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Descendants of Peter Plunk

Generation No. 4

       27. Alfred Monroe4 Plunk (George3, Jacob2, Peter1) was born August 08, 1836 in McNairy Co Tenn, and died August 08, 1918 in McNairy Co Tenn. He married (1) Emaline Caroline Dickey November 25, 1869 in McNairy county,Tenn. He married (2) Katherine (Kizzie) Mariah Dunn December 18, 1879 in McNairy Co Tenn, daughter of John Dunn and Mary Larue.

Notes for Alfred Monroe Plunk:
The number 11 stated on the 1900 census as the number of children born was only
for Kizzie. She had had a daughter b 8 May 1873 before she married Alfred
Monroe. Alfred Monroe had a total of 15 children.

I don't think Kizzie was married before Alfred Monroe. She was the
daughter of John Dunn and Mary Larue. She married Alfred Monroe 18 Dec 1879.
She was supposed to have been helping his wife with her family the last time
Emily Caroline was expecting and maybe longer.
LaNelle Landrum

       Children of Alfred Plunk and Emaline Dickey are:

  72 i.   Elisha Lawson5 Plunk, born October 22, 1870; died August 01, 1902.

+ 73 ii.   Robert Levi Plunk, born August 21, 1872; died May 09, 1926.
       Children of Alfred Plunk and Katherine Dunn are:

+ 74 i.   Amanda Ann5 Plunk, born September 22, 1880; died May 07, 1958.

  75 ii.   Chester Arthur Plunk, born May 28, 1882; died May 26, 1950.

  76 iii.   Nancy Ellen Plunk, born July 03, 1884; died December 12, 1962. She married James Francis.

  77 iv.   Albert James Plunk, born May 10, 1886; died May 22, 1965.

  78 v.   Daisy Florence Plunk, born March 23, 1888; died April 10, 1971.

  79 vi.   Ollie Catherine Plunk, born April 17, 1890; died August 1975.

  80 vii.   James Clay(John)Plunk, born April 30, 1892.

  81 viii.   Jesse Millard Plunk, born July 31, 1893; died August 26, 1965.

  82 ix.   Minnie Irene Plunk, born May 19, 1896; died May 19, 1921.

  83 x.   Lucy Edna Plunk, born April 27, 1898; died August 1982.
       30. Samuel C.4 Plunk (George3, Jacob2, Peter1) was born January 05, 1845 in McNairy Co Tenn, and died February 14, 1905 in McNairy Co Tenn. He married Lavinia A. Mason February 01, 1868 in McNairy Co Tenn.

       Children of Samuel Plunk and Lavinia Mason are:

  84 i.   Charity Ann5 Plunk. She married Larkin C Robison.

+ 85 ii.   Sarah L. Plunk.

  86 iii.   M.F. Plunk, born August 21, 1873; died August 16, 1876.

  87 iv.   H.J. Plunk, born March 21, 1877.

  88 v.   William L. Plunk, born January 20, 1880; died December 06, 1952 in McNairy Co Tenn.
       61. James Nixon4 Plunk (Joseph3, Jacob2, Peter1) was born 1853 in McNairy Co Tenn, and died 1932 in McNairy Co Tenn. He married Cynthia Martha Barnes January 23, 1873 in McNairy Co Tenn.

       Children of James Plunk and Cynthia Barnes are:

  89 i.   Edgar H.5 Plunk, born December 1878.

+ 90 ii.   Asa G Plunk, born April 1881.

  91 iii.   Oscar M Plunk, born July 1883.

  92 iv.   Virgil A Plunk, born December 1886.

  93 v.   Elmer H Plunk, born June 1889.

  94 vi.   Alice M Plunk, born May 1892.

+ 95 vii.   James Melzer Plunk, born November 21, 1895 in McNairy Co Tenn; died October 13, 1971 in McNairy Co Tenn.
       63. Jacob Spencer4 Plunk (David3, Jacob2, Peter1) was born 1840 in Mcnairy Co,Tenn. He married Sarah Frances Briant.

