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Ancestors of William Henry Scanlan

Generation No. 42

      3368449900800. Arnold, Saint Arnuf Of Metz, born August 13, 582 in Heristal, Liege, BELGIUM; died August 16, 640 in Unknown. He was the son of 6736899801600. Arnoldus, Of Saxony and 6736899801601. Dode (Oda), Of Heristal. He married 3368449900801. Oda De Savoy Abt. 606 in Unknown.

      3368449900801. Oda De Savoy, born Abt. 586 in , , OLD SAXONY; died Aft. 615 in Unknown.

Notes for Arnold, Saint Arnuf Of Metz:
@Arnulf of Metz
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arnulf of Metz (August 13, 582 – August 16, 640) was a Frankish noble who had great influence in the Merovingian kingdoms as a bishop and was later canonized as a saint. He is also known by his Anglicized name, Arnold.
Arnulf gave distinguished service at the Austrasian court under Theudebert II (595-612). About 611 he was made bishop of Metz. In 613, Arnulf and Pippin of Landen, whose daughter Begga, had married Arnulf's son Ansegisel, led the opposition of Frankish nobles to Queen Brunhilda of Austrasia. The revolt led to her overthrow, torture, and eventual execution, and the subsequent reunification of Frankish lands under Clotaire II, the dowager queen's nephew. Though Arnulf wanted to retreat to the Vosges mountains as a hermit, he was persuaded to stay and became the bishop of Metz.
From 623 (with Pippin of Landen, then the Mayor of the Palace), Arnulf was an adviser to Dagobert I. With his friend Romaric, he retired in 627 to a mountain site in the Vosges, to implement his lifelong resolution to become a hermit.
Before he was consecrated, he had two sons by his wife Doda: Ansegisel and Chlodulf. Ansegisel married Pippin's daughter Begga, and their child was Pippin the Middle, one of Charlemagne's great-grandfathers. Chlodulf, like his father, became bishop of Metz. The existence of third son called Martin is considered dubious.
Arnulf was canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church and is known as the patron saint of brewing. His feast day is either July 18 or August 16. In iconography, he is portrayed with a rake in his hand. He is often confused in legend with Arnold of Soissons, who is another patron saint of brewing.
Uncertain ancestry
While Arnulf is recognised as one of the earliest documented ancestors of Charlemagne and thereby of most modern European royal families, Arnulf's own parentage is both uncertain and undocumented. Some have claimed that Arnulf's father was Arnoldus (c.535–600), and that his mother was Ada of Swabia. Others, professing to quote Frankish legends, make Arnulf the son of Bodigisel. Still others have claimed that Arnulf's mother was Bertha, Princess of Paris (539–640).
Arnulf's more distant descent from a 4th-century "Mellobaude" may be a genealogical fantasy to flatter the Carolingians:
Mellobaude (320-376)
Richemir (350-384) married Ascyla (d.352)
Theodemir Magnus (370-414) married Valentina Justina (d.414)
Clovis the Ripuarian (398-448) married Ildegonde de Cologne (399-450)
Childebert of Cologne (430-483) married Amalaberge (435-478)
Siegbert the Lame (d.509)
Cloderic of Cologne (477-509) married Parricide
Munderic (500-532) married Arthenia (500)
Bodegisel I married Palatina
Bodegisel II (d.588) married Oda of Suevian
Arnulf (582-641) married Dode (586-612)
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Catholic Encyclopedia 1908 "St. Arnulf of Metz"
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More About Arnold, Saint Arnuf Of Metz:
Burial: August 640, Metz, AUSTRASIA

More About Oda De Savoy:
Burial: Unknown
Children of Arnold and Oda De Savoy are:
  i.   Martin Ansigisen
  1684224950400 ii.   Anchises Ansigisen, born Abt. 607 in , , Austrasia, FRANCE; died 685 in (Andene Monastery); married Doda Saint Beggue, Of Landen in Unknown.
  iii.   Clodulphe (St Clodulphe), Bishop Of Metz, born Abt. 615 in , Austrasia, FRANCE; died in Metz, Austrasia, FRANCE.
  More About Clodulphe (St Clodulphe), Bishop Of Metz:
Burial: Metz, Austrasia, FRANCE

      3368449900802. Pepin I, The Elder, born 564 in Landen, Liege, BELGIUM; died 639 in Unknown. He married 3368449900803. Itte (Itta), Of Landen in Unknown.

      3368449900803. Itte (Itta), Of Landen, born Abt. 591 in Landen, Liege, BELGIUM; died 652 in Unknown. She was the daughter of 6736899801600. Arnoldus, Of Saxony and 6736899801601. Dode (Oda), Of Heristal.

Notes for Pepin I, The Elder:
~Pepin the Elder (circa 580-639), founder of the Carolingian dynasty. A noble of the Frankish kingdom of Austrasia, Pepin, also known as Pepin of Landen, joined with Arnulf, bishop of Metz, in the struggle to overthrow Brunhild, queen of Austrasia, in 613, and subsequently governed the kingdom as mayor of the palace for Brunhild's successor, Clotaire II. Pepin's descendants remained dominant in Austrasia, and in the following century displaced the Merovingians as the royal house of the Franks.
~"Pepin the Elder," Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 99. © 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

More About Pepin I, The Elder:
Burial: 639, Unknown

More About Itte (Itta), Of Landen:
Burial: Unknown
Children of Pepin and Itte are:
  1684224950401 i.   Doda Saint Beggue, Of Landen, born Abt. 613 in Landen, Liege, BELGIUM; died 698 in Unknown; married Anchises Ansigisen in Unknown.
  ii.   Grimoald de Landen, born Abt. 620 in Aachen, Rhineland, PRUSSIA; died Deceased in Unknown.
  More About Grimoald de Landen:
Burial: Unknown

  iii.   Gertrude de Landen, born Abt. 626 in Landen, Liege, BELGIUM; died March 17, 658/59 in Unknown.
  More About Gertrude de Landen:
Burial: March 658/59, Unknown

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