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Mullen Pluth Cotanch McCollow

Updated December 21, 2011

Joanie Scott (nee Pluth)
McDonough, GA United States

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The best way to use this site is to view the photos and reports below, then click "Index of Individuals" and look for the camera and notebook icons for additional notes and photos. There is a link below to my RootsWeb site which has my entire research of over 6000 relatives. It has ancestry lines of many of the spouses shown in this site, and you can personalize your own reports.

My GGGG Grandparents reigned from Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland. In 1836, Patrick Mullen, Sr. was unexpectedly killed in an accident. Within a few months, his wife Mary, pregnant with her 14th child, left Ireland to join her sister in Albany, NY. Her family continued westward in 1841 and became pioneer settlers of Watertown, WI.

Click on the link below to download "The Mullen Genealogy: Patrick Sr., and Mary Mullen and Their Descendants" which contains over 25 years of research on our Mullen Family.

Martin Pluth left Hungary in 1903 at the age of sixteen to join his older brother, John Pluth, who had arrived in 1901. The passenger manifests for John’s ship, stated he was en route to his “Uncle Rauch” in Iowa. Joseph Rauch immigrated in 1867, then settled in Iowa by 1870. He married Catherine Reiff in and they raised five children.

Marija, their eldest sister, remained in Yugoslavia. Her firstborn child, Albin, died at the age of six in 1909; three days after his death, Marija gave birth to her fifth child, Louisa. Marija died just seven days later at the age of 27. Louisa was later shot to death in 1943 during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia.

Joseph Pluth, arrived in 1907 to join his brothers in Iowa and later enlisted in the US Navy. In 1930 he took furlough to visit his mother, Katrina Rauch Plut, who was living with Marija’s children in Semic, Yugoslavia. On July 4, 1930 while the family was picnicking near the Kupa River, a woman got caught in the current and Joe went in to save her. They both drowned. His body was recovered and he was buried next to his sister Marija.

In 1909, John Pluth married Antonia Kohles. They settled in Estherville, Iowa and had five children. Martin Pluth, my grandfather, married Anna Ungrue of Breda, Iowa in 1912. They had ten children.

About 1740 in Knowleton, Sussex, New Jersey my 5th Great Grandfather, William Isaac Cotanch, was born. In 1773 he married Sarah Williamson. She is a direct descendant of at least four families which were first to inhabit American soil and are considered among “America’s First Families”. On her father’s side, is Willem Willemsen (b.1637) and Pieter Claesen Wyckoff (b.1625), each coming from Holland in the mid 1600’s and settled in Gravesend, NY, (Long Island). On Sarah’s mother’s side, are Jochem Gulick (b.1655), also of Holland, an John Griggs(b.1635) who came from England and also settled in Gravesend, NY.

On February, 23 1776 William Cotanch enlisted as a Patriot in the Revolutionary War under Colonel Elias Dayton's Battalion, 3rd New Jersey Regiment. This began a long tradition of military service by Cotanch's; William, George W., and Isaac Cotanch all served in the Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War. And, Robert Newell Cotanch was in the 315th Bomb Wing, 501st Bomb Group, 485th Bomb Squadronin, and piloted the B29 "Super Sue" (named for his daughter) on the last mission of WWII.

My GGG Grandmother is Martha Eastman, a great granddaughter of another “First American”, Roger Eastman (b.1610) who came from England in 1638 and settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Also through the Eastman link, I am 9th cousin (2xR) to the late President Gerald R. Ford. Other notable cousins include: 20th US President, James A. Garfield; Founder of Kodak Eastman Co., George Eastman; American Poet Robert Frost; Author, John Steinbeck; and Banker, JP Morgan.

