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Descendants of Phillip R. Rushing

      69. Jefferson Davis4 Rushing (James Lawrence3, John P. (Peter?)2, Phillip R.1, PhillipA, William (Brown's Creek)B, WilliamC, Which? MathewD)325,326 was born July 11, 1861, and died January 09, 1941. He married Eunie V. Knight326. She was born August 1865, and died 1929.
Children of Jefferson Rushing and Eunie Knight are:
  149 i.   Paschal5 Rushing326, born August 1883.
  150 ii.   Maggie Rushing326, born October 1886.
  151 iii.   Ellie Rushing326, born July 1889.
  152 iv.   Grace Rushing, born April 1892.
  153 v.   Wright Rushing326, born August 19, 1894; died July 01, 1913.
  154 vi.   Boone Rushing326, born August 04, 1897; died January 09, 1915.

      85. Joseph Warren4 Rushing (William Jasper3, William2, Phillip R.1, PhillipA, William (Brown's Creek)B, WilliamC, Which? MathewD)327,328 was born February 04, 1852 in Trigg Co., KY329, and died October 16, 1932 in Arkansas. He married (1) Mary Joyce. He married (2) Highly Christian Dillard 1898 in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama. She was born October 07, 1873 in Alabama, and died October 24, 1937.

Notes for Joseph Warren Rushing:
Subject: History
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 21:03:44 -0600 (CST)
From: Daniel Rushing of <e-mail address removed>
To: Dan Rushing of <e-mail address removed>

One interesting fact is that Joseph Warren Rushing (my great-grandfather)
actually saw Abraham Lincoln on a boat/ferry. I think it was on the
Mississippi River. I did find out about some Indian blood from my
great-grandfather who's wife was 50 or 100% Chocktaw from Georgia
his mother was Cherokee. The wife's name was Highly Christian Dillard and
his mother's name was E.A. Hays. Highly Christian Dillard was Joseph's
second wife. He had a total of 20 children: 10 from the first wife (who
died) and 10 from the second. I've also got some offical documents of
father's, wives and children's names from William Rushing born 1792/93.
All obtained from the Seattle Geneological Society.

Dan Rushing

Census data; Joseph Warren Rushing is listed as:
J.W. Rushing (1860 C.) 7yrs
Jasper " (1870 C.) 17"
Joseph " (1880 C.) 26"

More About Joseph Rushing and Highly Dillard:
Marriage: 1898, Selma, Dallas County, Alabama
Children of Joseph Rushing and Mary Joyce are:
  155 i.   Alice5 Rushing, died in Lived in Plainview, Arkansas. She married Jim Newsome; died in Lived in Plainview, Arkansas.
  156 ii.   Virgil Rushing, born October 1880; died in Lived in Birmingham Alabama. He married Ada Newsome.
+ 157 iii.   Levi Rushing, born July 28, 1885 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas; died November 11, 1953 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama.
  158 iv.   Aaron Rushing, born February 1888; died in Lived in Dodge City, Kansas. He married Mamie Sidebottoms.
  159 v.   Ruth Rushing, born August 1893. She married Julis Newsome; died in Lived in Oklahoma City, OK.
  160 vi.   Ada Rushing, born Unknown. She married Earnest Carlise; died in Lived in North Carolina.
Children of Joseph Rushing and Highly Dillard are:
  161 i.   Mary Mythle5 Rushing, born 1900; died 1924. She married Charlie Hunter.
  162 ii.   Martha Mable Rushing, born April 06, 1903 in Selma, , Alabama; died February 27, 1978. She married (1) Jesse Franklin; born April 01, 1900; died August 14, 1935. She married (2) Oma Newton Helton; born April 21, 1895; died April 17, 1977.
+ 163 iii.   Nathan Jasper Rushing, born January 24, 1905 in Phillips County, AR; died October 04, 1964.
  164 iv.   Maudie Mae Rushing, born July 09, 1911; died March 17, 1980. She married Gilbert Bales; born July 17, 1903.
+ 165 v.   Samuel Joseph Rushing, born August 27, 1913 in White Oak Mountain, Scott Co., AR; died 1989 in Bonner Springs, KS.

      96. Michael "Mike"4 Rushing (Evan3, Mark2, Phillip R.1, PhillipA, William (Brown's Creek)B, WilliamC, Which? MathewD)330 was born 1862 in Stewart Co., TN, and died 1902. He married (1) Martha Hargrove. He married (2) Nancy Powers331. She was born Abt. 1865 in TN, and died in IL.
Children of Michael Rushing and Nancy Powers are:
+ 166 i.   Henry Evins5 Rushing, born 1886 in Houston Co., TN; died 1933 in IL..
  167 ii.   Ethel J. Rushing332, born June 1888 in TN.
  168 iii.   Alice Rushing332, born December 1890 in TN.
  169 iv.   Frank S. Rushing332, born July 20, 1895 in TN; died October 1968.
  170 v.   James Rushing333, born Abt. 1902.

