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View Tree for Mary E MilhornMary E Milhorn (b. Abt. 1822, d. date unknown)

Mary E Milhorn (daughter of Jacob Milhorn and Elizabeth Herrell) was born Abt. 1822 in Ohio, and died date unknown. She married William Chaney on March 31, 1839 in Harrison County Ohio, son of William Chaney and Mrs Chaney.

 Includes NotesNotes for Mary E Milhorn:
Source: death certificate for Jacob M Chaney

Listed in 1850 Ohio census as Elizabeth Chaney

Source : 1830 United States Federal Census (All Milhorn's living in Ohio in 1830)
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Milhorn, John View Image Online
State: Ohio Year: 1830
County: Guernsey Roll: M19_131
Township: Richland Page: 434
Image: 878
2 males age 15-20, 3 males age 20-30, 1 male age 60-70 (John Milhorn); 1 female age 10-15, 1 female age 15-20, 1 female age 50-60 (Mrs Milhorn). Note - no 8 year old female. This cannot be the father of Mary E Milhorn
Milhorn, Isaac View Image Online
State: Ohio Year: 1830
County: Guernsey Roll: M19_131
Township: Richland Page: 435
Image: 880
no 8 year old female. This cannot be the father of Mary E. Milhorn.
Milhorn, Jacob View Image Online
State: Ohio Year: 1830
County: Jefferson Roll: M19_134
Township: Mount Pleasant Page: 154
Image: 234
2 males age 0-5, 1 male age 5-10, 1 male age 40-50; 3 females age 5-10, 2 females age 10-15, 1 female age 30-40 (Mrs Milhorn). Note Mary E. was age 8 in 1830.
Source: Genealogy.Com Ohio Marriage Index:
Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850
Married: Mar 31, 1839 in: Harrison Co., OH
Spouse: Millhorn, Elizabeth
Gender: M More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0894637-0894638.

GENEALOGY of the MILHOAN (Source: Lowell Milhoan Genealogy, Dec 2002)

This genealogy of the Milhorn, Millhorn, Milhoan, Millhoan Milhon, Millhon, and Milhone family is not as complete as I should like it to be. I do not want to take all the credit . I admits borrowing freely from the knowledge and records of friends , relatives, and off from the WEB.

I used the following sources from Milhoans, Deskin, Robinson, Anthony Genealogy Papers, Peoples, Bibles, Letters, Books, Webs and other documents information's to compile this Genealogy .

CM Catherine (Cattey) Milhoan My Mother who live to be 88 years old died in 1980 who gave me lots of information's She remember, family letters, Bible inscriptions, personal stufs, documents, and a Milhoan genealogy paper that was written by Lemual Milhoan he had written in 1887 and Sallie Robinson genealogy paper written in Oct 26, 1940 she was born in 1890, Ralph Milhoan papers on Milhoan genealogy, William Deskin Milhoan genealogy and Michael Anthony genealogy from the WEB.

AM Dr. Asa Milhoan my uncle b 1895 d 1955 from his Papers on genealogy and from my memory talking to him over years.

LM Lowell Milhoan Also from memory growing up and going to the Milhoan reunions
Over the years.

Dm Don Millhorn
Ns N. Darcey slaughter
Wm Wanda Carson Megehee
BS Bob Shell
LR Lynda Raitala
PJ P. J . Christiansen
DC Denis and Carol Alsept
EA Eileen Avery
HK Hope Kosier
FR Frances Rhodes
GL Gerald Long
AV Alene vogel
JM Judith Milhon
MA Michael E. Anthony

Books from Virginia Historical Society Libiliary, Charlottesville , Virginia
Rockigham 929.3 Third page
929.3 HOE, 973.1 Openn, 973.38 Ric, 974.802 Jan 929.3 Boy Hite Homestead
Historical record of Old Fredrick and Hampshire County Va 929.3 Ker
Frederick County VA.
917.55 felder
975.5366 975.5 gnoirick, 301.451 Hernell

