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The Bailey/Bigbee/Burns/Foust/Jones/Rogers/Shaffer Families

Updated August 8, 2011

John Leslie Rogers
767 S. Hebron Ave.
Evansville, Indiana 47714
A-United States

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Family history of John Leslie Rogers dating back as far as research permits! Bigbee family dating as far back as 1550 in England with William Bigby (Bigbee). Rogers family dating back to the late 1700's beginning with Henry James Rogers, Sr. of South Carolina
Foust family dating back to Germany beginning with Johannes Faust(Foust). Shaffer family dating back to Theobald Shaffer(Schaefer) late 1600's Germany. Jones family dating from late 1700's beginning with James Jones, father of Shadrach Jones 1803. Shadrach born in North Carolina and married to Susan Garrigus of Tennessee. Bailey family dating from 1843 beginning with Wilburn Bailey which married Susanna Foust in Jasper County, Missouri in 1874.
Elijah J. Burns born 1775 in Scotland. Very Special Thank You goes out to all those that helped with my Family Research. Fellow Genealogist and loving family members who contributed a great deal of information are: Mrs. Betty Hauser-Bigbee-MO, Mrs. Angie Yeakey-Bigbee-MO(deceased), Larry Bigbee-CA, Mrs. Barbara Bigbee-Bunt-WA(deceased), Lewis Bigbee-MO(deceased), Rollie Bigbee-CA, Debbie Pardew-Barnett-AR, Mrs. Barbara Shaffer-Brown-VA, Mrs. Allison Salzman-Cozzi-CA, Mrs. Betty June Bigbee-Dutton-CA(deceased), Merle Early-AR, Owen Goans-OR, Don Goans-MO(deceased), Mildred Jarvis-Gilbert-TX(deceased), Donna Clemons-Hardy-MO, Violet Riley-Bigbee-Huckleberry-CA, Kieth Alan Jones-MO,Carol Means-Kennedy-KS,Gladys Mitts-Hicks-MO(deceased),Beulah Williams-Lowman-MO,Lynda Maxwell-Williams-OK,Ray Provance-MO, Charles E. RogersIII-CA, Jewell Rogers-Mullick-CA(deceased), Margurate Anna O'Connell-Rogers-AZ(deceased), Martin Palmer and Berniece Albrecht-Palmer(deceased)-CA, Mike and Ruth Palmer-Mayfield-CA, Ivan and Doris Rogers-MO,Billie Anne Bigbee-Rogers-IN, Bob Smith-OH, Gene and Nancy Robinson-CA,Delores Bigbee-Sutch-Weber-CA(deceased), Jon and Nancy Shaffer-CA, Steve and Alice Bigbee-Taylor-IA, Kenneth and Pat Vader-CA,Pearl Griffith-Rogers-MO(deceased),Judy Sears-Warner-MO, Dr. Jim Toney-OK(deceased), Helen Grant-Brown-CA, Suanne Bigbee-Rhea-AR, Steve and Bonnie Howard-TX, Jim King-KY, William H. "Rusty" Rogers-CA, Stephen Mark Calkins-CA,JoAnn Callison-Enterline-OK,Edwin Ray Flowers-OK,Cheryl Irgang-MT,Richard Bigbee Malmos-CA,Ken,Jason,and Jearld Edwards-IN, Robert Foust-CA, Jean Bigbie-Adams-FL,Scott Bailey-NE, Paul Silvey, Don and Joan Bigbee-TX,John Howard-TX, Helen Howard-Culp-TX, Dr. Steve Bigbee-AL, Jack & Ginny Bryan-NY,Rev. Jesse Bigbee-TX, Mrs.Lee Bigbee-Christensen-CA(deceased), Dalton Bigbee-TX,Jacqueline Walters-TX,Leah Dawn Bigbee-Dragovich-AL, Donna M. Bigbee-White-MD, Charles M. Rogers-MO(deceased), Stephen P. Rogers-MO,Rick & Saundra Butler-MO, David Butler-MO, Clyda Carver-WA, Jennifer Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Layton, Carl and Jan Faust-NY, Sharon Clowdus-Huebel,Gilbert Schmitt-IN,Carol Ann France-Keitzer-MI,Susan Marie Bigbee-Rumery, Madlyn Simkulet-TX,John Martinez-CA, Jan Stansberry-CA, Kevin Morgan-SC, Debbie Stansberry-Archuleta-CA, Pam Morgan-Ouzts-SC, Eugene Morgan-SC, Oren Wood, Mrs. Donna Hall, Lori Doerr Turley-TX,Mrs. Mary Bigby-East Anglia/Bigby(England)(deceased),Adron Foust/Mary Alice Jones-AK,Don Barrows-IN, Scott Lilly-VA, Erin Galyean-Ichim-NV,James W. Bigbee II-MD,Mrs. Della Mae Good-OK,Norma June Potter-Hibbard-MO,Terri Loden-Maxwell-TX, Deb Walkenshaw-NE,Betty June Burns-Weaver-CA, Rev. Jarrett Cummings Bigbee-TN, Johnny Nathan Bigbie-PA, Linda McKinney-Harrison,Karen Bailey-Harrington-MN, Lester Grimes-FL, Joyce Early-Counterman-MO, Sharon Cooper-Busler-CA, Marie Searcy-Navarro-TX, Larry Wrinkle-MO,Elmer "Brownie" Bigbee(deceased), Beverly Bigbee-Pearson(deceased), Betty Wasson-Singer-MO, and Kenneth and Joann Ditton-FL. In Memory of my Uncle, Leslie James Bigbee, Jr., my dad Rev. William Theodore Rogers, Sr., and my cousins, Brian Lehman, Michael Leroy Cooper, and John William Baumholser.



Family Photos

  • Shaffer: George and Elizabeth Shaffer (33 KB)
    George Shaffer and Elizabeth Mason-Shaffer, picture taken out of the book History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio. George is my 4th Great Granduncle. Hamer Twp. Highland County, Ohio. Nancy Anna Shaffer-Foust is Georges' sister and my 4th Great Grandmother.
  • Sears/Foust: John Kennedy and Lillian Sears Family (66 KB)
    Pearson Sears, Ruel Sears, Hannah Sears, Stanley Sears, John Kennedy Sears, Lettie Lillian Foust-Sears. Picture given to me by Judith Sears-Warner. Lettie is my 4th cousin, 4 time removed.
  • Bigbee/Sears: Calvin and Judy Warner and Family (22 KB)
    Calvin Warner, Judith Sears-Warner, Becky Hoffman-Warner, Stanley Warner, Mark Hendrickson, Dee Ann Warner-Hendrickson, Hannah Hendrickson. Judith is my 4th cousin, once removed.
  • Bigbee: Jewell Leonald Bigbee and Family (190 KB)
    Jewell Leonald Bigbee, Leona Pearl Elliott-Bigbee, Burton Harold Bigbee, and Lucille Elvira Bigbee. Jewell is my 2nd cousin, 3 times removed. Picture given to me by Lynda Maxwell-Williams the Granddaughter of Jewell Bigbee.
  • Foust: Jacob and Mary Foust (33 KB)
    Jacob "Jake" Foust and Mary Elizabeth Jarvis-Foust. Jacob is my 2nd Great Granduncle, my mother remembers her mother going to stay with "Aunt Mary" when my mother was quite young.
  • Rogers:Cousins in Sedalia, Missouri (11 KB)
    James Gassaway Rogers, Mildred L. Whiteman-Rogers, Albert Pauldin Rogers, Tena Rogers-Wasson-Decker-Thomas, Effie Anna Rogers-Ditton, Mamie Bell Rogers-Whitworth-Browning, William Marion Rogers, Mary Ethel Rogers-Thomas, and Nettie Ann Anderson-Rogers. All my 1st cousins 3 x removed and children(and inlaws)of Milton Shields Rogers.
  • Rogers:Rogers' Girls of Sedalia, MO (41 KB)
    Mamie Bell Rogers-Whitworth-Browning, Effie Anna Rogers-Ditton, Mary Ethel "Mollie" Rogers-Thomas, and Tena "Lena" Rogers-Wasson-Decker-Thomas. Daughters of Milton Shields Rogers and my 1st cousins 3 x removed.
  • Burns:Bob Smith and Family (20 KB)
    Robert Smith and Cathy Elder-Smith, daughter Heather and Granddaughter Samantha. Bob is the Grandson of William Marshall Burns, Jr. and Son of Mary Jane Burns-Smith. Bob is my 2nd Cousin.
  • Bigbee: William W. Bigbee descendants (46 KB)
    Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren of William W. Bigbee and Virginia Kile-Bigbee. David Bigbee, Tom Bigbee, Karen Bigbee-McKinney, Sandy Bigbee-Denkers, Larry Bigbee, Marcia Bigbee-Nogrady, Ann Bigbee-Bussee, Keith Bigbee, John Bigbee, and Kile Bigbee. Family Reunion South Lake Tahoe, 1995.
  • Rogers:Sedalia, Missouri (52 KB)
    Effie Anna Rogers-Ditton, Mamie Bell Rogers-Whitworth-Browning, Tena Rogers-Wasson-Decker-Thomas, Mildred L. Whiteman-Rogers, William Marion Rogers, James Gassaway Rogers, and Nettie Anderson-Rogers abt. 1945. Family of Milton Shields Rogers and my 1st cousins 3 x removed.
  • Rogers:Anna Kubic-Rogers and son (59 KB)
    Anna Bertha Kubic-Rogers, wife of John Edward Rogers, and son, Eddie Rogers in St. Joseph, Missouri abt. 1915. Anna is the daughter of Earnest J. Kubic and Bertha E. Vetter. Anna is my Grandaunt and Eddie is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Jones:William Riley and Lucy Jones (395 KB)
    William Riley Jones and Lucy A. Sutherland-Jones, and Lillian Roper. William Riley is my 2nd Great-Granduncle (brother of Henry "Doc" Jones, my 2nd Great-Grandfather). Picture sent to me by cousin Keith Alan Jones of Springfield, Missouri.
