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      124. ISAAC ELY, born 27 Aug 1775 in Mason Co, KY; died 11 Jan 1857 in Ralls Co, MO. He was the son of 248. BENJAMIN ELY and 249. MARY SCOTT. He married 125. MARY POLLY JUDY 14 Oct 1798.

      125. MARY POLLY JUDY, born 20 Mar 1778 in Pennsylvania; died 13 Sep 1823 in Ralls Co, MO. She was the daughter of 250. MARTIN III JUDY and 251. ELIZABETH JUDY.

Notes for ISAAC ELY:
Ely's came to MO in 1821. Isaac was a farmer and a judge in 1855.

From "Early Settlers of Ralls County, Missouri". Copied from the original Manuscript on file at the Institute of American Genealogy, Chicago, IL. by Edmund Randolph Chapter DAR, Richmond, CA, 1950-1951. The following information is in this book but the source is: Northwest MO History by Walter Williams (1913) Volumes 1 & 2.

3/1905 - Isaac Ely, born KY August 27, 1775; died 1858. Came to Ralls Co., MO in 1821. His son, Benjamine Ely was born in Mason Co., KY Jan 25, 1801 (P. 1955 also gives this date, NDN.);

3/p1954--Isaac Ely was born 1775 and was the son of one Joshua Ely, who came to Missouri about the time the other members of the family did and settled west of New London. On the Old Ely farm there he and his wife lie buried. The children of Isaac Ely were: (same as listed) except that it has the birth of Benjamine Ely as Jan 25, 1801, and that David Ely, married Rebecca Goodman. NDN.
"The mother of these children was Miss Mary Judy. Her husband passed away in 1858. The parents also lie in the Ely cemetery named above."

More About ISAAC ELY:
Burial: Unknown, Ely family cemetery - abt. 3/4 mile west of county road J on county road BB, 200 yards north of road or about 225 yards Northwest of old Crawford home.
Census: 1850, #22 Ralls Co., MO

  Notes for MARY POLLY JUDY:
All of the following JUDY/TSCHUDI information is taken from, Family Tree Maker CD#9 Tree #3383, unless another reference is given. TA Rutter 12-20-1997

General Note
The History & Genealogy of the Judy -- Judah ------ Family printed in 1953.

Death Note
could also be 13 Oct 1823, Ralls County, Missouri:

Marriage: 14 Oct 1798
Children of ISAAC ELY and MARY JUDY are:
  i.   Sarah Ely, born 11 Nov 1799 in KY; died Unknown; married Stephen Scobee; died Unknown.
  ii.   Benjamin Ely, born 28 Sep 1801 in KY; died Unknown; married Martha B. Layne; born Abt. 1808 in VA; died Unknown.
  More About Benjamin Ely:
Census: 1850, #23 Ralls Co., MO

  More About Martha B. Layne:
Census: 1850, #23 Ralls Co., MO

  62 iii.   JOHN J. ELY, born 05 Sep 1802 in Bath Co., Ky; died 02 Feb 1852 in Ralls Co, MO; married SARAH (SALLY) E. FIKE 13 Feb 1823.
  iv.   Elizabeth J. Ely, born 16 Feb 1804; died Unknown; married Aaron F. Boyce 04 Aug 1822 in Ralls Co, MO; died Unknown.
  More About Aaron Boyce and Elizabeth Ely:
Marriage: 04 Aug 1822, Ralls Co, MO

  v.   William Ely, born 11 Nov 1805; died Unknown; married Rebecca Utterback; born Abt. 1808 in KY; died Unknown.
  More About Rebecca Utterback:
Census: 1850, #241 Ralls Co., MO

  vi.   Jane Ely, born 08 Nov 1807 in Kentucky; died Unknown; married William Strode 18 Jan 1827 in Ralls Co, MO; died Unknown.
  More About William Strode and Jane Ely:
Marriage: 18 Jan 1827, Ralls Co, MO

  vii.   Cynthia A. Ely, born 14 Sep 1809; died Unknown; married Joe Rackaby; died Unknown.
  viii.   Aaron F. Ely, born 29 Jun 1811 in MO; died Unknown; married Emily J. Utterback 26 Jun 1834 in Ralls Co, MO; born Abt. 1811 in KY; died Unknown.
  More About Emily J. Utterback:
Census: 1850, #54 Ralls Co., MO

  More About Aaron Ely and Emily Utterback:
Marriage: 26 Jun 1834, Ralls Co, MO

  ix.   David Ely, born 30 Aug 1815 in KY; died Unknown; married Rebecca J. Godden 14 Mar 1833 in Ralls Co, MO; died Unknown.
  More About David Ely and Rebecca Godden:
Marriage: 14 Mar 1833, Ralls Co, MO

  x.   Mary A. Ely, born 14 Feb 1818; died Unknown.

      126. JOHN FIKE, born Abt. 1777 in Person Co., NC; died 03 Nov 1855 in Audrain Co., MO. He was the son of 252. JOHN (SR) FIKE and 253. (SARAH) MAHATABLE. He married 127. MARY ROE 10 Jan 1800 in Chatham Co., NC.

      127. MARY ROE, born 08 Aug 1781 in NC; died Aft. 1850 in MO. She was the daughter of 254. JOHN ROE.

Notes for JOHN FIKE:
Hull 8/31/99
Donna Hull
Wednesday, November 19, 1999

The Fike Family are of a German heritage. In the German language, the name Fyke means a conical shaped fish trap or fish basket. The immigrant(s) most likely landed first at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are Fike's in PA today. The Feick/Fike/Figg name was found all over Germany in the early 1700's, and there are still many Feick/Fike names in German telephone books today.