Buckingram 975.992 975.5636 975.5922 harw

Shanedoah 975.591 975.5746 975.4j
Embrna,Quinn, Jeit, Darter
Gnolrick, abercromb
Vogt, Joint, Kerns, fisher, Davis, Hacketd
929.3 Joi Andrew Milborn 45 1761, David Milborn 46 1780, Elizabeth Milborn 9 1776 also New world Immigrants Vol IV also Immigiants from England g 929.3
929.3 frederick cty Va vogt, Joint, Kerns, fisher, Davis, Hack, Hoe
929.4 975.5366 embrna, Quinn, Jett, Darter
975.5 Gnoirick
301.451 Hernell
973.1 Penn. Discover
973.38 RNC
974.802 Jam
Fred Cty VA by Hackett 929.3 page 64 Millhorn Frederick 1772-1850 marriages
Shenandoah Valley Pioneers
First Census of the Us Virginia census 1790 Hugh Mulhallon Greenbrier cty 1783-86
Historical collections of Va by Henry Howe page 453 at bottom
History of the Valley of VA HITE by Grant Keroheval Stephansburg page 49

GGG Grandfather George Millhorn ended Millhon

This information's is to the best of my ability to be correct but please do not take this as the final proof. Please make corrections or add information's to update this Genealogy
Please forgive me of my Typing and English Grammars errors.

My name is Lowell Wade Milhoan b 1934 Nitro, Wv. son of Earl Milhoan and Catherine "Cattey" Milhoan of Missouri.
My E-mail address is lowelland

In tracing the genealogy of any family, one often finds that the name has changed, or even evolved from a different name a few generations back. The Name "Milhorn" seems to have gone through a transitional form of spellings.
In checking the Pennsylvania Archives, we find references to Peter Mulholland, Mulhon, or Milhorn. On page 20, vol. V1. A, we find the same Peter receiving 50 pounds at the hands of Lt. James Crawford for services in 1777. On page 37, Vol, XXXlX of the same reference manuscript, there is an account of a court martial of a deserter apprehended by Sergeant Mulhollen, Mulhon. Or Milhorn and his men. General St, Clair thought the sergeant's section praiseworthy and commended him and his men for their action. It seemed to be the same "Peter Milholn" that is mentioned in the musty rolls of Capt. John Corother"s company of the second battalion of the Cumberland Militia ( Pa, Archives, Series 5, Vol. V1age 180.)

Andrew Milhorn's name is found in the Pennsylvania Archives, 6 Series, Vol. 2, Pages 422, 424, 554, 586 and 587. He served during 1777 and 1778, in the York County Militia, as a First Lieutenant of the 4th Company, which was made up of 89 men. He, no doubt, was A CLOSE RELATIVE OF Peter Milhorn, as they both came from York County. The census of 1790, listed the following Milhorns from Pennsylvania, all from York County.
Andrew Milhorn 1 man
David Milhorn 1 man 4 boys under 16
Simon Milhorn 1 man 4 boys under 16, 3 Girls

In Fuller and Brand's Edition of "Upper Ohio Valley" published in 1890, page 457, we find this reference list above.

Mary Williams Milhoan, the wife of Henry Milhorn, seems to be the one that changed the name form (mulholn or"Milhorn" to "Milhoan". While they resided in Frederick County Virginia, she signed all legal documents Milhorn.
After coming to Ohio, she adopted "Milhoan" spelling and all her offspring did likewise. The descendants of Henry's two Brothers, Peter and John, some accepted the new spelling and some retained the old.

In Fuller and Brand's edition of "Upper Ohio Valley" published in 1890, page 457, we find this reference: "In 1798 George Hall moved from Washington, Delaware, and settled in Wayne township, Belmont county, Ohio, and built the first cabin in the township (section 10 and 16), Other early settlers were: Barretts, Skiners. Stanleys, Millhorns (Spelling is the edition"s), Meogens,Mores,
( Page D) Houstons and woodges". Also in Thomas w. Lewis"s Edition of "southeastern Ohio and the Muskingum Valley" we find the reference to Wayne, township: "George Hall erected the first cabin in the township Other early settlers were: Outeds, Barretts, Skinner, Milhorns, Stanleys, Mechans, Moores, Houston and Woodsee

