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Descendants of William Russell

Generation No. 2

      2. Thomas2 Russell (William1) was born Abt. 1764 in Buckingham Co., VA, and died Unknown. He married ? Hoggatt. She died Unknown.
Children of Thomas Russell and ? Hoggatt are:
+ 14 i.   Frances Hoggatt3 Russell, born January 14, 1810 in Buckingham Co., VA; died August 10, 1844 in Linn Co., MO.
  15 ii.   Nancy P. Russell, born 1811; died May 13, 1839. She married John H. Routon; died Unknown.

      6. Nancy R.2 Russell (William1) was born Abt. 1769 in Cumberland Co., VA, and died Abt. 1850 in Claiborne Co., TN. She married Stephen Farmer 1790, son of John Farmer and Mary Evans. He was born Abt. 1765 in Cumberland Co., VA, and died Abt. 1835 in Claiborne Co., TN.

Notes for Nancy R. Russell:
It is known that Nancy married a Stephen Farmer. However, concerning his parentage much of this is conjecture from the fact that Nancy's sister, Lucy, is known to have married a James Farmer, likely a brother. -RDR 12/02

More About Nancy R. Russell:
Census: 1820, Cumberland Co., VA (HoH, 3 SWF<26 <16 <10)

Notes for Stephen Farmer:
This is a guess on the parentage of Stephen Farmer. Much of the lineage of Virginia "Farmers" is in doubt. There is also speculation that he may have born in Ashe County, NC. Much of this is conjecture from the fact that Nancy's sister, Lucy, is known to have married a James Farmer. -RDR 12/02
Children of Nancy Russell and Stephen Farmer are:
  16 i.   Elizabeth Ann3 Farmer, born 1791; died Unknown.
  17 ii.   William Farmer, born 1794; died Unknown.
  18 iii.   Lewis C. Farmer, born 1796; died Unknown.
  19 iv.   James Farmer, born 1799; died Unknown.
  20 v.   David Farmer, born May 09, 1801; died Unknown.
  21 vi.   John Farmer, born June 30, 1812; died Unknown.
  22 vii.   Frances Farmer, born August 22, 1816; died Unknown.

      8. Mary Polly2 Russell (William1) was born Abt. 1784 in Cumberland Co., VA, and died Aft. 1870 in Greenbrier Co., (W)VA. She married Caleb Hines Bef. 1813 in Cumberland Co., VA, son of William Hines and Nancy Harris. He was born 1789 in Prince Edward (Charlotte) Co., VA, and died March 12, 1853 in Greenbrier Co., (W)VA.

More About Mary Polly Russell:
Located: 1870, Greenbrier County Poorhouse
Residence: 1851, New Canton, Buckingham Co., VA

Notes for Caleb Hines:
Census: 1850, Resided with wife and two children in Buckingham Co., VA
Military service: 1814, Served in the War of 1812 from Buckingham Co., VA
Property: August 11, 1842, Sold his portion of the property on Dry Creek in Prince Edward Co., purchased jointly by his sisters, to Joshua. Document names Henry Hines as his father. This occurred after the death of their sister Betsy. Residence: August 11, 1842, Indenture shows Caleb lived in Buckingham Co., VA
Will: 1852, Probated 1854 in Greenbrier Co., during June.

More About Caleb Hines:
Cause of Death: Lung Disease
Residence: 1851, Greenbrier Co., (W)VA
Children of Mary Russell and Caleb Hines are:
  23 i.   Elizabeth3 Hines, born Abt. 1820; died Unknown.
+ 24 ii.   William Henry Hines, born Abt. 1821 in Cumberland Co., VA; died Bef. 1870 in Hines, Greenbrier County, W(VA).
  25 iii.   Mary Susan Hines, born 1822 in Buckingham Co., VA; died Unknown in Greenbrier Co., VA. She married Thomas Torney July 20, 1854 in Greenbrier Co., VA; born 1827 in Ireland; died Unknown in Greenbrier Co., VA.

      9. Sarah Fanny2 Russell (William1) was born 1785 in Cumberland Co., VA, and died Aft. 1850 in Monroe Co., VA. She married James Jameson October 21, 1808 in Augusta Co., VA, son of John Harver Jamison. He was born 1784 in Lancaster Co., PA, and died 1844 in Augusta Co., VA.
Children of Sarah Russell and James Jameson are:
  26 i.   Agnes3 Jamison, died Unknown.
  27 ii.   Sarah M. Jamison, died Unknown.
  28 iii.   Lacinda A. Jamison, died Unknown.
  29 iv.   Elizabeth Mathilde Jamison, born 1809 in Rockbridge Co., VA; died 1870 in Monroe Co., WV. She married George Lynch, Sr. January 24, 1825 in Augusta Co., VA; died Unknown.
  Notes for George Lynch, Sr.:
Note: George is listed in 1850 and 1860 census as a cabinet maker. A history of Monroe County by Morton and published in 1916 states: George Lynch, a cabinet maker came from Rockbridge to Union about 1835. Wife Mathilda Jamieson. The history also list his children and their spouse as included here. The history book also names John L. as brother to George and gives his brothers wives and children as shown here.

