West Virginia Data


Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I




December 9, 1745

December 10, 1745

4) John Rusk--Constable vice Andrew Pickens Cap. Wilson's Co.

(4) Robert Young---Constable---vice John Kerr in Richard Woods's Co.


February 11, 1745

7) John Nichols and Wm. Wright quald. Attorneys

8) Wm. Pierce and Adam Miller to view a road from top Blue Ridge at head Swift Run to Cap. Down's place, formerly Alexander Thomson's.

8) Wm. Smith and Ro. Gay--Overseers Road from David Davis Mill to top mountain above Wm. King's.

(11) John Carre (Kerr) spec. bail for Hugh Martin.
  (11) James Biggs, Philip Jones, Thomas Moore, garnishees.


FEBRUARY 12, 1745/6.

(14) Enis Young, security for James Davis.


(17) William Smith fined 5 sh.--being drunk


FEBRUARY 19, 1745/6.

(17) Claim William Henderson--for assisting of. with arms and ammunition.

(18) Claim Patrick Martin--taking up a slave, property of Dr. Hopkins.

(18) Claim Andrew Myrtin--Losses by Indians.

(38) Claim Jno. Wilson et als—patrolling


MARCH 10, 1745/6.

  (20) Mark Evans, William Kervine, John McFarron, James McGomerie appd. Overseers of Road Blazed by Orange Co. from inhabitants of Roanoke to top Blue Ridge at bounds of Brunswick Co. and Cap. Robinson and John Mills are to lay off precincts and tithables.


APRIL 15, 1746.

(32) Carr vs. Smith -- £4 Penna. Curcy.== £3 Cur. Money, Va.


APRIL 16, 1746.

(33) Christopher Zimmerman--valuation of improvements returned and John Newport having made oath that it had not been before valued, recorded.

(35) Charles Berry, surety for John Pattison

(36) Alexander vs. McClure--Plt. produced deft's. bill with endorsement, which was read out by James Patton without the Court's orders--Gabriel Jones ordered to indict him--and suit is dismissed.

(37) Mathew Mitchell--garnishee--also Jane Burnett--Joseph Reid and Andrew Russell--£15, 2, 7 Penna.==£11, 6, 11 Current money.


MAY 12, 1746.

  (43) Gabriel Jones--quald. Depy. Attorney.

(43) William Taylor appd. Constable fr. Benj. Allen's to lower end of Co.

  (44) Adam Miller--same on North River and below Peaked Mount

(44) Robert Young--same vice John Risk.

(44) Charles Hayes--same vice James Trimble

(45) Joseph Russell and John Smith make affidavit--Roger Mallory's account not sworn to.


MAY 13, 1746

48) James Hogshead, Thomas Black, William Wright, William Guy, Robert Gwin, Charles Hays, George Anderson, Adam Miller, James Robinson, Thomas McCulloch, appd. Constables last Court qualified.

49) Robert Young qualified Constable

(49) John Wilson--leave to build water grist mill.


JUNE 19, 1746.

(50) Aaron Jackson--above 14--chose Wm. Hutcheson his guardian


JUNE 20, 1746

(65) William Miller, an idle vagrant person and a man of loose behavior--with George Hall, surety-bond.

(66) Order to summon Robert Young for bringing a woman into the County who is likely to be chargeable to the Parish, renewed


JULY 16, 1746

(68) New Court--Commission dated 13 June, 1746: James Patton, George Robinson, Robert Cunningham, James Montgomery, Wm. Jameson, Saml. Gay, John Lewis, Peter Scholl, John Wilson, Silas Hart, Richard Burton, Wm. Thompson, John Buchanan, James Bell, Thomas Lewis, Henry Downs, John Christian.


(70) Robert McMahon and Samuel Lockhard being bound over to this Court for misbehaving themselves towards William Thomson in killing his hogs, horses, etc., and William saying he feared further damage--they gave bond for good behavior, George Anderson and Wm. Pierce for Lockard, James Givens and Geo. Cathey for McMahon


August 20, 1746

(72) Report as to road from top North Mountain to Wm. King's and thence to C. H.--Robert Davis appointed overseer. The following tithables to work it: George Kill Patrick, James Young, James Young, James Mills, Robert McClellan, Andrew Pickens, Jacob Lockart, John Trishell, Hugh Young, Samuel Kinkead, William Mills, William McFeeters, James Clark, Henry Cristwell

(74) John Graham to be overseer from James Carter's mill to the Co. Ho. as far as the first ford above Bell's land--and all tithables from head of the river to John Miller's work it.

(74) Cap. Daniel McAnaire to be overseer of above road with following tithables: Samuel Wallis, Alexr. Crawford, John Elliott, David Trimble, John Hogshead, Alexr. Gardner, Sampson Archer, Alexr. Gibson, Robt. Davis, Thomas Gardner, Walter Trimble, John Sixby, David Stuart, Ro. Renix, Francis Gardner, John Trimble, Thomas Beard, Ro. Gilkason, John Archer, James Bell, James Mills, James Dyer, Charles Clendening, Wm. Hogshead, Ro. Ralstone, John Moffet, Saml. Lusk, James Phillips, Danl. Brealey, Mathew Edmonston, James Trimble, John Ferguson, Wm. Anderson, John Spears, John McKenney, Wm. Brady, Ro. Armstrong, James Miller.


August 21, 1746.

(79) John Hammond, garnishee-- £28, 10 sh. Penna. Cury.==£21, 7, 6 Current money

83) Gabriel Jones adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor in interrupting Richard Wainscut in giving his evidence

  (84) John Trimble to be overseer vice Robt. Young


SEPTEMBER 18, 1746


(111) Mary Cafferty, indented servant, vs. her master, Robert Young.


November 19, 1746.

130) John Wilson, late a servant to Francis Beatey, received a discharge setting forth his honesty, etc.

(131) Road ordered from Ridge dividing waters of New River from waters of So. Br. Roanoak to end in a road that leads over the Blue Ridge--James Cambell and Mark Evans, overseers. Old Mr. Robinson and his sons, Thos. Wilson and his two sons, Wm. Beus and his brother, all the Ledfords, Saml. Brown, Henry Brown, Saml. Niely, James Burk, James Bean, Francis Estham, Ephraim Voss and servants, Francis Summerfield, John Mason, Tasker and Thomas Tosh, John and Peter Dill, Uriah Evans's sons, Mathuselah Griffiths and sons, John Thomas, Peter Kender.


NOVEMBER 21, 1746

(135) Adam Miller and Ludwick Francisco appointed overseers from Alexr. Thompson's to Swift Run Gap and all tithables from Jacob Cober's to Saml. Scot's at upper end of Peaked Mountain clear it.


152) Adam Harman qualified Captain Foot.


FEBRUARY 19, 1746/7.

(155) Lucus Morgan (servant of Wm. Miller) imported from Ireland under 19 years and in this Colony above 6 months.


FEBRUARY 20, 1746/7.

163) James Wright, dead over 30 days without will, has very small estate and Sheriff ordered to sell it.

(168) Road ordered from lower end of cow-pasture to Carter's Mill, and Adam Dickenson, James Scot, Wm. Galespy, James Simpson, Wm. Dowerty, Andrew Maldrough, Hugh Coffey, John Donerly, Alexr. McKay, John Mitchell, John Moore, Ralph Laverty, John Cockmill, James Huy, Wm. Hugh, James Stewart, James McKay worked it.

(168) Road ordered from Top of the Ridge to John Terrald's and James Beard's, with these tithables, John Bomgardner, Jacob Harmon, Robert and Saml. Scot, John Stevenson, Robert Hook, Wm. Burk, Mathew Thompson, Charles Duel, Nicholas Noel, John Lawrence, Jacob Pence, Henry Dickens, Valentine Pence, George Scot, John Viare, Jacob Harmon, Sr., Mathew Sharp, John Harmon, Ro. Frazier, James Beard, Mathew Thompson, John Robton, Stiffell Francisco, Wm. Lamb, Samuel Lockard, Ro. Smith.

(169) John Archer required to deliver up to Catherine Quin her child, and James Carter and Ro. Davis, arbitrators


MARCH 18, 1746/7.

(175) David Davis and John Smith to lay off a road from the Co. Ho. to top Blue Ridge, near Rockfish Gap, and from thence to Falls of James River and Fredericksburg.


APRIL 1, 1747.

(191) Rebecca Hays, Isabella Taylor, Sarah Paxton, Elizabeth Davis, Mary McClung, Agnes Gray, Esther Lyle, Agnis McClure, Catherine McNabb, Jane Hall, Prudence Campbell, Elizabeth McCroskie and Hannah Miller appeared and their husbands recognized that they appear at May Court to testify against Rebecca Buchanan, Jr., and Senr., Mary Ann Campbell and Ruth Buchanan. John Carmichael also recognized.


MAY 20, 1747.

(193) Thos. Paxton, James McClung, Isaac Taylor, Gilbert Campbell, Wm. Hall and Andrew McNabb recognized that their wives, as above, appear as witnesses: William Lusk in behalf of Agnis Grey; Saml. Davis in behalf of his mother, Eleanor Davis; Moses McClure in behalf of his mother, Agness McClure; Andrew Hays in behalf of his mother, Rebecca Hays; Silas Hart in behalf of Esther Lyle. Acknowledged themselves as above. Wm. Henry also acknowledged as above.


MAY 21, 1747.

196) Sarah Hays, widow of George, Adm'tes on George's estate

(196) Admn of John Taylor granted to Peter Dyer, greatest credr.


(199) Grand Jury Presentments: Col. Thomas Chew, common swearer; John Bramham, sheriff, common swearer; John O'Neal and Mary Corbit, alias Smith, adultery; James Kerr, disturber of common peace by carrying lies and as a common lyer; Valentine Sevear, swearing six oaths; Ro. Harper, being drunk and swearing three prophane oaths; John Bramham, for prophanely desiring God to damn George Robinson and his company; Robert Young, breach of Sabbath; James Kerr, breach of Sabbath; James Burk, common swearer.


JUNE 17, 1747

(216) Lewis Morgan, servant boy of Martin Coffman, to learn blacksmithing.

216) Administration upon John Young granted to James Young (his brother.)


AUGUST 19, 1747.

(248) John Pickens and Wm. Bell to be overseers of the road (see p. 239 above) from Co. Ho. to Picken's Mill, with these tithables: Wm. Lewis, James Robertson, Thomas Gordon, Wm. Baskins, James Lasley, James Wallis, Danl. Deniston, Daniel Deniston, Jr., William Bell, Jr., John Poge, Geo. Crawford.

(251) John Holms appointed Constable, vice David Stewart; Mich. Dougherty appointed Constable, vice Thos. Williams.

254) Robert Ralston added to Cunningham's list of tithables Alexr. Gibson added to Cunningham's list of tithables; Wm. Frazier added to Hart's list of tithables; Jno. Bomgardner added to Hart's list of tithables.


AUGUST 21, 1747

(261) Son of Philip Smith to be bound to John Buchanan, Admr. of Philip, and one daughter be bound to Thos. English and one to Jacob Harmon.


SEPTEMBER 16, 1747.

(288) Road from the Cross Road below Hays on No. Side So. River to the ridge be cleared, and Thos. Stuart and Wm. Christian be overseers. George Caldwell and his son to be added to the tithables.
  (289) Mathew Young bound to the peace towards Michl. Brady.


SEPTEMBER 17, 1747.

(299) James Carter is going, to leave the Colony.



NOVEMBER 18, 1747.

(318) Jennet Steel, widow of David Steel, qualified Admx. James Caulton, &c., and John Mitchell appraisers


NOVEMBER 19, 1747

321) Ludwick Freedly complains that John Sisigmund Hanley has clandestinely carried out of the Colony his dau. Magdalene Freedley, about nine years old. The girl had been bound to John Harmon, son-in-law of Hanley, and Harmon had lately died intestate in this Colony and no person has administered. Hanley required to enter into bond for producing the child in May next.

(328) John Michael Miller acquitted for enticing away from Isaac Smith a servant man named John Smith.

(332) John Bruce for forging hand of John Gillison; Joseph Milligan, for adultery with Martha Milligan, and Martha for adultery with Joseph; Gabriel Jones, for swearing one oath; Ro. Bratton, for swearing one oath; Courthouse and Prison not sufficient.


MARCH 17, 1747/8.

(361) John Miller and Robert Black to take the estate of Wm. Skillern, heretofore committed to James Patton, and sell the same for the use of Skillern's orphan children.


APRIL 20, 1748.

3) Rebecca Steel chose Nathaniel Steel her guardian


MAY 19, 1748.

  (11) Eleanor Murry, step-daughter of James Renold, to be bound to Isaac Taylor until she is eighteen.


AUGUST 17, 1748.

  (48) Thomas Taylor bound to peace towards Jude Stoner, neither appearing—dismissed

50) David Edmiston appd. overseer of road from Tinkling Spring to Stuart and Christian's Road, with these: James and John Campbell, Archibald Stuart, Chas. Dallis, James Hamilton, Richard Pilsher, David Henderson, George Vance, Robt. McCutchin, Saml. McCune, Robert Moody, John Frazier, John Thomson, Wm. Johnson, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson and Samuel Farguson.


AUGUST 19, 1748.

(58) Saml. Lockhart to be added to list of tithables, Robt. Smith to be added to list of tithables, Wm. Craig to be added to list of tithables, also Robert Craig, James Craig, and John Craig.


AUGUST 20, 1748.

63) Robert and Wm. Christian to lay out a road from Black James Armstrong's to Wm. Long's mill, thence to James Alexander's fence, with these workers: James Armstrong, George Rutlidge, Thomas Rutlidge, James Caldwell, James Armstrong. James Frain, William Robb, John Christian, James Alexander, John Black, John Wilson, Anthony Black, Wm. Wright, and Wm. and John Robinson.


OCTOBER 19, 1748.

65) Iron collar about neck of William Shaw, servant of Daniel Morley be taken off.


FEBRUARY 16, 1748

(78) Henry Downs petitions for counter security from Jane McDonald, widow and admx. of Randol McDonald (admn. granted in Orange), now wife of Joseph McClallan.


MAY 17, 1749.

(105) Jacob Castle, being charged by Adam Harmon with threatening to aid the French--ordered to be arrested and brought before a called Court on next Monday.


AUGUST 23, 1749.

(154) Morgan Brown, servant of Andrew Lewis


(155) Mary Brown, servant of John Smith.

(155) Mary Elliott, servant of Wm. Williams


AUGUST 24, 1749.

(264) William Parks's 2464 acres on So. Br. Potomac to be valued by Geo. Sea, Martin Stroup, John Knight Owells (O'Neils), Henry Kerr, John Skelton, John Patton, Jr., James Rutledge and John Smith.


SEPTEMBER 7, 1749.

286) George Young, alias Hughes, committed for housebreaking and larceny


FEBRUARY 28, 1749

(320) George Willson arrested on hue and cry.


MAY 22, 1750.

360) Church Wardens to bind out Jane O'Neal, Margaret O'Neal, and George Wiley, orphans of John Wiley, decd


MAY 23, 1750

(371) Road ordered from Ezekiel Calhoun's to Wood's River thence to Top of Ridge between Wood's River and the South Fork of Roanoke. John McFarland and Joseph Crockett to be surveyors of former, and Wm. Crisp and Wm. Pellam, of latter part, with tithables, and the following: Henry Batton, Mordecai Early, John McFarland, Jacob Goldman, John Downing, John Goldman, Charles Sinclair, Nathaniel Wilshire, Wm. Sayers, Jacob Goldman, Wm. Hamilton, Humbertson Lyon, Frederick Carlock, Robert Norris, James Miller, James Cave, Saml. Montgomerie, Steven Lyon, John Conley, Andrew Linam, James Willbey, Saml. Stanlick, James Maies, Robert McFarlin, James Harris, John Vance, John Stride, Robert Miller, Alexr. Sayers, John Miller, Jacob Castle, Robert Alcorn, John Forman, Wm. Miller.


MAY 24, 1750

373) Joseph How directed to set up sign posts and keep it up with these: John Elswick, Andrew Viney, John Dunbarr, William McBride, Francis McBride, Robert Denton, James Thomas, James Scot, James Hamilton, William Miller and Valentine Sevier.
  (374) Robert Young petitions that Benj. Borden be not allowed to acknowledge any lands to him without his consent--allowed.


MAY 25, 1750

(384) Catherine Smith, orphan of Philip Smith, to be bound to Thomas Engles; Elizabeth, ditto, to Adam Harmon

(384) James Edmondson and Sarah, his wife, admx. of George Hays, decd.


AUGUST 28, 1750
  (420) David Evans, John Smith, Peter Horse, Henry Horse, John Eby, Hans Eby, Michael Props, Mark Swattle, John Brown, Postley Hover, Michael Stroud, John Walker, (above, to Wm. Dyer, added on motion Alexr. Crockett), Henry Henry, Windell Brown, Peter Creson, Alexr. Skoot, Saml. Skoot, John Skoot, James Skoot, added to list of tithables.


(421) Benj. Skoot, John Knowles, Joel Hornback, John West, Thomas Crawford, George Baffenbarger, John Christian Carlock, David Craig, John Walker, Jr., George Say, George Say, Jr., Simon Say, John Cunningham, Wm. Cunningham, Henry Landcisco, John Colley, Burket Reager, Henry Carr, Daniel Richardson, Nathaniel Clearey, added to list of tithables.


(423) Abraham Vanderpool, Mathew Uter, Abell Westfall, Anthony Bogard, George Osburn, Jeremiah Osburn, Jeremiah Osburn, Jr., John Osburn, James Simson, Jacob Westfall, Leonard Neiff, John Westfall, Hermanus Skout, Anthony Reger, Anthony Reger, Jr., Michael Rhyne, Peter Reed, George West, Thomas Iax, Robert Graham, added to list of tithables


AUGUST 30, 1750

(438) Robert Wiley, added to list of tithables.


FEBRUARY 27, 1750

(522) John Harrison's petition to be reimbursed out of the estate of William Young, who was killed in attempting to rob John Harrison, granted.
  (531) David Evans summoned for not providing for his children in a decent and Christianlike manner.


MAY 28, 1751

(571) Road ordered from Caleb Job's to James McKay's, crossing the river at a place called the Brush Bottom Ford, and so along the river by Henry Spears' plantation, and that the said Spears, with Mason Combs, John Sallers, Richard Sheitz, William Hurst, William Overall, Thomas Hues, Zachariah McCoy, Torrance Carroll, Wm. Dickenson, Steven Philips, Alexr. Gunnod (?), James McNeal, John Hawkins, Benj. Grider, Ephraim Leath, Charles Williamson, Josiah Parent, Wm. Parent, Thomas Parent, Edmond Bollen, Adam Coningham, Francis Grubbs, keep it in repair.


574) Road ordered from John Davis's mill to Wood's New Cleared Gap, and John King, with Andrew Erwin, John McGill, Wm. McGill, Robert Fowler, Hugh Campbell, John Erwin, Edward Erwin, Robert Carscaden, Francis Erwin, Edward Erwin, Wm. Frame, Benj. Erwin, Charles Campbell, Robert Campbell, Wm. Brown, Michael Dickey, Robert Brown. Henry Smith, Hugh Diver, Charles Diver, David McCummins, John Davis, Danl. Smith, James Anderson, John Francis, Wm. Alexander, Robert Gamble, Andrew Combe, James Patterson, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens, keep it in repair.


(579) George, Mary, Agnes, James Alexander, orphans of William Alexander, to be bound out; Thomas, orphan of Wm. Pritherock, ditto.


