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Sagaser Slator Posey Rector Reed Genealogy

Updated June 14, 2010

My father, who was from Kansas, would occasionally say to my sister and me, "I would dare say anything bad about anybody in Macon County, because, sure enough, they would be kin to your mother."

The Sagaser, Slator, Posey, Rector and Reed families all became connected in Macon County, Missouri, when John Martin Sagaser married Lavina Jane Posey, Alexander Rector married Dicy "Angeline" Reed, and Charles Henry Sagaser married Susan Amanda Rector.

ALEXANDER RECTOR discovered coal near Bevier, Missouri, which led to the lucrative coal mining industry in Macon County. (See photo below).
JOHN SLATOR was a French cavalry soldier (hussar) in Lauzun's Legion during the American Revolutionary War and is a DAR patriot. (See files and links below as well as picture of French hussar).

ATTENTION SAGASER/SLATOR DESCENDANTS--Our cousin, Linda Sagaser Kao of Pennsylvania, daughter of Don and Jan Sagaser of Massachusetts, was accepted into Daughters of the American Revolution through patriot John Slator. To refresh your memories--Elizabeth Slator Sagaser (granddaughter of John Slator) and her husband John Jacob Sagaser left Butler County, Pennsylvania, in 1867 and moved to Macon County, Missouri, with 13 of their 14 children. All female Sagaser/Slator descendants who are 18-years-old and a direct descendant are eligible for DAR membership. Men--you can join Sons of the American Revolution through this same line. Please contact Lucinda at her email address to the left if you would like information about DAR membership. A SPECIAL THANKS TO LINDA SAGASER KAO FOR HER HARD WORK AND DEVOTION TO THE SAGASER/SLATOR FAMILY IN MAKING OUR DAR CONNECTION A REALITY.