  • Bigbee: Grace Bigbee-Howard and Family (21 KB)
    Steve Howard, Jr., Helen Katharine (Howard) Culp, Robert Bigbee Howard, George John Howard, and Grace I. Bigbee-Howard (Great-Granddaughter of John Strother Bigbee b.1818,(Granddaughter of William Thomas Bigee) who was the son of Archibald Bigbee b.1792 of VA/TN). Picture taken in 1990 and given to me in 1999 by Bonnie Howard. Grace is the daughter of Robert Fulton Bigbee and Sarah Katherine Craft-Bigbee. Grace is 4th cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Eastside Happy Crowes of Joplin, MO (48 KB)
    Happy Crowes baseball team of Joplin, Missouri 1914. Otis Eugene Bigbee, Fred Wilson Bigbee, ? Arrowood, John Harbin, Luther "Bud" Provance, Walter Harbin, Archie Lewis Provance, Ben Lathop, Grant Bailey, and ? Arrowood. Otis and Fred Bigbee are my Granduncles, Bud and Archie Provance and Grant Bailey are my 1st cousins twice removed.
  • Rogers:Children of Calvin C. Rogers (19 KB)
    Charles McKinley Rogers, Harry Fredrick Rogers, and Clyde Theodore Rogers. Sons of Calvin C. Rogers taken abt. 1905. Calvin C. Rogers is my Great Granduncle and his sons are my 1st cousins twice removed.
  • Bigbee/Henry:Rachel Donelson-Jackson (186 KB)
    Rachel Donelson-Jackson, wife of President Andrew Jackson(7th President of the United States), 1st cousin to Nancy Henry whom married John Strother Bigbee in 1815 in Robertson County, Tennessee. Rachel is my 1st cousin 7 x removed.
  • Bigbee: Gathering in Springfield, MO 1995 (13 KB)
    Small gathering of Bigbee cousins in Springfield, Missouri in 1995. Lynda Maxwell-Williams, Billie Anne Bigbee-Rogers, Judy Sears-Warner, John Leslie Rogers, Archie Ray Provance, Merle Early. Judy is a double cousin, related on the Foust and Bigbee sides, as well as Ray Provance related on the Mitts and Bigbee sides. What a great day this was to meet these wonderful newly found cousins!
  • Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip (76 KB)
    Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Ireland and Prince Phillip. 19th Cousin 3 x removed of Zackary Michael Rogers thru the Strother/Bigbee line of the Family. Patrick Henry also a 1st cousin 8 x removed of Zackary thru the Strother/Henry/Bigbee lines of the Family.
  • Rogers:Charley and Eva Goans and Family (44 KB)
    Charley Goans and wife, Hulda Evaline Rogers-Goans, Clona Emitt Goans, and Mary Opal Goans. Picture taken abt. 1910 Lebanon, Missouri. Hulda Evaline is my Grandaunt and children, my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Rogers:Mettenburg and Wise Cousins (29 KB)
    Eddie C. Wise, June Greer-Mettenburg, Harold Mettenburg, Emma Lou Mettenburg-Swopes, Charles Wesley Wise, Jimmie C. Wise, and Linda Swopes-Gerken. Mt. Herman, Pettis County, Missouri 2008. My 3rd cousins once removed and 4th cousins.
  • Rogers:Charles Ernest Rogers, Jr and wife (8 KB)
    Charles Ernest Rogers, Jr. and 2nd wife, Margaret in Yuma, Arizona. Charles is the son of my Great Grandfathers' brother, Charles Ernest "Solomon" Rogers and mother, Mary A. Barcroft. Charles, Jr. is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Rogers:William Leland Rogers Family (1102 KB)
    Mary E. Jones-Rogers, William Leland Rogers, John Edward, Rogers, James Elmer Rogers, Harvey Elmer Rogers, William Virgil Rogers, Rosa Ellen Rogers-Clemons, Louise Clemons, Lena May Rogers. William Leland is my Great Grandfather and William Virgil is my Grandfather. Harvey Elmer is son James Elmer and Louise is infant daughter of Rosa Ellen.
  • Bigbee:4 Generations of Bigbie (65 KB)
    Justice Miron Bigbie, David Miron Bigbie, Jeff Bigbie, and Isabell Bigbie. My 5th cousin twice removed, 6th once removed, 7th, and 7th once removed(cousins).
  • Rogers:John S. and Jewell-Rogers Mullick (6 KB)
    John Stanley Mullick, Jr. and wife, Barbara Jewell Rogers-Mullick, John Stanley Mullick III and wife, Charlene Galati-Mullick. Jewell is the daughter of Charles Ernest "Solomon" Rogers and Mary A. Barcroft-Rogers. Jewell is my 1st cousin twice removed and Charles III is my 2nd cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Lester and Theresa Grimes Family (41 KB)
    Lester Grimes and wife, Theresa, children Jacob and Alicia Grimes. Les is the son of Richard and Shirley Fay Bigbee-Grimes, grandson of Everett Clay and Violet Riley-Bigbee. Les is my 1st cousin once removed, Jacob and Alicia my 1st cousins twice removed.
  • Rogers:John H. Rogers abt. 1866 (39 KB)
    John H. Rogers, my Great Great Grandfather, born 1841 in Tennessee. Private Co. A Reg. #39 Missouri Infantry Civil War, Union Army. Died 1891 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri and buried in the National Cemetery.
  • Bigbee:Donald Fred Bigbee, Sr. (6 KB)
    Donald Fred Bigbee, Sr., son of Fred Wilson and Nellie Bigbee. Don is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Burns:Children of Lydia Anna Burns-Smith (282 KB)
    Nordema Smith, Alfred Smith, and Howard Smith. Children of Robert Wilson Smith and Lydia Anna Burns-Smith. Lydia is the daughter of Summerville and Rebecca Burns. Nordema, Alfred, and Howard are my 1st cousins twice removed. Picture taken about 1916 in Joplin, Missouri.
  • Bigbee:Aunt Jane and Family (33 KB)
    Esther Eugenia "Jane" Bigbee-Stansberry-Cooper and husband, Delmar Cooper. John Stansberry, Jan Stansberry, Debbie Stansberry, and Delmar Dale Cooper.
  • Bigbee:Otis E. and Anna Belle Bigbee (368 KB)
    Otis Eugene Bigbee and Anna Belle Bigbee, children of Otis Alonzo Bigbee and Sarah Victoria Mitts-Bigbee. Otis E. and Anna Belle are my Granduncle and Grandaunt and Otis Alonzo Bigbee is my Great Grandfather. Leslie James Bigbee Sr. is the brother of Otis E. and Anna Belle and is my Grandfather(also not pictured is Everett S. and Fred Wilson Bigbee). Picture taken about 1907 in Joplin, Missouri or possibly Pottersville/Dora, Missouri.
  • Rogers:Earl and Darlene Rogers (118 KB)
    Earl Lorne Rogers and wife, Darlene Turpen-Rogers of Independence, Missouri. Earl is my 2nd Cousin and son of Harvey Elmer Rogers.
  • Burns:Children of David W. Burns (296 KB)
    Fred Burns and Anna Beatrice Burns, children of David W. Burns and Ida Louise Clark-Burns. Fred and Anna are my 1st cousins twice removed and David Burns is my Great Granduncle and the son of Summerville and Morning Rebecca Martin-Burns. Picture taken about 1905 in Joplin, Missouri.
  • Rogers:Children of Earl Loarn and Darlene Rogers (113 KB)
    Tamara Joy Rogers, Stephen Leroy Rogers, Sherry Ellen Rogers, and Dan Loarn Rogers. Children of Earl Lorne and Darlene Rogers. My second cousins once removed.
  • Bigbee: John Chapman Bigbee 1915-1991 (59 KB)
    John Chapman Bigbee,Jr., son of Rev. John Chapman and Eunice McLaughlin-Bigbee. Famous Baritone singer, sang at Carnegie Hall, Choir director for the National Presbyterian Church (church of the Presidents). Sang for Presidents Eisenhower through George Bush. Published 2 records. John is my 3rd cousin, twice removed.
  • Bigbee: Don and Joan Bigbee (85 KB)
    Picture taken at the Bigbee Cemetery, Telephone, Texas reunion May 2000. My sixth cousin and live in Texas, so thankful for all the information provided by Don and Joan.
  • Bigbee: Irene Bigbee-Pardew and Children (13 KB)
    Thomas Jennings Pardew, Irene Bigbee-Pardew, and Marguerite Vera Pardew-Patrick. Irene is my Great Grandaunt and she is the daughter of Alonzo and Sarah Bigbee.
  • Bigbee: Rev. Delford Sloan and son Randy Sloan (97 KB)
    Randy is the 3rd Great Grandson of John Strother "Jack" Bigbee (b 1818) and Grandson of Alice Bigbee-Dooley. My sixth cousin and resides in Texas.
  • Rogers: Randy and Lisa Gollihur wedding (10 KB)
    William Gollihur, Lisa James-Gollihur, Randy Gollihur, Jackie Gollihur-Pendland, Richard Gollihur. Brothers and sisters taken at Randy and Lisa's wedding in 1993, Virginia. My nephews and nieces.
  • Bigbee:John and Betty Broughton-Steele (60 KB)
    Betty is the Great Granddaughter of Eugene Bigbee-Broughton. Eugene(or Eugenia)Bigbee is the daughter of Alonzo Madison and Sarah Woods-Bigbee and sister of my Great Grandfather, Otis Alonzo Bigbee.
  • Ruth Victoria Bigbee-Vader Family(partial) (52 KB)
    Delbert Vader, Ruth Victoria Bigbee-Vader, Joyce Vader-Waite, Jim Vader in Joplin, Missouri. Ruth is my Aunt(my mom's oldest sister).
  • Bigbee:Lester Grimes (107 KB)
    Lester Grimes, son of Richard Grimes and Shirley Fay Bigbee-Grimes. Shirley Fay Grimes-Bigbee is my 1st cousin and the daughter of my Uncle and Aunt, Everett Clay and Violet Riley-Bigbee. Lester is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee: Bigbee Reunion/Howards 2000 (144 KB)
    Danny Sain, Linda Howard-Sain, John Howard, Bonnie and Steve Howard, Bill Spann (Pres. of Bigbee Cemetery Assoc. and son of Mary Bigbee-Spann), Justin S. Bramby(son of Linda), Helen Howard-Culp Bigbee Reunion 2000 Telephone, Texas.
  • Burns/Bigbee: Gertrude Ruth Burns-Bigbee 1898 (57 KB)
    Gertrude "Gertie" Ruth Burns-Bigbee taken about 1898 probably Galena, Kansas. This is my Grandmother as a child with doll.
  • Bigbee:Ray and Joyce Counterman (23 KB)
    Ray L. Counterman and Joyce M. Early-Counterman taken in Kansas City, Missouri May 11, 1964 at their wedding. Joyce is the daughter of Merle Hinton Early and Arlena Eden-Early and Great Granddaughter of Leonard Thomas and Flora Gertrude Bigbee-Hinton. Joyce is my 5th cousin.
