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William Cox (son of Thomas Coxe and Nee?)81 was born 1598 in Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England81, and died 14 Dec 1656 in Henrico, Virginia81. He married Elizabeth Hutchins81, daughter of Robert Hutchins.

 Includes NotesNotes for William Cox:

William arrived in Virginia on June 10, 1610 on the ship 'Godspeed'. William was in the party of Thomas WEST, Third Lord De La WARR. he may have been a brother of Elizabeth COXE, daughter of Sir Henry COXE, of Broxburn, Herfordshire, who was married to Robert WEST, brother of Lord De La WARR.

When the muster was taken in Feb. 1624/25, he was listed as William COXE, age 26, at Elizabeth City, with Thomas BOULDINGE.

On Sept 20, 1628, because he qualified as an "ancient planter," ie, one who had been in the colony before April 1616, the time of departure of Sir Thomas DALE, he was granted a ten yea r lease for 100 acres. This land was granted to William COXE, Planter, and was located "with in the precincts of Elizabeth City,..bounded on the south by the maine (James) river." (Orde r of First Families of Virginia, Adventures of Purse and Person, P. 211-212; Nell Marion Nuge nt, Cavaliers and Pioneer, P.12: Virginia Patent Book 1, P.89; John Frederick Dorman ed., Th e Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 15, p. 163; West-Central Kentucky family Research Association, K entucky Family Records, Vol. II, p. 61-64. 69-71.

According to Walter Lee Hopkins, HOPKINS OF VIRGINIA and RELATED FAMILIES. p. 114, Nell Mario n Nugent, CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, P. 52, 74: Virginia Patent Book 1, P. 403, 492. "On Nov 29 , 1636, William COXE received a patent for 150 acres in Henrico Co., VA, for the transportati on of three persons into the Colony. This tract was also located on the James River, furthe r west, and was about 2 1/2 miles northwest of "Harroe Attocks" (Arrowhattocks). On Oct. 29 , 1637, he received a patent for 150 more acres in the same location for three more headright s."

Coxe and his wife Elizabeth returned to England at least once. In 1637 they were claimed by Mathew EDLOE as headrights. Mathew EDLOE, his mother, Alice EDLOE, and sister, Hannah BOYES we re all neighbors of William COXE, owning property adjoining his in Henrico Co., VA.

Sometime before Dec 14, 1665, both COXE and his wife died, for on that date Peter LEE patente d 126 acres in Henrico Co., VA adjoining the land belonging to the "orphans of William COXE, " and lying on the main (James)river and northeast of the land of Isaac HUTCHINS. Accordin g to information sent by Margaret Smith, "There is an un referenced family chart which show s that William's wife was Elizabeth HUTCHINS and it also names their four children. (Order o f First Families of Virginia, Adventures of Purse and Person, P.212. John Frederick Dorman, e d., The Virginia Genealogist, Vol 15. P. 164.)

William COXE was known as King "of Arrowhattoncks" in Henrico Co., VA he was dead by Dec 14 , 1656. His wife Elizabeth HUTCHINS who may have married (2) William ELAM.

This information supplied by Beth Sloan:

From Adventurers of Purse and Person, page 61 ("Musters"):
Thomas Bouldinge, his Muster - Elizabeth Cittie:
Thomas Bouldinge, aged 40 in the Swan 1610.
William Bouldinge, borne in Virginia
William Coxe, aged 26 in the Godspeede 1610.
Richard Edwards, aged 23 in the Jacob 1624.
Niccolas Dale, aged 20 in the Jacob 1624.
Provision: Corne, 10 barreles; Fish, 600 ct; house, 1; pallizado, 1. Armes: peeces, 3; Armor , 1; Coate of male, 1; swords, 3; powder, 6lb.; lead, 200 lb.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 12 (Patent Book 1, Part 1):
William Cox, of Eliz. Citty, Planter, 100 acres within said precincts, abutting east on lan d of Dictoris Christmas, Planter, extending towards ground now graunted to Chrisopher Calthro pp, Gent., south on the maine river, &c. Lease, as above. 20 Sept. 1628, page 89.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 52 (Patent Book 1, Part 1):
William Cox, 150 acres, Henrico Co., 29 Nov. 1636, page 403. Aboute 2 miles above Harroe Att ocks, west by north upon the maine river, westerly upon the great swamp, easterly into the wo ods & southerly towards Harrow Attocks. Due for transportation of 3 persons: Thomas Braxston , Richard Bird, Richard Hewes.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, pages 59-60 (Patent Book 1, Part 1):
Mathew Edloe (Edlowe), son & heir to Matthew Edloe, late of Virginia, decd., 1,200 acres upo n the north side of James River over against the Upper Chippokes Creek, southwest upon the ma ine river & northeast into the woods towards Danceing point, 12 July 1637, page 435. Due i n right of 24 servants transported at the costs of his father: Math. Edloe, Hugh Tyder, Wm. D eane, Edwd. Tompson, Wm. Cox, Eliz. Jax (Jux? This may be intended for "ux" - wife), Griff . Roberts, Fr. Roberts, John Licheston, Peter Homes, Evans Kemp, Jon. Buxton, Tho. Crosby, Ra nd. Heyward, Hen. Croft, Tho. Morris, Tho. Rogers, Step. Pettis, Chri. Jones, Wm. Marsten (o r Marshen), Jon. Bethone, Tho. Martin, Jon. Seaton, Geo. Pricklove.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 61 (Patent Book 1, Part 1):
Alice Edloe, 100 acres, Henrico Co., 14 July 1637, page 441. Lying 2 miles above Harroe Attocks towards the falls on the same side of the River in a Swamp betwixt land belonging to William Coxe & 350 acres graunted to said Alice, bounded west by south upon the maine river, eas t by north into the maine woods through said Swamp, beginning 12 feet on that side of a Cree k towards land of said Coxe, running up the river & abutting her own land. Transportation o f 2 persons: John Williams, William Attaway.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 74 (Patent Book 1, Part 2):
William Cox, 150 acres, Henrico Co., 29 Oct. 1637, page 492. About 2 miles above Harrow Atto cks, west by north upon the maine river, westerly upon the great swamp, easterly into the woo ds, & southerly towards Harrow Attocks. Transportation of 3 persons [not named].

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 75 (Patent Book 1, Part 2):
Nathaniell Floyd, 850 acres, Isle of Wight Co., 20 Nov. 1637, page 498. 600 acres being a ne ck about 4 miles up the maine creek running up the baye of Warwicksquike, the said neck lyin g between 2 creeks, &c. 250 acres up towards the head of the maine creek over small creeks o r brookes. Transportation of 17 persons: Christ. Denn, Robert Leaderd, Wm. Moyses, Ambrose P roctor, Tho. Weare, Robt. Barton, Robert Joyce, Mathew Tomlin, Jon. Cox, Rich. Redock, Davi d Hopkins, Flug Floyd, Wm. Cox, Katherin Folder, Rich. Carter, Jon. Gillett, Christ. Thomas.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 84 (Patent Book 1, Part 2):
Robert Cradock (Craddock), 300 acres, Henrico Co., 29 May 1638, page 537. Northerly on a lit tle creek towards Lilley Valley upon land of William Cox, & Isaac Hutchins & south upon lan d of John Davis. Transportation of 6 persons [not named].

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 133 (Patent Book 1, Part 2):
Thomas Ransha, 300 acres, Warwick Co., Aug. 25, 1642, page 813. Being a neck of land calle d Harwoods Neck, butting upon the Deepe Creek, near land of William Coxe, to Stokes Creek, di viding this from land of Christopher Boyce. 150 acres due by purchase of patent from John Ga rrett, & the other for transportation of 3 persons: Richard Puse, Georg Sutton, Michaell Slow ly.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 138 (Patent Book 1, Part 2):
Cornelius de Hull, Oct. 31, 1642, page 842. 502 acres known as Lilley Valley, beginning nex t to Mrs. Edlows Swamp, near his own land & southeast upon John Davis, southwest to the river , ending neare a place called the Seaven -. 250 acres of this land was granted to William Co x in 1637. Transportation of 10 persons: Thomas Blackston, Richard Bird, Richard Hewes, Jame s Dupen, Mary Howtree, Jon. Dodd, Robert Hayes, Samll. Waterhowse, Walter Jones, Wm. Thomas.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 147 (Patent Book 1, Part 2):
Thomas Hughes, 400 acres, Charles River Co., Sept. 28, 1643, Page 907. Upon Tymber Neck cree k on the north side of said river adjoining Mr. Richard Richards. Transportation of 8 person s: Georg Burford, Senr., Geo. Gurford, Junr., William Cox, Mary Cox, John Shell, Tho. Tapp, W m. Thorpe.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library , Richmond, Virginia, 1992, page 334 (Patent Book 4):
Peeter Lee, 126 acres, Henrico Co., known by the name of Worricke, 14 Dec. 1656, page 44 (67) . Beginning at a small run & a place called London Bridge which divides it from land belongi ng to the Orphans of William Cox, southeast on the main river & northeast on Isack Hutchings . Transportation of 3 persons [not named].

