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Genealogia Sepúlveda Muñoz:
Index of Individuals

(algo) Villalón

(algo) Villalón, Roberto Includes Notes


Aguayo, Corina
Aguayo, Miriam




Barbosa, Rosangela(b. 17 May 1959)


Barrera, Alejandra del Carmen Figueroa


Basaez, María

Bernal Torres

Bernal Torres, Ricardo(b. 16 Feb 1956)

Bernal Villalón

Bernal Villalón, María Belen(b. 28 Oct 1985)
Bernal Villalón, Nicol Alejandra(b. Jun 1990)

Brito Barbosa

Brito Barbosa, Juvenal

Bustos Acevedo

Bustos Acevedo, Marco Antonio(b. 03 Aug 1954)

Bustos Villalón

Bustos Villalón, Marco Antonio(b. 22 Aug 1983)
Bustos Villalón, Romina Alejandra(b. 01 Jul 1986)

Calquin Muñoz

Calquin Muñoz, Christian Andrés
Calquin Muñoz, Fernando Antonio

Calquín Muñoz

Calquín Muñoz, María Fernanda

Calquín Peralta

Calquín Peralta, Fernando Antonio

Cañas Acosta

Cañas Acosta, Luisa Rosa

Candia Merino

Candia Merino, Ruth Cecilia


Cárdenas, Roberto

Castillo Aguayo

Castillo Aguayo, Guacolda
Castillo Aguayo, Hugo
Castillo Aguayo, Ines
Castillo Aguayo, Leticia Maria de Lourdes
Castillo Aguayo, Maria


Castillo, Ismael


Castro, María

Ceballos Gonzalez

Ceballos Gonzalez, Carlos
Ceballos Gonzalez, Julio



Cerda Osorio

Cerda Osorio, Roberto Patricio(b. 17 Apr 1960)

Cerda Villalón

Cerda Villalón, Daniela Alejandra(b. 07 Mar 1989)
Cerda Villalón, Monica Alejandra(b. 13 Nov 1987)
Cerda Villalón, Roberto Alejandro(b. 29 Dec 1994)
Cerda Villalón, Rocío Alejandra(b. 11 Jun 1996)

Contreras Farías

Contreras Farías, Luis Ricardo(b. 13 Dec 1949)

Contreras Sepúlveda

Contreras Sepúlveda, Ana María(b. 10 Feb 1984)
Contreras Sepúlveda, Luis Felipe(b. 12 Oct 1985)
Contreras Sepúlveda, Ricardo Sebastian(b. 27 Mar 1987)

Correa Correa

Correa Correa, Alicia de Jesus(b. Oct 1933)
Correa Correa, Ruben Enrrique

Cortés Silva

Cortés Silva, Jannette del Carmen(b. 24 Feb 1965)


Cruz, Juana

Diaz Gonzalez

Diaz Gonzalez, Aida Lucrecia(b. 22 Jul 1910)


Diaz, Rosario


Elsa Includes Notes
Elsa Includes Notes



Estay Estay

Estay Estay, Gregorio
Estay Estay, Ines
Estay Estay, Luis Roberto(b. 21 Feb, d. 17 Jun 2003)
Estay Estay, Segundo
Estay Estay, Tiburcio

Estay Fernandez

Estay Fernandez, Asencion

Estay Quiñones

Estay Quiñones, Ignacio(b. 17 Dec 1990)
Estay Quiñones, Marcelo(b. 10 Jan 1989)
Estay Quiñones, Valeria(b. 27 Jan 1980)

Estay Villalón

Estay Villalón, Gabriela Paz(b. 11 Aug 1981, d. 17 Jan 1989)
Estay Villalón, Gladys Asención(b. 18 Nov 1949)
Estay Villalón, Paulina Alejandra(b. 28 Aug 1977)
Estay Villalón, Roberto David(b. 17 Dec 1972) Includes Pictures
Estay Villalón, Roberto Nicanor(b. 02 Nov 1948) Includes Pictures
Estay Villalón, Rodrigo Alonso(b. 12 Apr 1979) Includes Pictures
Estay Villalón, Sergio Hernan(b. 04 Feb 1952)


Estay, Blanca
Estay, Fidela
Estay, Gloria
Estay, Jorge
Estay, Juan
Estay, Malvina
Estay, Miriam
Estay, Nelson
Estay, Pantaleon
Estay, Rogelio
Estay, Sandra

