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* The Schlotfeldt Families, USA, Germany, Chile, S.Afr.,Aust.*

Updated October 27, 2014

Greetings, Hallo! from Fay Ernest and Janice "Jan" Schlotfeldt. We have gathered, and are still gathering, Family Tree information primarily on the SCHLOTFELDT Family of Schleswig Holstein Province, Germany. (Klein Flintbek, Kl. Barkau, and Kiel. Many also still live in the Hamburg area.) Some spell the name SCHLOTFELT, some SCHLOTTFELDT also SCHLOTFELD and a few other variations. We have documents that show the name spelled with almost all of the variations on one page, including 'Schlodtfeldt'. :-). Most of us pronounce it with the long "o" as in the English "boat", but some pronounce it with the English sound like "cot". Those are the only two variations any of us have heard. (Some of us Americans are a little lazy with the middle "t" and it sounds more like "Slofelt".) TO HEAR HOW A GERMAN PRONOUNCES IT, GO TO THE LINK: "VOICE NOTE OF NAME" at the end of this page for an audio. I pronounce it more 'softly'. We have also registered the Domain name of SCHLOTFELDTFAMILY.COM. I will make the bold statement that most of the Schlotfeldts in the world today trace back to Jochim Schlotfeldt and wife, Anna, who settled in Klein Flintbek, Germany, near Kiel in 1665. We have charts with these family linkages. Copies of these Land Contracts from the 1600s are linked below. If your family has (or had) a Schlotfeldt name with any spelling variation, you are probably related to the rest of us. We'll be glad to try to help you check it out. (This is a labor of love, we don't charge fees for this.) We appreciate any additional information we can get. We make additions, and changes to "our" Family tree every month, and sometimes every day. WORLD FAMILY REUNION-WAS held OCT. 7, 2007- in Germany.
The US "progenitors" of most of the American Schlotfeldts were Hans Hinrich (Hans Henry) Schlotfeldt, b. Jan 17, 1808, Klein Flintbek,Germany Died, Aug 31, 1890, Scott County, Iowa. and his wife Katherine (Cath.) Marguerite Stoltenberg, b. Feb 16, 1803, in Schonhorst, Germany and died, Mar. 9, 1884. Scott County, Iowa. Descendants are all over the U.S.; Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, Washington State, Oregon, California, Wash. D.C., North Carolina, the Dakotas, Oklahoma and .....some of us have found our way to Arizona and New Mexico.
We are also researching DENKER, RASCHE / RIEKE, (We have records to 1555 in Bavenhousen, Germany), TORDSEN, KROEGER and others with our Scott County links. (All came from Germany to Scott County, Iowa, and the Tordsens go back to Norway.)
We have over 5600 Names in the Family Tree Maker file, and are in communication with many family members in the U.S.A., Germany, Santiago, Chile, & Brazil and have confirmed family links in Johannesburg, South Africa and Adelaide, Australia.) Schlotfeldts in Denmark contact us occasionally regarding their family and we have some links. Many in the "family" are on Facebook. Cousin Richard posted all 5,600+ names on Ancestry.
Many of the names on our file are on Family Tree Maker's World Family Tree CDROMs: Earliest is CD#6, also corrected on CDROMs #61 and later. The earlier ones have some errors. These family links back to JOCHIM SCHLOTFELDT, born about 1646, died March 4, 1710 in Klein Flintbek, Schleswig Holstein, Germany (near Kiel)and his son HINRICH, born about 1675 and his brother, CLAUS Schlotfeldt, born in the 1670s. We can now bring these names down to current families in Germany, Chile, Johannesburg, South Africa and Adelaide, Australia. The "double t" family has its roots near Kiel also, then to Brazil as well as the USA. With the help of some of their family, we have also linked the American "SCHLOTFELT" families back to our common roots in Germany. Communicating in GERMAN is OK, but it will take us time to get your message translated........ (Sie koennen mir auch eine Mitteilung auf Deutsch senden. Es wird dann nur ein wenig dauern, bis ich auf die Uebersetzung antworten kann.)

Fay Ernest Schlotfeldt
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Family Photos

  • Stone Home from 1800s where H.H. & Cath lived (42 KB)
    This is the back of the home near McCausland that was built by Hans Henry and Catherine's son, Jochim 'James'(a.k.a.'Jack') Schlotfeldt in the 1850s. There were three in the area and the last we knew, one was still being used as a Buffalo Bill Cody museum. One may have burned down. This is from a 1980 picture by Dick Schlotfeldt. The house is still standing and cousin Sharon Schlotfeldt Clark Rairdon of DeWitt has met the current owners, named Glenn & Laura Smith. In July of 2005 they also welcomed cousin Jim, of D.C. and directed him to the other stone houses. There is an official address: 27711 220th Ave, Long Grove, Iowa 52756. The big Tree in front is gone, but the current owners have modernized. In 1980, Dick didn't believe there was running water inside, but the water came from a spring behind the building. A person who actually lived there years ago said he thought the spring was damaged when someone tried to dig a well by it. Jim says this photo we usually see is the back. A large summer kitchen was removed, as was a front porch. The outbuildings are also missing. Sharon has taken some other pictures and says it is a beautiful homesite. Thanks to the Smiths for putting up with us. In Jan. of 2010, Glenn Smith called Fay. He is now working to firm up the story of the house. He will share some early pictures of the orig. barn and a corner of the house showing eaves. He has now restored them. He has found the small "quarry" where the stones came from and marvels at the work done "by hand and horse" We will share more of our family notes with him. Hans and Catherine's eldest son, Detlef, and family note they stayed the winter of 1856 in this stone house when they arrived from Germany without a home of their own.
  • Klein Flintbek, Germany Farmhouse and Barn (139 KB)
    BIRTHPLACE OF HANS HENRY SCHLOTFELDT in 1808 AND HIS FATHER IN 1774. These photos were taken by Jim Schlotfeldt in August of 1999. The current owner led Jim to a spot beside a machine building where he scraped away some soil and exposed a stone engraved with the name and the 1774 birthdate of Hans Henry's father, Jochim. We then knew for sure this was the homesite. Fay Schlotfeldt had earlier sent copies of church records to Otto Schlotfeldt of Bordesholm Germany and Hans-Hinrich Schlotfeldt of Flintbek. Those records enabled Hans-Hinrich and his family to lead Jim to this place as well as the family farm in Klein Barkau where Hans & Catherine lived before coming to the U.S. (1835, 40 & 45 census) They are all thatched roofed even today and are tapered inward to help shield the siding from rain. In addition to Jim, cousin Cynthia Stack has visited the person currently farming here. The language differences just yielded that he knew Schlotfeldts once owned it. In 2005, Marga Schlotfeldt of Meimersdorf drove here, a short 2 and a half miles. They now have met the current resident and he is being "visited" often by Schlotfeldts from around the world. Fay has joked he should charge for "tours". In April 2007 Marga found the marriage record of Old Jochim, born 1774 and the widow Cath. Dibbern, (also born a Dibbern). Her grandfather had sold a farm in Meimersdorf and purchased a klein Flintbek farm. Catherine's family, including the husband who had a long illness, had died and after marriage to Jochim he took over running the farm.
  • Schlotfeldt Strasse sign & Flintbek, Ger. Pictures (235 KB)
    This is a sign on a main intersection of Flintbek, Germany. Taken in August of 1999 it marks the street leading to the old Schlotfeldt Hof (farm). Two of our cousin's families still live on this street. Hans-Hinrich who was born on the original farm and Helmut who happened to move here after retiring in Kiel. The other photos, taken by Jim S., are of the wooden spire of the church which was founded in 1223 and a view from the churchyard. The other photo is of Hans-Hinrich and his 3 sons (wife Erika is taking the picture) with Jim Schlotfeldt of Washington the front row right. Hans'sister, Christiana, and her husband Hartmut Barthel are in the back row on the right. They live near Flintbek. Hans' & Christiana's brother Claus-Jürgen lives in Flintbek but had moved to another farm area away from Schlotfeldtsberg Str. after a fire took most of the original farmstead in 1981. (His family is not in this picture.)
  • Santiago, Chile 1996 Schlotfeldt-Leighton Fam. Pic (128 KB)
    HINRICH JURGEN SCHLOTFELDT HEDERRA, back row center, and his daughter CARMEN SCHLOTFELDT LEIGHTON (Center row 2nd from right with daughter Camila Dourojeanni Schlotfeldt on her lap) are the source of the Family tree translation we now have from 1646 Germany. (For us used to Euro naming, Children in Chile usually take their mother's name. Confusing? :-) ) Hinrich's wife, Carmen Leighton Garcia, is seated in front of him. Daughter Carmen's husband Axel Dourojeanni, is standing behind her. Their 3 sons are Rodrigo Dourojeanni Schlotfeldt standing back left & Philippe Dour.Schl.(abbreviated) front (with dog) and Paul D.S. on his left. Hinrich's son Enrique Sch. Leighton is back right with wife Luz Valenzuela in front of him. Their children are in the front row with Elisa Schlotfeldt Valenzuela holding Macarena S.V.& son Martin S.V. on her left. (Get the name pattern?) Standing 2nd from left. Gerardo Sch..Leighton. in front of him is wife, Florencia Vera, holding Maria Ignacia Schlotfeldt Vera and seated l.f. sons Matias Sch.Vera.(abbrev.) and Cristobal S.V. 2nd Row left is Olga Leighton Garcia, sister of Hinrich's wife Carmen Leighton Garcia. July 2002 note to Carmen and Enrique: We are glad to have 'reconnected'our e-mail addresses. It only took the United Nations to get it done. :-() Buena suerte en su trabajo de la universidad. Recuerdos en toda la familia viajan. Axel also likes to take his four wheel drive into the "outback" and has offered to take Fay and Jan to some great Chilean places if they come down. (Your English is much better than our Spanish.)