(580) Road ordered to be cleared and kept in repair on the cowpasture by these inhabitants: Wallace Estill, Robert Carlile, John Carlile, Loftus Pullen, Richd. Bodkin, Saml. Ferguson, Mathew Harper, Thomas Wright, Michael Harper, Hance Harper, John Miller, William Price, James Anglen, James Hall, Philip Phegan, John Shaw, Herculus Wilson, William, and John Carlile.


JUNE 1, 1751.

(602) Shields vs. Wilson and Gilmore} Verdict stayed because jurors, Walter Davis and Malcolm Campbell, the one ran out of the Court House, the other jumped out of the Co. Ho. window, separated themselves from their fellows and talked with other persons.
  (604) Love vs. Wright} P1. for want of evidence has leave to withdraw a juror and cause continued.
  (609) Daniel Harrison appointed next friend to his son, Robert Harrison
  (609) Daniel Harrison appointed next frient to his son, Robert Harrison in order to bring suit vs. John O'Neal.


AUGUST 27, 1751

(177) Patrick Frazier appointed surveyor of road.


AUGUST 28, 1751


(180) Fredcriek Sea quald. Admr. of George Sea.

(181) James Lockhart reports that Wm. Williams is about to remove to Carolina and take with him Mary Lundey, orphan of Thomas Lundey; order to bind Mary out.


AUGUST 29, 1751.

(186) John Justice has built a water grist mill for Wm. Wilson, and same is not properly built.

(186) James Brown complains that John Harmon has abused him and his wife

(186) James Leeper to Nicholas Leeper. Margaret, wife of James

(187) James Berry, guardian of John Berry, orphan of James Berry, complains of John Jones, in whose custody the orphan is, that he abuses him.

(189) John Smith committed for aiding Jean London in breaking jail.


NOVEMBER 27, 1751

202) John Harrison petitions to be levy free; rejected

(206) Grand Jury Presentments: Elisha Job, swearing more than four oaths; Owen Crawford, for drinking health of King James and refusing to drink to King George; James Shaw, swearing three oaths; Robert Armstrong, a common swearer; John Grems, a common swearer

(207) Robert Craven, Michael Warren and Alexr. Herron ordered to value John Harrison's improvements on 400 acres on Dry Forks of Smith's Creek.


NOVEMBER, 28, 1751

(208) John Mathews, Richard Wood and John Lyle quald. Justices

(208) Adam Dickinson, David Davis, Peter Wright and Joseph Carpenter, lay off a road from Wright's Mill to the Cow-pasture near Hugart's or Knox's.


NOVEMBER 29, 1751.

(216) Daniel Harrison--qualified Under Sheriff.

(217) Joseph Roberts--the same as above.


NOVEMBER 30, 1751

218) James Montgomery, Joseph Robinson and Tobias Smith, same, 2 tracts, 400 acres, and 260 acres, on Possimmon Run.

(225) James Berry, guardian of the orphans of James Berry, decd., complains that John Jones, who married the widow of James Berry, is wasting the estate.


DECEMBER 3, 1751

(240) Thos. Smith fails to provide for his children in a Christian-like manner and they are to be bound out.


JANUARY 27, 1751

(240) John Smith convicted of larceny and whipped


FEBRUARY 19, 1751/2.

(241) Petition of John and Reubin Harrison for reward for killing 2 persons under Ute Perkins; certified to Genl. Assy.


MAY 20, 1752

(242) New commission to: James Patton, Thos. Lewis, Wm. Jameson,* James Lockhart,* Benj. Borden,* John Lewis,* Robt. Cunningham,* Andrew Lewis, Erwin Patterson, Richd. Woods, Peter Sholl, John Wilson, David Stewart, Ro. McClenachan,* John Mathews.* (Those marked (*) qualified.

(247) James Urrey, Steven Hans Burger, John Fought, Wm. Burk, Saml. Thornhill, John Fornice, Little Patrick, Jacob Miller and son, Adam Miller and son, Charles Cross, Henry Lung, Jacob Coger, George Warrell-to be added to Hans Magart's road hands on road from Shanando River to top Blue Ridge.

247) Petition of inhabitants of Linvil's Creek. These persons to clear a road from Brock's Creek to Francis Hughes's, thence to the main road leading to Fredericksburg: Jonathan Duglass, Wm. Smith, John Miller, James Claypole, Wm. Claypole, Ro. Williams, Rees Thomas.

(248) In calf-pasture--Wm. Smith to be overseer with the following persons, viz: Wm. Elliott, Ro. McCutcheon, William Smith, William Ramsey, John Marke, Robert Foyle, Wm. Guy, James Stevenson, Rob. Gay, John Guy, Samuel Looney, Saml. Guy, John Hanley, John Smith, John McGuiney. Road from Wm. Guy's to Ro. McCutcheon's mill, and thence to Robert Campbell's.


MAY 21, 1752.

(254) James Miller appointed Constable in Staunton.

  (256) John Grymes, Hugh Hicklin and Rob. Grymes to be summoned for detaining children of Thomas Smith.


JUNE 18, 1752

266) Saml. Wilson--allowed to keep ordinary


AUGUST 19, 1752

(312) John Lynn, an orphan boy complains that Ro. Edge had brought him from the lower parts of this Colony and indentured him to John Ramsey, and he to Henry Smith, and he to Silas Hart. Indenture declared void and Wardens ordered to bind him out.


(313) James Campbell, qualified Captain of Foot; John Maxwell, qualified Captain of Troop of Horse; Robert Renix, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Poage, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; James Edmondson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Hogshead, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Mathew Edmondson, qualified Cornet; Adam Harmon, qualified Cap. of a Troop of Horse; George Anderson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Augustine Price, qualified Lieut. of a Troop of Horse; Jacob Harmon, qualified Cornet.
  (314) Hugh Martin to be levy free on account of age and infirmity.


AUGUST 20, 1752.

(314) John Fleming complains that James Young and Sarah, his wife, detain him contrary to law, and they sumd

(316) Patrick Martin and Alexr. Richey to be overseers of road from Young's Mill to Alexr. Richey's smith shop, thence to Buchanan's mills, with these hands: Adam Thompson, Geo. Peary, Ro. Young, James Peary, John Campbell, John Buchanan, James Moody, Andrew Cowan, James Callison, John Jameson, Walter Smiley, James McCorkle, Ro. McCorkle, Nathan Gilliland, Wm. McNabb.

(317) Ann Miller relinquished dower in 200 acres conveyed by her husband, John Miller, to Ro. McClenachan

  (317) John Brown, qualified Major of Horse; Alexr. Sayers, qualified Captain of Horse; Robert Sayers, qualified Ensign; John McCreary, qualified Captain of Foot; Alexr. Black, qualified Lieut. of Foot; William Smith, qualified Captain of Foot; Thomas Gilham, qualified Captain of Foot; Robert Armstrong, qualified cornet; Joseph Coulton, qualified Captain of Troop of Horse; Andrew Hays, qualified Lieutenant of Foot; Hugh Hicklin, qualified Cornet.
  (319) Alexr. Walker, qualified Ensign; Wallace Estill, qualified Captain of Troop of Horse; Steven Wilson, qualified Lieut. Troop of Horse; John Miller, qualified Capn. Troop of Horse; Andrew Lewis, qualified Colonel Troop of Horse; David Stewart, qualified Colonel Troop of Horse; Robert Scot, qualified Captain of Compy. of Foot.


AUGUST 21, 1752.

  (321) Peter Scholl, qualified Colonel of Foot; Low Todd, qualified Lieut. of Horse; John Dunbar, qualified Capn. of Horse; John Fitzwater, qualified Ensign; Francis McBride, qualified Cornet; Ro. McFarland, qualified Lieut.; Ro. Young, qualified Capn. of Horse


(328) Thomas Stewart, Isaac White, John McClure, Edward Hall, James Patton, John Black, James and Gabriel Alexander, and James Bell--clear and keep a road from Edward Hall's to Wm. Long's Mill.

(328) Charles Campbell, Wm. Long, Joseph Love, John Wilson, Wm. Wright, Anthony Black, James Robinson and Patrick Campbell--clear and keep a road from Wm. Long's mill to Charles Campbell's.

328) Nicholas Smith, a free mulatto, has moved out of the County and left five small children--to be bound out.


AUGUST 24, 1752.

(347) James Mays vs. Charles Whitaker } Deft. having informed the Court that the plt. had employed both the attornies practising at this court, has Gabriel Jones assigned him.

(360) Daniel Richardson, Joel Hornback, John Cunningham, and Henry Carr--appraisers of George Sea.


NOVEMBER 15, 1752.

(361) James Simpson and Michael Stump, overseers, with Jeremiah Osburn, Geo. Osburn, Mones Alkier, Heorndkis Corlock, John, Jacob and Wm. Westfall, Michael Stumph, Henry Harris, Henry Shipler, and Philip Moore--view and mark and keep in repair, on petition of inhabitants of the South Branch, a road from their wagon road up the So. Fork to Peter Reed's Mill.


NOVEMBER 16, 1752

(369) Grand Jury Presentments: James Young, in Forks of James--taking toll twice.


NOVEMBER 17, 1752

371) Motion of James Lockhart, Exr. Patrick Cook. Jane, relict of Patrick, has since intermarried with Andrew Steel, and is about to remove from the plantation and leave it waste.


NOVEMBER 18, 1752.

(379) Alexr. and Wm. Sayers, Charles Sinclar and Humphrey Baker, to appraise Daniel Murphy's estate, on Reed Creek.


NOVEMBER 20, 1752.

(391) Patrick Martin qualified Capn. of a Troop of Horse.


NOVEMBER 21, 1752

(410) Maurice O'Frield, John Trimble, Wm. McFeeters, Wm. Martain, James Young, Jacob Lockart, James Vance, Patrick Martin, Wm. McClintock, Rob. Young, Thos. Piery, John Campbell, James Peary, Robert Davis, James Philips, John Spear, John McMurry, Alexr. McMurry, David Stuard, Hugh Young, John Jameson, Rob. McClellon and John Brown--to work the road under Saml. Wallace from top of North Mountain to this Co. Ho.


MARCH 21, 1753

(414) John Buchanan, James Clark, Jacob Lockhart, Thomas Kirkpatrick, John Berry, John Bartley, Wm. Martin, Josias Richards, William McFeeters, John Jameson, James Young, Hugh Young, Robert Young, William McClintock, Wm. Ledgerwood, John Trimble, Maurice O'Frield, Samuel Wallace, Robert Davis, Robert McClenon, James Moody, James Philips, Wm. Akry, Cornelius Donaho, George Peary, Adam Thompson, Thomas Peary, John Campbell, James Peary, Wm. McNab, Robert Scot, Thomas Reed, Abraham Masha, Thomas Dunn, Francis Dunn, Major Scot, John Bigham, John Black, Samuel Downing, Alexr. McFeeters, Andrew Cowan, James McCorkle, John Vance, James Gilmore and Patrick Martin--to keep road formerly laid off from James Young's Mill to said Buchanan's Mill.
  (415) Joseph Long and James Young, overseers, with Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitley, John Collier, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, Thomas Burton, Wm. Wadington, Wm. Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Huston, Wm. Todd, James Bats, James Todd, James Young, Patrick Young, John Carr and James Campbell--keep the road from Joseph Long's Mill to James Young's Mill, thence to the Great Road on James Thompson's Plantation.


MARCH 22, 1753.

(419) Conrad Harness, qualified Lieut. of Foot; John Wilton, qualified Capn. Troop of Horse


Note: I wonder if this is the same Wilton that was a traitor to the Troop and informed as a spy to the British in the Movie by Mel Gibson, called The Patriot.


AUGUST 16, 1753.

(10) Lewis Morgan, servant of Michael Kaufman


NOVEMBER 23, 1753.

(75) John Mathews to be overseer of road from North Fork of James River, near John Mathew's, to Renix's Road, with these workers: Henry Brown, John Smiley, James Trimble, John Berriford, James Edmondson, Wm. Edmondson, Michael Finney, Wm. Holdman, Stephen Arnold, Hugh Means, John Harger, Wm. Scot, Edward Bishop, Alexr. McCorkall, Pat. McCorkall, Henry Fuller, Joseph Pain, Edwd. Baley, James Baley, John Peter Salling, Jas. Simpson, James Wolson, Alexr. Beggs, John Mathews, Joshua Mathews, John Maxwell, Jas. Frazier, John Hutcheson, Senr., John Hutcheson, Jr., George Sailing, Richd. Beton, Wm. Boil, John Sprowl, John Smith, Saml. McClure, John Smiley, John McCuley, Richd. Mathews, Sampson Mathews, Daniel Sancion, Saml. Paxton, Wm. Paxton, John Oleston, Samuel Oleston, Saml. Walker

(76) Road ordered--Wm. Bryan overseer--from Wm. Carravan's plantation to Wm. Bryans on Roan Oak. These workers: James Campbell, Joseph Love, Wm. Bryan, Jr., John Bryan, James Bane, Henry Brown, Jr., James Neilly, Henry Brown, Sr., Alexr. Ingram, Edward Patterson, Jacob Patton, John Wood, Erwin Patterson, Andrew Cox, Jasper Terry, Wm. Terry, John Woods, Edward Moore, Peter Craven, Aron Hart, Miles Hart, Wm. Graham, Neal McNeal, Malcom Campbell, Wm. Armstrong, Tasker Tosh, Thomas Tosh, Daniel Evans, Uriah Acres, Thos. Acres, John McAdoe, Wm. Akers.

(76) Road ordered--Wm. Carravan, overseer--from Charles Millicons to Wm. Carravan's, with these workers: Wm. Ralston and his sons, Charles Millicon, James, Joseph and Edward McDonald, Joseph and David Robinson, James Galliad, Archd. Graham, David Miller, Hugh Mills, Richard Kerr, Wm. Miller, Wm. Graham, David and Joshua McCormick, Tobias Smith, Steven Rentfro.


MARCH 23, 1754.

(126) Road ordered from Campbell's School House to Renix's Road--Saml. Walker, overseer--with these workers: William Bradshaw, John Maxwell, James Frazier, John McColley, John Peter and George Salley, Henry Fuller, Joseph Ryan, John Hutchings, John Hutchings, Jr., John Sprowl, Mathew Vance, Richard Benton, Wm. Burt, John Smith, Joseph Smith, John Allison, Wm. Byers, Richard Mathews, Sampson Mathews, Saml. Walker, Thos. Shaw, Stephen Arnold, John Peteet, Wm. Noble, Saml. Allison.

129) Elizabeth McDonald--death abates suit

(129) On motion of Cap. Andrew Lewis, Wm. Pere, Josias Baker, Terrence Sweney, John Shaw, John Smith, Joseph Baxter, Bartholamy Burns, Geo. McSwine, who were listed for his Majesty's service, took the oaths.


MARCH 25, 1754

142) Road from Jacob Brown's, on Roan Oak, to Isaac Taylor's--John Robinson, Sr., overseer


APRIL 17, 1754.

(187) John Smith, servant of Archd. Carns.


MAY 15, 1754

(193) Thomas Harrison qualified Lieutenant


MAY 16, 1754.

(195) David Miller qualifies Admr. of his father's (Wm. Miller) estate


MAY 17, 1754.

(206) Many attachments vs. Wm. Murray, who was contractor for the new Court House; also vs. John Harmon

(210) John Wilson's death abates suit.


MAY 18, 1754

(219) Anne Brown, wife of James Brown, came into Court and called Justice William Wilson a "rogue, and that on his coming off the Bench she would give it to him with the Devil," bound to good behovior.

(227) Jacob Miller vs. Elizabeth Thomas } Elizabeth is an infant.


MAY 21, 1754.

(252) George Berry petitions that his father, James Berry, be relieved from levy—granted

(252) Esther Smith, a child of Nicholas Smith, to be bound out, he being an idle person without visible means.


AUGUST 21, 1754.

(253) Christian Wilson, wife of William Wilson, informs the Court that her husband has left the Colony and left three small children, two of whom she cannot support, viz: Danl. and Elizabeth Wilson, who are ordered to be bound out.

256) Owen Callihan, servant of John Wilson.


AUGUST 22, 1754.

(269) Abraham Smith qualified Captain of Foot.


AUGUST 24, 1754.

(288) Patrick Crawford vs. Thomas Story } James Randolph, a witness, is about to leave the Colony. Ded. Potestm. de bene Esse

289) John Stagg servant of John Harrison.
  (290) Wm. Stagg, a bastard, 2 yrs. old, to be bound out on motion of John Harrison.


NOVEMBER 20, 1754.

(321) Joseph White says his child was bound to David Hays when he was absent and he is capable of raising it--ordered to be returned to him



NOVEMBER 21, 1754

(325) James McDonald, indented Servt. to Wm. Bell.


MARCH 24, 1755.

(411) Road ordered from Isaac Taylor's to Tarr's shop.

413) Thos. Reed says that on Friday, 21st inst., John Risk assaulted him and bit off part of his left ear.


MAY 22, 1755

432) David Stuart, security for John Miller, Admr. of James Jones, decd. who is not in this Colony, petitions for counter security


MAY 23, 1755

(439) Wm. Crawford--witness from Bedford.


AUGUST 20, 1755.

(465) Mathew Pigg, a wagoner of John Davis's, produced an acct. for services done for the army under Braddock.


AUGUST 21, 1755.

(469) Audley Paul produced account for services done Braddock's army and for a horse lost on the expedition; Major Scot, a carrier employed by David Stuart, ditto; Wm. Scot, a carrier, ditto.


OCTOBER 25, 1755.

(490) Propositions and grievances: John Hunter for services, wagoning; James Alexander, for patrolling; Wm. Wilson, Wm. Cunningham, Domnick Barrel, Mathew Thompson, John Atkins, Saml. Black, patrolling; John Brown for victualling men patrolling under Cap. David Lewis; Wm. Thompson for patrolling and going on an express; George Caldwell, for patrolling; Robert Poage, for waggoning; Israel Christian, patrolling; Israel Christian, claim of David Moore for provisions provided Cap. David Lewis's Co. of Rangers which provisions were received by Christian.
  (491) Newman McGonagle, for patrolling; Wm. Williams, for patrolling; Wm. Christian, for patrolling; Alexr. Thompson, for patrolling; John Simmons claim for guarding arms and ammunition sent for the use of this County; Wm. Duncan, for patrolling; Robert Thompson and John Galespy,--patrolling; Charles Patrick, for patrolling; Joseph Martin and Wm. McFeeters, for patrolling; Wm. Lockhart, for patrolling; Barny Riley, going on express.
  (492) Saml. nnd James McDowell, patrolling; Andrew Scot, horse impressed; Daniel Harrison, patrolling.

NOVEMBER 19, 1755.

(497) Capn. Perry, a drover from Carolina--his cattle to be sold and money lie until further orders.
  (497) Michael Coager, orphan of Nicholas Coager, Adam Miller appointed guardian.


NOVEMBER 20, 1755.

499) John Graham, qualified Lieutt. of Foot; George Wilson, qualified Capn. of Horse.
  (501) Thomas Armstrong, qualified Capn. of Foot; Andrew Foster, qualified Ensign of Foot.


NOVEMBER, 21, 1755.


(504) Danl. Harrison vs. Joseph Bryan } Attacht. was levied before deft. removed out of the Co. and is dismissed


AUGUST 17, 1753

(1)   New Commission of Justices dated 16 June 1753: James Patton,* Peter Scholl,* David Stewart, Richard Woods,* Robert Breckinridge, James Simpson,* John Buchanan,* Silas Hart, James Lockhart,* John Mathews, William Wilson, George Robinson,* Andrew Lewis, Robert McClenachan,* Christopher Guest, William Bethell.* (Those marked (*) qualified.) (2) James Grymes, orphan to be bound to Peter Scholl.
  (5) Alexr. McNutt chose John Brownlee his guardian. Esther Robinson qualifies Admx. of decd. husband, James Robinson. Appraisers are John Robinson, Ephraim Voss, Isaac Taylor, James Campbell.



