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Ancestors of Bruce Nelson Rutherford

      250. George Mahon
Child of George Mahon is:
  125 i.   Margaret Mahon, born 1771 in Ireland; died Apr 23, 1838; married Thomas Nicholson.

      252. Casper Larrick, born 1730 in ALSACE LORRIANE, FRANCE; died 1801 in WEST VIRGINIA. He married 253. Elizabeth Sundown 1772.

      253. Elizabeth Sundown, born in CAPON SPRINGS, WVA.

Notes for Casper Larrick:
From Lois Blake:
1.      Casper Larrick, prb. a. 1801; born France?
      m.      Elizabeth Sundown, an Indian
      bur. ????
2.      His son, Jacob Larrick, b. 1773, June 30
      m. Catharine Smith, 1775-1865
      bur. Mt. Zion
3.       Their daughter, Rachel Larrick, b. 17 Feb. 1812 (GS Mt. Zion, 1813)
      d. 1847 (GS Mt. Zion l848) married Simon Nicholson, b. Pa., 1809
      d. 28 Oct. 1878
      Simon was the son of Thomas Nicholson, b. 1791; d. 22 Dec. 1842
      m.      Margaret Mahon, b. 1700; d. Apr. 23, 1838
      bur. Graham/Nicholson Cemetery

From Larrick Family Genealogy Descendents of Joseph and Rebecca Larrick Johnson County, Kansas by Dola V. Larrick, Sr. 1961


      I, Dola V. Larrick, Sr., was instructed by a unanimous vote of the Larrick Reunion at their gathering in 1959 at Edgerton, Kansas to get together and write up a Larrick geneaology, which I have done by sending out questionaires to be returned. The questionaires allowed me to make a complete record of their families. A few were not returned and several could not be contacted, which made a partial listing of their families or no mention at all.
      Of special mention are some of the following:
      A monument erected by the D.A.R. in honor of Caspar Larrick in Larrick row in Mount Olive Cemetery near Hayfield, Virginia on September 25, 1960. He served in the Revolutionary Army from 1773 to 1776.
      Robert Jackson was a Revolutionary soldier as shown in this geneaology. He was born March 17, 1733 in Ireland and died September 28, 1809. His daughter Mary, born February 24,1761, died March 30, 1835, married James Thompson April 15, 1779. Their son Abraham, born
September 3, 1796, died April 28, 1873, married Rachel MeCreary December 17, 1818 and their daughter Rebecca Thompson married Joseph Larrick. The rest of the descendants can be traced down through this geneaology. This makes a double line for membership in the D.A.R. for the Johnson County, Kansas family.
      In the Historical Register of Virginia in the Revolution, it speaks of John Larrick, Frederick Mil. rec. as Captain August 4, 1779.
The descendants of Caspar Larrick and his wife Elizabeth Sundown, an Indian lass, shows the true French-Indian frontiersmanship of those days, and the beautiful handwriting that has shown up several times in the family
      There were three Larricks who appeared in "Who's Who in America" for all of the 1950's. They were George Larrick, Commissioner of the Pure Food and Drug Administration in Washington, D. C., Thomas Larrick, Professor of Architecture in Florida University, Gainesville, Florida. I have lost the name of the other who was with C. E. in New York State.
      Jacob Larrick and his wife Catherine Spillman Larrick gave the land from their home place for the Lutheran Church and cemetery at Mt. Zion, Ohio.


