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Welcome to the "Gwendolyn McGowan-Seagroves Family Home Page". I am Africian Americian and my geneaology research focuses primarily in the southwest Mississippi counties of Marion,Walthall,Pearl River and Pike.Much of the research material was taken from U.S.Census records and dates only back to 1870,which was the first year that Africian American were listed by name. The primary branches includes the McGowan,Dillon,Peters and Ball families.The McGowan branch includes the Holmes, Conerly,Lundy,Magee Foxworth and Echols. The Dillon branch includes the Brumfields,Harvey's,May,Daniels,Hunter and Carr families.The Peters/Ball branches include the Daniels, Haynes, Slyvester Green, Bridges.
The Gwendolyn McGowan - Seagroves Family Home Page
Updated July 13, 2005

Gwendolyn McGowan -Seagroves
Federal Way, Washington 98003
United States

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Family Photos

  • Alice R.Lundy-McGowan (23 KB)
    Alice R.Lundy was born on 12/11/1871 in Pike Co.MS.She was one of 10 children born to Willis &Mary Conerly-Lundy.Alice's youngest sister, Lubertha Lundy- Harrison is the only one of her siblings that I have bee able to locate.Luberta was a school teacher who resided in Covington, La. until her death on 05/29/80.Alice married Edmund Wm.McGowan on 02/28/1894 in Marion Co, Ms. They had five children, Mable,Claude,Webster,Theodore and Roscoe. Alice died on 09/19/1905.
  • Edmund William McGowan (20 KB)
    Edmund Wm. McGowan was born on 12/22/1869 in the now exinct community of Buford, Mississippi.He was the grandson of David McGowan Sr.,a slave born sometime duriing the lates 1700's.His grandfather Charles McGowan was also a slave.His grandmother Julia Holmes was the child of a slavemaster.Edmund was the eldest son of Charles and Julia and one of 12 children born to the couple.His siblings were Victora,Walter,Mary Magdalene,Monroe,Elnora,Ada,Ida,Lucy,Charles,John and Buford McGowan.Edmund married Alice R;Lundy and they had 5 children, Mable,Claude,Webster,Theodore and Roscoe.Edmund died on 03/22/1951.
  • Dixie Brumfield Dillon-May (39 KB)
    Dixie was born on February 18,1881. Her mother was named Myra and her father's name was Jessie K. Brumfield, a white farmer in Pike Co. Mississipi.Dixie's mother was of African American and Native American descent.She had three other children,Nettie, Thad & John Brumfield. Myra had at least one sister whose name was Molly Harvey. Dixie was first married to Austin (Bunk) Dillon and they had four children, Arthur, Bertha,Daisy and Edna. Dixie later married William May and they had six children Joe, Cledna, Thelma, Orelia,Vera and Willie D.May.There was also a step daughter Margie May.Dixie died on July 3,1937.
  • Angus & Hettie Mable McGowan-Bullock (28 KB)
    Mable as she was called was the oldest of five children born to Edmund and Alice McGowan. She was born in June of 1894. She was married to Angus Bullock. The couple had no children.
  • Edmund &Alice and the 3 oldest children (88 KB)
    Seated from left to right are Edmund,Claude Edgar, Willis Webster Hettie Mable and Alice McGowan. This picture was taken somtime during the year 1899 in Marion Co. Missippi.After Alice's sudden death in 1905 Edmund married Mable Oatis, who then raised the five children to adulthood.
  • Jewerel Webster McGowan Sr. (93 KB)
    Jewerel served in the United States Navy during WWII. He was station at Mare Island Naval Station in Vallejo,California.
  • William & DIxie Brumfield Dillon- May (28 KB)
    This picture was take in 1904. William was Dixie's second husband, The had six children.
  • Claude Edgar McGowan (29 KB)
    Claude was the eldest so of Edmund and Alice McGowan. Claude was born on 08/31/1896 in Marion Co, Ms. He served as a PVT.Co.G 64 INF. during WWI. After the war he returned to Marion Co. Ms.where he worked as a school master.Claude was never married however he did have two children Earl C. Fortenberry and Mable Singleton. Claude died on 05/25/1944.
  • Mary Magdalene McGowan (78 KB)
    Mary Magdalene was born in 1876 to Charles and Julia McGowan.She was married Burrell Bullock on 06/28/1896 in Marion Co.Mississippi.
