Brunson Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Brantley, Crenshaw County, Alabama


Aerial View of Church & Cemetery


Brunson Chapel Cemetery and Chruch are located at the right of the intersection shown in the photo. Travel south from Luverne on Highway 331. About 7 miles from Luverne turn left on County Road and go about two miles. Cemetery will be on the right.


Partial information transcribed by Kenneth Hall. Additions and updates by Kendrick Shackleford.




Adams, J.C.

Born July 16, 1913, Died November 6, 1976


Adams, Cassie Jo

Born April 1, 1917, Died April 28, 1994 Nee Hall, wife of J. C. Adams, daughter of Aaron & Margaret L. Brunson Hall.

Cassie Jo Hall

Adams, Jackie Harrell

Born July 10, 1943, Died Feb. 1, 1995 Son of J. C. & Cassie Jo Hall Adams.

Jackie Adams SSDI

Hall, Aaron

Born April 26, 1879, Died January 08, 1954

Aaron Hall 

Hall, Margaret L.

Born April 26, 1882, Died January 12, 1931 Nee Brunson, wife of Aaron Hall, daughter of Richard & Mary Brunson.

Margaret L Brunson

Brunson, Richard Marion

Born February 12, 1838, Died August 03, 1912 CSA 125th Infantry Company B., son of Daniel H. & Lenora Capps Brunson. Daniel is buried at the MOUNT IDA CHURCH CEMETERY.

Richard Brunson

Brunson, Maria (Mary)

Born March 20, 1837, Died June 04, 1914 Nee Wise, wife of Richard Marion Brunson, daughter of Richard & Abigail Wise.

Maria S. Wise

Brunson, Mary J.

Born June 18, 1869, Died Sept. 30, 1894 Daughter of Richard M. & Mary Brunson.


Brunson, Major

Uncertain about this individual


Brunson, Richard Francis

Born October 12, 1865, Died January 13, 1912 Son of Richard M. & Mary Brunson.

Richard Francis Brunson

Brunson, Ella Victoria

Born March 12, 1876, Died February 05, 1946 Nee Capps, Wife of Richard Francis Brunson, daughter of James Harmon Capps & Mary Catherine Benbow. James & Mary are buried at MOUNT IDA CHURCH CEMETERY.

Ella Brunson

Brunson, Samuel J.

Born October 30, 1871, Died November 25, 1883 Son of Richard M. & Mary Brunson.

Samuel J. Brunson

Capps, George Washington Ellison

Born October 01, 1881, Died November 04, 1930

George Washington Capps

Capps, Louisa A. (Lou)

Born 1880, Died 1960 Nee Brunson, wife of George Washington Capps, daughter of Richard M. & Mary Brunson.

Louisa A. Brunson

Capps, Richard Gaston

Born November 15, 1915, Died February 10, 1989 Son of George Washington Ellison & Louisa A. (Lou) Brunson Capps.

Richard Gaston Capps

Atwell, Dewitt

Born January 22, 1882, Died January 25, 1954


Atwell, Minnie Byrd

Born January 11, 1884, Died December 25, 1957 Wife of Dewitt Atwell


Atwell, Luther

Born January 31, 1906, Died August 30, 1959 Son of Dewitt & Minnie Byrd Atwell.


Atwell, Irene

Born November 09, 1910, Died February 03, 1985 Nee Fowler, wife of Luther Atwell


Atwell, Infant

Born & Died April 30, 1955 Possible daughter or granddaughter of Luther & Irene Fowler Atwell.


Atwell, Lucious M.

Born February 23, 1904, Died July 05, 1992 Son of Dewitt & Minnie Byrd Atwell.

Lucious Atwell SSDI

Atwell, Elvira

Born June 20, 1910, Died March 22, 1987 Nee Owens, wife of Lucious M. Atwell, daughter of Nathaniel & Melissa (Malissie) Skipper Owens.


Baker, Jesse Alvin

Born September 14, 1903 Died December 13, 1965 Son of Jessie Jackson & C. V. Baker.


Baker, Mary Alice

Born July 9, 1905, Died Feb. 23 1977 Wife of Jesse Alvin Baker.


Baker, Ruth Evlynn

Born March 2, 1926, Died March 5, 1926 Daughter of Jesse Alvin & Mary Alice Baker.