From Adventurers of Purse and Person, pages 211-216:
William Coxe came to Virginia at the age of 12 in the Godspeed, which arrived 10 June 1610 w ith the party of Thomas West, Third Lord De La Warr. The fact that Lord De La Warr's brother , Robert West, married Elizabeth Coxe, daughter of Sir Henry Coxe of Broxburn, Hertfordshire , suggests that William Coxe may have been of that family. When the muster was taken, Feb. 1 624/25, he was listed with Thomas Bouldinge at Elizabeth City. He was granted a lease for te n years, 20 Sept. 1628, for 100 acres "within the precincts of Elizabeth City," bounded on th e south by the maine [James] river, on the east by Dictoris Christmas, planter, and Christoph er Calthropp, Gent.
On 29 Nov. 1636, William Coxe received a patent in a different locality, 150 acres in Henric o County about two and one-half miles above Harroe Attocks [Arrowhattocks]. Another 150 acre s in the same location was granted to him 29 Dec. 1637. This was in the vicinity of Fallin g Creek, and his neighbors were Mrs. Alice Edloe, her daughter Hannah Boyse and her son Mathe w Edloe, and Robert Craddock.
There must have been at least one return trip to England, for Mathew Edloe in a patent, 12 Ju ly 1637, claimed William Coxe and Elizabeth his wife as two of his headrights. He may have s erved as Burgess from Henrico County, 1646. Coxe was dead by 14 Dec. 1656 when Peter Lee pat ented 126 acres in Henrico County adjoining the land "belonging to the orphans of William Cox e."
Issue: Thomas, inherited as "son and heir" a right in 250 acres sold, 1 Sept. 1642, by Mathe w Gough to William Cox and Isaac Hutchins, and assigned his interest to John Knowles, 1 Aug . 1668; and John [I].
John Cox [I] (William), of Arrowhattocks, on 29 March 1665 patented 550 acres in Henrico Coun ty on the north side of "Harristocks" [Arrowhattocks], adjoining the land of Capt. Edloe. Th is must, of necessity, have joined the land formerly owned by William Coxe and then by his or phans. On 5 Feb. 1685/86, he made a deed of gift to his son William Cox, and on 11 July 169 3 he gave 100 acres to his son Bartholomew Cox and a negro girl to Bartholomew, his wife Rebe cca, and their son George. Henry Cox witnessed both deeds. The will of John Cox [I], 19 Feb . 1691/92 - 1 Feb. 1696/97, named his wife Mary and six sons. On the day the will was proved , Mary Coxe, widow of John Coxe [I], deceased, entered a suit for her dower agains Henry, Joh n, William, George, and Bartholomew Coxe.
John Cox [I] was married more than once. One wife may have been a daughter of Robert Craddoc k. The wife who survived him was Mary Kennon whome he married (license 22) Sept. 1682. Will iam Elam of Henrico County in his will, dated 18 Feb. 1688/89, left one shilling to his "son- in-law, John Cox, Senr."