Notes for Jacob Spencer Plunk:




The town of Adamsville was terror stricken Saturday evening about 5 o'clock when pistol shots
resounded in the rear of a business building in the center of town. Instantly it was found that Dick
and Jim Plunk and Will Norwood were the participants. From reliable sources,we understand
the three parties were drinking,when a grudge of standing was brought up,and one of the Plunk
boys drew his pistol and shot down at first fire ,Norwood who,while down and in the throes of
death,drew his pistol and fired killing
Jim Plunk and shooting Dick Plunk through the body above the heart.

Norwood and Jim Plunk soon expired. Dick according to reports Tuesday has a chance of
recovering,though at first it was thought that he was mortally wounded.

The two Plunks were the sons of the late Spencer Plunk.and were turbulent men ,when
drinking,and Norwood was said to be in the boot-legging business. All the parties were middle
aged with families.

It is a most blood curdling tragedy and to be deplored. King Alcohol still is victor in all walks of
life where he gets a grip on the passions of man. May it be a warning to others of that
community."As ye sow so shall ye reap."

Gunfight in McNairy Co,Tenn. as told by Scletta Walker Plunk Hudson agg 88 years.Written
April 30,1997 by Mary Ann Rush

Mr Marsh Walker owned a store in Adamsville. the Norwood Family lived about 1/4
mile from the store. A day or two before the shooting,Will Norwood told Mr Walker that he and
his wife had their things packed,and he was going to kill the Plunk boys and then catch the train
to Oklahoma. Mr Walker tried to tell him not to bother the Plunk boys.They had a history of
drinking,gambling and fighting.It seemed that everyone knew that they were going to have a
serious fight .

It was thought that Jim and Will killed each other ,but in later years Dick told that he shot his own
brother. Norwood was down and Jim was over Norwood. In the haste and confusion Dick
thought that Norwood was over Jim and he shot Jim thinking that he was shooting Norwood.

Scletta remembers going to the Norwood house the next day and seeing a big box in the corner
of the room.

Scletta's connection to the Norwood family.
Scletta's mother was Mollie Harris. Mollie's brother Willie Harris was married to Maggie
Norwood, Will Norwood's sister. At the time of the shooting Maggie and Willie Harris were
living in Oklahoma.

Will Norwood was married to Grace Droke (daughter of McFerrin? and Mollie Droke)
They had a son Ira and Grace was expecting a child when Will was shot and killed.
This child was a girl and her name was Mary Jo.

Dick Plunk married 1st-------
Two children
John married 1st----
John 2nd Leah Young
Daisy Plunk married O.H. Lott 10 Aug 1919

Dick married 2nd Dora Harris
Fred living in nursing home in Savannah

1860 Census
McNairy Co., TN.
pg ___
Jacob S. Plunk/20/M/tenant farmer/---/137/TN

>From the Tennessee State Library and Archives:
Code 12
Name, rank: Jacob S. Plunk, Pvt
Unit: Co. B, 6th Cavalry
Enlisted at: Bethel
Enlisted on: Aug 25, 1862
Roll or Vol: 58 page
Pension application:
Cost of copy: $
Remarks: Age given as 22; gray eyes; black hair; dark complexion; 5'8"
tall; farmer; born in McNairy Co., TN.

6th Tennessee Regiment, Jacob Plunk (22 yrs., farmer from McNairy Co.,
TN., 5' 8", gray eyes, black hair, dark complexion) enlisted at Bethel
Springs, TN., on 8/25/63 (possible typo ... could be 1862, like other
Plunks???), went on detached service to Helena in 1864. Ran into big
problems thereafter, being placed into confinement at Memphis Military
Prison from 8/25/64 until approximately October 1864, when he was
admitted "sick" to the Memphis General Hospital. Upon discharge from the
hospital in November 1864, he was sent to the military prison at Fort
Pickering. He was subsequently court-martialed and under General Order
#58 was ordered to forfeit 2 months pay on 10/5/64, and apparently again
in April/May 1865 (pay musters occurred bi-monthly, and I think it likely
he was forfeiting 2 months pay at a time continuously throughout his
incarceration). The infraction may have involved an AWOL, but would
appear from the severity of punishment to involve much more, as well.
Details might be found in the original logbook for the regiment or in
Special Order #58, if it still exists, but are not reflected in his
service record cards.