      Casper, John, George and James Larrick were the four brothers that canie to this countrv as French Huguenots from the province of Alsace-Lorraine, where they had been chased out because of
their religion. The family was very wealthy in France but left all behind and settled in the Jersey Isles or Ireland. The ship listed their last name as La Roque "natives of France but by the grace of Her Majesty, Queen Anne, their abode was England". Landing at New Castle, Delaware about 1755, they proceeded to York, Pennsylvania where they settled but soon moved to Frederick County, Virginia. We find the first purchase of land from Lord Fairfax before 1760 was under the name ofJohn Laruck, but in the second purchase the name was Larrick in 1760.
      John settled near Middletown in Frederick County, Virginia and Casper at Stephens City just a few miles to the north where Casper bought and sold several pieces of property before he went on west to Timberridge near North Mountain and U.S. 50 now passes through it between Capon Bridge, West Virginia and Gore, Virginia.
      Tradition has it, as passed down, that Casper went deer hunting near the then Indian village of Capon Springs, West Virginia where he shot a deer, and the deer injured Casper. An Indian girl by the name of Elizabeth Sundown found him and nursed him back to health. He married the Indian lass in 1772.
      Casper was born about 1730 in France and was 26 years old when he came to this country. His will was set in order in 1801.
      I understand that Elizabeth Sundown had a very pretty handwriting and this crops out many times in the Larrick descendants. One in the name of Estelle Larrick Rees of the Johnson County, Kansas bunch.
      I have nothing on the first George and James was believed to have never married.
      I have just found this note in the Historical Register of Virginia in the Revolution which reads John Larrick, Frederick Mil. rec. as Captain August 4, 1779.

      Casper Larrick, born about 1730 in France, came to Virginia about 1755, died about 1801, married an Indian girl named Elizabeth Sundown in 1772. He joined the Revolutionarv Army in 1773, serving for three years, mostly around Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio. To this union were born:
      Jacob Larrick, born June 30, 1773 in Virginia, died about 1843 at Mt. Zion, Ohio. (His children will be camed on down in the Ohio section of this book.)
      John Larrick (Wife's first name was Catherine.)
      Leah Larrick, married Joseph Daily in 1790.
      Catherine Larrick, married John Moore in 1790.
      Henry Larrick, born about 1779, married Margaret Ann Cody, a cousin of Buffalo Bill Cody. He lived in the Timberridge and North Mountain area. To this union were born the following ten children: (I do not have any dates on this family.)
            James Larrick, born in Virginia, moved to Glenwood, Ohio, which is near Mt. Zion, Ohio. He was the father of Asa Larrick who moved to Iowa and later to Logan, Kansas in an early day. Asa's son Seywood of Lenora, Kansas was a real frontiersman. Seywood drove great herds of cattle across Western Kansas from Western Texas before the day of the railroads. He also hunted buffalo by the thousands. In later years he owned several banks and many sections of land. Seywood's only son died in the Navy during the flu epidemic of World War I. He was a student at Washburn College and his father Seywood erected a bronze water fountain with a circle seat around the fountain in honor of his son and other Washburn students that died in World War I on the Washburn campus at Topeka, Kansas.
            Asa Larrick, born in Virginia, no dates, eleven children.
                  One was John Wesley Larrick and leads down to the Larrick atLamar, Colorado.
                  Another son David went to Red Cloud and Bladen, Nebraska, where there are four generations. They raised registered Hereford cattle.
                  Another son Isaac was a dentist at Oberlin, Kansas.
                  I understand that Jonah Larrick of Richmond, Virginia and the late Rev. A. R. Larrick of Plant City, Florida, who died in 1960, comes in on this line.
I have nothing on the rest of Henry's family, which follows:
      John H. Larrick
      David Larrick
      Mary Larrick (Remer)
      Eliza Larrick (Beam)
      Catherine Larrick (Mcllwee)
      Margaret Larrick (Marker)
      Betsy Larrick (Rosenberger)
      Martha Larrick (Remer)
      Frederick Larrick, born about 1780, married Elizabeth Secrest December 18, 1 806 and moved to Timberridge. To this union was born the following eight children:
      Casper Larrick, born February 11, 1811, died December 24, 1893 at Mt. Zion, Ohio. Casper and his family are covered fully in the Spaid history of several years ago. He married Margaret Hellyer and could quote the Bible by the chapter.
      Robert Larrick, died April 9, 1890.
      Jacob Larrick, born April 1, 1820, died January 1, 1894.
      John Larrick, born November 4, 1816, died 1892.
      Henry, or Abe, Larrick was at Mt. Zion, Ohio and went on west
      Amy Larrick, died November 27, 1898.
      Becky Larrick, died November27, 1898.
      Betty Larrick.
The first Casper Larrick was in the Revolutionary Army from 1773 to 1776 and on September 25, 1960 the D.A.R. dedicated a memorial to Casper by placing a stone in Larrick row in Mt. Olive Cemetery. This is near Hayfield, Virginia. The inscription reads:
Casper Larrick
Born in France
Died Virginia, 1801
A Frontier Settler
Revolutionary War
Father of
Henry Larrick

