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Ancestors of Michael Dayton Rowe

Generation No. 12

      2560. Dad Anthony, born Abt. 1638; died Unknown. He married 2561. Mother Anthony.

      2561. Mother Anthony, born Abt. 1640; died Unknown.
Child of Dad Anthony and Mother Anthony is:
  1280 i.   Marcus Anthony, born Abt. 1660; died WFT Est. 1683-1743; married WFT Est. 1653-1700.

      2564. Thomas Hart505, born Abt. 1632; died WFT Est. 1668-1746. He was the son of 5128. Dad Hart and 5129. Mother Hart. He married 2565. Elizabeth Hart Abt. 1650.

      2565. Elizabeth Hart, born Abt. 1634; died WFT Est. 1668-1752.

Notes for Thomas Hart:
Thomas Hart is listed as the Sexton for Upper Church, in the record of the Vestry meeting held November 16, 1685 at St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County Virginia ( pp 2, 3 in the VA State Library reprint of the Vestry Book for St. Peter's Parish.)

Page 360 of the Register of St. Peter's Parish lists John, son of Thomas Hart born 1 October, 1689 baptized 24 October.

Page 360 also lists "Thomas Son of Thomas Hart baptiz the 6 May, 1694.
Child of Thomas Hart and Elizabeth Hart is:
  1282 i.   John Hart, born November 16, 1651 in Whitney, Oxfordshire, England; died September 1714 in Johnsville, Pennsylvania; married Susanna Rush September 16, 1685 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania.

      2566. Dad Rush, born Abt. 1634; died Unknown. He married 2567. Mother Rush.

      2567. Mother Rush, born Abt. 1636; died Unknown.
Child of Dad Rush and Mother Rush is:
  1283 i.   Susanna Rush, born December 26, 1656 in Guilsborough, Northampton, England; died February 27, 1724/25 in Poetquessink, Pennsylvania; married John Hart September 16, 1685 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania.

      2568. Michael Clark506,507,508, born Abt. 1625 in England; died October 05, 1678 in Christ Church, Barbadoes, West Indies. He was the son of 5136. Edward Clarke. He married 2569. Margaret Clark Bef. 1648 in England.

      2569. Margaret Clark, born Abt. 1629 in England; died Aft. 1681 in Virginia.

Notes for Michael Clark:
1669 Michael and Margaret sailed from England to the Barbadoes Islands on the "Glasgow".

Excerpts from Anthony Roots and Branches, compiled by Nancy Vashti Anthony Jacob. Printed by Business Services - Shreveport, Louisiana

Page 179
The Clark Name
The name Clark, Clerk, etc. was employed in England as early as the 11th Century. It undoubtedly referred in the first place to the Office of Clerks or clergymen, the Latin form being "Clericus", as at that time the Church was the only source of learning. The name particularly means a person who could read and write ancient and medieval lore, and therefore medevial bearers of this name were proud of it. They were dwellers in England before the Norman Conquest. Many of the name were Colonial emigrants to America, among them we find the mate of the "Mayflower", Hon. Thomas Clark of Plymouth, 1624.

Ref. James Clark, Mansfield Family & Christopher Clark by McNaught (McVaught?) "About AD 1100 the laws of England required the people to take surnames and our ancestors took the name Clerk, which means a learned person. Later the "e" was changed to "a" according to the English pronunciation."

Page 180 (Jacob)
Michael and Margaret Clark are believed to be the grandparents of Christopher Clark of Louisa Co., VA., Micajah being a key name in the families and three people with names of Michael's sons were settlers in New Kent Co., VA.

"In the spring of 1669 Zacharia Moorman, his sons, Thomas and Charles, daughter, Sallie Ann (wife of Micajah Clark), Michael and Margaret Clark with their sons, Micajah, Francis, Edward Roger, William, Thomas, and Christopher and David Terrell, embarked at Southampton, England, in the ship "Glasgow", and sailed to Barbados, West Indies. Early the next year, 1670, Zacharia Moorman and family, Micajah and Sallie Ann Clark, joined immigrants who passed Barbados on their way to South Carolina, and landed with them near the site of Charleston (the first permanent settlement in South Carolina.) During the same year (1670), the Moorman and Clark families proceeded to Virginia and settled at Somerton, Nansemond Co."