  • Bigbee:Jim and Carol Walker Family (42 KB)
    James Robert Walker, Carol Anne Bigbee-Walker, Gregory Valencia, Alex Valencia, Dillon Gregory Valencia, Ryan Thomasy, Anthony Thomasy, Steve Shaffer, Dawn Kristine Walker-Valencia, Vicki Lynn Walker-Thomasy and Michele Miklene Walker-Shaffer. Carol is my first cousin and the daughter of Leslie James Bigbee, Jr. and Angeline Yeakey-Bigbee. Christmas 2006.
  • Rogers:William Leland Rogers (26 KB)
    William Leland Rogers, born 1862 Nashville, Tennessee. Picture has an Nevada, Missouri address on it about 1910. William Leland is my Great Grandfather and was married to Mary E. Jones-Rogers. William Leland died in 1922 in Joplin, Missouri and taken to Russ, Laclede County, Missouri for burial at White Oak Pond Cemetery.
  • Foust: 4 Generations of Lafayette Foust Family (20 KB)
    Baby is Carl Foust(Lafayette B. Fousts' son), Lafayette B. Foust standing behind son, Dell Lindsey Foust has a lapel pin(Lafayette Foust son), and Lafayette Foust is the elder Foust. Lafayette Foust was the son of John Foust of 1787 Pennsylvania and my 3rd cousin 5 times removed. Picture sent to me by Mary (Foust) Jones, wife of Adron Foust.
  • Rogers:Charles McKinley Rogers and Grandmother (19 KB)
    Charles McKinley Rogers II and his Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Williams-Rogers. Charles was the Grandson of Calvin C. Rogers(brother of William L. Rogers). Charles is my 2nd cousin once removed. Mary Elizabeth is my Great Grandaunt. Picture sent to me by Mrs. Murl Gregory-Rogers, wife of Charles McKinley Rogers II.
  • Bigbee:Otis Alonzo Bigbee and family (95 KB)
    Anna Belle Bigbee(infant), Sarah Victoria Mitts-Bigbee, Leslie James Bigbee, Everett S. Bigbee, Otis Alonzo Bigbee, Fred Wilson Bigbee. Picture taken about 1899 in Siloam Springs, Missouri. Otis Alonzo is my Great Grandfather and Leslie James is my Grandfather.
  • Foust:Foust cousins at Library in Galena, Kansas (22 KB)
    Dixie Wallace-Painter, William Painter, Carol Means-Kennedy, Billie Anne Bigbee-Rogers, Wreatha Jarvis-Terry, John Leslie Rogers, Mildred Jarvis-Gilbert, and Ruth Gilbert-Reed. Cousins from Texas, Missouri, Kansas, and Missouri meet for the first time and talk over family tree. What a Great Day and meeting of such wonderful cousins!! Mildred is my moms' half first cousin once removed and knew alot about moms' family in Kansas/Missouri. Carol is my mom's 3rd cousin.
  • Bigbee:Butch and Bonnie Bigbee Family (32 KB)
    Renee Bigbee(daughter), Michael James Bigbee(son), Floyd Leon "Butch" Bigbee and Bonnie Myers-Bigbee. Picture taken November 2001 Seneca, Missouri. Butch is my first cousin and Renee and Michael my first cousins once removed.
  • Bigbee:Robert Fulton Bigbee children (49 KB)
    Alice "Pat" BIgbee-Dooly, Lodell "Chuff" Bigbee-Davis, Arthur Bigbee, Grace Irene Bigbee-Howard. Children of Robert Fulton and Sarah "Sallie" Katherine Craft-Bigbee in 1980.
  • Bigbee:Andrew and Rebecca Colley (27 KB)
    Andrew Colley and Rebecca Strickland-Colley. Andrew is the son of Terri Roxanne Hemman(daughter of Rev. Don Hemman and Roseline Jane Cooper-Hemman). Andrew is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Bigbee Cousins at Oklahoma Reunion (48 KB)
    Lawrence Rollin Bigbee and wife Pat Packard-Bigbee, Rollin Arthur Bigbee and wife Sue Close, Brian Wendell Hurst. Larry and Rollie are my 4th cousins once removed and Brian is my 5th cousin. At Reunion in Morrison, Oklahoma at Lynda Maxwell-Williams home.
  • Bigbee:Elmer Bigbee and nephews (31 KB)
    Cary Leon "Bear" Cooper(son of Claud Leon Cooper), Stanley Ray Cooper, Charles "Chuck" Allen Cooper, Sr., and Jack Dean Cooper(sons of Claud E. and Juanita Leona Bigbee-Cooper), and Elmer James "Brownie" Bigbee(brother of Juanita Leona Bigbee and son of Leslie James Bigbee, Sr. and Gertrude Ruth Burns-Bigbee). Cary is my 1st cousin once removed, Stan, Chuck, and Jack are my 1st cousins, and James Elmer is my Uncle(my mom's brother). Orland, California July 2007
  • Foust:Gene and Nancy Robinson (21 KB)
    Gene Robinson and wife, Nancy Welter-Robinson. Nancy's Great Grandmother is Hannah Elizabeth Foust-Welter of Wells County, Indiana and my 5th cousin once removed, now living in California.
  • Bigbee:Ken and Pat Vader and son (28 KB)
    Kenneth Wayne Vader and wife, Pat Ann Shumaker-Vader and son, Kenneth W. Vader, Jr. Kenneth is the son of my mom's sister, Ruth Bigbee-Vader and my first cousin.
  • Rogers:Owen and Leola Goans (20 KB)
    Owen Emmit Goans and wife, Leola B. Mciver-Goans. Picture taken at the Rogers/Goans Reunion in Blue Springs, Missouri. Owen is the grandson of my Grandaunt, Hulda Evaline Rogers-Goans and my second cousin and living in Oregon.
  • Bigbee:John L. Rogers, Toby and Delores Weber (25 KB)
    John Leslie Rogers, Aunt Delores Marie Bigbee-Sutch-Weber, and Uncle Toby Weber. Aunt Dee is one of my mom's sisters. Taken in Fullerton, California while visiting my Aunt and Uncle.
  • Rogers:Richard Wayne and Stephanie Gollihur (20 KB)
    Richard Wayne Gollihur and wife, Stephanie Stephens-Gollihur. My nephew and niece, Rich is the son of William Gollihur and Delores Jean Cutrell-Gollihur-Rogers.
  • Bigbee:Aunt Violet/5 Generations (18 KB)
    Aunt Violet Riley-Bigbee-Huckleberry, daughter, Shirley Bigbee-Grimes, granddaughter, great granddaughter, and 2nd great granddaughter.
  • Rogers: Janet and Glenn Branstetter (87 KB)
    Janet is the Daughter of Ada Goans and husband, Glenn, at the Fish Fry in Bolivar, Missouri July 2000.
  • Bigbee: Rev. Thomas Bigbee (21 KB)
    Rev. Thomas Bigbee born 1795 in South Carolina. My 1st cousin 6 times removed. Sent to me by Leah Dawn Bigbee-Dragovich August 2000. Very apparent that the Bigbee Clan has used and is using three different spellings, Bigby, Bigbee, and Bigbie interchangeably.
  • Mitts:John Wilson and Rosie Mitts (26 KB)
    John Wilson Mitts and wife, Sarah Rosa Fish-Mitts. John born 1881 died 1961, Rosie born 1878 died 1968. John Wilson is my Great Granduncle and lived in Dora/Pottersville, Missouri buried Sweeton Pond Cemetery, Dora, Howell County, Missouri.
  • Bigbee: Descendants of Thomas Mortimer Bigbee (21 KB)
    From Left to right: Sydney Stidham(India Bigbee-Stidham son), William Daniel Bigbee(William and Lottie Bigbee son), Berkeley Hunter(Ida Mae Bigbee-Hunter and Ed Hunter son), Edwin Bigbee(William and Lottie Sylvester-Bigbee son). Sent to me by Jacquie Walters of Texas August 2000. These are my 3rd cousins twice removed, from Texas.
  • Rogers: Charles E. Rogers (87 KB)
    Charles Ernest "Soloman" Rogers, born 1878 in Lebanon, LaClede County, Missouri. Named Soloman at birth, his nephew Herbert Rogers "remembers calling him "Sol" but didn't know why". Picture was sent to his brother William L. Rogers in 1898. Reads on back, "Co. M. 2nd Regiment MO Vols. Camp Churchman, Albany, GA Dec. 26, 1898. Spanish American War Veteran and my Great Granduncle!
  • Rogers:William and Mary E. Rogers-Blankenship (24 KB)
    William Washington Blankenship and wife, Mary E. Jones-Rogers-Blankenship. William is the second husband of my Great Grandmother. Mary and her late husband, William L. Rogers, were the parents of my Grandfather, William Virgil Rogers. Picture taken in Lebanon/Russ, Laclede County, Missouri abt. 1930.
  • Bigbee:Children of Leslie and Gertrude Bigbee (52 KB)
    Beulah Mae Bigbee-Lehman , Everett Clay Bigbee, Donna Jean Bigbee-Wieland, Leslie James Bigbee, Jr., Ruth Victoria Bigbee-Vader, Leona Juanita Bigbee-Cooper, Billie Anne Bigbee-Rogers, Esther Eugenia Bigbee-Stansberry-Morgan, Delores Marie Bigbee-Sutch-Weber, James Elmer "Brownie" Bigbee. Children of Leslie James Bigbee, Sr. and Gertrude Ruth Burns-Bigbee taken in 1956 Joplin, Missouri. Billie Anne is my mom, and her brothers and sisters.
  • Bigbee: Alice Bigbee-Taylor and family (58 KB)
    Alice Bigbee-Anderson-Taylor, Steve Taylor, Travis Anderson, Tami Anderson, Tiffany Anderson, Thadius Anderson, and Tymber Anderson. Taken in Oregon, Alice is my first cousin and daughter of Everett Clay Bigbee.
  • Rogers/Turner:Charles and Alma Hutchens-Turner (92 KB)
    Charles H. Turner and wife, Lydia Alma Hutchens-Turner, parents of my Step Grandmother Letha Beatrice Turner-Rogers. Alma was the daughter of Anderson and Susan Hill-Hutchens and Charles was the son of John and Mary Hendrickson-Turner.
