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Ancestors of Michael Dayton Rowe

Generation No. 9

      256. George Friederich Rauh375,376,377,378,379, born Abt. 1723 in Baden-Baden, Germany; died July 1780 in Mifflinsburg, Pennsylvania. He was the son of 512. Phillip Jacob Rau and 513. Helena Salome Hermann. He married 257. Mary Magdalene Abt. 1739 in Germany.

      257. Mary Magdalene, born Abt. 1725 in Germany; died 1793 in Northlumberland, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of 514. Dad Magdalene and 515. Mother Magdalene.

Notes for George Friederich Rauh:
Buried at Rau's Church Cemetery. Arrived in Philadelphia on the sip "Phoenix" Oct. 1, 1754, with a wife and two sons. Took the oath of allegiance in Philadelphia. He was granted a warrant of survey in Northumberland (now Snyder Co.) Co., in 1774 and assessed there for the first time in 1763. He was killed while serving in the Northumberland Co. Militia.
following from Yeager source:
Arrived in Philadelphia, PA, on ship Phoenix, U. S. Arrival Date Oct. 1, 1754. Came from Baden, ?. Source: PA Archives 2nd series Vol 17 part 2. Born 1722/3 in Germany. Married Mary Magdalene, and came to America. George Sr. aided in the Revolutionary War by serving in the Northumberland Co PA Militia. He was killed by the Indians during the Summer of 1780, while on guard duty in the Mifflinsburg area. His widow received a pension Source: 5th Series, Vol. 4, page 553.

This next part is by Elizabeth Imbody Adams and is located in Wava Rowe White book. George Rau-Row-Rowe was born in 1723, probably in Baden-Baden, Germay. My ancestor arrived in Philadelphia on the ship "Phoenix" from Rotterdam on October 1, 1754. Captain John Spurrier was in charge of the 554 passengers: "inhabitnts from Francona, the Palatinate and Zweibrucken, seventeen Roman Catholics, twenty-five Mennonites" included. Baden provine was part of the Palatinate of the Rhine during the period of the large Palatine emigration to America. Refer to The Story of the Pennsylvania Germans by William Beidleman and I.D. Rupp's Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants. George Rau-Row=Rowe took the oath of allegiance in Philadelphia, then he and his wife Mary Magdalene and the two small sons John and George, Jr. proceeded to Northumberland County, in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania. He laid claim to tracts of land, 100 acres applied for on August , 1766, and surverys made May 27, 1767, land known as Row's Land. On June 12, 1772, George had 50 acres in Penn's Township surveyed. One of the original land grants to Row's Land was surveyed and signed by the first Governor after Pennsylvania became a state (1787). Ruth Row Clutcher has the documents. "On May 18, 1774, he was granted a warrant of survey for fifty acres of land in Northumberland (now Snyder) county. He was assed for the first time in Penn Township in 1776. It is beieved he became a resident on his land soon after the granting of the warrant and lived there until his death. This trat of land lay back (north) of the present Salem (Rau's) church. His wife was named Mary Magdalene. George, Jr. and John were their sons and both Revolutionary soldiers....This las part was referenced to Fisher, Dr. C.A., Snyder County Pioneers, Page 79.

"George, Senior, served as a Private in Captain Michael Weaver's Company of the Northumberland county Militia and may also have been in Lt. Spee's party of Rangers. His widow's application for a pension follows: 'George Row, Sr. enlisted in a Battalion of Northumberland county Militia, commanded by Co. Peter Hosterman. He was stationed at Foutz (Focht's) Mill in Buffalo Valley in July, 1780, was wounded by the Indians in the defense of this place. A musket ball pierced his breast and he died within five hours after being wounded. His Widow Mary Magdalene is much in need of a pension. The pension was granted. The Widow Row as a memberof the Lutheran congregation at Rau's church about the year 1790" ..this was from the "Pennyslvania Archieves" 5 th Series, Vol. IV, p 554. The Revolutionary War service records of George Row, Senior, in addition to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in the Division of Archives and Manuscripts, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. One certifies for George, Sr., "a tour of active duty in Northumberland County Militia which he performed as a member of Lt. Jacob Spee's Company serving the Frontier May-June 1780...This is from "interest Register" Vol. A, p 173, Militial Loans of `1784-1785. Public Debt Records of Comptroller General Another certificate states that George Rowe, Sr., served a tour of active duty in Northmberland County Militia as a member of Captain Michael Weaver's Company during the period June 17-26, 1780...this is rom page 170 of "Interest Register". It was in this second tour of duty taht he was killed. george Rau-Row-Rowe was one of the first persons buried in Rau's (Salem) cemetary and his grave is marked. tombstone inscription on the monument erected to George Row, who gave 50 acres for the founding of the Lutheran Church and is now in the graveyard back of the "Rauen Kirchen" at Salem, Pennsylvania, reads: GEORGE ROW born 1723 Killed by Indians 1780 Der Tod Gewiss Ungewiss der Tag, Die Stunde Auch Nieman Wissen Mag Drum Fuerchte, which translates to Death cometh Uncertain the day, the hour neither No one knoweth of Therefore fear...This is translated from "Back to yesteryear" colum by Agness Selin Schoch in 1931 "Selinsgrove Times".
died July 1780 in Buffalo Valley at Foutz Mill.
both are buried Row Salem Church Cemetery, Penn Twp. Pennsylvania
-------- Dorothy Kyler
"Rowe Register" by Richard Tivey July 1997 Came to America aboard the "Phoenix" 1 Oct. 1754. Grew up in Buffalo Valley, PA. Wounded in the breast at Fought's Mill near Mittinburg and died in 5 hours. Occupation: Shoemaker Religion: Lutheran
Monument to George at the cemetery reads: GEORGE ROW 1723 KILLED BY INDIANS 1780 Changed the spelling of Rau to Row, which is used on his headstone.His grandchildren added a 'e' to Row(e).