Issue: (by earlier wife or wives) William; Bartholomew; Henry, left the home plantation and m uch personal property by his father, died without issue leaving will proved 1 Oct. 1697 by Ge orge Cox; John; George; (by Mary Kennon) Richard.
William Cox (John [I], William), born before Feb. 1664/65, was listed with 300 acres on the 1 704 quit rent roll of Henrico County. He married Sarah (-), who may have been Sarah Taylor . He left will 24 Feb. 1711/12 - 2 June 1712, and his widow left will 29 March 1726 - 20 Jan . 1747/48.
Issue: Stephen, left will 1749, Cumberland County, married Judith Woodson, who left will 24 J une 1774 - 28 Nov. 1774; Martha, married 13 Oct. 1723 at "Bremo," Henrico County, Henry Wood , born 8 July 1696 at London, died 2 May 1757, clerk of Henrico County, 1726, and of Goochlan d County, 1728-53; Mary; Prudence, married (bond 17) Jan. 1736/37 John Williamson, and live d in Hanover County 3 April 1747, when they sold 150 acres she inherited from her father; Jud ith, left will 2 April 1777 - 4 July 1782, married (bond 27) June 1730 Giles Allegre of Albem arle County; Edith, married William Harding; Elizabeth, married (1) John Jameston, who left w ill 9 April 1726 - 3 Oct. 1726, and (2) Arthur Moseley, Sr., widower of Sarah Hancock, who le ft will 22 Feb. 1728/29 - 6 July 1730.
Bartholomew Cox (John [I], William) was listed with 100 acres on the 1704 quit rent roll of H enrico County. He married, before 2 Oct. 1693, Rebecca (-), and left will 14 Jan. 1730/3 1 - 15 June 1731.
Issue: George, left will 15 Feb. 1727/28 - 21 May 1728, married Martha (-); Frederick, left w ill 4 May 1754 - 27 Jan. 1755, married Elizabeth (-); John [II], left will 5 April 1762 - 9 S ept. 1762, married Mary (-); (daughter), married (-) Baugh; Mary, married (license 3) June 17 09 Moses Wood, who left will 2 June 1715 - March 1715/16.
John Cox (John [I], William) married Mary Baugh, daughter of William and Jane Baugh. He hel d 150 acres in Henrico County, 1704, and elft will 18 July 1710 - 1 Jan. 1710/11.
Issue: William, married Sarah Cocke; James, left undated will, proved 1 March 1713/14; Martha , left will 21 Sept. 1735 - 5 April 1736, married 7 Jan. 1706/07 Richard Wilkinson, who lef t will, now lost, proved 6 April 1724.
George Cox (John [I], William) held 200 acres in Henrico County, 1704. He married, 22 Oct. 1 697, Martha Stratton. His will, 8 April 1721 - 5 Feb. 1721/22, and her will, 17 Oct. 172 9 - June 1734, named their children.
Issue: Henry, died by 9 Aug. 1745 when the inventory of his estate was made, married Mary (-) ; Edward, left will, now lost, proved Feb. 1743/44; Frances, born March 1705, left will 13 Ju ne 1772 - 6 May 1774, married Thomas Friend, born April 1700, died 14 April 1760, left will 3 1 Dec. 1758 - 6 June 1760; Ann, married Edward Scott, justice of Goochland County, who operat ed a ferry across James River from his plantation at Manakintown, and left will 20 Feb. 1737/ 38 - 18 April 1738.