      12. Samuel R.2 Russell (William1) was born November 08, 1805 in Cumberland Co., VA, and died October 04, 1876 in Newton, Jasper Co., IA. He married Mary Price Duncan February 02, 1826 in Buckingham Co., VA (?), daughter of John Duncan and Anne Bondurant. She was born November 17, 1809 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died September 23, 1897 in Newton, Jasper Co., IA.

Notes for Samuel R. Russell:
Nowhere have I seen mention of a middle name for Samuel. His middle initial is given only once in the Jasper County obituary of his wife Mary Duncan, and there it is given as "R". However, in the Chancery Court proceedings of Cumberland County, Virginia following his father's death he is possibly listed as "James" (difficult to read) along with his sisters Terresa [sic?] and Eliza Barnes Russell. The spelling is difficult to read and as there are no other extant children ever mentioned, I believe that there is a possibility that this was his middle name. Samuel Russell came west from Ohio in August 1876 to visit his children. His wife, Mary Price Duncan Russell, travelled with him. He was bitten by a mosquito in Jasper County, Iowa and died of Typhoid fever several weeks later. A transcript of his "Notice of Filing of Will" reads:

RUSSELL, Samuel, "of Highland County, Ohio, now visiting his children in Jasper County, Iowa". Date: August 22, 1876. Wife: Mary P. Children: Samuel G., John W., Ann E. wife of John W. Murphy, Benjamin J., "all the above named heirs now living in Jasper County, Iowa", Mary J. wife of C. L. Bennett "of Highland County, Ohio". Too: "William Camey a boy who I have raised and generally known as William Russell". Executor: Samuel G. Russell. Witnesses: J. D. Zink, D. E. Murphy. Proven Jasper County, Iowa, by the witnesses November 5, 1876 was filed with the above will and signed by Mary P. Russell (widow), J. W. Russell, B. J. Russell, S. G. Russell, Ann E. Murphy, J. W. Murphy, Mary J. Bennett, William Russell. Appraisers: E. G. Boatright, Jas. Oldaker, P. F. Jonte.

More About Samuel R. Russell:
Burial: October 1876, Slagel Cemetery, Jasper Co., IA (Lot #13)
Cause of Death: Typhoid Fever
Located: 1831, Union Twp. (Russell Station), Highland Co., OH
Note of Interest: Father was a Revolutionary War soldier
Religion: Hillsobro Presbyterian Church

Notes for Mary Price Duncan:
The Newton Record Friday, October 1, 1897 Obituary of Grandma Russell: Died, at the home of her son in this city, on Thursday, Sept. 23, at about one o’clock P.M., Mrs. Mary P. Russell, aged 87 years, 10 months and 10 days. Mother Russell’s maiden name was Mary Price Duncan. She was born in Aldermanic [sic] County, Va., (no such County - most likely Albemarle County) on the 17th of November 1809 and was married to Samuel Russell February 2, 1826. In the fall of 1831, they immigrated to Highland Co., Ohio, where they lived until the summer of 1876. At that time they came to this county to visit their children in Buena Vista Township, when Mr. Russell was attacked with typhoid fever and died on the fourth of October of that same year, and from that time, Mrs. Russell has made her home with her son, Samuel G. Russell of this city. She, with her husband, united with the Presbyterian Church in 1826 and for almost fifty years were members of the Old Crusade Church of Hillsboro, Ohio. After coming to Iowa she united with the Hixson Grove Chapel people and recently removed her membership to the Presbyterian Church in Newton.

Mother Russell has long been in very feeble health, and for over two months has been confined to her bed, requiring constant care and attention, which were freely and tenderly given her by her loved ones. She leaves three sons, J. W., B. J. and S. G. Russell, all of whom reside in this city, and two daughters, Mrs. John W. Murphy of Murphy and Mrs. M. J. Bennett of Chattanooga, Tenn., all of them being present when their aged mother passed away. Brief services were held at the residence at 1 o’clock, Saturday, after which the remains were taken to Hixson Grove Chapel where services were conducted by Rev. E. J. Rice, a large concourse of old neighbors and friends being present. The interment was in Slagel Cemetery.