Family Name History
Spelling of , Milhorn Milhoan Millhorn Milhon Milhone Millhoan settled originally in either Berks, Montgomery, Adam or York Pa. Left there for the Northern Shenandoah Valley in Frederick Cty Va in mid'late 1700s to settlements established in 1732 by Jost Heidt or Hite and his family and settled in the area of Stephensborg or Stephens city taken from the Shenandoah Valley Pioneers book and in early 1780s to 1800s to southeastern Ohio and Sullivan Cty Tennesse. The Milhorns and Lamps intermarried over the centuries. They settled together in their migrations from state to tate from Pennsylvania to Va in the 1780s and early 1800s to Southeastern Ohio and Sullivn Cty Tennesse.

When the Milhorn got off the boat they were German speaking and Lutherans.. Who were Deurtech-German usually Palatines. Palatinate is a region at the foot of the Alps between France and Switzerland west of the Rhine, encompass; Alsace-Lorraine is nestied between the Rhine and the vosges mountains, Strasbourg, the Cpital of the region, is often considered the capital of Europe because it is a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and linguistic dialects. A region of distinct cultural identity, fascinating history and artistic heritage. Alsace-Lorraine is one of the few areas of France that still has a strong and unique personality.. Half-timbered houses, traditional costumes, regional cuisine, folklore, excellent vineyards and countless festivalsd make up the character of this alluring countryside .
As a border country, it was burned over again and again and Julius Caesar's War of the Gauls (the Gauls were integrated into the roman Empire) started a few miles south of Alsace. In 842 A.D. The Oaths of Strasbourg. Two of Charlemagne's grandsons (Ludwig, Charles, Lothaire) divide Charlemagne's land into three parts the next year. What is left of Lotharingia (Lothaire's part) is low Lorraine and the two other parts can be roughly identified as the Germany and France. Alsace was integrtated into the kingdom of Frances at the end of the 30 Years War. By the Treaty of Westphalia, which settled the Thirty Years War(1618-48), and was famous for atrocities and horror. Many Alsatian villages were decimated, by war or by disease spread by the armies. Many immigrasnts, especially from Switzerland, move to the area and blended with the local population. Note that France's broders never went Easst of Alsace in this part of Europe, not even during the Napoleonic wars. Later, Louis XIV ordered the Devastation of the Rhenish palatinate (1681-89). According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, the sufferings of the Palatine peasantry were remembered for centuries. Half the population was killed..The Northern War 1700-21, the War of the Polish succession 1733-35 and the Austrain succession 1740-48, and the Seven Years War in 1756. The Palatine immigration into America became significant in the early- middle 1700s. Our ancestors left there in 1754. During 1914-1918 "Free Alsace and Lorraine" was given as one of the major motivations to the common people for fighting against Germany. Rotterdam was a usual debarkation point for Palatines because Holland was adjacent and politically neutral in the wars. While refugees were fleeing the chaos or avoiding the draft, some were leaving for religious reasons.
Cowes is a port on the Isle of Wight. By stopping there the ship could say it came from England, which met colonial immigration rules here. There was a widespread prejudice against non-English, and the movement of our people from Pennsylvania to Virginia may have been caused in part by persecution from the English settlers.

Rotterdam's, Holland was a usual debarkation point for Palatines.