Some say 'FIKE comes from a French name 'FOIX'.

"History of South Carolina", by Snowden, 1920, Vol. 4, p. 129 on Fike Family: Dr. Rupert Howard Fike, b. 1887, states his ancestor came from Nuremberg, Germany. It is unknown at this time if its our Fike family.

Our branch later moved south to North Carolina. The earliest record of our Fike family begins with John (1) Fike, Constable of Granville County, North Carolina, in 1752. He had a Land Grant in Granville in 1760. He is said to have lived in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, prior to moving to Granville.

I. John (1st) FIKE, b. ca. 1720, D. before 1790, m. ca. 1739 to Elizabeth.
Res.: 0range/Edgecombe/Granville Cos., NC.
1742 Edgecombe Co., NC: Henry FIKE witnessed a Deed.
1752 Constable of Granville County, North Carolina. A John FIKE Abt 280 ac in Anson Co., NC.
1755 Granville Co., NC Tax List, p. 582 John FIKE "& son Malichi."
1756 Survey, NC Land Grant, entered 11 Mar 1760 , #257, 489 ac on NW side Bear Swamp in Granville Co., NC, beg on sd swamp at Charles EVEY's corner, chain Carriers: Malachi FIKE & Charles EVEY. 1757 Granville Co., NC Tax lists: John FIKE 1 WM
1763 Granville Co., NC, John FIKE witnessed Deed
1765 Orange Co Court Records, NC: John FIKE on Jury.
1768: John FIKE a Regulator
1771 Chatham Co., NC formed fr Orange Co.
1779 Chatham Co. Surveyor's Plats : John FIKE & Ma;achia FIKE
1790 Census Chatham Co., NC: Elizabeth FIKE, widow w/ 5 ch. Hillsborough Dist.
1800 Census Chatham Co., NC: Elizabeth FIKE(1M 16+, 3M -16, 2F).
Their sons (daughters names unknown):
II.1. Malachi FIKE, b. c1740 ( 1739? 16+ in 1755), d. c1810 Logan Co., KY
(Will Book A, p. 115.), m. Anne DAVIS.
1761 2 Oct issued to Malachy FIKE #609, 438 ac, on Phills Cr. of the waters of New Hope, surveyed Mar 1761.
1765 Orange Co. Court Records, NC, Micajah FIKE on Jury.
Also see 1779 for land grant on Harten's Creek in In Chatham Co. NC Militia
1771. A Rev. War Vet.
A NC Regulator , Orange Co., NC: 3 Oct 1768 Governor Tryon issued a proclamation "out of compassion to the misguided multitude," pardoning all those involved in the "late insurrection" except.Malachi FYKE. On 9 Sep 1769, Tryon issued a "Proclamation of general pardon to all persons.
1770 23 Oct.: Chatham Co., NC Deed, p. 123: John FIKE to Mallicke FIKE, both of Orange Co., NC 25, 100 ac, adj Richard WEST & John FIKE. Wiy.: John MORPHUS, Mary (X) CARTER.
/s/ John Fike, Sr, Sarah (X) FIKE.
1770 12 Nov, p. 327 Chatham Co., Deed Book:
"I Mallicki FIKE.appoint Mial SCURLOCK, Esq. my true & lawful Attorney.& in my name to make deed to James Williams the tract I now live on, Waters of Harlands Cr, 300 ac. Wit.: John Auld.
1772 20 Jan p. 316, Chatham Co., NC Deed Mallicki FIKE to Mical SOPAR/LOPAR (Lopes in deed under Nathan FIKE's name.), 50, 100 ac adj Richard WEST. Wit.: Simon FOOSHE & Joseph FOOSHE. /s/ Mallickier FIKE & Ann FIKE.
1772 4 Feb Chatham Co., Deeds, p. 71: Malichi FIKE witness to deed fr John BURT, Jr. to John BURT, Sr.on Buckhorn Cr on N. side of Cape Fear River.
1774 Aug.: Chatham Co., NC Deed Malachi FIKE to Michael LOOPER acknowledged.
1777 Aug.: On Jury to lay out road from Jeduthan HARPER's to the Court house.