      117. Elizabeth4 Rushing (Thomas3, Larkin2, Phillip R.1, PhillipA, William (Brown's Creek)B, WilliamC, Which? MathewD)334,335,336 was born 1850 in TN337. She married Jones338.
Child of Elizabeth Rushing and Jones is:
  171 i.   R.E.5 Jones338, born Abt. 1872 in TN339.

      121. Joseph Robert4 Rushing (Thomas3, Larkin2, Phillip R.1, PhillipA, William (Brown's Creek)B, WilliamC, Which? MathewD)340,341 was born January 02, 1864 in TN342. He married Margaret Fitzpatrick343 1884 in McNairy County, TN344.

More About Joseph Rushing and Margaret Fitzpatrick:
Marriage: 1884, McNairy County, TN344
Children of Joseph Rushing and Margaret Fitzpatrick are:
  172 i.   Roy5 Rushing345.
  173 ii.   Mattie Rushing345. She married Unknown McKinzie.
  174 iii.   Artie Rushing345. She married Unknown Couch.
  175 iv.   Maude Rushing345. She married Unknown Evans.
  176 v.   Other Children Rushing.
  Notes for Other Children Rushing:
Joseph Robert Rushing and Margaret Fitzpatrick were the parents of twelve children.

      122. John4 Rushing (Preston3, Larkin2, Phillip R.1, PhillipA, William (Brown's Creek)B, WilliamC, Which? MathewD)346,347,348,349,350,351,352 was born 1854 in Tennessee353,354,355, and died 1884 in Oklahoma356,357. He married Harriett Lee (Hattie) Beard358,359,360,361,362 April 18, 1878 in Stephenville, Erath Co., TX363, daughter of Unknown Beard and Unknown. She was born 1865 in Tennessee364, and died Bet. 1920 - 1943365.

Notes for John Rushing:
John Rushing was an itinerant farmer and sharecropper in Texas and up along the Oklahoma border. He worked and traveled with his brothers. According to Edward Franklin Rushing (son) John Rushing died along the trail in Oklahoma and is buried there by the trail and not in a graveyard. In Edward Franklin Rushing's Salt Lake L.D.S. Temple work John Rushing and Harriet Lee Beard are named as his parents. On April 18, 1878 Harriet Beard married a J. H. Rushing in Erath County, Texas U. J. Morton, LD presiding. J. H. Rushing appears in the 1880 Census of Erath County, Texas, married to a Hattie Beard. The marriage shows in the 1878 Erath County abstracts without other family member's names. Placement of this John Rushing in the family of Preston Rushing is based on the remembrance of Etta Leoma Short Rushing and the names appearing on the 1860 and 1870 Federal Census [the known sibling names also show on the records].

Etta Short Rushing remembered the other children had the surname Beard the same as their mother. Marie Rushing Bailey remembers the half siblings of Edward and his mother Hattie's last name as Lynch. Harriet Beard (Rushing > Lynch) was only 15 years old when Edward was born and he seems to be her first born. In April 18, 1892 She married an R. E. Lynch in Erath Co., TX [page 5, book F; Erath County Marriages]. Edward Rushing himself names his mother as Hattie Beard in his Historical society biography and to family members including this writer [great grandson].
Maybe John died before he was 37 years old, in 1892. Marie remembers Ed saying that his dad died when he was only three years old [would have been 1884].

Etta Leoma Short reported Edward's father's name to be John Bunyan Rushing in 1971, this middle name is incorrect, Bunyan is her grandfathers middle name both grandfathers were Johns however. She said she remembered he had a brother named Philip and that they were from Tennessee. She also said that John's father's name was Preston Rushing of Tennessee and that Preston worked in real estate after the Civil War.

John H. Rushing is placed in the family of Preston Rushing of McNairy County, TN based on the 1860 Saline County, and 1870 Pulaski County, Arkansas Federal Census'. This family placement gives him a brother named Phillip and a father named Preston and a sister in-law named Marg A. Beard the wife of Wiley Rushing. The McNairy County, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma connection circumstantial evidence exists in the descendants of Preston Rushing along with connections to Beard and Nelson families. By the 1880 Census John Rushing is gone from the family and shows in Erath Co., TX. Ed's wife Etta Short Rushing also said that Ed's mothers name was Harriet "Hattie" Lee Beard also of Tennessee which proves correct [LDS Temple and census records; 1880 Erath County, Texas Federal Census]. Etta Short also remembered that some of the brothers and sisters of his son Edward Rushing were half brothers and sisters named Beard or Baird. The name she remembered are Oscar, Hattie, Maud and Etta. They sometimes visited New Mexico from Texas and Oklahoma but their last names would have been Lynch as Beard defies logic and records. These first names of Ed's half siblings was confirmed in a Jan. 2001 interview with Marie Rushing Bailey.