  • Klein Barkau recent photo of Hans&Cath's 'estate'. (1 KB)
    SCHOLENSEGEN. Although a bit grainy, this picture was from the Schroeder family who owns it today. They also shared it with a local history publication we understand. It was sent to Fay in Aug. of 2003. It is hard to make out the old "Half Timber" of today's contruction. Today, they say, it is hard to get a photo because of the heavy growth of trees at the entrance and around. As mentioned in the other views, this is the land where several of the children were born in the 1830s and '40s. Their parish birth records show they were born in "Scholensegen" and the "place" still shows on some area maps with that name. It is on the "outskirts" of Klein Barkau and is near Kiel. In May of 2004 we were fortunate to hear from HEINKE SCHRÖDER, a member of the family of the current owner of the farm. We hope we will receive more information about the Schröder family who have lived there since our Great-Great Grandparents sold the farm to that family (Jochim Hinrich Schröder)in 1853. Our Great-Grandparents were born there. We now have a chance to find out more history about this farm from those who have been born there since then. She says fire took earlier buildings. Heinke reminds us that her family has lived on this farm for over 150 years. I have a family copy of the Landesarchive contract between our Hans Hinrich and their Jochim Hinrich. It includes the record of the signing by their Schröder ancestor who may be related from a Schlotfeldt-Schroeder marriage. If any of our families would like a copy of that 1853 contract, please contact me. I will be pleased to mail a copy if you provide an address. (Free of course.) We now have a photo of H.H.'s daughter Catherine posted elsewhere on this page. She was born there.) On May 10, 2005 we were lucky to have contact with MARGA SCHLOTFELDT of Meimersdorf. She is descended from JÜRGEN HINRICH SCHLOTFELDT, our Hans Henry's brother, and "agent" in the sale. In 2010 a neighbor o
  • Hans & Catherines Markers, Fairview Cem, Davenport (412 KB)
    Three photos of the Schlotfeldt Family Marker and the two headstones for Hans Henry and Catherine Marg. Stoltenberg Schlotfeldt. In typing a label for the scan, I misspelled "Fairview" as Fairmont. Someday I'll rescan it and make the correction. Photo taken by cousin Sharon of DeWitt in 1998. The name Tiedjes Cemetery is also used because the Tiedjes family donated land for this.
  • Coat-of-Arms,Hinrich Schlotfeldt, 1646 Kl.Flintbek (1 KB)
    Rec'd from Hans-Hinrich Schlotfeldt, a current day cousin who lives in Flintbek, Germany. (Another artistic rendering was sent to us by Dr. HJ (Hans Juergen) Schlotfeldt. A copy of this, we understand, can be found at the Monestary at Itzehoe, Germany. I will post this variation later.) This HINRICH was the oldest verified ancestor on our chart when posted in Sept. of 2001, BUT, in Jan. 2003, with the help of cousin Claus Reese, of Reesedorf searching family records and the Schleswig Germany Land Archives, we have discovered that this Hinrich had a father named "JOCHIM SCHLOTFELDT" and Mother named "ANNA". Jochim would have been born about 1646 and was buried, May 4, 1710. Anna died Oct 25, 1736. We now know that Hinrich had a brother named CLAUS and have names of one or two of Claus' children and some grandchildren at this point. We know that Hinrich was born in 1679 in Klein Flintbek, and he died there on Dec. 22, 1746. (There was an easy transcription error from those old German records that were carried to Chile. He was not born in 1646.) Family Land contracts from Brügge, Germany show that old Jochim gave land for the Hof "the farm" to Hinrich in 1704 when he married ANN MARG. MORDHORST(EN). He had given land for a "cottage" (Kate) to Claus in 1701. We have indications that Jochim *~1646 had a father named CLAUS who died in Kl. Flint, May 8,1705. These records are giving answers AND questions. Ger."Altes Holsteiner Geschlecht mit Hinrich Schlotfeldt, Klosterl. Hufner in Klein Flintbek/Plon Im 17 Jahrhundert." Eng. "Old Schleswig Holstein Family headed by Hinrich Schlotfeldt, Farmer by the Monestary in the Klein Flintbek County in the 17th Century." (The author has a better copy of this posted to this site (Below.) Also copies of the Land Contract of 1701 (recorded 1704). Thanks also to HJ for sending his finding at Christmas ti
  • 1920 Klausdorf "Smoker Cottage". Alfred's family. (98 KB)
    We found the family linkage of Alfred and Sabine Schlotfeldt's family with our big family tree in July of 2006. Along with sons Christian and Dirk, they have much modernized this cottage, but it is still the same "home" it has been to generations of Schlotfeldts. The "Smoker Cottage" or "Räucherkate", was long ago part of the farm "Altmülen", where Bill Gilmore's Schlotfeldt ancestors also once lived. The cottage was named "Barsbek" on older maps of the 1872 era. After WWII it was still a place where the family smoked hams and sausages, but was renamed to today's "Ritzebek". It has been good to add the "Klausdorf Cousins" to our big charts. Fay has been trying to find that link since our first e-mail exchanges in 1998. Alfred and Sabine have now been visited by Marga Schlotfeldt as well as Bill & Leah Gilmore and their daughter from California.
  • Markers of Detlef Hans & wife Christina Reese, IA (325 KB)
    Detlef Hans and his wife were both born in Germany and came with their young family in 1856. These stones in Fairview Cemetery are just east of the Schlotfeldt family marker shown in Hans and Catherine's marker photo. (I have mislabeled Fairview on this photo too.) Their son, Hans Detlaf, went to Washington state at the turn of the century. See most of his children in the 'Hans'Kids' photo in this section. Anna Christina went by CHRISTINA. The family is in possession of letters sent to one of her daughters in Washington state. They are written in German, (we have translations). They were written about 3 years after son Hans's first wife had died, and he had remarried. We had thought that all of Detlef and Anna's children emmigrated to the US. In Sept. of 2003 we found the baptism record of a son named Jochim Friedrich born Dec 6, 1853. (He would have been the eldest son.) He was baptised in Nortorf, Germany and Detlef, the father was identifed as a "Cottage Farmer" (Katner) in Seedorf. We assume he died as an infant because he was not on the ship with them. We have not yet searched for a death record. See their photo found in 2010 elsewhere on this website.
  • Fay and Janice Schlotfeldt (19 KB)
    This photo seems a little formal for our casual, outdoor, Arizona and Memphis lifestyle. (Maybe we should find one in golf shirts and shorts.) Both of us were born in Iowa, but have lived in Texas, Illinois, and our "second hometown" of Omaha, Nebraska during our careers. Fay has also lived a while in Michigan before we were married. (Fay's note: Sometimes, with all the travel time, it seemed like I lived in New York and New Jersey and well.) As a side-note the name "Fay" is derived from "Lafayette", George Washington's old sidekick. Most men I've met who were named "Fay" have had that same name origin. "Lafe" is another one occasionally seen. Fay Vincent was America's Baseball Commissioner for quite a while. We wish all of you around the world our best and hope these pages are helpful to you and yours.
  • Fay's HUGE Brown Trout - Little Colorado River (513 KB)
    After much pleading(?) from our extended family, Fay agreed to add this photo of a trout he caught while on vacation at Greer, Arizona in August of '06. Other fish he and Jan caught could have been shown but were small(er). Those were released back to the bubbling waters of the East Fork of the Little Colorado river as it makes its way north to the Grand Canyon. :-) We Know that all of you great fishermen will be envious of this BIG catch. :-) We gave this one to a youngster who was fishing with his family and not having much luck. He dashed off to show them. (Fay's note: It is NOT true that it was the other way around and he felt sorry for me and I dashed off to put this picture on the Schlotfeldt web page.)
  • Large Copy of Schlotfeldt family crest. Good qual. (308 KB)
    This is for making good, larger, copies of the smaller version of Hinrich Schlotfeldt's coat-of-arms shown in another spot on this site. It will take longer to open, but should copy, save or print well. There is text with it that could be edited out. I have enjoyed the remark from Hinrich Schlotfeldt of Chile when we sent him the first copy of this Crest in 1998.: "I was very keen to see the coat-of-arms. Among my classmates at school were several families originally from Schleswig-Holstein. They proudly displayed coats of arms in their home, which, if I remember well, showed vegetables, mostly sugarbeets. My father used to be mildly amused by the expression 'Bauernadel'(Farmer Aristocracy) that these represented. He used to say: 'Bauernadel is a contradiction per se'. Perhaps he did not want to confess that we had one of our own." :-) At Christmas time in 2004, a different Hinrich Juergen, Dr. HJ Schlotfeldt of Germany, (father of Alexej & Vera)shared a high quality piece of artwork for this family crest. It is a more "flowing" piece of art. I will eventually post it separately to this page. If you are interested in seeing it, e-mail me, I will send you a copy. When asked where he found this art, he explained that he found the Coat-of-Arms at the Monestary records in Itzehoe, Schleswig Holstein, Germany. That was the seat of many family records and some marriages. We are appreciative of his sending this. (Fay S.)