1779 Aug.: Appointed to work on the road from Harlands Cr to Landrums Cr. NC Land Grant Malachi FIKE #266, 300 ac both sides Hartens Cr, entered 9 Jul 1779, issued 31 Mar 1780.
1790 Census in Lincoln Co., 1st Company, Morgan Dist
1810 Logan Co., KY, Will dated 5 Sep 1809.. Moved fr Lincoln Co., NC to Robertson Co., TN, then Logan Co., KY w/most of his ch. ch:
III.1.1. Elisha FIKE, b. 18 Jan 1785 Chatham Co., NC, d. 20 Apr 1878 Todd Co., KY, m. 1812 Robertson Co., TN to Susan MORGAN, b. 11 Nov 1793 Logan Co., KY, d. 22 Nov 1882? Logan
Co., KY. Occ.: farmer. Res.: Logan Co., KY in 1820 & 30. ch:
IV.1.1.1. James E. FIKE, b. 25 Oct 1812, d. 1822
IV.1.1.2. Lusian FIKE, b. 9 Apr 1815 Logan Co., KY, m. 2 Feb 1836 Logan Co., KY to R. H. YOUNGER.
IV.1.1.3. Isaac A. FIKE, b. 18 Jun 1819 Logan Co., KY, d. 25 Aug 1825
IV.1.1.4. Elijah C. FIKE, b. 2 Mar 1820 Logan Co., KY, d. 17 Aug 1859 Johnson Co., MO, m. Jan 1845
Robertson Co., TN Margaret A. COLLIER.
IV.1.1.5. (F) FIKE , b. 1822 Logan Co., KY, d. July 1846 Union Co., Ark., m. July 1860 Todd Co., KY to John RUSSELL.
IV.1.1.6. Sara F. FIKE, b. 21 1825 Logan Co., KY
IV.1.1.7. Charles H. FIKE, b. 12 July 1828 Logan Co., KY, m. 23 Mar. 1885 Todd Co., KY to Elless LEE.
IV.1.1.8. L. FIKE, b. 9 Feb 1831 Logan Co., KY, d. 23 Jun 1843.
IV.1.1.9. Mary M. FIKE, b.14 Nov. 1833 Logan Co., KY, d. July TN, m. 24 Mar Todd Co., TN H.
IV.1.1.10. Martha FIKE, b. 5 Oct 1837 Logan Co., KY, m. Mar.---Todd Co. TN to _______-Chandler.
III. I.2. Josiah FIKE, b. 20 Sep 1773 NC, d. 29 May 1832 Meigs Co., TN m(1) Agnes COOPER 5 Apr 1799 NC, b. 16 Feb 1775, d. 17 Jan 1819 Roane Co., TN, poss. d/o r sis/o Martin COOPER, bondsman. ch:
IV.1.2.1. Anny FIKE b. 14 Nov 1798, d. 19 Jun 1886, m. 21 May 1835 Ruben PHILIPS
IV.1.2.2. Hardin FIKE, b. 1Feb 1800 NC, d. 12 Jun 1880, m. Jane CABEL (Gabel).
IV.1.2.3. Nancy FIKE, b. 28July 1802 (or 25 Jan 1803) NC, d. Ala.?, m. 6 Mar 1820 William Phillips.
IV.1.2.4. Martin FIKE, b. 25 Aug 1805, d. Ala.? Never m.
IV.1.2.5. Addison FIKE, b. 4 May 1808
IV.1.2.6. Josiah C. FIKE, b. 24 May 1811, m. 7 or 10 July 1821 Roane Co. TN to Anna Sutton.
IV.1.2.7. Agnes M. FIKE, b. 4 July 1813, m. TN to Wm. Jackson.
IV.1.2.8. Henrietta FIKE, b. 16 Mar 1816, d. 2 Jun 1872 Ala., m. Hugh Brandon.
IV.1.2.9. Nora FIKE, b. 9 Aug 1818 TN, d. 8 Mar 1838? Ala., m. Uriah Blaford FIKE (2) Annie SUTTON on 10 July 1821 Roane Co., TN, b. 17 Nov 1798 Ten Mile, TN, d. 11Feb 1858 Concord,
TN, bur. Phillips Cem., d/o John SUTTON. ch:
IV.1.2.10. Elizabeth FIKE, b. 24 Mar 1826, d. 17 Sep 1869 TN, m. 17 Nov 1816 Elihu Phillips.
IV.1.2.11. James Emerson FIKE, b. 5 Mar 1825 TN, d. 23 Mar 1911 Decatur, TN m(1) Elizabeth FOOSHEE 9 Oct 1845 Meigs Co., TN, b. 27 Feb 1823,d. 19Jun 1877, d/o Absolum FOOSHEE. ch:
V. Susas Texas FIKE, b. 13 Mar 1851, d. 10 Jun 1926, m. 28 Nov 1875 Wm. Andrew ELLIS.
V. Polly Ann FIKE, b. 1846, m. John WILLIAMS
V. Isabelle FIKE, b. 1849, m. John ATCKINSON.
V. Elizabeth FIKE, b. 1849, m. Taylor DAVIS
V. Sarah FIKE, m(1) Jeff Hart, m(2) John ELLIS
V. George FIKE, d. Cleveland, TN, m. Mary LOCKE
V. Absolum FIKE, m(1) Mary Alice BARB, m(2) Bertie McKEHAN.
V. Martha FIKE m. Jas. CUNNINGHAM m(2) Harriett Thomas 14 July 1878, b. 23 Sep 1832, d. 22 Feb 190
IV.1.2.12. Curdilla C. FIKE, b. 18 Oct 1826 TN,
m(1) Bernie JOHNSON,
m(2) Eli F. MOUNCY/MUCY.
III.1.3. Elijah? FIKE
