. Agr., 1935; Producers Assn. of Rio Mayo Sonora, repr., 1944-57; tax collector, repr., State of Sonora in Nogales, 1937-57.; Lions Club, Nogales Sonora, one of founders. His father capt., Mexico's Nat'l. Army, downfall of Emperor Maximillian; (Information from "Who's Who in Arizona"; 1958)
  • Portrait of Pedro Miranda & Family (32 KB)
    This is a portrait of Pedro Miranda and his wife Aurelia Escalante; children: Amalia, Consuelo, Mariquita, and baby Roberto. Portrait was taken in Hermosillo, Sonora, June 9, 1911. Pedro is the brother of my Great Grandmother, Ramona Miranda Gamez de Goyeneche.
  • Caro Cota Family 1919 (40 KB)
    Brigido Caro & Concha Cota de Caro with Children; Concha, Ernestina, Maria, Laura, Fernando, and Roberto.
  • Tomas Robinson Bours Goyeneche & Family (46 KB)
    This is a portrait of the family of Tomas Robinson Bours Goyeneche(1858-1933)and Angela Monteverde de Bours. Tomas was the son of Manuela Goyeneche Gil de Lamadrid (my Gr. Grandfather's sister) and Tomas Robinson Bours. Tomas and his wife, Angela, were Godparents to his 1st cousin and my grandmother, Luz Beatriz Goyeneche Miranda at her Baptism in 1893. Photo courtesy of Federico Robinson Bours
  • Wedding Portrait of Gustavo Tena Salido (46 KB)
    Gustavo Tena Salido (1914-1979) with his bride, Nellie Figueroa. Gustavo is my mother's half-brother.
  • Portrait of Joaquin Tena Salido (29 KB)
    Joaquin Tena Salido (1912-1990), 3rd child of Joaquin Tena Murrieta and Guadalupe Salido. Joaquin was my mother's half brother.
  • 1921 Portrait of Joaquin Tena Murrieta (26 KB)
    Portrait sent to my grandmother before they were married. Picture is dated by Joaquin as January 16, 1921.
  • Robert Taylor and Gary Cooper Outside Tena Home (28 KB)
    This is for you Aunt Nelly: Robert Taylor is seen preparing to depart from the home of Joaquin Tena (with Gary Cooper in the background). Nogales High School is also visible in the background.
  • José German de Goyeneche Miranda (23 KB)
    José German Goyeneche Miranda (1891-1956) was my grandmother's brother. Photo taken in 1925.
  • Gary Cooper & Robert Taylor Outside the Tena Home (25 KB)
    Gary Cooper and Robert Taylor, with their guide, are standing outside the home of Joaquin Tena. Joaquin can be seen on the far right of the photograph. Photo taken by Joe Tena.
  • Wedding Portrait of Ana Maria Tena & Harold Adams (39 KB)
    From Left to Right: Luz Beatriz Goyeneche de Tena, Doña Dolores Serrano de Ruiz, Ana Maria Tena Goyeneche de Adams, Harold L. Adams, Ignacio Ruiz Serrano, Joaquin F. Tena Murrieta July 11, 1953 - Nogales, Arizona.
  • Joaquin Tena with Tena-Figueroa Grandchildren (83 KB)
    Joaquin Tena photographed with his grandchildren; Gustavo, Sylvia, Rodrigo, Cecilia and Joaquin. Photo courtesy of Gustavo Tena Hinojosa

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