  • Rogers: Martin and Ruth Palmer and spouses (61 KB)
    Martin and Berniece Palmer, Mike and Ruth Palmer-Mayfield. Martin and Ruth are grandchildren of Charles E. Rogers and Mary Barcroft-Palmer-Jackson-Rogers. Picture taken Sacramento, California 1998.
  • Bigbee:Betty June Bigbee-Dutton (35 KB)
    Betty June Bigbee-Dutton, daughter of Otis Eugene Bigbee and Geraldine Ream-Bigbee. Betty June was my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee: Jane Cooper-Hemman and husband (36 KB)
    Rev. Don Hemman and his wife, Jane Cooper-Hemman in Modesto, California in 1998. Jane is the daughter of Leona Bigbee-Cooper and my first cousin.
  • Bigbee:Clark and Grace Bigbee (15 KB)
    Harrison Clark Middleton Bigbee and his wife, Grace Edna Harfel-Bigbee. Clark is the son of Samuel Harrison Bigbee(son of Alonzo M. Bigbee). Clark is my 1st cousin twice removed and Samuel Harrison is my Great Granduncle.
  • Bigbee: Charlotte Stidham-Walters 1940 (19 KB)
    Charlotte Stidham-Walters 1940,Granddaughter of India Bigbee-Stidham. Sent to me by Jacquie Walters of Texas. Charlotte is my 4th cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Clark "Jack" Bigbee, Jr. (20 KB)
    Harrison Clark "Jack" Bigbee, Jr., brother of Barbara Jean Bigbee-Bunt and Great Grandson of Alonzo M. and Sarah E. Woods-Bigbee. "Jack" is my 2nd cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Debbie Stansberry-Archuleta Family (41 KB)
    Joe Archuleta, Debbie Stansberry-Martinez-Archuleta;grandchildren(children of Tammy Archuleta)Rebecca Michelle Revelez and Reymundo Revelez, and Debbie's son Michael Martinez at the Cooper/Bigbee Reunion 2007. Debbie is the daughter of Esther Eugenia Bigbee-Cooper-Stansberry-Morgan and my first cousin. Rebecca and Reymundo are my 1st cousins twice removed and Michael is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:David and Terrie Hemman-Rill (38 KB)
    David Rill and Terrie Roxanne Hemman-Tomlinson-Colley-Rill. Terrie is the daughter of Don and Roseline Jane Cooper-Hemman(daughter of Claud E. and Juanita Bigbee-Cooper). Terrie is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Rogers:Ella Rogers (85 KB)
    Ella Rogers 1875-1898 Missouri. Ella is the daughter of John H. and Mahalia Scott-Rogers and sister of William Leland Rogers(my Great Grandfather). Ella was my Great Grandaunt.
  • Bigbee:Gary Ray and Karen Bigbee Family (28 KB)
    Karen LaBelle-Bigbee, Nicole Marie Bigbee, Gary Ray Bigbee, Angeline Yeakey-Bigbee, John Leslie Rogers, and Leslie Ray Bigbee. Aunt Angie and son Gary and family in Evansville, Indiana, March 1996 at my wedding. Aunt Angie is my moms sister in law and Gary is my first cousin. Nicole and Les are my first cousins once removed. Leslie James Bigbee, Jr. is Gary's dad and husband of Angie who passed away in 1988 and Aunt Angie passed on in 2001 and both are greatly missed.
  • Rogers: Charles M. Rogers Family 2000 (125 KB)
    Patricia and Stephen Rogers, Charles M. and Murl Rogers II at the Rogers/Goans/Williams Reunion in Blue Springs, Missouri August 2000. Charles M. is the Grandson of Calvin C. Rogers(Calvin was brother of William L. Rogers). Charles M. is my 2nd cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:My Grandparents and Mom abt. 1943 (146 KB)
    Gertrude Ruth Burns-Bigbee, Billie Anne Bigbee, and Leslie James Bigbee, Sr. abt. 1943 Joplin, Missouri.
  • Bigbee: Uncle Les and Aunt Angie Bigbee (35 KB)
    Uncle Leslie James Bigbee, Jr. and Aunt Angie Yeakey-Bigbee taken in 1984. Both are deceased now and I miss them dearly!
  • Bigbee:Ralph and Anna Belle Bigbee-Cannon (35 KB)
    Ralph Cannon and Anna Belle Bigbee-Cannon. Anna Belle is sister of Leslie James Bigbee, Sr. and daughter of Otis A. Bigbee. Aunt Anna is my Grandaunt.
  • Bigbee:Bill and Delight Bigbee-Harding (13 KB)
    Bill Harding and wife, Delight Bigbee-Harding. Delight is the daughter of Everett S. and Emma Bigbee and my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Foust: Foust Siblings and families (233 KB)
    Leola Foust-Holding and Ralph Holding, Rev. George Foust and Alice Jarvis-Foust, Farrel "Fairy" Foust-Salzman and Earl Salzman, and their Children. Sent to me by Don Barrows, Grandson of Leola Foust-Holding and Don is my 3rd cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Fred Bigbee, Victoria, Ray, and Nellie (33 KB)
    Fred Wilson Bigbee, Sarah Victoria Mitts-Bigbee, Ray Wilbur Bigbee, and Nellie Morris-Bigbee. Fred is son of Otis A. and Victoria Mitts-Bigbee, Ray is Uncle Fred's oldest son, and Aunt Nellie. Uncle Fred is my Granduncle and brother to my Grandfather, Leslie James Bigbee, Sr. Ray is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Foust: My 2nd Great-Granduncles and Aunts (511 KB)
    Rev. George Harold Foust and Alice Jarvis-Foust, Oscar Foust, Ferrel "Fairy" Foust-Salzman, Leola Foust-Holding, Georgia Foust-Atkinson, Homer Foust, and Bertha Foust-Reber. Picture sent to me by Don Barrows, Son of Bertha "Billie" Holding-Barrows and Grandson of Leola Foust-Holding and my 3rd cousin once removed. Thanks Don! Alice Jarvis-Foust is a double cousin. Brothers and sisters of my 2nd Great-Grandmother, Susanna Foust-Bailey-Jarvis.
  • Bigbee:Don and Beulah Bigbee-Lehman Family (14 KB)
    Don Lehman, Beulah Mae Bigbee-Lehman, Cheryl Lehman-Creighton, and Brian Lehman. Beulah is my moms' sister and daughter of Leslie James Bigbee, Sr. and Gertie Burns-Bigbee. My Aunt and Uncle and first cousins.
  • Foust: Sarah Bush-Johnston-Lincoln (7 KB)
    Sarah Bush-Johnston-Lincoln, stepmother of President Abraham Lincoln and Granddaughter of Eva Faust-Johnson. Born 1788 in Hardin County, Kentucky. Sarah is my 6th cousin six times removed on the Foust side of the family.
  • Rogers:John E. Rogers (47 KB)
    John Edward "Ed" Rogers 1889-1920, brother of William Leland Rogers(my Great Grandfather). John is pictured in an "Ice Man" uniform for Artesian Ice Co. in St. Joseph, Missouri abt. 1910. John is my Great GrandUncle.
  • Bigbee:Bud and Donna Bigbee Wieland Family (20 KB)
    H.J."Bud" Wieland, Donna Jean Bigbee-Wieland, and Ricky Wieland. Aunt Donnie is my moms'sister and Ricky my first cousin.
  • Bigbee:Claud & Leona Bigbee-Cooper,Jack & Martha (26 KB)
    Jack Dean Cooper and wife, Martha Smith-Cooper, Leona Juanita Bigbee-Cooper and husband, Claud Ethel Cooper. Aunt Leona is my moms' sister and Jack my first cousin.
  • Foust: Charles Wesley and David Clinton Foust (219 KB)
    Charles Wesley Foust and David Clinton Foust, Co B 10th Alabama Volunteer Infantry June 4, 1861 at Montevallo, Alabama. It is probable that Charles Wesley was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness. Charles and David are my 6th cousins, 4 x removed.
  • Bigbee: Blonn Bigbee b. 1877 (311 KB)
    Blonn Bigbee born 1877, son of David Juan Bigbee. Photo taken Spanish American War and sent to me by Scott Lilly. Blonn is my 2nd cousin 3 X removed.
  • Rogers/Turner:Beatrice, Warren, and Hazel Turner (15 KB)
    Letha Beatrice Turner-Rogers, and siblings, Luther Warren Charles Turner and Mary Hazel Turner-Long. Beatrice is my Step-Grandmother, wife of William Virgil Rogers. Their parents are Charley H. and Lydia Alma Hutchens-Turner.
  • Rogers:Grandparents w/Lee and Alma King (80 KB)
    Letha Beatrice Turner-Rogers, William Virgil Rogers, William Theodore Rogers, Sr., Lee Oren King, Alma Nadine Goans-King, and Grace Evelyn King. Alma is the daughter of Charley and Eva Rogers-Goans and 1st cousin once removed. Also pictured my grandparents and my dad abt. 1947.
  • Bigbee:Jack and Barbara Bigbee-Bunt (23 KB)
    John Clifford "Jack" Bunt and wife, Barbara Jean Bigbee-Bunt. Barbara is the daughter of Harrison Clark Middleton and Grace Edna Harfel-Bigbee and the Granddaughter of Samuel Harrison and Melisse "Lizzie" Middleton-Bigbee. Barbara is my 2nd cousin once removed.
  • Rogers:James E. and Ada Melton-Rogers (27 KB)
    James Elmer Rogers and wife, Ada Melton-Rogers. James is the brother of my Grandfather, William Virgil Rogers and my Granduncle(sons of William Leland and Mary E. Jones-Rogers.
  • Bigbee:Les and Melissa Bigbee (100 KB)
    Leslie James Bigbee and wife, Melissa "Missy" Lynn Nichols-Bigbee. Les is the son of James Elmer "Brownie" and Elsie Irene Jordan-Bigbee. Les is my 1st cousin.
  • Rogers:Joy Rogers-Young (7 KB)
    Lenora Eva Joy Rogers-Young, daughter of John Eugene and Minnie May Ramey-Rogers. Joy married Edward Charles Young b.1916 New York d. 1973 San Clemente, California. Joy is my 1st cousin twice removed and her dad, John, my Great Granduncle and brother of my Great Grandfather, William Leland Rogers(sons of John H. and Mahalia Scott-Rogers).
  • Foust:Howard and Mildred Jarvis (264 KB)
    Howard Alonzo Jarvis and sister, Mildred Beatrice Jarvis-Gilbert. Picture taken about 1915 Empire/Galena, Kansas. Howard and Mildred are my Half 1st cousins twice removed. Mildred and Howards grandparents are William V. and Susanna R. Foust-Bailey-Jones-Jarvis. Susanna is my Great-Great-Grandmother.