II.2. James FIKE, b. ca. 1744, d. Jan 1778 NC, unmarried. Sgt. in nm yt677NCContinental Line in Rev. War in 1st Regt. under
Thos. Clark, in Col. Thompson's Co. 1777 (records in Orange Co., NC).
received land grant on James'service. Deposition signed by John FIKE &
FOOSHEE. Also served in Chatham Co. Militia in 1771.
II.3. Nathan FIKE, b. ca. 1746, m. by 1766 Susannah FOOSHEE (or
Forshee). Served in Chatham Co. Militia in
1777 28 Nov Chatham Co., NC, Nathan FIKE witness to Deed from Richard
Thomas THORNTON.on
Haw River adj Wm FOOSHE.
1777 11 Oct Chatham Co., NC, Nathan FIKE & Richard WEST witnesses to
from Michal Lopes & wf Dorothy
to William FOOSHE, adj Richard WEST. Res.: SC. [1790 a Rebecckah
FIKE was
in Newberry Co., SC. Who?]
Moved to Robertson Co., TN. ch:
III.3.1. George FIKE, b. 5 Aug 1766 Newberry Co., SC., d. 27 Apr
Newberry Co., SC, m. Christina SOUTER, b.
10 Apr 1770 Newberry Co. SC, d. 1853 Newberry Co., SC. 1790 in
Co., SC. (also a Rebecckah
FIKE in same census) ch:
IV.3.1.1. John Adam FIKE, b. 28 Nov 1790, d. 1800
IV.3.1.2. Elizabeth FIKE, b. 27 Jul 1793, m. 1817 GeorgeCloy
IV.2.1.3. John Martin FIKE, b. 22 Oct 1795, d. 4 Dec 1854, m.
IV.3.1.4. Mary Magdalena FIKE, b. 9 Aug 1798, m. 1815 John Wicker
IV.3.1.5. Anna Mary FIKE, b. 6 Mar 1801, m. 1830 John Sitzler
IV.3.1.6. Christina FIKE, b. 14 Jul 1805, d. 1866, m. 1837 James
IV.3.1.7. George Adam FIKE, b. 16 Apr 1809 Newberry Co., SC, d. 24
Apr 1901
Spartanburg Co., SC. Occ.:
m(1) Susannah KOON 11 Jan 1842 Newberry Co., SC., d. 11 Dec 1842
m(2) D. Emaline HICKS 23 Mar 1844NC, b, M. W. SIMMONS, b. 30 Jan
1819, d.
19 Sep 1875. ch:
V. Claudius L. FIKE, b. 19 Apr 1845 Spartanburg, SC
V. Laura E. FIKE, b. 19 Sep 1847 Spartanburg, SC
V. George O. FIKE, b. 17Jul 1850Spartanburg, SC
III.3.2. Abel FIKE, b. 15 Apr 1777 NC, d. 10 Feb 1852 (St Clair
Co.) IL.
Settled in Pendleton Co.,SC., moved ca.
1809 to Hopkins Co., KY, then c1811 to what is now St. Clair Co., IL
Turkey Hill, 6 mi. E. of Belleville.
Occ.: Farmer/civil engineer.
m(1) Rachel CROWNOVER 1805 SC, b. Mar 1785 NJ, d. Mar 1815 (St Clair
Co.) IL.
Settled in Pendleton
Co., SC. ch:
IV.3.2.1. Ai FIKE, b. 28 (29) Mar 1807 Pendelton Dist,
SC, d. 17
Jun 1882 Laclede Co., MO,bur.:
Holman Cem. Moved from St. Clair Co. IL to Clay Co., IL in 1864,
then 12
Dec 1867 to Laclede
Co., MO. Mil.: 2nd Lieut. Black Hawk War in 1832 in IL.
m(1) Nancy BROWN 25 Dec 1834, d/o Maj. H. T. BROWN.
V. Andrew Jackson FIKE, resided in Lompoc, CA.
107b. William H. FIKE, resided nr. Clinton, MO
107c. Abel FIKE, resided near Ottawa, KS.
107d. Amanda FIKE
m(2) Martha COUGAR (SWAN) 1 Jul 1856, d/o Acie COUGAR. She
b. 1830,
d. 1916, bur.:
Holman Cem. ch:
107Q. Stephen A. Douglas "Doug" FIKE, b. 4 Apr 1862 Bellville,
IL d. 6
June 1948
Competition, Laclede Co., MO, m. 8 Feb 1885 Orla, Laclede Co., MO to
"Nanny" Caroline GARDINER, b. 12 Sep1867 Terra Haute, Marton Co., IN, d.
18 (22)
Jan 1958 Lebanon, Laclede Co., MO, bur.: 22 Jan 1958 Porter Cem. d/o
William Hancock "Uncle Billy" GARDINER & Lieada JONES (FAITH). ch:
107q Clara Edith (Ethel?) FIKE, b. 20 Nov 1885 Orla, Laclede
d. 15 Mar 1912, m.
15 Mar 1908 to Albert G. Nicks. Res.: Laclede Co., IL
XXX. Clarence Elmer FIKE, b. 25 Aug 1887 Orla,MO, d. 23 Dec 1960, m. 21
Mar 1909