My Family History


Family Photos

  • Joseph Pluth born in 1892, Semic, Austria (46 KB)
    This was a ceramic photo that taken from Joseph's grave site when the Family replaced the headstone in the 1980's. They gave it to my father, Bernard Joseph Pluth, as a commemoration of his trip to Semich, Slovenia in 1984.
  • Irene Benner Cotanch (seated) 1945 (103 KB)
    The ladies of Wauwatosa, WI raise money for the War effort.
  • Katrina Rauch Plut, born 1850, Austria (4 KB)
    This was a ceramic photo that taken off Katrina's grave site when the Family replaced the headstone in the 1980's. They gave it to my father, Bernard Joseph Pluth, as a commemoration of his trip to Semich, Slovenia in 1984.
  • William Elisha Cotanch Family (32 KB)
    Jack, Irene and William Cotanch, Margaret Bruhnke (Irene's mother), and Mary in Wautoma, WI, 1918
  • Anna Ungrue Pluth (37 KB)
    My Grandmother, daughter of Bernhardt H. Ungrue.
  • Thomas Atfield Mullen (27 KB)
    My Grandfather. Son of Simon and Josephine (McCollow) Mullen. C.1928 Milwaukee, WI
  • John William and Mary Jaqueline Cotanch 1914 (19 KB)
    My Grandmother and her brother
  • Anna Ungrue Pluth and Children (39 KB)
    This photo was taken in 1952 on the occasion of Martin Pluth's funeral. Back Row: Albin, Gerald, William, Bernard, Joseph. Front Row: Clarence, Joanne, Anna Pluth, Dolores, and Melvin.
  • Andrew Matthew and Mary (Mulvaney) Mullen (23 KB)
    Paul Mullen, Mary, Thomas Mullen, couisin Mullen, Andrew. c.1915 Milwaukee, WI
  • WIlliam and Irene Cotanch (17 KB)
    My Great Grandparents, St. Petersburg, FL 1965
  • Mary Mullen - Matriarch of the Mullen Clan (68 KB)
    At Calvary Cemetery, the oldest Catholic Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lays our beloved Matriarch who left her beautiful homeland of Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland, in 1836 after the unexpected death of her husband, Patrick Mullen, Sr. Buried near her are two of her grandchildren, Esmina Agnes Mullen, aged four months, and Andrew Joseph, Jr., aged three years and four months, both children of Andrew Joseph Mullen, Sr. It reads “Mary Mullen -- Died July 25, 1867 -- Aged 77 Years”.
  • Janet Mullen and Joanie Scott (50 KB)
    My Great Aunt and I at the cornerstone of St. Bernard's Catholic Church in Waterown, WI November 10, 2007
  • Bertram Deane Hancock (45 KB)
    Born in 1902, Son of Capt. G. Allen Hancock and Genevieve Deane Mullen. He was killed instantly in the collapse of the hotel where he and his father were staying during a 6.3 earthquake in Santa Barbara, CA in 1925.
  • Nancy Mullen Pluth (23 KB)
    My Mother on her wedding day, January 19, 1957
  • The Mullen Dairy Bar in Watertown, WI (74 KB)
    My Great Aunt, Janet Mullen, and myself Novemeber, 2007. The hot dogs and the ice cream are FABULOUS!
  • Julio and Paula Malensek (49 KB)
    Pictured on their wedding day c.1930 in Semic, Yugoslavia, Julio is the second son of Marija Pluth, sister of my Grandfather, Martin A. Pluth.
  • Bernard J. Pluth Family (45 KB)
    Alton, Illinois 1965. (I'm the little bald kid)
  • The Simon Mullen Family (39 KB)
    Front: Mary, George, and Josie Back: Simon and Thomas. c.1920, Watertown, WI
  • Captain G. Allen Hancock (6 KB)
    Husband of Genevieve Deane Mullen. He is famous for donating prime downtown Los Angeles land, known as the La Brea Tar Pits, to the citizens of Los Angeles. HE was also a famous oil & railroad magnet, expeditionary, philanthropist, aviator, and musician.
  • Bernard J. Pluth and Nancy Mullen Pluth (13 KB)
    This is my parents at our home in Monterey, CA in 1979.
  • Josie McCollow Mullen (30 KB)
    With daughter Mary Josephine Mullen (aka Dodie) c.1920 Watertown, WI
  • Robert and Jack Cotanch c.1941 (38 KB)
    My grandmothers brothers. Robert was a war hero and went on to earn the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in WWII. He piloted the B29 "SuperSue" named for his daughter, and flew in the last mission of the war on Aug. 14, 1945 from Guam to Tokyo, which ended the war.
  • Martin and Anna (Ungrue) Pluth (42 KB)
    My Grandparents Wedding Photo October 16, 1912
  • Margaret Irene Benner Age 18 (20 KB)
    My Great Grandmother
  • Elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987 (5 KB)