George was one of the first persons buried in the Rau's (Salem) Cemetery and his grave is marked. The tombstone inscription on themonument erected to George ROW, who gave 50 acres for the founding of the Lutheran Church, and is new in the graveyard back of the "RauenKirchen" at Salem, PA, reads:
" George Row
Born 1723
Killed by Indians
Der Ted Gewiss
Ungewiss der Tag,
Die Stunde Auch
Nieman Wissen Mag
Drum fuerchte."
The Translation from "Back to Yesteryear" column by Agnes SelinSchoch in the 1931 Selinsgrove Times reads: "Death cometh, Uncertain the day, The hour neither, No one knoweth of, Therefore fear."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

More About George Friederich Rauh:
Burial: Aft. July 1780, Row Salem Church Cemetery, Penn Township, Selinsgrove, Snyder Co., Pennsylvania

Notes for Mary Magdalene:

Rau's Church Cemetery, Selinsgrove, PA
Birth: Abt 1723 in Germany
Death: 1795 in Selinsgrove, PA
Burial: Rau's Church Cem, Salem, PA
"Rowe Register" by Richard Tivey July 1997

Rau's Church Cemetery, Selinsgrove, PA
Birth: Abt 1723 in Germany
Death: 1795 in Selinsgrove, PA
Burial: Rau's Church Cem, Salem, PA
"Rowe Register" by Richard Tivey July 1997

More About Mary Magdalene:
Burial: Aft. 1793, Row Salem Church Cemetery, Selingsgrove, Snyder Co., Pennsylvania
Children of George Rauh and Mary Magdalene are:
  i.   Martin Rau380,381,382, born Abt. 1740 in Germany; died 1820.
  ii.   Jacob Rau383,384,385, born Abt. 1743; died 1795.
  iii.   Madeline Rau385, born Abt. 1745; died Unknown.
  128 iv.   John Fredrick Rau, born Abt. 1749 in Gernsbach, Germany; died Unknown; married (1) Catharina Schock; married (2) Hannah Whitman.
  v.   George Rau385,386,387, born Abt. 1751 in Germany; died July 18, 1818 in Posey Co., Indiana; married (1) Magdaline Row; born Abt. 1760; died Unknown; married (2) Anna Margaretta Weaver Abt. 1770 in Pennsylvania; born Abt. 1753; died 1820 in Mt. Vernon, Indiana.
  Notes for George Rau:
Neideffer-Hunt source shows death date 3-21-1825 Mount Vernon, Indiana; Aldrich Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Indiana
George traveled to Logan County, KY in 1794 and to Posey County, IN in 1805
Birth: 1751 in Germany
Death: 21 Mar 1825 in Posey County, Indiana, US
Burial: Aldrich Cemetery, Posey County, Indiana, US
Note: George, Jr. was assessed for the first time in Penn Township in 1776 and in 1781 was taxed with 200 acres of land and personal property. In 1790, his family consisted of one male over and seven under 16 years,and six females. The RAUS lived, and still live, in the Middle Creek Valley in the vicinity of the vllages of Salem and Kraemer. He served as a Private in Captain Michael Metz's Company of the Northumberland County Militia. In May 1780 he was a Private in Lt. Jacob Bard's Party of Northumberland Rangers in service on the frontier.

  More About George Rau:
Burial: Aft. July 18, 1818, Aldrich Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Posey Co., Indiana

  vi.   Ludwig Lewis Rau387,388,389, born Abt. 1753 in Pennsylvania; died March 25, 1807 in Synder Co., Pennsylvania; married Jean Rau; born Abt. 1756; died Unknown.
  vii.   John Rau390,391,392, born Abt. 1755 in Pennsylvania; died February 10, 1835 in Reading, Berks Co., Pennsylvania; married Susannah Spiera December 04, 1784; born Abt. 1764; died Unknown.
  viii.   Catherine Rau392, born Abt. 1757; died Unknown.
  ix.   Anna Maria Rau392, born Abt. 1758; died Unknown.

      258. Dad Shock, born Abt. 1729; died Unknown. He married 259. Mohter Shock.

      259. Mohter Shock, born Abt. 1731; died Unknown.
Child of Dad Shock and Mohter Shock is:
  129 i.   Catharina Schock, born Abt. 1751; died Unknown; married John Fredrick Rau.

      264. Dad Snellenberger, born Abt. 1707; died Unknown. He married 265. Mother Snellenberger.

      265. Mother Snellenberger, born Abt. 1709; died Unknown.
Child of Dad Snellenberger and Mother Snellenberger is:
  132 i.   George Snellenberger, born Abt. 1729 in Germany; died Unknown in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.

      292. Dad Robart, born Abt. 1757; died Unknown. He married 293. Mother Robart.

      293. Mother Robart, born Abt. 1759; died Unknown.
Child of Dad Robart and Mother Robart is:
  146 i.   John Robart, born Abt. 1779 in New Jersey; died Abt. 1808 in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio; married Amelia English Abt. 1797 in Cape May, New Jersey.

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