    This is a more casual snap of us hanging around Jan's little Neon. We still use the Ford Explorer for most trips...especially those primitive camping forays into the Arizona mountains and desert. The Neon has been replaced by a Prius. The picture is several years old, and Jan has a Prius instead, but we actually look younger now. :-) (How do I say that in German and get anyone to believe it? ) Try this: "Wir glaven 40...whole, möglicherweise 49" (We feel 40....well, maybe 49.)
  • 1896 era -HF sons Amiel "Emil" & Adolph "Ottie" (61 KB)
    Photos found by Jim Schlotfeldt in aunt's records. Estimate they were about 25 when these were taken. Emil was born in 1871 (died 1941 in ND) Ottie was born in 1872 and died in 1911 in Sioux City (Police officer) Later pictures of them are also on this place. We have pictures of all of HF's children who lived to adulthood, except August "Gus" Schlotfeldt who died in Schleswig, Iowa in 1905. Before Aunt Leone Schlotfeldt Kruse started traveling and taking snapshots. His son Walter took on his stepfather's name of Jahde.
  • HH's son Jochim's wife 'Antje' or 'Gretje' LAGE (372 KB)
    Jochim Schlotfeldt the stone house builder, married a Lage daughter called Gretje in Germany. Our records call her 'Antje'. Their daughters were born in Moline, Ill. and married BALLHORN and KLOPPENBERG. If you are descended from them you will be interested in these German book pages that give us her dates and several ancestors. We just 'deciphered' these pages that Ed Schlotfeldt was able to get from the Hamburg Archives several years ago when working with his sister Ilene on the "tree". ('Now' is June,2002.) We appreciate his sharing. We do not yet know all of the abbreviations of these old records, but our friends in Germany will surely help us explain them. (There are several pages of earlier LAGE ancestors. I will post explanations here as I receive them.) There is also a "Stoltenberg" marriage in this mix which will take some study. Explanation of terms from Uli Barkholtz and other sources.: the "u.s.G." you see is the "wife" part of the bride's parent. For example, under Peter Lage *='born', the + shape = died followed by the town and date of May 27, 1913. The 00=marriage, followed by the name of the town and date of marriage to "Beck Göttsch", "T.d."= daughter (Tochter) of: Jochim g. (Göttsch)Farmer (Katners) in the town of Ratjendorf, and his wife "Gretje Stoltenberg". Tis followed by Peter's second marriage "00 II, in Schönberg to Trin Roch, born in Krokau etc. As I read this now, the second wife also had a second marriage (oo) in 1856 to Peter Stoltenberg , two years after Peter Lage died. Confused? You are looking at parts of the last pages in a group. The other pages take the Lage family back to "Eggert Lage, a farmer in Schönhorst, Germany who lived from about 1590 to 1630.
  • Helmut & Lisa Schlotfeldt, Grandchildren, Flintbek (285 KB)
    This was taken by a little stream outside of Flintbek, Germany where Helmut lived. (He passed away in 2009.) In 2002 we had a new internet contact with daughter, Corinna Steinmann, and told her we would put this on the FTM webpage. One of her daughters is in this picture but other daughter, Jutta is not present. Maybe she was on her stay in Montana, USA at the time. We also had a new e-mail contact from Corinna "Rinni" Behrens (now Tomforde) of Hamburg, who is the daughter of Helmut's 1st cousin Rita. Helmut was a teacher and Rector in Kiel before retiring on Schlotfeldtsberg Strasse in Flintbek.
  • Flintbek area Schlotfeldt montage-Jim's 2000 trip (614 KB)
    These photos were snapped by Jim Schlotfeldt on a trip there. It is full sized here so you can zoom in on his notations. Note overlays fade the colors a bit but the notes are important, particularly on the buildings.
  • Claus & Kai Reese Farm. Schlotfeldt cousins, Ger. (78 KB)
    CHAIN; JOCHIM Schlotfeldt,Farmer, Kl.Flint. *14.5.1741, & 2nd wife MARIA HARMS;>Their son, FRIEDRICH *15.11.1801 Farmer in Reesdorf married MARIA REESE> They had a daughter,ANNA Schlotfeldt *15.4.1826. Anna married CLAUS REESE in 1856 (not 1824 as shown on picture,my error),Claus was born *26.10.1824. He was also farmer in Reesdorf. They are the ancestors of today's Claus Reese, *1931. This is the Claus who has found these old Landesarchive contracts shown elsewhere on this page. Thank you Claus and Kai for these pictures. (Old Jochim *1741 is the common ancestor of today's Claus and, via wife #1 MAGD. EHMCKEN, Fay and others in the U.S. (They were Grandparents of our Hans Henry *1808.) Claus has given us the history of these farms and refers to this one as Hufe #4.) Reesdorf is just south of Flintbek, Germany.
  • 1856 Passenger list of HH's son Detlef Hans & fam. (537 KB)
    This is a list of passengers on the ship Hamonnia out of Hamburg via Havre,France to New York. (Hard to read the top, but that is what it says.) The Mormon Family Center book record is shown in the pasted on note. We now have the details from the passenger list. This entry says D.H. Schlotfeldt, w/Frau and 2 kinder. I should have put the note in blue, because it sort of looks like part of the record. Same with his brother Claus' record also being placed on this page. Much thanks to Ed Schlotfeldt for finding this from Hamburg. (Fay) The Actual passenger list shows "D.H. Age 31, Orig. Germany; Arrival Date: Sep 29, 1856; Port of Embarkation: MARSEILLES (Which surprised us.); Ship, Hammonia; Occup. Farmer; Captain's Name: P. Popp; Purpose: Staying in USA; Mode of Trav.: Steerage; Manifest ID#,00008780 "Germans to America". The other entries are for Christine, Age 30, wife. Anna, age 3, Daughter and Friedrich, age 8 months. Son.
  • Remaining Buildings from 1800s, Ted Schlotfeldt (185 KB)
    Theodore Detlef Schlotfeldt and Alvina Rasche Schlotfeldt, (Fay's Grandparents) lived in this farmhouse at Gambril, Butler Twp, Scott County, Iowa. Some buildings are gone. It is located just north of Eldridge and west of McCausland. It is possible that Ted's parents, Henry F. and Marg. Kroeger Schlotfeldt lived there at one time. It was sold by daughter Leone Kruse after Alvina and son Adolph "Ottie" died, but is still occupied in 2002. Fay recalls that there was a single "orange" light bulb in the living room ceiling from the REA days, but when he was little, grandma only used kerosene lamps unless it was a VERY special occasion. Irons were heated on the stove, the best well was just outside the kitchen door, but there was some sort of small pump in the wash room. The outhouse (now gone)was large and Uncle Ottie was proud of it. It was a 3 or 4 "holer" with round glass windows and all. At night, of course, it was chamber pot time. Older relatives would tell of how they like to come here because Ted had "Polly" the parrot who would talk to them. (Picture taken by Sharon Schlotfeldt Rairdon of DeWitt.) Ted died in 1919 and Alvina lived in this home, by herself, or with son Adolph "Ottie" for many of the years before her death in 1942. There were people who lived in the "little house" to the west that had been sold off at some time before the 1930s,and neighbors across the road.
  • Claus Reese visits Wilhelm & Marga Oct 3, 2007 (43 KB)
    Cousin Claus of Reesedorf, Ger. has been great help in finding old land contracts for the family. He stopped to see Marga und Wilhelm before the Oct 7, 2007 reunion. Here he is wearing his new golf cap Fay had sent from Rio Verde, Arizona USA. Claus' wife has her birthday on Okt. 7th. You will notice elsewhere here our thanks to Claus for his work. Son Kai and family now work the farm at Reesedorf near Flintbek.
  • H. H.'s daughter Catherine & Husb Jack Schlotfeldt (83 KB)
    AMAZING- This was the only photo we had of one of Hans Henry's children! (UPDATE-In may of 2010, cousin Sharon found a picture of son Henry Friedrich and wife. See later photo. In 2010 cousin Kathy Wheeler found Detlef Hans and wife's picture in Ilene Schlotfeldt's files) We received this picture of Catherine in August 2004 from Dorothy Helble Pietscher, daughter-in-law of Hattie Schlotfeldt Pietscher of Camanche, Iowa. Hattie lived to be in her 90s and was the daughter of Catherine and Jack's son, John. Catherine's obituary is included. We now have, from Dorothy and husband Rondo, a "photographers" copy of these photos from the Pietscher family. I may replace this one later. If you want a good copy, write. It was such a surprise to get these photocopies and scan them for this page. Or, if any of you wish a larger file, e-mail us at our AOL fayjan address. We also have pictures now of thier son, John, who was a pioneer settler in the sandhills of Nebraska as well as a hardware merchant in Atlantic, Iowa and later a farmer in McCausland, Iowa. We have pictures of another son, Rudolph Carl Schlotfeldt 1867-1925, and his wife, Evalina Smith. We also have a photo of son, Henry John, a well known horse and cattle breeder. We have posted John & wife Minnie's picture below. (See; Chain: H.H.>Cath.>John) Also new in 2005, Marga Schlotfeldt from Meimersdorf has sent us information from the Dorfchronik. Jack's father had farms there. He also married Mordhorst and Horn daughters. We now have his mother's HORN family records from Meimersdorf. Let me know if you are interested. LaVoy Schlotfeldt Krukow of DeWitt, Iowa is also a descendant. (The picture we have of Catherine's brother, Henry F., is Fay's Gt. Grandfather. His photo may also be in the framed group photo in "Fay's Grandpa Ted at Desk & Family Photo above". elsewhere on this page.)
