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Ancestors of Paul Eugene Shannon

Generation No. 15

      24580. John Stotesbury, born Abt. 1504 in England.

      Child of John Stotesbury is:
  12290 i.   Thomas Stotesbury, born Abt. 1530 in England; married Cicely Brayless.

      24594. Robert White, born Abt. 1446 in Swanborne, Hampshire, England. He was the son of 49188. John White II and 49189. Alice or Eleanor Hungerford. He married 24595. Margaret Gaynsford.

      24595. Margaret Gaynsford, born 1440-1450 in Swanborne, Hampshire, England. She was the daughter of 49190. Nicholas Gaynsford and 49191. Margaret Sidney.

      Child of Robert White and Margaret Gaynsford is:
  12297 i.   Margaret (Margery Wood) White, born 1470-1476 in Christ Church, Hampshire, England; married John Kirton.

      24596. John Offley, born Abt. 1450 in Staffordshire, England. He was the son of 49192. Richard Offley. He married 24597. Margarey.

      24597. Margarey.

      Child of John Offley and Margarey is:
  12298 i.   William Offley, born Abt. 1471 in Staffordshire, England; married Elizabeth Dillorne.

      25766. Sybil Devereux, born Abt. 1474. He married 25767. unknown Baskerville.

      25767. unknown Baskerville, born Abt. 1470.

      Child of Sybil Devereux and unknown Baskerville is:
  12883 i.   Elizabeth Baskerville, born Abt. 1495; married Watkin Vaughn.

      26016. John Lawrence, died 1538 in Ramsey, England. He was the son of 52032. James Lawrence and 52033. Eleanor Wells. He married 26017. Cicely Steward.

      26017. Cicely Steward. She was the daughter of 52034. Richard Steward and 52035. Elizabeth Cosslyn.

      Child of John Lawrence and Cicely Steward is:
  13008 i.   William Lawrence, died 1572 in Huntingshire, England; married Margaret Kaye.

      26018. Edward Kaye, born 1543 in Woodsome, York, England; died December 1591. He was the son of 52036. John Kaye and 52037. Dorothy Mauleverer. He married 26019. Ann Tirwhitt.

      26019. Ann Tirwhitt, born Abt. 1532. She was the daughter of 52038. Robert Tirwhitt.

      Child of Edward Kaye and Ann Tirwhitt is:
  13009 i.   Margaret Kaye, married William Lawrence.

      26024. Richard Bull, born Abt. 1472 in Hertfordshire, England. He married 26025. unknown Skipwith.

      26025. unknown Skipwith.

      Child of Richard Bull and unknown Skipwith is:
  13012 i.   Charles Bull, born Abt. 1502 in Hertfordshire, England; married Joan Knighton.

      26026. Thomas Knighton, born Abt. 1472 in Bayford, England. He married 26027. Anne Underhill.

      26027. Anne Underhill, born Abt. 1472 in Little Bradley, England. She was the daughter of 52054. Thomas Underhill and 52055. Thomasine Caldebeck.

      Child of Thomas Knighton and Anne Underhill is:
  13013 i.   Joan Knighton, born Abt. 1502; married Charles Bull.

      26032. Henry Antrobus, born Abt. 1468. He was the son of 52064. Thomas Antrobus and 52065. Mary FitzWalter. He married 26033. Elizabeth Machelsfeld.

      26033. Elizabeth Machelsfeld, born Abt. 1484 in / of Guysnes, England.

      Child of Henry Antrobus and Elizabeth Machelsfeld is:
  13016 i.   Ralph/Rafe Antrobus, born Abt. 1506 in / of Pever, Cheshire, England.

      26040. Richard Arnold. He was the son of 52080. John Arnold and 52081. Isabel Hawkins. He married 26041. Agatha Fransham.

      26041. Agatha Fransham. She was the daughter of 52082. Geoffrey Fransham.

      Child of Richard Arnold and Agatha Fransham is:
  13020 i.   Ralph Arnold.

      26242. Nicholas Selwood, died May 24, 1444.

      Child of Nicholas Selwood is:
  13121 i.   Joan Selwood, married John Deane.

      26304. John Williams, born Abt. 1459 in Mortlake, Surrey , England; died 1502 in Mortlake, Surrey , England. He was the son of 52608. Thomas Llwyd ap Morgan and 52609. Daniell. He married 26305. Margaret Smyth.

      26305. Margaret Smyth, born Abt. 1463 in Rechhampton, Putney, Surrey , England; died 1501 in Mortlake, Surrey , England. She was the daughter of 52610. Richard Smyth and 52611. Isabella.

      Child of John Williams and Margaret Smyth is:
  13152 i.   John Williams, born 1485 in Mortlake, Surrey , England; died 1519; married Joan Wyckys Abt. 1510 in Mortlake, Surrey , England.

      26306. Henry Wykys, born Abt. 1463.

      Child of Henry Wykys is:
  13153 i.   Joan Wyckys, born Abt. 1489 in Mortlake, Surrey , England; married John Williams Abt. 1510 in Mortlake, Surrey , England.

      26624. John Dickinson, born 1477 in Kenson Manor, Leeds, York, England; died 1544 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. He was the son of 53248. William Dickinson and 53249. Isabella Langton. He married 26625. Elizabeth Danby 1499.

      26625. Elizabeth Danby. She was the daughter of 53250. Christopher Danby and 53251. Elizabeth Neville.

      Child of John Dickinson and Elizabeth Danby is:
  13312 i.   William Dickinson, born Abt. 1501; died 1590; married Rachel Kinge 1520.

      26626. Richard Kinge.

      Child of Richard Kinge is:
  13313 i.   Rachel Kinge, married William Dickinson 1520.

      27936. John Trott, born 1458 in Tauton Manor, Staplegrove, Somerset, England; died Aft. 1480 in Staplegrove, Somersetshire, England.

      Child of John Trott is:
  13968 i.   William Trott, born 1480 in Somersetshire, England; died in Staplegrove, Somersetshire, England.

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