Fernandez Muñoz

Fernandez Muñoz, Rocío Susana

Fernandez Valenzuela

Fernandez Valenzuela, Luis Jorge


Fernandez, Liliana

Ganora Aranda

Ganora Aranda, Pedro Francisco Includes Pictures

Ganora Barbosa

Ganora Barbosa, Emmanuel Valdemir(b. 09 Feb 1984)

Ganora Vasquez

Ganora Vasquez, Amalia Mirta(b. 16 Feb 1949, d. 31 Dec 2000) Includes Pictures
Ganora Vasquez, Francisco Emilio(b. 28 Sep 1945)

Gonzalez Salazar

Gonzalez Salazar, Irma Luisa(b. 07 Oct 1925)



Guerra Matamala

Guerra Matamala, Rosa Nieves

Herbosa Miranda

Herbosa Miranda, Claudio Javier(b. 14 Feb 1962)

Herbosa Valdéz

Herbosa Valdéz, Javier Andres(b. 08 Mar 1995)
Herbosa Valdéz, Martín Aloso(b. 10 Dec 1997)



Jara Muñoz

Jara Muñoz, Isidora Andrea(b. 16 Aug 2001)

Montenegro Candia

Montenegro Candia, Hugo Andrés
Montenegro Candia, Tamara Andrea

Montenegro Diaz

Montenegro Diaz, Hugo Edmundo

Montenegro Muñoz

Montenegro Muñoz, Hugo Enrrique
Montenegro Muñoz, Nelly Aida
Montenegro Muñoz, Patricio Alejandro

Muñoz Diaz

Muñoz Diaz, Aida Nelly
Muñoz Diaz, Jose Rudencindo(b. 09 Sep 1937) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Muñoz Diaz, Raquel
Muñoz Diaz, Raul
Muñoz Diaz, Susana Virginia

Muñoz Ganora

Muñoz Ganora, Fabiola Andrea(b. 23 Jan 1973)
Muñoz Ganora, Soledad Carol(b. 11 Mar 1975) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Muñoz Ganora, Veronica Paz(b. 11 Mar 1975)

Muñoz Muñoz

Muñoz Muñoz, Juan Eduardo
Muñoz Muñoz, Nicolas Ignacio

Muñoz Rodriguez

Muñoz Rodriguez, Pía Javiera

Muñoz Silva

Muñoz Silva, Aidé
Muñoz Silva, Humberto
Muñoz Silva, Jose Manuel
Muñoz Silva, Osvaldo

Muñoz Valdés

Muñoz Valdés, Juan Carlos
Muñoz Valdés, Marcela Carolina
Muñoz Valdés, Marco Antonio
Muñoz Valdés, Marianela del Pilar
Muñoz Valdés, Maribel Jaqueline
Muñoz Valdés, Raul Fabian
Muñoz Valdés, Rosina Ivonne


Muñoz, Raul



Quiñones Figueroa

Quiñones Figueroa, Veronica del Carmen(b. 06 Mar 1953)

Retamal Figueroa

Retamal Figueroa, Bernardita
Retamal Figueroa, Marcela Paola

Ribeiro Barbosa

Ribeiro Barbosa, Aracaci


Roberto Includes Notes


Rodriguez, María Cristina


Rosa Includes Notes

Sepúlveda Castillo

Sepúlveda Castillo, Luis Alberto(b. 01 Nov 1950)

Sepulveda Castillo

Sepulveda Castillo, Luis Homero(b. 07 Aug 1953)

Sepúlveda Correa

Sepúlveda Correa, Ana María(b. 05 Apr 1955)
Sepúlveda Correa, Rosa Amanda(b. 20 Dec 1973)

Sepulveda Cortés

Sepulveda Cortés, David Alonso(b. 13 Oct 2001)
Sepulveda Cortés, Leticia Alejandra(b. 22 Nov 1989)
Sepulveda Cortés, Luis Alberto(b. 07 May 1992)
Sepulveda Cortés, Margaret Gisela(b. 16 Feb 1985)
Sepulveda Cortés, Noelia Edith(b. 17 May 1988)
Sepulveda Cortés, Paulina Ester(b. 01 Jun 1995)