  • 1856- CLAUS, Ship"Elida", bro.died IowaTornado. (1 KB)
    We had thought that this Claus was our Great Uncle that family history says was a concert violinist, trained by the masters in Europe. Upon arrival in New York he reportedly played a concert and within two days died of Cholera contracted on the ship. He came to U.S. in 1856. It turns out that this is CLAUS CHRISTIAN SCHLOTFELDT, the same age as "our" Claus Fried. We verified this because LUELLA SCHLOTFELT, Claus' Granddaughter & BILL GILMORE, the son of RUBY SPENCE GILMORE, Grandniece of this Claus, shared a family history with us. (They are descended from Claus' brother "James" who died with his wife CHRISTINA in a 'Huge Tornado' in Crawford Cnty, Iowa on April 21, 1878. A daughter, badly injured, survived as did a son who was away from the farm when the storm hit.) Their records say that his wife-to-be, MARGARETHE FREESE, sailed with him on the Elida, but they didn't marry until they could join family in New Jersey. An Oct. 2002 review of "German's to America" by Klaus Struve of Kiel shows that Margarethe Freese, age 24, was indeed also on the Elida and Embarked from Marseilles. "Our Claus" was not married. Our possibility that we had found the violinist's sailing ship was not correct. We will keep looking. Claus Christian and James' parents were JAMES SCHLOTFELDT (Johann Hinrich)of Roenne and ANNA STRUVE (who married a PRIEN in Germany after James died.) We have found the link between our branches from searching German records. Bill Gilmore is going back to Kiel area roots in July of 2006. We may have Kroeger family links too. Claus Christian's descendant's dropped the ending "d" letter and today spell their names SCHLOTFELT. Old records included the d. Please note the LDS Family Center page references. The top of the page is illegible here, of Sept. 2002, we have the information from the actual manifest. It shows CLAUS SCHLOTFELD (note sp.) Age 24; Germany
  • 7 Oct 2007 - Kiel- First Schlotfeldt 'Reunion' pix (69 KB)
    Thanks to Katje's photo skills we have this great photo of the 75 people who were able to make this first reunion. Organized by Corinna of Hamburg and Marga in Meimersdorf it is great to see their families here. In spite of 'short notice' Gustavo Schlottfeldt and his sister, Nivia, from Brazil made it as did two young cousins from there and London. Jan and I couldn't make it this time, but were really pleased to see the photos and also Gustavo's DVD of so many people who have helped with our Family Tree. We see here; Otto's family, Claus Reese, Alfred and Sabine and the Klausdorf clan, Helmut of Flintbek and so many others. I will email a larger,"sharper" version to family members who request it. This may even be large for easy web viewing. Thanks to all who helped and shared. This restaurant in Schönhorst has been owned by Schlotfeldt family members since the 1850's. A perfect choice. Again, Special photo credit to Katja Seiffert for her camera and skills in getting this photo "organized" and taken.
  • H H > Catherine > John 1860-1932 wife Minnie Range (51 KB)
    This son of Catherine & Husband, Jacob Christian "Jack" Schlotfeldt was part of the great settlement efforts of the Great Plains. The family went to Walnut, Iowa where John worked many jobs trying to help his family. He and wife Minnie went to Genoa, Nance County, Nebraska in the 1890s, built a 4 room home on the prairie of the sandhills, by themselves, from native cottonwood trees and tried to succeed in farming there with few neighbors. Granddaughter, Hattie and other children's notes reflect the difficulty there. John had worked with the railroad, working at a hardware store in Walnut, Pottawattamie County, Iowa and later having his own store. In 1912 he finally took his family back to McCausland, Scott County, Iowa from Nebraska and farmed there until a year before his death in Princeton. Much thanks to daughter Hattie Schlotfeldt Pietscher's descendants for saving these invaluable photos and sharing photocopies of them with us in August of 2004. In Oct. 2004 we have received better copies from Dorothy Helble Pietscher and husband, Rondo, of Camance, Iowa. Also some Helble family pictures from Port Washington. Write if you have interest. They have not yet been scanned into the family "gallery". :-) See also the Nance County Nebr. Rootsweb site.
  • Theresa Waterstraat, wife of Christian Schlotfeldt (38 KB)
    This is the Schlotfeldt family of Grand Island, Nebr. and Pueblo, Colo. that we have had a hard time linking with our tree. We know from Larry Schlotfeldt, Rebecca Chatfield, Lorraine Englebrecht and other descendants that Christian came from Kiel and was in the insurance business. She came to the US on April 27, 1892 at age 21, sailing from Hamburg on the Ship Russia, an iron hulled full sail ship. They landed at Castle Garden (Ellis Island) N.Y. She originated from the Island of Rugen, Mecklenburg, Altefä, Germany by the Baltic Sea. She was married and living in Sioux City in 1895, and their only child, Edward Davenport Schlotfeldt, was born in 1896. At age 29 she moved to Colorado to be in business with her husband Christian. In 1919, at age 49, Christian passed away. In 1924 she remarried Wm. C. Lukhardt. In 1926, William passed away. In 1951, at age 81, son Edward moved her to Pueblo, CO. She died there in 1969 at the age of 98. She was reportedly 'quite a gal', an active, outgoing woman who was a seamstress and also managed a rooming house. As I recall this picture was taken when she was 40. We are still looking for the link in Germany that will connect our trees. Rebecca has several family pictures and Lorraine (Englebrecht)also has a picture of Christian taken in Grand Island, with 2 women, not specifically identified. (This picture should identify one of them.) I need to get in contact with Lorraine again to see if I can get a copy of that picture. (f.e.s)
  • 1915 era Port Townsend home of Herman S. stands. (129 KB)
    HH>DETLEF>HERMAN - We had sent this to the Port Townsend, WA Historical Society earlier to see if this lovely "victorian" house still stands. No initial identification was made in 2006. In 2008, Carlos Schlottfeldt, of Brazil, discovered a record of Herman Henry's first "livestock tax" from the Jefferson County paper, Aug. 11, 1905. It is in Wash.Univ.archives. Fay re-sent the article plus photo and Voila!, it is still standing. Known as the "F.C.Harper House", it is in the Nat'l Record of Historic Places, per Marsha Moratti, Archivist, in Port Townsend. Herman was the son of 1856 German immigrant to Scott County, Iowa, DETLEF Schlotfeldt. Herman was active, with brothers, in the formation of the Roslyn meat market and Roslyn Brewery in the late 1800s. Photo is from descendants, Ron & Dorothy Pietscher of Iowa. Dorothy is linked from Herman's wife's family (Helble). Wife EMMa and daughter are in the photo, as is their dog. If anyone knows the current resident, we will be glad to send them a copy of this photo and the 1905 news article. Home is at 502 Reed St., Port Townsend, WA. See it on "Google Earth". From the Wash. U. Library an article: "Port Townsend Daily Leader, Aug 3, 1905. 'Heart Party'. 'On last Wed evening, Miss Alma Schlotfeldt and Miss Grace Hamilton entertained a number of their friends at the beautiful home of the former on Morgan Hill'". This should further refine the location.
  • 1606 - Hartig Schlotfeldt,'blacksheep' fined twice (77 KB)
    Interesting old Bordesholm, Germany record where Hartig Schlotfeldt is fined 2 Thalers for fighting with Hans Wiese and knocking a hole in his head. He was also fined for calling Jochim Braker a sheep stealer. This is about the oldest record we have for a Schlotfeldt. There are 6 other pages to this 1606 record. It was part of an old Schlotfeldt record found Oct. of 2004 and sent to Fay S. Interesting old script. This can read more easily than some of the 1800 stuff. (Says I who can hardly read it at all. :-) ) We understand that there is a present-day copy of the original in Landesarchiv Schleswig AR 106-1606.
  • So. Afr.-Carl "Callie" & Heide Schlotfeldt family. (52 KB)
    Their ancestors were attracted to South Africa from Germany by the opportunities the gold mining industry offered their trades of painting, glazing and blacksmithing many years ago. These cousin's 3 immigrant ancestors each married a BOY family daughter. Callie's son, Christian found our website and started communicating in March of 2009. He told us about his parents and brothers Thomas and Martin. Although we knew about them from cousins in Flintbek, Germany, this was our first "conversation". We now have more names and photos from this branch. FRIEDEL SCHLOTFELDT, the father of CALLIE bought the farm West from J'burg in the 1950s and named it FLINTBEK FARM. Today, they raise some fine looking cattle of the "Bonsmara" breed. We in the "American West" would say they have a "Cattle Ranch", but in the eastern part of the U.S.A. it would also be called a "farm". They have shared with us a 1970 folder from a family reunion that tells some of their history. Christian is translating it so we can more easily share it with some of the American members of the clan. We now also have refinements to the folder from So. Africa relative and researcher, KONRAD VOGES and wife ANNELI (nee Schlotfeldt). The farm is about 35Kms from Rustenburg, in foothills of the Magalies mountains. Rustenberg, in turn, is about 130kms (abt. 81 miles) West of Johannesburg. We will enjoy sharing information about our lives and ancestors. They are descended from the same Jochim Schlotfeldt of Klein Flintbek mentioned in our history at other locations on this page. We thank them for sharing more about our world-wide "clan".