AUGUST 16, 1753.

(9) Wm. Leeper appointed Constable on New River, vice Adam Harman. John States and Alexr. Painter appointed overseers for a new road from North Mountain Gap, called Brock's Gap, near Thomas Mish, to the mouth of Lost River, leading to North Mountain


NOVEMBER 25, 1755.

2) Jane Bourland, late Jane Jackson

10) George Parks vs. John Perry } John Perry removed out of the Colony.


MARCH 17, 1756

31) Jane Elliott, servant of Thomas Tate. James Hays, orphan of George Hays, decd., of the age of 18 years, chose guardian--William Edmondson.

32) Ananias Dart, servant of Wm. Wright; same, Malcome Allen.

MARCH 18, 1755.

(34) James McDowell, 18 years old, chose John Bowyer guardian. Michael March and John Brown, servants of Jacob Frederick Curts



MARCH 23, 1756

(64) William Wilson does not provide for his son, Daniel Wilson, in a Christianlike manner--to be bound out.


APRIL 29, 1756.

109) Robert Stevenson, claim for a bell impressed; Saml. Norwood, claim for ranging; Wm. Baskins, claim for ranging; Jeremiah Sealey, claim for ranging and provisions; George Robinson, claim for ranging; James See, claim for ranging; Henry Reaburn, claim for ranging; John Moore, claim for ranging.


MAY 19, 1756

  (110) Henry Harmon about to remove


MAY 21, 1756.

125) Catherine Finn--servant of Patrick Martin

128) Jacob Harmon—dead


MAY 24, 1756

138) Jacob Harmon, dead


JULY 15, 1756

(186) George Wilson bound to good behavior for having spoken disrespectfully of the Government.


NOVEMBER 17, 1756.

242) Robert Armstrong, with two other tithables, added to list of tithables. Hannah, widow of Robert Sayers, refuses to administer, and David Sayers qualifies.


NOVEMBER 19, 1756.

248) John Burns, servant of James Greenlee; John Woster, servant of Danl. Smith; Thomas Garland, servant of Joseph Kenaday.


NOVEMBER 20, 1756.

(251) Will of Robert Sayers produced and disputed by David Sayers because not signed, but ordered to record. Admr. granted to David Sayers as next of kin. Hannah, the widow, refused to admr.


MARCH 18, 1757

(360) Andrew Hays-took the oaths


JUNE 17, 1757.

(371) John Smith's will presented. Exrs. refused to act. Abraham Smith, one of the Exrs. and heir-at-law, was summoned, but failed to appear; two of the witnesses are dead. Robert Renix, the remaining witness, proved it, and the Court, knowing the signatures of testator and witness, it is recorded.


JUNE 20, 1757.

(382) John Smith--suit abates by death of.

(385) Bryon McDonald--suit abates by death of.


AUGUST 19, 1757

1)      Court--Patrick Martin, Richard Woods, Robert Breckinridge, Patrick Martin, John Bowyer, Daniel Smith, James Buchanan, John Archer

17) George Bee, servant of John Stuart.


AUGUST 20, 1757.

(32) John Vance--his death abates suit. William Williams--returned no inhabitant of County


NOVEMBER 16, 1757.

(39) Jennett McDonald administers on estate of her deceased son, Randall McDonald. Esther Brown qualifies admx. of her decd. father, Henry Brown, Esther, the widow, having refused.


NOVEMBER 17, 1757.

42) Ann Stewart, admx. her husband, James Stewart, decd.

(42) James Frame and son, Thomas, added to tithables. Thomas Lewis, with six others, added to tithables. Gabriel Jones, with five others, added to tithables

(43) Last will of John Smith, Jr., proved--Abraham Smith, heir-at-law of John, came and relinquished all his right under the will.


NOVEMBER 18, 1757

46) Agnes, widow of John Wilson, renounces all claims under her husband's will and admn. granted her.

  (51) Abraham Smith, eldest son and heir-at-law of John Smith, now a prisoner in the French Dominions, refused to admr., whereupon Israel Christian, a creditor, qualifies during Smith's absence.


NOVEMBER 21, 1757.

  (76) John Cunningham to provide candles, keep fires and clean the Co. Ho., and bring in his charge at next levy.
  (84) On application of above, Ro. McClenachan refused to deliver up keys of Co. Ho., claiming a property right in the Co. Ho. and Jail, to which he offered to execute a lease to the County, which is referred to the General Court, and Sheriff is ordered to procure a lock and key, and Gabriel Jones to prosecute Robert in General Court.


MARCH 15, 1758

88) John Berry, orphan of James Berry, aged 15 years, chose McGill his guardian.


MARCH 20, 1758

(124) Robert Donald vs. Israel Christian, admr. John Smith. John Smith having returned from his captivity, it is ordered that the administration of his estate granted the defendant is revoked.

(141) From the recommendation of Ro. McClenachan and David Stuart to be added to Justices, Wm. Preston and Patrick Martin dissented, because they had been turned out of the Commission.

(143) Court of Claims--propositions and grievances: Saml. Norwood, claim for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. John Bowyer's claim for provisions delivered to John Woods, a Captain of a Company of Rangers. Andrew Hays, for ranging and provisions for his Company. Andrew Hays, for provisions to John Woods, as above. David Stuart, for ranging and provisions for his Company. Joseph Bell, for dieting soldiers. John Williams, for ranging.

(144) Robert Campbell, for dieting Capt. Wood's soldiers and for a horse impressed. William Christian, for ranging and provisions for his Company. John Brown, for guarding provisions to Dickenson's Fort when attacked by the enemy Indians and for provisions on their march. Saml. Wilson, for provisions delivered to John and William Woods, Captains of Rangers. James Bell, for going express to the Commanding Officer of Albemarle by order of Major John Brown of this County. Ephraim Love, for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. Abraham Smith, the same. James Clark, for provisions to John Wood, a Militia Captain. Domnick Barret, for ranging. Wm. Edmiston, for ranging. John Cunningham, for use of a horse impressed. James Hughes produced a claim for service done the country, to which he made oath and ordered to be certified. John Robinson, for provisions delivered to David Lewis, Captain of the Militia. George Robinson, for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. James Cull, for ranging. Elizabeth Preston, for horse impressed.


MAY 17, 1758

(146) Edward Breedin, indentured servant of Wm. Anderson, agrees to serve William twelve months longer in consideration of William's supporting Edward's daughter. Mary Breedin. James Bell, aged 17, orphan of James Bell, decd., chose John Moore his guardian. Robert Frazier's mark recorded. Mary Ann Bell, aged 14, orphan of James Bell, chose Rachel Bell guardian.



AUGUST 19, 1758

(198) John Ramsey intermarried with Margaret Crockett, mother of Alexr. and John Crockett. Caleb Harmon complains that he was bound by his guardian, Walter Davis, to Robert Reed, contrary to law; indenture set aside and Caleb chose John Bowyer his guardian. John Fitzwater, a witness from Culpeper.

(200) William Erwin, suit abates by death of. Alexr. Crawford and one other, David Stuart, Wm. Hodge, Jacob Van Leers, John Henderson, with three others, added to tithables. Alexr. McKenny added to tithables.

(204) Patrick Hayes petitions for freedom dues against his late master, Thomas Paxton. And, on motion of Patrick Hayes, Robert Cunningham to be summoned to show cause why be has not paid his wife, Eleanor Hayes, her freedom dues


NOVEMBER 15, 1758.

  (208) James Wilson qualifies admr. of Josiah Wilson, decd., as brother and heir-at-law


NOVEMBER 17, 1758

223) John Smith qualified Colonel of Militia. Wm. Preston qualified Major of Militia


AUGUST 16, 1759.

  (290) Saml. McDowell, qualified Captain of Militia. James McDowell, qualified Lieut. of Militia. John Lyle, qualified Ensign of Militia.
  (290) Archibald Stuart, with his son; Robert Cunningham, Patrick McCallom, with his son, and Daniel Kidd, added to tithables.


AUGUST 18, 1759

307) Daniel Smith, qualified Captain of Foot.


AUGUST 20, 1759.

309) Hugh Ross, removed out of the Colony


NOVEMBER 2, 1759.

312) Lieutenant John Hopkins, for ranging. William Christian, for ranging and provisions for his Company. James Bell, for a horse impressed. John Henderson, for ranging. Saml. McDowell, for ranging.


NOVEMBER 23, 1759

(335) Abraham Smith, qualified Major of Militia. Wm. Craven, qualified Ensign. John Smith qualifies admr. of Benj. Davis, Decd. Elithorn Davis, his eldest brother, having refused to take the admn. John Smith took the usual oaths


JUNE 11, 1760.

(389) Called Court on Wm. Smith--larceny—acquitted


AUGUST 22, 176O

(406) Peter Vaneman. Paul Shaver, Philip Harper, and Honecle Huffman, added to tithables


NOVEMBER 19, 1760

(432) John Bags, Thomas Bags, Jacob Trumbeau, Jacob Bear, Isaac Brackfield, Conrad Lamb, John Richards, Jacob Richards, Thomas West, Daniel Cain, Martin Whitsell, Uriah Humble with one, Martin Humble, and Jacob Caplinger, added to tithables


NOVEMBER 22, 1760.

(454) Benjamin Morgan added to tithables.


FEBRUARY 17, 1761.

462) II. Zachariah Smith's mark recorded. Patrick Fitzpatrick's children not to be bound out, as formerly ordered, but to remain with their father-in-law, William Glasgow, he giving security to the Church Wardens.


NOVEMBER 17, 1761

106) George Martin added to list of tithables


NOVEMBER 18, 1761.

  (108) Privy examination of Jane, wife of Wm. Sprowl. Felix Gilbert and Randal Lockhart qualified vestrymen. Thomas Smith, servant of John Graham. Elianer Roberts, servant of Wm. Holdman. Margaret, widow of Francis McCown, rejected the provision for her in his will.
  (109) Joseph Wright does not provide for his children and Church Wardens ordered to bind tbem out.


NOVEMBER 20, 1761.

(124) Craven Taylor, an infant, to be bound to John Dickinson.

156) Rob. Armstrong is appointed guardian of Lydia, James and Jane Armstrong orphans of James Armstrong. William Wilson, orphan of John Wilson, chose Roger Keys his guardian. Church Wardens to bind out John and Christian Stiffey, Walter, James and Francis Dunn. Children of Philip Hoofman to be bound out. Commission for examination of Rachel, wife of Andrew Kerr. John Stuart, orphan of James Stuart, to be bound out..

157) Ordered that Michael O'Hara, aged 12, September 1lth last, be bound to Alexander Millroy. Jane Lettimore, servant of Alexr. Stewart. John Stuart, orphan of James Stuart, aged 14, chose Henry Murray his guardian. James Stuart, aged 18, orphan of James Stuart, chose John Hamilton his guardian. Ralph Stuart, aged 15, orphan of James Stuart, chose Robt. Stuart his guardian. Ordered that the following orphans be bound: William Meek to William Warwick, Mary Meek to Andrew Settleton, Martha Meek to James Walker, James Meek to William Wilson, Jane Meek to Moses Moore.


MAY 18, 1762.

(210) Commission for examination of Hannah, wife of John Miller

(211) Following received certificates for naturalization: Henry Stone, Sebastian Hover, Gabriel Kyle, Henry Peninger, Woolrick Coonrod, Mack Swadley, John Dunkle, Michael Mallow, Michael Props, George Hammer, Nicholas Havenor, Henry Pickle, Ludwick Havener, Frederick Easter.


215) David Sayers qualifies guardian of Joseph, orphan of James Duncan. Janet Duncan, same as to James Duncan.


MAY 19, 1762

(218) John Bush, a soldier under Capt. John Blagg, arrested for debt.


MAY 20, 1762.

(224) Patrick Hara, Thos. Brannon, John Hays, soldiers, march into Court with their hats on and insult the Court. Committed to jail during pleasure.

229) Robert Young, aged 18, orphan of Robert Young, chose James Young his guardian


MAY 22, 1762

(231) William Smith, servant of Robt. Graham

232) John Stewart vs. James Crawford } Slander--judgment for plaintiff


MAY 24, 1762.

(237) Isaac McDonald, returned no inhabitant

(238) Daniel Smith, Mathew Patton and Michael Mallow, surviving partners of Robt. Harrison, vs. Wm. Crow

(253) Liquors rated. James Young, a juror impanneled, failed to answer when called; fined and suit continued. Alexr. McClenachan, Thos. Crow, Joseph Bell, George Francisco, disturbed the Court by playing at ball, and are fined.


MAY 25, 1762.

270) Alexr. Hay returned no inhabitant


AUGUST 16, 1762.

281) Called Court on Elizabeth Smith for stealing--39 lashes.



AUGUST 18, 1762.

286) Andrew Smith's will proved by one witness and ordered to lie for further proof. Henry Peninger qualified administrator

(288) John Henderson complains of his father, George Henderson, setting forth that he uses him ill--George summoned

(289) Edward Warner, witness to will of Mathew Erwin. William English exempted from County levy. Mary Gregory qualifies admx. of her deceased husband, Naphthalum Gregory. Samuel Steel, with two others, added to tithables. James Steel, John Steel, John Findley, and John Findley, Jr. added to tithables.


AUGUST 21, 1762

306) Israel Christian released to George Wilson his interest in a bill of sale now on record to him from Robt. Adair.


NOVEMBER 17, 1762.

(359) Jane, wife of James Thompson, releases dower in deed to Samuel Henderson. John Mason's orphans to be bound out. William Wallace added to tithables. James Wallace added to tithables.
  (359) Michael Williams, aged 17, and George Williams, aged 15 years, to be bound to Augustine Price.


FEBRUARY 16, 1763

453) Jeremiah Osborn and Charles Wolson prove the will of Anthony Bogard. Adam Rotherback, an appraiser

459) James Young's will proved by one witness and lies for further proof

(461) Commission for examination of Agnes, wife of Wm. Wilson.


FEBRUARY 21, 1763

2)      James Ewing vs. John Jones } Israel Christian, Gabriel Jones, Peter Hog, John Madison, John Bowyer and Daniel Smith--special bail.
  (3) Thomas Nowell, defendant

24) John Bowyer makes oath that he was whole and sole legatee under Caleb Harmon's will, but the will was lost--administration granted to John


APRIL 20, 1763.

  (28) Rev. John Jones, clerk, witness to prove will of Rob. Armstrong


APRIL 25, 1763

(58) Agnes Clark vs. James Trotter } Abates by marriage of plaintiff

69) Wm. Dean and Mary, late Mary Cooke, only daughter and heiress of Patrick Cooke, vs. Hugh Young

91) Called Court on Wm. Jones for "buggery"--convicted and sent to Williamsburg for trial.


JUNE 21, 1763

(107) James Harmon exempted from levy--great age and infirmity.
  (107) Martha Miller relinquished dower in land conveyed by her husband, John Miller, to David Stewart.
  (107) William Armstrong, eldest son and heir of James Armstrong, decd., qualified administrator c. t. a.

108) Joseph Wilson, orphan of George Wilson, aged 12, to be bound to James Laird.
  (108) George Bush took the oaths for naturalization.
  (109) Margaret Leeper qualified administratrix of her deceased husband, James Leeper. William Beard, greatest creditor, qualifies administrator of John Sheldon.
  (113) New Commission--John Chiswell, John Buchanan, John Wilson, Silas Hart, Andrew Lewis, James Lockhart, Richard Woods, Robert Breckinridge, Patrick Martin, Wm. Preston, Alexr. Sayers, John Bowyer, John Dickenson, John Christian, Francis Tyler, Daniel Smith, John Archer, James Buchanan, Archd. Alexander, Israel Christian, Mathew Patton, John Maxwell, John Poage, James Lockridge, Felix Gilbert, Abraham Smith, James Trimble, Charles Lewis, Samuel McDowell, George Moffett, Benj. Hawkins, Francis Kirtley, Andrew Bird--dated 16 April, 1763.


SEPTEMBER 21, 1763.

219) Saml. McDowell qualifies admr. of John Woods. James McDowell

  (230 ) Agnes Bush, an orphan, to be bound out to John Montgomerie


SEPTEMBER 24, 1763

254) George Wilson vs. John Williams--Abates by death of defendant


NOVEMBER 9, 1763

(324) Court of Oyer and Terminer for trial of Tom, slave, for murder of John Harrison by shooting in back. Confessed ; judgt. guilty, and that he be hanged by the neck on Saturday, 19th inst., and his head be severed

and affixed on a pole on the top of the hill that leads from this Court House to Edward Tarr's. Memo.--Tom valued at £50


MARCH 21, 1764.

(396) William and John Candler, appraisers of Yocum. Frederick See, as greatest creditor, qualifies admr. of Frederick See.


MARCH 26, 1764

475) Conrad Yocum, returned no inhabitant.


JUNE 19, 1764.

(498) Alexr. Crawford, security for Thos. Gardner, now decd., for administration of estate of Thos. Gardner, decd., asks counter security, and Rebecca, administratrix of Thomas, summoned.


JUNE 22, 1764

7) Peachey R. Gillmore vs. Wm. Frazier.--Abates by death of defend't.


AUGUST 21, 1764.

69) William and Hugh Young, orphans of Robert Young, choose James Young their guardian, and James is appointed guardian of Joseph Young, another of the orphans


AUGUST 22, 1764

74) James Frazier qualifies administrator of father, Wm. Frazier.


NOVEMBER 23, 1764

205) Michael Smith, special bail.

213) Alexr. Sayers, gent., having insulted the Court by appearing before it intoxicated and twice abusing the Court, committed to Sheriff.


NOVEMBER 24, 1764

214) Alexr. Sayers, having made proper concessions for abusing the Court yesterday, released from his recognizance



MARCH 19, 1765.

234) John Frazier exempted from County levy

235) Peter Evans appointed road surveyor from Stone House to Fort Lewis

(235) Zachariah Smith's son John exempted from levy


MARCH 20, 1765.

243) Elizabeth Bell complains of her master, James Crawford


MARCH 21, 1765.

(247) John Frazier and Wm. Nailer to be summoned for not providing for their families.


MARCH 23, 1765

257) George Wilson, gent., witness from Hampshire--80 miles.

258) Mary Bence, servant of Thos. Bowyer, given 20 lashes for beating Elizabeth Taylor

280) David Wilson returned no inhabitant


MAY 23, 1765.

(358) Wm. Cunningham vs. Alexr. Sayers.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (359) John Seewright and Saml. Henderson ask counter security from Margaret Leeper, administratrix--husband, James Leeper.



OCTOBER 17, 1765.

18) Bondy Estill—juror

21) Mary. wife of Saml. McDowell, privy exn. Commission

24) Andrew Hays vs. John Moore } Dedimus to take deposition of Jane Hays, about to remove to Carolina


OCTOBER 21, 1765.

55) Moses Hurt returned no inhabitant. Moses Evans returned no inhabitant. Henry Hendrix returned no inhabitant

58) John Hays returned not found in bailiwick

72) William Wilson returned no inhabitant



MAY 20, 1766

154) James Cloyd appointed surveyor from lower end of John Bowyer's plantation of James River by Cedar Bridge to Mathew's Road, to work these tithables: Of Christopher Vineyard, John and Wm. Hall, John Logan, James Skidmore, Geo. Wilson, John Berry, John Jones, James McClure, Mathew Hair, John Bowyer, George Skillern and Conrad Wall


MAY 21, 1766.

