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View Tree for MR. Thomas ColeMR. Thomas Cole (b. Abt. 1829, d. date unknown)

Thomas Cole (son of John Cole and Elizabeth Brown)401, 402, 403, 404 was born Abt. 1829 in Torbay, NFLD405, and died date unknown. He married (1) Jane Bishop on November 07, 1852 in Church of St. Nuicholas, Torbay, NFLD405. He married (2) Mary Ann ("Agnes") Thorne on November 10, 1860 in TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA.

 Includes NotesNotes for Thomas Cole:
Ruth Cole concluded that "circumstantial evidence" proved Thomas to be son of John and Elizabeth.

Thomas Cole was married twice. His first wife was Jane Bishop, a Spinster. They were married on November 7, 1852 in the Parish of Pouch Cove, Torbay, Newfoundland, by Henry Tuckwell; witnesses were William Cole (brother?), Samuel Codner and Hannah Codner. Tom and Jane had three children: John Joseph, born July 22, 1853; Elizabeth Jane, born September 30, 1855; Mary Anne, born January 19, 1858. Jane Bishop Cole died (year unknown, probably 1858 or 1859) and Thomas married Mary Ann Thorne on November 10, 1860. This marriage ceremony was presided over by G.M. Johnson, Church of St. Nicholas, Torbay (source of records: St. Nicholas, Torbay). Occupation: fisherman. Witnesses: Uriah Cole (brother?), Nathanial Thorne, and Rachel Codner. "Bess" and "Carrie" noted in family were probably nicknames for children by Jane Bishop.

A will of a Thomas Cole, died 1907, named brothers Peter and James, is not this Thomas. (this other Thomas is #28 in Ruth Cole's records). No death, burial, birth record or cemetery record is found. Do not know when or where he died, but it was after 1884, the last recorded child. Original records end at 1879 in the Provincial Archives in St. John.

The 1871 Census of Torbay showed Thomas as a farmer. He, Philip and Uriah were the only Coles in Torbay.

Ruth Cole found no birth record, no age on marriage records, no death or burial or cemetery record.
Ruth Cole asks: "When and where did (this) Thomas die? I have found NO record of d. anywhere. The last recorded child was b. 1884 so he must have died after 1884. Original burial records - Ch of St. N. Torbay end in 1879. (Same end date] at Prov. Arch. [Both] do not show this Thomas."

Pat Stephens writes (9/98):
"Russell told me one time that he remembers his Father Irving, telling him that Grandfather Thomas was lost at sea so therefore that is probably why we find no record of him in the graveyard at Torbay, also Mary Ann married again and this husband was lost at sea also. I don't know how true that was, but its possible."

Records of two of their children are in this segment of an e-mail:

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 00:05:31 -0700
From: Vera Short
Subject: [nlgs-l] IGI records C-#9

Newfoundland Fiche (c)1988 Contributor: Vera Short

b=birth, c=christened, m=marriage (Batch # serial sheet # included on some)
Name, date of event, location, parents or spouse

Page 24

COLE, Ann Marie m. Elias CHALK Nov 16 1859 Bonavista #8105102 #27
COLES, Blanche K. b. May 5 1883 Elliston to George COLES, Kezia CREWE #7336008 #56
COLE, Fannie b. Jul 1877 Elliston #7731302 #22
COLE, Maria c. Mar 7 1869 Torbay to Thomas COLE/Mary Ann COLE #7629201 #82
COLE, Mary Margaret b. Feb 2 1858 Deep Bay (uncleared) #8018303 #98
COLE, Matilda b. Oct 10 1828 St. John's #8100901 #40
COLE, Matilda Jane m. Richard Alexander McCOUBREY Jun 18 1850 St. John's #8534302 #88
COLE, Samuel b. Aug 29 1884 St. John's Pouch Cove to Thomas Cole/Mary #8609301 #42
COLE, Sarah m. Lawrence CHALK Feb 24 1855 Bonavista #8105102 #26

Subject: cole family names
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 11:45:05 NST
From: "Brian Conway"

Dear Mr. Schneider,
I understand that you are looking for the Thomas and Carrie (Churchill) Cole family. Well I can send you all their names, dates and locations, right on down to their great-greatgrand children as Thomas and Carrie were my wife's grandparents.

[John Bishop Tree.FTW]

Subject: Uncle Tom Cole
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 17:07:16 EST

From Ed Goss:

Hi Ken:
Here's something I think will be of some interest to you. I probably have mentioned James "Hunter" Gosse before to you. He was a son of Thomas Gosse & Mary Hannah Cole. He lived to be 101 years old and died in 1994. "Hunter" was a nickname. Back in the 1970's his grandson, who was then in college, interviewed him, as part of a school project, about his life in Torbay and about what he knew about the earlier generations of his family.