  • 2009- Thomas Schlotfeldt & US Flag at Soccer game. (66 KB)
    Callie and family decided to support their US cousins vs. Egypt at the "Football" championships in Rustenberg So. Africa. They purchased this flag & Thomas flew it all over while wearing his So.Afr.wig. Television and local media picked it up. Even Carlos Schlottfeldt in Brazil saw it but didn't know then it was a relative. Writes that he was elated when he found out. US won this semi-final 1 to 0. They lost in the last minutes to Brazil in final game but this was a BIG win. We now have "world-wide family support"!!! :-) Carlos writes that in the future we have family in enough countries that we'll always have a team.
  • Fay & Jan Schlotfeldt, 50th Anniv., Alaska (55 KB)
    July 12, 2009-Formal night in Alaska waters aboard the Holland-America ship, the Westerdam. Stateroom photo while preparing for dinner with friends, Rick Hungerford and wife, Julie Huot. Great trip, particularly Glacier Bay. (May do it again on the 100th Anniv.) Oh, and this was Alaska's 50th Anniversary as a state, too. They celebrated with us.
  • German Hist. of Kl. Flintbek farm where H.H. born. (311 KB)
    This is family information from Bordesholm History circa 1907. Found and shared with others of the family by Otto Schlotfeldt of Eiderstede (Bordesholm) Germany in researching our family. (Otto is a history "student" and member of the Bordesholm Historical Group. Also a "certified" cousin in 2003 with verification that his ancestor, Hinrich Jochim, was "our" Hans Henry's uncle and his father Jochim Hinrich's twin brother. Both born Apr. 26, 1774.) This shows some of the early founding of Kline Flintbek including "Hufe #1" where our Hans Henry was born in 1808. (See the picture of this house and barn with the thatched roof) Otto's margin note shows that this was owned by the Schlotfeldt family from 1798 to 1900 when it was sold. It is possible it was leased from the church prior to that. Otto's son, Tim, helped with "on-line" translation and relayed messages with Otto and Marlene. Much appreciated. It was this document that enabled the current Hans-Hinrich of Flintbek to lead Jim to this farm house for the photo in 1997. The "M" symbol means "profits", in Marks, for the Hufe,1907 Marks. (Something that would not be public in America during that period or now. :-) A "Hufe" required two spans of horses to farm, size 40 to 60 ha (100 to 150 acres.) Kl. Flintbek belonged, in medieval times, to the noble family Wulf. It was ravaged by Imperial forces in the 30 Years War that ended in 1647. If you would like a little larger translation, e-mail me. (Fay) Interestingly the Wulf family donated some land to begin Klein Flintbek, and the Wulf family has a prominent place near the Schlotfeldt plot in ce Fairview cemetery in Scott county, Iowa where Hans and Catherine are buried. (See separate picture of Hans and Detlefs family markers.) I suspect a link between the German Klein Flintbek Wulfs and these in the U.S.
  • Schlotfeldtsberg Farm in Flintbek pre-1981 fire. (182 KB)
    This is an aerial view of the farm on Schlotfeldtsberg ("hill") Strasse in Gross Flintbek where Christiana and her brothers, Hans-Hinrich and Claus Jürgen were born. The "famous" street is in the backgound. The farm is now being developed into housing and Hans-Hinrich and Erika live in one home with their family. Door beams from the barns have old family names and dates carved in them and have been incorporated into new houses there. A nice thing to do! Claus Jürgen and his family have another farm across town and he has retired from active farm management. Christiana and her husband Hartmut Barthel live closer to Keil. For our family members from Iowa and the Dakotas, farms in this area have many of the same crops, corn and grain crops, sugar beets and of course cattle and horses. Dairy farming is a big thing. Our old family census records show dairy "maids" living on the property in those times. At this writing I don't know exactly how many previous generations lived on this Schlotfeldt property, but Christiana said she thought her Great Grandfather had developed the farmstead.
  • Doris Kroeger, Henry F. Schlotfeldt' sister-in-law (1 KB)
    Chain: Hans Henry>Henry F.& wife Margaret "Anna" Kroeger. This is Margaret's sister. We have been lucky enough to find a picture of Hans Henry Schlotfeldt, born 1808 in Klein Flintbek, and his wife Catherin Margaret Stoltenberg. We also have pictures of many of their Grandchildren, but had NONE of their children until about 2008 we got a photo of their daughter, Catherine. Then in 2010 family searches turned up pictures Henry F, and wife, Margaret Kroeger, Doris Sister. Very lucky. In this case, the missing child photo was of my Great Grandfather Henry F. Schlotfeldt (who came to the U.S. with Hans and Catherine) and his wife Margaret "Anna" Kroeger. We were still searching and hope that time hasn't escaped us with folks throwing away photos they couldn't identify. BUT...Thanks to SHIRLEY PATRICK who found us while chasing down the Kroeger family, we now have a picture of Margaret's sister, DORIS. (Shirley is descended from Doris and has been a Great! help in research of this branch.) Then, a 2010 Update- WE HAVE FOUND THEIR PICTURES. Cousin Sharon thought to ask Henry & Margaret's daughter-in-law's 'Rasche' family if they had old photos. Simon Rasche from Camanche, Iowa did. See photo of Henry and Margaret (below) in this collection. Doris Kroeger, immigrated to Davenport, Iowa from Postfeld, Preetz,Germany with her family. Naturally, she is very good looking, as are all women who marry into the Schlotfeldt family, their daughters, mothers, sisters, cousins and friends! :-) This photo at least gives us an inside look at Margaret's family. Margaret's father died shortly after they arrived, her mother died in Germany 11 days after she was born. Her stepmother, Dora (nee Sievert)came to America with Hans and the family, She remarried and had additional children, so we have additional step-cousins from that side of the family. Their searching turned up this picture for us. If any of you have any lea
  • 1892 Wedding, Edward Schlotfeldt/Johanna Scherff (1312 KB)
    CHAIN: H.H.> HENRY F.> EDWARD Married Sep 17, 1892 Edward was born July 3, 1866 in Rock Rapids, Iowa. d. Aug. 11, 1911, Omega MN. (4 Months before his brother "Ottie" the Sioux City policeman whose picture is above on this site). Johanna, "Hanna" Scherff was born in August of 1876 and d. Mar 7, 1929 in Cherokee, Iowa. She was 16 years old in this picture. Her sister, Gesina, married Edward's brother Henry Hans of Alvord. Edward and Hanna's son Ira lived in the Rock Rapids area and had a fairly large family. Many of them migrated to the Winston-Salem, No. Car. area. This picture is copied from the file of Dewain Quentin Schlotfeldt of N.Car. and Florida, the original shared with us by his daughter, Vickie Schlotfeldt Atwood. We have recently acquired quite a bit of information about the Scherff family from descendants of other members of her family.
  • Schlotfeldt boys at Roslyn Wash. Brewery (393 KB)
    Chain: Hans Henry > Detlef Hans > Hans Detlaf and other children.---- DETLEF HANS SCHLOTFELDT and his wife, ANNA CHRISTINA REESE also farmed in Iowa, but some of his family decided to "move on west" to Washinton State and got into farming but also butcher shops and brewerys and things like that. Among them was son Hans Detlaf, noted as on the left in this picture. Hans was a butcher in Clinton County, Iowa in the 1890s when his first daughter,Mayme, was born in 1893 to his first wife, Anna Marie Stahl, so it isn't surprising that he would end up with the "Schlotfeldt boys" in the butcher and brewery businesses in Washington after the turn of the century. In fact, Ann Marie died in Roslyn, Wash. in 1897 and he married Helen (Ella) Donovan. Grandmother of DICK and MANY others. There is a new brewery in Roslyn, Wash. but none of the current family is connected with it. ROSLYN---Sound familiar? Remember the TV Series, "Northern Exposure" which was made to look like Alaska? (t'was here.) Some of our neighbors are displaced Washingtonians (Seattle)and when they started to tell Jan and I about their favorite "local" beer being JOSLYN beer, they were REALLY impressed when they learned our relatives had been the original Joslyn brewers. We are now locally famous. (At least in a 4 square block area.)
  • Detlef Hans& Henry F. Schlotfeldt-1890s signatures (1103 KB)
    HANS HENRY & CATHERINE'S CHILDREN: Those of you (us) who are descended from these two brothers might like to see their signatures from the probate of Hans Henry's will. (H.H. died in 1890.)
  • 2nd artist version-Our Coat-Arms, found by Dr. HJ (64 KB)
    In December of 2004, Dr. Hans Jürgen Schlotfeldt of Germany (and Chile) was kind enough to send this copy of a different artist rendering of the Coat-of-Arms. He indicates that he found history of this crest located it at the Monestary at Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein. Itzehoe is not too far from Klein Flintbek and was the place where some of our family weddings took place. This copy is reduced in size for faster display. It is basically the same crest with some softer detail. (See the other from Hans-Hinrich elsewhere on this page.) If any of you get to Itzehoe, we would like some more information about these Coats-of-Arms and the times in which they were developed. There were enough wars on this land to keep a lot folks busy defending one Principality or another, or the Church and community. Enough that it is recorded, in one old family gathering in America, that perhaps "Schlotfeldt" should mean something like "Blood Field" because of all the wars fought across the land. We thank HJ for sending this to us. We will share a copy with you. We don't sell these things.