(190) James Wiley and Martha, to Alexr. Noble, partially proved and certified

192) William Martin qualified admr. of father, Hugh Martin. Dawson Wade, appraiser


AUGUST 19, 1766

200) David Harmon summoned for not bringing up his children in a Christianlike manner.
  (200) Thomas Wright, servant of John Hanna


AUGUST 20, 1766

(205) David Wilson, son of William Wilson, formerly bound to Andrew Erwin, deceased, to be bound to Francis Erwin, Jr., heir-at-law and executor of said Andrew, he teaching him the trade of a shoemaker. Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Wm. Wilson, to be bound to Francis Erwin, Jr.

213) Betty Smith, Nicholas Smith, Johnny Smith, John Yates and David Yates to be bound out


AUGUST 25, 1766.

249) Uriah Akers, returned could not find


NOVEMBER 19, 1766

(340) Joseph Carpenter, Sr., and Wm. Whooley appointed road surveyors from Fort Defiance to Handley's Mill, with these workers and their tithables: Peter Wright, Solomon, Thomas, Nathaniel Carpenter, John Umphries, Thos. Carpenter, Zopher Carpenter, Ezekiel Johnston, Edward and John McMullin, James Williams, Joseph Leeper, John Fieler, William Christian and Peter Whooley, Wm. McMurry, Thos. Wright, Rob. Galesby, Pat. Corrigan and Joseph Carpenter, Jr.


(343) Danl. Pierce qualified administrator of Jacob Goodpasture


NOVEMBER 20, 1766

349) John Murray, Deputy Sheriff, returned list of prisoners in jail, to wit: Edward Peyton, George Wall and James Shaw. Edward Shaw, son of James Shaw, to be bound to James Hill

350) Deposition of John Smith, aged 65, and lives 60 miles from Court House


NOVEMBER 21, 1766

359) Richard Taylor, witness from Orange County, 70 miles


MARCH 20, 1767

493) Margaret Leeper, widow of James Leeper--dower assigned


MARCH 21, 1767

500) Abraham Smith qualified Lieutenant Colonel of County


MARCH 23, 1767.

35) Andrew Steel's death abates suit


MAY 21, 1767

82) Jonathan Smith qualified Captain of Militia


AUGUST 18, 1767.

210) Mary Renolds, aged 16, orphan of James Renolds, chose Nathaniel Evans guardian

213) The following produced certificates for hemp: Hugh Miller, James Craig, James Montgomery, Wm. Male, James Lawrence, Thos. Wilson, John Hall, Pat. Miller, James Patterson, Robt. Frazier, Saml. Buckanon, John Hays, Jr.


AUGUST 19, 1767.

(220) Sarah Young, aged 16, and James Young, aged 15, orphans of Patrick Young, chose Saml. Todd guardian, and same was appointed guardian of Jennet and Elce Young, orphans of Patrick.
  (220) John Beard and James Sayers, Jr., appointed surveyors of highway, vice Robert Armstrong

(220) Hugh Allen appointed surveyor of highway from James Given's Mill, by his house, to Stone Meeting House, and the following to work the road: Saml. Hinds, Robt. Stevenson, Wm. Kerr, John Stewart, John Campbell, James Allen, John Anderson, Hugh Allen, William McClure, James Allen, Saml. Bell, Andrew Lockhart, John Burnside, Saml. McKee, James Searight, Thos. Storey

(225) John Skidmore qualified Captain of Militia.

230) Overseers of roads appointed: Thos. Hicklin, Jr., vice John Estill; John Dailey, from North to South River; Walter Smiley, vice Wm. Kennedy.


AUGUST 21, 1767.

(244) Witnesses: Patrick Frazier.
  (245) John Frazier, Wm. Beard, Geo. Carpenter, Jr., Randall Lockhart, Catherine Shirley


AUGUST 22, 1767

248) David Roberts to be bound out

258) Mary and Eve Shaver to be bound to Hugh Hays

(277) Alexr. Miller (Clerk), vs. David Rice (Clerk).
  (291) Gilbert Carr, returned no inhabitant


AUGUST 24, 1767.

(277) Alexr. Miller (Clerk), vs. David Rice (Clerk).

(291) Gilbert Carr, returned no inhabitant

301) George Jamison vs. James McDowell and John Cloyd } Abates by death of John Cloyd

  (322) John Taylor versus Malcolm McCown (son to John). James Gilmore witness

(330) Andrew Lewis, Patrick Martin, John Dickenson, recommended for Sheriff.
  In pursuance of the Act of Assembly for settling the titles and bounds of lands for preventing unlawful hunting and ranging thereon, Court orders the Vestry to divide so much of their parish as lies in Augusta into precincts for processioning, to appoint two intelligent, honest freeholders in each precinct processioners, and times to be between last day of September and last of March.


NOVEMBER 17, 1767.

(337) Hemp certificates: John Dean, Christr. Vinyard, James Hogshead, John Trotter, Alexr. Walker, Saml. Davis, Andrrw Russell, Saml. Gibson, John Davison

  (338) George Conrad qualifies administrator of Stephen Conrad.

(339) John Montgomery qualifies administrator of Alexr. Buse (Bruce).

(341) Grand jurors: Nathanl. Evans, Joseph Raburn, Saml. McPheeters, Francis Erwin, Robt. Thompson, Henry Stone, James McCain, John Ramsey, Archibald Fisher, John White, Henry Campbell, Saml. Briggs, Richd. Renalds, Hugh Hays, Joseph Malcolm, David Laird, John Francis, John Black, James Leatherdale, John McClure, Hugh Donaho

(341) Alexr. Dale appointed Constable, vice James Young. Joseph Bell appointed surveyor of highway from James Lessley's to fork of road leading to Staunton, vice Archd. Hamilton

(342) John Young, servant of James McGarock.

(343) Hemp certificates: Andrew Hamilton, Dawson Wade, James Burnsides, John Montgomery, Thos. Brown, Edwd. Erwin, Postle Hover, James Crow, John Henderson.


NOVEMBER 18, 1767.

(346) Hemp certificates: Christopher Wiiliams, John Moffett, John Mills, Thos. Turk, Wm. Blanton, Wm. Robertson, Wm. Campbell, John Patrick, John Mitchell, Saml. Hamilton, Rob. Stuart, Wallas Estil.

(347) Danl. Smith, greatest creditor, qualifies administrator of Nicholas Null. Jacob Nicholas, John Coats and Augustine Price, appraisers of Nicholas Null.

(349) John Coalter appointed surveyor of highway from Benj. Stuart's Branch to the Court House Road


NOVEMBER 19, 1767

(350) Hemp certificates: Wm. Tees, Francis Stewart, Saml. Wilson.

(351) Hemp certificates: Gabriel Alexander, Nicholas Solles, Israel Christian, James Henderson, David Robinson, John Buckanon, Robt. Steel, Wm. Wordlow, John Brown.

(352) John Seewright appointed surveyor of highway from Stone Meeting House to Naked Creek. Gawin Leeper, same, from Gratton's Store to Naked Creek. Felix Gilbert and Joseph Dicktom, same, vice, John Cravens

(357) Thos. Carr, runaway servant of James McGill

(359) Jurors: John Rusk, Jeremiah Ragen, Saml. Clark, John Brown, Wm. McKee, Joseph Kinkade, Francis Stewart, James Henderson, John Findley, Saml. Black, Wm. Long, John Caldwell.

(360) Joseph McMurty and George McAfee reported that there were not enough tithables convenient to make a wagon road from McMurty's Mill thro' McAfee's Gap to the wagon road, and it was only practicable to clear it for carrying loads on horseback until the country is better settled, which is ordered, and Joseph McMurty and James McAfee, Jr., to be surveyors and work with the tithables on Craig's Creek and its branches from Gatlive's up, and on Catabo from Alexander Smith's up.


NOVEMBER 20, 1767

(366) George Francis, James and Adam Reaburn, to view improvements of John Archer on 345 acres and 75 acres.

(366) Road ordered from John Archer's Mill to Robert Fowler's; John Blair and John Young, surveyors.

366) Witness: Samuel Crockett

(367) Jurors: Samuel Buchanan, James Lawrence, Wm. Lawrence, John Craig. Benj. Keys, Wm. Kennedy, Joseph Gamwell, Thos. Picken, Jacob Woodley, Saml. Caldwell, John Fulton, Alexr. Reed

368) Jurors: Wm. Watterson, John Trotter, Pat. Buchanan, John Thompson, John Long, Wm. Huchison, Edward Thompson, John Bamier, Joseph McClung, Thomas Rhoades, Saml. Caldwell, James Armstrong.

(369) Jurors: Wm. Christian, Andrew Greer, Wm. Baskins, James Fowler, Saml. Henderson, Wm. McKee, John Graham, John Fulton, James Buchanon, John Stuart, Joseph Gamwell, Adam Murray.

(369) Jurors: Patrick Evans, James and John Brown,, Wm. Willis.
  (369) Witnesses: Thos. Kerr, Wm. Long, Saml. Wright.

(370) Witnesses: Wm. Brown, Walter Davis, Wm. Black, John Caldwell, John Long, Wm. Christian, Wm. Wright, Alexr. Long, John Black, Joseph Love

(371) Thos. Bowyer authorized to repair the house he now lives in and be reimbursed by the County or out of the rents


NOVEMBER 21, 1767.

(371) Robert Cunningham exempted from County levy--great age and infirmity.
  (371) Saml. and James McDowell, John and Daniel Lyle, to view the old and new roads from Timber Ridge Meeting House to Isaac Taylor's.

(372) Witness: Walter Davis, John Stuart.

(374) Witnesses: John Murray, John Thompson, Mathew Reed.

(377) George Skillern swore to list of delinquents. Francis Smith swore to list of delinquents




NOVEMBER 23, 1767

) Witnesses: Samuel Henderson, John Seewright, Gawin Leeper, Michael Dickey, Margaret Leeper

(388) Alexr. Miller (Clerk) versus David Rice (Clerk).

(432) Andrew Greer appointed surveyor of highway from John Harrison's, at the Big Spring, to the County Line

(436) Jurors: Mathew Reed, John Francisco, John Clark, Archer Mathews, John Wallis, John Thompson, James Buchanan, Alexr. Thompson, John Bigham, Joseph Henderson, Thos. Rhoades, Michael Dickey

  (438) Witness: Francis Smith.


NOVEMBER 24, 1767.

468) Ordered that Thos. Lewis, Thos. Gorden and Abraham Smith lay off dower of Margaret Gregg, late widow of Arthur Johnston, deceased, in 237 acres of her late husband.

(469) Abraham Smith appointed guardian to Andrew Johnston, orphan of Arthur Johnston, to defend a suit brought by Bowyer.


MARCH 15, 1768

(490) Hemp certificates: John Patterson, John Moore, John Parks, Tim. Caul, Wm. McClellon, Wm. Bear, Wm. Campbell, Michael Coulter, Nathan Peoples, James McCrary, Rob. Whitley, James Hays.

(491) Hemp certificates: Jonathan Cunningham, James McCown, James Campbell, John Thompson, John Willey, Alexr. Deal, James Thompson, Thos. Kilpatrick, John Nickle

(494) Hemp certificates: James McKee, Andrew Boyd, Alexr. Dunlap, John Campbell, James McCampbell, James McDowell, George Moffett, Andrew Mis Campbell, John Lyle

495) Hemp certificates: Joseph Alexander, Ro. Kenny, Wm. Alexander, John Failey, Saml. McDowell, Adam Reaburn.

(497) George Wilson, runaway servant of John Stewart


MARCH 16, 1768

(500) Hemp certificates: Baptist McNabb, James Crockett, Thos. McCallock, Pat. Hays, Andrew Hall, Andrew Woods, Elizabeth Taylor, Andrew Lewis, Alexr. Evans, David Forbes, John Hopkins, Archd. Hopkins

(501) Hemp certificates: Saml. Lyle, Robt. McAfee, John Hall, James McAfee, Wm. McAfee, John Lyle, Jr., Geo. McAfee, John Berry, James Lyle.

(504) James McDowell bound to peace versus Samuel Henderson

(505) John Lyle appointed guardian to Mathew Eaken, aged 14, orphan of Walter Eaken



MARCH 17, 1768.

(507) Thomas Gray, orphan of Walt Gray, to be bound to Wm. Poage. Jonathan Smith appointed guardian to Peter Looney, orphan of Peter Looney. John Jackson appointed guardian to Jane Claypole, orphan of William Claypole

(507) Benj. Tuder (Tudson), apprentice of Andrew Miller

(508) John Bodkin appointed surveyor of highway, vice John Estill, from James Given's to head of Cow Pasture River

(509) Commission for priv. examination of Annabella, wife of David Robinson, to deed to Francis Smith

(512) Hemp certifrcates Thomas Stuart, James Ewing, James Greenlee, Rob. Breckenridge.
  (513) James Crawford vs. Saml. Patterson. } Following attached: Forty deer skins, 18 Other skins, 1 fox skin.

  (517) Jurors: Tully Davitt, Saml. McRoberts, John Ware, Danl. Ponder, John Gordon, George Poage, Wm. Poage, Jacob Woodley, Hugh Ware, Wm. Barefield, George Taylor, James Montgomery


MARCH 18, 1768.

(520) Hemp certificates: Thomas Crow, Wm. Preston, Francis Smith, John Paxton, James Campbell, James Alexander

(521) Commission ordered to privily examine Elizabeth, wife of George Wilson, to deed to Charles Donnelly

(522) Witnesses: James Montgomery, Hugh Ware.


MARCH 19, 1768

(6) William Crawford is appointed guardian to Mary Crawford, orphan of Alexr. Crawford


MARCH 21, 1768.

(65) Simon Powell, returned not found in bailiwick


MARCH 22, 1768

(131) Saml. Frazier appointed surveyor of highway from Long Meadow Bridge to Rockfish Gap Road, vice Francis Alexander


MAY 17, 1768

(133) Oyer and Terminer on Tom, a slave of Robt. Bratton--housebreaking and horse-stealing --Convicted-- lashes and ear cropped


MAY 19, 1768.

(141) Rebecca Crawford, aged 16, orphan of Alexr. Crawford, chose William Crawford her guardian.

(142) Constables: Adam Pence, vice Peter Runkle; John Gordon, vice Thomas Fulton; John Douglas, vice James Seewright; John Johnson, vice James Laird: Joseph Bosart, vice Andrew Fought; Thomas Wilson, vice Thomas Wilson (Chestnut Hill).

(143) James Robinson, Hugh Crockett and Philip Love -- to view a road from James Montgomery's to the Old County Line leading from Catawbo to New River.


MAY 18, 1768.

  (145) Deed: John Brown and wife to John Trimble, John Finley, Wm. McPheeters, Jr., George Berry and Hugh Young, representatives or comissioners appointed by the Congregation of the Meeting House, lately called by the name of Brown's (by the approbation and under the conduct or incumbency of the Rev. Chas. Cummins)—recorded

(147) Hemp certificate: Christopher Williams

(149) Witness: Wm. Ozburn. Constable: Jacob Anderson


MAY 19, 1768.

(157) Constables: Mathias Yoakam, vice John Neelley; Thomas Patton, on New River.


MAY 24, 1768.

(301) Silas Pearce, returned no inhabitant

(309) Thomas Bowyer qualifies administrator of James Jackson


AUGUST 18, 1768

(310) Jacob Miller's nuncupative will partly proved and Catherine, widow of Jacob, qualifies admx

(314) Overseers road: James Gamwell, vice John Anderson: Robert McMahon, from John Seewright's Mill to Thomas Connerley's.

(315) Francis Smith qualifies administrator of David Miller


AUGUST 17, 1768

(323) Wm. Watterson summoned for not providing for his servant, Elizabeth Wiley

(326) Hugh Hays imprisoned for debt.


AUGUST 18, 1768.

(335) Saml. Weer, Saml. Steel and Robert Steel (miller) -- to view a road from Steel's Mill to James Telford's

(336) Patrick Martin, two tithables and 752 acres -- added to tithables

(338) Witnesses: Joseph, Elizabeth, Joseph, Jr., Thomas and Robert Rutherford


AUGUST 19, 1768.

(343) William Morris, runaway servant of John Wilson.
  (344) Mary Wilson qualifies admx. of decd. husband, James Wilson


AUGUST 22, 1768.

(440) Constable: John Craig (Robert's son), vice John Frazier


AUGUST 23, 1768

(450) Overseer road: John Black, vice Robert Reed.
  (450) Sarah Walkly, runaway servant of George Berry


SEPTEMBER 20, 1768.

(467) Last August, Court having recommended Patrick Martin, John Christian and John Dickinson to appointment as Sheriff, Martin withdraws, and at his rrquest and with consent of Christian, John Bowyer's name is placed in his stead.


NOVEMBER 15, 1768

  (473) Admn. granted to Saml. McDowell and Pat. Martin on estate of Wm. Wilson, on motion of Ann Pollock, wife of James Pollock.

(473) Surveyors of highway: Cornelius Ruddle, from Reeder's Mines to Michael Warring's; John Crawford, vice George Poage, from Pedler Ford to Bullett's Springs.

(474) Constable: Thomas Patterson, vice John Dixon.

(474) Robert Reed, runaway servant of David Hogshead.


NOVEMBER 19, 1768.

(508) Elizabeth Wiley, servant of William Watterson


NOVEMBER 22, 1768

(47) Andrew Greer vs. James Hughes's admrs. and heirs: Conveyance to be made as soon as Euphemia, Jane and Mary Hughes come of age.
  (48) Ephraim Wilson--witness from Pittsylvania


NOVEMBER 29, 1768

(72) Oyer and Terminer on George and Poll, slaves of John Rice, of North Carolina, for housebreaking. -- Guilty, but as they were under the influence of George Hendricks, ought not to suffer death, but receive 39 lashes and ears cropped


MARCH 21, 1769

(79) Miss Susanna Evans, aged --, orphan of Daniel Evans, chose Wm. McClenachan her guardian

  (84) Court appoints William McPheeters, Jr., guardian of Alexr. and Robert Crawford, orphans of Alexr. Crawford


MARCH 27, 1769

169) Henry Pauling, Joseph Murty and John Potts--to view a road from Joseph Murty's house down Craig's Creek and Patterson's Creek into the main road from John Crawford's to the Stone House


JUNE 20, 1769.

(199) Overseers of road: Thomas Reed, vice Malcolm Allen; Mathew Kinney

203) James Lynch, runaway servant of Rob. Stephenson: Wm. Wooldridge, runaway servant of Michael Coulter; Joseph Webb, runaway servant of Joseph Moore.

(204) William Beates, runaway servant of William Crawford

(210) Constable: John Peoples, vice Daniel Lyle


JUNE 22, 1769

(222) Following recommended for appointment as Justices. Matthew Harrison, William Ingles, William Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, William Horbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Roberl Doage and John Montgomery. The following to be left off and reasons given to the Governor by the Clerk: John Chizwell, John Wilson, John Archer, Alexr. Boyd, David Robinson, Benj. Estill, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis. Andrew Bird, Richard Woods


AUGUST 16, 1769

(322) Appraisers appointed on estate of John Buchanon, viz: On James River, John and Jonathan Smith and George Skillern; at New River, John Blackmore, Samnel Pepper and Joseph How; at Reed Creek, John Montgomery, David Looney and Josiah Ramsey

(324) Following recommended as Justices, viz: Mat. Harrison, Wm. Ingles, Wm. Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, Wm. Herbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Robert Doage, John Montgomery, Alexr. Thompson, James Craig, Waiter Crockett, Andrew Lockridge, Walter Cunningham and James McGavock. The following to be left off, reasons to be given by the Clerk and former order discharged, viz: John Chiswell, John Buchanan, John Wilson, John Archer, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis, Alexr. Boyd.