  • Webster,Roscoe & Theodore McGowan w/their aunt . (36 KB)
    These three brother are the sons of Edmund Wm.&Alice Lundy-McGowan.They are pictured with their aunt Lubertha Lundy-Harrison.Lubertha was the youngest sister of their mother Alice.Lubertha was born on October 4,1892.She married James Harrison and the couple had two sons,Elton C. and Lincoln J. Harrison.Lubertha was an elementary school teacher for forty years, 35 of which were in the Covington,La. school district.Lubertha died on May 29,1980.
  • Daisy Marie Dillon-McGowan (51 KB)
    Daisy was born on June 14,1900 in Walthall Co. Mississippi.Her parent were Austin and Dixie Brumfield Dillon. Daisy married Willis Webster McGowan on February 2,1924 in Tylertown,Mississippi.The couple had one child, Jewerel Webster McGowan Sr..Daisy was a graduate of Alcorn A&M College. She was a school teacher in the Marion Co.Ms. school district for 36 years.Daisy died on April 6,1992.
  • Ada McGowan-Haynes (84 KB)
    Ada along with her twin sister Ida were born in September of 1883 to Charles and Julia McGowan.Ada married and had two daughters Essie and Julia Haynes.
  • Dee & Essie Lee McGowan Foxworth (9 KB)
    Essie is the oldest of 5 children born to Buford and Nettie Magee McGowan.
  • Orelia & Willie Dixie May (20 KB)
    Orelia & WIllie D. are two of six children born to William & Dixie Brumfield Dillon-May. This picture was take in 1930.
  • Webster & his sister Mable McGowan (26 KB)
    Webster was very close to his only sister Mable. Mable died early on and Web stated that he grieved the lost of his only sister for many years. Mable became ill while Webster was away working on the railroad. By the time he was able to return she had died and been buried. Webster being devasted by his sister's death ,quit his job for the railroad and took up farming. He never every left his rural home in Marion Co. Ms again residing for 70 years in the house that he'd built for his bride Daisy in 1926.
  • Ida McGowan-Barnes (87 KB)
    Ida and her twin Ada were born in September of 1883 to Charles and Julia.Ida married and had three children Theodore, Odessa and Christine Barnes.
  • Bertha Dillon-Abram (17 KB)
    Bertha was born on March 16,1897 in Walthall Co. Mississipppi.Her parent were Austin and Dixie Brumfield Dillon May.Bertha moved to New Orleans,La. in 1937 .Bertha was married to a man whose last name was Abram.The couple had 2 children Onealar and Henry.Bertha was a retired school teacher.She died on January 15,1981.
  • Vera May (24 KB)
    Vera is one of six children born to William & Dixie Brumfield Dillon-May. She was married to Jesse Smith. The couple had no children.
  • Willis Webster McGowan (50 KB)
    Web as he was known was born on 08/15/1898 in Marion Co. Mississippi.He was the third of five children born to Edmund and Alice McGowan.Web married Daisy Marie Dillon on February 2,1924 and the couple had one child,Jewerel Webster McGowan.Webster had one other child Wilbur McGowan who was born prior to his marriage to Daisy.Web and Daisy were married for 68 years.
  • Lucy A. (Doshie) McGowan-Sims (74 KB)
    Lucy, Doshie as she was called was born in July 1885 to Charles and Julia McGowan. She married Leon Sims and they had a daughter, Minnie Lee Sims. Lucy died in June 0f 1967.
  • Willis Webster & Daisy Dillon-McGowan (23 KB)
    Webster and Daisy were married on February 2, 1924 in Tylertown, Mississsippi.Webster was ordained as a deacon on 11/16/1947 at the Little Rock M.B. Church in Marion Co.Ms. and served faithfully for 49 years.Webster worked as a farmer in rural Marion Co.Ms. for most of his life. Daisy was a retired school teacher. The couple enjoyed 68 years of marriage before Daisy was called home to rest in 1992 at the age of 91. Webster died in 1996 at the age of 97.
  • Earl & Willie Dixie May-Daniels (39 KB)
    Earl was born on October 22,1914 in Stone Co. Mississippi to Peter & Mollie Peters-Daniel.Earl had three siblings, Ella,Ernest and Zelma Daniels. His grandparent were Pete and Ella Williams- Peters.He married Willie Dixie May on February 20,1937 and the couple had one child,Limea Earl Daniels. Earl died on December 15,1998. Willie Dixie is the youngest of six children born to William and Dixie Brumfield Dillon May.
  • Wilbur & Rutha Lee (Husband) McGowan (24 KB)
    Wilbur was the oldest child born to Webster McGowan. His mother was Bessie Thompson Martin.