Hunter's grandfather was William Goss. He was my great grandfather. William had two brothers Thomas and Alfred. The three brothers were partners in the fishing and freighting business for many years. At one point they owned a schooner which they lost when it sank. Hunter recites what his father told him about this accident. Here is what he said:

" Anyway Skipper Tom Gosse was a Captain and they used to go freightin'. They had a schooner. Skipper Tom never had any children - only one woman. They lost the schooner father was telling me. Uncle Alfred and father's Uncle Tom and my grandfather, Bill was his name, they lost the schooner. They had another man with them, Uncle Tom Cole, the father of the man I bought the house from who used to live here -- where this house is now. A French vessel came along- they were sinking - and the fishing lines they used to have - 60 fathoms - he, Uncle Tom Cole, tied a bit of lead to that and he hove that line, the whole length of it, right across to the other steamer. Father said he was some man. Then they tied a rope onto that and hauled them across.

"Uncle Alfred, he was what they used to call "Little Ass". He could take a barrel of beef, 300 lbs., out of the boat - we used to bring stuff by boat then from town - up over the stage head 10 or 12 feet high with that over his back, 300 lbs., and bring that up to his house. He wasn't big. Just a short, stout man. I just knew him when I was a young fellow - he was stooped then. Anyhow I was telling you they used to call him "Little Ass". This Uncle Alfred now he didn't trouble about going aboard the boat at all. He went down and gathered up all their clothes and tied it all in a quilt and saved their clothes. He wasn't bothered about going on board her. When he come up the vessel went right down on her side. All he had to do was just walk on board."

Can you identify the Tom Cole referred to? Since Hunter calls him uncle it seems clear that he was from Hunter's mother's family.

We know the three Goss brothers, Thomas, Alfred & William acquired ownership of a two-masted brigantine, the Jane, in 1855 or 1859 (the record is unclear) and this ship was lost at sea in 1861. I have assumed this is the ship Hunter refers to and I assume he is mistaken in calling it a schooner. Thomas, Alfred & William were born in 1819, 1821 & 1823. It seems likely that Uncle Tom Cole would probably have been in their generation. If this is right then Hunter's reference to him as uncle probable means grand uncle.

The only other record we have of a ship probably owned by the three Goss brothers is an 1880 newspaper item which refers to a new schooner, the Greyhound, acquired by the Messrs Goss brothers of Torbay. It seems likely this refers to the three brothers. This is a possibility but no record has been found to indicate that this ship was lost at sea.


[This Thomas Cole is most certainly the person referred to in Ed Goss's e-mail. He is in the same generation, and was the only Thomas Cole in Torbay at the time of the 1871 Census. The wreck of the Jane occurred in 1861. Ken]

Lovell's 1871 Directory establishes that Alfred, Tom and Bill Gosse resided in Torbay at the same time as Thomas Cole:

Lovell's 1871 Directory - Torba

TORBA - A large fishing settlement on the straight shore north of St John's districk of St John's. The settlement is built on a flat country lying between two high headlands, with a fine beach. There is no harbor and the anchorage is too open for safety. The inhabitants are engaged to some extent in farming. The town of St John's is partly supplied with salmon caught in this vicinity. Distant from St. John's by road 7 miles. St. John's is its post town. Population 1,270.

Bradberry, George, farmer [Bradbury?-- KS]
Bradberry, Jacob, farmer
Bradberry, John, farmer
Bradberry, Johathan, farmer
Brine, James, farmer
Brown, John, fisherman
*** [some names omitted; only surnames included in the Cole-Brown family tree are inclued below-- Ken]]
Clements, Richard, farmer
Clements, William, farmer
Codner, George, farmer
Codner, John, fisherman
Codner, Nicholas, fisherman
Codner, Samuel, fisherman
Codner, Uriah, fisherman
Codner, William, farmer
Cole, Philip, fisherman
Cole, Thomas, farmer
Cole, Uriah, fisherman
Eustace, James, farmer
Field, George, farmer
Field, John, fisherman
Field, Samuel
Field, William, farmer
Gosse, Alfred, farmer
Gosse, James, farmer
Gosse, John, farmer
Gosse, Peter, farmer
Gosse, Philip,farmer
Gosse, Samuel, planter
Gosse, Thomas, planter
Gosse, William, farmer
Gosse, William, planter
Lacey,James, farmer
Manning, John, farmer
Manning, John, planter
Manning, Patrick, farmer
Manning, Patrick, fisherman
Manning, Thomas, farmer
Manning, William. farmer
Martin, Isaac, farmer
Martin, John, farmer
Martin, John, farmer
Martin, Jonathan, farmer
Martin, Richard, farmer
Martin, Robert, farmer
Martin, Thomas, farmer
Martin, William, farmer
Martin, William, planter
Ryan, James, farmer
Ryan, Martin, farmer
Ryan, Patrick, farmer
Ryan, Patrick, planter
Ryan, Richard, farmer
Ryan, William, farmer
[Thom surname included because it may be a misspelling or transliteration of "Thorne"; however, no Thorne surname is on the list]
Thom, Henry, fisherman
Thom, James, farmer
Thom, John, fisherman
Thom, William, farmer
Thom, William. farmer
Thom, William, fisherman
According to the "Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada" CD put out by Memorial University of Newfoundland, Thomas Gosse was the owner of a schooner called Emma Jane that was constructed in 1895 at Random Sound. Thomas Gosse is listed as a Farmer/Planter of Random Sound, Trinity Bay,
Nfld. The schooner was 55" L x 18' W x 7' D with a gross tonnage of 37, a registered tonnage of 35 and was registered in 1895. The official no. 101378 registration no. S895006 The schooner had 1 deck with 2 masts.

