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Descendants of Jan Pereboom

      95. Chester John5 Vosburg,Jr (Anna4 Pereboom, John3, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born December 30, 1924 in Long Beach CA. He married (1) Margaret Elaine Burckle October 06, 1946. She was born December 26, 1924, and died May 03, 1979. He married (2) Bertie Deel Aft. 1979. He married (3) Mary Jane Simpson Unknown.
Children of Chester Vosburg and Margaret Burckle are:
  242 i.   Kerry Reid6 Vosburg, born May 07, 1947 in Burbank, CA. He married Sarah Lee Feldman May 21, 1983 in North Hollywood, CA.
+ 243 ii.   Janet Beth Vosburg, born August 22, 1950 in Ridgecrest, CA.
+ 244 iii.   Joyce Elaine Vosburg, born April 26, 1953 in Ridgecrest, CA.

      96. Jacquelyn Jean5 Edwards (Margaret4 Pereboom, John3, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born June 16, 1930 in Sioux Falls, SD. She married Marcel Leon Salive August 18, 1956 in Ann Arbor, MI, son of Marcell Salive and Agnes Irwin. He was born July 14, 1934.
Children of Jacquelyn Edwards and Marcel Salive are:
+ 245 i.   Marcel Edward6 Salive, born June 08, 1960 in Bethesda, MD.
+ 246 ii.   Margaret Reine Salive, born June 02, 1962 in Washington, DC.
  247 iii.   Matthew Charles Salive, born February 19, 1965 in Washington, DC.

      98. John Warren5 Pereboom (Andrew Elmer4, John3, Wilhelm2, Jan1)8 was born April 29, 1936 in Hawarden, IA, and died August 01, 2000 in Lewiston, IL9,9. He married Judith Ann Woods10 July 08, 1962 in Maquoketa, Ia. She was born July 28, 1939 in Maquoketa, Ia.

Notes for John Warren Pereboom:
In reading the obits posted on the internet many funerals were conducted by John, SAH found these just by accident and then Jim Whitman also found them.
Children of John Pereboom and Judith Woods are:
+ 248 i.   Jane Elizabeth6 Pereboom, born February 07, 1964 in Winona, MN.
+ 249 ii.   Sarah Woods Pereboom, born October 05, 1965 in Winona, MN.
  250 iii.   John Matttew Pereboom10, born February 24, 1979 in Canton,IL.

      101. Viola Martha5 Siebels (Anna Sophia4 Renken, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born May 25, 1912 in Ireton,IA. She married George Herman Carl Abraham December 31, 1931 in Wentworth, SD, son of August Abraham and Helene Gehrels. He was born April 23, 1900 in Wentworth, SD, and died May 08, 1975 in Wentworth, SD.
Children of Viola Siebels and George Abraham are:
+ 251 i.   Marlene Ida6 Abraham, born December 29, 1932 in Wentworth, SD.
+ 252 ii.   Lenice Joan Abraham, born April 22, 1934 in Wentworth, SD.
+ 253 iii.   Milton John Abraham, born September 17, 1935 in Wentworth, SD.
+ 254 iv.   Lynn Charles Abraham, born November 18, 1936 in Wentworth, SD.
+ 255 v.   Lois Clare Abraham, born May 25, 1938 in Wentworth, SD.
+ 256 vi.   Carol Elaine Abraham, born August 06, 1939 in Wentworth, SD.

      103. Leona Kathrine5 Siebels (Anna Sophia4 Renken, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born September 11, 1922 in Ireton, IA, and died September 15, 1992 in St. Louis. MO. She married Harold Hiles.
Children of Leona Siebels and Harold Hiles are:
  257 i.   Mary6 Hiles.
  258 ii.   Dale John Hiles.
  259 iii.   Harold C. Hiles.

      104. Luella Mabel5 Peck (Catherina Wilhemia4 Renken, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born April 02, 1908 in Stirum, North Dakota, and died October 16, 1997 in Breckenridge, North Dakota. She married Robert James Lloyd October 20, 1927 in Lisbon, ND, son of James Lloyd and Pearl Watts. He was born September 23, 1908 in Robinson, KS.
Children of Luella Peck and Robert Lloyd are:
+ 260 i.   Donald Eugene6 Lloyd, born July 14, 1932 in Milnor, ND.
+ 261 ii.   Kathleen Pearl Lloyd, born November 21, 1942 in Fargo, ND.

      107. Inez Sevilla5 Helfrich (Lena Louise4 Renken, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born August 16, 1916 in Inwood, IA, and died March 20, 1961 in Seattle, WA. She married (1) Buell Kenneth Scherck July 25, 1936 in Harrison, NE, son of Benard Scherck and Burchell Clark. She married (2) Max Genser May 08, 1943 in Casper, WY, son of Benjamin Genser and Sarah Rosen. He was born 1912 in New York,NY.
Child of Inez Helfrich and Buell Scherck is:
+ 262 i.   Buell Gary6 Scherck, born September 20, 1939 in Casper, WY.