Casper is believed buried back of his house where there are six or eight graves, only one of which has a stone marker, and that is for the Cody girl.

Ohio Chapter
      Jacob Larrick, born June 30, 1773 in Virginia, died 1843 at Mt. Zion, Ohio, was a son of the flist Casper Larrick and Elizabeth Sundown, an Indian lass believed to be of the Shawnees of Virginia. Jacob donated the land for the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church and adjoining cemetery. The homestead is still in the Larrick family and the patent is held by Paul Larrick of St. Louis, Missouri, although Paul does not own the farm. Jacob married Catherine Snapp, born August 17, 1781 in Virginia and died in Virginia sometime between 1813 and 1815. About 1816 in Virginia Jacob rnarried Catherine Spillman, born March 2, 1785, died May 29, 1865, at Mt. Zion, Ohio. To the first marriage four children were born in Virginia who were as follows:
      Elizabeth Ann Larrick, born September 27, 1805. She lived to be almost one hundred years old and is believed to have died in Ness County, Kansas. She married John Nicholson and I only have a partial list of her family. They moved to Paola, Kansas where the Nicholson farm, a few miles west of Paola, has been in the family name since 1859 and still is in the family. John died at Paola, Kansas in 1883 where he is buried.
            One son Jacob Nicholson moved to Carthage, Missouri in 1850. On account of the slave question he moved to Seneca, Kansas, passing through Johnson County in 1860, and later to Ness County, Kansas. Orie of Jacob's sons became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma and others went on to Portland, Oregon where Jacob and his wife are buried.
            Another son, Isaiah, of Elizabeth (Larrick) and John Nicholson went to California in the gold rush of 1849. He returned to Ohio for a few years and canie to Johnson County, Kansas with his uncle and aunt, Joseph and Rebecca Larrick in 1860. In 1863 Isaiah sold out to Joseph and Rebecca and moved to near Paola where all trace of him has been lost. I have later found out through a grandson that Isaiah moved to Lawrence, Kansas to educate his children, one son and two daughters.
            One daughter still lives in Austin, Texas. Isaiah died in Kansas City, Mo. at avery old age..
            Another son of Elizabeth and John Nicholson remained at Paola, Kansas. Their only daughter married a Mr. Stout and the Stout family lives at Paola while Elizabeth, after John's death in'1883, took some of their children and moved to Ness County, Kansas.
      Benjamin Larrick, born March 1, 1807, died 1883, married Eliza Slater. To this union were born eight children.
            Rachel Kiziah, firs marriage to Jonathan Law one child, Justus, married Annie Deem.
second marriage to Robert James McCracken. One child, Sumner.
            Thomas married Hannah Johnson
            Five children, Jonas, Casoline, Scott, Clemintine, Ethan married Oliva Trott
            Joseph married Oliva Trott. One son, Norton.
            Elizabeth Margaret married Thomas Secrest
            Three sons, Isaiah, Annias, Mcclellan, and one daughter, Myrta.
            Sarah Jane married Michael Trott
            Four children, Minerva, Nora, Perly, Hattie.
            Vincent (Dock) married Rebecca Kackley
            Four children: Rev. Charles, Sumner, Benjamin, SamueL                                    Benjamin's son, George P., is Commissioner of the Pure Food and Drug Administration in Washington, D. C. and has appeared in Who's Who in America for many years along with my brother Thomas and another Larrick about whom I do not have any information.
            Nancy married Jeremiah Miley.
            Four children died in infancy.
            Christina married James Rogers
            Three children: Mattie, Warren, Raymond.
      Sarah Larrick, born March 31, 1810, died January 13, 1908, married Uriah Gregg November 26, 1832. He was born December 28, and died July 18, 1861. There were eight children born to union.
            Perry C. Gregg, born March 18, 1833, drowned March 6, 1858, unmarried.
            Catherine Jane Gregg, born June 9, 1835, died September 3Q, 1862, married James Temple June 24, 1856.
            Jacob L. Gregg, born December 22, 1837, died May 8, 1916, married Margaret Dudley Jan. 14, 1858, born October 27, 1835, died March 4, 1907.
            Samuel Gregg, born August 28, 1840, died November 6, 1861 in Civil War.
