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Descendants of Aaron Kemp

Generation No. 1

1. AARON1 KEMP1,2 was born Abt. 1776 in Fetchburg/Worchester,Ma. He married (2) EUNICE BENJAMIN.

Notes for A

Aaron Kemp Father of Moses

Birth Date Death Date Marriage Date

Moses Kemp Mar 8 1797 Nov 24 1866 April 16 1820
Sharlet White July 24 1804 April 23 1866

Children of Moses And Sharlet

George W Kemp Sep 28 1821 June 9 !915 Mar 10 1844
Abigail Lovina Baker June 22 1824 Jan 26 1899

Charles F Kemp Jan 16 1823 Nov 18 1871 Oct 10 1841
Lucinda Holliday Aug 19 1816 Sep 23 1875
or Halladay

Errestain W Kemp Jan 1 1824 Dec 25 1907 May 16 1841
Eunice U Baker Oct 19 1910

Harriet S Kemp Sep 4 1828 Mar 29 1900 Oct 20 1847
Richard Prest

Shadrack Austin Kemp Apr 20 1832 May 10 1900
Mary J Lusk Feb 18 1839 Oct 22 1857 Nov 12 1854
Theodora Foster 1839 1919 May 20 1857

Samuel C Kemp Feb 5 1833 Aug 28 1890
Harriett S Stanfield Jun 1 1839 Jan 24 1856 July 4 1853
Anna E Burdick Mar 28 1906 Dec 12 1857

John H Kemp Oct 7 1834 Apr 5 1915
Laura Lewis 1839 Jun 9 1909 Aug 16 1857

Cynthia M Kemp Oct 2 1836 Nov 14 1866
Chester Rouse May 27 1857

Mary C Kemp Apr 2 1839 Feb 27 1844

Nancy D Kemp Aug 23 1840 Sep 17 1843

James Newton Kemp May 16 1842 May 1 1922

Oliver M Kemp Jan 7 1845 May 14 1908
Elizabeth A Elliott 1848 Mar 18 1927 May 13 1866

Ira Kemp Dec 20 1848 Oct 16 1866

Kemp Family History Notes

The father of Moses Kemp was Aaron Kemp. He and Moses' mother married and parted. Aaron denied the parenthood of Moses. Aaron marrieds a second wife and raised a large family of boys. Aaron named his sons after his half-brothers. Aaron emigrated to Massachusetts to New York state, and was drowned in Keuka Lake. Aaron let that story get around, but we have learned that he went to the Rochester area, where he married again and had another large family. My cousin met some of them and they knew the story and it was false. Moses was bound out as an apprentice at an early age. Through the efforts of his mother he was released when about 12 years old. From this time he was obliged to care for himself. By hard work he was able to obtain an education which enabled him to teach school for many years.
His mother having died, he crossed the Green Mountains into New York state about 15 ( he had been in Massachusetts ) . Here he met and married Sharlotte White of Alfred in 1820. About this time he became a licensed Methodist Minister. After making a study of the bible for years, he converted to the Seventh Day Adventist faith and became a preacher of this church of which he became an ardent supporter the remainder of his life. In 1864 he moved from Alfred Township to Potter County, Pa., where Sharlotte, his wife died. He survived he only six months.
Three of their children were born in Jefferson County: George, Charles, Errestain. About 1824 they moved to Allegany County, near Alfred, on a farm owned by Jennie Kemp Hitchcock on Pingrey Hill.
Moses sold his house to his son John without his wife's knowledge. She died of a broken heart when he moved her to the wilds of Potter County. He and his son George moved there in 1862, cutting the trees down to get their ox-cart up the Eleven Mile. Moses located on the farm now owned by Harry and Effie Kemp Jones where " there was plenty of water ". He returned to Alfred, sold out, and moved there. After Sharlet died ( 1866 ) Oliver Kemp married, moved onto his father's farm and made a home for Moses, Newton, and Ira Kemp whom Moses cared for after Samuel's first wife died. He went back to live with his father a time after Moses's death.
At times the family lived mostly on wild game the boys trapped. Oliver and Samuel Kemp both felt " edged " at their father for moving their mother into such a life of hardship. Some considered Moses lazy and irresponsible. When food became scarce he took his bible and hymnbook and left for a preaching tour. His wife Sharlet, raised the family, wove, spun and sewed their clothes,etc.
Moses loved the woods. He would sit for hours burning a log piles or brush heap. He was an herb doctor, in a way. He planted many different herbs and knew their reputed uses. He sat out woodbine, sweet flag, yarrow, caraway, artichoke and other things. Some of the above are still thriving.
Sharlet Kemp was from a family of the better-to-do class. It was very hard for her to live in the wilderness. She was a great worker, and quite a scold. Sharlet is Moses Kemp's spelling of Charlotte.
The girls of Moses Kemp emigrated in covered wagons at the beginning of the Civil War. It was hard to draft men traveling across country. The Pests settled in Nebraska. The Rouse's " ended up " in Oregon. Harriet Prest had one son, Ellery Prest. He raised a large Family.
The father of Sharlet White was a drummer in the English army fighting the colonists. When the Revolutionary was over he stayed in this country. Her brother was Samuel White, who was one of the settlers of Whitesville, and was for whom the village was named.

Original manuscript typed courtesy of Dorothy Burdic

The information on these pages was partly furnished by G.W. Kemp
before his death. Some was furnished by a very old friend of Locha
Burdic who remembered Moses Kemp's family living near her.
Some was furnished by Effie Jones as told by her parents.

Retyped by Samuel Thomas Scott Sr. May 25 1999

Child of A
2. i.   MOSES2 KEMP, b. March 08, 1797, Mass.; d. November 24, 1866, Millport,Pa.

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