Sepúlveda Estay

Sepúlveda Estay, Constanza Isabel(b. 09 Apr 1983)
Sepúlveda Estay, Consuelo Alejandra(b. 21 Feb 1981)
Sepúlveda Estay, Daniel Alberto(b. 16 Nov 1975)
Sepúlveda Estay, Gonzalo Ernesto(b. 16 Nov 1975) Includes Notes Includes Pictures

Sepulveda Guerra Castillo

Sepulveda Guerra Castillo, Jose Luis

Sepúlveda Guerra

Sepúlveda Guerra, Homero Andrés
Sepúlveda Guerra, Juan Antonio
Sepúlveda Guerra, Tomás Pablo

Sepúlveda Lagos

Sepúlveda Lagos, Luis Alberto

Sepulveda Muñoz

Sepulveda Muñoz, Florencia Valentina(b. 08 Aug 2004) Includes Notes

Sepúlveda Soto

Sepúlveda Soto, Luis Homero(d. 1994)



Soto Diaz

Soto Diaz, Donatila Del Carmen(b. 16 Jul 1891, d. 05 Apr 1986) Includes Pictures

Soto Troncoso

Soto Troncoso, Amanda
Soto Troncoso, Juan


Soto, Federico


Tapia, Perla



Torrealba Muñoz

Torrealba Muñoz, Cristobal Ignacio
Torrealba Muñoz, Felipe Ignacio
Torrealba Muñoz, Ignacio Andrés

Torrealba Rodriguez

Torrealba Rodriguez, Patricio Nolberto

Valdés Muñoz

Valdés Muñoz, Claudia Andrea(b. 29 Aug 1970)
Valdés Muñoz, Francisco Javier
Valdés Muñoz, Luis Rodrigo

Valdés Yañez

Valdés Yañez, Lucy de las Mercedes
Valdés Yañez, Luis Robin


Valencia, Luisa

Varquez Rubio

Varquez Rubio, Samuel Enrrique(b. 1894, d. 02 Jul 1969) Includes Pictures

Vasquez Atencio

Vasquez Atencio, Tristan

Vasquez Soto

Vasquez Soto, Abuelita Pani
Vasquez Soto, Maria Elena
Vasquez Soto, Rosa



Vergara Estay

Vergara Estay, Heriberto
Vergara Estay, Maria Elena
Vergara Estay, Olga
Vergara Estay, Sergio

Vergara Fernandez

Vergara Fernandez, Cristian
Vergara Fernandez, Lorena


Vergara, Carmen Gloria
Vergara, Maria


Vicencio, X

Villalón Basaez

Villalón Basaez, María Angelica

Villalón Cañas

Villalón Cañas, Juan(b. 1922, d. 1929)

Villalon Cañas

Villalon Cañas, Luisa Elvira(b. 03 May 1920)

Villalón Cañas

Villalón Cañas, Pedro Segundo Nicanor(b. 27 Apr 1918)

Villalón Cruz

Villalón Cruz, Pedro

Villalón Gonzalez

Villalón Gonzalez, Luisa(b. 17 Aug 1959)
Villalón Gonzalez, Miriam del Pilar(b. 02 Oct 1956)
Villalón Gonzalez, Monica Paulina(b. 03 Jul 1960)
Villalón Gonzalez, Patricia Catalina(b. 18 Feb 1953) Includes Pictures

Villalón Tapia

Villalón Tapia, Pedro

Villalón Valencia

Villalón Valencia, Alfredo
Villalón Valencia, Eduvina Includes Notes
Villalón Valencia, José
Villalón Valencia, Juan
Villalón Valencia, Margin
Villalón Valencia, María del Tránsito
Villalón Valencia, Nasario Includes Notes

Villalon Valencia

Villalon Valencia, Nicanor

Villalón Valencia

Villalón Valencia, Romelio

Villalón Vicencio

Villalón Vicencio, Jorge Omar


Villalón, Arturo
Villalón, Fresia
Villalón, Hortensia
Villalón, Juan Includes Notes
Villalón, Marisela
Villalón, Rosa
Villalón, Salomé
Villalón, Salomé
Villalón, Salomé
Villalón, Segundo Includes Notes

Zenteno Concha

Zenteno Concha, Cristian Ariel

Zenteno Fernandez

Zenteno Fernandez, Cristobal Ignacio
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