Mary's middle name of Price is attached to many of the Russell's of Virginia of the 1700's. General William Russell and his son Col. William Russell of Culpepper County, Virginia and Tennessee both had Prices in their family / marriage lines. I have yet (05/03) to find a relationship between this famous branch of the Russells and ours. -DR

More About Mary Price Duncan:
Burial: September 1897, Slagel Cemetery, Jasper Co., IA (Lot #13)
Located: 1876, Moved in with Samuel G. Russell (son)
Children of Samuel Russell and Mary Duncan are:
+ 30 i.   John William3 Russell, born August 05, 1827 in New Canton, Buckingham Co., VA; died April 05, 1916 in Buena Vista Twp., Jasper Co., IA.
+ 31 ii.   Ann Eliza Russell, born February 21, 1830 in Buckingham Co., VA; died February 08, 1914 in Murphy, Jasper Co., IA.
+ 32 iii.   Benjamin James Russell, born August 03, 1831 in Buckingham Co., VA; died December 07, 1909 in Newton, Jasper Co., IA.
+ 33 iv.   Samuel Garnet Russell, born August 23, 1834 in Union Twp. (Russell Station), Highland Co., OH; died May 06, 1929 in Buena Vista Twp., Jasper Co., IA.
  34 v.   Robert Henry Russell, born July 07, 1838 in Highland Co., OH; died May 05, 1866 in San Francisco, CA.
  Notes for Robert Henry Russell:
One of the more interesting stories of the Jasper County Russells concerns Robert Henry Russell who joined the army without his parents' consent during the Civil War - was sent to San Francisco by the water route and stationed there. He then wrote home for a time, but letters ceased and after years of anxious waiting his relatives gave him up for dead. About twenty-five or thirty years later Wildman Murphy, at the request of Robert's aged mother (Mary Duncan Russell), searched the soldiers' Cemetery in San Francisco and found a small marker on which was his cousin's name and other identifying data.

His bones were disinterred, shipped back to Newton, IA, and tenderly reinterred in the Slagel Cemetery, Jasper Co., IA in the presence of his mother, Mrs. Mary Price Duncan Russell; his brothers, John W. Russell, B. J. Russell and Sam G. Russell and his sister Mrs. J. W. (Ann Eliza Russell) Murphy and many other friends and family. Rev. R. C. F. Chambers reviewed briefly the unusual circumstances and offered a prayer. A hymn was sung and thus, after nearly thirty years, all that was mortal of Robert Henry Russell received a Christian burial. June 7, 1934, by Lola V. Murphy Wilson

The Grinnell marble men erected a monument last week for Grandpa Russell and his son Robert, who are buried in the Slagel Cemetery. ~ The Newton Record, Part Two, Friday, January 10, 1896, Page 4, Column 1

  More About Robert Henry Russell:
Burial: 1895, Slagel Cemetery, Jasper Co., IA (Lot 13)
Cause of Death: Sickness contracted in the Civil War

  35 vi.   Virginia Price Russell, born June 25, 1840 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died May 16, 1859 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH.
  More About Virginia Price Russell:
Burial: May 1859, Dunn Chapel, Highland Co., OH

+ 36 vii.   Mary Jane Russell, born March 07, 1844 in Liberty, Highland Co., OH; died March 13, 1922.
+ 37 viii.   William Camey Russell, born 1850 in Highland Co., OH; died Aft. 1880 in Monroe, Madison Co., IA (?).

      13. Elizabeth Barnes2 Russell (William1) was born November 23, 1813 in New Canton Twp., Buckingham Co., VA, and died Aft. 1880 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH. She married Issac W. Oldaker December 18, 1834 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH. He was born 1811 in Buckingham Co., VA, and died Aft. 1880 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH.

More About Elizabeth Barnes Russell:
Census: 1880, Federal Census, Union, Highland Co., OH
Children of Elizabeth Russell and Issac Oldaker are:
  38 i.   Elizabeth P.3 Oldaker, born 1842 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died Unknown.
  More About Elizabeth P. Oldaker:
Occupation: 1880, Teacher

  39 ii.   Eliza W. Oldaker, born 1844 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died Unknown.
  40 iii.   Elma R. Oldaker, born 1844 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died Unknown.
  More About Elma R. Oldaker:
Occupation: 1880, Teacher

  41 iv.   Samuel R. Oldaker, born 1852 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died Aft. 1880.
  More About Samuel R. Oldaker:
Census: 1880, In household of Cousin Benjamin James Russell, Jasper Co., IA
Occupation: 1880, Deputy County Clerk - Jasper Co., IA

  42 v.   Mary C. Oldaker, born 1855 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died Unknown.
  More About Mary C. Oldaker:
Occupation: 1880, Teacher

  43 vi.   James Simpson Oldaker, born February 01, 1857 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died Unknown. He married Laura Josaphine Britton December 06, 1883 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; born October 10, 1860 in Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; died October 25, 1925.
  More About Laura Josaphine Britton:
Burial: October 29, 1925

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