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Descendants of Sleeper

Generation No. 5

12. DAVID5 SLEEPER (MOSES4, ARON3, THOMAS2, SLEEPER1) was born November 18, 1721 in Kingston, Rockingham Co, NH, and died October 18, 1780 in Sandown, Rockingham Co, NH. He married (1) MARGARET SCRIBNER November 24, 1743 in Kingstown, Rockingham Co, NH, daughter of SAMUEL SCRIBNER and ANNA TAYLOR. He married (2) RUTH JAMES March 31, 1752 in Kingston, Rockingham,NH.

Information on this family provided by : WFT archives

"David, son of Moses & Margaret (Sanborn) Sleeper, was born Nov 16, 1721 in Kingston and settled immediately after his marriage in Sandown, NH.
Birth B#7540080-0
He cleared and imroved a good farm in Sandown and through industry and thrift, accumulated what was considered at that early date a handsome fortune which he distributed among his children as they bagan life for themselves. He was prominently identified with the early civic affairs of Sandown, and also with the Baptist Church of which he was one of the leading supporters. As commander of the local militia company he hastily assembled his command on hearing the news of the battle of Lexington and marching to Boston reported for duty in defense of national independence. He was untiring in his efforts to perfect the moral training of his children, al of whom inherited his honesty, integrity and other conmmendable virtues, and in addition to providing them with a goodly share of the goods of this world, he left them the honorable record of having lived an upright and conscientious life. He died in Sandown, Oct 18, 1780. His first wife, whom he married Nov 24, 1743 was Margaret Scribner, and his second wife was Ruth Jenness, who was born March 29, 1735 and died July 6, 1823. Of his first union there were 4 children and his second wife bore him 16 children. Six of his sons and 2 of his daughters settled in Bristol, NH: namely: Gideon,Peter, Moses, Hohn, Daniel, Samuel, Mary (who married Theophilus Sanborn) and Ruth (who married James Ingalls). Some of his children settled in Vermont, others went to Maine and Canada and one located in Plymouth NH.

SOURCE: "Sleeper Family Trails 1616-1994" by Glenn E Pribbeno
"David was born in Kingston and settled on Sandown where he died at 59 years of age. He married Margaret Scribner in 1743 of whom were born 3 children. After she died, he married a second time to Ruth James who was from Vershire, VT of whom 16 children were born.
David was a virtuous and energetic farmer; as a citized he was highly respected, and as an officer in ther army, bold and enterprising. When the news of the Battle of Lexington arrived, he invited his company of militia, and the cavalry to arms, and immediately reported to Boston to defend his country. His firm and unshaken government over his family, and his established principle in educating them in virtuous and useful habits, perhaps was not surpassed by any of this time. As a member of the Baptist Church, He was highly respected and useful. He was attentive to the calls of his children and imparted to them of his abundance when about tosettle down in life. As a town officer, he was ever attentive to the discharge of his official duties. In life, he was honored and in death lamented. His family was often afflicted with disease and accident though he himself was generally healthy.
His farm was entirely uncultivated when he commenced developing it at Sandown yet he ammased a large fortune. He was taken with a nervous complaint some time before his death, he resorted to a salt water treatment but to no effect; medical aid was not available. His disorder seized upon his vitals, and terminated his useful life in the midst of prosperity. Some time before his death he was taken with a nervous headache which deprived him of sound reasoning."

SOURCE: WFT 6-3860
After the death of his first wife, he married Ruth James who was born Mar 19, 1736 in NH and died Jul 6, 1823 in Vershire, VT. David had 3 children by his first wife and 16 by his second for a total of 19 children.
From "Leneag Book" National Society of DAR vol XLVIII p. 175: David Sleeper served as private in Capt Edward Everett's company, COl Timothy Bedell's New Hampshire Regiment
Vol XLVIII p 340, David Sleeper and his 2 sons fought at Bunker Hill where one son was mortally wounded."