AUGUST 17, 1769

329) Benj. Carr--witness from Culpeper.


OCTOBER 17, 1769

21) James Young, aged 14, orphan of James Young, chose John Young guardian



OCTOBER 18, 1769

(22) John Neeley (son of James) appointed guardian of Catharine Evans, orphan of Daniel Evans.
  (25) James Gamwell vs. Thos. Gillespie.--Abates by plaintiff's death.


OCTOBER 19, 1769

(29) Anna, wife of Francis Smith, priv. examination--deed Francis Smith to Robert Findley.


MARCH 28, 1770

(100) Andrew Hays vs. Moses Cunningham.--Abates by death of deft.


JUNE 20, 1770.

101) Agnes Young vs. John Brown.--Abates by defendant's death


JUNE 21, 1770

(108) Patrick Martin vs Joseph Martin.--Abates by plaintiff's death


AUGUST 21, 1770

116) Margaret, widow of Patrick Martin, refuses to act administrator.
  (116) Appraisers appointed for estate of John Smith.


NOVEMBER 26, 1770.

(156) Elizabeth Wilson, aged 16, orphan of Samuel Wilson, chose Alexr. McClenachan her guardian, and he is appointed guardian for Martha, her sister


NOVEMBER 29, 1770

(177) It appearing that Archer Mathews is no longer capable of instructing his apprentice, Robert Shaw, as an apprentice, and that James Shaw, Robert's father, is incapable of bringing him up in a Christianlike manner--to be bound to John Frogg, to learn the same trade


MARCH 22, 1771.

189) Alexr. Miller vs. John Brown.--Verdict of not guilty


MARCH 28, 1771

(197) James Dunn to be bound to Thomas Smith, who is to teach him trade of carpenter and joiner


MARCH 21, 1771

(215) Called Court on Mathew Thorpe, for horse stealing from Joseph Pearce of Westmoreland.--Committed for trial


NOVEMBER 20, 1771.

(289) Agness Dean, admx. of husband, John Wilson


NOVEMBER 21, 1771

(291) Administration of estate of James McDowell, decd., granted his widow, Elizabeth, and his brother, Samuel.
  (295) William and Michael Bowyer, John and Alexr. McClenachan, Daniel Smith, Samuel McDowell, Arcbibald Huston and Alexr. Thomson qualified Vestrymen


NOVEMBER 27, 1771

304) Euphemia Bowers (Bowen?) to be bound to Thomas Smith


MARCH 17, 1772

(329) Admn. of estate of Samuel McDonald granted his brother, Henry McDonald


MARCH 18, 1772

(331) Patrick Boyd to be bound to John Crawford to learn trade of blacksmith


MARCH 20, 1772

(338) William Campbell, security for Mary Donald   (admx. of husband, Michael O'Donald, since intennarried with John Adair), counter security.--Division between the orphans of Michael ordered


MAY 23, 1772

380) Alexr. Wright's death abates suit.
  (389) James McDonald's death abates suit.
  (390) William Hamilton--no inhabitant

397) Daniel Henderson's death abates suit


AUGUST 18, 1772

(400) Admn. of estate of James Stuart committed to widow, Isabella

401) Admn. of Paul Shaver granted to widow, Elizabeth


AUGUST 20, 1772.

(409) Robert Lyle bound over towards Moses Trimble to keep the peace, and his name stricken from the list of recommendations as Sheriff

  (411) Charles O'Donald, aged 17, orphan of Michael O'Donald, chose Thomas Stuart guardian


NOVEMBER 19, 1772

(438) Daniel Smith qualified Sheriff


MARCH 16, 1773

(1)   New commission--Justices, viz: Silas Hart, John Dickinson, Daniel Smith, John Poage,* Abraham Smith,* George Moffett, Alexr. McClenachan,* Mathew Harrison, George Mathews,* Alexr. Robertson,* John Hays, James Craig,* John Frogg,* William Tees, James Lockhart, John Christian, Archibald Alexander,* Felix Gilbert, Samuel McDowell, Sampson Mathews, William Bowyer,* John McClenachan,* Michael Bowyer,* John Gratton, Thos. Hugart,* Elijah McClenachan,* Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore.--Dated November 6, 1772.

10) Highway surveyor: John Hall, vice Robert Wiley.
  (11) John Wilson's estate committed to son, Mathew Wilson


MARCH 17, 1773.

17) Samuel Crawford, aged 14, orphan of Alexr. Crawford, chose Saml. McPheeters guardian

(19) John Frazier vs. James Thompson } Attacht. Judgt.-- Should Mary Thompson or her heirs ever appear in this Colony to demand a legacy given to her by her father.

  (21) Samuel, Ruth, Sarah and Margaret Henderson, orphans of Daniel Henderson to be bound.
  (21) John Crawford qualified Constable


MARCH 19, 1773

32) Abraham Smith qualified Colonel of Militia

(32) Jacob Miller (near George Weaver's), to be summoned for not providing for his children.
  (35) Witnesses: William, James and John Elliott, Robert McKettrick.
  (36) Thomas Smith agrees to set free Thomas Day on condition of certain furniture be made by Day.


MARCH 20, 1773.

40) Samuel McDowell qualified justice


MARCH 18, 1773

(95) John Skidmore qualified justice

97) Appraiser appointed for estate of Thomas Wilson, deceased.


MAY 19, 1773

102) John Gabriel Jones intends to practice law, and gets certificate of good behavior

103) Constable: Peter Harmon, vice Peter Lingle


MAY 22, 1773.

(129) John Hays has removed out of the County


AUGUST 17, 1773

145) John Gabriel Jones qualified attorney

(150) John Hays qualified justice, &


AUGUST 18, 1773

(152) Gabriel Powell exempted from County levy


AUGUST 19, 1773.

(165) Thos. Brown and Wm. Crawford--road surveyors on new road from Staunton to Buffalo Gap, via Trimble's Mill.


AUGUST 23, 1773.

(198) John Collins--runaway servant of Thomas Smith


NOVEMBER 16, 1773.

(223) John Smith qualified Deputy Sheriff


NOVEMBER 17, 1773

(226) Garrett Green, hemp certificate


NOVEMBER 18, 1773.

(239) Wm. Gragg, vice John Crawford—Constable



NOVEMBER 19, 1773

(249) Alexander McDonnald, witness from Botetourt


MARCH 15, 1774

302) New Commission of Justices, viz: Silas Hart, John Dickison, Danl. Smith, John Poage, Abram Smith, George Moffett,* James Lockhart, John Christian, Archibald Alexander, Felix Gilbert, Samuel McDowel,* Sampn. Mathews, Alexr. McClenachan,* Mathew Harrison, George Mathews. Alexr. Robertson,* John Hays, James Craig, John Frogg,* William Tees, George Croghan, John Connelly,* Thos. Smallman, Wm. Bowyer,* John McClenachan,* Michael Bowyer, John Gratton,* Thos. Huggart, Elijah McClenachan, Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, John Campbell, Edward Ward, Dawsey Penticost, John Gibson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)   

(303) Wm. Gragg qualified Constable. Constables appointed: Jacob Van Matre, Dinnis Springer, John Harden, Jr., John Conner, Hennery Taylor, Thomas Bay, Francis McGuire, Andrew Ramsey, Jonathan Coborne, Jr., Thomas Douglas and Philip Ryley.

308) Mathew Wilson--road surveyor

(310B) Wm. Alexander, vice Joseph Alexander--Constable. John Thompson, vice Samuel Lyle--Constable.


MARCH 16, 1774.

(317) Following qualified Justices, &c., viz: Felix Gilbert, Abraham Smith, John Hays, Elijah McClenachan


MARCH 17, 1774

(325) Thomas Smith, vice Valentine Cloninger--surveyor of streets of Staunton

(326) Road from Jacob Aberman's Mill to the North Fork, at mouth of Seneca Creek--to be viewed by Jonathan Smith, Wm. Smith, Jacob Stalnaker and John White


MARCH 18, 1774

(339) Samuel McDowell appointed guardian of James McDowell, orphan of James McDowell, deceased


APRIL 19, 1774.

(442) Wm. Crawford qualified deputy surveyor under Thomas Lewis


MAY 17, 1774

445-446) Hemp certificate: Elizabeth Taylor

445) Hemp certificates: George Taylor, Andrew Taylor


MAY 18, 1774

(468)) Ephraim Richardson and Wm. Martin--road surveyors from Francis Wier's, on Monongahela River, to Thorny Creek, on waters of Greenbrier. John Warwick, Richard Elliott and Ralph Stewart are exempted from working on above road until it is built. William Hadden is ordered to clear from Thorny Creek to Nap's Creek, with tithables living below him on Nap's Creek, and from Alexr. Dunlap's to William Sharp's on Greenbrier. Jacob Warwick, road overseer, from William Warwick's to Back Creek, with tithables from Thomas Cartmell's up Greenbrier to the head and down Nap's Creek to Moses Moore's

(474) Jane Smith, wife of Daniel Smith, relinquished dower in land conveyed by Daniel to Jasper and Henry Laurence


AUGUST 17, 1774.

(13) John Leeper, vice John McMahon--road overseer


NOVEMBER 15, 1774.

(19) Francis Smith, son of Wm. Smith, aged eleven years 1st June last, to be bound to Henry Tamewood.
  (21) William Marshall, vice Joseph Love—Constable


NOVEMBER 16, 1774.

(23) Joseph Rutherford, Sr., road overseer of new road from Daniel Smith's to Felix Gilbert's


JANUARY 17, 1775

(30) New Commission from Dunmore, viz: Silas Hart, John Dickinson, James Lockhart, John Christian, Daniel Smith,* John Poage, Abraham Smith,* George Moffett,* Alexr. McClenachan,* Mathew Harrison, Michael Bowyer,* John Gratton, Thomas Hughes, Elijah McClenachan,* Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, John Campbell, Thos. Smallman, John Gibson, John Stephenson, John Cannon, Silas Hedge, William Gee (McGee?), Archd. Alexander, Felix Gilbert,* Samuel McDowell,* Sampson Mathews,* William Bowyer,* George Mathews,* Alexr. Robertson,* John Hayes,* James Craig, John Frogg, Wm. Teas,* George Croghan, Edward Ward, Dawsey Pentecost, Wm. Crawford. John McCullough, Geo. Vallendegham and David Shepherd. (Those marked (*) qualified.)

33) Administration of estate of John Williams, deceased, granted to John Wilson


JANUARY 19, 1775.

(48) Of Wm. Naull, pay-roll for himself and others; of John Hays, for attendance to settle accounts as pack-horse masters; of Sampson Mathews, sundry claims at the Calf Pasture; of Wm. Robertson, for provisions found themselves; of James Thompson, for sundry horses, their hire, and drivers in the service; of Geo. Mathews, two pay-rolls for self and others; of Wm. Hamilton, for riding express; of Wm. McCune, cow herd; of Thomas Posey, for sundry horses, their service


MARCH 20, 1775.

51) Called Court--Robert Crawford


MARCH 25, 1775

59) Elizabeth Lamb complains she is held by George Taylor as a servant illegally—summons

63) Thomas Smith, vice Valentine Cloneger—constable

(64) Administration of estate of Michael Bush granted to John Lewis, widow Catherine refusing. Appraisers, viz: Sam. Pringle, Charles Fallingash, Paul Buster, Edward Tanner

(64) William Bush, vice Peter Hashman—Constable


JUNE 20, 1775

75) Administration of estate of John Galespy granted to Saml. Lyle


AUGUST 15, 1775

82) Mary Ann Estill relinquishes dower in tract of land conveyed by her husband, Wallace Estill, to John Peoples


AUGUST 22, 1775

86) Called Court on John Reed, servant of Jacob Peck.


NOVEMBER 23, 1775

95B) Sampson Wilson, orphan of Saml. Wilson, chose Thomas Hughart guardian


JANUARY 29, 1776

  (98) Called Court on John Jones--horse stealing


MARCH 19, 1776

101) Administration of estate of Francis Miller granted to John Miller

(103) John Guffee, runaway servant of John Trotter


AUGUST 20, 1776

110) John Madison qualified Clerk. Gabriel Jones and Peter Hog qualified Attorneys. John and Wm. Christian qualified Deputy Sheriffs.
  (111) Thomas Hughart, Daniel Smith and John Poage qualified Justices.
  (112) Thomas Hughart is appointed guardian of Ruth Wilson, daughter of Samuel Wilson

(112) William Wright's will partly proved


NOVEMBER 19, 1776.

(128) New Commission, viz: Silas Hart, John Christian, Archibald Alexander, Felix. Gilbert, Samuel McDowell, Sampson Mathews, Alexr. Robinson, John Hays, James Craig, John Lewis, Charles Campbell,* John Dickinson, Daniel Smith,* John Poage,* Abraham Smith, George Moffat,* Michael Bowyer, John Gratton, Thos. Huggart,* Elijah McClenachan, Alexander St. Clair,* John Kinkead, James Tate.* (Those marked (*) qualified.)

(129) Admn. of estate of Ernest Harmon granted to George Huffman.

(129) Stophel and Ernest Harmon chose George Harmon guardian.
  (129) Archibald Alexander qualified Sheriff.


NOVEMBER 20, 1776.

135) William Black and others to view a road from William Wilson's leading to the road that goes down to the Bull Pasture


DECEMBER 17, 1776.

138) County levy. To John Abner, as above, and then to the following (no doubt Abner's men), viz: John Parell, Henry Hall, William Smith, John Griffin, John Crosswhite, Alexr. McKensey, James Dunn, Thomas Bell, William Evans, Israel Crisby, John Meredith, Robert Shall, Jacob Peck, Robert Gamble, John McDonough, Francis Hall, James Brush, Owen Owens, James Thomas


DECEMBER 18, 1776

139) Abraham Smith qualified Justice, &c.
  (140) County levy: To Thomas Rhoads, jailor. Sheriff forbidden to pay salary to Gabriel Jones, Deputy Attorney, until he gives his reason for not attending this Court and declares whether he intends to serve in that capacity or not.


JANUARY 20, 1777

142) Called Court on John Smith, larceny.--Guilty and sent to General Court

145) Sampson Mathews and Samuel McDowell qualified Justices.



FEBRUARY 14, 1777

148) Called Court on Mary Smith--larceny—Guilty


MARCH 18, 1777

(152) Administration of estate of Samuel Black, deceased, granted to Rebecca Black and James Henderson. Same of Thomas Wilson granted to Martha, his widow

165) These recommended for Justices, viz: George Boswell, John Thomas, Wm. McPheeters, James Steel, James Dyer, Thomas Huett, Wm. Nalle, Samuel Lyle, Robert Davis, John McCreary and Henry Ewing


APRIL 1, 1777.

(176) Called Court on William Jones--larceny.--Guilty and sent to General Court

APRIL 8, 1777

(177) Called Court on John Carr.—Acquitted


MAY 20, 1777.

(190) Mathew Wilson, recomd. Captain; John Boyd, recomd. Lieutenant; Samuel Weir, recomd. Ensign; Michael Coger, recomd. Captain, vice Capt. William Nalle, resigned; Samuel Vance, recomd. Captain; Jacob Warwick, recomd. Lieutenant; John Boyd, recomd. Ensign.

(191) John Cunningham, recomd. Captain; Robert Clark, recomd. Lieutenant; John Wilson, recomd. Ensign, Capt. James Ewing having resigned.



MAY 21, 1777

(191) Sarah, wife of Abraham Smith--commission for priv. examination. Deed to Smith Tandy


AUGUST 19, 1777.

(203) Abraham Hintle, Thomas Miller and John Bennet--to view the road from Hampshire to the mouth of Dry Run, on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac

205) William Trotter, orphan of John Trotter, to be bound

(206) Following took the oath of allegiance, viz: Daniel Smith, William Bowyer, Elijah McClenachan, James Tate, Sampson Mathews, Thomas Hugart, Charles Campbell, John McCleerey, Alexr. Robertson—Justices

215) Following recommendations: Anthony Reader, as Captain, vice Adam Reader; Thomas Boggs, as Captain, vice Martin Humble; William Lowderson (West Fork), as Captain; Benj. Wilson (Tygers Valley), as Captain; Robert Shaw, as Second Lieutenant, and Richard Madison, as Ensign, in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company.

(216) Samuel McCutchon, as Captain; Robert Harris, as First Lieutenant; John Smith, as Ensign

217) John Cunningham qualified Captain of Militia, Robert Clark as Lieutenant, and John Wilson as Ensign, in Capt. John Cunningham's Company


AUGUST 20, 1777

221) Tithables to be taken in following Companies: Capt. John Gilmore's, Capt. John Lyle's, and Capt. David Gray's, and oath of allegiance to be administered to all.
  (222) Tithables to be taken in following Companies: Capt. Charles Campbell's, Capt. Alex. Stewart's, Capt. Matthew Wilson's, Capt. Andrew Moore's, Capt. James Tate's, Capt. John Cunningham's. Capt. Samuel McCutchan's, Capt. Patrick Buchanan's, Capt. Francis Long's, Capt. John Young's, Capt. Robert Thompson's, Capt. Zachariah Johnson's, Capt. Thomas Smith's, Capt. George Moffett's, Capt. Wm. Anderson's, Capt. Wm. Henderson's, Capt. Alex. Roberton's, Capt. David Bell's, Capt. John Given's, Capt. John Hopkins', Capt. John Stephenson's, Capt. Robert Craven's, Capt. George Pence's, Capt. James Frazier's, Capt. Wm. Nall's, Capt. Thomas Hewit's, Capt. Daniel Smith's, Capt. Reuben Harrison's, Capt. Thomas Bogg's, Capt Abraham Lincoln's, Capt. Anthony Rider, Capt. Ralph Stewart's, Capt. Benj. Wilson's, Capt. Wm. Robertson's, Capt. Samuel Pringle's, Capt. Robert McCreery's,

Capt. Samuel Vance's, Capt. John McCoy's, Capt. John People's, Capt. Andrew Lockridges', Capt John Skidmore's, Capt. Paul Teeter's and Capt. Robert Davis'.
  (224) Following recommended to be added to Commission of Peace, viz: Joshua Humphries, Joseph Bell, William McDowell, Peter Hanger, Anthony Rider, John Fitzwaters, William Westfall, Benj. Wilson, William Lowther, Isaac Hinkle, Jonas Friend.
  (224) William Lowther, West Fort, recommended as Captain


SEPTEMBER 17, 1777

  (230) Mary Greenlee to be summoned on the complaint of Nat, an Indian or Mustee boy.--Court finds that Mary uses the boy inhumanly and orders him to be hired out by the Sheriff.
  (231) Commonwealth vs. Alexr. Miller, M. A.--Guilty--£100 and two years' imprisonment.
  (232) Samuel McCutchon qualified Captain, and in his Company qualified, viz: John McKenny, First Lieutenant; Robert Harris, Second Lieutenant, and John Smith, Ensign.
  (233) Martin Cryder found guilty, as Alexr. Miller--£50 and 3 years


SEPTEMBER 18, 1777

236) John Cryder, tried on same charge as Alexr. Miller, above, and convicted--£2 and two years' imprisonment.
  (237) William Hinton, same--£400 and four years imprisonment.
  (238) Following were witnesses against the same, viz: Thomas Alderson, David Harned, Joseph Burgess, John Bright, John Owens, Samuel Felps, Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Scothorn.
  (239) Sheriff ordered to make the jail secure


NOVEMBER 18, 1777

(243) Complaint of Nat, Indian boy, against Mary Greenlee, continued in order to allow Mary's son to take depositions in Carolina.
  (243) Mathew Wilson qualified Captain.
  (244) John Boyd qualified Lieutenant

245) Admn. of estate of Robert Shaw granted to James Hill, greatest creditor


DECEMBER 16, 1777

(253) Elizabeth Forris agrees to serve her master, Owen Owens, for one year for purchasing her from her former master


FEBRUARY 17, 1778

258) Joseph Blair recommended as Ensign in Capt. John Cunningham's Company.
  (260) Admn. of estate of John Hays granted to his widow, Elizabeth

(261) Ordered to be certified to the Governor that the following Justices are recommended for appointments as Justices will fall in the new Counties, viz: In Rockingham--Silas Hart, Daniel Smith, Felix Gilbert, Abraham Smith, John Gratton, Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, George Boswell, Thomas Hewett, John Thomas, William Nall, Robert Davis, James Dyer, Henry Ewing, William McDowell, Anthony Rider, John Fitzwater, and Isaac Hinckle. In Rockbridge--Archibald Alexander, Samuel McDowell, John Hays, Charles Campbell, and Samuel Lyle. In Augusta--John Dickenson, John Christian, John Poage, George Moffet, Sampson Mathews, Alexr. McClenachan, William Bowyer, George Mathews, Michael Bowyer, Alexr. Robertson, Thomas Huggart, Elijah McClenachan, John Lewis, Alexr. St. Clair, John Kinkead, James Tate, William McPheeters, James Steel, John McCreery, Joshua Humphreys, Joseph Bell, Peter Hanger, James Craig--the two last to be left out for refusing to take the oath of allegiance.



