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Ancestors of Alfonsus Bernardus Santen

Generation No. 8

      128. Joan Santen, born Abt. 1716 in Brual, Germany; died 20-dec-1765 in Brual, Germany. He was the son of 256. Hermanus Santen and 257. Gebbina. He married 129. Thalia Feckers 13-nov-1736 in Brual, Germany.

      129. Thalia Feckers, born Abt. 1718; died Aft. 7-jan-1756. She was the daughter of 258. ? Feckers and 259. Helena.
Children of Joan Santen and Thalia Feckers are:
  i.   Hermannus Santen, born 10-sep-1737 in Brual, Germany; died Aft. 1795; married Gertrudis Bosen 5-feb-1771 in Brual, Germany; born Bet. 1750 - 1753; died Aft. 19-aug-1795.
  ii.   Margaretha Santen, born 29-nov-1739 in Brual, Germany; died Aft. 1794.
  iii.   Johannes Santen, born 16-jan-1741 in Brual, Germany; died Aft. 1788; married Elisabeth Dayen 7-feb-1769 in Brual, Germany; born Bet. 1744 - 1751; died Aft. 21-sep-1789.
  iv.   Gerhardus Santen, born 21-okt-1743 in Brual, Germany; died Bef. 1750.
  v.   Bernardus Santen, born 4-okt-1746 in Brual, Germany; died 11-mei-1805 in Brual, Germany; married Anna Adelheid Hüsen 10-feb-1784 in Brual, Germany; born Bef. 1769; died Aft. 16-aug-1794.
  64 vi.   Joan Rudolf Santen, born 4-feb-1750 in Brual, Germany; died 30-jul-1800 in Beverwijk; married Dorothea Groentjes 5-feb-1786 in Beverwijk.
  vii.   Sivert Santen, born 12-mrt-1753 in Brual, Germany; died 28-jul-1817 in Dörpen aan de Eems, Germany; married Gesina Maria Meyer 14-jun-1785 in Dörpen aan de Eems; born 8-apr-1754 in Dörpen aan de Eems, Germany; died 26-jun-1835 in Dörpen aan de Eems, Germany.
  viii.   Hermannus Santen, born 7-jan-1756 in Brual, Germany.

      130. Stephanus Gruntjes, born 1718 in Weeze. He was the son of 260. Joannes Gruntjens and 261. Margaretha Meusen. He married 131. Theodora Meegeren Bef. 1745.

      131. Theodora Meegeren, born Bet. 1720 - 1727.
Children of Stephanus Gruntjes and Theodora Meegeren are:
  i.   Joannes Gruntjes, born 1745 in Kervenheim, Germany.
  ii.   Anna Margaritha Gruntjes, born 1747 in Kervenheim, Germany.
  iii.   Barbara Gruntjes, born 1749 in Kervenheim, Germany.
  iv.   Joannes Henricus Gruntjes, born 1751 in Kervenheim, Germany.
  v.   Joannes Henricus Gruntjes, born 1753 in Kervenheim, Germany.
  vi.   Joannes Wilhelmus Gruntjens, born 1756 in Kervenheim, Germany.
  65 vii.   Dorothea Groentjes, born 23-dec-1758 in Kervenheim, Germany; died 18-feb-1802 in Beverwijk; married Joan Rudolf Santen 5-feb-1786 in Beverwijk.
  viii.   Wilhelmus Gruntjes, born 1762 in Kervenheim, Germany.
  ix.   Maria Gruntjes, born 1765 in Kervenheim, Germany.

      136. Arent Jans Smit, born Bef. 1720. He was the son of 272. Jan Smit. He married 137. Jantien Andres.

      137. Jantien Andres, born Bef. 1720. She was the daughter of 274. Andres.
Children of Arent Smit and Jantien Andres are:
  i.   Geesjen Delphina Smit, born Abt. 5-mrt-1738.
  ii.   Ritske Smit, born Abt. 25-sep-1740.
  iii.   Jacob Smit, born Abt. 3-nov-1742.
  iv.   Gesien Smit, born Abt. 22-feb-1745.
  v.   Reinsgen Smit, born Abt. 2-jan-1746.
  vi.   Jan Smit, born Abt. 21-mei-1747.
  vii.   Hiltie Arents Smit, born Abt. 1751; died 27-dec-1826 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married <Unnamed>; died Bef. 1826.
  viii.   Vroucken Smit, born Abt. 27-sep-1752.
  ix.   Harmen Arents Smit, born Abt. 1754; died 28-jun-1823 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married <Unnamed>; died Aft. 1823.
  68 x.   Jan Arents Smit, born Bef. 1770 in Blesdijk, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf; died Bef. 1817; married Catharina Jans 1-jun-1788.

      138. Jan, born Bef. 1752.
Children of Jan are:
  69 i.   Catharina Jans, born Bef. 1770; died Bet. 1817 - 1826; married Jan Arents Smit 1-jun-1788.
  ii.   Vroukje Jans, born Bef. 1782.

      140. Mintje Pieters Vos, born Abt. 1736 in Follega; died 4-okt-1775 in Oldemarkt, Overijssel. He was the son of 280. Pieter Vos. He married 141. Annigje Johannes de Vries 21-apr-1766 in Follega.