            Mary Elizabeth Gregg, born October 8, 1842, died July 4, 1876, married Richard B. David April 12, 1864, born September 17, 1832, died January 7, 1889.
            James Madison Gregg born January 18, 1845, died May 5, 1924, married Cynthia Finley September 10, 1868, born November 17, 1842, died April 30, 1929.
            Leah Ann Gregg, born June 16, 1847, died September 1, 1921, married John Murphy June 3, 1869, born 1843, died 1926.
            John H. Gregg, born May 16, 1849, died May 7, 1926, married Ala Etheline Clark, November 6, 1870, born May 10, 1850, died March 20, 1914.
            (I find the Gregg descendants married back into the Larrick family mauy times.)
      Rachel Larrick, born February 17, 1812, died December 27, 1848, married Simon Nicholson. There were six children as follows:
            Jacob Nicholson married Jane Cramblett.
            Margaret Ann Nicholson married James Williams.
            Mary Elizabeth Nicholson married John Cole.
            Margaret Nicholson married Lambert Millhon.
            Thomas Nicholson married ---- Gregg (went West).
            Benjamin Nicholson married Jane Groves.
In the second marriage there were seven children as follows:
      Joseph Larrick, born February 15, 1817 in Virginia, died March 8, 1909 at Paola, Kansas and is buried at Edgerton, Kansas. He married Rebecca Thompson in Ohio. Joseph's descendants will be taken up in full in the Johnson County, Kansas Chapter.
      James Larrick, born March 27, 1818 in Ohio before his father reached Mt. Zion, Ohio on his way from Virginia. He married Margaret Dudley.
            One Daughter Mary married John Drake.
      Leah Larrick, born September 18, 1820, died August 1, 1913, married Samuel Secrest, born June 4, 1817, died January 17, 1902, and moved to Wellsville, Kansas. They are buried at Edgerton , Kansas. There were 12 children born to this union. All were born in Ohio. They are:
            Sarah Catherine Secrest, born November 23, 1839, died November, 1939, married George Miller.
            Eliza Jane Secrest, born May 10, 1842, died November 14, 1855.
            Mary Ann Secrest, born September 14, 1843, date of death not known, married Jacob Salladay.
            John Ray Secrest, born July 18, 1845, died September 23, 1931, married Margaret Cole, moved to Edgerton, Kansas in an early day and are buried there. They had two children.
            David Newton Secrest, born March 16, 1847, died September 5, 1929, married Mary Jane Scott, moved to Edgerton, Kansas in an early day and are buried there. They had three children. Two boys and one girl.
            Jemima Harriett Secrest, born December 9, 1848, died November 27, 1934, married William Conner.
            Rebecca Amanda Secrest, born September 29, 1850, died June 21, 1940, married John L. Kackley.
            Rachel Adaline Secrest, born September 17, 1852, died September9, 1930.
            Louisa Minerva Secrest, born January 24, 1856, died August 14,1917, married Noah H. Large.
            Letha Elmira Secrest, born November 7, 1858, died November 11, 1946, married William A. Smith.
            Ida Marilla Secrest, born June 26, 1860, died June 11, 1935, married Ottomar C. Woodrow.
            Nora Nancisca Secrest, born May 7, 1864, died September 9, 1939 in Kansas City, married James Homer Ream. There were one son and one daughter in Kansas City, Missouri.
      Margaret Larrick, born February 28, 1822, died March 19, 1910 at Springhill, Kansas, married Thomas Nicholson February 15, 1842, died 1857. There were five children born to this union as follows:
            Levi Nicholson
            Eliza Jane Nicholson, died 1910.
            Mansel Nicholson, died 1867.
            Serapta Catherine Nicholson married Charles Fairchild. They are both buried at Edgerton, Kansas.
            Thomas Henderson Nicholson, died February, 1924, buriedat Springhill, Kansas.
                  His son, Vernon Nicholson of Olathe, Kansas, born October 12, 1884, died December 24, 1956, is also buried at Springhill; Kansas.
      Margaret Larrick Nicholson moved her family from Ohio in 1867 settled on a farm just south of Springhill where the farm still is in the Nicholson name.
      Eliza Larrick, born December 15, 1823, married Rev. James Milhon. To this union were born five sons as far as is known:
            Jacob Henry, Joseph Benton, James O'Kelley, Jasper, and Justis.