Richard Cox (John [I], William) married, by 8 Jan. 1700/01, Mary Trent, daughter of Henry Tre nt and his wife Elizabeth Sherman. He held 300 acres in Henrico County, 1704. He left a wil l, 13 July 1734 - Feb. 1734/35, and his wife left an undated will, proved 2 Feb. 1735/36.
Issue: John, married Elizabeth (-); Henry, left will 26 July 1779 - 1 June 1780, married Judi th Redford, who left will 15 Aug. 1785 - 9 April 1789; Mary, married (-) Fore (probably Faure ); Elizabeth, married [Strangeman] Hutchins; Richard; Obedience, left will 6 Sept. 1770 - 1 5 April 1771, married Phelemon Perkins, on whose estate she was granted administration 15 Ma y 1769; Edith, married James Whitloe whose will, now lost, was proved Nov. 1768; Martha, marr ied by 7 Aug. 1727 James Ferguson.

From The Virginia Genealogist, Volume 15, pages 163-165:
William Cox, The Case of the Ancient Planter, by Charles Hughes Hamlin, Richmond, Virginia.
William Coxe is listed among the early records of Virginia as an "ancient planter" and i n a muster of the inhabitants of Elizabeth Cittie, taken in January-February 1624/25 by Thoma s Bouldinge, he appears as "William Coxe, age 26, came in the Godspeede 1610." From this re cord we can estimate that William Cox was born ca. 1598 and was probably an orphan about twel ve years of age when he landed in Virginia, although it is possible that he could have arrive d in the company of a relative of a different surname from his.
William Coxe was one of the first to qualify as an "ancient planter," for on 20 Sept. 1628 h e received title to a patent for 100 acres of land "within the precincts of Elizabeth City Co unty," bounded south on the maine river [i.e., James River] and abutting east on the land o f Dictoris Christmas, planter, and extending toward the ground now granted to Christopher Cal thropp, Gent., in which there is reference to "lease, as above." The term "lease as above " refers to the Orders from the Council in England to Governor Francis West to "release and g rant 100 acres of land to each 'ancient planter' who came to Virginia before the time of th e departure of Sir Thomas Dale." In this connection it is of interest that Sir Thomas Dale w as acting Governor of Virginia in 1611 and 1612 and was succeeded in April 1616 by Capt. Geor ge Yeardley, acting governor, who was later knighted by the King and appointed Governor in 16 18-19.
William Coxe on 29 Nov. 1636 received another patent for 150 acres in Henrico County about tw o and one-half miles above Harroe Attocks [sic; a misspelling by the clerk for Arrowhattocks ] lying west by north upon the maine river [i.e., James River] and then received another pat ent for 150 acres on 29 Dec. 1637 with the same description and of the same location.
A further description of this land and the location thereof is contained in a patent dated 1 4 July 1637 for 100 acres granted to Alice Edloe, about two and one-half miles above Harroe a ttocks [sic] adjoining 350 acres of the own land and the land of William Coxe.
William Coxe and Elizabeth his wife at some time went to England and on their return sold the ir rights for land to their neighbor Mathew Edloe, son and heir of Mathew Edloe, deceased, fo r a patent granted him 12 July 1637 [in which] he listed their two names among his headrights .
It has been contended by one contemporary historian that there is no evidence that William Co xe left any children or heirs to his land. While it is true that most of the records of Henr ico County before 1677 have been lost or destroyed, evidence of descent from William Coxe doe s exist. On 14 Dec. 1656, Peter Lee was granted a patent for 126 acres in Henrico County adj oining the land belonging to the orphans of William Cox and lying southeast on the main [Jame s] River and northeast on the land of Isaac Hutchings.
In the absence of the court records, a land patent of 1665 establishes that John Cox [I] wa s one of these orphans. On 29 March 1665, John Cox [I] patented 550 acres in Henrico Count y on the north side of Harrisstocks [sic] adjoining the land of Captain Edloe. This must nec essarily also have joined the land formerly owned by William Cox and later by his orphans.
John Cox [I] was at least twenty-one when he patented this land and was therefore born by 164 4. Not only is the description and location of this new patent significant, but also of impo rtance is the fact that John Cox [I] named his eldest son William. On 5 Feb. 1685/86 he mad e a deed of gift to William for natural love and affection and therein described himself as J ohn Coxe, Senior, of Harrowattocks.
On 11 July 1693, John Coxe, Senior, made another deed of gift of 100 acres of land to anothe r son, Bartholomew Cox, and at the same time gave a Negro girl, Doll, about one year old, t o his son George Cox.
John Cox [I] married Mary Kennon 25 Sept. 1682, but she must have been a second wife since t he dates of the gifts to his sons indicate they were born in the early 1660s.

John Coxe [I] died in Henrico County leaving a will which was dated 19 Feb. 1691/92 and prove d 1 Feb. 1696/97. He named as his legatees his wife Mary and six sons, John, Bartholomew, R ichard, Henry, George, and William. On the same day as the probate of the will, Mary Coxe, w idow of John Coxe [I], deceased, entered a suit for her dower in 550 acres of land against He nry, John, William, George, and Bartholomew Coxe. There is a possibility that Richard may h ave been Mary's son since he was not included among the defendants, but this is speculation o nly. The 550 acres in which she sought title for her dower right is identified as the paten t for 550 acres John Coxe [I] received 29 March 1665.
That John Cox [I] owned more land than the 550 acres is proven by the Virginia quit rent rol l of 1704 which shows that his sons held the following acreage in Henrico County: Bartholomew , 100 acres; John, 150 acres; George, 200 acres; Richard, 300 acres; William, 300 acres - a t otal of 1,050 acres. This additional land must have been inherited from their father and he , in turn, must have inherited it from his father, William Cox. It seems very clear that bot h John Cox [I] and William Cox (both described as "of Arrowhattocks") must have owned the sam e land in their respective generations.