Lucinda Eggleston Rohrs

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Family Photos

  • Andrew Nelson Sagaser and family (400 KB)
    This photo includes Andrew Nelson Sagaser, his wife, Martha Ann Smoot Sagaser, and three daughters, Mada Ann, Nellie May, and Dora Catherine.
  • John Jacob Sagaser (321 KB)
    John Jacob Sagaser was born in Switzerland on May 6, 1817, and died in Macon County, Missouri, on March 10, 1890. Family stories say that the Sagaser family was originally from Germany. Like many of the Sagasers, John Jacob Sagaser went by his middle name. Married to Elizabeth Slater and Lucille Roloson, he fathered 20 children. This photo was scanned from a 3 inch tin type picture. This tin type and the 2 Andrew Nelson Sagaser photographs were provided by Rev. Darrel and Juanita Schwenk of Excello, Macon County, Missouri.
  • John Jacob Sagaser, Lucy, and family (425 KB)
    Jacob Sagaser's second family lived in California. He and Lucy divorced, and he came back to Macon County, Missouri, and supposedly lived with his son, Andrew Nelson Sagaser, until he died.
  • Elizabeth Slator Sagaser and daughter, Sarah A. (344 KB)
    Elizabeth Slator, 1823-1879, was from Butler County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Henry and Susan Ann Dunbar Slator. Elizabeth's grandfather, John Slator, a.k.a. Schletor, was famous in Butler County, Pennsylvania, because he fought in the Revolutionary War with Rochambeau's troops who came from Alsace-Lorraine, France, to help out Gen. George Washington. Butler County, Pennsylvania, history books, say that John Slator was present at the surrender of Cornwallis to Washington and was present at the framing and signing of the U.S. Constitution. Be sure to look at this family line below. You will be interested in how the spelling of the name has changed and how in Elizabeth's father's generation, some spelled the name Slator and some Slater.
  • Jacob Washington Sagaser and Family (60 KB)
    Jacob Washington Sagaser was b. 7 September 1853 in Butler County, PA and d. 7 April 1923 in Stockton, California. He m. Cynda Ella Reynolds 3 February 1885 in Callao, Macon County, Missouri. Their children were: John William b. 3 November 1885; Mary Elizabeth b. 27 February 1887; Alvin Nelson b. 14 April 1889; Lettie Myrilla b. 17 September 1891; James Melvin b. 21 June 1893; Lucinda b. 30 May 1895; Noah Herman b. 5 July 1895; b. Joseph Hampton 30 January 1901
  • John Jacob Sagaser and his 2nd wife, Lucy (393 KB)
    This is the best photograph available of John Jacob Sagaser. Lucy was 17-years-old when they married.
  • Solomon Job Sagaser and Family (523 KB)
    Solomon Job Sagaser was b. 12 March 1857 in Butler County, Pennsylvania and d. 19 November 1930 in Lemoore, San Joaquin County, California. He m. Mary Ann Shultice 11 October 1879, Catholic Church, Bevier, Macon County, Missouri. Their children are: Mintia b. 4 July 1881; Andrew Milton b. 14 June 1883; Rose Adeline b. 21 June 1885; Lucille Jane b. 21 June 1888; George Alfred b. 12 December 1890; Harriet b. 11 November 1892; Floyd Jack b. 26 May 1895; Roy Frederick b. 13 July 1898
  • 2003 Sagaser Reunion, Part of Cememtery Tour Group (165 KB)
    Here are the Sagasers who came from a great distance for the Sagaser Reunion, June 2003, in Bevier, Missouri. We are standing outside the Super 8 Motel in Macon before leaving for the Macon County Cemetery Tour. We went to Mt. Tabor Cemetery in Atlanta (which we might never have found had Jeannette Burch Bigham not been with us), Old Milam Cemetery on the Butler/Bundren property north of Bevier where we got ticks, Bloomington Cemetery, Milam Cemetery, Enon Cemetery, St. Charles Cemetery and West Oakwood Cemetery in Bevier. As you can see, it was a chilly, windy day. Left to right--Margaret Mary Sagaser Furtado of Paluyup, Washington; Jeanette Sagaser Holveck of Seattle, Washington (They are sisters); Susan Eggleston Donaghue (asst. cemetery tour director); Patricia Sagaser (Steve's wife); Steve Sagaser (from Grand Forks, North Dakota); Lucinda Eggleston Rohrs (cemetery tour director--she and Susan are sisters); Del Sagaser (from Williamsburg, Virginia); and Kathryn Sagaser (Steve's daughter).
  • John Slator, Revolutionary War Cavalry Soldier (323 KB)
    John Slator was in the French cavalry of the Duke of Lauzun who came to America toward the end of the Revolutionary War. He is a DAR patriot. The forces of the Duke of Lauzun were under the auspices of Rochambeau which "saved the day" at the Battle of Yorktown in Virginia which led to the American victory over the British. John Slator deserted from the French troops and stayed in America. His name was Jean Schletor in the French military records and Schledorn in Alsace-Lorraine. The picture of the Lauzun cavalry soldier might be what he looked like. History books say that these cavalry soldiers were quite onery but brilliant fighters. His granddaughter, Elizabeth Slator m. John Jacob Sagaser.
  • John Martin Sagaser and Lavina Jane Posey (355 KB)
    John Martin Sagaser, 1844-1889, was the eldest son and second child of Jacob and Elizabeth Slater Sagaser. Like his father, he went by his middle name. He farmed near Bloomington, Missouri, which before the Civil War had been the county seat of Macon County. Martin Sagaser died in his early forties of typhoid. His wife, Lavina, was from the prominent Macon County Posey family which traced its family lines to France where the name was originally Poschet. Children from this line are George, Charles Henry, Mary Ann, Franklin Theodore, Ora Jane, and Clara Belle. This photograph was provided by Katherine Burk King.
  • John Martin Sagaser (1876-1916) (87 KB)
    Here is a good example of how family genealogy can become confusing. This John Martin Sagaser was the youngest child of William F. Sagaser and Sarah Ellen Skinner. The other John Martin Sagaser who married Lavina Jane Posey is William F. Sagaser's brother. The 1876-1916 John Martin Sagaser was married to Florence Leone York in 1904. They and their children Greeta Gail, Arthue Martin, and Lula Mae lived in the state of Washington.
  • Alexander Rector (1839-1906) (73 KB)
    Alex Rector is in the Macon County, Missouri, history books, because he discovered coal while digging a well, just west of Bevier. His discovery led to the lucrative coal industry in Macon County. His daughter, Susan Amanda Rector, married Charles Henry Sagaser.
  • Henry Issac Sagaser (367 KB)
    Henry Issac Sagaser, 1850-1936. He was married to Louisa Landree Hale and Annie Margaret Morris Moore. Children from this line are: 1st marriage--Jeanette Elzirah; Samuel Lee; Bertha Jane; Thomas Labon; Charity Mae; Edith Zelma; Nora Della; Clarence George. 2nd marriage-- Elmer M.D.
  • Susan Amanda Rector Sagaser (1872-1964) (65 KB)
    Lucinda says, "She was the world's best grandmother." Susan Amanda Rector was the daughter of Alexander Rector and Dicy "Angeline" Reed. She lived her entire life in or near Bevier, Missouri. Susan (her namesake)and Lucinda were fortunate to be able to spend a great deal of precious time with her. Susan Amanda looks to be about 18 years old in the photo. Photo sent to Lucinda by Ann Pippin Clark of St. Joseph, Missouri, who is in the Rector and Reed family lines.
  • Henry Isaac Sagaser (444 KB)
    Photos of Henry Isaac Sagaser were provided by Don Sagaser of Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Ora Jane, Mary Ann, and Clara Belle Sagaser (197 KB)
    Ora Jane Sagaser (Parrish), Mary Ann Sagaser (Fisher), and Clara Belle Sagaser (Evans, Fisher) were daughters of John Martin Sagaser and Lavina Jane Posey.
  • Henry Isaac Sagaser, Elmer, and Annie Sagaser (449 KB)
    Elmer M.D. Sagaser was a businessman in Appleton City, Missouri.
  • Lucinda's Favorite Family Photo (82 KB)
    Place: Nyack, NY. Time: Easter 1945 People: Capt. Donald Edwin Eggleston, U.S. Army Medical Corps; Mary Ethyl Sagaser Eggleston; Susan Eggleston; Lucinda Eggleston. Daddy had been overseas in the South Pacific for almost 3 years. Wasn't Mother pretty? And just look at those shiny Mary Jane shoes. Mother, Susan, and Lucinda lived in Bevier, Missouri, with our Grandmother Sagaser while Daddy was overseas. We moved to Macon, Missouri in 1946.
  • Andrew Nelson Sagaser and family (352 KB)
    Andrew Nelson Sagaser (1861-1918)was the youngest child of Jacob and Elizabeth Slater Sagaser. In this family photograph, he is seated with his wife, Martha Ann Smoot Sagaser. Their children are Mada Ann, John Tilford, Baby Nellie May, and Mary Elizabeth.

