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Descendants of William Chenoweth

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN CHENOWETH2 SR. (WILLIAM1 CHENOWETH) was born 1682 in St. Martens, Menage, Cornwall Co., Wales, and died May 06, 1746 in Fredrerick Co., VA. He married MARY CALVERT 1705 in St. Martins, in Menage, Cornwall, Wales, daughter of John Calvert and Judith Stamper.

He was a blacksmith and a surveyor. He settled on Gunpowder River near Joppa
in Baltimore Co., MD in 1700. See page 147 in "Two Centries of Elizabethtown
and Hardin Co., KY, 1776-1976"; pages 178 & 86 in "Colonial Families of the US";
page 348 in "Genealogies of Virginia Families", Vol. 1.

Ref: "Genealogy and Chart of the Chenoweth and Cromwell Families of Maryland and
Virginia", by Alex Crawford Chenoweth, 1894, copy in New York Genealogical and
Biographical Sociey Library: He had sons Arthur, Sr., Richard, 2 daughters,
one married Cecil and other married Dorsey.

Moved to Frederick Co., VA before 1746.

From "History of the Chenoweth Family" by Cora Chenoweth Hiatt, 1925: "There is
dispute as to which of two brothers, William or John, was the father of our
John. The genealogist, Dwelly, thinks William was the father, but he has no
proof. The Washingtons of America claim that John was related to them on his
mother's side of the house, Lanner, Lannier or Lanier (different spellings),
who was the wife of John, of the Visitation, who was born April 2, 1663, at St.
Martins in Meneage, and whose daughters heired his borother Anthony's estate,
Anthony having no isue. The Visitation gives only the three daughters, who
heired their uncle's estate, as the children of John and Lannier; for in those
days only sons heired their father's estate, and this may have been the reason
why Anthony made his nieces heiresses of his estate.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that Lanier Washington of New York City is
said to be the last direct, living descendant of George Washington, who claims
this relationship, and as we see bears the name Lanier.
John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert, daughter of Charles Calvert, third Lord
Baltimore, were married about 1705, at the time when the religious strife of
England was an issue. This may have been the reason no record of their
marriage can be found in England or in America, for if a priest performed the
cerimony, which is most likely, he would not have made a record of it, John
being a Protestant and Mary a Catholic. Also this may account for the lack of
parish records of the births of their children, as we have no Bible records.
It is generally supposed that John and Mary were married in England and
came to America about the time of her father, Charles Calvert's death, in 1715.
This brings us back to Mary Calvert and her father, who was married four times
and as the historian, John P. Morris, author of "The Lords Baltimore" says:
"There is no complete biography of any one of them." It is not known just how
many children Charles had by his four wives. His first wife was a Darnell;
second, ane Lowe Sewall, widow of Hon. Henry Sewall; third, Mary Banks, widow,
and fourth, Margaret Charleston, who survived him. He died at the age of
eighty-five. Buried at Panoras, near London.
As to the children of Charles Calvert, we know very little. From the
Indiana State Library we received this answer to our query: Charles Calvert
and Jane Lowe Sewall only had one daughter, Anne, who married Philip Calvert, a
cousin of her father. While the genealogist, Robert F. Hayes, Jr., of
Baltimore, sent in names of four children: Benedict Leonard, fourth Lord
Baltimore, Cecil, eldest son, who died young, Jane and Anne. Thus we learn how
the historians disagree about the children of Charles Calvert, and we leave it
thus, for it is not for us to settle. This brings us to our Mary Calvert, who
it is generally believed, was the daughter of Mary Banks, third wife of Charles
Calvert, for to be born from 1680 to 1685 would make her near the age of our
John, whom she married in 1705, at the age of twenty to twenty-five years."
More followed, relating to their residing on Gunpowder iver, near Joppa,
Baltimore County, MD on what became known as Chenoweth Manor. Johnwas a
skilled blacksmith and apeared to be a man of substantial means.

In "History of the Chenoweth Family", by Capt. William H. Cobb, 1922, affirms
that John Chenoweth came from Wales to Baltimore, that he had two sons named
Richard and Arthur, but no mention of the other children. He suggests further
reading, an article by Dr. Arthur L. Kieth of Minnesota, entitled "The
Chenoweth Faily" from Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine,
a Virginia historical publication devoted to genealogy.

Dr. Arthur L. Kieth in "The Chenoweth Family" , 1922, says that John Chenoweth
did not marry into Lord Baltimore's family. Who is right?

From "The General Armory of England, Scotlan, Ireland and Wales", by
Sir Bernard Burke, 1883, page 189:
"CHENOUTH (descendended from John TREVELISICK,
co. Cornwall, who gave to his youngest son, John, a piece of land, whereupon he
built a new house called in Cornish language Chinoweth, whose descendants were
always called CHINOUTH, the elder line afterwards failed, and their lands came
to this younger branch, who still continued their adopted surname. Visit. 1620)
Sa on fess or, three Cornish choughs' heads ppr."

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Winter 1990, Vol. 31, #1,Page 86 states
"it may be safe to say that John Chenoweth may have been a Quaker". He
associated with known Quakers.

Don Page, on Prodigy, gave John's wife's name as Jane Leonard.

       Children of John Sr. and Mary Calvert are:

5. i.   JOHN3 CHENOWETH, b. 1706, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 1770-1771, Frederick Co., VA.
6. ii.   MARY CHENOWETH, b. 1708, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Aft 1746.
7. iii.   RICHARD CHENOWETH, b. 1710, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; d. December 12, 1781, Baltimore Co., MD.
8. iv.   HANNAH CHENOWETH, b. 1713, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 1758.
9. v.   ARTHUR CHENOWETH, b. 1716, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; d. March 14, 1802, Baltimore Co., MD.
10. vi.   WILLIAM CHENOWETH, b. 1718, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Bef December 20, 1785, Berkeley Co., VA.
11. vii.   THOMAS CHENOWETH, b. 1720, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Abt 1787, Maryland.
  viii.   RUTH CHENOWETH, b. 1722, near Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD; m. JOHN PETITT.

He was from Cubert, Cornwall, England.

       Children of Richard Chynoweth and Unknown are:

  i.   JOHN3 CHYNOWETH, d. Bef 1715.
  ii.   ANN CHYNOWETH, d. Bef March 1717/18.
12. v.   SAMPSON CHYNOWETH, b. Abt 1692.
  vi.   RICHARD CHYNOWETH, b. Abt 1720; m. ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, February 02, 1743/44, Cubert, Cornwall, England.
4. BENNETT2 CHYNOWETH (WILLIAM1 CHENOWETH) was born Abt 1740. He married JANE GOLDSWORTHY April 14, 1765 in St. Agnes, near Truro, Cornwall, England.

He was from St. Agnes (near Truro), Cornwall, England.

       Children of Bennett Chynoweth and Jane Goldsworthy are:

  ix.   MICHAEL CHYNOWETH, m. TEMPERANCE GERRY, March 22, 1790, St. Agnes, near Truro, Cornwall, England.

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