  • Charlie McGowan (14 KB)
    Charlie was born on 11/30/1887 in Marion Co,Ms. to Charles and Julia McGowan.He married Lillie Threse Peters and they had 13 children,Alma,Ellen,Rossie,Milton,Woodrow,Hilton, Williner,Willie,Edward,Malvin,Eloise,Charlie Lee and Maxie Ruth McGowan.Charlie died on 10/21/1944.
  • Ida Mae Magee Echols (36 KB)
    Ida was one of nine chhildren born to Leon and Victoria McGowan-Magee.Ida was born on August 20,1900.She married Lorenzo R.Echols and the couple had six children;Samuel Lorenzo,Mable Edna,Lula Avinell,Shelton Charles,Frances Victoria and Franklin Leon.She was a loving grandmother who baked wonderful tea cakes.Ida passed away on September 30,1977.
  • Hattie Peter-Ball & Grandaughter Margorie (22 KB)
    Hattie was born in November of 1889. She was one of 11 children born to Art and Ella Ball-Peters.Art was born during slavery in 1842 .Ellen was also born during slavery in 1848.Both were born in Mississippi.They had 11 children, Hannah,Elsie,Aaron,Pete,Stella,Minnie,Bertha,Hattie,Lula,Lillie Trease and Johnny Peters.Hattie was married to Henry Ball in 1905.The couple had five children, Ado,Howard,Audrey,Lonnie and another child that died in infancy.Hattie died on September 18,1951. Also pictured is her grandaughter Margorie. Margorie is the daughter of Howard Ball.
  • Jewerel Webster & Audrey Ball McGowan (29 KB)
    Jewerel was the only child born to Willis Webster and Daisy Dillon McGowan. He was born on 09/28/1924.He was enlisted in the United States Navy and married his childhood sweetheart Audrey Ball on September 22,1944 at Mare Island Naval Station in Vallejo,California.The couple had 8 children,Jewerel Jr.,Clara,Bobby,Lloyd,Henry,Gwendolyn,Constance and Sharon. Jewerel died on August 21,1999 in Adrian Michigan.
  • Buford A. McGowan (42 KB)
    Buford was the youngest of twelve children born to Charles and Julia McGowan. Buford was born on 05/17/1892 in Marion Co. Ms. Buford married Nettie(Doll) Magee and they haad five children,Essie Lee, Charles Ado,Albert Leroy,Curtis Leamon and Arto McGowan.Buford died on 04/23/1936.
  • Howard Ball (35 KB)
    Howard was born on November 3,1919 in Marion Co.Mississippi.His parent were Henry and Hattie Peter-Ball.Howard had three siblings, Ado, Audrey and Lonnie Ball. A fourth sibling died during infancy.Howard served in the U.S.Army during WWII. Howard,(Simp)as he was called, was the father of two children,Margorie and Sandra Ball. Howard died on June 22, 1985.
  • Audrey Ball McGowan (33 KB)
    Audrey was the only daughter of Henry & Hattie Peters Ball. She was born on February 20,1924 in Marion Co. Ms.She married Jewerel Webster McGowan Sr. and the couple had eight children. She died on November 15,1976.
  • Wesley McGowan & his wife Hannah. (82 KB)
    Wesley was the son of Charles. He married Hannah.It is not known whether or not they had children.
  • Roscoe and Rebecca Lewis-McGowaan (54 KB)
    Roscoe was the yougest of five children born to Edmund Wm. and Alice Lundy-McGowan. He was born on May 4,1904 in Marion Co.Mississipi.Roscoe married Rebecca Lewis and the couple had three children,Clara T.,Tollie T. and R.T. McGowan.Roscoe died on August 31,1990.
  • The Pete Peter's Family (44 KB)
    Pete Peters was born sometime in the 1870's to Art and Ellen Ball Peters in Marion Co. Mississippi. This picture was taken sometime during the early 1900's.Pictured with Pete are the four oldest of 16 his children. They are Mollie Peter-Daniels, Garfield,Mattie Peters-White and Fred Peters.Pete was married first to Ella Williams on February 18,1892.They had 10 children. He later married Edmonia Evans and they had an additional six children.
  • Theodore McGowan (30 KB)
    Theodo was born on September 12,1901.His parent were Edmund Wm. and Alice Lundy-McGowan.Theodo and his wife Edna had five children,E.W.,J.W.,Omatine,Rodney and Clematine. Theodo died on 07/08/1985.

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