    Jim Langer is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and played Center for the Miami Dolphins during the 1970's. Our GG Grandparents were brother and sister; Elizabeth Mulvaney Madigan and Joseph Mulvaney of Trenton, WI.
  • Thomas A. Mullen (27 KB)
    My Grandfather
  • Andrew Joseph Mullen II (32 KB)
    Grandson of Andrew Mullen, Sr., he was president of Mullen & Clothiers in Los Angeles until his untimely death at the age of 41. His wife, Loraine, then became president of the company.
  • Mary Jaqueline Cotanch (28 KB)
    My Grandmother
  • John Pluth (28 KB)
    My grandfathers brother, John Pluth, c.1920;
  • Joseph, Martin, and John Pluth (43 KB)
    The Pluth Brothers c.1908
  • Thomas Atfield Mullen and Mary Cotanch Mullen (82 KB)
    My Mothers parent c.1964 Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  • Jane Frances Mullen Del Amo (22 KB)
    1940. Holding her first born son.
  • Simon Stephen Mullen and Mary Josephine McCollow (34 KB)
    My Great grandparents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin c.1943
  • Andrew Joseph Mullen, Sr. (27 KB)
    1832-1899. Founder of Mullen & Bluett Clothiers
  • Mina Belle Morris Cotanch w/2nd Husband Peter Logu (54 KB)
    With 2nd Husband Peter Logue. Milwaukee, WI c.1945
  • William and Colleen Pluth Family (34 KB)
    My Fathers youngest brother, Bill and his family in San Diego, CA 1970
  • Lorraine Toussaint Mullen (24 KB)
    Wife of Andrew Joseph Mullen II. Holding Jane Frances c.1915
  • Owen & Margaret McCollow 50th Wedding Anniversary (35 KB)
    "Golden Wedding of Owen and Margaret McCollow March 8th 1898 Juneau, Wis." Begin Rear Left: Rev. N.M. Zimmer; Maggie (nee Solon) wife of Terrence; Thomas (with glasses); Anna (nee Leicher) wife of John; Edward; Rev. J. Buckley; Maria (nee Carey)wife of Thomas (barely in photo all the way right rear); Zita dau. of Thomas (in front of Thomas); Martin son of John (behind OWen); Carl son of John (behind Margaret); Josie dau. of Thomas; Salon son of Terence (child far left); Terence (w/mustache); Gertis dau. of John (in front of Taken 1898 in Juneau, WI. Terence); Maria dau. of John; Owen and Margaret; Owen son of Ed (on Owen's lap); Mary dau. of Ed (far right next to Margaret)
  • Andrew Joseph Mullen, Sr. (32 KB)
    Founder of Mullen & Bluett Clothiers, Los Angeles, CA; Son of Patrick Sr. and Mary Mullen of Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland
  • Four Generations of McCcollow's (33 KB)
    Josephine (McCollow) Mullen, Nancy Elizabeth Mullen, Thomas Atfield Mullen, Thomas Atfield McCollow
  • Andrew Matthew Mullen Family c.1915 (914 KB)
    My Great, Great Grandparents, Andrew Matthew Mullen (1853-1936) and Mary Elizabeth Mulvaney with children and grandchildren c.1915 in Watertown, WI. L-R: Frank, Andrew Laurence, George, Andrew Joseph, Simon(my GGrandfather) L-R: Louise, Bernice, Josephine (my GGrandmother) L-R:Lillian, Ruth, Andrew Matthew Mullen and Mary Elizabeth Mulvaney (my GGGrandparents), Genevieve L-R: Thomas (my Grandfather), George Weber, Mary Josephine, Frank, Jr., Paul.
  • Lloyd Schulte Graduation Photo (20 KB)
    Son of Emma Ungrue and Philip Schulte, Early, Iowa
  • Thomas Atfield McCollow (27 KB)
    Juneau, WI c.1885
  • 3rd NJ Regiment Muster 1777 (52 KB)
  • Genevieve Mullen Hancock (31 KB)
    Shown here c.1910 with her two children, Bertram and Rosemary. Genevieve was the youngest daughter of clothing merchant Andrew Mullen. She married Captain G. Allen Hancock, who was famous for his philanthropy, and maritime and aviation expeditions.
  • Thomas Atfield McCollow (30 KB)
    Juneau, WI c.1900
  • McCollow Women c.1905 (46 KB)
    Zita McCollow, Maria (Carey) McCollow, Margaret (Atfield) McCollow, unknown freind, Josephine McCollow
  • Earl Cotanch 1920 (28 KB)
    Brother of my GGrandfather, William Elisha Cotanch
  • Zita McCollow (24 KB)
    Juneau, WI c.1900
  • John M. McCollow Family (48 KB)
    John and Anna seated centeron their 50th wedding anniversary. Rev. Eugene Carl McCollow standing behind them. Others not identified.
  • Reverend Eugene Carlton McCollow (19 KB)
    Son of John and Anna (Leicher) McCollow c.1920

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