      141. Annigje Johannes de Vries, born Abt. 1738; died 9-feb-1802 in Peperga, Weststellingwerf, Friesland.
Children of Mintje Vos and Annigje Vries are:
  70 i.   Johannes Meintes Vos, born 26-feb-1767 in Follega; died 17-feb-1863 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married (1) Klaasje Eijsen Holstra 26-jan-1802 in RK Steggerda, Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married (2) Trijntjen Dirks Schutten 15-nov-1815 in Weststellingwerf.
  ii.   Aafje Mintjes Vos, born Bef. 1790; died Aft. 1808.
  iii.   Nolke Mintjes Vos, born Abt. 1786; died 11-dec-1836 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married Lumminasam Egberts Drost 24-feb-1814 in Weststellingwerf; born Bef. 1796.
  iv.   Marten Mintjes Vos, born 1781 in Oldemarkt, Overijssel; died 13-apr-1860 in Paasloo, Oldemarkt, Overijssel; married Anna Maria Geuting 23-dec-1822 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; born 1796 in Loon; died 14-jan-1850 in Paasloo, Oldemarkt, Overijssel.

      142. Eisebius (Eise) Thijssen Holstra, born Abt. 27-feb-1739 in Kuinre; died 4-nov-1822 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland. He was the son of 284. Thijs Alerts Holstra and 285. Fardo Hendricks. He married 143. Altjen Gerrits Kroon 6-nov-1774.

      143. Altjen Gerrits Kroon, born 22-nov-1749 in Zuidveen; died 8-nov-1813 in Blesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf. She was the daughter of 286. Gerrit.
Children of Eisebius Holstra and Altjen Kroon are:
  i.   Matthias Eysen Holstra, born Abt. 5-dec-1775 in Blesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf; died 25-jan-1844 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married (1) Geesjen Petri ten Kampe 7-mei-1813 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; born Bef. 1795; married (2) Hendrikje Gerrits Leegveld 2-aug-1825 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; born Bef. 1807.
  ii.   Gerrit Eisen Holstra, born Abt. 28-jul-1777 in Blesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf; died 3-nov-1861 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married Anna Jans Molenboer 9-jun-1813 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; born Bef. 1795.
  71 iii.   Klaasje Eijsen Holstra, born Abt. 22-mrt-1779 in Blesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf; died 31-aug-1814 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married Johannes Meintes Vos 26-jan-1802 in RK Steggerda, Weststellingwerf, Friesland.
  iv.   Beerend Holstra, born Abt. 19-jul-1783 in Blesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf; died Aft. 1812.
  v.   Vardo (Farduw) Holstra, born Abt. 3-dec-1785 in BLesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf; died Aft. 1804.
  vi.   Anna Holstra, born Abt. 13-mei-1788 in Blesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf.
  vii.   Anna Holstra, born Abt. 13-jul-1791 in Blesdijke, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf.

      144. Jurjen Jans Bos, born Bef. 1726; died Aft. 1775. He was the son of 288. Jan Bos. He married 145. Ida Luijtjes 13-nov-1760.

      145. Ida Luijtjes, born Bet. 1730 - 1742; died Aft. 1775. She was the daughter of 290. Luite.
Children of Jurjen Bos and Ida Luijtjes are:
  i.   Anna Jurjens Bos, born Abt. 30-aug-1761.
  ii.   Hendrickje Jurriens Bos, born Abt. 4-jan-1763; died Aft. aug-1803.
  iii.   Grietje Jurjens Bos, born Abt. 25-jan-1765; died 5-nov-1834 in AEngwirden, Friesland; married <Unnamed>; died Bef. 1834.
  iv.   Hendrick Jurjens Bos, born Bet. 6-aug - 20-nov-1767; died 11-apr-1818 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married <Unnamed>; born Bef. 1780; died Bet. 1811 - 1818.
  72 v.   Ludovicus (Luite) Jurjens Bos, born 14-nov-1770 in Sonnega, Weststellingwerf, Friesland; died 28-aug-1826 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married (1) Jantje Peters 24-apr-1796; married (2) Tjetske Joannes 14-sep-1802 in Sonnega, Weststellingwerf, Friesland.
  vi.   Harmen Jurjens Bos, born Abt. 23-okt-1773; died 22-apr-1820 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland; married <Unnamed>; born Bef. 1781; died Aft. 1820.
  vii.   Paulus Jurjens Bos, born Abt. 11-okt-1775.

      146. Peter, born Bef. 1760.
Children of Peter are:
  73 i.   Jantje Peters, born Bef. 1778; died Bet. 1801 - 1802; married Ludovicus (Luite) Jurjens Bos 24-apr-1796.
  ii.   Femmigje Peters, born Bef. 1783.

      148. Goossen Westerkamp, born Bef. 1750.
Children of Goossen Westerkamp are:
  74 i.   Jan Gosens Westerkamp, born Bef. 1768 in Steenwijkerwold, Overijssel; died Bef. 1818; married Jantje Jans 23-apr-1786.
  ii.   Sym Goossens Westerkamp, born Bef. 1771.
  iii.   Hendrikje Goossens Westerkamp, born Bef. 1779.

      150. Jan, born Bef. 1750.
Children of Jan are:
  75 i.   Jantje Jans, born Bef. 1768; died Aft. 1818; married Jan Gosens Westerkamp 23-apr-1786.
  ii.   Tjeerdtje Jans, born Bef. 1775.

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