4. Jacob (Millhorn)( Milhorn) b abt 1793 Winchester Frederick VA d 1860-1870 Jefferson cty Oh. M Elizabeth Herrell Jan 8 1818 or Elizabeth Parson Wayne Belmont d 1876 Jefferson co Oh. Both buried Mt Pleasant Jefforon Co Oh. Residing outside of the town of Trenton now call Emerson, Smithfield Township Ohio. His farm was on Ravine Run, which was a body of water that emptied into Short Creek at Dillionvale, Jefferson cty Ohio. This present town of Emmerson is located about 1 miles from Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson cty Ohio and it is about one mile from the little village of Adena..
The 1850 census for this Jacob Milhorn of mithfield Township, Jefferson cty Ohiomstates that he was born in 1782 and that he was born in Virginia. His wife Elizabeth Parson was born about 1795 in Virginia. They are both buried in the Rehobeth Cemetery which is about one mile from the town of Adena The granddaughter of Jacob Milhorn came over the mountains in Pennsylvania to the little town of Trenton in Jefferson cty Ohio. He was Pennsylvania Dutch and he married a blue eyed, blonde girl name Elizabeth Parsons. His son Furney Milhorn was my Father and he was given a family name as his first name, Jacob and Elizabeth Milhorn had ten childerns first five girls and then five boys. All the contacted all desecendants that they could find living in Ohio and they all state that the Milhorns were emigrants to Pennsylvania.
5.Margaret Milhorn b jul 2 1818 Va . d jan 14 1909 in MT. Pleasant Oh m in mar 26 1846 Smithfield Jefferson Ohio to William Hooper b 1805 d apr 2 1853 and Thomas Durbin
6.John M Hooper b jul 4 1847 York Oh d dec 30 1904 Dillonvale Oh
M oct 5 1871 Catherine R. Durbin
6.Elizabeth P J Hooper b oct 29 1849 Jefferson co Oh d aug 10 1925 Mt Pleasant Oh
m feb 10 1876 Jefferson cty Oh m Samuel E Irvin

6.William Flanner Hooper b jan 12 1852 Warren township OH d nov 29 1905
M feb 20 1879 Luewesia Carson

5.Lydia Ann Milhorn/ Millhorn b 1822 Jefferson cty
Ohio m John Cheney dec 25 1842 he born 1820
6.Samuel cheney b 1850
6.ElizabethH. b 1853
6.Ruth A b 1854
6.Margaret J. b 1856
6.William H. b 1858
5Elizabeth Milhorn b 1823 Jefferson cty Ohio
5Susannah (Susan) b 1824 " " " m Thomas Price
5Rebecca Milhorn b 1825 " " "
5James Milhorn Millhorn b 1826 Mount Pleasant Jefferson Oh d 1921 buried
Harrison cty Oh

1st M Margaret Ellen Chaney oct 28, 1847 Tuscarawas cty Oh,. D 1865 Harrison
cty Oh

6. John Milhorn b 1848
6.Mary Milhorn b jan 1850
6.Ruth J Milhorn m Thorn
6. Thomas Milhorn b oct 15 1853 Guernsey Co Ohio m Sarah Jane Guthrie 1875
7. ANN b
7 James
7Mary e
7Arthur e b Jan 3 1878 Franklin Harrison Ohio
2nd M Rachel Dennis West 1-12-1865 Harrison cty Oh b feb 23 1830 d sep 1919
Harrison cty Oh
6.David Milhorn b 1870
6.Ellen Milhorn
6. Harry Milhorn b 1872
6. Margaret Ella Milhorn b 1868 m Johm Hedge
6. Adolphos S Milhorn b Oct 15 1864 Harrison Cty Ohio m Sarah Jennie Riley
dec 25 1884 Harrison cty Oh.
7Earl Lester b Aug 25 1890 Franklin Harrison Ohio
. Lola Dell b Jun 22 1907 Franklin Harrison Ohio

5.John Milhoan Millhorn b 1827 Mount Pleasant Jefferson Oh d 1913 Mt Pleasant Jefferson cty Ohio m Albina W Wharton b 1833 d 1928 her sisters Abi Peterman from Kansas and Emily De
Witt from New Nebraska,
Grand Island. Brother Wayne Wharton from Mt Pleasant

6. Anna Marie b 1857 Smithfield, Jefferson Oh
6. Sarah June b 4 Feb. 1858 " " "
6 Benjamin o Milhoan b 12 sept 1861 m Sarah Dyerman Smithfield, Jefferson Oh
6. Margaret E b 1857 " " "
6. Elizabeth Milhoan b 1866