From William Hutchins of Carolina, by Jack Randolph Hutchins, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore , MD, 1995, pages 632-647:
Appendix V, Extracts from the manuscript Coxe Chronicles: Our Immigrant Ancestors and Their P orts of Entry, by Simeon Oliver Coxe, Sr., 1877-1955; and from the manuscript Adventurers an d Planters at Arrowhattocks: A Genealogy of the Coxe - Hutchins - Burton Families of Henric o County, Virginia, 1611-1665, by Simeon Oliver Coxe, Jr., 15 August 1910 -
The Reverand Simeon Oliver Coxe (1877-1955) made an extensive study of the Coxe-Hutchins-Burt on families along the James River in Virginia. After his death his son Simeon Jr. assisted Mr s. Nellie M. Knox of Loveland, Colorado, with data for a supplement to her earlier edition o f The History and Genealogy of the John Pleasants Burton Family of Lawrence County, Indiana.
While gleaning through his father's file he became interested in carrying on the family rese arch and proceeded to analyze the land grants and patents in Henrico County as recorded in Ca valiers and Pioneers. These grants and patents were plotted on topographic maps to show the l ocation and relationship of the various lands along the James River. In comparing land owners hip and movements of owners he was able to piece together the information which he included i n a publication printed in 1964 and revised in 1992. On August 24, 1995, Simeon Jr. lived i n a retirement home in Spanish Fort, Alabama.
After long and detailed research, Simeon Jr. noted that there have been several articles writ ten about the relationship of the Coxe-Hutchins-Burton families, but due to the scarcity of a ncient records, they are largely based on conjecture and circumstantial evidence. He notes th at although his papers do not have much additional hard data to present, they do have much be tter circumstantial evidence to support the conclusions stated. Members of these families wer e all adjacent or nearby land owners in the "Lilley Valley" and "Fallen Creek" areas of Henri co and in the Strawberry Bank community of Elizabeth City. The chronology of events and the n early simultaneous movements of individuals and their interactions in land transactions poin t to a very close family relationship which can best be explained as noted in this publicatio n.
There has been a lot of speculation as to the Christian and family names of the wife of Joh n Burton and the names of the wife of his son Richard Burton. Some give the Christian name o f John's wife as Rachel because that was the name of his second daughter and the name Rache l was used in the Howchins family of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, where som e assume John obtained his bride. New Kent records do not show a Rachel of the age to be th e wife of John Burton but some assume that Edward Howchins, father of Rachel baptized in 168 6 in St. Peter's Parish, might have had an unknown sister named Rachel, who married John Burt on.
Moreover, it was then the custom to name the eldest daughter after the mother. If they follow ed this custom the wife of John Burton was named Mary. The Burton families and the Coxe famil ies were intermingled in land transactions along the James River which presents the good poss ibility that Mary Coxe, daughter of William Coxe of Strawberry Banks and probably granddaught er of Robert Hutchins, was the wife of John Burton. If she were his wife it would account fo r the use of the Hutchins Burton name for the grandson of John Burton.
The setting for the Coxe-Burton-Hutchins story is near a place frequently mentioned in the ol d records as "Arrowhattocks." In one of its various spellings it was mentioned in the writing s of Captain John Smith and was some twelve miles from the "Fales" on a small neck of land o n the north side of the James River. The new town of Henrico was planted in 1611 on the larg e neck of land, also on the north [side] of the river, just to the south of Arrowhattocks. Th e town was burned by the Indians in 1622, and was never rebuilt. The land is now in the Richm ond National Battlefield Park, 1 miles below Fort Hoke, near the intersection of the Osborn e Pike and the Kingland Road.