Anna BRADFORD. Res.: Laclede Co. IL
XXX. Carnton "Cary" Amos FIKE, b. 18 Oct 1889 Orla, MO, d. 20
1919, m. 2 Oct 1910
Monzella HOUGH. Res.: DouglasCo., IL
XXX. Homer Lee FIKE, b. 9 Sep 1891 Orla, MO, d. 7 Dec 1969, m. 2 Apr
1911 Ida
NICKS. Res.: Riverton, Wyo.
XXX. Elbie Clinton FIKE, b. 28 Sep 1893 Orla, MO, m. 1 Mar 1915 Edith
Laclede Co., IL
XXX. Clifford Ai FIKE, b. 3 Oct 1895 Orla, Laclede Co., MO, d. 1976.
Pavilion, Wyo.
m(1) Thelma Leljah VERMILLION on 18 Jun 1918 Competition,
Laclede Co.,
MO , b. 21 May 1901 Springfield, Green Co., MO, d. 10 May 1933
Fremont Co., WY, bur.: Mtn. View Cem., Riverton, WY, d/o William Edward
175. Wanda Belle FIKE
176. Doris Berniece
177. Marjorie June
178. Claude Edward
m(2) Esther Evota REED 5 May 1935
XXX. Roy Herbert FIKE, b. 17 Sep 1897 Orla, MO, d. 1976, m. 12 Dec 1919
DAVIS. Res.: Laclede Co., IL.
XXX. Della Edith FIKE, b. 7 Sep 1899 Orla, MO, d. 14 Sep 1958, m. 7 Aug
1919 to
Ralph W. WHITE. Res.: Riverton, Wyo.
XXX. Dessie May FIKE, b. 6 Nov 1901 Competition, Laclede Co., MO, m. 1
1922 s Woods. Res.:Laclede Co., IL
XXX. Bessie Elma FIKE, b. 1 Dec 1903 Competition, MO, m. Jul 1922 Isham
Chambers. Res.: Laclede Co., IL
XXX. Don Glyness FIKE, b. 15 Aug 1905 Competition, MO, m. 7 May 1933
Margaret PETERSON. Res.: Fulton, MO.
XXX. Claud FIKE, b. 1908, m. Opha SHAMEL(?), Res.: Riverton,
XXX. Albert FIKE, b. 1909, 1976, m. Lottie JORDAN, Res.:
Laclede Co.,
XXX. May Mattice FIKE, b. 2 July 1873m d. after 1942, m. 21
Oct 1892
John Ambrose
DOOLITTLE, b. 23 Aug 1867, d. 3 Mar 1912. ch:
178a. Mary Tilton DOOLITTLE, b. 21 Sep 1898, d. ----, m. 8 Jun
Walter Victor
MULVAY, b. 22 Dec 1897, d. ----.
108a. Lissie FIKE m. Hwen HOSKENS 1860, resided in Orla, IL
108b. Sadie FIKE m. George LYLE.
108c. Nathan "Dump" FIKE m. Unity CONNER
108d. Agnes FIKE resided in Laclede Co., IL
108e. Vada FIKE m. Gabe WEBB, resided in Orla, IL
IV.3.2.2. Benjamin FIKE, b. 13 Dec 1809 Pendelton Dist., SC.,
d. 25
Mar 1945 on his farm, 5 mi NE of
Mascoutah, St Clair Co., IL,
m(1) Marie SWAGGARD 28 Dec 1830 (sis of Geo.Swaggard, Esq.) (ch,
but names
m(2) Margaret CHRISTMAN Jan 1843. One of their ch:
108e(1) Emma FIKE, m. P. McClelland, resided in Marion
Co., IL.
IV.3.2.3. John Jasper FIKE, b. 7 Aug 1810 KY, d. July 1852 CA, m.
June 1830
St. Clair
Co., IL Elizabeth HOWELL. Res.: nr. Drum Hill, IL until 1850 when
moved to
CA. ch:
108e(2) David FIKE, d. of cholera enroute to CA
108e(3) Elizabeth FIKE, d. of cholera enroute to CA.
108e(4) Mary FIKE m. William Hopps 1848, Res.: nr. Joplin, MO
108e(5) Rachel FIKE m. R. L. Pulliam 1856, Res.: S.W. MO
108e(6) (F) FIKE
108e(7) (F) FIKE.
IV.3.2.4. Ansby FIKE, b. July 1812 St Clair Co., IL, d. 24
Aug 1890
Kansas City, MO. Occ.: mercantile
business/justice of the peace. Res.: Jefferson & Mascoutal, St.
Clair Co.,
CA in 1849, returned
1852, moved 1866 to Clinton, Henry Co., MO
m(1) Mary ANDERSON Nov 3, 1831. ch:
108e(8) Anderson Y. FIKE
m(2) Joanne JESSUP 1834. ch:
108e(9) John W. FIKE
108e(10) Narcissa FIKE
108e(11) Mary Jane FIKE
108e(12) Doniphan FIKE
108e(13) Corrington FIKE
IV.3.2.5. Narcissa Fike, b. 1 Nov 1813 St Clair Co., IL, d.
11 Feb
1892, m. 20 Nov 1839 St. Clair Co., IL
William B. DAVIS. Res.: on Turkey Hill, then Looking-glass
where he d. 13 Feb 1842. ch:
108e(14) Louisa
108e(15) Nancy
108e(16) Rachel
108e(17) Maria
m(2) Nancy LAND (CROWNOVER) Dec 1815, b. 22 May 1792 Pendleton Co., SC,
d. 13
Dec 1879, (wid/o
Joseph CROWNOVER, d. 1815, bro. of Rachel). d/o Moses LAND & Charity
or Virginia. ch:
IV.3.2.6. Nathan FIKE, b. 28 Mar 1817 StClair Co., IL, In