APRIL 14, 1778

280) Called Court on Andrew Wilson for murdering his wife Jane.--Guilty, and sent to Williamsburg for trial. Nicholas and Mary Elsey witnesses


APRIL 20, 1778

(281) New Commission of the Peace, viz: Thomas Adams, John Poage, Sampson Mathews, Wm. Bowyer,* Michael Bowyer, Thos. Huggart, John Lewis, John Kinkead, Wm. McPheeters, John McCreerey, Joseph Bell,* Samuel Vance, John Dickenson, George Moffet,* Alexr. McClenachan,* George Mathews, Alexr. Robertson,* Elijah McClanachan,* Alexr. St. Clair, James Tate,* James Steele, Joshua Humphreys,* Peter Hanger, John Wilson.* (Those checked (*) qualified

286) Elenor Cochran and Elizabeth Wilson, soldiers' wives and having young children, allowed £15 each


MARCH 19, 1778

  (286) Sampson Mathews, Samuel Vance, James McCreery, James Steel-- qualified Justices

(291) Robert and James Wilson, children of Andrew Wilson, to be bound out

(291) Jonathan Smith, George Westfall and George Jackson--appointed Constables

(300) George Moffet, James Tate, Alexr. St. Clair, David Henderson, James Steele, Wm. Bowyer, Patrick Buchanan, Joshua ____, John McKenny-- qualified Vestrymen


MAY 20, 1778

(302) Petition of Nat, a mullato or Indian boy, against Mary Greenlee for freedom. The facts appear, viz: Sherwood Harris, of Granville County, No. Co., conveyed by bill of sale for £10 the boy to someone, and by several assignments he was made over to James Greenlee, deceased, late husband of Mary.--Decided Nat is a free man and not a slave. John Stewart, of Walker's Creek, makes oath he is not the defendant, and suit is dismissed


MAY 21, 1778.

(308) George Wilson's death abates suit.

(310) Sarah McDowell, infant, by next friend, Samuel McDowell, vs. James Stewart.--Abates by death of plaintiff

311) William Wilson's death abates suit

(311) John Gabriel Jones's death abates suit

312) John Jones's death abates suit.

313) James Bowyer's death abates suit

314) George Taylor, returned lives in Amherst

314) Mathew Reed's death abates suit

(326) David Roberts's death abates suit.

  (328) Joseph Skidmore's death abates suit

  (332) Conveyance of Andrew Wilson, a madman, to jail.


JUNE 16, 1778.

337) John Wilson to take tithables in Tyger's Valley, Buchon and the West Fork of Monongahela

337) Samuel Vance in Captains Vance's and Lockridge's Companies. John McCreary, on South Branch of Potomac, in Captains McCreary's, Hicklin's and McCoy's Companies. Col. Moffet, in Captains Henderson's and Young's Companies. Capt. Alexr. Robertson, in his own, Capt. Givens's, and Capt. Wm. Anderson's Companies. Joseph Bell, in Captain's David Bell's and Johnson's Companies. James Steel in Captains Long's and Thomson's Companies. James Tate in his own and Capt McCutchon's Company. Elijah McClenachan in Capt. Buchanan's and Capt. Cunningham's Company, Wm. Bowyer in Capt. John Young's Company, N. M. (?) Alexr. St. Clair in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company.


AUGUST 18, 1778.

(347) Court is informed that Mathew Reed has been dead about two years and no person has qualified administrator, his brother and heir having refused. Sheriff ordered to take charge until further order


AUGUST 19, 1778

349) George Taylor, a child of Thomas Taylor's, to be bound out to John Findley, the father not being able to bring him up in a Christianlike manner

351) Abraham Taylor, child of Thomas Taylor, to be bound to Owen Owens

(351) Susannah Leeper, wife of John Leeper, relinquishes dower in land sold to Anthony Ailor

(353) Following recommended on Commission of Peace: David Henderson, James Trimble, James Trotter, Jr., Benj. Wilson, Jonas Friend, John Davidson, Smith Tandy, Wm. Lowther and Andrew Davidson. John Christian to be left out as he refuses to serve longer


SEPTEMBER 15, 1778

355) It appears to the Court that Nicholas Ellzee and Mary, his daughter, recognized to appear before General Court in the prosecution against Andrew Wilson, as too poor and in too bad health to travel to Williamsburg.--sheriff ordered to convey them and bear expense out of the County levy.

357) Thomas Smith appointed road surveyor from Thomas Poage's to Staunton, with George Craig's tithables


OCTOBER 20, 1778

(361) New Commission of the Peace, viz: Thomas Adams, John Christian, George Moffet,* Alexr. McClenachan, Michael Bowyer, Thos. Hugart, John Lewis, John Kinkead,* Wm. McPheeters, John McCreary,* Joseph Bell, Samuel Vance, David Henderson,* James Trotter, Jr.,* Jonas Friend, Smith Tandy, John Dickenson, John Poage, Sampson Mathews,* William Bowyer, Alexr. Robertson,* Elijah McClenachan, Alexr. St. Clair, James Tate,* James Steele,* Joseph Humphreys, Pat. Hanger, John Wilson, James Tremble, Benj. Wilson, John Davidson, Wm. Lowther, Andrew Davidson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)

(362) Samuel Black qualified Second Lieutenant in Capt. Robert McCreary's Company, and James Steel as Ensign in Capt Robert Thompson's Company. Charles Baskins qualified as First Lieutenant, James Gibson as Second Lieutenant and James Graham as Ensign. James Frazier qualified Second Lieutenant in Capt. Robert Thompson's Company


OCTOBER 21, 1778.

365) James Young recommended as Second Lieutenant in Capt. John Young's Company. Richard Mathews recommended as Ensign, vice James Hogshead, who refuses to serve in Capt. James Tremble's Company. John McCune qualified First Lieutenant


DECEMBER 4, 1778

(383) Called Court on James Smith, for stealing leather from the tanyard of Herman Lovingood.--Guilty and sent to Williamsburg


JANUARY 19, 1779

391) William Bowyer, Alexr St. Clair and Benjamin Wilson qualified Justices

393) Michael Bowyer qualified Justice


FEBRUARY 16, 1779

(396) Elenore Askins, mother of a child bound to Walter Cunningham, complains of Walter for not using her child well.--Summoned. Witnesses: Rosana Steel, David Steel, and Mary, his wife, Hanna and Mary Lessley.


MARCH 16, 1778.

(400) Garrat Wheeler exempted from levy

  (406) Commission for priv. examination of Mille, wife of Charles Cummins, as to deed to Robert Cummins

(407) Elizabeth Wilson, soldier's wife, with small children, allowed £20


MARCH 17, 1779

410) Joshua Humphreys and John Wilson qualified Justices




MAY 20, 1779

(547) William Hays, returned no inhabitant

594) Mary Wilson's marriage abates suit

James Tate, in Tate and Long's Companies; Elijah McClenachan, in Buchanan's and Simpson's; George Moffett, in Trimble's and Henderson's; John Davidson, in Rankin's and Givens's; Alexr. Robertson, in Johnston's and Thompson's; James Trotter, Jr, in McCutchon's and Cunningham's

(626) Joseph Bell, in Patterson's and Bell's; Joshua Humphreys, in Smith's; Thomas Huggart, in Capt. Kinkead's, Hicklin's and McCreary's; John Wilson, in McCoys and Vance's; Benj. Wilson, in Tyger's Valley; Andrew Davidson. on West Fork and Buchanan's


MAY 21, 1779

26) Wm. Bowyer vs. John Steel.--Abates by death of defendant


AUGUST 20, 1779.

(124) Elizabeth Miller, wife of Daniel Miller, relinquished dower in lot in Staunton and woodland lot. Sold to George Spotts


OCTOBER 19, 1779.

139) John Berry proved his services as a soldier in America in the war between Great Britain and France under Major General Jeffrey Amherst.-- Granted certificate for 50 acres agreeable to the King's Proclamation, 1763. John Askins, in First Virginia Regiment, commanded by C. W. Byrd, same


NOVEMBER 16, 1779

143) Grand Jury presentments for retailing liquors without license, viz: Col. Sampson Mathews, Daniel Kidd, Wm. Thomas, David Griner, Patrick McDavid, George Smith, Valentine Cloninger, Thomas Colony, Edward Brookbank, Thomas Price, John Alexander, John Anderson, John Blair, William Burk, John Burk, James Hill, Robert Reed, Alex. Kilpatrick, Euphemia Hughes, Anthony Mustae, Jacob Grass, Elizabeth Hartgrove, Arthur Conoly, William Blair, John Hind, William Kyle, Abel Griffith, Enos Jones, Valentine Shirley, Peter Caphart, Andrew Scott, James Langsby, Robert Gregg, Thomas Poage, Jane Wallis, John McClenachan, John Black, Mary Tees, Thomas Smith, David Bell, Henry Swink, John Ramsey and William Foster

(149) It appearing that Thomas Taylor cannot bring up in a Christianlike manner his child, John Taylor, John is to be bound to Joseph Blair


NOVEMBER 18, 1779.

(150) Proof is made that John Smith, deceased, who served as a Sergeant in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers, never received any land therefor. Certificate is granted to Thomas Smith, the heir-at-law, for 200 acres


NOVEMBER 19, 1779

174) John Lewis, John Kinkead, James Steel, John Wilson, David Henderson, James Trimble, to be summoned to the next March Court to show cause why they will not attend the Court to do business


DECEMBER 20, 1779.

(175) Called Court on Chrismass McKings, alias Samuel Allen, alias William Jones, alias Samuel Thomas, for stealing the horse of Colonel Minger of the Convention Troops. Guilty and sent to Richmond for trial. Witnesses--James Bell of Amherst and Colonel Minger of the Convention Troops--James McGraw of Halifax.


FEBRUARY 15, 1780.

(183) Following allowed certificates for land for military services: John Kinkead, Thomas Hicklin, Robert Gwin, Lofftus Pullin, William Black, Patrick Miller, William Jackson, in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers, 1758. Wm. Kinkead, Thomas Kinkead, John Montgomery, of Capt. Lewis's Company, Boquet's Expedition, 1764.
  (183) Thomas Smith, eldest son and heir-at-law of Thos. Smith, who served as a soldier in Capt. Dunlop's Company of Rangers, 1758, and also as proper heir-at-law of Wm. Elliot, who served also, granted certificates for land.

(184) Thomas Jones, runaway servant of Moses Hays


MARCH 21, 1780.

187) Charles Smith allowed 200 acres for services as Sergeant in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers in the late war between Great Britain and France

(188) Admn. of estate of Joseph Gamble granted his widow, Isabella, and William Patton

190) Elizabeth Wilson, Ann Miles and Mary Johnston, soldiers' wives, allowed three bushels of grain each, valued at £45


MARCH 22, 1780.

(198) Ellis Wright qualified Deputy Surveyor

  (199) Commissioners reported following persons as refusing to swear to their taxable property: George Nicholas, John Flesher, Wolrick Conrad, Jr., John Snider, Nicholas Simmon, Peter Smith, Barten Smith, Jonathan Buffington, Benj. Abett, Charles Fomelson, Wm. Hamilton, James Lackey, Joseph Fonelson and John Lacky--all to be prosecuted


MARCH 24, 1780

(217) Thomas Smith qualified Vestryman


MAY 18, 1780

227) Thomas Frazier, orphan of John Frazier, to be bound to John Hunter


MAY 17, 1780

(230) Road ordered (bridle way) from James Bratton's to Little River Meeting House, over the Calf Pasture Mountain, to be worked by tithables from Widow Grimes, living on Big River of Calf Pasture, to John Wilson's; then from John Meeks's, on the Little River, to Jones Henderson's; thence to the Rockbridge Line.
  (230) John Wilson qualified deputy surveyor.
  (230) George Bratton appointed road surveyor from Robert Wiley's to Jonathan Humphrey's, with tithables from James Kilpatrick's to John Alfall's. Wm. Anderson, vice John Findley, appointed road surveyor


JUNE 20, 1780.

(264) Peter Wilson (lately discharged from the Continental Army) allowed 50 acres for services as soldier in Capt. Stephen's Company, 1761

264) Tithables to be taken in Companies, as follows: David Henderson, in Tate's, Long's and Thompson's; Alexr. St. Clair, in Buchanan's, Smith's and Johnston's; James Trotter, in McCutchon's, Cunningham's and James Bell's: James Trimble, in Patterson's, Dickey's and Trimble's; Joseph Bell, in his own, Rankin's and Givens's; Benj. Wilson, in Tyger's Valley; Thos. Hughart, in Kinkead's; John McCreery, In McKay's, Hicklin's and McCreery's; Samuel Vance, in his own


AUGUST 15, 1780.

(266) David Wilson qualified Ensign

  (266) Mary Ann Wright, orphan of John Wright, to be bound

(267) Henry Miller is incapable of bringing up his children in a Christianlike manner--son, Peter Miller, to be bound


NOVEMBER 22, 1780

(308) Alexr. Crawford recommended and qualified Ensign in Capt. Cartmill's Company


FEBRUARY 20, 1781

325) Michael Coulter qualified Lieutenant. George Anderson qualified Ensign. George Barry, William McPheeters and John Campbell qualified overseers of the poor.


MARCH 20, 1781.

(325) John Wilson recommended Major of Second Battalion

(327) John Wilson qualified Major

327) Elijah McClenachan, Thomas Hughart and James Trotter, returned duly elected Commissioners of the Tax. Thomas and James qualify; Elijah urged his infirmities, and is excused, and Joseph Bell is appointed in his room--and qualified.

330) Henry Miller, aged 18 months, to be bound out.



MAY 17, 1781.

346) Tithables to be taken in Companies, as follows, viz: Daniel Henderson, in Tate's, Long's and Finley's; Alexander St. Clair, in Buchanan's, Smith's and Johnston's; Wm. McPheeters, in McCutchon's, Cunningham's and Bell's; Alexander Robertson, in Rankin's, Bell's and Givens's; James Trimble, in Patterson's, Dickey's and Trimble's: Thomas Hughart, in Kinkead's; John McCreery, in McCoy's, Hicklin's and McCreery's: Samuel Vance, in Oliver's.


DECEMBER 19, 1781.

(360) James Miller to be summoned to show cause why he doth not take proper care of his children.--Overseers of poor to inspect his family, and if they find them suffering, are to take them in charge until next Court


FEBRUARY 19, 1782

364) Rebecca Estill is appointed guardian of Priscilla Estill


MARCH 20, 1782

369) Admn. c. t, a. of estate of John Estill granted Rebecca Estill, Wm. Hutchison having refused, and the other executor, Benj. Estill, having for some time past been of insane mind.


APRIL 19, 1782.

  (373) Wm. Steel qualified Deputy Clerk


MAY 21, 1782.

(379) Admn. of estate of Joseph Wright granted widow, Elizabeth

379) Adam Stevenson appointed road overseer from Miller's Iron Works to Skidmore's Camps, thence to top of North Mountain

(380) William Wilson, Archibald Scott, Benj. Erwin and James Waddle, Presbyterian Ministers, are licenced to celebrate matrimony


MAY 22, 1782

(382) Joshua Perry recommended and qualified Ensign in Capt. Francis Smith's Company


MAY 25, 1782.

412) Ann Helena Attwaters relinquished dower in a lot and house in Staunton and lot of woodland in deed by her husband to Wm. Crawford, Moses Estey and John Beech


414) Tithables to be taken as follows in Companies: William Tate, in Capt. Tate's Company; James Trotter, in Cunningham's and McCutcheon's; Wm. McPheeters, in Capt. Bell's; James Tremble, in McKittrick and Dickey's; Alexr. Robertson, in Campbell's and Givens's; David Henderson, in Capt. Long's; Joseph Bell, in Capt. Anderson's; John Poage, in Capt. Rankin's; James Steel, in Baskin's and Finley's; Thomas Hughes, in Smith's; George Poage, in Poage's and Hamilton's; John Kinkead, in Hole's and Hicklin's: John McCreary, in Brown's and Bratton's; Elijah McClenachan, in Buchanan's.


AUGUST 20, 1782.

419) Archibald Dixon is appointed guardian to Thomas Story, orphan of Thomas Story, deceased


AUGUST 23, 1782

425) Wm. McDowell vs. Alexr. St. Clair.--This ejectment involves Lot No. 3, in Staunton


NOVEMBER 19, 1782

(437) John Gamble recommended in Capt. John Cambles Company


NOVEMBER 21, 1782

(440) James Trotter recommended and qualified Captain, vice John Cunningham.

(441) Abraham Smith's death abates suit.
  (441) Jane Seawright's marriage abates suit.


NOVEMBER 22, 1782.

  (454) Thomas Hamilton's death abates suit.
  (464) John Berry's death abates suit


DECEMBER 17, 1782

471) Mathew Smith recommended Captain, vice Charles Baskins, resigned


MARCH 20, 1783

(40) Tithables to be taken as follows, viz: By James Trotter, in Capts. Tate's and Trotter's Companies; Wm. McPheeters, in Capts. McCutcheon's and Bell's Companies; James Trimble, in Capts. McKittricks's and Dickey's Companies; Alexr. Robertson, in Capts. Givens's and Rankin's Companies; John Poage, in Capts. Campbell's and Anderson's Companies; David Henderson, in Capt. Long's Company; James Steel, in Capts. M. Smith's and Finley's Companies; Thos. Hughes, in Capts. Buchanan's and Smith's Companies; John McCreery, in Capts. Bratton's and Brown's Companies; John Kinkead, in Capts. Hicklin's and Hole's Companies; George Poage, in Capts. Poage's and Hamilton's Companies.


APRIL 15, 1783.

44) David Trotter, vice Joseph Blair, resigned--recommended Lieut.
  (44) Admn. of estate of James Potter granted Wm. Steele. Dedimus ordered to take depositions of Jacob van Lear and Israel Christian, witnesses to will of John Christian, who are too aged and infirm to attend Court.
  (45) William Wilson, vice Patrick Buchanan, rcsigned--recomd. Captain.