  • Bigbee:Joseph Colley (41 KB)
    Joseph Colley, son of Terri Roxanne Hemman-Colley-Tomlinson, Rill. Joseph is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Everett C. and Doris Bigbee and Clay (17 KB)
    Everett Clay Bigbee, Sr. and wife Doris Alice Irwin-Bigbee, and son Everett Clay Bigbee, Jr. Uncle Everett is my moms' brother and Clay my first cousin.
  • Rogers:Mary A. Rogers (84 KB)
    Mary A. Rogers born abt. 1872 Lebanon, Missouri. Daughter of John H. and Mahalia Scott-Rogers and sister to my Great Grandfather, William Leland Rogers. Mary is my Great GrandAunt, last known residency in 1939 Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Bigbee: John Franklin Bigbee b. 1892 (328 KB)
    John Franklin Bigbee born 1892. Son of David Juan Bigbee and grandson of John Chapman Bigbee. John "Frank" is my 2nd cousin 3 x removed, picture sent to me by Scott Lilly.
  • Bigbee: Otis Eugene Bigbee (50 KB)
    Otis Eugene Bigbee, son of Otis Alonzo and Sarah Victoria Mitts-Bigbee. Born March 15, 1900 Siloam Springs, Howell County, Missouri and died May 12, 1926 in Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas in an accident at work. Married to Geraldine Ream and had one daughter, Betty June Bigbee-Dutton. Otis E. was my GrandUncle.
  • Bigbee:Fred James Bigbee (27 KB)
    Fred James Bigbee, son of Everett S. and Emma R. Hink-Bigbee. Corporal Bigbee, killed in action in Germany, returned to Joplin for burial. Awarded posthumously the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Member of the 203rd National Guard Regiment and seved in the Aleutians and later sent to the European Theater. Fred is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee: Stephen J. Bigbee, wife/son 1894, Texas (42 KB)
    Stephen Jackson Bigbee, wife Emma Rosie Delaney, and son Earnest Jackson, Dumont, Texas. Son of John David Bigbee, Grandson of John S. Bigbee of 1818. Sent to me by Erin Galyean-Ichim. Rev. Stephen Jackson Bigbee is my 3rd cousin 3 times removed.
  • Bigbee:Bigbee Community School 1919 (370 KB)
    Bigbee Community School, Fannin County, Texas year of our Lord 1919.
  • Bigbee:Irene Bigbee-Pardew Family (18 KB)
    Irene Bigbee-Pardew, wife of James Watson Pardew and daughter of Alonzo M. and Sarah E. Woods-Bigbee, and son, Thomas Jennings Pardew and daughter, Marguerite Vera Pardew-Patrick. Irene is my Great GrandAunt.
  • Rogers: Hoosier Cousins Rogers' Reunion 2000 (81 KB)
    Kenny and Betty Edwards of Bloomfield, IN, Melvin Williams of Hebron, IN, and John Leslie Rogers of Evansville, IN at the Reunion in Blue Springs, MO August 2000. Second cousins all!
  • Bigbee: William Thomas Bigbee of 1837 and wife (38 KB)
    William Thomas Bigbee and wife Mary Ann Lankford. William Thomas born in 1837 and son of John Strother Bigbee of 1818. Grandson of Archibald Bigbee of 1792 of Culpeper, Virginia. Sent to me by Erin Galyean-Ichim. William Thomas Bigbee is my 2nd cousin 4 times removed.
  • Bigbee:Children of James and Irene Pardew (28 KB)
    Abel Harold Pardew (1896-1922), Marguerite Vera Pardew-Patrick, and Thomas Jennings Pardew (1903-1986) Picture taken about 1921 in Arkansas, children of James Watson Pardew and Irene Bigbee-Pardew. Abel, Marguerite, and Thomas are my 1st cousins twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Leslie Powell and cousins (76 KB)
    Leslie Powell, Lucille Bigbee-Maxwell, Charlie Miller, and Burton Harold Bigbee. Leslie is sitting on horse named "Prince". Leslie, Lucille, and Burton are my 3rd cousins twice removed. Leslie is the son of Jennie Beatrice "Lovie" Bigbee-Powell and Grandson of Archibald Clark Bigbee. Picture given to me by Judith Sears-Warner from Lynda Maxwell-Williams.
  • Bigbee:Milfred Middleton Bigbee (44 KB)
    Milfred Middleton Bigbee, son of Samuel Harrison and Melissee Middleton-Bigbee. Milfred is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee: Stephen Jackson Bigbee (62 KB)
    Stephen Jackson Bigbee born 1872 in Fannin County, Texas. Son of John David Bigbee and Grandson of John S. Bigbee of 1818(Tennessee). Sent to me by Erin Galyean-Ichim. Stephen is my 3rd cousin 3 times removed.
  • Bigbee:Charles S. Powell and family (46 KB)
    Charles S. Powell, Leslie Powell, and Jennie Beatrice "Lovie" Bigbee-Powell. Charles is the son of StClair Powell of Indiana, "Lovie" Bigbee-Powell is the daughter of Archibald Clark and Elizabeth Amelia Lober-Bigbee. Jennie Beatrice is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed. Leslie Powell is well known artist/Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma.
  • Burns:Clifford Paul and Dovie Burns (36 KB)
    Clifford Paul Burns, Sr. and wife, Dovie Long-Burns. Clifford is the son of Albert Trulner and Beatrice Ellen Elgin-Burns and Grandson of Summerville L. and Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins-Burns. Clifford is my Half 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Leslie Powell, Mother, and Grandfather (56 KB)
    Leslie Powell, Jennie Beatrice "Lovie" Bigbee-Powell, and Archibald Clark Bigbee. Archibald Clark Bigbee is my 1st cousin 4 x removed.
  • Burns:Bertrand Albert Burns (26 KB)
    Bertrand Albert Burns, son of Albert Trulner and Beatrice Ellen Elgin-Burns and Grandson of Summerville L. and Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins-Burns. Bertrand is my Half 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee: Ocie Langford and Florence Bigbee-Langford (51 KB)
    Ocie Langford, and Florence Bigbee-Langford. Florence is the daughter of Stephen Jackson Bigbee and the granddaughter of John David Bigbee. Sent by Erin Galyean-Ichim. Florence is my 4th cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Leslie Powell/Leslie Powell Gallery (63 KB)
    Leslie Powell born 1906 in Kansas, son of Charles S. Powell and Jennie Beatrice "Lovie" Bigbee-Powell. Famous artist of Pastels, Chalks, Watercolors, and Oil Paintings. Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma named after him. Soon to have exhibits in the Smithsonian and Great Plains Museum. Leslie is my 3rd cousin twice removed.
  • Burns:Virgie and Bertrand Burns (94 KB)
    Virgie Mae Burns-Higgins and Bertrand Albert Burns. Daughter and son of Albert Trulner and Beatrice Ellen Elgin-Burns. Sent to me by Betty June Burns-Weaver. Virgie and Bertrand are my half first cousin twice removed and Betty is my half second cousin once removed. Albert Trulner Burns is son of Summerville L. Burns.
  • Bigbee: Rev. John C. Bigbee and Family 1942 (258 KB)
    Rev. John C. Bigbee, Donna Hill-Bigbee, Mary Belle Bigbee, John C. Bigbee Jr., Nadine Bigbee, Daniel C. Bigbee, Ruth E. Bigbee, James W. Bigbee I, Eunice M. Bigbee, and Maud Esther Bigbee. 1942 Arlington, VA, James had just graduated from West Point and visiting at home of Daniel C. Bigbee. Most are 3rd cousins twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Norma Cooper-Youell-Stansberry (174 KB)
    Cindy Cooper, Bobby Cooper, Norma Jean Cooper-Youell-Stansberry, Jan Ray Stansberry, Jr., Wendy Youell-Smith, Mike Smith, Kylie Mckay Smith, and Jasmine Shaye Smith. Norma is the daughter of Claud E. and Juanita Leona Bigbee-Cooper and my 1st cousin and her children, my 1st cousins once removed.
  • Bigbee:Bigbee Gathering in Orland, CA (38 KB)
    Sharon Anne Cooper-Ledgerwood-Busler(daughter of Claud Leon Bigbee), Melissa Lynn Nichols-Bigbee(daughter in Law of Elmer James Bigbee), Cary "Bear" Cooper(son of Claud Leon Bigbee), Elmer James Bigbee(son of Leslie James and Gertrude Burns-Bigbee), Chuck Cooper(son of Claud E. and Leona Bigbee-Cooper), Chuck's Wife, Doris Cooper(Stanley Ray Cooper's wife), and Martha Smith-Cooper(Jack Dean Cooper's wife). My Uncle Elmer and 1st cousins and 1st cousins once removed.
  • Burns:Albert Trulner Burns (17 KB)
    Albert Trulner Burns 1869-1933. Son of Summerville L. Burns and Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins-Burns. Sent to me by Betty Burns-Weaver. Albert is my half great-granduncle and grandfather to Betty. Summerville is my second great-grandfather and Bettys' great-grandfather.
  • Bigbee:Bill and Pamela Irwin-Brightwell (418 KB)
    Bill Brightwell and wife, Pamela Jane Irwin-Brightwell. Pamela is the daughter of Howard and Barbara Ann Bigbee-Irwin and the Granddaughter of John Franklin and Mildred Enry Penry-Bigbee and the Great Granddaughter of David John and Cynthia Jane Tinsley-Bigbee and the Great-Great Granddaughter of John Chapman and Harriett Elizabeth Clark-Bigbee of Robertston County, Tennessee and Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. Pamela is my 4th cousin once removed.
  • Burns:Betty June Burns-Weaver and Albert Burns (46 KB)
    Betty June Burns-Weaver and Albert William Burns. Betty is the daughter of Bertrand Albert and Duribell Jane McMullin-Burns and Albert is the son of Otto Elzie and Viola Long-Burns. Betty and Albert are my half second cousins once removed.