To the north and east of Arrowhattocks was an area known as "Longfield," which was first ment ioned in records of 1635, however, the owner's name is not listed. As its location coincide s with part of the old "College Plantation" of 10,000 acres between the Falls and the Neck, w hich belonged to the Virginia Company of London, it is possible that the occupants were tenan ts. George Thorpe was appointed manager of the College Plantation in 1619. Seventeen people w ere killed there in the massacre of 1622.
To the northwest of Arrowhattocks on the south side of the James River was Falling Creek, whe re the first iron furnace in America was established as early as 1610. In 1622, Captain Joh n Berkley was among the 22 people killed at the iron works and others were killed at nearby p lantations. In 1635 the place was called Fallen Creek. The massacre of 1622 desecrated the la nd around Arrowhattocks, and life was slow to return to the area.
Although the Arrowhattocks area is the later setting for the Coxe-Hutchins-Burton family hist ory, it actually begins when William Coxe, then a lad of twelve years, arrived in Virginia o n Sunday, June 10, 1610, in the ship Godspeed, which formed part of the convoy headed by Thom as West, Lord De La Warr. Lord De La Warr or Thomas West (1577-1618) was the third of his fam ily to carry the title.
Thomas West had a younger brother, Francis West (1586-1633) who came to America about July 16 09 but went to England early in 1610 to return to Virginia the same year. He was involved i n a quarrel with Captain John Smith, who is said to have conspired with Powhatan to kill West . Smith, however, was injured by a gunpowder explosion and returned to England on the 5th o f October 1609 where he defended his actions. In 1612, Francis succeeded George Percy as comm ander at Jamestown. The Third Lord De La Warr also had a brother Robert West who married Eliz abeth Coxe. It is assumed that the 12-year-old lad William Coxe was related to Elizabeth an d came to Virginia in the care of one of his numerous kinsmen. In the muster of 1624 Willia m Coxe was then 26 years old and the only "Ancient Planter" from the Godspeed who was then su rviving.
On September 10, 1628, William Cox, planter, received his "Ancient Planter" grant of 100 acre s on the north bank of the James River, as recorded in Land Book 1, Part 1, page 89. The loca tion is identified as in Harwoods Neck, bounded on the west by Deep Creek, on the south by th e James River, to the east by other patents, and a smaller creek known as Water's Creek. Late r this area was known as the Strawberry Bank community. It is south of Blunt Point in Elizabe th City County not far from the present site of the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Comp any. In 1636 he left the Strawberry Bank community and moved up the James River to land in He nrico County near Alice Edloe, probably his sister.
When William Coxe arrived in Strawberry Bank a near neighbor south of Water's Creek was Rober t Hutchins, the mariner. Robert had received a patent to these 100 acres below Blunt Point i n May 1625. His lands on the Strawberry Bank are mentioned as abutting the land granted on 1 4 March 1638 to Robert Sweete.
Robert Hutchins was a mariner, ship captain, and has a long but obscure history in the Virgin ia colony. He is first mentioned in 1611 when George Percy, commander at Jamestown, was indeb ted to Robert for 25 shillings (VA Hist. Mag., Vol. 57, p. 240). His land patent was dated i n May 1625 and in 1628 his land was adjacent to lands then granted to Robert Sweete on Strawb erry Bank. Captain John Smith in his 1630 book mentions obtaining from Master Hutchins, in Lo ndon, the latest information concerning the affairs in Virginia. On July 5, 1656, a land reco rd of Captain Christopher Calthropp mentions as bounds the Strawberry Bank land of Robert Hut chins.
The evidence indicates that Robert, in the earlier years, probably kept his family in Englan d but spent much of his life in Virginia where he probably had tenants on his land. His famil y has not been identified but land records indicate that he probably had two children who cam e to Virginia about 1633: a daught

More About William Cox:
Arrival: 10 Jun 1610, Jamestown, Virginia, aboard "Godspeede".82
Date born 2: Abt. 1598, England.83, 84
Died 2: Bef. 14 Dec 1656, ,Henrico, Virginia.85, 86
Record Change: 16 Mar 200087, 88

More About William Cox and Elizabeth Hutchins:
Marriage: 89

Children of William Cox and Elizabeth Hutchins are:
  1. +John Cox, b. Abt. 1620, Virginia90, 91, d. 01 Feb 1696/97, Henrico, Virginia92, 93.
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