6. Louella Milhoan b sept 6 1865 " " "m William Dravis 10 sep 1883
6.Joseph William Millhoan b 16 apr 1874 Mt Pleasant oh d 13 may 1949
At Salem Hospital (Lived at Lisbon, oh Highland Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant, oh m Emma J Morris may 25 1881 Adena Oh
D may 4 1963 at Newton Falls Oh (nursing home) Highland Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant Oh. Parent David Merrick Norris and Maud Dutton
7.Velma Louella Milhoan apr 12 1900 d mar 14 1980
M Dwain birney d apr 1 1972
7.Harold Alonzo Milhoan b feb 14 1902 d mar 7 1975 m Lillian K Davis sep 30
7.Howard Joseph Milhoan b 1904 d jan 1974 m Freda d 1979
7.Benjamin Douglas Milhoan m Frances Cleo Vasbinder d nov 11 1993
and m Elizabeth Jane Ewing d apr 29 1990
7.Ralph Milhoan b sep 10 1908 d may 4 1981 m Mary McFarland
7. Franklin Clifton Milhoan b sep 1 1912 d jun15 1993 m Eva Louella Braham
D jul 14 `1992
7.Paul Harry Milhoan b mar 3 1919 m apr 7 1942 Edith Elizabeth Flora
b mar 27 1922 parent Vernon William Flora and Florence Mildred Agin
8.Paul terry Milhoan b jun 4 1948 Salem Col OH m Joan Smith
and m Kathie Moffett
8.Michael Ray Milhoan b jun4 1947 Warren Trum. Oh m Mary Jill Scanlan
and m Bridget M. Henraath and m Rochelle Leyman
8.Richard William Milhoan b dec 12 1951 Salem Col. Oh m Gayle Annette Dugane
8. Dennis Lee Milhoan b apr 1 1956 Salem col. Oh m Susan Tari Birch jun28 1975
6.John b 1868 " " "
6. Caroline b Feb. 21 1871 " " """
11 Jenny
6. Carrie
5. Forney Millhorn Milhoan b dec 2 1828 d jun 12 1915 Mount Pleasant Jefferson
M Susan Marie Wilson oct 30 1851
6.Isacc Milhoan b 1853 Smithfield Jefferson Oh
7 Margaret Millhorn-Milhoan m George Crumley

7. Daughter.
6. Elizabeth Ann Milhoan b oct 30 1857 m Beck
6. John William Millhorn-Milhoan b 1859
7. Florence Millhor-Milhoann m Stacey at 413 Jefferson St Lisbon Ohio
. 6 Emily Milhoan b 1861 " " """
6.Adaline Millhorn-Milhoan b 1865 Yorkville Jefferson Ohio m Jacob Ford who d 1917 in Pennsylvania
6. Jennie Lind Millhorn -Milhoan b 18 mar 1868 Yorkville Jefferson Ohio m Mercer.
6 ADA b 1870 Smithfield Jefferson Ohio
6. Margaret Milhoan'Millhorn L b sept 6 1871 " " ""
6 Martha Milhorn b 1856
5.Lemuel Milhoan-Millhorn b jun 26 1833 Jefferson co Ohio d aug 12 1912 Muscatine, Iowa m Catherine Eversull oct 28 1852 she was b jul 1 1834 Warrenton, Jeffersonm cty Ohio daughter of Martin Eversull and Prudence Rodgers d dec 1905 is buried in theHighland Cemetery at Mt Pleasant, Jefferson cty Ohio
6.Laura Millhorn m Oliver James Ellsworth
5. Samuel Milhoan b 1832

More About Mary E Milhorn and William Chaney:
Marriage: March 31, 1839, Harrison County Ohio.

 Includes NotesMarriage Notes for Mary E Milhorn and William Chaney:
Source: Genealogy.Com Ohio Marriage Index:
William Chaney
Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850
Married: Mar 31, 1839 in: Harrison Co., OH
Spouse: Millhorn, Elizabeth
Gender: M More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0894637-0894638.
William Chaney found in:

Children of Mary E Milhorn and William Chaney are:
  1. +Jacob M. Chaney, b. September 16, 1844, Ohio, d. March 21, 1915, New Comerstown, Ohio (Tuscarawas County).
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