  • Bigbee:Thomas Jennings Pardew (28 KB)
    Thomas Jennings Pardew, son of James Watson and Irene Bigbee-Pardew. Thomas is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee: Daniel Chapman Bigbee Family (178 KB)
    Ida Bigbee-Hutton (daughter of John Chapman Bigbee), Woods, Katherine Maebel Bigbee (Lewis' Bigbee wife), Maude Bigbee-Young-Eley (Daniel Chapman Daughter), Elsie Brower-Bigbee, Rose Bigbee (Daniel Chapman Daughter), John Woods' wife, John Woods sister, Blonn Bigbee' wife, Grace Bigbee (D.C. daughter), Daisy Bigbee (D.C.daughter), Roy Bigbee (D.C.son), John Woods, Hall (hired hand), Charles Bigbee (John Chapman son). Picture taken in Missouri and given to me by Lewis Bigbee. Most are 2nd cousins 3 x removed.
  • Burns:Florence Burns-Miller and Charles Miller (41 KB)
    Florence Hazel Burns-Miller and husband, Charles F. Miller. Florence is the daughter of Albert Trulner Burns and Beatrice Ellen Elgin-Burns. Florence is my half first cousin twice removed and granddaughter of Summerville L. Burns. Sent to me by Betty Burns-Weaver(Florence is Betty's Aunt).
  • Bigbee:Samuel H. and Melissee Middleton-Bigbee (46 KB)
    Samuel Harrison Bigbee and wife, Melissee "Lizzie" Middleton-Bigbee. Samuel is the son of Alonzo M. and Sarah E. Woods-Bigbee and Melissee is the daughter of Alfred and Judith Middleton(Alfred is a Civil War Veteran and POW at Andersonville Prison in Andersonville, Georgia). Samuel is my Great Granduncle and brother of Otis Alonzo Bigbee(my Great Grandfather).
  • Burns:Burns cousins in Wyoming (67 KB)
    Clifford Paul Burns, Jr., Betty June Burns-Weaver, Clifford Paul Burns, Sr. and wife, Dovie Long-Burns, and Helen May Burns-Morgan. Clifford Sr. is son of Albert Trulner Burns. Betty June and Helen May are daughters of Bertrand Albert Burns and granddaughters of Albert Trulner Burns. Clifford Sr. is my half first cousin twice removed, Clifford Jr., Betty, and Helen are my half second cousins once removed.
  • Bigbee:Cary and Tim Cooper and Lucas Ledgerwood (83 KB)
    Cary Leon "Bear" Cooper(son of Claud Leon and Pamela Cooper), Timothy Leon Cooper(son of Cary Leon Cooper), and Christopher Lucas Ledgerwood(son of Sharon Anne Cooper-Ledgerwood-Busler). Cary is my 1st cousin once removed, Tim and Lucas are my 1st cousins twice removed.
  • Jones:Leonard and Mabel Nichols-Jones (39 KB)
    Leonard Jones and Mabel Nichols-Jones. Leonard is the brother of Mary E. Jones-Rogers and son of Henry "Doc" and Rebecca S. Aaron-Jones. Picture taken in Hartford City, Indiana abt. 1920. leonard is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Cooper/Bigbee Reunion 2007 (42 KB)
    Jan Ray Stansberry, Jr, and wife, Sharon Anne Cooper-Busler(daughter of Claud Leon Cooper), Jan Ray Stansberry, Sr.(son of Esther Eugenia Bigbee-Stansberry-Cooper-Morgan), Jason Lee Cooper(son of Randall Lee Cooper)and wife Kelly, Melissa Ann Cooper(daughter of Randall Lee Cooper) and daughter, Kaitlyn Jo Cooper, and Jason(step son of Randall Lee Cooper). Jan Ray Sr. is my 1st cousin, Sharon, Jason, Jan Jr., Melissa, and Lance are my 1st cousin once removed, and Kaitlyn is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee: Rev. John C. and Eunice M. Bigbee Family (41 KB)
    The Bigbees-Circa 1954, in Washington, DC, Daniel C. Bigbee, John C. Bigbee Jr., Rev. John C. Bigbee Sr., Eunice McLaughlin-Bigbee, Francis D. Bigbee, James W. Bigbee II. John is my 2nd cousin, 3 x removed.
  • Rogers/Turner:William V, and William T. Rogers (37 KB)
    Luther Warren Charles Turner, Norma Hutchens-Dixon, Alma Hutchens-Turner, Hazel Turner-Long, William Virgil Rogers, and William Theodore Rogers. Picture taken about 1926. Alma Turner is mother of Letha Beatrice Turner-Rogers. William Virgil Rogers(my grandfather)and William Theodore Rogers(my Dad). I Met Uncle Warren one time in the late 70's in Neosho, Missouri on a trip with my dad to find him after Grandma called worried about her brother.
  • Rogers:William Leland and Mary E. Rogers (24 KB)
    William Leland Rogers and wife, Mary E. Jones-Rogers. William is the son of John H. and Mahalia Scott-Rogers and Mary is the daughter of Henry Ansley "Doc" Jones and Rebecca Susanna Aaron-Jones. William was born in Nashville, Tennessee May 6, 1862 and Mary in Cave Springs, Laclede County, Missouri February 8, 1862. William and Mary are my Great Grandparents.
  • Bigbee: Rev. John C. Bigbee and sons, circa 1938 (29 KB)
    James W.(Buddy)Bigbee, John C.(Jake)Bigbee Jr., Paul W. Bigbee and their father, Rev. John C. Bigbee Sr.(not pictured is Daniel C. Bigbee, John's other son).
  • Rogers:William Virgil and Beatrice Rogers (64 KB)
    William Virgil Rogers, and wife, Letha Beatrice Turner-Rogers. Virgil is the son of William Leland and Mary E. Jones-Rogers and Beatrice is the daughter of Charley and Lydia Alma Hutchens-Turner. Virgil and Bea are my Grandparents.
  • Bigbee: Jan Ray Stansberry and Delmar Dale Cooper (88 KB)
    Jan Ray Stansberry and his half brother, Delmar Dale Cooper, in McCormick, South Carolina January 2001 (first cousins of John Leslie Rogers).
  • Rogers:Herbert John "Bud" and Marie Galyen-Rogers (24 KB)
    Herbert John "Bud" Rogers and wife, Marie Galyen-Rogers taken in Arkansas on my visit to see them. Herbert is the son of John Eugene Rogers(brother of William L. Rogers). "Bud" is my first cousin twice removed.
  • Burns/Martin:Christopher Columbus Martin (66 KB)
    Christopher Columbus Martin (son of Hezekiah Mitchell and Elizabeth Jane Redfern-Martin, Grandson of Abraham and Mourning Biggs-Martin) and wife, Martha Smith-Martin. Christopher is my 1st cousin 4 x removed.
  • Bigbee: John and Joseph Martinez/Debbie Martinez (120 KB)
    John Martinez and his mother, Debbie Stansberry-Martinez-Archuleta, and son, Joseph Martinez, taken in McCormick, South Carolina January 2001. Debbie is my first cousin, John is my first cousin once removed and Joseph is my second cousin.
  • Bigbee: Thalemicus Blondville Holland (210 KB)
    Thalemicus Blondville Holland, son of General Colley B. Holland and Emeline Henry Bigbee-Holland. T. B. Holland is my 1st cousin 4 times removed.
  • Bigbee/Henry:Captain John Donelson III (18 KB)
    Captain John Donelson III (1755-1830), son of Col. John Donelson II(1725-1786). His Great Grandfather is my 7th Great Grandfather(Capt.John Donelson I born 1700 in England). This John Donelson III (1755-1830) is my first cousin 7 x removed.
  • Bigbee: Robert Fulton Bigbee and Family abt. 1914 (153 KB)
    Robert Fulton Bigbee, first son of William Thomas Bigbee, Bigbee Community, Telephone, Texas. William Clyde Bigbee, Grace Bigbee, Lodell Bigbee, Alice Bigbee, Rudolph Bigbee, Robert Fulton Bigbee. Robert Fulton Bigbee is my 3rd cousin 3 times removed.
  • Rogers: Members at the Rogers/Goans Reunion 1999 (222 KB)
    John Leslie Rogers, Gary Allen Marts,Jr., Charles Rogers III, Billie Anne Bigbee-Rogers, Karen Sue Rogers, Ivan and Doris Rogers, Earl Rogers
  • Rogers: Williams Family Reunion 1999 (278 KB)
    Karen Williams-Chaffin, Gloria Williams-Vestal, Luster Williams, Ulysses Williams, Harlene Williams-Langdon, Berville Williams, and Beulah Williams-Lowman
  • Rogers: Williams-Langdon Family Reunion 1999 (161 KB)
    Larry Langdon Family, Sherry Harlene Williams-Langdon, Steven and Shanelle(Williams)Sisson Family
  • Rogers:Lemuel and May Sweeton & Family (89 KB)
    Lemuel Sweeton and wife, Lena Mae Rogers-Riggs-Sweeton, her brother, William Virgil Rogers and son, William Theodore Rogers, Sr., Raymond Walter Riggs, Earl Claude Riggs, Jack Leo Riggs, Harold James Riggs, and Robert Eugene Riggs. Lena May is my GrandAunt, William Virgil is my Grandfather, William Theodore is my Dad, and the Riggs boys are my 1st cousins once removed. Taken Joplin, Missouri about 1931.
  • Rogers: King-Butler Family 1999 (146 KB)
    Junior Ray and Evelyn(King) Butler, David and Ronda Butler and Family,Ricky and Sandra Butler and Family 1999
  • Rogers:William Virgil Rogers (93 KB)
    William Virgil Rogers, son of William Leland and Mary E. Jones-Rogers, Grandson of John H. and Mahalia Scott-Rogers. William Viril is my Grandfather born October 10, 1898 Lebanon, LaClede County, Missouri and Died June 15, 1972 Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. Picture taken abt. 1910 St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri.
  • Rogers: Dean and Gladys Rogers and Grandson (112 KB)
    Dean, Gladys, and Cody 1999 Tonganoxie, Kansas
  • Rogers:Alfred Mettenburg (55 KB)
    Alfred Joe Mettenburg, son of John Raus Mettenburg and Marguerite Olive Jaeckel, Grandson of Henry Charles and Mary Elizabeth Raus-Mettenburg, Great Grandson of John Charles and Lucy Ann Martha Priscilla Rogers-Raus. Alfred is the 3rd cousin once removed of John Leslie Rogers. Also pictured is Bob Wasson. Pettis County, Missouri.
  • Burns: Norma June Potter-Hibbard (34 KB)
    Norma June Potter-Hibbard, daughter of Mary L. Burns-Potter and GreatGranddaughter of Summerville Burns and John Leslie Rogers, Great Great Grandson of Summerville Burns. June Hibbard is my 2nd cousin once removed.