  • Fay -- in Ariz.'s Maricopa Mtn.Wilderness area (165 KB)
    This is in "Toby Wash" in a valley in the High Sonoran desert around Thanksgiving of 2001. This area was named a "National Monument" in 2000 by Bill Clinton and the debates on how to manage it are still going on between Arizona Game and Fish and the Fed. Bureau of Land Management. We hope they don't close off some of the "access roads" to the edges of the Wilderness Areas that are incorporated in it. It may give you a feel of the sandy washes here. They have their own beauty though they may seem sort of "desolate" to some. In wet springs there are many wildflowers in this area. We have camped in this wash and been awakened by three Big Horn Sheep walking through the camp and tipping over a water jug and a shovel. Those guys are pretty big when you sit up sort of "nose-to-nose with 'em. They were a little shocked at their own "noise" and took off. In the morning we saw them in the cliffs above us. (right behind the camera). Also, these washes are nowhere to be in a big rain. Flash floods scour them clean and can come from a storm that is some miles away. (Forgive the Arizona Chamber of Commerce pitch.) The other side of this is that these spots can be miserably hot in mid-summer and water is almost non-existant. Rainstorms that come with the Monsoon winds are in late July thru early September. (If we are lucky.) Also, since summer nights are the time for those "crawly" things, there are other great places to go, rather than these spots, either higher up, closer to water, (or under roof). :-) Carmen's husband, Axel has been to Sonora, Mexico on water engineering business. The Sonoran desert is very large and diverse.
  • 1930s Amiel "Emil" Schlotfeldt, wife Anna Dickman (1577 KB)
    CHAIN: H.H. > HENRY F. > AMIEL, born 1871, d. 1941. Snapshots taken by Leone Schlotfeldt Kruse at Emil and Anna's farm in Lidgerwood, North Dakota in the early 1930s. L. to R. 1.) Emil and Anna with daughter ILA, who married SALMAR HAUGEN and lived in CODY, Wyo. 2.) Son GILBERT, Emil and a younger ILA. 3.) Son GILBERT and wife GLADYS HANSON. 4.) Emil on tractor. Son, HAROLD FREDERICK and wife, LUCILLE LAYTON, who lived in WAHEPETON, ND are not pictured. This is a full page file, suitable for copying and may take a minute to load.
  • 1665 our Jochim buys 'estate' in Kl.Flintbek,pg.1 (133 KB)
    Pg.1 of 3. Sale:"The honorable Osowaldt Runge in Meimerdorf to Jochim Schlotfeldt, also honorable, in Kl. Flintbek, the house and farm of Jochim Sell, which was formerly owned by Andreas Richter. Price: 330 Mark Luebsch." Osowalt Runge seems to have come into possession of this farm by drawing a "lot". (This may have happened after the 30 Years War, 1618-1648, when the land and farms were devastated and the owners were dead or fled. The Danish King, eager to have taxpaying subjects, may have decided to "redistribute" the farms to those who wanted one. If more than one applicant, he likely made them draw lots. The sellers are still living and may have been old, or maybe "squatters". "Jochim takes it upon himself to sow and reap a quantity of corn (cereals, not maize) for them annually." Copies of full contract now sent to several families in US, Germany and So. Africa. Also the 1675 contract where Jochim sold off a piece behind a neighbors new house. (2 pages) LANDSARCHIV Schles-Holst. 128-5498('65)& 5499('75), shown elsewhere on this site. (Haven't been able to figure out how to get photos to sequence properly on this site. Page 2 may appear before page 1 and separated by a few other items. :-)
  • Adolph "Ottie" Schlotfeldt 1910 Sioux City Police. (45 KB)
    Hans Henry> Henry F.>Adolph: There is a newspaper article about Adolph's death from the Sioux City newspaper with photo, Dec. 1911, headlined "Officer makes last call". I thought you might like to see a picture of him without the "keystone Cops" high helmut in the newspaper. Obit in Ida Grove (IA) Pioneer record Dec 13, 1911 says he died after 4 days sickness. Leaves a widow, 3 brothers and a sister. An officer with a fine record. Was honored for great bravery in the "K.P. Fire" some time ago. A family note says "Married, Maude ?", We haven't found their marriage at this point. He looks remarkably like his brother Henry Hans (Jim's grandfather) Wonder what Henry F. looked like. (Wonder if some of ADELIA Schlotfeldt CARSTENS' descendants around Ida Grove, Iowa and Schleswig might be the last hope for any photo archives of Henry and Marg. who are buried in Schleswig. If anyone knows any folks of that group, your help would be great.
  • 1918 Photo, Christian Schlotfeldt, son Edward D. (1 KB)
    CHAIN-Not yet known, but from Kiel....Edward's granddaughter, Lorraine Englebrecht, advises that Christian was born on the Island or Rugen (Kiel) Germany. In Sep. 2002, Klaus Struve of Kiel sent us his ships Manifest information. He sailed on the ship Westphalia out of Hamburg and Havre, France with Arrival in New York on Mar 25, 1869 at age 16. Occupation: Clerk. The ships manifest also showed a "HARALD SCHLOTFELDT, age 21. Occupation: MERCHANT. (We are guessing he was Christian's older brother who might have been in the insurance business and Chris his clerk.) Chris became a US Citizen on Sept. 4, 1893 and was an Insurance Salesman for the Nat'l. Life Insurance Co. and New York life, Charter Member 1896. We know he was in business in Grand Island, Nebr. where he was very active in the Masons in Neligh, NE and received his 33rd Degree at Scottish Rite Temple Orient in Omaha. He moved to Colorado in 1899 and died there April 22, 1919. We now know the name of his first wife (Emma) who was the mother for FRED J. SCHLOTFELDT, Born, Dec. 1, 1875. Fred was Chief Immigrations Officer in Chicago, retired to Brownsville, Texas. (Some of his decisions are found in U.S. Supreme Court cases.) Also a daughter, HENRIETTA GRAHAM, who lived in E. San Diego in 1919.............His 2nd wife, THERESA ANNE CAROLINE WATERSTRAAT, (remarried LUCKHARDT) is pictured separately on this page. She is the mother of EDWARD DAVENPORT SCHLOTFELDT, b.July 12, 1896, pictured here with Chris. He married HELEN JANE TORBET. It is their descendants who have provided most of our information. EDWARD died in 1961 in Pueblo. Helen in 1980.......... We have now (2003)found records of his parents in Kiel, and hope we can make a link with Carmen's chart and other records. Any help with this will be appreciated. (See Theresa's photo.) Family storys have Chris as the son of a well-to-do family who left for America without finishing his German Navy duty. We h
  • HH-DH-Hans Detlaf Schlotfeldt wf. Ella Donovan (41 KB)
    Hans Detlaf married Ella in Washington state after the death of his first wife. They went on to raise a large and thriving family who still are mostly in the Washinton, Oregon and Alaska area. There is another photo of their young family on this site. Hans was born in Scott County, Iowa and Ella was born in Philadelphia. (Fay S. note: Ella looks 'petite' in this photo, but Jane Britz has a picture of her mother standing with Ella and her sister. They are about the same size. Having met Jane's mother, she was not a "tiny" woman.) There is a lot of similarity with the Schlotfeldt 'boys' from that era. (Beside the great mustaches they all seemed to have.)
  • 1675-Jochim sells parcel,Pg.1 see also pg. 2 (93 KB)
    After buying the estate in 1665, Jochim sells a small parcel of his Klein Flintbek land to a neighbor, Johan Mecklenburg. Johan had just built a new home and this land was directly behind it. The price was 150 Marks. This shows only the 1st page of the 2 page document. These are family records. The orignal can be found from the Landesarchiv of Schleswig-Holstein, file 123-5499, page 121 (122, which is Page 2, is shown separately here, look for it.). This sale was not recorded until July 23, 1679.) Jochim is Fay S. etc.'s 6th Great Grandfather. He died April 3, 1710 in Klein Flintbek. His wife, Anna did not die until Mar 13, 1733. (If you want a full size .jpg, from our records, e-mail me.
  • Our U.S. Progenitors,Hans Henry&Cath. Schlotfeldt (371 KB)
    Dates and other data are on the photo. They brought their children to America from Germany where the Schlotfeldt's had been Hufners for years. Born in 1808 in Klein Flintbek, Schleswig Holstein, Germany, they had a farm in Klein Barkau which is not too far down the road from Flintbek and fairly close to Kiel. They are on the 1835, 1840 and 1845 Kiel, Kirchbarkau region census' (censi?). Notes say they sailed from Hamburg in 1851 and arrived, after overland trips, etc., in Scott County, Iowa on Feb 19, 1852. We are still searching for the Ship name and actual sailing date. I suspect we should try to find the emmigration request in Germany somewhere. Some of their children came later in 1853 and we have the ship records of son Detlef Hans and his family. We assume this picture was taken in the US, but it may well have been in Germany as Hans Hinrich (Henry)would have been 43 when they sailed. Your analysis is as good as ours. The photo came down thru Detlef Hans' side of the family, but we have no photo of Delef Hans or his siblings. It appears to be a casual photo rather than a "portrait" which makes me guess it is "Made in USA".
  • Leo Albert Schlotfeldt, 1907-2002, Alaska Pioneer (95 KB)
    Chain, H.H.>Detlef Hans >Hans Detlaf>Leo. Excerpts from the Fairbanks daily news. "Pioneer Fairbanksan".....Leo was born Nove. 3, 1907 in Buckley, Wash., to Hans and Ellen Donovan Schlotfeldt, as one of seven children. He was raised on a dairy farm near Enumclaw. After his school graduation in 1926, he enlisted in the U.S. Signal Corps, was assigned to the Washington Alaska Military Cable and Tel. System and stationed in Seward. In 1929, he was transferred to Fairbanks as a Morse operator coordinating wireless radio including weather reports for early pilots including Noel Wien and Harold Gillam. In 1931, Leo met Agnes Gladys Hering. She was working athe the Empress Theater serving ice cream. Mrs Hering allowed Leo to walk Agnes home occasionally, if accompanied by her sister. After securing full time work with the Fairbanks Exploration Co. as a laborer on the hydraulic pipe gang, he and Agnes were married on Jan. 4, 1932. In 1942 Leo Joined brother-in-law Eugene Rogge in the family trucking business, Sourdough Express, which Gene had purched from Agnes' father, Ed Hering. In 1977, Leo and Agnes had the great honor of serving as King and Queen Regents for Golden Days. Leo was a partner in the firm named: Denali Enterprises. His many friends will long remember "pulling over" at his hunting and fishing cabins.