MAY 20, 1783.

(51) Admn. of estate of Ambrose Powell granted


MAY 21, 1782.

(58) Mathew Smith qualified Captain



Note:  First records showing a move to Kentucky  in this section of Volume 1.


MAY 22, 1782.

71) Dedimus to take deposition of James Graham, about to remove to Kentucky.


JUNE 17, 1782.

75) Thomas Poage proves that he obtained pre-emption warrant for 1,000 acres to be located in Kentucky, which warrant he delivered to Claugh Overton, and he is convinced that Claugh Overton has been killed by the Indians and warrant lost--ordered to be certified.
  (75) Wm. Wilson as Captain, and David Trotter as Lieutenant—qualified


AUGUST 19, 1782

(80) Sarah Cunningham, orphan of Charles Cunningham, to be bound to Charles Berry--and Ruth Cunningham to James Harris.


SEPTEMBER 16, 1783.

124) Dedimus for deposition of W. Cunninghan, who is about to remove to Kentucky.
  (128) Dedimus for deposition of Samuel Bell, who is about to remove to Kentucky

(129) Walter Cook, an orphan child, to be bound to John Gregory for 8 years, to learn art and mystery of a tailor

(130) John Steel, Lieutenant of the 1st Virginia Regiment, made oath that Robert Bower, a soldier in the Continental Army, died in Charlestown in August, 1780, and it is certified that Euphemia Mitchell, wife of James Mitchell, and Elizabeth Barnes, wife of George Barnes, are the only heirs.


OCTOBER 21, 1783

133) Walter Cook, orphan of William Cook, deceased, to be bound to John Gregory, he being now 10 years and 5 months, until he is 19 years old


NOVEMBER 18, 1783

(141) William Crawford is appointed guardian to Thomas Sawyers, orphan of James Sawyers

(148) George Moffett recommended as Lieutenant of Augusta County, vice Sampson Mathews, removed. William Bowyer recommended as Colonel, vice George Moffet. Alexr. Robertson recommended as Lieutenant Colonel, vice Wm. Bowyer. Thomas Smith recommended as Major, vice Alexr. Robertson. Richard Madison recommended as Captain, vice Thomas Smith. Joshua Perry recommended as Lieutenant, vice Richard Madison.


NOVEMBER 20, 1783.

(163) Edward Erwin and John Dixon returned no inhabitant.
  (166) William Young appointed guardian ad litem of Abraham Carson, son and heir-at-law of Isaac Carson


DECEMBER 16, 1783

167) John Steel is appointed guardian of Isaac Price, orphan of John Price.
  (167) Admn. of estate of George Searight granted Jane, the widow.


MARCH 16, 1784.

(175) Alexander Martin, wounded at Guilford, is allowed as a pensioner


MARCH 19, 1784

196) William McDowell, no inhabitant.
  (198) Owen Owens, returned no inhabitant


APRIL 20, 1784

(217) William McDowell granted certificate of good character for obtaining license to practice law.
  (217) Farrow vs Alexr. Searight } Dedimus to take depositions of James Woods, Isaac Shields, Richard Woods, Gilbert Searight, William Searight, William Stuart, William and John Moore, residents of Pennsylvania


MAY 18, 1784.

222) Thomas Smith qualified Major. Alexander Anderson qualified Ensign


MAY 21, 1784

(246) Joshua Perry appointed Captain, vice Richard Madison; William Burk as Lieutenant and David Perry as Ensign

(248) James Henderson's death abates suit


JUNE 15, 1784

  (255) John Gamble, William Young, James Searight, Anthony Ailor, and Edward Erwin to locate a road from Staunton to Herodsburg


JULY 20, 1784

258) David Trotter recommended Captain, vice Capt. James Trotter, who is about to remove to Kentucky.

259) John Wilson recommended Lieutenant, vice David Trotter, and John McCutcheon as an Ensign


AUGUST 17, 1784

(263) David Trotter as Captain, and John Wilson as Lieutenant, qualified.
  (263) Admn. of estate of William Smith granted his widow, Jane Smith


AUGUST 19, 1784

(284) David Martin ordered to appear at next Court to show cause why Jane Allison Martin, a child under 3 years, shall not be bound out


SEPTEMBER 21, 1784

(309) Dedimus to take deposition of John Richey, who is about to remove to Georgia

(310) Will of John McMahon proved by Rev. Mr. Wilson, and certified for further proof.

311) James Searight and John King are appointed guardians of John and Margaret Searight, orphans of George Searight.


MAY 17, 1785.

18) New Commission, viz: Thomas Adams, William Bowyer, Thomas Hughart,* Alexr. St. Clair, Charles Cameron, William McPheeters,* Joseph Bell, Samuel Vance, John Givens, David Stephenson, Richard Mathews, Robert Porterfield, Jacob Warrick, George Moffet, Alexr. Robertson, Elijah McClenachan,* Thomas Hughes,* George Poage, James Steel, John Wilson, Samuel Lewis, John Taite,* Robert Gamble, James Crawford, Jr., James Davis, Alexr. Crawford, John McKemey. (Those marked (*) qualified.)

(24) Alexander Reid appointed guardian of John Walker, orphan of Alexr. Walker


MAY 18, 1785

46) Mary Moody, daughter of Elizabeth Moody, to be bound to William Blair


MAY 20, 1785

83) William Smith's death abates suit

(97) James Hays, returned no inhabitant


AUGUST 20, 1785

(233) On motion of Zachary F. Estill, who intermarried with Rebecca Estill, admx. of John Estill, deceased, accounts to be audited

250) Catharine Reid, aged 3 years 22d July last, daughter of Barbara Reid, to be bound


OCTOBER 18, 1785.

256) Alexr. Martin allowed a pension of £18, being incapacitated from labor by wounds and injuries received in the public service


NOVEMBERR 15, 1785

261) Rev. William Wilson, Presbyterian, qualified to perform marriage ceremony.
  (263) James Steele qualified Justice


NOVEMBER 16, 1785.

267) William McPheeters, John Taite, John Christian and William Young, having refused to act as overseers of the poor, the Court appoints Joseph Bell, Robert Kenny, John Wilson and Joshua Parry. John Wilson qualified


DECEMBER 20, 1785.

(271) Joshua Parry qualified overseer of the poor


MARCH 21, 1786

(274) (284) John King, orphan of Joseph King, aged 18 years the 7th of May next, to George Smith

(283) John Wilson is to examine John Poage, Jr., as a deputy surveyor

(284) Alexander Martin, a pensioner proved that he received his wounds at the battle of Guilford, in North Carolina, 15 March, 1781, in Capt. Joseph Alexander's Company of Militia from Rockbridge County. Is aged 27 and resides in this County.


SEPTEMBER 16, 1783

124) Dedimus for deposition of W. Cunninghan, who is about to remove to Kentucky

128) Dedimus for deposition of Samuel Bell, who is about to remove to Kentucky

(258) David Trotter recommended Captain, vice Capt. James Trotter, who is about to remove to Kentucky

310) Commission to issue to take priv. examination of Sarah, wife of John Caldwell, of Lincoln County, Kentucky, touching her dower in land sold by John to Robert Black


MARCH 23, 1786

337) John Smith, Wm. Dinwoodie, John Richey, Gasper Fought--returned no inhabitants


JUNE 20, 1786

71) James Lyle, Jr., qualified Deputy Clerk

(77) David Jones to come of age 22 July, 1790, to be bound to William Gilkison, to learn trade of blacksmith.


JULY 18, 1786.

80) Peter Wilson, orphan of Peter Wilson, to be bound to Ro. Gamble

(80) George Crawford allowed for a gun lost in the service


SEPTEMBER 19, 1786

(167) Admn. of estate of Susannah Henderson is granted William Henderson; James Henderson, heir-at-law, having resigned his right.
  (169) Following officers of militia recommended: Robert Gamble, as Lieutenant Colonel; William Hinds, as Captain; John Hogshead and David Parry, as Lieutenants; Jacob Perey and Samuel Cargo, as Ensigns; and for a light company to the First Regiment--Alexander Gibson, as Captain; John Poage, Jr., as Lieutenant; James Steel, as Ensign; for a light company to the Second Regiment--John Lewis, as Captain; Charles Donally, as Lieutenant, John McCreery, Jr., Ensign


DECEMBER 19, 1786

  (187) Claim of Joseph Thompson for one gun, appraised at £800, reduced by scale to £3, 4/ specie--allowed. Claim of Robert Stuart for 1 beef. Claim of John Sutlington for 3 bushels wheat. Claim of John McClung for 422 lbs. beef. Claim of James Hughart for 787 lbs. beef. John Dickinson for beef. Ralph Lafferty for beef. Wm. Rhea for beef. James Young for 3 days driving cattle. Alexr. Kirk for 2 days driving cattle. Isham Berry for one certificate for militia service under Capt. Wm. Grissem of Albemarle for £4, 13, 4, dated 9 July, 1783. Isham Berry for one certificate for militia service under Capt. Henry Burke, dated June 4, 1783.


JANUARY 16, 1787

191) Sarah Ross's sons to be bound--John Ross to John Blair, and David Ross to James Blair.
  (191) Alexander Wilson, son of Elizabeth Wilson, to be bound to George Craig


MARCH 21, 1787

(218) Militia officers recommended--James Frazier, Captain, vice Wm. Findley, removed; Alexr. Hall, Lieutenant; Andrew Fulton, Ensign


MARCH 24, 1787.

  (248) Robert Douthat, Robert McCullough, Robert Stuart, Hugh McDowell, Wm. McDowell, Robert McDowell, Robert Aistrop, Charles Markle, John McKibbon and Robert Gamble, merchants, granted licenses for retailing goods agreeable to the Act of Assembly "Imposing New Taxes


APRIL 17, 1787.

249) Elizabeth Miller, relict of Abraham Miller, appears and relinquishes right to administer


APRIL 18, 1787.

(254) Militia officers recommended: Captains, William Shields, Robert Doak; Lieutenants. Wm. Bell, John Gamble, James Mitchell; Ensigns, Wm. Bell, Jr., Alexr. Reed, James McCune, David Williams, Wm. Brownlee, Wm. Henderson


MAY 15, 1787

(267) Joseph Trotter granted license for retailing goods


JULY 17, 1787

345) Following reported as refusing to give in their taxes to Commissioner: Archibald Armstrong, Rebecca Black, John Black, Ephraim Bates, Daniel Callison, Christopher Crummett, Frederick Crummett, John Cowgar, Owley Conrad, Sr. and Jr., Samuel Carlile, Wm. Guy, Joanes Henderson, Henry Hufman, Robert Hutcheson, John Hinsher, John Lambert, Jr., Nathan Man, John McCutchen, John McLaughlin. William Joseph Newton, William Sexton, Henry Smith, Leonard Simmons, George and John Simmons, Jacob Snider, Peter Sickafoss, Leonard Simmons, Jr., Henry, Mark and Michael Simmons, Edward Thompson, Francis Tackett. Michael Woolfong, Elihab Wilson, Christian Waggoner


SEPTEMBER 18, 1787.

404) Thomas Cook to be bound to Frederick Hanger, and Peter Laywell to Peter Hanger, Jr.


OCTOBER 16, 1787.

407) Admn. of John Miller granted his son, Patrick Miller.
  (408) James Fraizer and John Erwin, Captains: Alexr. Hall, Lieutenant; Hugh Fulton, Ensign; qualified


NOVEMBER 3, 1781

411) Called Court on Isham Berry for larceny—discharged


NOVEMBER 21, 1787.

  (431) Robert Reid, a foreigner, took oath of allegiance to Virginia.

(440) Margaret Reed, relict of Robert Reed, deceased, qualified admx. of his estate

(442) James Bogs, 5 years old November 15, last, to Samuel Steele, blacksmith


FEBRUARY 19, 1788.

(452-454) Alexr. Martin, pensioner, to receive £30

454) Elizabeth Wilson to be bound to John Wallace

455) Estate of Margaret Crawford, deceased, comd. to John Crawford

456) Militia officers recommended: John McKemy, Captain; David Buchanan, Lieutenant; Alexr. Sprowl, Ensign; in the First Regiment. John McCutchen, Lieutenant in Second Regiment. Samuel Steele, Jr., Lieutenant, and Wm. Davis, Ensign, of the Light Company belonging to the First Regiment


MAY 20, 1788

518) George Wilson fined for misbehaving in the presence of the Court


JUNE 17, 1788

541-545) Andrew McComb's will proved; Jane, the widow, refuses to execute it.
  (546) George Wilson's fine (page 518) remitted

546) Mary Miller's son, Daniel Miller, to be bound to Andrew Peck


NOVEMBER 22, 1788

654) William Bell recommended Captain of First Regiment. John Crawford recommended Lieutenant of First Regiment

JANUARY 20, 1789.

(671) James Searight qualified Justice


JANUARY 21, 1789.

676-678) David Steel proved that he is disabled by wounds received in the service of the United Stater at Guilford, March 15, 1781.--He belonged to the Militia of this County--resides in this county and is aged 30.
  (679) William Bowyer ordered to receive a deed from the County for lot No. 20 in Staunton.


APRIL 21, 1789

45) Merchants licensed, viz: Robert Stuart, Robert McDowell, Robert McCullough, Robert Aistrop, Robert Gamble, William McDowell, Hugh McDowell


APRIL 22, 1789

  (51) Alexander Martin to be paid £16, his pension for 1788

(52) Robert Kirk recommended Captain of a troop of Cavalry in First Regiment; William Forbes as Lieutenant, and John McDowell as Cornet; Oliver McCoy, as Captain of troop of Cavalry in Second Regiment, and John Berry as Lieutenant


JUNE 16, 1789.

93) William Young, Sr., exempted from levy

98) Elizabeth Jones, aged 4 in March last, and John Ruffhead, son of Margaret Ruffhead, to be bound out


SEPTEMBER 15, 1789

133-137) Mary Hempenstall, late Mary Wilson, executrix of Samuel Wilson

(138) Elizabeth Ross, orphan, aged 11 years and 3 weeks the 3d instant, to be bound to Robert Craig


JANUARY 19, 1790.

191) James Steel qualified Sheriff


FEBRUARY 16, 1790.

(199) Thomas and Nancy Smith to be bound.



APRIL 20, 1790.

242) Robert Hall and Samuel Shannon, witnesses to the will of Joseph Maze, are residents of Kentucky, and their depositions to be taken.


MAY 18, 1790.

244) Thomas Smith's death abates suit


MAY 20, 1790.

255) Robert Cockran resides in Kentucky, and deposition to be taken


MAY 21, 1790

261) Death of John Abney and Thomas Smith, executors of John McDonagh abates suit


OCTOBER 19, 1790

(333) Elizabeth Ross, 14 year old 17th December last, to be bound, with consent of her mother, to John Burke.
  (334) James Steele, Sheriff.
  (336) Admn. of estate of Matthew Reed granted Archibald Stuart.


DECEMBER 22, 1790.

368-371) Certified that John Coalter has resided in this County for one year last past, and that he is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor


FEBRUARY 15, 1791

383) Andrew Coulter, orphan, to be bound to Smith Thompson


MARCH 15, 1791

391) John Coalter qualified Sheriff

394-397) Death of Lawrence Smith abates suit.


APRIL 19, 1791

(438) Jane, David, Isaac, James and Gordon White, to Steele—deed


MAY 19, 1791

453-460) Deposition of Thomas Brown to be taken in Kentucky


JUNE 21, 1791

(471) Margaret, wife of Alexander Wiley, relinquishes dower in deed to Andrew McCartney

477) Estate of Laurence Smith, deceased, committed to Sheriff


AUGUST 20, 1791.

(521) Daniel Miller's death abates suit


OCTOBER 18, 1791.

(11-12) Andrew Coulter, orphan, to be bound to Abraham Grove, to learn the art and mystery of a saddler


DECEMBER 21, 1791.

61) Joshua Parry appointed seal master


JANUARY 17, 1792.

(65) George Taylor, formerly bound to John Finley, to be bound to David Finley.


APRIL 18, 1792.

97-98) James Lyle, Jr., appointed, vice Robert Gamble, who has removed, to convey the County lots to purchasers

101) Certified that James Lyle has resided in this County for seven years and is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor


JULY 17, 1792

159-160) James Lyle resigned as Justice and qualified attorney



JANUARY 17, 1792.

44) Robert Wilson, named as executor in will of John Oliver, qualified as administrator of said will


AUGUST 4, 1792

(151) Called Court on slave of James Lamb.--Not guilty


SEPTEMBER 18, 1792

182) John Wiley's will partly proved


DECEMBER 18, 1792.

212-213) Rachel, widow of William Crawford, deceased, releases dower in land conveyed by William's partners to Robert McCullock


JANUARY 15, 1793

223) Following to be bound out: Jane Ross, 6 years old March 6th next; Daniel Caphart, 4 years old 13th of May next; Dinah Hunter (daughter of Elizabeth Hunter), 3 years old 3d of this month.


JANUARY 19, 1793.

(233) John Wheeler to be paid £8, pension for 1792.


MARCH 25, 1793.

258) Andrew Anderson recommended as County Lieutenant, John Campbell as Major of 1st Battalion, William Wilson as Major of 2d Battalion.
  (258) Thomas Turk, Jr., James Frazer, James Crawford, John Erwin and William Bell as Captains in 1st Battalion--recommended.

(258) John Clements, Alex. Hall, James Rankin, Andrew Erwin and John Crawford as Lieutenants in 1st Battalion--recommended.
  (258) John McCutchen, Robert Christian, James Mitchell, John Wilson, David Buchanan, Lieutenants in 2d Battalion--recommended.
  (258) Benj. Kennerly, Andrew Fulton, David Henderson, Thos. Waddle, Wm. Bell, Jr., Ensigns in 1st Battalion—recommended

258) Wm. Armstrong, Joseph Bell, Robert Fulton Ewing, David Williams, Ensigns in 2d Battalion--recommended.
  (258) William Chambers as a Captain of Infantry in 1st Battalion-- recommended.
  (258) Samuel Steele, recommended as Captain of Infantry in 2d Battalion.

MARCH 25, 1793.

  (259) James Allen as Lieutenant of Company of Infantry in 1st Battalion--recommended. Robert Kennick as Lieutenant of Company of Infantry in 2d Battalion--recommended. Alex. Anderson as Ensign of a Company of Infantry in 1st Battalion--recommended. Alex. Crawford as Ensign of a Company of Infantry in 2d Battalion; Robert Gratton as Captain of a Company of Cavalry to be raised in Staunton--recommended. David Parry as First Lieutenant of said Company; William Abney as Second Lieutenant of said Company; Jacob Geiger as Cornet of said Company


APRIL 16, 1793

263) Rachel Poage, late Rachel Crawford, executrix of John Crawford, deceased, to settle her accounts

(264) William Wheeler, aged 11 years 27th February last, to be bound to Lawrence Trimper


MAY 21, 1793.

(265) Thos Stevens and George Martin, apprentices of Gideon Morgan, to be summoned to show cause why they have absented themselves without leave


MAY 24, 1793

(276-277) Isabella Walker, orphan of Alex. Walker, deceased, has intermarried with Robert Reed, and suit abates as to her.


JUNE 19, 1793.