Baker, C. V.

Born February 02, 1870, Died April 15, 1919 1st Wife of Jesse Jackson Baker.


Baker, Jessie Jackson

Born October 14, 1863, Died April 15, 1919 Son of Abner & Margaret Vaughn Baker.

Jessie Jackson Baker

Baker, Dora

Born July 01, 1889, Died March 31, 1940 Nee Williamson, 2nd wife of Jesse Jackson Baker, daughter of Jasper & Mary Williamson.


Baker, Infant

Born & Died, No Dates Believed to be a child of Jesse Alvin & C. V. Baker.


Baker, Abner

Born December 17, 1812, Died February 17, 1908 Husband of Margaret Vaughn, Son of Willoughby & Rachael Copeland Baker.

Abner Baker

Baker, Margaret A.

Born February 20, 1898, Died Feb. 13, 1981 No information found


Baker, Martha

Born 1934 No information found


Battle, Henry May

Born May 28, 1918, Died May 9, 1994 Son of John & Mattie Brunson Battle.

Henry May Battle

Battle, Mary

Born Sept. 11, 1920, Only Date Nee Sorrells, wife of Henry May Battle. Possible daughter of Robert & Essie Sorrells.

Mary Sorrells

Battle, John B.

Born January 15, !879, Died August 4, 1975 Son of Reubin & Nancy Elizabeth Kilcrease Battle.

John B. Battle

Battle, Mattie Mae (Minnie)

Born August 11, 1885, Died December 18, 1962 Nee Brunson, wife of John B. Battle, daughter of Mary E. Battle-McDugald, step-daughter of Henry McDugald

Mattie Mae Brunson

Battle, Daniel Stephen

Born May 8, 1902, Died September 15, 1994 Son of John & Mattie Brunson Battle.

Daniel Stephen Battle

Battle, Helen P.

Born July 23, 1910, Died Nee Phillips, wife of Daniel Stephen Battle, possibly daughter of Howard & Sarah Phillips.

Helen P. Phillips

Brunson, James Harvey

Born January 29, 1898, Died September 30, 1938 Brunson relation unknown.

Harvey Brunson

Brunson, Ethel Lee

Born September 04, 1905, Died February 01, 1972 Nee Battle, wife of James Harvey Brunson, daughter of John & Mattie Brunson Battle.

Ethel Lee Battle

Brunson, Tolbert Morrris

Born November 17, 1934, Died June 2, 1994 Possible son of William R. & Obie L. Brunson.

Tolbert Brunson SSDI

Brunson, Frances Louise

Born December 18, 1924, Died December 24. 1934 Daughter of William R. & Obie L. Brunson.


Brunson, Clifton Monroe

Born October 27, 1922, Died September 22, 1924 Son of William R. & Obie L. Brunson.


Brunson, Infant

Born & Died Sept. 20, 1951 Daughter of Earnest & Pearl Hall Brunson.


Brunson, Daniel Joshua

Born August 5, 1866, Died July 3, 1948 Son of Daniel H. & Sarah Alice Williamson- Kilpatrick- Brunson. Daniel & Sarahh are buried at the MOUNT IDA CHURCH CEMETERY.

Daniel Joshua Brunson

Daniel J. Brunson LDS

Brunson, Julia T.

Born October 14, 1867, Died December 13, 1934 Nee Hall, wife of Daniel Joshua Brunson, daughter of Stanley & Emily Thompson Hall.

Julia T. Hall

Julia T. Hall LDS

Brunson, Joel Edward

Born May 27, 1901, Died July 07, 1929

Joel Edward BRUNSON

Joel E. Brunson LDS

Brunson, Lessie Lola

Born May 11, 1896, Died January 1949 Nee Jackson, wife of Daniel S. Brunson, married November 18, 1917, daughter of James Robert & Sarah Lenora Elizabeth Davis. Sister of Sarah Ann Matilda Jackson. Buried at the SPRING HILL BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY

Lessie Lola Jackson

Lessie L. Jackson LDS


Brunson, Daniel S.

Born October 19, 1894, Died April 11, 1972

Daniel S. Brunson

Daniel S. Brunson LDS

Brunson, James Grover

Born November 21, 1924, Died April 25, 1987 Possible son of Daniel S. & Lessie Lola Jackson.