[Circumstantial and negatives results go here:] The 1860 & 1870 McNairy Co., TN Federal Census does not show John as a son of Phillip Rushing of McNairy County, TN but that is a remotely possible circumstantial fit. Phillip was also born in Alabama which fits the census data[1880 TX, Erath County for J. H. Rushing ]. In the 1910 census Phillip and Adeline Rushing's son Phillip Rushing was also in Vernon, Wilbarger County, Texas share-farming in the same area as John F/H/W Rushing's sons Burt and Edward. Also in 1920 Phillip J. Rushing is in New Mexico with his wife Hannah and sons Elmer and Henry as is John's surviving son Edward Rushing. Samuel Hogan Rushing another son of Phillip and Adeline Rushing of McNairy County Tennessee, was working a rented farm in Collin County, Texas[1910 Federal Census]. Etta Short Rushing recounted in 1971 that John Rushing had a brother named Phillip. Ed sometimes came to Albuquerque to visit us but did not contact Phillip that I'm aware of. A Phillip Rushing is also in the family of Preston and Lucinda Rushing also of McNairy County, TN.

Edward Rushing reports that John Rushing died along the trail and was buried there at an unknown place in Oklahoma [would have been Greer County, Oklahoma Territory until 1907/8]. Ed's daughter Marie Rushing Bailey remembers Hattie's last name as Lynch and an additional brother Burt Rushing or Lynch, who died on their Vernon/ Chilicothe farm of TB. [Marie Bailey remembers the farm was in Vernon, Texas area but on the Chilicothe mail route at a place called Farmers Valley, [Mar. 2001]]

On April 18, 1892 a Harriet Rushing married an R. E. Lynch in Erath Co., TX on the same date and using the same minister or magistrate that married her to J. H. Rushing in 1878 [page 5, book F; Erath County Marriages, (W.J. Morton, LD)].

Notes for Harriett Lee (Hattie) Beard:
Marie Norma Rushing's remembers Granny Lynch wore heavily starched white sun-bonnets and chewed tobacco from a brown bottle. Granny would have her cut "the toothbrushes" from the "sweet gum trees" which granny would use to get the tobacco out of the bottle to her mouth. She also remembered getting her hand swatted for touching granny's starched white sun bonnet with her dirty hands while Granny Lynch was fishing, and that granny caught "great big catfish". She added with a chuckle that "...she was a good fisherman..." and "...I guess she was kinda' mean...". [21 March 2000]

More About John Rushing and Harriett Beard:
Marriage: April 18, 1878, Stephenville, Erath Co., TX366
Marriage Note: April 18, 1878, U. J. Morton, LD. presiding367
Children of John Rushing and Harriett Beard are:
+ 177 i.   Edward Franklin5 Rushing, born August 26, 1880 in Dublin, Erath Co., TX; died February 02, 1971 in Farmington, San Juan Co., NM.
  178 ii.   Burt Rushing, born Bet. 1881 - 1882 in Erath County, TX; died Bet. 1914 - 1920 in Chilicothe, Hardeman Co., TX.
  Notes for Burt Rushing:
From an Interview with Marie Rushing Bailey, 24 Jan. 2001.

Burt Rushing came to Edward Franklin Rushing's farm when they lived in Chilicothe, Texas. He had his own house on Edwards farm. He died of Tuberculosis while living there in Texas. The family were Cotten farmers that had a route of three different farms that they traveled sequentially to plough, plant, hoe and later come back to chop [thin the Cotten], then back again to pick and gin [remove the seeds] the crop. The three farms were all in Oklahoma. Ed's farm was a quarter section in Hardeman Co., Texas between Vernon and Chilicothe but on the Chilicothe mail route (Farmers Valley). Thier father, John Rushing died along the trail in Oklahoma and is buried there by the trail and not in a graveyard.

Burt's death date approximation is established by the time Edward lived in Chilicothe/Vernon, Texas. His birth date span established by the time the family lived in Erath Co., Texas after Edward's birthday and the death of John Rushing.

FARMERS VALLEY, TEXAS, 341002N 0992719W. Farmers Valley is at the intersection of Farm roads 925 and 392, nine miles west of Vernon and one mile east of the Hardeman county line in west central Wilbarger County. A small community had been established in the area when a school was built in 1887. By the early 1900s it had grown to include a Methodist congregation established in 1881, a cotton gin, and a combination grocery store and service station. The Methodists built their church building about 1922. The school was renamed Wells Chapel in 1924 and served the area until it was consolidated with the Chillicothe school in 1946. The Farmers Valley population was reported at twenty-five during the 1930s and 1940s and fifty in later records. The Methodist church dissolved in the late 1970s, and the gin closed in 1982. The reported population was fifty in 1990.
[BIBLIOGRAPHY: Wilbarger County Historical Commission, Wilbarger County (Lubbock, 1986)].

+ 179 iii.   Etta Lynch, born Bet. 1884 - 1889.
  180 iv.   Oscar Rushing Or Lynch368, born Bet. 1882 - 1892.
  181 v.   Hattie Lynch369, born Bet. 1884 - 1915.
+ 182 vi.   Maud Lynch, born Bet. 1884 - 1915 in TX.

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