      111. Donald Laurie5 Renken (Johann4, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born August 23, 1921 in Chester,SD, and died November 25, 1990 in Whitefish,MT. He married (1) Darlene Newlon October 26, 1947 in Bridgewater, South Dakota. She died May 19, 1996 in Spokane,WA Scared Heart Hospital. He married (2) Shirley Weber-Kohlman August 17, 1973.
Children of Donald Renken and Darlene Newlon are:
  263 i.   Dixie Lynn6 Renken, born November 08, 1948 in Sioux Falls, SD.
+ 264 ii.   Del LeMar Renken, born October 12, 1949 in Sioux Falls, SD.
  265 iii.   Don Laurie Renken, born May 28, 1953 in Long Beach, CA.
+ 266 iv.   Dawn Loree Renken, born April 14, 1957 in Kalispell,MT.
  267 v.   Duane Lee Renken, born March 28, 1959 in San Diego, CA.
  268 vi.   Dan Luke Renken, born June 27, 1960 in Kalispell,Montana.

      112. Virginia Mae5 Renken (Johann4, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born December 23, 1922 in Sioux Falls,SD, and died June 10, 1991 in Sioux Falls, SD. She married (1) Kenneth D. Frank Abt. 1946. He was born Unknown. She married (2) Laverne William Pedigo July 25, 1952 in Sioux Falls, SD. He was born November 30, 1921 in Parker, SD, and died October 06, 1996 in Sioux Falls, SD.
Children of Virginia Renken and Kenneth Frank are:
+ 269 i.   Victoria Jo6 Frank, born October 01, 1947 in Sioux Falls, SD.
+ 270 ii.   Scott Gregory Frank, born December 07, 1950 in Sioux Falls, SD.
Children of Virginia Renken and Laverne Pedigo are:
+ 271 i.   Cynthia Gail6 Pedigo, born February 08, 1953 in Sioux Falls, SD.
+ 272 ii.   Kina Mauren Pedigo, born June 27, 1958 in Sioux Falls, SD.

      113. Daniel Dwayne5 Renken (Johann4, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born May 15, 1927 in Chester, SD, and died April 21, 1997 in Phoenix, AZ- VA Hospital. He married (1) Shirley Arlene Stowsand July 28, 1951 in Sioux Falls, SD. She was born Unknown, and died March 26, 1977 in Hartford, SD. He married (2) Helen M. Anderson March 08, 1986 in ?. She was born Unknown.
Children of Daniel Renken and Shirley Stowsand are:
+ 273 i.   Steffany Rae6 Renken, born August 04, 1949.
+ 274 ii.   Dana Todd Renken, born August 08, 1954.
+ 275 iii.   Tammy Jo Renken, born November 04, 1957 in Sioux Falls, SD.
  276 iv.   Tad Renken, born November 13, 1962 in Sioux Falls, SD. He married Debbie.

      114. Blanche5 Trieber (Martha4 Renken, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born August 22, 1914 in Hawarden IA. She married Adolf Nicholas Kass December 13, 1937 in Marysville, MO. He was born December 31, 1907 in Lennox, SD, and died December 08, 1980 in Highmore, SD.
Children of Blanche Trieber and Adolf Kass are:
  277 i.   William Joseph6 Kass, born September 01, 1942 in Dallas, TX. He married Ann Smolnisky September 23, 1963 in Tempe, AZ.
  Notes for William Joseph Kass:
Research Chemist with a PhD

  Notes for Ann Smolnisky:
William put her through Law School

  278 ii.   James Nicholas Kass, born December 19, 1948 in Pierre, SD. He married Kristi Bennett.
+ 279 iii.   Kent Eugene Kass, born January 06, 1953 in Miller, SD.

      115. Eileen5 Trieber (Martha4 Renken, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born July 20, 1920 in Hawarden,IA, and died May 12, 1996 in Scottsdale, AZ. She married George Daryl Webster Abt. 1938. He was born May 20, 1911, and died April 16, 1996 in Scottsdale, AZ.
Children of Eileen Trieber and George Webster are:
  280 i.   Dennis6 Webster, born Unknown.
  Notes for Dennis Webster:
Married about 4 times. One of his wives was murdered. She had 3 or 4 children.

  281 ii.   Jerry Webster, born Unknown.
  282 iii.   Rhonda Ray Webster, born Unknown.

      116. Glenn5 Trieber (Martha4 Renken, Dorthea Jacoba3 Pereboom, Wilhelm2, Jan1) was born January 30, 1926 in Hawarden IA. He married Adiline Dommer Unknown. She was born May 05, 1925 in Craig or Ireton, IA.

Notes for Glenn Trieber:
Lives in Iowa City, IA.
Children of Glenn Trieber and Adiline Dommer are:
  283 i.   Sharon6 Trieber, born Abt. 1943.
  284 ii.   Ricky Trieber, born Unknown.
  Notes for Ricky Trieber:
An Architect living in Iowa City, IA

  285 iii.   Patty Trieber, born Unknown.
  286 iv.   Danny Trieber, born Unknown.
  287 v.   Charles Trieber, born Unknown.

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