(300) John Coalter qualified Clerk of District Court



DECEMBER 17, 1793

(35) Mary Dick, orphan, chose Samuel Wilson guardian

35) Charles Hendrick, aged 18 years, to be bound to James Cochran to learn art and mystery of a saddler--Adam Bickle, his former master, consenting


JANUARY 21, 1794

44) William Wilson qualified Major of 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment


FEBRUARY 18, 1794

51) Judith Miller and her children allowed £10, her pension for 1793

53) William Wilson and Francis Bell qualified deputy surveyors

(54) Michael Iseerhower, apprentice of Jacob Leas


FEBRUARY 19, 1794

(57) John McKinney to be paid £15, pension for 1793. John Wheeler be paid £8, pension for 1793. John Burton to be paid £5, pension for 1793.


APRIL 16, 1794.

81) Court certifies that Captain James Bratton is entitled to the rank of Major in 2d Battalion, vice William Wilson, who was recommended by mistake and has qualified.

(81) James Guy recommended as Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment. James Berry recommended as Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment


SEPTEMBER 16, 1794

157) William Jones, aged 17, to be bound to Lawrence Simmerman, to learn trade of weaver

(158) Sarah McDowell, widow of Hugh McDowell, refuses to accept her husband's will

(159) Joseph Bell, Jr., recommended Captain, 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice Capt. Shields, resigned. James Brand recommended Lieutenant, vice Robert Christian, resigned. Wm. Thompson recommended Ensign, vice Joseph Bell, Jr. Edward Rutledge recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Shield's Company. Jonathan Brooks recommended Lieutenant. James Henderson recommended Ensign. David Buchanan recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capts. Shield's and Argenbright's. David Williams recommended Lieutenant. Charles Hudson recommended Ensign. James Berry recommended Captain, vice James Bratton, resigned. Wm. Armstrong recommended Lieutenant, vice John McCutchen, resigned. Samuel Lockridge, Ensign, recommended Lieutenant. Samuel Bell recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Captain Argenbright's Company. Francis Bell recommended Lieutenant. James Bell recommended Ensign. Frederick Hanger recommended Lieutenant, vice David Buchanan, recommended Captain. Peter Jenewine recommended Ensign, vice David Williams, recommended Lieutenant

(160) John Gamble recommended Captain in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment, of a new Company taken off Capt. Erwin's Company. William Young recommended Lieutenant. James Allen recommended Ensign. David Parry recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Bell's Company. Andrew Cutler recommended Lieutenant. Michael Garber, Jr., recommended Ensign. Mathew Robertson recommended Ensign, vice Benjamin Kennerly, who has removed. Alex. Watson recommended Ensign of Infantry, vice Alex. Anderson, resigned.
  (165) Wm. Alexander, Archibald Stuart, Alex. Nelson, Alex. Humphreys, and Robert Douthat are appointed commissioners to report a plan to the next Court for a jail.


OCTOBER 21, 1794

169) James Berry qualified Captain 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment. James Brand qualified Lieutenant. Wm. Armstrong qualified Lieutenant. John Gamble qualified Captain.


DECEMBER 16, 1794.

196) Alex. Hall recommended Captain in 1st Battalion, vice James Frazer, resigned. Andrew Fulton recommended Lieutenant, vice Alex. Hall. Andrew Steele, Jr., recommended Ensign, vice Andrew Fulton. Thomas Caldbreath recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Frazier's Company. Robert Graham recommended Lieutenant. Petterson Thompson recommended Ensign. David Buchanan, Sr., recommended as Captain of new Company in 2d Battalion taken off Capt. McCutcheon's Company. Alex. Sprowl recommended as Lieutenant. James Clarke recommended as Ensign. Jonathan Brooks recommended as Captain, vice Edward Rutledge, who has removed. James Henderson recommended as Lieutenant, vice Jonathan Brooks. Alex. Henderson recommended as Ensign, vice James Henderson. Charles Hudson recommended as Lieutenant, vice David Williams, resigned. Thomas Caldwell recommended as Ensign, vice Charles Hudson.
  (198) Frederick Hanger qualified Lieutenant, 2d Battalion. Peter Jenewine qualified Ensign. James Bell qualified Ensign. Francis Bell qualified Lieutenant. Samuel Lockridge qualified Ensign. William Young qualified Lieutenant, 1st Battalion. James Allen qualified Ensign.
  (199) Frederick Steele exempted from levy by reason of age, &c.


JULY 21, 1795

322-323) James Young appointed guardian to orphans of George Hood


DECEMBER 16, 1795.

(399) George Woolwine, aged 10 years the 23d April next, to be bound to Michael Harmon, to learn art and mystery of a hatter


JANUARY 19, 1795

(404) John Summers, aged about 20 years, son of John Summers, appeared with his father and agreed to apprentice himself to Jacob Leas for two years and a half to learn the art and mystery of a tanner


JANUARY 20, 1796.

406) Jacob Kinney appointed guardian of John McDowell, orphan of Hugh McDowell


FEBRUARY 16, 1796

407-409) James Boggs, aged 12 years last November, to be bound to Wm. Steel


FEBRUARY 17, 1796

411-414) Depositions to be taken of Robert and Elizabeth Wilson of Bath County.


MARCH 21, 1796

  (450-451) John Bowyer recommended Captain of a Company of Artillery; John McDowell, First Lieutenant, and Robert McClenachan, Second Lieutenant


APRIL 20, 1796

(454) John Conrad Wright exempted from levy


MAY 21, 1796.

480) Robert McDowell took the oath of fidelity


JUNE 21, 1796.

3)      Admn. of estate of James Hughes granted David Steele


JULY 26, 1796.

26) Sarah Wilson, aged 7 years in May last, to be bound to Mary Hamilton. Phebe Martin, aged 2 years in June last, to be bound to David Straen


SEPTEMBER 20, 1796.

(63) Sarah, widow of Moses Hays, refuses to administer

(66) John Michael recommended Ensign in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment. George Berry, as Captain in 2d Battalion, vice John McCutcheon, resigned. John Scott, as Lieutenant, vice John Wilson, resigned. James Ewing, as Lieutenant, vice John Sharp, resigned


SEPTEMBER 26, 1796.

) Called Court on Benjamin Roberts for passing counterfeit bills—discharged


OCTOBER 18, 1796

73) Charles Berry recommended Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice David Buchanan, resigned

74) James Wilson exempted from levy for his two sons, John and James Wilson.
  (74) Samuel Miller recommended Captain in Staunton Cavalry, vice Robert Gratton, promoted.


NOVEMBER 19, 1796.

(88-91) A fight took place in Court between John Coulter and Alex. Gibson, Esquires--bound to peace


DECEMBER 20, 1796.

92) George Wright chose John Brown guardian


JANUARY 17, 1797.

97) Charles Berry qualified Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment. George Berry qualified Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment.


APRIL 18, 1797

134) Jacob Aker, aged 13 years, to be bound to John Weorly

135) Henry Wilson, orphan of Thomas Wilson, deceased, 5 years old in July last, to be bound to William Mitchell


APRIL 19, 1797

(136) George Eker, aged 18 years, chose John Weorly guardian


Note::: Eker may be related to Aker above as they are both going as guardians of John Weorly.


JUNE 20, 1797.

165-166) James Ross exempted from levy by reason of being disabled in one of his hands


JANUARY 16, 1798

249) Polly Stuart, orphan of John Stuart, chose George Crawford as her guardian

251) Elizabeth, widow of Joseph Wilson, qualifies administratrix.
  (252) George Wilson is apyointed guardian of John, Margaret, Mary Lessley, Oliver, Betsey, Jenny and Joseph Wilson, infants and orphans of Joseph Wilson, deceased


MAY 16, 1798.

(303) David Parry is appointed to purchase thirteen pair of leather buckets of the usual size for the use of the water engine for Staunton, in addition to the number specified in an order of March Court last.


JUNE 19, 1798.

(316) John Cummins exempted from levy on account of old age and infirmity

(359) Dedimus to be directed to Peter House, Henry House and John Conrad. Also of Mitford Stokes, of Salisbury, in said State, dedimus to Spence McAuley, Evan Alexander and John Newman. Also of Mr. Franklin, formerly a Commissioner of Army Accounts, now an inhabitant of Surry County, North Carolina. All in suit of John Johnston vs. John Miller


OCTOBER 16, 1798

366) John Wayt, James Cochran, James McNutt, Jr., David Parry, James Flack, John Fackler and William Steel--qualified Justices

(371) James Draper, orphan of Abraham Draper, chose David Buchanan guardian. Catherine Harmon, orphan of Peter Harmon, chose John Towell her guardian


OCTOBER 18, 1798

(387) Thomas Jones, aged 15 years in November next, to be bound to Martin Lonshbough to learn trade of cabinetmaker.


DECEMBER 20, 1798

(448-454) Ann Chambers, wife of William Chambers, acknowledged deed of William to Robert McDowell


FEBRUARY 7, 1799.

463) Called Court on Dicey, a negro woman (the property of Hugh Campbell, of the County of Amherst, and late in the possession of Sarah McDowell, of Staunton) for murdering her child.—Discharged


FEBRUARY 19, 1799

470) George Crawford exempted from levy on account of age and infirmity



John Peter Sally vs. Benj. Borden and Magdalene, his wife, admx. of all and singular the goods of John McDowell, deceased.--Writ 12th February, 1745

Jean McDowell vs. Henry Cresswell.--Petition filed February, 1745-6. Bond dated 8th November, 1744

George Brackenridge vs. John Smith.--Petition on bond dated 10th December, 1745. Writ dated 14th February, 1745.
   William Wright vs. Thomas Linville.--Writ 11th March, 1745. Thomas Linville told Robert Patterson that he had paid to William Wright a certain sum of money which was due to said Wright's father. Order by William Wright's, 10th December, 1744, to Robert Patterson to collect the account.
   Young vs. Bordin.--Chancery. Writ dated 14th February, 1745-6. Robt. Young, orator. Robert Crockett purchased a tract of land from Benjamin Bordin, Sr., between James Young and Robert Young (orator) on 8th October, 1742. Orator bought Crockett's right and sues for a deed from Benjamin Bordin, Jr.

Andrew Reed, of Trenton, County of Hunterdon, Province of New Jersey, vs. Thomas Moffett, of Winsor, in the County of Middlesex and Province of New Jersey.--Bond dated 9th April, 1742. Writ dated 17th August, 1746.


AUGUST, 1746

James Davis vs. David Morgan.--Attachment 17th July, 1746. George Breckenridge, surety



Benjamin Borden vs. John Smith.--Benjamin and Magdalene, his wife, executrix of John McDowell. Writ dated 26th July, 1746


JUNE, 1747

James McClelhill vs. Andrew McClure.--James and Jane, his wife, admrs. of Randal McDonnald. Writ dated 25th February, 1745

Benjamin Borden vs. John Bombgardner.--Benjamin and Magdalene, his wife, late Magdalene McDowell, against J. B., on bond dated 6th August, 1743, to Magdalene while she was sole and unmarried


AUGUST, 1747 (B).

Brown vs. Smith.--Capt. James Montgomery, gent., living at the Cutappa prior to 15th July, 1747.
   Philip Jones vs. Benj. Hardin.--Debt. Writ 22d June, 1747. "He lives at South Branch." "Not found in my bailiwick. He lives on James River." By me, John Edwards



George Sellers, of Frederick County, vs. Abraham Miller and Christian Miller, of Frederick County. Bond dated 8th October, 1745. "The defendants live near the narrow passage, by Falkenborgh's old place


NOVEMBER, 1747 (A).

James Patton, John Finley, John Christian, James Alexander and William Wright vs. Robert Turk.--Debt for years 1741, 1742, 1743, 1744, 1745, 1746. Asst. to pay plaintiffs as collectors for Mr. Craig's salary at £1 per year. A copy of the mutual obligations between the Congregation and their Commissioners



Rebecca Edgill vs. James Alexander, Samuel Crafford and William Crafford.--Debt on bond dated 20th December, 1733. Writ dated 19th September, 1747. Defendants of Octorarah, Drummore Township, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Administration of estate of Simon Edgill granted to plaintiff, in ____ County, Pennsylvania


MAY, 1748

Philip Jones vs. Benjamin Hardin.--Petition 20th February, 1747. Defendant has removed to South Carolina

Robert Cunningham vs. John Beety.--Trespass A (S) and B. Writ. 1747. Eleanor Rutledge not summoned as a witness because she was where the smallpox was.

Benjamin Borden vs. Bryan McDonnell.--Debt on bond date 27th February, 1744-5. Writ 1747. Defendant of New Castle County, Pennsylvania



Gabriel Jones vs. David Evans.--Recites statute against removing without notice, enacted at Williamsburg, 1661. David Evans transported Richard Crunk from his plantation in Frederick County to Craig's Creek in Augusta on the road to Carolina, where the said Richard Cronk is since gone.
   George Robinson and Simon Akers vs. Joseph Love, of Roanoke, in ye County of Orange, otherwise called Augusta.--Bond dated 13th December, 1744.
   William Chapman vs. Terrence McMullin.--Debt. Writ 19th February, 1747. "He lives on South Branch." "He is gone to Carolina."

Abraham Oldhouse vs. Jacob Miller.--Bond by plaintiff and defendant to John Miller, 4th February, 1746. Both of Township of Canistoga, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


MAY, 1749.

James Given vs. John Stewart, taylor, of Staunton, and Thomas Fulton.-- February, 1763. Bill filed. Writ 4th January, 1763. Attachment for answer 18th March, 1763. In December, last past, Stewart followed orator into the store of Felix Gilbert and importuned him to stay in town that day, and plied him with liquor until he was very drunk, when Stewart persuaded him to sell him a slave. Suit to set aside the sale.

Hugh Young vs. Erwaker Johnston.--Defendant lives on Jackson's River. April, 1749

Philip Jones vs. Benjamin Hardin.--On account. Dated 1743. Defendant lives in Cowpasture



William Hughs vs. William Miller.--Abates by death of plaintiff, 1749


MAY, 1750 (A

Brownlee vs. Smith.--Bond of John Smith, of Orange County, Virginia, to Alexander Brownlee, of Donigall, in the County of Lancaster in Pennsylvania, dated 9th June, 1739. Conditioned that Smith shall make a title to Brownlee for 400 acres lying at head of the great Poplar Bottom, on the North River, at the lower end of the Great Stony Lick, before 1st July, 1740. Suit brought 25th February, 1746, by Alexander Brownlee, of Donigall, &c.
   Daniel Harrison bid on the building of the Court House and says his was the lowest, but the Commissioners refused to give the contract to him, and he petitions the Court to know the reasons why.
   James McDowell vs Benjamin Borden.--Slander. Writ 25th August, 1747. James charges that Benjamin said on 17th August, 1747: "Thou art a rogue and a murdering villain, and I can prove it." And also: "He is a murderer, and brought the Indians upon the settlement (innuendo--the people settled in this County, a great number whereof being his Majesty's liege subjects were slain by the Indians in a difference that happened between his Majesty's subjects inhabiting the said County and the said Indians, some time in the year 1742)." Verdict for defendant.



Andrew Moor vs. Benjamin Borden.--Chancery. Writ dated 22d August, 1748. In 1738, after several conferences with John McDowell, gent., late of this County, deceased, John sold orator 700 acres in Borden's tract, but Benjamin Borden afterwards surveyed it to William Evans and George Henderson. John McDowell died 1742 intestate and Magdalene McDowell, his widow, became administratrix, and sometime afterwards intermarried with Benjamin Borden, Jr. John McDowell was agent for Benjamin Borden, Sr. Answer states that John McDowell bought 1,000 acres of Benjamin Borden and died intestate, leaving heirs.
   James Bayard vs. Alexander Glaspy.--Alexander from Cecil County, Maryland. 2d January, 1741-2.
   Thomas Campbell vs. Joseph Love.--Thomas was living in Philadelphia. 24th October, 1749.
   Capt. Thomas Cresap vs. Humberstone Lyon.--Defendant from Prince George County, Maryland. 1st April, 1743.
   Stephen Ruddle vs. Daniel Bulgier.--Daniel married Sarah James.
   Agnes Reid vs. John Trimble.--John Scott, aged above 40 years, and Robert Reed, aged about 50 years. September 25, 1748


NOVEMBER, 1750 (A).

John Theobald End vs. Jacob Miller.--I, Jacob Miller, of Conastogoe Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 6th December, 1745. Writ dated 5th September, 1750.


AUGUST, 1750 (C).

Samuel Smith vs. Beaty.--Mr. Michael Woods, formerly of Paxtunk, Pennsylvania. Account dated 1733. Thomas Renich, on 1st September, 1750, deposed: About 8 years ago, at his own house, he saw and spoke with said Smith and Robert Buchanan, the then Sheriff of Lancaster County. He heard Smith (then merchant at Connoy) say, &c., several accounts: Smith vs. James Cathey, 1737; Smith vs. Adam Thomson, 1736-7-8; Smith vs. William Robinson, 1739; Smith vs. Richard Woods, 1738; Smith vs. Mrs. Margaret McDowell, 1737; Smith vs. Mrs. Mary McDowell, 1737; Smith vs. Michael Woods, 1738-9; Smith vs. John Maxwell; Smith vs. Samuel Woods, 1734-5-8; Smith vs. Francis Beaty, 1735-6; Smith vs. John Christian, 1737; Smith vs. Robert Christian, 1733-4-5-6 Smith vs. Randell McDaniel; Smith vs. William Hutchinson; Smith vs. George Hutchinson. All sworn to by Samuel Smith, late of County of Lancaster, before a Justice, in Philadelphia, 13th October, 1743.


AUGUST, 1752.

Paul vs. Borden.--John McDowell died intestate, leaving Samuel McDowell, his eldest son and heir, and then Magdalen married Benjamin Borden, Jr.
   Harrison vs. O'Neal.--Robert Harrison, infant, by Daniel Harrison, his father and next friend


AUGUST, 1751

Downs vs. Crawford.--Patrick Crawford was a horse trader


MAY, 1753.

Bell's executor vs. Benjamin Borden.--Copy of bond of Benjamin Borden to Alexander Breckinridge, George, James, Robert and Adam Breckinridge, John Moore, Quantin Moore, George Henderson, James Bell, Thomas Armstrong, John Mulholan, John Bell, John Walters, William McCanless, Robert Poage, Seth Poage, Daniel McAneer, John Gwinn. Condition, that if Benjamin Borden will give each 100 acres where they have already chosen and entered with John McDowell, and shall build and improve on said 100 acres by 1st April next. Witnessed by John McDowell. Dated 21st February, 1738-9.



Martin vs. Smiley.--William Martin and James Martin were brothers..


AUGUST, 1761 (B).

Hugart vs. Wilson.--Josiah Wilson was a ranger in the Indian wars under Capt. James Dunlop, and went to Pennsylvania and never came back.

Quarles vs. Price and Howell.--Not executed, because defendant was in Majesty's service

Grand Jurors present Wm. Long, John Smith, William Fitzgerald-- that they on 18th October, 1756, did with force and arms, in a riotous manner, enter the close and house of Alexr. Wright, in Town of Staunton, and then and there did beat, strike and abuse one Mary McDonnell, then in said house, and likewise break doors and windows


MARCH, 1765 (A).

Doggett vs. Mathias Yoakum.--Writ 29th March (fourth year George III reign). Is a soldier.
   McGranger vs. James Crawford, of Augusta, Storekeeper.--Bond, 27th April, 1762


SEPTEMBER, 1763 (B).

Elizabeth Crawford vs. Stephen Loy.--Attachment, 17th April, 1763. Stephen Loy, of Frederick Town, in Maryland, to Thomas Fulton. Bond 25th March, 1762


AUGUST, 1765 (A).


Howell vs. Steel and Cochran.--John Steel and John Cochran, Chapmen, 1757


AUGUST, 1768 (D).

Scott vs. Mary Ann Young.--Defendant is daughter-in-law to William Young.