  • Rogers:Andrew Francis Rogers (37 KB)
    Dr. Andrew F. Rogers, son of Henry C. and Elizabeth Rose Scott-Rogers. Grandson of William and Melessia Rogers. Andrew is the 1st cousin 3 x removed of John Leslie Rogers. Picture taken in Sedalia, Missouri.
  • Rogers: Calvin C. Rogers (64 KB)
    Calvin C. Rogers, brother of William L. Rogers. Picture sent to me by Calvins' Grandson, Charles M. Rogers, II. Calvin is my Great Granduncle.
  • Bigbee:Rev. J. C. and Lovie Bigbee (8 KB)
    Rev. Jarrett Cummings Bigbee and Lovie Witt-Bigbee. Jarrett is the son of Arshan Neely(1887-1966) and Ruth Alma Cummings-Bigbee(and Grandson of Thomas Jefferson Bigbee 1862-1918). Jarrett is my 4th Cousin twice removed. Picture taken at Jarrett and Lovies' home in Robertson County, Tennessee 2004.
  • Rogers:Earl Joseph Dirck Family (174 KB)
    From left:Lawrence Wasson, Marie Wasson, James N. Wasson, Maude Shaw, Clarence Shaw, Betty Jean Shaw, Elsie Dirck, Edith Swope, Nannie Wasson, Howard Dirck, Edward Dirck, and Earl Joseph Dirck in July 1926 Pettis County, Missouri. Earl is the 2nd cousin 2 x removed, and Hwoard and Edward are 3rd cousins once removed of John Leslie Rogers.
  • Bigbee:Dorman Marvin Bigbee and Sons (8 KB)
    Back row left to right: Donald Lee Bigbie, Robert "Bob" Bullard(step son), Dorman Marvin Bigbie. Front left: Marvin Douglas Bigbie and front right, Kenneth Wayne Bigbie. Dorman Bigbie is my 4th Cousin 3 x removed. Picture sent to me by Leah Dawn Bigbee-Dragovich(my sixth cousin once removed).
  • Rogers:Mettenburg Kids (44 KB)
    From Left:Bob Wasson, Harvey Patterson, Alfred Joe Mettenburg, Gene Sprinkle. Small boys in front:Howard Mettenburg and Harold Mettenburg. Alfred, Howard, and Harold are the 3rd cousins once removed of John Leslie Rogers. Picture taken in Pettis County, Missouri.
  • Strother/Bigbee: President Zachary Taylor (13 KB)
    Zachary Taylor III, 12th President of the United States. Son of Sarah Dabney Strother-Taylor and Richard Taylor, II. Pres. Taylor is my 2nd cousin 7 x removed.
  • Rogers:Edward M. Dirck (52 KB)
    Edward M. Dirck, husband of Annie Raus. Annie Raus is the daughter of John Charles and Lucy Ann Martha Priscilla Rogers-Raus, and the granddaughter of William and Melessia Rogers. Annie Raus-Dirck is the 1st cousin 3 x removed of John Leslie Rogers.
  • Bigbee: Samuel H. Bigbee/Middleton Family (37 KB)
    Back Row:Bert Keller, Jim Hume, Sam Bigbee, Frank Benedict, Walter Pardew. 2nd Row: Julia Middleton-Keller, Hattie Middleton-Hume, Alfred Middleton, Malissa Middleton-Bigbee, Sallie Middleton-Benedict, Amanda Middleton-Pardew. Front Row: Nora Hume, Bess Hume, J.D.Hume, Harry Bigbee, Clark Bigbee, Roy Benedict, Hollis Pardew, and Elmer Pardew. Samuel H. Bigbee is my Great Granduncle and brother of Otis Alonzo Bigbee(my Great Grandfather). Picture taken in Centralia, Washington and given to me by Barbara Bigbee-Bunt.
  • Rogers:Maydean Reed-Nelson (34 KB)
    Maydean Reed-Nelson, daughter of Frank Lester and Myrtle Pearle Raus-Reed, wife of Raymond Newton Nelson. Granddaughter of John Charles Raus and Lucy Ann Martha Priscilla Rogers-Raus. Maydean is my 2nd cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Johnny Nathan Bigbie (31 KB)
    Johnny "John" Nathan Bigbee born abt. 1974, Grandson of John E. Bigbie b.1903 Clay County, Georgia and Great Grandson of Edgar L. Bigbie born abt. 1878 Georgia. John is my 7th Cousin.
  • Rogers:Charles and Myrtle Sprinkle-Bybee (52 KB)
    Charles Julius Bybee and wife, Myrtle Lena Sprinkle-Bybee. Myrtle is the daughter of George Francis Scott Sprinkle and Bessie Lena Raus-Sprinkle and granddaughter of John Charles and Lucy Ann Martha Priscilla Rogers-Raus. Myrtle is my 2nd cousin twice removed.
  • Rogers: Sammie Edward Rogers (11 KB)
    Sammie Edward Rogers, son of James Elmer Rogers and my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Lewis F. and Minnie May Bigbee-Provance (111 KB)
    Lewis Franklin Provance and Minnie May Bigbee-Provance. Minnie is my Great Grandaunt and sister to my Great Grandfather, Otis A. Bigbee. Picture sent to me by Karen Bailey-Harrington(Karen is my 3rd cousin).
  • Rogers:Lucy Ann Rogers-Raus and Family (64 KB)
    Lucy Ann Martha Priscilla Rogers-Raus surrounded by Family: Pete Siard, Fern Hill, Sidney Eakins, Les Sprinkles, Clarence Reed, Myrtle Bybee, Anna Rhoads, Gertie Christy, Nadine Reed, Lucy Swope, Marietta Sprinkle, Frank Mettenburg, Jim Reed, Raus Sprinkles, Charles Mettenburg, Charles F. Wise, and John Mettenburg. Lucy Ann Martha Priscilla Rogers-Raus is my 2nd Great Grand Aunt.
  • Rogers: My mom and dad (53 KB)
    Rev. William Theodore Rogers and Billie Anne Bigbee-Rogers taken at my sister Robins' wedding November 1982. Dad passed onto his reward in Heaven March 17, 1994, miss you Dad!
  • Burns: Albert T. Burns Family (247 KB)
    Albert T. Burns b.October 1, 1869 Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri and wife Beatrice Ellen Elgin b.February 19, 1875 Henry County, Missouri. Picture from the "Elgin Family Tree" (Susanna Elgin Lingross) 2003
  • Bigbee:Lewis and Minnie Provance daughters (45 KB)
    Athra Provance-Bailey, Bessie Provance-Moss, and Alta Provance. Daughters of Lewis F. Provance and Minnie May Bigbee-Provance. Alta, Athra, and Bessie are my 1st cousins twice removed. Picture sent to me by Karen Bailey-Harrington.
  • Bigbee: John Strother Bigbee 1795-1871 (122 KB)
    John Strother Bigbee, born 1795 Culpeper, Virginia, moved to Cross Plains/Springfield, Tennessee, migrated on the Springfield, Missouri. He is my 4th Greatgrandfather. Was Justice of Peace and Constable of Springfield, MO.
  • Bigbee: Everett Lee Bigbee and family (50 KB)
    Mike Bigbee(son), lenora Bigbee(daughter), Everett Lee Bigbee(dad), and Steven Bigbee. Everett Lee is the son of Everett Clay and Violet (Riley)Bigbee and my first cousin. Everett Lee passed away March of 2003 and post this picture in his memory!
  • Bigbee:Grant W. and Athra Provance-Bailey (36 KB)
    Grant W. Bailey and wife, Athra Provance-Bailey canoeing up the Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri about 1963. Athra is my 1st cousin twice removed. Picture sent to me by Karen Bailey-Harrington, granddaughter of Grant and Athra Bailey.
  • Burns/Bailey: Orley Leota Bailey-Burns-Brown (22 KB)
    Orley Leota Bailey-Burns-Brown-Brown born 1880 in Huntington County, Indiana, daughter of Wilburn Bailey and Susanna Foust-Bailey. She is my Greatgrandmother and the mother of Gertrude Ruth Burns-Bigbee. Pictured with her is her husband, Charlie Brown.
  • Bigbee: George W. Bigby (101 KB)
    George W. Bigby(Bigbee) born 1853 in Texas. George is the son of John Strother (Jack) Bigbee and is my 2nd cousin 4 times removed. Picture sent to me by Terri Loden-Maxwell.
  • Burns: William Marshall Burns, Jr. 1900-1925 (18 KB)
    William Marshall Burns, Jr. born 1900 in Galena, Kansas, died in an accident with an Electric Car in 1925. William is my Granduncle and pictured with him is his halfbrother, Elmer Brown. William is the son of Orley Leota Bailey-Burns-Brown-Brown and William M. Burns, Sr.. William M. Burns, Sr.. died shortly before William M. Burns, Jr. was born and Orley remarried twice afterwards to 2 Brown brothers.
  • Rogers: Earl and Karen Chaffin (123 KB)
    Earl and Karen(Williams)Chaffin, Goans-Williams Reunion 1999 Blue Springs, Missouri
  • Foust: Foust Family taken in Galena, Kansas 1904 (497 KB)
    Jacob Foust and Lavinia Foust number 1&2 in this picture, my Great-Great-Great Grandparents-only picture known to exist of them. Taken at home of Lou Soulen about 1904. All are relation, 63 people have names, please inquire! Thanks to Stephen Mark Calkins of California for supplying the picture to me!
  • Rogers: William Harold "Rusty" Rogers, Jr. (34 KB)
    Great Grandson of Calvin C. Rogers, Thanks to Rusty a side of the Rogers' Family that has been missing from my tree has been added. Nothing was known of Calvin (brother of William L. Rogers)after 1910. Welcome to the Family all descendants of Calvin! William H. Rogers is my 3rd cousin.
  • Rogers:Milton S. Rogers and wife (24 KB)
    Milton Shields Rogers and wife, Serepetha Jane Wood-Rogers. Milton is the brother of my Great Great Grandfather, John H. Rogers, Henry Rogers, and Lucy Ann Martha Priscilla Rogers-Raus.
  • Rogers:John D. and Connie Rogers (22 KB)
    John Dearil Rogers and wife, Connie Andradi-Rogers. John was the son of James Elmer and Nellie Frances Myres-Rogers, grandson of William Leland and Mary E. Jones-Rogers. John was killed in the Battle of the Bulge/Belgium in WWII. Brother of Sammie Edward, Irney Lee, and half brother to William Walter Rogers. John is my 1st cousin once removed.
