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Ancestors of Clifford Blake Shaw

Generation No. 7

       64. John Shaw, born January 29, 1763 in Dorchester Co., MD; died January 1848. He was the son of 128. James Shaw and 129. Jane. He married 65. Mary.
       65. Mary, born in GA.

       Children of John Shaw and Mary are:
  i.   Elizabeth Shaw, married Frambough.
ii.   John Shaw, married Della Findley 1818.
iii.   Mary Shaw, married Seaborn Harris.
iv.   Miles Shaw.
v.   Sally Shaw, married Edmund Jackson December 19, 1823.
vi.   Nancy Shaw, born 1786-1787 in prob. Warren Co., GA; married Ray.
32 vii.   Amos Shaw, born 1789 in Oglethorp Co., GA; died 1859-1860 in Walker Co, GA; married Sarah Maxey June 25, 1812 in Oglethorp Co., GA.
viii.   William Shaw, born February 11, 1792; married Bettsey Page.
ix.   George Shaw, born 1797; married Jane Patterson.

       66. Hail Maxey. He married 67. Dicey Craighead.
       67. Dicey Craighead.

       Child of Hail Maxey and Dicey Craighead is:
  33 i.   Sarah Maxey, married Amos Shaw June 25, 1812 in Oglethorp Co., GA.

       76. Samuel Billingsley, born February 11, 1789 in NC. He was the son of 152. John Billingsley and 153. Jean Milsap. He married 77. Ruth Haile 1809 in Wahington Co., TN.
       77. Ruth Haile, born Abt 1790 in Baltimore Co., MD; died May 02, 1832 in Carroll Co., TN. She was the daughter of 154. Joshua Haile and 155. Mary Gray.

       Children of Samuel Billingsley and Ruth Haile are:
  i.   John Billingsley, married Harriet Mercer.
ii.   Nathan Billingsley.
iii.   Joshua Billingsley.
38 iv.   Alfred Carter Billingsley, born March 1810; died November 1878 in Piney Twp., Cleburne Co., Ark; married Rebecca in poss. Carroll Co., TN.
v.   Reuben Billingsley, born 1816.
vi.   Mary Anderson Billingsley, born 1822; married William Williams.
vii.   Jessie Billingsley, born 1823; died 1825.
viii.   Samuel Edward Billingsley, born May 1832.

       78. Thomas Billingsley, born 1781 in Onslow Co., NC. He was the son of 156. John Billingsley and 157. Jean Milsap. He married 79. Rebecca Crawford Bef 1779.
       79. Rebecca Crawford.

       Child of Thomas Billingsley and Rebecca Crawford is:
  39 i.   Rebecca, died 1900; married Alfred Carter Billingsley in poss. Carroll Co., TN.

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