1870 Census
McNairy Co., TN.
pg ___
Jacob H. Plunk/30/farmer/TN
Frances?/22/F/keeping house/TN
John L./9/M/TN
Spencer B./6/M/TN

More About Jacob Spencer Plunk:
Fact 1: buried Shilo National Cemetry,Shilo Park

       Children of Jacob Plunk and Sarah Briant are:

  96 i.   Bryant5 Plunk. He married Rebecca J.

  97 ii.   Dora E. Plunk.

  98 iii.   James N. Plunk, born March 10, 1874; died November 25, 1916. He married Eliza E.

  99 iv.   Logan Plunk. He married Eliza C..

  100 v.   Rufus W. Plunk. He married Jessie F.

  101 vi.   John L Plunk, born 1861.

  102 vii.   Spencer M. Plunk, born 1864.

  103 viii.   Marion Plunk, born 1866.

  104 ix.   Susan Plunk, born 1870.

  105 x.   David Solomon Plunk, born Abt. 1877.

  106 xi.   George Edward Plunk, born November 03, 1886; died February 29, 1972. He married Roxie Ann.
       64. Abraham4 Plunk (David3, Jacob2, Peter1) was born November 07, 1842 in McNairy Co Tenn, and died December 09, 1916 in Beckham County Oklahoma. He married Sophia Phillips January 30, 1868 in Hardin County,Tenn (Source: Hardin County Tenn Marriage Records Oldest existing Book and Book 1).

Notes for Abraham Plunk:
Marriage Records of Hardin County,Tenn
pg 27: Oldest Existing Book, 1868. Abram Plunk to Sophia Phillips.
Married Jan 30, 1868 by R. M. Foster, M. G.

>From Tennessee State Library Archives:
Code: 12
Name, Rank: Abraham Plunk, Pvt
Unit: Co. B, 6th Cavalry
Enlisted at: Bethel, TN
Enlisted on: Aug 25, 1862
Roll or Vol: 58
Pension application: see remarks below
Civil War questionnaires: no
Remarks: Union pension applications are on file in the National Archives
in Washington, D. C.
Age given as 20 at time of enlistment; 5'8" tall; fair complexion; blue
eyes; light hair; farmer; born in McNairy Co., TN.

6th Tennessee Regiment, Abraham Plunk (20 yrears old, 5 feet 8 inches,
blue eyes, light hair) was in Company G until March 1863, then
transferred to Company B. He was present throughout except in May 1863
when he was sent somewhere to "guard a nurse", and in Mar/Apr 1864 when
he was detached to Helena, Arkansas, to perform unknown duty per General
Hurlbut. Abraham also was discharged 7/26/65.

1870 Census
McNairy Co., TN.
pg ___
Abraham Plunk/23/farmer/---/500/TN
Sopha/23/keeping house/TN
John A. B./1/TN

1880 Census
Hardin Co., TN.
pg ___
Abram Plunk/37/TN/NC/AL
Ginnie A./2
Maggie/3 mos?
David Plunk/26/TN/NC/AL/brother widowed

Abraham Plunk and his wife, Sophie Philips, moved their family, except
one son, from McNairy Co., TN., to Indian Territory in 1901.

Abraham Plunk is buried in Beckham County, Oklahoma, in or near Erick,

       Children of Abraham Plunk and Sophia Phillips are:

  107 i.   Solomon5 Plunk. He married (1) Unknown. He married (2) Melissa Ann Kinchen July 16, 1896 in McNairy Co Tenn.

  108 ii.   John Allen B. Plunk. He married (1) Corine Gattis. He married (2) Susie C. McDaniel May 03, 1891.

  109 iii.   Peter Plunk. He married Lucy Doswell.

  110 iv.   Eber Thomas Plunk, born April 24, 1873 in Crump Tenn; died February 1920 in Tyrone Oklahoma. He married Arizona Florence Strawn December 22, 1892.

  111 v.   Charles David Plunk. He married Mary Elizabeth Wilkes January 17, 1905.

  112 vi.   Virginia May Plunk.

  113 vii.   Margaret Plunk.

  114 viii.   Nicholas Plunk. He married Nora H..

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