  • Town of SCHLOTFELD, Germany Road sign. (93 KB)
    Sign at the edge of town taken by Marga Schlotfeldt (in photo) in 2010. Notice the history shown on the sign. Founded in the 1300s it is over 700 years old. Cousin Richard has a transcription of a brief town history. People were mostly named after places, not the other way around. It is possible that some early ancestors came from here and "founded" the name. We have not been able to go back that far in documenting the family name. Search for the town website (in German). It was here that the Mayor told Richard the name came from "Field with Water" or "Feld un Graben". Roughly, water on the land.
  • 1675, Jochim sells land to neighbor. Pg. 2 of 2. (1 KB)
    After buying the estate in 1665, Jochim sells a small parcel of his Klein Flintbek land to a neighbor, Johan Mecklenburg. Johan had just built a new home and this land was directly behind it. The price was 150 Marks. This shows only the 2nd page of the 2 page document from the Landesarchiv of Schleswig-Holstein, file 123-5499, page 122 (121, which is Page 1, will be shown separately here, look for it.). This sale was not recorded until July 23, 1679.) Jochim is Fay S. etc.'s 6th Great Grandfather. He died April 3, 1710 in Klein Flintbek. His wife, Anna did not die until Mar 13, 1733.
  • Circa 1810-Mabel Schlotfeldt & Aunt Anna Scherff (27 KB)
    Chain:-H.H.> HENRY F.wife Marg. Kroeger >HENRY HANS wf.Gesina Scherff, Alvord, IA > MABEL (b.1894)husb.John DeHaan > Susan, Sharon, Tim and Shirlee DeHaan.< ----Tim Gerber, Sharon's son, provided us this picture in April 2002. Mabel is seated and ANNA SCHERFF standing. Anna looks young, but Aunts sometimes do that, especially if she was Gesina's "kid" sister. (It turns out she was only 5 years older.) Anna married a Rath. We have since gathered more Scherff familytree data because Anna is the "3rd sister". (She lived in SW Minnesota.) The "2nd" sister was Johanna "Hanna" Scherff who married Henry H.'s brother Edward George. Many of Edward & Hanna's descendants live around Winston-Salem, N.C. The Scherff girls parents were John & Mary Steinke (Steinja) Scherff who also had a son named John. They reportedly came to the US from Hannover, Germany in 1900. The children were young when they arrived. This picture was probably taken in Rock Rapids, Iowa or somewhere near the Sioux City, Sioux Falls area. Tim and his family live in Indiana and an aunt, Shirlee, is still an Iowan.
  • Tim & Katherine Gerber, Christian & Joshua, 2002 (93 KB)
    CHAIN: H.H.> HenryHans> Mabel Schlotfeldt DeHaan> John DeH.> Sharon DeHaan Gerber> Timothy //. The DeHaan's have been really active in adoptions. See their facebook page. Tim is now active in his family genealogy. They live in Indiana and Tim is active in the family business. Mother Sharon and others from that branch have contributed good information and updates to our "tree". This photo was taken while they were on vacation in Switzerland, visiting some old 'Gerber'farms in this scenic country. The photos are from their '02 Christmas card.
  • Chain:>H.H.>HENRY F. Schlotfeldt wf. Marg. Kroeger (27 KB)
    Probably taken about 1865, this photo of Fay Schlotfeldt's Gt. Grandparents was not found until 2010 by Scharon Schlotfeldt Clark Rairdon of DeWitt, Iowa in a framed collection at the home of Simon Rasche, relative of Henry & Margaret's daughter-in-law, Alvina Rasche (Mrs. Theodore) Schlotfeldt.) This is only the 2nd picture we have been able to find of Hans Henry and Catherine Stoltenberg Schlotfeldt's children. The other was CATHERINE, whose picture is also posted to this site. This couple descendant's include families from Alvord, Rock Rapids Ida Grove and other western Iowa towns. Also Dakota, Carolina and other locations. He was struck by ligntning in the field and lost the ability to speak for a while according to family notes. See also the picture of Margaret's sister, Doris Kroeger, on this site. She was the ancestor of Shirley Patrick who has helped in Schlotfeldt reasearch too.
  • 1828-HH's brother Jürgen & wife's fam. signatures. (79 KB)
    Signature page of sales contract showing JÜRGEN HINRICH SCHLOTFELDT(*1805), his first wife, MAGDALENA CHRISTINA SCHLOTFELDTEN, (female suffix, nee MORDHORST), her father MARX MORDHORST, and two of her brothers, HANS CHRISTIAN and CLAUS MORDHORST. Records show she had two more brothers but we don't have their names. This record found by Marga Schlotfeldt of Meimersdorf, Germany from family records.
  • Theodore Detlef "Ted" Schlotfeldt -Fay's Granpa (705 KB)
    Chain:-HANS HENRY b.1808> HENRY>THEODORE DETLEF, wf.Alvina Rasche > ERNEST Denker>FAY ERNEST wf. Janice Johnson (family name was changed from Shuster to Johnson when they arrived from Germany). EXCUSE THE CAPTION ERROR.ALVINA WAS BORN IN 1867. ----Ted was born in Butler Township, Scott County, Iowa Oct.16, 1862 and he died there on Jan 16, 1919 (before Fay was born). Family have always said they loved to go to Ted's place because he had "Polly the Parrot". We have a family snapshot taken on the front lawn of the farm with Polly in the cage. Ted farmed and was also a skilled house and barn builder. The home was actually in a town named Gambril. It is still shown on some maps. There was a railroad track south of the home, but it is now gone. There was also a small store and tavern just south of the tracks that was run by other Schlotfeldts when Fay was a kid. There weren't any other stores for miles. I suppose they also sold gasoline, but I can't remember that. (See pictures of remaining buildings on this site.) This picture was taken by his daughter, Leone Schlotfeldt Kruse, a teacher and inveterate photographer. Probably taken around 1917 or 1918. We have quite a few pictures of Henry F.s kids and grandkids that were taken by Leone in the 1920s and 30s. Over time some will be added to this page. In April of 2007 Fay found and made a copy of the Passenger list of the ship Grandma ALVINA RASCHE and her family arrived on in New York when she was just 8 years old.
  • Walt & Katherine Schlotfeldt, & family. Anchorage (332 KB)
    CHAIN:HH> Detlef H.> Hans D.> Leo A.> Walt. We now have a newer montage which I may prepare and post after the holidays to replace this one. (This has a great picture of the DeHavilland Beaver though. :-) ). This great photo montage shows Walt and Katherine, Rodney, Kristin, Andy, Laura, Jennifer and Jimmy T.from their 2002/03 card. We note that Walt's pontoon/ski planes show up as "part of the family". GREAT! In this case, the oldest is the largest and newest acquisition as I recall. (A 1952 deHavilland Beaver)Quite a collector's item. Walt and Katherine also spend part of their business life in Seattle, but Anchorage is "home".
    HH son DETLEF HANS SCHLOTFELDT & wf. ANNA CHRISTINA REESE. Married in Germany in 1852, their family had started before coming to Iowa in 1856 after his military service there. They stayed the first winter in the stome home built by his father and his stonemason brother, Jochim at McCausland, Iowa. This photo was just found in August of 2010 by Kathy Schlotfeldt Wheeler and brother Ed in the collections of their sister Ilene. Detlef was the eldest son of Hans Henry. Many of their descendants settled in the Northwest US. Places like Roslyn,Olympia and the Yakima Valley of Washinton, and in Alaska and Minnesota. Others are still in the DeWitt, Clinton county Iowa area. Detlef and Anna are buried near Davenport, Iowa,near Detlef's parent's, Hans Henry and Catherine. (See marker photo elsewhere in this collection.) They were farmowners in the McCausland area.
  • Wilhelm & Johanna Schlotfeldt-Meimersdorf-Wedding (78 KB)
    Marga and Günter's parents in their 1950s wedding photo. WILHELM OTTO HEINRICH SCHLOTFELDT, born 1925 und JOHANNA FRÖBERG, born 1929. Today they still live on the family Hof in Meimersdorf, Germany. Marga and Wilfried live in the family home and her brother Günter's home is next door. Wilhelm is descended from our Hans Henry's brother, Jürgen of Meimersdorf who handled H.H.'s farm sale closing in 1853 after Hans had sailed to America. Meimersdorf is now a "suburb" of Kiel. (See Jürgen's signature on an 1828 document photo elsewhere on this page.) Wilhelm and Marga represent some of the "redheads" in the Schlotfeldt families. I may post other photos later.