  • Rogers:Irney Lee Rogers USN (16 KB)
    Irney Lee Rogers, son of James Elmer and Nellie Myres-Rogers. Brother of Sammie and Dearil and half brother to Walter Rogers. My 1st cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Bill and Arletta Bigbee (22 KB)
    Bill Bigbee and wife, Arletta Barr-Bigbee of Jasper County, Missouri. Bill is my 1st cousin once removed and the son of Fred and Nellie Bigbee of Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.
  • Rogers:William Walter Rogers USAF (18 KB)
    William Walter Rogers, son of James Elmer and Ada Melton-Rogers. Served in World War II, shot down over Berlin, Germany and killed. Half brother of Sammie, Irney, and Dearil Rogers. My 1st cousin once removed.
  • Mitts/Bigbee: James Mitts /Otis Bigbee Families (90 KB)
    Callie Mitts, John Wilson Mitts, Otis A. Bigbee, Everett S. Bigbee, Leslie James Bigbee, Fred W. Bigbee, Victoria Mitts-Bigbee(Otis E. Bigbee in lap), Tabor, Tabitha Mitts, Roberth H., Annabelle Bigbee(blurred), James K. Mitts, Mary Tabor-Mitts, Adam Mitts(baby), Elick Mitts, Norm Tabor, and other Tabor members whose names I didn't know. Taken Pottersville/Dora, Missouri 1900. James K. Mitts is my 2nd Greatgrandfather, Otis Alonzo Bigbee is my Greatgrandfather, and Leslie James Bigbee is my Grandfather.
  • Rogers:Emmett and Hazel Turner-Long (32 KB)
    Emmett Ivan Long and wife, Mary Hazel Turner-Long and daughter, Berniece Long-Borjesson. Hazel is the sister of my Step Grandmother, Letha Beatrice Turner-Rogers and daughter of Charley H. and Lydia Alma Hutchens-Turner.
  • Mitts: James Knox Mitts Family 1900 (83 KB)
    John Wilson Mitts, Callie Mitts-Parker, Robert Hollingshad, Tabitha Mitts-Hollingshad, Erick Mitts, Otis Alonzo Bigbee, Victoria Mitts-Bigbee, James K. Mitts, Adam Mitts, Mary Tabor-Mitts. James K. Mitts is my 2nd Greatgrandfather and Otis A. Bigbee is my Greatgrandfather.
  • Foust: George and Grace McMillan (11 KB)
    George C. McMillan and Grace Pearl LaTurner-McMillan. Taken about 1976 just before their 50th wedding anniversary. Grace is my 2nd cousin twice removed. Picture sent to me by Deb Walkenshaw-Carson.
  • Rogers:Charlene Rogers-Smith Family (13 KB)
    Stephanie(daughter-in-law), Connell Smith, Sean Smith, Caroline Smith, Charlene Rogers-Smith, Beckey Smith-Kliewer, Jason Kliewer, and Chuck Smith. Charlene is my 2nd Cousin once removed and Sean and Beckey are my 3rd cousins. Picture taken at Beckey and Jason Wedding Sedona, Arizona October 8, 2005.
  • Rogers:Rogers' Family Sedalia, Missouri (54 KB)
    In the early 1950's, gathered outside Lucy Swopes Service Station on North Highway 65. Freddie Taylor, Shirley Taylor, Etta Sprinkles, Annie Rhoads, Shirley Fidler, ? , Emma Lou Swopes, Dewey Swopes,? , Junior Greer, Beth Sprinkles(standing), ? . Front row, Janet Taylor, Kathy Mettenburg, John Mettenburg, Ginger Taylor, Marguerite Mettenburg, ? . Rogers descendants from Lucy Rogers-Raus, sister of my Great Great Grandfather, John H. Rogers.
  • Foust: Lily Agnes Carey-LaTurner (8 KB)
    Lily Agnes Carey-LaTurner, wife of Samuel Erastus LaTurner. Samuel is my 1st cousin 3 times removed. Picture sent to me by Deb Walkenshaw-Carson.
  • Foust:Deb Walkenshaw and Family (19 KB)
    Debra Lynn Walkenshaw, Wyatt Dane Carson, Michelle Ranae Walkenshaw-Aramayo, Ryan Matthew Walkenshaw, and Tyrel William Carson. Picture taken at Michelle's Wedding October 1, 2005. Deb is my 4th Cousin and daughter of Danny Earl and Shirley Jane McMillan-Walkenshaw.
  • Bigbee:Everett S. Bigbee Family (47 KB)
    Everett Sam Bigbee and wife, Emma R. Hink-Bigbee, children:Fred James Bigbee, Delight Bigbee, and Katherine Bigbee. Everett is my Granduncle and brother of my Grandfather, Leslie James Bigbee.
  • Bigbee: Children of Archibald Clark Bigbee (160 KB)
    Jeannie Beatrice Bigbee, Emma Dorathea Bigbee, Flora Gertrude Bigbee, Franklin Colley Bigbee, Archibald Urich Bigbee, Hattie Louisea Bigbee, Jewell Lionel Bigbee, and John Albert Bigbee. Picture given to me by Judith Sears-Warner. These cousins are my 2nd Cousins 3 times removed.
  • Bigbee:Rude and Ettie Bigbee (8 KB)
    Rudolph D. "Rude" Bigbee and wife, Etta "Ettie" J. Denton. Rude is the son of Robert Fulton and Sarah Katherine Croft-Bigbee. Rude is my 4th cousin twice removed.
  • Bigbee:Everett Sam Bigbee (11 KB)
    Everett Sam Bigbee, son of Otis Alonzo and Sarah Victoria Mitts-Bigbee, grandson of Alonzo Madison and Sarah E. Wood-Bigbee, great Grandson of William Harrison and Mary Howard-Bigbee. Everett is my Granduncle and brother of my Grandfather, Leslie James Bigbee.
  • Bigbee: Betty Hauser-Bigbee, son, and grandson (29 KB)
    Betty Hauser-Bigbee (widow of Clifford Bigbee, her son Daniel Clark Bigbee, and grandson Tucker Bigbee. Picture taken approx.1991 in Springfield, Missouri. Daniel Clark Bigbee is my 4th cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Everett Clay Bigbee Family (15 KB)
    Everett Clay Bigbee and first wife, Violet Riley-Bigbee-Huckleberry, Shirley Fay Bigbee-Grimes, Everett Lee Bigbee, and Thomas James Bigbee. Everett is my Uncle, 1915-1988. Picture taken in 1944 Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.
  • Rogers:Wilbur and Effie Ditton (68 KB)
    Wilbur Robert Ditton and wife, Effie Anna Rogers-Ditton. Effie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Shields Rogers. Effie is my 1st cousin 3 x removed.
  • Bigbee: Family of Samuel Harrison Bigbee (49 KB)
    Back row: As taken from photo "Aunt Ann, Uncle Harry, Grandpa and Grandmother, Dad Second row: Uncle Mil, me(Barbara Bigbee-Bunt), Aunt Clara, my brother Jack, and my mom, and Grace". Picture sent to me by Barbara Bigbee-Bunt: Samuel H. Bigbee is my Great Granduncle and Barbara my second cousin once removed.
  • Bigbee:Steven Ray Bigbee and niece (46 KB)
    Steven Ray Bigbee, son of Everett Lee Bigbee and niece, Samantha Campbell, daughter of Lenora Deann Bigbee(daughter of Everett Lee Bigbee). Steven and Lenora are my 1st cousins once removed and Samantha is my 1st cousin twice removed.
  • Rogers:Lucy Ann Rogers-Dirck (58 KB)
    Lucy Ann Rogers-Dirck wife of Edward M. Dirck and daughter of Milton Shields Rogers. Lucy is my 1st cousin 3 x removed.
  • Bigbee/Mitts: Mom cousins in O'Fallon, Missouri (16 KB)
    Lena Doris Hicks-Maupin, Billie Anne Bigbee-Rogers, and Gladys Mitts-Hicks. Gladys is my moms 1st cousin once removed. Picture taken in 1991 in O'Fallon, Missouri, first and last time that these cousins met, Gladys passed away in 1998, very dear woman who knew my moms Great Grandparents very well (Otis A. Bigbee and Victoria Mitts-Bigbee).
  • Rogers:William Robert Gollihur Family (30 KB)
    William Robert Gollihur, Heather Harris-Gollihur, James Michael, Cody, Tiffany, Randee, William, and Jonathon Gollihur. My Nephew, Niece-in-Law, Grandnephews, and Grandnieces in Illinois 2004.
  • Rogers/Turner:Family Joplin, Missouri 1947 (26 KB)
    William Virgil Rogers(my Grandfather), Lydia Alma Hutchens-Turner, Mary Lou Hyso-Riggs, Robert Gene Riggs, Earl Claude Riggs, Lucille Burges-Riggs, Letha Beatrice Turner-Rogers, Mrs. Raymond Riggs and Doris May Riggs, Claudie Eugene Riggs, Mary Hazel Turner-Long, Raymond Walter Leo Riggs, and Raymond Walter Riggs. My Grandparents, Great Grandmother, and First cousins once removed and 2nd cousins.
  • Bigbee: Roy and Katherine Bigbee (15 KB)
    Roy and Katherine Bigbee and Lewis Bigbee. Roy is the son of Daniel Chapman Bigbee and Sarah WInes-Bigbee. Picture given to me by Lewis Bigbee (son of Roy), Lewis Bigbee passed away in 1997.
  • Bigbee: Harrison Clark Middleton Bigbee Family (80 KB)
    Barbara Bigbee-Bunt(daughter of Clark), Larry Bigbee (son of Clark, Jr.), and Ty Bigbee (grandson of Larry) taken in Tacoma, WA; #2 family friend, Jacqueline Bunt-Rarchak, Ronald Bunt, Dennis Karchak 1991; #3 Clark Bigbee, Clark Bigbee Jr.(backrow) Jack Bunt, Milfred Bigbee, and Harry Bigbee. Clark Bigbee and his 2 brothers, son, and son in law. 1954 Clark Bigbee is my 1st cousin, twice removed. Clark Bigbee was born 1900 Siloam Springs, MO; #4 Harry and Eunice Bigbee, Clark and Grace Bigbee, Milfred and Alice Bigbee;taken at Clark's home in Eugene, Oregon 1954. Samuel Harrison Bigbee's 3 sons and wives. Picture give to me by Clarks daughter, Barbara Bigbee-Bunt 1995, Tacoma, WA

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