Mexican war
after first wife's d., then moved to
CA, eventually settling in San Francisco. Occ.:
m(1) Elizabeth CROUCK. ch:
108e(18) James A. FIKE
IV.3.2.7. Pamelia Ann FIKE, b. 25 Jul 1819 St Clair Co., IL
m(1) Johan BAGBY 14 July 1832, d. nr. Mascoutah, IL.
108e(19) Leandra BAGBY
m(2) Henry Amos 14 May 1843. Moved to Iowa, returned to
then to CA ca. 1859 and
lived near Napa. ch:
108e(20) Joanna AMOS
108e(21) Nancy AMOS
108e(22) Martha AMOS
108e(23) Josephine AMOS
IV.3.2.8. Moses Perry FIKE, b. 21 Jul 1821 St Clair Co., IL,
d. 23
Feb 1852, m. 19 Sep 1844 Sarah
HOWELL. To CA 1849, returned 1851. Occ.:
teacher/merchandizing. ch:
108e(24) Delia M. FIKE
108e(25) Laetitia FIKE
108e(26) Walter M. FIKE
108e(27) El Dorado FIKE
IV.3.2.9. Charity Jane FIKE, b. 9 Aug 1822 St Clair Co., IL, d.
17 May
1890, m. 14 Oct 1841 Charles
RAYHILL, b. 3 July 1819, d. 26 Nov 1882. Res.: farm 3 mi E. of
IL,l then to
Warrensburg, MO ca. 1873 until 1879 when moved to Belleville, IL.
108e(28) Bett A. L. RAYHILL
108e(29) Helen RAYHILL
108f. Sarah Lenore(Lenora) RAYHILL, b. 12 Feb 1847, d. 24 Feb
1911, m. 27
May 1869 Benjamin
MATTICE, b. 8 Apr 1830, d. 14 May 1910. ch:
108f(1) George W. RAYHILL
108f(2) Julia RAYHILL
108f(3) Lucy RAYHILL
108f(4) Charle s G. RAYHILL
IV.3.2.10. Sarah FIKE, b. 30 Apr 1828 St Clair Co., IL, m. 14 Apr
William J. FLOYD. Res.:
BondCo., IL, Lebanon, IL, to MO in 1873 in Sedalia and Warrensburg,
toGreen Castle, Ind..
Occ.: merchandizing. ch:
108f(5) Georgie FLOYD
108f(6) Addie FLOYD
108f(7) Hattie FLOYD
108f(8) Nannie FLOYD
108f(9) Henry T. FLOYD
108f(10) Ettie FLOYD
IV.3.2.11. Henry Clay FIKE, b. 21 Dec 1832 St. Clair Co., IL,
living 23 July 1892, m. 25 Dec 1855
Mary C. POWER. Graduate of McKendree College in 1847, a
teacher. Mil.:
U.S.Volunteer service,
117th Regt., Ill. Volunteers. Res.: Mascoutah, to Warrensburg,
MO in
1867. ch:
108f(11) May FIKE, d. in infancy
108f(12) Ella FIKE, b. 16 Jan 1861
II.4. John (2) FIKE, b. ca. 1748 (Edgecombe or Anson Co.) NC, d.
1800, m. ca. 1770 Sarah -----, b. ca. 1752.
Had land grant on Dry Creek in 1778.
(no date) signed a Petition of Orange Co., NC inhabitants:
Advertisement No. 9.
Revolutionary War Vet
1770 Chatham Co., NC: John & Sarah FIKE deed to Malicke FIKE 100 ac.
1777 10 Jan John (3) was born in Chatham Co., NC.
1779 4 May entry made, issued 30 Mar 1780, NC Land Grant #413, 286
ac on
the head of the thoroughfare.
1783 John (2) FIKE received Rev. War Voucher for Military Service.
1790 Census in Chatham Co., NC 2M 16+, 3M -16, 2F.
1792 Chatham Co., NC, John FIKE Admr for brother James' estate.
1795 Chatham Co., NC, John testified that Malachi FIKE of Lincoln
Co., NC is
eldest brother of James FIKE.
1799 Chatham Co., NC, John FIKE witnessed John ROE's Will. Proved it
1800 Census in Chatham Co., NC, p. 187: 1M 16-26, 1M 26-45, 1 M 45+
2 -10. 1 10-16 1 F 45+ . ch:
III.4.1. Aaron FIKE, b. ca. 1771 Orange (Chatham)Co.,NC, m. Chatham
Co. LEWIS. 1810 Census Chatham
Co., NC.
III.4.2. James FIKE, b. ca. 1773 ChathamCo.,NC, m. Mary? ________, ch:
IV.4.2.1. Nathan FIKE per Virkus Vol IV, p. 102.
III.4.3. John (3) FIKE See LATER section.
III.4.4. Nathan FIKE, b. after 1774 Chatham Co., NC, lived in Lincoln
Co., NC
III.4.5. Hettie FIKE, b. Chatham Co., NC, m. in Chatham Co., NC, John
III.4.6. William FIKE, b. ca 1776 Chatham Co., NC, d. Jan 1834 Perry
Co., AL,
m. 1801 Mary COOK, b. Chatham
Co., NC, d. 1846 Perry Co., AL d/o Agraham COOK (d. 1814 Chatham Co.,
NC) & Mary
Fooshee (d.1834). 1810 Census Chatham Co., NC. 1815 Tax List, Chatham
Co., NC.