By 1686, Thomas Moorman was in St. Peters Parish.

Michael Clark's burial was recorded in Christ Church, Barbados, August 5th, 1678. Margaret Clark had 167 acres, 5 white servants, and 78 negroes, Dec. 22, 1679, Christ Church, Barbados. (Ref. List of Emigrants to America by Hotten.)


Micajah Clark, m. by or before 1669, Sallie Ann Moorman, migrated to Virginia 1670 with the Moormans.
Francis Clark, had 12 acres, 6 negroes, Christ Church, Barbados, 1679.
Edward Clark, had 1 acre, 1679, Christ Church, Barbados.
Roger Clark, had 20 acres, 11 negroes, 1679, Christ Church, Barbados.
William Clark, had 7 acres, 1679, Christ Church, Barbados.
Thomas Clark, St. Michael's Parish, Barbados:
June 28, 1678 Anne dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Clark
June 29, 1678 Anne died.
June 29, 1678 Roger, son of Thomas and Laetitia Clark (wife probably named Elizabeth Laetitia and had twins.)
In 1680, Thomas Clark had wife, 1 child, 2 bought servants, 1 slave.
Christopher Clark, had 60 acres, 31 negroes, 1679, Christ Church, Barbados.

Michael left Southhampton, England in 1669 for Barbados on the "Glasgow"- the same voyage that carried the Zacharia Moorman family across the Atlantic. With Micajah were his wife Margaret and their six sons: Micajah, Francis, Edward, Roger, William and Thomas. The Clarks stayed in Barbados initially, while the Moormans went on to South Carolina. However at least some of the sons went to Virginia and may well have influenced the Moorman decision to leave South Carolina and migrate north to Virginia. Micajah married Zacharia's daughter Sarah Moorman so communication between the two families likely continued after their common voyage. Michael also had a son Christopher who became a strong figure in Virginia colonial history.

Polly Ryan - Journey in Virginia.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Children of Michael Clark and Margaret Clark are:
  1284 i.   Micajah Clark, born Abt. 1649 in England; died WFT Est. 1696-1761; married Sally Anne Moorman January 1679/80 in Virginia.
  ii.   Francis Clark, born Abt. 1650; died WFT Est. 1636-1750; married Ann Allison; born Abt. 1652; died Unknown.
  iii.   Edward Clark, born Abt. 1651; died WFT Est. 1636-1750.
  iv.   Roger Clark, born Abt. 1652; died WFT Est. 1636-1750.
  v.   William Clark, born Abt. 1653; died WFT Est. 1636-1750.
  vi.   Thomas Clark, born Abt. 1654; died WFT Est. 1636-1750.

      2570. Zachariah Moorman509,510,511, born Abt. 1620 in Hampshire, Isle of Wright, England; died Aft. 1670 in Nansemond Co., Virginia. He was the son of 5140. Thomas Moorman and 5141. Unk Moorman. He married 2571. Mary Ann Candler 1647 in Hampshire, Isle of Wright, England512.

      2571. Mary Ann Candler, born Abt. 1634 in Northlumberland, Northampton Co., England; died Aft. 1670 in (Virginia). She was the daughter of 5142. Lt. Col. William Candler and 5143. Anne Cook.

Notes for Zachariah Moorman:
"The family of Moorman is of English extraction and the name is derived from Moor, the prairies or commons of England, i.e., "Man of the Moor." They were Quakers and long before the revolution, in order to avoid persecution in their own country they emigrated to America.

The Moormans of South River Meeting trace their descent from Zachariah Moorman, who was born in Isle of Wight, England in 1620. While yet in his teens he enlisted in the army and became a captain under Oliver Cromwell. He followed Cromwell through the Irish campaign, and after the conquest of that Island, remained for a time near Belfast. While here he met and married the daughter of William Chandler who was a lieutenant, also with Cromwell. Zacharia later returned to his birthplace and one family historian says, "Being a sympathizer with Charles I, he became an enemy of Cromwell, for having the King beheaded, and was exiled from the British Isles." However I find that the dates do not tally in this instance, as Cromwell had died in 1658 and the Moormans did not leave England until the early part of 1669. The other explanation of his exodus from England is more probable, that is, he was fleeing from persecution as a Quaker. At any rate, in 1669 he and his children Thomas, Charles and Sally Anne (wife of Micajah Clark), set sail on the ship "Glasgow" from the port of Southampton and a few weeks later dropped anchor at the Island of Barbados in the West Indies. There is no record of his wife having been with him, it may be that she died before this time. The Moormans were attended on this voyage by the entire family of Micajah Clark, in which there were six sons, and also by David Terrell.