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Related Files

  • Notes for Descendants of John Jacob Sagaser Sons (67 KB)
    Here are notes including obituaries and census records for the children of William F. Sagaser, Henry Isaac Sagaser, Jacob Washington Sagaser, Solomon Job Sagaser, and Andrew Nelson Sagaser. Descendants of John Martin Sagaser, eldest son, is in a separate Related Link, since it is the family line of Lucinda, and she has many more notes on her line.
  • Notes for Descendants of John Martin Sagaser (92 KB)
    This includes the children of John Martin Sagaser and Lavina Janes Posey and their descendants including Charles Henry Sagaser, Mary Ann Sagaser [Fisher], Franklin Theodore Sagaser, Ora Jane Sagaser [Parrish], and Clara Belle Sagaser [Evans, Fisher].
  • John Slator Enlistment Record from Leslie Aller (5 KB)
    John Slator came to America as a Hussar, or cavalry soldier, during the Revolutionary War. He was with the French forces of Rochambeau under the Duke of Lauzun. Toward the end of the war, John Slator deserted, and became an American citizen.
  • Translation of Walter Petto article. (12 KB)
    The article is entitled "Schledorn Later Became Slater" and is from the newspaper "Saarlandische Family Studies" vol. 8 p. 55. It was translated by a visiting professor of German of the University of Missouri-Columbia. The Mr. Slater referred to in the article is James Dickey Slater of Pennsylvania whose son found the John Slator military record in France.
  • Notes for John Jacob Sagser, Elizabeth, and Lucy (21 KB)
    This file contains notes for John Jacob Sagaser, 1st wife Elizabeth Slator and 2nd wife Lucille Myrilla Roloson. It includes obituaries and U.S. Census records when available.
  • Notes for Sagaser Daughters (28 KB)
    These are notes for the daughters of John Jacob Sagaser and Elizabeth Slator: Mary Ellen, Ann Catherine, Rachel Levinia, Eliza Louise, Leah M., Harriet A., and Sarah A. It includes U.S. Census records and obituaries when available.
  • Notes for Sagaser Sons (29 KB)
    This file contains notes for the sons of John Jacob Sagaser and Elizabeth Slator: John Martin, William F., Henry Isaac, Thomas A., Jacob Washington, Solomon Job, and Andrew Nelson. It includes obituaries and U.S. Census records when available.
  • Memories (7 KB)
    Memories of Henry Isaac Sagaser and Elmer M.D. Sagaser by Donald D. Sagaser, Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Notes--visits with Mary Elizabeth (Sagaser) Lee (14 KB)
    Notes from visits with Mary Elizabeth (Sagaser) Lee (eldest daughter of Jacob Washington Sagaser), July 1972 and April 1973 by Larry R. White, San Francisco, California. Larry is in the Solomon Job Sagaser line.
  • Thomas Labon Sagaser and Ida Harriett Burns (11 KB)
    Biography of Thomas Labon Sagaser and Ida Harriett Burns Sagaser. It includes a fabulous description of their move and life in North Dakota. Author unknown. Could this have been written by Dorothy Williamson Sagaser, wife of Bernard Lee Sagaser?

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