ALTERNATE DOB Jan 16, 1721

LDS Computer files list the following submitters for this person:
All contacted 4/15/98 and sent ancestral sheet for margaret and request for sharing information.
       Gordon Lee Carlson
1516 Marilyn Circle, Boise, ID 83705
       Marjorie P Locke
        7244 East Princeton Drive, Tucson, AZ 85710
       James W McElwee
        1420 East 2nd, Odessa, TX 799761
       Mr. Elmer C Sanborn
        7031 Leawood St, Kalamazoo, MI 49002

Notes for RUTH JAMES:
Alternate family name Jenness

Marriage Notes for DAVID SLEEPER and RUTH JAMES:
SOURCE: "Genealogy of the Family of Samborne or Sanborn in England & America 1194-1896 by VC Sanborn 1899. Higginson Book Co, Salem, MA LDS file 0599237

14. i.   GIDEON6 SLEEPER, b. July 25, 1744, Sandown,Rockingham CO, NH; d. February 27, 1829, Alexandria, NH.

  ii.   DAVID SLEEPER, b. September 08, 1748, Sandown, Rockingham Co, NH; m. RACHEL TILTON.

15. iii.   PETER SLEEPER, b. May 23, 1749, Sandown, Rockingham Co, NH; d. September 11, 1826, Bristol, NH.
Children of DAVID SLEEPER and RUTH JAMES are:

  iv.   EDMOND6 SLEEPER, b. March 17, 1753, NH; d. June 10, 1838; m. (1) LYDIA COLBY; m. (2) ELIZABETH WORTHEN.

  v.   NATHAN SLEEPER, b. April 12, 1754, NH; d. September 11, 1775.

  vi.   MOSES SLEEPER, b. September 04, 1755, NH; d. May 14, 1838; m. BETTY COLBY.

  vii.   MARGARET SLEEPER, b. February 05, 1757, NH; d. January 13, 1777.

  viii.   MARY SLEEPER, b. September 22, 1758, nh; m. THEOPHILUS SANBORN.

  ix.   JOHN SLEEPER, b. April 15, 1760, NH; d. February 04, 1818; m. ELIZABETH TILTON, May 09, 1785, NH.

16. x.   DANIEL SLEEPER, b. February 22, 1762, Sandown, Rockingham Co, NH; d. February 28, 1838, NH.

  xi.   SAMUEL SLEEPER, b. February 14, 1764, nh; d. January 23, 1837; m. ELIZABEHT SANBORN.

  xii.   DAVID SLEEPER, b. November 23, 1765.

  xiii.   JETHRO SLEEPER, b. September 18, 1767, NH; d. October 04, 1843.

  xiv.   JONATHAN SLEEPER, b. February 06, 1769, NH; d. November 20, 1775.

  xv.   BENJAMIN SLEEPER, b. January 17, 1771, SANdown, Rockingham Co, NH; d. April 07, 1838, Quebec, CANADA; m. (1) BETSY HILL; m. (2) ANNA HARRIMAN.

17. xvi.   JOSIAH SLEEPER, b. July 14, 1772, NH; d. April 22, 1835.

  xvii.   RUTH SLEEPER, b. March 04, 1774, NH; m. JAMES INGALLS.

  xviii.   NATHAN SLEEPER, b. August 13, 1777, NH.

  xix.   JONATHAN SLEEPER, b. August 08, 1780, NH; d. May 29, 1805.
13. RICHARD5 SLEEPER (MOSES4, ARON3, THOMAS2, SLEEPER1) was born April 17, 1738 in kingston, Rockingham Co, NH, and died Abt. 1813. He married MARTHA FIFIELD April 22, 1762.

  i.   ELIZABETH6 SLEEPER, b. February 15, 1763.

  ii.   MIRIAM SLEEPER, b. December 12, 1764.

18. iii.   JONATHAN FIFIELD SLEEPER, b. June 01, 1767, Hampton Falls, NH; d. December 08, 1805.

  iv.   DOLLEY OR DOROTHY SLEEPER, b. November 25, 1769, Hampton Falls, NH; m. BENJAMIN BATCHELDER, April 17, 1787.

  v.   MARTHA SLEEPER, b. May 16, 1772, Hampton Falls, NH; d. 1850, Hampton Falls, NH; m. JACOB ELLIOT.

  vi.   LEVI SLEEPER, b. April 22, 1777, Hampton Falls, NH.

  vii.   MOLLY SLEEPER, b. October 19, 1781, Hampton Falls, NH; m. ROBERT CALFE.

  viii.   SHERBURNE SLEEPER, b. May 04, 1784, Hampton Falls, NH.

  ix.   RICHARD SLEEPER, b. August 31, 1786, Hampton Falls, NH.

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