I was unable to locate anymore information on this schooner or Thomas Gosse.

Thomas Cole is mentioned 4 times on this CD.
1. Thomas Cole is master barque "Europa". He is listed as age 31 residence Cork, Ireland, his birthplace is listed as St. John's, Nfld. He joined the Europa on Wednesday June 21, 1871 in New York City. Managing owner: Robert Blair of Saint John, New Brunswick.

2. Same as above. No dates listed. His age is listed as 32. Managing owner: Robert Blair of Saint John, New Brunswick.

3. Same as above. Age. 32 discharged from barque On Thursday Nov. 7, 1872 at Cross Island, Maine, USA. Managing owner: Thomas Benjamin Buxton of Saint John

4. Master on brigantine "Magaguadavic" age 32 Residence Saint John, New Brunswick Birthplace St. John's Nfld. joined ship Saturday, Jan. 1, 1870 at Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain, Managing owner of this ship was Samuel Johnson from St. George, new Brunswick.

I hope this is of some use to you.

[This Thomas was probably younger, and I presume he is not connected to our family]

Vera Short

Stuart Cole wrote (March 21, 2003):
One tidbit of information that I can offer is something that my grandfather once told my father. He said our portion of the Cole family originated in Germany and the family name was spelled Kohl at the time. The spelling was then changed when they moved to England. My father said he was never sure if this was the truth but was inclined to believe the story.

In response, Elaine (EK) King writes (March 22, 2003):
Thank you Ken for forwarding all the information and pictures. Appreciate you keeping me updated! My grandfather, son of Maria COLE (daughter of Thomas COLE and Mary Ann THORNE)told my mother that the COLE Family originated from IRELAND. I thought it was interesting that Thomas Cole at age 31 resided in Cork, Ireland-- with distant relatives,perhaps? In Newfoundland, I did not find much about German immigrants but an abundance of Irish (some are referred to as the black Irish because of their darker skin) and also some Portuguese immigrants. Just a thought..thanks again...Elaine

More About Thomas Cole:
Date born 2: No birth record found.406
Date born 3: Torbay, Newfoundland.407

More About Thomas Cole and Jane Bishop:
Marriage 1: November 07, 1852, Church of St. Nuicholas, Torbay, NFLD.408
Marriage 2: November 07, 1852409, 410

More About Thomas Cole and Mary Ann ("Agnes") Thorne:
Marriage 1: November 10, 1860, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA.
Marriage 2: November 10, 1860411, 412

Children of Thomas Cole and Jane Bishop are:
  1. +John Joseph Cole, b. July 22, 1853, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA413, d. November 17, 1920, Torbay, Newfoundland413.
  2. Elizabeth Jane Cole, b. September 30, 1855, Torbay, NFLD413, d. date unknown.
  3. Mary Anne Cole, b. January 19, 1858, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA413, d. date unknown.

Children of Thomas Cole and Mary Ann ("Agnes") Thorne are:
  1. Bess Cole, d. date unknown.
  2. Carrie Cole, d. date unknown.
  3. Agnes Cole, b. November 01, 1861, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. date unknown.
  4. +William Cole, b. October 27, 1863, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. March 03, 1938, Hialeah, Florida, USA.
  5. +Uriah Joseph Cole, b. March 15, 1866, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. February 06, 1951, RUTHERFORD, BERGEN, NEW JERSEY, USA.
  6. +Maria Cole, b. February 04, 1869, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. December 25, 1943.
  7. +Frances (Fannie) Cole, b. December 18, 1871, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. date unknown.
  8. +Thomas Richard Cole, b. October 22, 1875, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. July 31, 1947, Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada.
  9. +Bertha Jane Cole, b. 1878, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. Abt. 1970.
  10. Isabelle Marshall Cole, b. February 20, 1881, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. Abt. 1976, St. Johns, Newfoundland.
  11. +Samuel Cole, b. August 29, 1884, TORBAY, NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, d. date unknown, Rutherford, New Jersey, USA.
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