76. Nancy FIKE, b. 1802 Chatham Co., NC, m. James McCartney
121. Caty
77. Terrel FIKE, b. 1804 Chatham Co., NC, d. 19 Oct 1870, m. 4 Feb
Elizabeth Gordon. Their child:
122. Hannah
78. Jerman (German or Jeremiah) FIKE, b. 1806 ChathamCo., NC, d. 1885,
m. 22 Sep
1836 Catherine Smith.
123. Sam FIKE
124. C. E. FIKE
125. J. H. (James) FIKE
126. Sallie E. FIKE
127. M. S. FIKE (a Martha FIKE m. 1866 Wm. HALLEY)
128. William FIKE, b. 1851 ?
79. William FIKE, b. 22 Aug 1813 Chatham Co., NC. Single, per one
source. Another states he had ch:
129. Mariah FIKE
80. Nathan FIKE, b. 1815 Dallas Co., AL, m. 2 Oct 1843 Matilda
130. Jim FIKE
81. John FIKE, b. 1819 Dallas Co., AL, d. 1862 Corinth, Miss.
War), m. 1845 Miss GUICES (?)
82. Nelson FIKE, b. 1823 Dallas Co., AL, d. 1864, m. Elizabeth
83. David Sinclair FIKE, b. 1825 Dallas Co., Al, m. 2 Sep 1845 Jane A.
GUYSE. ch:
130A. Georgia A. FIKE
III.4.7. Moses FIKE, b. Chatham Co., NC.
III.4.8. Tyre FIKE, b. 8 Feb 1776 ? NC, d. 8 Feb 1841 Chatham Co., NC,
farmer. U.S.Census 1800 Chatham Co.,
NC 11100-00100, 1810 Chatham Co., NC. 1820 Chatham Co., NC, p. 12
m(1) Annie SPURLING ca. 1791 or 1796. ch:
84. James FIKE, b. Aug 1798 Chatham Co., NC, d. 1 Apr 1872 Cherokee
Co., KS,
m(1) Margaret FOOSHEE in NC,
m(2) Lucy 19 May 1829 Logan Co., KY.
85. Elizabeth FIKE, b. Chatham Co., NC,d. 8 Jan 1855 Chatham
Co., NC.
86. William FIKE, b. 1803 Chatham Co., NC, d. 6 Nov 1879
Chatham Co.,
87. Elijah FIKE, b. May 1805 Chatham Co., NC, d. 25 Sep 1889
Co., NC.
m(2) Rachel HENDERSON in Chatham, d. 5 Aug 1881. ch:
88. Nancy FIKE, b. 29 Dec 1807 Chatham Co., NC, d. 1819 Chatham
89. John P. FIKE, b. Sep 1810 Chatham Co., NC, d. 25 Oct 1825
Co., NC.
90. Isaac H. FIKE, b. 11Oct 1812 Chatham Co., NC, d. 22 Jan 1880 Millwood, Chatham Co., Ala.
91. Horace FIKE, b. 12 Apr 1815 Chatham Co., NC, d. 23 Mar ___ in Millwood, Chatham Co., Ala.
92. FIKE, b. 1817 Chatham Co., NC, still living in Chatham Co., NC in 1886.
93. Eligas (Elijah or Elisha?) FIKE, b. 1819 Chatham Co., NC d. 16 Aug 1871 Millwood, Chatham Co., Ala.
94. Mary FIKE, b. 1 Jun 1821 Chatham Co., NC, d. 1870 Millwood, Chatham Co., Ala.
95. H. H. FIKE, b. Aug 1827 Chatham Co., NC, d. after 1886, m. 7
Dec 1882 Millwood, Chatham Co., Ala. Della STONE.
III.4.9. (F) ,b. 1791-99 Chatham Co., NC
II.5. Elijah Fike, b. ca. 1752 Granville Co., NC, d. 1799 Chatham
Co., NC. [Henry HILL was appointed Admr of estate]
1771 in Chatham Co., NC Militia.
1790 was in HillsboroughDist., Chatham Co., NC, 1M 16+, 2M -16, 3F
(poss. more ch than Agnes & Elijah),
Had 250 ac on Landrums Cr.
m(1) ___________. ch.:
I.5.1. Agnes FIKE, m. ______HILL
I.5.2. Elijah FIKE, b. 1785 Chatham Co., NC, d. Todd Co., KY, m.
1812 Susan MORGAN. 1820 & 1830 in Logan Co., KY. 1801, as Orphan of Elijah FIKE, Guardian Henry Hill was appointed in Chatham Co.
m(2) Lydia .
II.6. Elisha FIKE, b. ca. 1754 Granville Co.,NC. 1790 Census in Burke Co., NC 2nd Company: 1M 16+, 1 -16, 1F. Was wife's name Elizabeth who was in 1800 NC Census?
II.7. Tyre (Tyery) ?? FIKE, b. bef 1774, m. Sarah ______. 1790
Census in Edgefield Co., SC, 1M 16+, 3M -16, 5F.
1795-6 Edgefield Co., SC Deed Vol 12, p. 526: Mary & Tire to Gasper
GALIMAN. Sarah, wf of Tiry, relinquishes her dower rights. 1800 Chatham Co., NC, p. 170: 11100-0010
III.7.1. Tyre (Tyery) FIKE m. Sarah . Was in SC Militia.
ch: IV.7.1.1. Josiah FIKE.
III.7.2. Elijah FYKE, b. 1792 Lincoln Co., NC, settled in
Dallas Co.,
TX. m. _______. ch: IV.7.2.1. Archer FYKE, b. TN or NC, m. Jemima MYERS.
ch: V. Elisha Wilkinson FYKE
III.7.3. Josiah A. (per Carolyn). 1830 Census IL.