      Levi Larrick, born December 6, 1825, died May 14, 1884, married January 17, 1854 to Jane Miley. To this union were born seven children as follows:
            William Asbury Larrick, born January 18, 1855, died February 7, 1931, married Tacy Gregg Findley, no children.
            George Aretus Larrick, born March 16, 1857, died 1945, married for the first time to Hester Ann Gregg. To this union were born the six children as follows:
                  Emmett, Bion, Owen, Opal, Lela, Harvey.
      Harmon Newton Larrick, born May 12, 1858, died July 7, 1930, married Esther Murphy. To this union were born the following four children:
                  Ort, Alta, Lota, Nary, Rudy
      Emma Campsidel Larrick, born July 9, 1860, died 1953, married Jasper L. McFarland. To this union were born five children as follows:
            Jennie, Guy, Goldie, Olive, Lola. Goldie married J. Paul Clark and furnished a very large part of the names of the Ohio descendants.
      Issac Elmer Larrick, unmarried, born March 3, 1864, died September 24, 1895.
      Teter Wendell Larrick, born January 29, 1866, died April 12, 1940, married Sarah Hickle.
      Teter's son, Miley Larrick, lives on the home place at Mt. Zion, Ohio. There is one daughter, Ruth.
      Jeremiah Homer Larrick, born October 31, 1868, died October 31, 1935, married Hester Ann Davis. To this union were born two children:
            Cleo, Ira
      Jane Larrick, born August 24, 1928, died May, 1900, married Jonathan Miller. To this union were born three children, as far as is known, as follows:
            Annias, Casaline, Catherine.
      Jane Larrick and Jonathan Miller are buried in Hoskinsville cemetery in Noble Co., Ohio.

Children of Casper Larrick and Elizabeth Sundown are:
  i.   John Larrick, married Catherine.
  ii.   Leah Larrick, married Joseph Daily 1790.
  iii.   Catherine Larrick, married John Moore 1790.
  126 iv.   Jacob Larrick, born Jun 30, 1773 in VA; died 1843 in NOBLE CTY, OH; married (1) Catherine Snapp; married (2) Catherine Spillman 1816 in VIRGINIA.
  v.   Henry Larrick, born 1779; married Margaret Ann Cody.
  Notes for Margaret Ann Cody:
cousin of Buffalo Bill Cody

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