  • Hans D.& Ellen Schlotfeldt's kids cir. early 1916 (1 KB)
    Hans Detlaf was the youngest son of Detlef Hans Schlotfeldt and Anna Christina Reese who came from Germany to Scott County Iowa in 1856 and Grandson of Hans Henry & Catherine. Hans was a butcher in Clinton County Iowa and migrated to Roslyn, Wash. in the late 1890. Wife Anna Marie Stahl died there in 1897 and Hans married Helen "Ellen" Donovan in Feb.of 1900. (See Hans picture at the Brewery.) Thereafter they produced a fine family of 8 children. Seven are in this picture. The youngest, Ernest, who is not shown was born in July of 1916. Next Youngest, Gertrude, was born in June of 1914 and looks to be about 2 in this photo which is how we date it. FRONT ROW, L to R: "DUDLEY" (Hans D.) b.1908, MARGUERITE b. 1912, GERTRUDE b.1914, HERMAN b.1902. BACK: CATHERINE b.1904 , LEO b.1907, FRED b.1905. (See sep. picture of Fred) Most stayed in or came back to the Yakima Valley of Washington. Leo is recoginzed as a "Pioneer" of Alaska with a family home in Fairbanks. He went there in 1927 as I recall and a Pioneer monument in town acknowledges his family. CATHERINE's daughter, Jane Blair Britz has also been very helpful with all this family history. GERTRUDE was born in Buckley, WA and became Mrs. Lee LINCK. (Fred's kids, Dick & Mary Langevin have been REAL family historians.) Ernest's son Ed, from northern WA has shared some great information he and his sister Ilene Marie had secured from German archives. Ilene was a very dedicated family researcher. As regards Leo, some neighbors of ours in Rio Verde vacationed in Fairbanks a few years ago and came back with the picture of the Fairbanks Pioneer Families monument and plaque with Leo's name on it as was the Hering name of his wife's family. That inspired me (Fay) to call Leo and the next thing we knew Jane Britz was on the phone from Yakima and this whole inter-branch link was started. I had known from from an old will of Aunt Lenora Hagedorn's that we had Alaska relatives. I did
  • 1898 Adelia Schlotfeldt and John Carstens' wedding (257 KB)
    CHAIN: H.H. >HENRY F. >ADELIA (Ida Grove, Iowa) Since we had been unable to find pictures of Henry F. & wife Marg. Kroeger, we thought their children might give clues.(Edit. We did find one in 2010. See picture later on this page.) This photo came from Adelia and Johnny's granddaughter, Mildred Richardson of Ida Grove (now Cherokee). I suspect, if you look at the photo of Margaret's sister, Doris, on this page, you will see a very close resemblace to Adelia. (Adelia is Fay S.s Great Aunt.) Anna and John left a large family who farmed, mostly, in the Ida Grove, western Iowa area. We haven't been able to read the "badges" that John was wearing here. Since, in 2010 we found a copy of the picture where she is wearing her wedding dress, we think these are the formal "travel" clothes portrait. Interesting. John has another link with the family. Doris, Marg.'s sister, married a "Funderman" and John is descended from members of that family. Part of the family settled in Ida Grove. We owe Shirley Patrick of Iowa for that research finding. She is descended from Doris. Now we have an update from another Granddaughter, Myrna Schneller. It has another surprise for Fay S. Myrna's husband is named Bob. His brother and family have lived in Camanche, Iowa for years. Their daughter married Simon Rasche, another cousin of Fay's from his Grandmother, Alvina Rasche Schlotfeldt's side. Amazing circle for a Family Tree Maker. :-)
  • Celia Schlotfeldt Hopkins Dooley - Genealogist (154 KB)
    CELIA, 1907-1995 Davenport, Iowa. She was the primary genealogist for the US Schlotfeldt "clan". When "Aunt" Lenore Hagedorn passed away and left an estate to the "Schlotfeldt Family", it was Celia the attorneys engaged to try to find where Hans Henry's descendants were. This led to an extensive data base from which to start a tree. Celia was LDS and her typed records from courthouse records and family visits show her detail. Fay, Dick, Ilene and other Schlotfeldts used her work as a basis for extending her work to a World Wide tree. Recently we began a search for any photos of Hans Henry's children. With only two "in Hand" we were afraid we were at the end of the line. We knew Celia's son, DEAN A. HOPKINS, lived in California and mailed an appeal that happened to go to his son (also Dean). Fay received a telephone response from Dean in March of 2011. His son had forwarded the letter. He HAS her album, thankfully WITH NAMES, but his sight problems make matching photos difficult. We agreed to try to have someone come there to see if we could find at least a couple of the old "lost" photos. We have imposed on 'newfound' cousin, and Detlef descendant, RYAN KRUSE, of San Diego who agreed to take his digital camera to Garden Grove to meet with Dean if we can give him a "key names" list and work it out with Dean. In coming months we will get that done. This "find" that has names with it, may be one of the last opportunities we have to see some photos of our American ancestors. We will owe a lot to both Ryan and Dean. We are not surprised that Celia properly 'named' the pictures. We have lost chances because some old albums did not have names. (fes note, 14 Mar 2011.)
  • 1781 Signature-CARSTEN Schlotfeldt-Fay's4thGtUncle (120 KB)
    Actual signature of Carsten, a farmer and official from Gross Flintbek. He married Magdalena Christina KNAACKEN. Signature just above that of KLAUS HEYDTMANN. Notes also on photo. Brother of Jochim H. Schlotfeldt.
  • 1795 Joch. Schlotfeldt Unterzeichnung (Signature) (418 KB)
    CHAIN: This JOCHIM b.1741 >JOCHIM b.1774 father of H.H.*1808 (Would be Fay's 3rd Gt. GF for instance) This "affidavit" was inserted in the bound Baptismal Register of the Gross Flintbek, Germany Parish archives. It is a substitute for a missing record. "Our" Jochim and Claus Repenning, "as honest men, attested that they were witnesses to the birth and baptism of a girl born in 1781". This entry was needed because Parish Pastor forgot to enter it. (Looks like they were human too. :-)) Jochim was the Royally appointed "Bauervogt" at Klein Flintbek (sort of a Magistrate)at the time. Jochim is the ancestor of most USA Schlotfeldts as well as many in Germany and Chile. His uncle, David, born Nov. 19, 1713 is the ancestor of Carl Schlotfeldt's family in Johannesburg, South Africa and Anna Schlotfeldt's family of Adelaide, Australia, as well as Dierk Schlotfeldt of Gross Meinsdorf, Germany and Holger Peter of Hamburg. If you have trouble getting a print from this file, e-mail me and I'll send you a copy. (Fay)
  • DENKER HOTEL, Eldridge, Iowa 1905 with Hans family (273 KB)
    Fay Schlotfeldt's mother, Selma,nee Denker, is in this photo at about 2 years old. This is the new hotel and saloon that was built after the old one, built in 1900, burned down (mysteriously the family says). Hans and his family emigrated from BENDFELD, SCHÖNBERG-PROBSTEI area of Germany. Those folks were independent workers and business people there with names like Wiese, Arp, Lamp, Gertz, Ballhorn, Schneekloth. These folks tended to migrate together and the town of Eldridge is loaded with them. Hans' Grandson, Fay Ernest Schlotfeldt, has DNA links with several folks whose ancestry is from Eldridge and Probstei. ( It is reported these folks seldom married outside of the area because of this "independence" which may explain the many shared DNA lines and segments. In 2014 we found Hans' ancestry in Barsbek back to the 1600s.
  • Fay's Grandpa Theo. at desk& photo of his parents? (496 KB)
    See the framed photo over the desk. I think the two oval photos are of his parents Henry F. and Marg.(Kroeger) Schlotfeldt. Outside of them are Grandma Alvina's parents, Simon and "Tina" (Tordsen) Rasche, seated. (I have copies of those.) Cousin Dick tried to enhance this so "zoomed" pictures are better. Can't see for sure. Any other digital photo experts out there? I'll send a "bitmap" copy. May be only photos of Henry F. and Margaret. (In 2010 we found one more. A good one in the Rasche family archives. We'll study it to see if we can match.) This photo is vintage 1916 from daughter Leone's files. Ted died in 1919. Afraid this original framed group of photos has been lost forever, but we've found the same pictures elsewhere.
  • Dennis & Elena Schlotfeldt & Family, Fairbanks,AK (35 KB)
    CHAIN: HANS HENRY 1808-1890>; DETLEF HANS 1826-1898>; HANS DETLAF 1867-1934>; LEO ALBERT 1937-2002>; DENNIS Dennis & Elena in 2001 photo with children, ALLA, CHRISTOPHER and young URY. They have given me a nice digital "photo album", but I'm not computer literate enough to know how to build a link to it (yet?). Anyway, its great to have and I've selected this one picture which shows another great looking Schlotfeldt family. They are helping hold down our northern border..(or we are holding down their southern border. That sounds a little more "Alaskan" I guess.
  • 1945 Wedding Lilla Schlotfeldt-Fred Brimson So.Afr (60 KB)
    Capetown, South Africa. Photo copied on trip by Marga Schlotfeldt and Wilfried of Meimersdorf, Germany in April of 2006. Lilla (now 80) and Fred welcomed them both. Lilla is the aunt of Carl Schlotfeldt of Johannesburg who arranged the meeting during Marga and Wilfried's vacation. Carl and Lilla are descendants of "our" Jochim and Hinrich of Klein Flintbek.
  • South Africa 06-Marga & Wilfried visit Schlotfeldt (64 KB)
    After visiting Carl Schlotfeldt's aunt "Lilla" in Capetown while on vacation from Germany, Marga und Wilfried went to the Cape of Good Hope. The signs in the photo tell it all. Marga got more information for the family tree from Lilla, husband Fred Brimson and daughter Janet Daly. (Photo from Marga Schlotfeldt & Wilfried Brueckner, thanks.)

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