James Brunson SSDI

Brunson, Hattie Byrd

Dates too uncertain, no information found May be an Atwell. Possible date line Oct. 7, 1929 - Dec. 20, 1932


Brunson, James Aubrey

Born April 08, 1924, Died July 06, 2002 Son of James Harvey& Ethel Lee Battle Brunson.

James Aubrey Brunson

James Brunson SSDI

Brunson, Leona

Born May 10, 1928 Only dates Nee Crowe, wife of James Aubrey Brunson, daughter of Hoke & Nancy Crowe.

Leona Crowe

Brooks, James H.

Born August 18, 1897, Died August 20, 1897 Son of M. H. & Emily Brooks


Bush, John L.

Born Sept. 4, 1916, Died May 19, 1969 PFC Co 294 WWII, Son of John W. & Jessie Bush.


Bush, Claudie Estelle

Born Nov. 4, 1920, Died July 7, 1988 Nee Nance, wife of John L. Bush, daughter of William H. Nance & Nora Nance-Simmons, step-daughter of Arthur Simmons.


Capps, James Clanton

Born August 24, 1924, Died May 15, 2000 Son of George Washington Ellison & Louisa A. BrunsonCapps.

James Capps SSDI

Clanton Capps

Capps, Effie Beth

Born February 8, 1926, Only dates Wife of James Clanton Capps.


Capps, Betty Lane

Born November 13, 1947, Died January 07, 1948 Possible Daughter of James Clanton & Effie Beth Capps.


Capps, Tom W.

Born 1902, Died 1911 Son of John W. & Laura Capps.


Capps, Willie Mack (Max)

Born December 20, 1918, Died August 09, 1991 Son of George Washington Ellison & Louisa A. Brunson Capps. 2nd wife is Jessie Lee Bodiford, daughter of Henry & Jodi Bodiford. She married 1st to Fernie Marvin Taylor who is buried at the MOUNT IDA CHURCH CEMETERY.


Capps, Bernice C.

Born February 07, 1929, Died August 08, 1987 Nee Hall, 1st wife of Willie Max Capps, parents unknown.


Compton, Joe M. (Joseph Milton)

Born September 30, 1905, Died April 27, 1989 Son of Joel Tamadge & Nettie L. Richburg Compton.

Joe Compton

Compton, Ella Mae

Born July 20, 1899, Died October 05, 1990 Nee Sorrells, wife of Joe M. Compton, daughter of John Allen & Mary Harriett Wallace Sorrells.

Ella Mae Sorrells

Sorrells, Eddie Lee

Born July 10, 1891, Died December 23, 1980 Son of John Allen & Mary Harriett Wallace Sorrells.

Eddie Lee Sorrells

Sorrells, Zerra Mae

Born May 15, 1896, Died August 20, 1948 Nee Brunson, wife of Eddie Lee Sorrells, daughter of Richard Francis & Ella Victoria Capps.


Sorrells, Felix

Born June 03, 1891, Died June 18, 1972 Parents Unknown

Felix Sorrells

Sorrells, Claudia Leona

Born November 14, 1890, Died June 04, 1975 Nee Sorrells, wife of Felix Sorrells, daughter of John Allen & Mary Harriett Wallace Sorrells.

Claudia Leona Sorrells

Burdick, Vera Mae

Born February 28, 1930, Died April 29, 1974 Nee Compton, wife of Mr. Seal, Mr. Skipper & Mr. Burdick, daughter of Joseph Milton & Ella Mae Sorrells Compton.

Vera Mae Compton

Compton, Nancy Ann

Born October 31, 1870, Died January 05, 1957 Nee Brunson, 2nd wife of Milton C. Compton, daughter of John H. & Matilda Brunson. Milton is buried at the MOUNT IDA CHURCH CEMETERY.


Cattrett, Floyd C.

Born January 28, 1926, Only Date No information found


Cattrett, Mary Catherine

Born February 24, 1930, Only Date Wife of Floyd C. Cattrett


Norsworthy, Jimmy Layne

Born March 22, 1947, Died July 21, 1968 LCPL U. S. Marines, Vietnam. Killed in action near Quang Nam, South Vietnam when the helicopter he was in was shot down.

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