Early the next year Zacharia Moorman, his three children and his son-in-law, joined the emigrants who stopped at the Island enroute to South Carolina. This group landed near Charleston and establilshed the first permanent colony in that State. The Moormans and Michael Clark did not remain in South Carolina but moved in that same year to Virginia and settled with his sons Thomas and Charles, and daughter Sally Ann in Nansemond County." Lorand V. Johnson, M.D. in The Ancestry of William and John Johnston - Colonial Friends (Quakers) of Virginia.

1670 Zachariah came to Virginia from England

Notes from Barbara B. Norman

From book with title across top of page that says "MOORMAN" p.210 -- author unknown -- complete title of book unknown.

Zachariah Moorman was in the Isle of Wight, England in 1620. At 19 years of age (1639) he joined the British Army and became a Captain in Cromwell's Army in the invasion of Ireland. After the subjugation of Ireland he lived there a few years -- probably near Belfast. He married a Miss Candler, daughter of William Candler, a native of Northampton Co., England, who was Lt. Col. in Cromwell's Army and was awarded landed estate in Ireland and settled there.

Zachariah Moorman returned to the Isle of Wight and lived there a few years, but being a sympathizer with Charles I., he became an enemy of Cromwell when Cromwell had the King beheaded and he was therefore exiled from the British Iles. In the spring of 1669, Zachariah Moorman, his sons Thomas and Charles, his daughter Salle Ann (wife of Micajah Clark) Michaeil and Margaret Clark with their sons: 1. Micajah; 2. Francis, 3. Edward; 4. Roger; 5. William; 6. Thomas; 7. Christopher Clark and David Terrell embarked at Southampton, England in the ship Glasgow and sailed to Barbadoes, West Indies. (Hotton's Lists Barbadoes.) Michael and Margaret Clark and most of their sons settled on the Island where they owned land and slaves.

Early in 1670 Zachariah Moorman and family and Micajah and Sally Ann (Moorman) Clark joined the immigrants who passed Barbadoes on their way to South Carolina and landed with them near the site of Charleston, being the first permanent colony of South Carolina. During the same year (1670) the Moorman and Clark families proceeded to Virginia and settled at Somerton, Nansemond County.

"The names of these Moormans and Clarks are repeated conspicuously in the Virginia counties of Nansemond, Louisa, Hanover, Albemarle and Goochland, on through the early settlement of these counties. They intermarried with Terrell, Massie, Johnson, Adams and Martin families.
[WFT#33771] In 1669 Zachariah and his family set sail on the ship "Glasglow" from the port of Southampton and a few weeks later dropped anchor at the island of Barbadoes in the West Indies. There is no record of his wife having been whith him, it may be that she had died before tis time. The Moormans were attended on this voyage by the entire family of Michael Clark who had six sons, and aslo by David Terrell. Zachariah, his three sons and son-in-law Michajah Clark then went to near Charleston, SC and established first permanent settlement.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

More About Zachariah Moorman:
Baptism: Society of Friends
Had A Child: Abt. 1648, Isle of Wright, England
Military service: 1639, British Army
Moved from: 1670, England
Moved To: 1670, Virginia
Was Married On: 1647, Hampshire, Isle of Wright, England

  Notes for Mary Ann Candler:
marriage: Virkus-Compenium Amer. Geneal. p. 218
Children of Zachariah Moorman and Mary Candler are:
  1288 i.   Thomas Moorman, born Abt. 1648 in Isle of Wright, England; died Aft. 1700 in Green Springs, Louisa Co., Virginia; married Elizabeth Simpson Abt. 1685 in St. Paul's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.
  ii.   Charles Moorman513, born Abt. 1649 in Isle of Wright, England; died WFT Est. 1647-1749.
  1285 iii.   Sally Anne Moorman, born Abt. 1651 in Isle of Wright, England; died Unknown; married Micajah Clark January 1679/80 in Virginia.

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