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Ancestors of Lloyd Merle Dunnington

Generation No. 7

      64. William Dunnington, born 1713 in Charles County, WVA; died 1802 in Charles County, WVA. He was the son of 128. Francis Dunnington and 129. Margaret Beck.
Children of William Dunnington are:
  i.   Elizabeth Dunnington
  32 ii.   Peter Dunnington, born 1737 in Charles Co., MD; died 1810 in Charles Co., MD; married Sarah Monroe.
  iii.   William W. Dunnington, born April 13, 1740.
  iv.   Mary Dunnington, born 1745.
  v.   Francis Dunnington, born 1746.
  vi.   Elijah Dunnington, born 1748.

      68. Banjamin Maddox, born 1693 in Charles Co., MD; died Bef. August 23, 1770 in Charles Co., MD. He was the son of 136. Cornelius Maddox and 137. Mary Smallwood. He married 69. Francis Wheeler.

      69. Francis Wheeler
Child of Banjamin Maddox and Francis Wheeler is:
  34 i.   Ignatius Maddox, died 1777 in Charles Co., MD; married Sarah Gray.

      70. Samuel Gray He married 71. Jane Payne.

      71. Jane Payne
Child of Samuel Gray and Jane Payne is:
  35 i.   Sarah Gray, married Ignatius Maddox.

      112. George Whitecotton, born Abt. 1729 in Stafford Co, VA. He was the son of 224. George Whitecotton and 225. Bridget M.. He married 113. Mary Harris.

      113. Mary Harris, born January 20, 1730 in Henrico Co, VA.
Children of George Whitecotton and Mary Harris are:
  i.   Moses Whitecotton
  ii.   James Whitecotton, born March 14, 1750 in Stafford Co, VA; died in Marion County, KY; married Ruth Newton Hudspeth Abt. 1770.
  Notes for James Whitecotton:
James was a Private in the Revolutionary War on the Continental Line, VA. He was also a Pensioner.

  iii.   George Whitecotton, born Abt. 1763.
  56 iv.   Harris Whitecotton, born Abt. 1769; died Abt. 1803 in VA; married Margaret Shumate May 04, 1790.
  v.   Nancy Whitecotton, born Abt. 1770.

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