From: Mary Singleton
Copy of the last Will of John Fike

I, John Fike of the County of Audrain and State of Missouri, do hereby make
and publish this my last Will and Testament, as follows to wit: First I
desire that my funeral expenses and all my other debts be first paid then.
Secondly I give and bequeath unto my son, Dillard P. Fike and to his heirs
and assigns forever the following described tract of land in the County of
Audrain and State of Missouri(to wit) the SE1/4. SWqr of Sec.25 in Twp. 51
and Range 6 West.also the NE1/4, NWqr in Sec.36 in Twp.51,and Range 6 and
the SW qr of Sec. 36 in Twp.51 and Range 6 containing in all 240 acres, and
also to the same I give and bequeath a negro boy named Johsna, who is about
16 years of age. Thirdly, My will and desire is that in the event my
wife(Mary Fike) should out live me, that she shall have the control, use
and profits of all my estate during her natural life: but in the event she
becomes incapable of manageing said estate or committing waste on said
estate, then my will and desire is that my executors take the estate under
their control, for her use and benefit: Fourthly: My will and desire is
that after my decease and the decease of my wife(Mary Fike) that my
executors shall sell at public sale all my real and personal property that
may belong to my estate. In addition to the real and personal property
herein described and bequeathed and after paying all my just debts and
funeral expenses of my self and wife, my will and desire is that the
proceeds of said sale be divided equal among all my bodily heirs or their
legal decendants after deducting the following amounts from the interest of
the following named heirs who have heretofore received the same by way of
advancement to wit: Haston Fike, deceased, has received by way of
advancement $748.74. Sara Ely, deceased, the wife of John Ely,deceased, has
received $669.90. Ausey H. Fike has received $1356.67. Nelson Fike has
received $1582.75. Dillard P. Fike has received $857.93. Robert S.W. Fike,
deceased, has received $937.69. Fifthly: I hereby appoint and constitute
Ausey H. Fike and Dillard P. Fike,executors of this my last will and
testament. In TestimonyWhereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this
____day of March A.D. 1858.

Attest. We attest the above and foregoing will by subscribing our names
here to as witnesses in the prescence of John Fike, the testator this 23rd
day of March A.D. 1858
                                          William Sox
                                          Samuel Sox

State Of Missouri
County of Audrain Be it remembered that on the 18th day of January 1861\
personally appeared before me the undersigned. Wm.J. Duncan, Clerk of the
County Court of the County and Sate aforesaid, William Sox and Samuel Sox
the subscribing witnesses to the annexed Will of John Fike, and being by me
first duly sworn depose and say that the said John Fike, the testator
,subscribed the same in their presence and published the said will or
instrument of writing as his last will. That the said testator was at the
time of publishing his said will, of sound mind and more thatn twenty one
years of age and that they the said deponents attested the said will as
witnesses there to by subscribing their names to the same in the presence
of said testator.
                                          William Sox
                                          Samuel Sox

More About JOHN FIKE:
Census: 1850, #451 Ralls Co., MO

  Notes for MARY ROE:
I descend from John Roe (1715-1799 Chatham Co., NC) & Mary ? , through their son John b. 1749-59 probably in Orange Co. & his dtr Mary b. 8 Aug 1781 Chatham Co., NC who m. John Fike, Jr & moved to Ralls Co., MO c1819.
As I remember, Solomon is on some of the same records & land adjoined John b. c1715. I have catagorized as son of John b. c1715.
The John Roe in records in Edgecombe/Granville appears to be another. Records of our John are in Orange/Chatham.
John b. c1715, will names granddaughter Mary Roe. Witnessed by John Fike.

More About JOHN FIKE and MARY ROE:
Marriage: 10 Jan 1800, Chatham Co., NC
Children of JOHN FIKE and MARY ROE are:
  63 i.   SARAH (SALLY) E. FIKE, born 20 Oct 1800 in Raleigh, NC; died 20 Jan 1852 in Ralls Co, MO; married JOHN J. ELY 13 Feb 1823.
  ii.   Hasten Fike, born 05 Dec 1802; died Unknown; married Polly Simpson 01 Nov 1838 in Ralls Co, MO; died Unknown.
  More About Hasten Fike and Polly Simpson:
Marriage: 01 Nov 1838, Ralls Co, MO

  iii.   Elizabeth J. Fike, born 08 Mar 1806; died Unknown.
  iv.   Auzey Hamilton Fike, born 07 Feb 1810; died Unknown; married (1) Mary Thompson; died Unknown; married (2) Mary Tipton; died Unknown.
  v.   Dilliard P. Fike, born 19 Oct 1820; died Unknown; married Ann Scott- McConnell; died Unknown.
  vi.   Martha A. Fike, born Abt. 1822; died Unknown; married William Powell 22 Feb 1854 in Audrain Co., MO; died Unknown.
  More About William Powell and Martha Fike:
Marriage: 22 Feb 1854, Audrain Co., MO

  vii.   Nelson Fike, born Abt. 1823; died Unknown; married Mary J. Hughes; died Unknown.
  viii.   Robert S. W. Fike, born 12 Mar 1824; died 21 Sep 1850 in Killed by Lightning; married Meke Helms 27 Jun 1839 in Ralls Co, MO; died Unknown.
  More About Robert Fike and Meke Helms:
Marriage: 27 Jun 1839, Ralls Co, MO

  ix.   Lucy Fike, died Unknown; married Caleb Martin; died Unknown.

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